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1 Sept. 9, 2018 Welcome to Sts. Martha, Mary & Lazarus, Friends of Jesus Catholic Church Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Pastor: Parochial Vicar: Deacons: Rev. T.J. Dolce Rev. Jonathan Moré Mr. Jon Barfield, Mr. Tony Cardella, Mr. Bob MacFarlane, Mr. Al O Brien, Mr. Guy T. Puglia, Mr. John Schuster, and Mr. Gary Yepsen Baptized into Christ Jesus, we worship as one and reach out to all. Parish Office hours: 9 AM - 4 PM Monday-Friday Liturgy & Sacraments Weekend Masses First Saturday (Pro-Life Mass): :30 AM Saturday Vigil:... 5:30 PM Sunday:... 7 AM, 9 AM, & 11 AM En Español... 1 PM Life Teen:... 5:30 PM Nursery at 9 AM, 11 AM & 1 PM Spanish Mass Weekday Masses Monday:... 8:30 AM Tuesday:... 8:30 AM & 7 PM Wednesday:... 8:30 AM & 10 AM Thursday:... 6:30 AM & 8:30 AM Friday:... 8:30 AM 4301 Woodridge Parkway, Porter, TX fax Sacrament of Penance Tuesday: Church 6:15-7 PM Saturday: Church 10 AM - 12 PM Church 4:30-5:20 PM Perpetual Adoration Adoration Chapel 24 hrs. Anointing of the Sick Please call for a priest if you are seriously ill at home, about to enter the hospital, or if someone is close to death. Baptism Classes and Ceremony: Call the Parish Office to register Marriage Preparation at least six months before the wedding. Register to attend an information meeting by calling Funerals Call the Parish Office for more information,

2 READINGS FOR THE WEEK Sunday: Is 35:4-7a; Ps 146:7-10; Jas 2:1-5; Mk 7:31-37 Monday: 1 Cor 5:1-8; Ps 5:5-7, 12; Lk 6:6-11 Tuesday: 1 Cor 6:1-11; Ps 149:1b-6a, 9b; Lk 6:12-19 Wednesday:1 Cor 7:25-31; Ps 45:11-12, 14-17; Lk 6:20-26 Thursday: 1 Cor 8:1b-7, 11-13; Ps 139:1b- 3, 13-14ab, 23-24; Lk 6:27-38 Friday: Nm 21:4b-9; Ps 78:1bc-2, 34-38; Phil 2:6-11; Jn 3:13-17 Saturday: 1 Cor 10:14-22; Ps 116:12-13, 17-18; Jn 19:25-27 or Lk 2:33-35 Sunday: Is 50:5-9a; Ps 116:1-6, 8-9; Jas 2:14-18; Mk 8:27-35 MASS INTENTIONS FOR THE WEEK Mon./Sept. 10 8:30 AM Sue Girolamo Linda Friend Weldon A. Simmons, Sr. Tues./Sept. 11 8:30 AM Peter Fry Herman Berken Bill Sala 7 PM Dr. Fernando L. Cuadra Encarnacion Pericas Wed./Sept. 12 8:30 AM Alex & Rose Ordonez Alvin Cannon 10 AM Jim Bower Bill Seefeldt Pete Hebert Thurs./Sept. 13 6:30 AM 8:30 AM Eduardo Rocha Jeffrey Evrard Joseph S. Bellofiore Fri./Sept. 14 8:30 AM Kevin Briones Rena Stevens Leona Tydlacka Sat./Sept. 15 5:30 PM Jack Throop George Calongne George Pensoneau Sun./Sept AM Carolina Palmerola 9 AM Raul Diaz Ofelia & Adolfo Montemayor Estefa Lazo dela Vega 11 AM Marco Baldo Deisy Roman Rick Fahrenthold 1 PM Petricio Sepulveda Pedro Serrano Merlan 5:30 PM For the Parish PLEASE NOTE: During the school year, the 8:30 AM School Mass takes place in the Activity Center (Faith Formation Campus). NEXT SCHOOL MASS : WED., SEPT. 12. Parish Festival Fall Market Do you own or work for a business that would like to participate in the fall market this year? We still have spaces available in both the covered (in the big tent) and uncovered (you bring your own tent). Just send an to for an application. Volunteers needed for the Parish Festival!!! Please note: All volunteers 18 yrs of age and older must be VIRTUS trained. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Pat Twohy at or sign up online at This is also a great opportunity for our youth needing Beta Club and Conformation Hours.

3 Dear Parish Family, Message from the Pastor I used to really enjoy hearing this story about Jesus when I was a kid. I think it spoke to my inner junior high boy self who liked gross things. Jesus spits on his hands and then touches the deaf man and of course, the man is healed! Not only was he deaf, but he had a speech impediment and He was healed immediately by our Lord! What I really enjoyed about it was knowing that Jesus could use gross things to accomplish him mission. It encouraged me as a junior high kid because I knew even if I was gross (and I probably was a lot as a teenager), Jesus could use me as his instrument. And I think this thought carried me to priesthood because I know there is NO WAY I would be able to be worthy of this incredible ministry on my own. I m a priest because the Lord uses me in my brokenness and my sometimes middle school grossness to accomplish his works. He does the same thing with the deaf man in the Gospel today and he does the same thing with you. There are times you might feel gross and unworthy, but God has chosen you as a his child. He can also heal you so that you can hear His words of life and speak his words of love. We are grateful for God s love and his healing presence because all he has to do is touch us and we will be healed. Let us not be afraid for Jesus to heal us because even if we are gross, he can do anything! Fr. T.J. Dolce In Our Prayers Please remember the recently deceased and their families in your prayers: Leslie Anderson Patricia Goabeaud Robert Bob George Dunn (husband of Nancy Dunn) Stephen Manning (husband of Ellyn Manning) Maria Elena Rodiles Please remember the sick and their families in your prayers: Joey Tortorice, Hugo Sanchez, Jed Rose, Faith Ferreri, Keith Matthews, Susan Soderquist, Ella Mae Fontenot, Muriel Wyble, Leland Bourque, Pearl Guidry, Lee Bourque, Therese Oviyach, Debbie Lee, Rory Lindquist, Ernest Loera, Oscar Velasco, Lorrie Lamb, Tony De Ocampo, Anita Lacaze, Becke Ferris, Mary Silvers, Joseph Brass III, Jim & Grace McQuillan, Natalie Kapnick, Lynette Smith, Aaron Kipfmiller, Elena Childre, Lisa Ferguson, Gail Huff, Stephanie Pereira, Helmut Zehrer, Carole Zehrer, Casey Yarbrough, Augustine Rey F. Rivas, Edwin T. Fos, Dominic Villamor, Demetrio Villamor, Jr., Lorrie Lamb, Millie Smaardyk, Robyn Laumbach, Margo Young, Bruce Henderson, Susan Semary, Penny Gaido, Ian Hogg, Deacon John Schuster, Grant McTaggart, Martha Busch, Joan Evans, Marie Hubbard, Rick Frantz, Leroy DeReese, Steven Foster, Andrew Hernandez, Francois Tartamella, Peggy O Brien, Eli T. Fos, Adonis Ysulan, Bill Burk, Margo Rushin, Jeanette Lobue, Marcella Clampitte, Barb Isom, Candace Gilman Hupp, Mary Ann Fernandez, Deb Hurlbert, Fannie Grande, Tim Reardon, Virginia Gaffney, Sr. Maria Elena Lopez, Randall Herr, Dickie Howard, Mike Badura, Gonzalo Moreno, Waldon Landry, Cathy Silk, India Geohegan, Rowan Mae Sullivan, Elizabeth Fisk, Joey Tortorice, Monte Slatton, Dane Russell, Erin Pergola, Megan Brissenden, Peter Bale, Catherine Casey, Steve Busch, Jessica & Chris Jones, Connie Sue Rodebaugh Communion to the Sick: If you or a loved one are in Kingwood Hospital or are homebound and would like a Communion Minister to visit, call the church office at to let us know. Military Wreath: Please pray for our active military as seen on the wreath in the Narthex. To add a loved contact Jodi at , ext. 201, or

4 Adult Organizations Social Service and Ministries Opportunities Life after Loss has nine week daytime and nighttime grief support groups forming this fall. The night group begins on Tuesday, Sept. 11 Nov. 6, meeting in Room 6 of the Family Life Center from 7-9 PM. The daytime group will begin on Friday, Sept. 28 Nov. 30, meeting in Room 3 of the Family Life Center from 9-11 AM. Please call Laurie, , or for more information and to sign up. All who are experiencing the death of a loved one are welcome to join us. THE MASS SERIES Please join us at 7 PM for Mass immediately followed by a minute episode of The Mass series and brief discussion in the Church. Remaining dates: Monday Sept. 10 (*no mass, still starting at 7pm) Tuesday, Sept. 18 Tuesday, Sept. 25 Tuesday, Oct. 2 The Mass will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life. NEW PART-TIME CONTEMPORARY CHOIR DIRECTOR VACANCY Dear friends, as our beloved LifeTeen Band Director Joy Ehrman has recently retired, St. Martha s is seeking to hire a new contemporary director for 5:30 Sunday Masses. Please spread the word to anyone who might like to apply, and find the detailed job posting at archgh.org/employment/

5 Adult Organizations and Opportunities St. Martha s Women s ACTS Retreat Sept , 2018 If you have any questions, you can contact the retreat Director, Sarah Eldridge at or Registration forms available on-line at St. Martha Men s ACTS Retreat: Oct , 2018 Registration for the M22 Men s ACTS Retreat will be in the Narthex after each Mass this weekend, Sept. 8 & 9. The ACTS retreat is presented by St. Martha s parishioners. It is a three day/three night retreat that focuses on Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. Registration is limited and occurs on a first-come, first-served basis. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration, and will be applied to the $200 retreat total cost. Do not let the financial considerations prevent you from attending the retreat! Please prayerfully consider attending this transformational retreat!! If you have any questions, you can contact the retreat Director Kirk Henrich, , Registration forms are available at the Welcome Desk in the Narthex or in the Parish Office. Monday Mornings: 9:15-10:45 a.m. In the Family Life Center (Faith Formation Campus) $16 per participant (for workbook) Contact Edith Boschian: For more information contact Carla Lewton: or IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF PAUL: A PILGRIMAGE TO GREECE AND ROME WITH BIBLICAL JOURNEYS Join us, along with Fr. Jonathan Moré, as we retrace some of the footsteps of the Apostle Paul as he journeyed to Greece and Rome bringing the message of Jesus. What an opportunity to visualize yourself in these early New Testament sites! You ll never read Paul s letters in the same way again! Biblical Journeys prides itself on providing unique perspectives and insight into some of the world s most beautiful and holy places. Airfare, First-class hotels, motor coach and entrance fees are included as well as two meals per day. Our guides are very knowledgeable of both the historical and biblical context of all sites visited and provide a great experience for all participants. For more information, contact Carla Lewton, , or pick up a brochure at the Parish office or the Faith Formation office. ADULT CONFIRMATION: In order to be eligible for the adult Confirmation program, you have to be at least 18, and received all of your other sacraments (Baptism, First Reconciliation, and First Communion). Our first class will be on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7 PM. The class will go for about 8 weeks, and then the Confirmation ceremony will be held in January. All of the adult confirmation classes will be on Thursday evenings in the Borski Room located in St. Martha Catholic School. For more information contact Mandy at ext. 264 or Come join us! NORTHEAST CATHOLIC SINGLES, A MINISTRY FOR SINGLES AGES 40 and older, gathers on Wednesday, Sept. 12, to talk/eat/drink at 7 PM at McAlister s Deli, 9477 FM 1960 (at Townsen) in Humble. For more info, contact Elizabeth Schields ( or or Peggy Broyles ( or or subscribe to us on Flocknote at St. Martha s website. Seven Sisters Apostolate Group Forming Mission: To strengthen the Church by ensuring that a holy hour is prayed each day of the week with the sole intention of our parish priests. Prayers are offered for our priests' sanctity, their deepening devotion to Mary and conformity to Christ. Need: One woman for each day of the week to commit to one hour in prayer in the adoration chapel for a one year commitment. Once your day is confirmed, it is up to you to choose the time. Time of the day is flexible but not the day of the week. More general information can be found at: Prayer books will be given to each of the Seven Sisters to help guide you in your prayers. Subs are also needed!!! To sign up or ask questions, please contact: Kimberly Broussard or

6 Adult Organizations and Opportunities YOUNG AT HEART LUNCHEON Welcome Back Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Summer is almost over and it's TIME for those who are "Young at Heart" to get together again. For those of us 55+, we meet on the second, fourth and fifth Wednesday of each month for fellowship, bingo and lunch. Our first get together for the Fall will be on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at St. Martha's Family Life Center, Woodland Hills Campus. Bingo begins at 11 AM, followed by lunch and fellowship that ends at 2 PM. If you are new to our community, try us out. If you've been before, we welcome you back. Bring a friend and join the fun! If transportation is needed, contact Domenica Seitz at If you have any questions, please call Nancy Karpinski, University of St. Thomas Collection All parishioners in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston are invited to participate in a special collection for the University of St. Thomas collection on Sept. 8 & 9. The money collected provides scholarships to deserving students of the University of St. Thomas, Houston s Catholic university. Please join us in supporting Catholic education! To learn more, go to THE BOOK OF REVELATION Visions of Heaven Join us as we take an exciting journey through the final book in the Bible. You will be guided through spectacular visions, colorful signs and numeric symbols, angels and beasts, and read about visions of Heaven. The first words John hears from Jesus are Do not be afraid, I am the first and the last (Revelation 1:17). Set aside your fears, as you study the Book of Revelation you will find compelling reasons to embrace hope through courage and patient endurance, you will be led to God s promise to make all things new. St. Martha Catholic School is hiring substitute teachers. Please apply online at When: Ladies' groups - Wednesday mornings 9:45 AM - Noon Ladies' groups in Spanish Wednesdays 9:45 AM - Noon Men s groups Wednesday mornings 9:45 AM Noon (Childcare available Wednesday class only) Ladies' groups - Tuesday evenings 7 9 PM Men s groups - Tuesday evenings 7 9 PM Men & Women s group in Spanish Tues. 7 9 PM All Are Welcome Classes begin & Visitor's Day-for inquiries: Day class: Sept. 19 Evening class: Sept. 25 Where: Day Class - Activity Center - Faith Formation campus Evening Class - Adult classroom #2 - Faith Formation campus To Register or questions Contact: English: Ray Baudier, or Spanish speakers: Zuri Jackson, or Charismatic Prayer Meeting Please come join us in prayer, praise, thanksgiving, song and supplication. Come and gain a closer knowledge of and union with the Holy Spirit, Jesus gift to us at the first Pentecost. (Acts 2:1-21) It is our great desire to give God glory and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We invite you to be one with us, and to partake of His gifts. Time: Saturday morning 9-10 AM and Sunday evening 8-9 PM Place: Faith Formation Campus, 3702 Woodland Hills Drive at the Small Chapel.

7 Adult Organizations and Opportunities PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Could you not watch one hour with Me? OPEN HOURS: FRIDAY 6-7 PM, 7-8 PM. SATURDAY 7-8 PM, 9-10 PM SECOND ADORERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE FOLLOWING HOURS: Monday: 1-2 AM, 3-4 AM, 5-6 AM, 11- NOON Tuesday: 2-3 AM 3-4 AM, 7-8 AM, MIDNIGHT-1 AM Wednesday: 2-3 AM, 4-5 AM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, 8-9 PM, 11 PM - MIDNIGHT Thursday: 12-1 AM, 1-2 AM, 2-3 AM, 3-4 AM, 8-9 AM, 1-2 PM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, PM Friday: 2-3 AM, 6-7 AM, 4-5 PM, 12-1 PM, 6-7 PM, 8-9 PM, PM Saturday AM : 1-2 AM, 5-6 AM, 9-10 AM, AM, 11 AM NOON Saturday PM : 2-3 PM, 3-4 PM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, 9-10 PM, PM Sunday: 1-2 AM, 2-3 AM, 3-4 AM, 8-9 AM, AM, 11 AM - NOON, 2-3 PM, 11 PM-MIDNIGHT If you are interested in participating in this ministry or would like more information, please contact: Carmen Ogando at or at If you need a substitute, please call your division leaders: Robyn Laumbach for Midnight - 6 AM ( ) Karen Ehlig for 6 AM - Noon ( ) Annunciata Hopkins for Noon - 6 PM ( ) Beth Beckham for 6 PM - Midnight ( ) Divorced. Cath lic. Now What? Navigating Your Life After Divorce. This is a simple program of support, encouragement and recovery for those who find themselves separated or divorced and are looking for a way to navigate through the myriad of feelings and emotions in the aftermath. Led by a team of divorced Catholics, some of the topics discussed include: Healing * Anger * Helping Children Cope * Forgiveness * Gratitude* Hope Please join us knowing that the Church supports and wants you you belong! Yes, we can be divorced and a practicing Catholic. Sept. 12 Nov. 7, Wednesday Evenings 7 to 8:30 PM St. Martha Parish Office Conference Room (Next to the Church) For information and registration, please contact: Vicki Rück, , * Cost: $20 for the book but don t let cost be a deterrent please! Divine Mercy Chaplet The Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed in the chapel at the Faith Formation Campus every Sunday at 3 PM for the conversion of sinners, the sick and the dying. Everyone welcome! Maria Goretti Network (MGN) - Support Group for Survivors of Abuse A peer to peer self help support group for women and men focusing on healing and forgiveness. For information on monthly meetings or call UPCOMING VIRTUS WORKSHOP If you would like to participate/volunteer in a Ministry and are 18 yrs. or older, you must be Virtus trained. Keeping the Promise Alive (KPA) Refresher Workshop Saturday, Sept. 22, in the FLC from 9:30 11 AM Registration Directions: Must have attended and met the 5-year PGC anniversary date. Important note: Do not create a new account to preregister for KPA. Please log into your original account created when you attended a VIRTUS Protecting God s Children workshop. Please use the following steps to complete your Background Check, Volunteer Code of Conduct, and preregister for Keeping the Promise Alive Refresher training. When you log into your original VIRTUS account on you will be prompted to do the following steps: 1. Update your contact information (please make sure you enter your legal name) 2. Complete a background check via the Fastrax website 3. Choose a live KPA workshop from the list Please keep in mind, step 1 and 2 must be completed in order to register and view the KPA trainings. If you do not complete the electronic background check you will not be able to choose a KPA workshop. If you do not remember your user id and password, please contact your Parish Safe Environment Coordinator Ana Rodriguez at or Michelle Campisi at ST. MARTHA ROSARY GUILD Come and join us! Enjoy an afternoon of fun, fellowship and making rosaries. We can teach you how to make a rosary and you can make rosaries at our regular meetings or/and you make them at home. September Meetings in Room 2 (Woodland Hill Campus) 2 nd Sunday 1:30 3 PM and 4 th Wednesday 11:30 AM 3 PM Contact Gilda Womack, Director at or for more information, membership, rosary supplies, and rosary orders. Learn how to pray the rosary! Classes in English and Spanish on Sept. 9. We can teach you how to pray the rosary. Please RSVP at Come and See! The Marian Servants of the Incarnate Wisdom invite you to join them for Praise & Worship and an introduction to their community on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 10:30 AM 12:30 PM at Mother of Perpetual Help Retreat Center, 3417 W. Little York Houston, TX The community meets weekly for praise and worship, prayer and formation. For more information, please Kelly Chen Also see our website

8 Collegian Moms Prayer Group: The Collegian Moms Prayer Group will meet on Monday, Sept. 10, from 7 8 PM in the Adult Education Meeting Room 1 at the Faith Formation Campus (Woodland Hills Campus.) All moms with children currently enrolled in college, preparing for college, or recently graduated from college are cordially invited. If you have questions, please Gloria Gàmez at Parenting and Youth Parents of High-Schoolers support our high school students with the power of your prayers. Sign up to be given one prayer day a month to pray for the parish s high schoolers and help us cover them in prayer. There are no meetings to attend and your prayers are offered privately in whatever method of prayer you prefer. For more information or to be given a day on our high school Prayer Quilt, Lori DiSorbo at Vocations Corner St. Martha School Scoops St Martha Catholic school is excited to announce that our student achievement results on the 2017/18 ITBS nationally normed test places our school in the top 15% in the nation in Reading and Math! St. Martha's Catholic School will be applying to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) for consideration as a nominee for the 2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools Program! Visit our school website at for more information or contact Registrar Jodie Richter at Prayer for Priests O Jesus, I pray for Your faithful and fervent priests; for your unenthusiastic priests; for Your priests laboring at home or abroad in distant mission fields; for Your tempted priests; for Your lonely and desolate priest; for Your young priests; for Your dying priests; for the souls of Your priests in purgatory. But above all I recommend to You the priests dearest to me; the priest who baptized me; the priests who absolved me from my sins; the priests at whose Masses I assisted and who gave me Your Body and Blood in Holy communion; the priests who taught and instructed me; all the priests to whom I am indebted in any other way. O Jesus, keep them all close to Your heart, and bless them abundantly in time and in eternity. Amen. Holy Hour of Adoration for Vocations Exposition & Benediction Second Tuesday: 7:30-8:30 PM Second Friday: 9-10 AM Sponsored by Serra Club Northeast of Houston LAST YEAR, AS PART OF THE QUINCEAÑERAS RETREAT, WE HAD MANY SWEET 16 GIRLS ATTENDING TOO. IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL THOSE SWEET 16 GIRLS WHO WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A MORNING REFLECTING ABOUT THEIR CALL AS WOMEN. SATURDAY, OCT. 6, Room 2 at the Woodland Hills Campus (9:30 AM-3 PM). The cost of the retreat is $30. Registration is open at the Church office. If you need more information, please contact Yazmin Lago ( ). CHALICE FOR VOCATIONS: Please join the GONZALEZ FAMILY in prayer this week as they host the Chalice and pray for Vocations. Interested? Please contact Karen Ehlig at or by at to schedule a week. Serra Club Northeast of Houston Invites You To Their Monthly Dinner and Meeting Monday, Sept. 24, :30 PM Social, 7-8:30 PM Dinner and Program Italiano s Restaurant, 217 FM 1960 at Bypass Road East in Humble, Texas The cost for dinner is $15 per person RSVP: Eileen Benvegnu, Serra Clubs foster and promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life; encourages and affirms vocations to the consecrated life and nurtures the spiritual growth and formation of its lay members. Serra Club Northeast of Houston is part of Serra USA, District 10, serving St. Martha, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Philip, St. John of the Cross, St. Leo, and St. Dominic. To find out more about this organization, go to

9 Thank you for your continued and much needed donations to Martha's Kitchen. The number of guests have increased within the last few months as we busily continue to prepare nutritious meals and provide a safe environment for all. Sister Maria Elena Lopez is asking Martha's Kitchen volunteers over the age of eighteen to check their Virtus training status in order to be a volunteer at Martha's Kitchen. May God bless you!

10 Ministerio Hispano Ven a encontrarte con la Suave Brisa en el Monte Carmelo Fecha: 5 al 7 de Octubre 2018 Presentado por las Hermanas Carmelitas Misioneras Hna. María Concepción Pérez Hna. Elsa Marina Miranda Hna. María de Jesús Lozano KC Curtis Miembro de la Tercera orden del Carmen qados-retiros-y-dias-de-reflexion/qados-ven-aencontrarte-conla-suave-brisa-en-el-monte-carmelo/ ORACION POR LA SANTIFICACIÓN DE LOS SACERDOTES De Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús OH Jesús que has instituido el sacerdocio para continuar en la tierra la obra divina de salvar a las almas protege a tus sacerdotes (especialmente a:...) en el refugio de tu SA- GRADO CORAZÓN. Guarda sin mancha sus MANOS CONSAGRADAS, que a diario tocan tu SAGRADO CUERPO, y conserva puros sus labios teñidos con tu PRECIOSA SANGRE. Haz que se preserven puros sus Corazones, marcados con el sello sublime del SAC- ERDOCIO, y no permitas que el espíritu del mundo los contamine. Aumenta el número de tus apóstoles, y que tu Santo Amor los proteja de todo peligro. Bendice Sus trabajos y fatigas, y que como fruto de Su apostolado obtenga la salvación de muchas almas que sean su consuelo aquí en la tierra y su corona eterna en el Cielo Si desea llevar el cáliz de vocaciones favor comunicarse con William Lasalle al (201) o a su correo electrónico EL LIBRO DEL APOCALIPSIS "Visiones del cielo" Únanse a nosotros mientras hacemos un viaje emocionante a través del último libro de la Biblia. Se te guiará a través de visiones espectaculares, coloridos signos y símbolos numéricos, ángeles y bestias y leerás sobre las "visiones del Cielo". Las primeras palabras que Juan escucha de Jesús son: "No temas, yo soy el Primero y el último" (Apocalipsis 1:17). Deja a un lado tus temores, mientras estudias el Libro del Apocalipsis, encontrarás razones de peso para abrazar la esperanza, a través de la valentia y la resistencia, serás dirigido hacia la Promesa de Dios de: "hacer nuevas todas las cosas". Cuándo: Grupos de damas en español - Miércoles 9:45 AM - 12 Mediodía Grupos de damas en inglés Miércoles 9:45 AM - 12 Mediodía Grupos de caballeros Miércoles 9:45 AM 12 Mediodía (Cuidado de niños solo para las clases de los miércoles) Grupos de damas y caballeros en español Martes 7:00 9:00 PM Grupos de damas en inglés - Martes 7:00 PM 9:00 PM Grupos de caballeros en inglés - Martes 7:00 PM 9:00 PM ESTÁN TODOS BIENVENIDOS Comienzo de clases y Día de Visitantes (para consultas): Clases de la mañana: Septiembre 19 Clases de la noche: Septiembre 25 Dónde: Clases de la mañana Centro de Actividades -Woodland Hills Clases de la noche Salón #2 para adultos - Woodland Hills Para inscripciones o preguntas contacte a: Español: Zuri Jackson (281) o Inglés: Ray Baudier (281) o

11 Ministerio Hispano ADORACIÓN EUCARÍSTICA PERPETUA No pudiste velar conmigo ni siquiera una hora?" HORAS DISPONIBLES PARA \ADORADORES VIERNES 6-7 PM, 7-8 PM. SABADOS 7-8 PM, 9-10 PM HORAS DISPONIBLES PARA CO-ADORADORES Y SUBSTITUTOS Lunes: 1-2 AM, 3-4 AM, 5-6 AM, 11 AM - MEDIODIA Martes: 2-3 AM, 3-4 AM, 7-8 AM, MEDIANOCHE - 1 AM Miércoles: 2-3 AM, 4-5 AM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, 8-9 PM, 11 PM - MEDIANOCHE Jueves: 12-1 AM, 1-2 AM, 2-3 AM, 3-4 AM, 8-9 AM, 1-2 PM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, PM Viernes: 2-3 AM, 6-7 AM, 4-5 PM, 12-1 PM, 6-7 PM, 8-9 PM, PM Sábado AM: 1-2 AM, 5-6 AM, 9-10 AM, AM, 11 AM - MEDIODIA Sábado PM: 2-3 PM, 3-4PM, 4-5 PM, 7-8 PM, 9-10 PM, 10-11PM Domingo: 1-2 AM, 2-3 AM, 3-4 AM, 8-9 AM, 10-11AM, 11 AM - MEDIODIA, 2-3 PM, 11 PM -MEDIANOCHE Si usted está interesado en participar en este ministerio o desea obtener más información, porfavor contactar a: Carmen Ogando , Legión de Maria Somos una organización apostólica de laicos en la iglesia Católica, aprobada por los últimos tres Papas y endorsada por el Concilio Vaticano II. Realizamos reuniones semanales en donde se reza el Santo Rosario, se asignan trabajos legionarios y se estudian temas informativos para hacer más eficaz el apostolado. Nuestros trabajos consisten en evangelizar y santificar hombres mediante visitas a: familias, cárceles, toques de puertas, llevando a la Virgen peregrina a los hogares, entre otras actividades recomendadas por la parroquia. Les invitamos a que conozcan más y formen parte de este hermoso ministerio que se reúne todos los viernes a las 7PM. En el salón #2 de la antigua iglesia Sta. Martha en el 3702 Woodland Hills Dr. Para más información pueden contactar a estos números Verónica Reyes ó Mildred Garcia INVITAMOS A TODAS LAS: QUINCEAÑERAS Y A TODAS LAS JÓVENES EN HIGH SCHOOL INTERESADAS EN PARTI- CIPAR EN: EL RETIRO PARA QUINCEAÑERAS SÁBADO OCT 6 SALON #2 CAMPUS WOODLAND HILLS LA MISA DE QUINCEAÑERAS SÁBADO OCT 27 IGLESIA DE ST. El costo del retiro y la Misa es de $50 por participante. Si eres quinceañera, es necesario acudir al retiro para participar en la Misa. Se invita a cualquier joven interesada que esté inscrita en High School a participar en el Retiro. Para Mayor Informacion: Yazmin Lago, , RITO DE INICIACIÓN CRISTIANA PARA ADULTOS Los Sacramentos son ayudas, medios y herramientas de la gracia que Jesús nos dejó para ayudarnos a llegar al cielo. Teniendo una íntima relación con Él en nuestra vida diaria. Si no estás bautizado o solo te bautizaron, ven con nosotros a recibir o completar tus Sacramentos de Iniciación Cristiana que son: El Bautismo, La Confirmación y La Eucaristía. Si este es tu caso (y eres mayor de 18 años) o conoces a alguien que los necesita, anímalo a participar en el proceso del RICA. En este proceso respondemos a todas las preguntas o dudas de fe que tengas y es para católicos y no católicos. Ven y participa con nosotros comenzaremos a finales de Julio. Las reuniones son los Jueves de 6:30-9 p.m. y comenzamos con una cena antes de nuestra plática. Comunicate y participa en RICA. Jaime Gómez, , MARIA GORETTI NETWORK ESPANOL PARA TODA - VICTIMA DE ABUSO MGN es Un grupo de apoyo formado por personas que han vivido cualquier tipo de abuso en algún momento de su vida y que están buscando sanación y perdón. Para mayor información llamar al teléfono o enviar un a Alli le darán más información sobre el lugar y hora de las reunions y contestaremos sus preguntas.

12 Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure ADMINISTRATIVE MINISTRIES BUSINESS MANAGER Molly Kleinguetl, x208 FACILITY MANAGER Steve Teets, x254 FINANCIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE Charlie Garland, ST. MARTHA S OFFICE ANGELS Lourdes Fernandez, x262 COMMUNITY LIFE MINISTRIES DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY LIFE Francine Puglia, ACTS RETREAT Willie Chesnut, ANNULMENTS Francine Puglia, CARING COOKS Karen Rexer, , or Marian Brown, CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAS Diana VanHorn, CENTERING PRAYER Dr. Susan Davy, COLUMBIAN SQUIRES Mark Roseland, DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP Vicki Ruck, FAMILIA Abby Youngblood, GRIEF SUPPORT Laura Cardella, HOMEBOUND ERRAND COMMITTEE Greta Verhalen, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS John Stanton, MARRIAGE PREP. INFORMATION To Register call MARTHA S QUILTERS Helaine Parks, or Sally Wasserman, MEALS FOR MOMS MOM S COLLEGIAN PRAYER GROUP Gloria Gamez, MONICA S HOPE Paul & Marcia Aegerter, MOTHER S DAY OUT Patty Jackson, x250 NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING Marion and Chris Dickson, NEWCOMERS/WELCOMING/HOSPITALITY Kristene Hergenrother, NORTHEAST CATHOLIC SINGLES Peggy Broyles, RECEPTION VOLUNTEERS Barb Setser, ROSARY GUILD Gilda Womack, SCOUTING: Cub Scouts-Dan Pradel, Boy Scouts-Mike Bennett, SPIRITUAL DIRECTION Click on Ministries, Community Life, Spiritual Direction SUNDAY NURSERY Patty Jackson, x250 TEAMS OF OUR LADY Jeff & Denise Standley, Bill & Tammy Spijkerman, VOCATIONS COMMITTEE Phil & Diane Applegate, YOUNG AT HEART LUNCHEON Carol Bateman, or Nancy Karpinski, YOUNG AT HEART LUNCHEON TRANSPORT. - Domenica Seitz, FAITH FORMATION DIRECTOR OF FAITH FORMATION Carla Lewton, x213 CORNERSTONE BIBLE STUDY Pam Rockwell, x230 RCIA YAStM (Young Adults of St. Martha) ELEMENTARY SCHOOL & VBS Patty Jost, CATECHESIS OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD Diane Applegate, CONFIRMATION MIDDLE SCHOOL COORDINATOR (EDGE) Lisa Hartsfield, x241 HIGH SCHOOL COORDINATOR (LIFE TEEN) Mike Lahey, x252 LITURGICAL MINISTRIES DIRECTOR OF LITURGY Mariel Parra, DIRECTOR OF MUSIC Dr. Daniel Knaggs, ALTAR SERVERS Jennifer Farace, BAPTISM CANTORS CHILDREN S ADORATION Kristen Johnson, CHILDREN S CHOIR CHILDREN S LITURGY Jaclyn Dement, COMMUNION TO THE SICK Hospital Visit: Gene Goll, Nursing Home & Homebound: Kathy Gearhart, Hispanic Communion to the Sick: Amelia Murphy, EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF THE EUCHARIST Pam Rockwell, , x230 LECTORS Richard Lowell, MARTHA S ALTAR GUILD & DESIGNERS Mariel Parra, PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Carmen Ogando, POWERPOINT MINISTRY TEAM Rowan Ljungdahl, QUINCEAÑERAS Yazmin Lago, SACRISTANS Art Voltmann, SOUND BOARD MINISTRY David Boyd, USHERS Barry Robichaux, SOCIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL SERVICES Olga Nájar, AMSIF Flor Jasso, CANCARE Debbie Mikan, , CRIMINAL JUSTICE MINISTRY Jaime S. Gomez, PRAYER WARRIORS Donna Rueby, H.A.A.M. Marty Curtis, HOSPITAL MINISTRY Sheila Yepsen, INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRIPS Terry Stierman, MARIA GORETTI NETWORK Shannon Deitz, MARTHA S KITCHEN Sr. Maria Elena, MOTHER TERESA MINISTRY Paola Lam PRO-LIFE (GABRIEL PROJECT) SOCIAL SERVICES CONT. PROJECT RACHEL ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS FOOD DRIVE Marty Curtis, ST. JOSEPH HELPERS Bill Beck, ST. MARTHA BETWEEN JOBS AND BEYOND Bob Simpson, ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SECOND FAMILY MINISTRY Sharon Voorhes, SOCIAL JUSTICE Gary Yepsen, ST. MARTHA CATHOLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPAL PK3-8 th Jessica Munscher, DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Mary Hays, x326 REGISTRAR Jodie Richter, x314 MINISTERIOS EN ESPAÑOL COORDINADORA DE CATECISMO PARA JÓVENES Y SACRAMENTOS Ana Maria Gibson, x269 CORO DE ADULTOS Luis Valle, GRUPO DE ORACIÓN Carmen Ogando, HOSPITALIDAD Gustavo Zapata, LECTORES Cristina Gabas, LEGIÓN DE MARIA Veronica Reyes, MARIA GORETTI NETWORK EN ESPAÑOL Patricia Lopez, MINISTROS EXTRAORDINARIOS DE LA EUCARISTIA Raul Legorreta, MONAGUILLOS Pastor Pastora, or RICA Jaime Gomez, VOCACIONES Y CÁLIZ DE VOCACIONES Tony Lasalle, FOR THE WEEKEND OF SEPT. 1 & 2 YOUR GIFTS OF TREASURE RESULTED IN: Weekly Budget $ 93,302 Sunday Collection $ 37,930 Holy Day-Assumption of Mary $ 85 Over/(Under) $ (55,287) Year To Date: Weekly Budget $ 933,020 Sunday Collection $ 667,779 Over/(Under) $ (265,241) Special collections: Capital Campaign $ 8,242 Martha s Kitchen $ 2,418 University of St. Thomas $ DSF Goal $ 305,000 Payments to Date $ 317,766 Current Loan Debt: $ 8,542,045