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1 February 21, 2016 Page 1 SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH HENDERSON RD., VENTURA, CA (805) ; FAX (805) Visit us on the WEB at: us at: Parish Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM Saturday 8:30AM - 2PM & Sunday 7:30AM - 11:45AM SACRED HEART SCHOOL Henderson Rd., Ventura, CA (805) OUR SHARED MISSION We are called to be an unconditionally loving and welcoming community. We have been called by our Baptism, into the body of Christ, and we celebrate our relationship in Word, Sacrament, and family celebration. Rev. John Vogel, Administrator Rev. Carlos Macias, LC, Associate Pastor Rev. Daniel O Sullivan, Pastor Emeritus Deacon John Barry Deacon Fernando Flores Deacon Phil Conforti Deacon Humberto Guzman BAPTISMS: Parents & godparents are required to attend a class focused on their responsibilities & the meaning of the Sacrament prior to the ceremony. Classes are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Call the parish office to set an appointment. After the initial interview the office will call you to schedule the class and the Baptism. MARRIAGES/QUINCEAÑERAS: They need to be arranged at least six months prior by calling the parish office & scheduling an appointment with a priest or deacon. VOCATIONS: If you think that God might be calling you to serve God as a priest, a brother, or sister contact: Fr. John Love at (805) or UPCOMING AT SACRED HEART Parish Office CLOSED S.H.S Kindergarten Interview Eucharistic Adoration Sign Up KofC BBQ Chicken Dinner Altar Server Training Feb 26 Feb 27 Feb 28 Feb 28 Feb 29 Vivian Nichols, Business Manager Karen Oishi, Office Manager Marion Inglis, Bulletin Editor Aurora Gonzales, Secretary Sr. Margaret Mary, SND, DRE Justin Wilburn, Youth Ministry Christine Benner, Principal Don Mulville, Maintenance; Sp. Events Coord. RELIGIOUS SERVICES (SERVICIOS RELIGIOSOS) WEEKEND EUCHARIST: Saturday and Eves of Holy Days: 5:30 p.m. Sundays: 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. 12:00 noon (Español), and 5:30 p.m. DAILY MASS SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday: 7:00, 8:30 a.m. Saturday: 8:30 a.m. CONFESSION SCHEDULE: Friday: 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Saturday: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. DEVOTIONS Morning Prayer: Monday - Friday 6:40 am, 8:15 am Rosary: Monday Friday 6:25 am 9:00 am Saturday 6:00 am Sunday 7:00am Holy Hour: Friday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm First & last Friday of the Month 7-8 p.m. (Español) Divine Mercy Chaplet & Rosary: Friday 3 p.m.

2 Second Sunday of Lent Page 2 Unconditionally Pro-Life, Pro-Family Second Sunday of Lent February 21, 2016 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear? Psalm 27:1 Reflections by Fr. Carlos May the peace of Christ be with you. Today we hear the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. We hear the voice of God saying that we should listen to Jesus. Do we? To listen is to hear and put into action in our lives what we hear. Lent is a wonderful time to slow down and listen to Jesus. You might be amazed at the wonderful things Jesus is saying to you right now, if you stop and listen. When Jesus was transfigured, He showed us His nature as the God-Man. Yet we too can be transfigured. Each time we pray, we turn our thoughts and heart to God our Father and creator and His glory shines through us. A human being is most fully alive and complete when in prayer to God. A person who does not pray is not fully human. We were made in the image and likeness of God, so when we are in prayer with God, we are being true to the image in which we were created. Another point to look at in the Transfiguration is that all creation glows with the presence of God. As we look out at the mountains, the beach, the desert, and just everyday life in the city; we can see God s glory shining through any darkness. Lent is the time to open all the windows and doors of our life and let the light and warmth of God shine on every corner, nook and cranny. Let His love chase out the shadows and fears. As we continue through this season of Lent, may each of us be people who work for peace and forgiveness by our self-denial. TODAY S READINGS First Reading The Lord made a covenant with his faithful servant, Abram, saying, To your descendants I give this land (Genesis 15:5-12, 17-18). Psalm The Lord is my light and my salvation (Psalm 27). Second Reading We await the Lord Jesus, who will change us to conform with his glorified body (Philippians 3:17 4:1 [3:20 4:1]). Gospel Peter, James, and John witness the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain (Luke 9:28 b-36). The central theme of today's Gospel is the transfiguration. But what does that mean? It is the manifestation of divinity that Christ gives three of his followers. They could see that Jesus was not merely a great man. He also was God. That was a gift that God gave them. It was given when Jesus was praying. With this we can better understand the importance of prayer in our lives. Only in prayer can we know Jesus Christ as He really is. It is in prayer where Christ manifests into our souls as God. The apostles did not understand one hundred percent what was happening during the transfiguration. However that event would forever mark their lives. Sometimes you may think that prayer is a way of wasting time because we can not understand what is really happening. The life of prayer is a process that needs to be constantly repeated. That way is how we will see in Jesus Christ the God our hearts are looking for. God bless your week. PARISH OFFICE CLOSED The Parish office will be CLOSED on Friday, February 26th due to staff attending Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. ALTAR SERVER TRAINING Experience the joy, dignity, and blessings of serving the Lord at the holy sacrifice of the Mass during the weekend services and other liturgical celebrations by becoming an altar server. Sacred Heart Church invites all students who have made their First Communion and are registered members of our parish to participate in an Altar Server Training program that will begin on Monday, February 29th through Thursday, March 3rd from 3:00-5PM in the church. You will be trained to work with other ministers who faithfully serve our parish priests as they celebrate the weekend Masses and other liturgical celebrations. Please pick up an application at the parish office, school office, or religious education office. Contact Sandie Dominguez for further information at

3 February 21, 2016 Page 3 Youth Ministry News Every year I always get the same question from parents about youth days and conferences. It's usually something along the lines of "why should I have to pay extra for this? I already pay for their confirmation fee so why do I need to pay more?" First off, if we included youth days and conferences in our fees each family would be paying $500 or more per teen per year. Second of all, youth days and conferences aren't for everyone. But for those who do want to go, they are amazing life altering experiences. So what if a teen can't afford but really wants to go? Well that's where all of our fundraising happens. We practically fundraise year round to help teens go to these events. As we prepare for youth day this week and look into the future for our City of Saints Conference over the summer, I encourage you to consider donating to help these teens be able to attend these events. Almost 90% of the teens who go on these conference cannot afford to go without the support of our parish. It is with your help that we build the future of our parish starting with our teens. UPCOMING Next Confirmation I class is March 2nd. Next Confirmation II class is March 9th. Our next Edgenite is March 6th. Edgenites are on Sunday nights beginning with 5:30 pm Mass. After mass we move to Biedermann Hall for food and our meeting ending at 8:45 pm. EUCHARISTIC ADORATION SIGN-UP On Sunday, February 28, there will be a Eucharistic Adoration sign-up drive at Sacred Heart Church. There will be a table outside of each door with sign-up sheets. Adoration begins on Fridays at 9:00 am and ends Saturdays at 8:30 am. Please consider choosing an hour to visit with Our Lord. STATIONS OF THE CROSS Every Friday during Lent at 7 p.m. in English. LENTEN supper Each Friday of Lent various ministries of Sacred Heart prepare and serve meatless suppers in Biedermann Hall. This week the cooks will be the Eurcharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy & Divina Misericordia. Come enjoy fellowship, a nice meal and a night free from cooking. Supper is served from 5:15-7:15 PM. Donations go to the St. Vincent de Paul Society to assist those in need. Sr. Margaret Mary 1. Classes this week are: Sunday, February 21st, 9 AM for 1st & 2nd year communion. Sunday, February 21st, 10:30 AM for pre-k, kinder, 1st & 2nd year communion and post communion. Wednesday, February 24th, 4 PM for 1st & 2nd year communion and post communion. 2. Mass attendance will be taken after Masses this weekend. Please check in at the east end. 3. Outreach this month is wrapped Easter candy for Juvenile Detention. 4. First Confession is Tuesday, February 23rd, 6:30 PM for Tuesday/Wednesday classes and Tuesday, March 1st, 6:30 PM for Sunday classes. 5. Religious Education Congress is next weekend. The following catechists & volunteers are attending: Vanessa Chatto, Wendy Chatto, Kathy McKean, Marilyn Hodges, Monica Garcia, Olivia Hurtado, Marti Ruble, Virginia Groeneveld, Charlene Pettit, Michael Pettit, Michele Camarillo-Kipp, Sr. Margaret Mary. Sacred Heart School News The Kindergarten Interview for School Year The Kindergarten Interview for the school year is Saturday, February 27 at 10AM. If you have an incoming student, please download an application or pick one up in the school office. Applications should be turned in at your earliest opportunity, but may be turned in on February 27 with notification to the school office that you plan to attend. The primary teachers and assistants will spend time with our potential students, and other staff members will spend time with the families as all become familiar with kindergarten at Sacred Heart School. If you have questions or would like to arrange a tour of Sacred Heart School, please contact us at EUCHARISTIC MINISTRY TO THE SICK & HOMEBOUND Do you know anyone that is unable to come to Church and would like to receive communion at home or would like a visit from a Priest or Deacon? Please contact the parish office.

4 Second Sunday of Lent Page 4 EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Every Friday Friday 9 a.m. Saturday 8:30 a.m. My children, your heart is poor and narrow; but prayer enlarges it and renders it capable of loving God. (St. John Vianney) Are you seeking ways to make this Lent more prayerful? Consider a commitment to weekly adoration of Our Lord in The Blessed Sacrament. We need Adorers on Saturday at 2 & 4AM. Please call Lupe SAFEGUARD THE CHILDREN VIRTUS TRAINING Everyone who works in ministries at Sacred Heart and has contact with children and all staff and clergy are required to be VIRTUS certified and to recertify every four years. Next re-certification class is: When: Tuesday, March 8th Time: 6 7:30PM Where: Padre Serra Room To sign-up call Ext. 304 or DID YOU KNOW? Building your child s self-esteem could help prevent abuse Bullies and predators typically pick easy targets to victimize and abuse. This could be a child who has low self-esteem or confidence. An abuser may use low selfesteem to forge a bond with a victim, or even to make a victim think that he or she deserves abusive treatment. To guard against this, you can work on building selfesteem by teaching kids their worth as children of God. For more tips, request a copy of Balancing Discipline and Self Esteem from: SACRED HEART COMMUNITY NEWS Intenciones de la Semana ( )Deceased (-)Intentions Sunday, February 21 5:30 pm (Sat) - Dcn. Christopher Reeve 7:30 am - Parishioners of Sacred Heart 9:00 am Walter Carson 10:30 am Teresa Vaca Mendez 12:00 pm Alejandro Sebastian Flores 5:30 pm Ismael & Carmen Duran Valdivia Monday, February 22 7:00 am - Barbara & Gilbert Lovio 8:30 am - Jeannette Longwill Tuesday, February 23 7:00 am Ralph Cagigas 8:30 am - Lynn & Ted Kretchmer Wednesday, February 24 7:00 am Sylvia Villa 8:30 am - Abby Cubitt Thursday, February 25 7:00 am - Christina Zakis 8:30 am - Hahn Family Friday, February 26 7:00 am - Mar Abutar Jr. 8:30 am Larry Cubitt Saturday, February 27 8:30 am Laura Monge INTERCESSIONS PLEASE PRAY FOR. The Sick of our Parish Enfermos de Nuestra Parroquia: Judy Dengel, Ruben & Debbie Cruz, Jeanie Castor Died in Christ Murio en Cristo: Riby C. Hara, Jose G. Perez, Barb Wedekind, George Saliby, Marian Malone KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS NEWS Sacred Heart council Knights of Columbus will have a fundraising BBQ chicken dinner on Sunday, February 28th after all the Morning Masses. Plate will be chicken rice and beans. Cost will be $8 per plate, with "to go" available. All proceeds are going to the Wheelchair Foundation which is providing wheelchairs free of charge to California veterans. Any questions can be answered by calling Grand Knight Joe Barajas WEEKLY COLLECTION SUNDAY, February 14, 2016 COLLECTION Parish Support:$11, School Support:$ Capital Improvements:$ SVdP:$ Children s Env:$81.85 TOTAL COLLECTION: $13, Thank you for your continued support! WORDS OF WISDOM By this all men will know that you are my disciples: If you love one another. ~John 13:35

5 February 21, 2016 Page 5 MISA DEL MEDIODÍA, 12 P.M. Esquina del Pastor Que la paz de Cristo esté con ustedes. Hoy escuchamos el relato de la transfiguración de Jesús. Escuchamos la voz de Dios diciendo que debemos escuchar a Jesús. Lo hacemos? Escuchar es oír y poner en práctica en nuestra vida lo que oímos. La Cuaresma es un tiempo maravilloso para frenar y escuchar a Jesús. Podría sorprenderte las cosas maravillosas que Jesús te está diciendo en este momento, si te detienes y escuchas. Cuando Jesús se transfiguró, nos mostró su naturaleza como el Dios-Hombre. Sin embargo, también nosotros podemos ser transfigurados. Cada vez que oramos, dirigimos nuestros pensamientos y corazón a Dios nuestro Padre y creador y Su gloria brilla a través de nosotros. Un ser humano es más plenamente vivo y completo cuando en oración a Dios. Una persona que no reza no es totalmente humano. Fuimos hechos a imagen y semejanza de Dios, así que cuando estamos en oración con Dios, estamos siendo fieles a la imagen en la que fuimos creados. Otro punto de mirar en la transfiguración es que toda la creación se ilumina con la presencia de Dios. Al mirar hacia las montañas, la playa, el desierto y la vida diaria en la ciudad; podemos ver la gloria de Dios que brilla a través de cualquier oscuridad. La Cuaresma es el momento de abrir todas las ventanas y puertas de nuestra vida y dejar que la luz y el calor de Dios brillen en cada esquina, rincón y grieta. Deje que el amor de Dios expulse a las sombras y temores. A medida que continuamos a través de este tiempo de Cuaresma, que cada uno de nosotros seamos personas que trabajan por la paz y el perdón por nuestra abnegación. Reflexiones del Padre Carlos El tema central del Evangelio de hoy es la transfiguración. Pero, qué significa eso? Es la manifestación de la divinidad que Cristo da a tres de sus seguidores. Ellos pudieron ver que Jesús no era simplemente un gran hombre. Era además Dios. Eso fue un regalo que Dios les dio. Lo dio cuando Jesús estaba orando. Con esto podemos entender mejor la importancia de la oración en nuestras vidas. Sólo en la oración podemos conocer a Jesucristo cómo realmente es. Es en la oración donde Cristo se manifiesta a nuestras almas como Dios. Los apóstoles no entendían al cien porciento lo que estaba pasando durante la transfiguración. Sin embargo ese acontecimiento marcaría para siempre sus vidas. Algunas veces se puede pensar que orar es una manera de perder el tiempo porque no podemos entender lo que realmente pasa. La vida de oración es un proceso que requiere ser repetido constantemente. De esa forma es como veremos en Jesucristo al Dios que nuestro corazón está buscando. Dios bendiga tu semana. CENA CUARESMAL Los viernes durante la Cuaresma varios ministerios del Sagrado Corazón preparan y sirven cenas sin carne en Biedermann Hall. Esta semana los cocineros son del grupo de la Divina Misericordia. Venga a disfrutar de compañerismo, una agradable cena y una noche libre de la cocina. La cena se sirve de 5:15-7:15. OFICINA PARROQUIAL CERRADA La oficina parroquial estará cerrada el viernes 26 de de febrero debido a que el personal va asistir el Congreso de Educación Religiosa en Anaheim. VIA CRUCIS Via Crucis los miercoles a las 7PM en la iglesia durante la Cuaresma. WALK FOR TENDER LIFE MATERNITY HOME March 5th, 2016 River Community Church 889 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura Tender Life provides pregnant women with safe housing and supportive services. For more information call KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FUNDRAISER The Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a fund raiser event for Catholic Charities of Ventura on Saturday, Mar. 5th from 5 to 10 PM, donation $20/person. Event includes Irish dances by Claddagh School of dance, performance on fiddle by Harvey Girls group, Irish Vocalists, silent auction, Irish stew dinner. For info call Pat

6 Second Sunday of Lent Page 6 SACRED HEART PARISH OFFICES SACRED HEART SCHOOL: Christine Benner, Principal RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE: Sister Margaret Mary Scott, S.N.D., Director Ext. 306 HISPANIC MINISTRY (Ministerio Hispano): Deacon Fernando Flores, Director Ext. 311 YOUTH MINISTRY: Justin Wilburn Ext. 313 PLANT MANAGER: (Cell) Don Mulville SCRIP OFFICE: Shaune Ramirez ORGANIZATIONS BIBLE STUDY BOY SCOUTS Bob Camarillo BLUE ARMY OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA Huguette Johnston CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP Blanca Macias CUB SCOUTS Therese Palmisano DETENTION MINISTRY Rick Goulette EUCHARISTIC APOSTLES OF DIVINE MERCY Bob & Zaida Worthley Vicky Spicer (Divina Misericordia) FAMILY TO FAMILY Nita Perkins FINANCE COUNCIL Cindy Fanning GUADALUPANAS Amelia Mijares HOMELESSNESS COMMITTEE Patrick Manning ITALIAN CATHOLIC FEDERATION Carol Eller KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Joe Barajas, Grand Knight PARENT TEACHER COUNCIL Anna Jordon, President POLISH COMMUNITY Ed Osiadacz RESPECT LIFE Wilhelmina Stoll SAFEGUARD THE CHILDREN Liz Hoffman SENIOR ASSISTANCE Barbara Rodriguez ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Person on call WELCOMING MINISTRY Dcn. John Barry JOVENES ADULTOS PARA CRISTO (Young Adults for Christ) Gabriel Rodriguez, Coordinator Read bulletin online at the Sacred Heart Church website: Please all bulletin announcements by Fridays at 5 p.m. (10 days before bulletin is distributed) to CORDINADORES DE LITURGIA LECTORES: Jose Cancino MINISTROS DE EUCARISTIA: Maria Lopez Roberto Sanchez UJIERES: José Arambula SERVIDORES DEL ALTAR: Alicia Mendez MINISTERIO DE MUSICA: Dcn. Fernando Flores Ext. 311 CORO: Hector Reyes BAUTIZOS: Dcn. Fernando Flores Ext. 311 RICA (Iniciación Cristiana): Rosa Flores PARISH REGISTRATION OR CHANGE OF ADDRESS If you are new in our Parish Community, in Jesus name we welcome you and hope along with us you will experience the touch of Jesus. If you have a new address or phone number please complete this form and place it in the collection basket or return it to the parish office so we can stay connected. The parish needs you; be counted. NAME ADDRESS CITY ZIP LITURGICAL MINISTRIES ALTAR SERVERS MINISTRY: Sandie Dominguez EUCHARISTIC MINISTRY COORDINATOR: Fred Baskin INFANT BAPTISMS: Dcn. Phil Conforti LECTOR COORDINATOR: Joann Abing LITURGY COORDINATOR: MARRIAGE COORDINATOR: Carmen Gomez Lee MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Sandie Dominguez, Facilitator USHERS MINISTRY: Joe Lee MUSIC COORDINATOR: Sarah Hardcastle CHILDREN S CHOIR: Katie Manning R.C.I.A. ADULT ED: PHONE Moving Out of Parish New Registration Change of Address/Phone Number