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1 Corte anula Election in Kuwait ENGLISH ESPAñOL Calgary stampede Free breakfast FREE Page 10 Ley de seguro hipotecario Página 3 Celebración Indígena Página 4 Queen meets IRA commander Page 7 New Canadian Expo Page 8 Drunk-driving laws Page 12 CanadianLatino n e w s p a p e r Report into Afghan detainee transfers clears military police The Military Police C o m p l a i n t s Commission says there was no wrongdoing by Canadian military police in the long-running controversy over the torture of detainees in Afghanistan. The mandate of the Doctors who work with refugees say they ll track how federal cuts to health care are harming or even killing their patients, people they describe as among the weakest in Canadian society. Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care says it will monitor Calgary, AB Año 8 JULY 2012 Doctors vow to track impact of refugee health cuts Stephen Fry backs Twitter joker at court appeal Comedian Stephen Fry is among those supporting a British man appealing his conviction for tweeting that he would blow up an airport if his flight was canceled. commission s inquiry was tightly restricted to the question of whether a small group of eight military police officers had a duty to investigate the risk that detainees handed over to Afghan authorities might be tortured. Canadian Press and publicly report on the consequences of the cuts that go into effect on June 30 under the government s Interim Federal Health Program. This is not a fringe issue, said Dr. Mark Tyndall, chief of infectious diseases at the Ottawa Hospital, It goes to the core of Paul Chambers became an Internet freespeech cause celebre when he was fined in 2010 for using Twitter to make his comment about Robin Hood Airport in northern England. CBC Camila Recabarren representará a Chile en Miss Mundo 2012 Tras seis meses de grabaciones, esta noche el programa No basta con ser bella coronó a Camila Recabarren como la joven que representará a Chile en la próxima edición de Miss Mundo. La estudiante sacó el our values as Canadians. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has defended the cuts, saying they will merely cut dental and vision care, services other Canadians would require private insurance to obtain. But Tyndall said the cuts go far deeper and lashed out at the minister. UN Canada s birds at risk Many of Canada s bird species are in serious decline, threatened by disappearing habitat and climate change. The barn swallow and other aerial insectivores, birds primer lugar de las preferencias del público en la gala final. La joven de 21 años logró ubicarse en el cetro tras imponerse a Jill Bergenfried y Constanza Leiton con un 53,5% de las votaciones telefónicas. El Mercurio that catch insects in flight, have seen some of the largest declines in population of all bird species in Canada, a new report has found. have declined to less than a quarter of CBC Page 2 GRATIS Realty Report By VENUS ERGON The new mortgage insurance rules are to take effect on July 9, The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, announced further adjustments to the rules for government-backed insured mortgages. The following will take into effect: 1) Homeowners can only borrow up to 80% against the value of their home from 85%; 2) the maximum amortization period has been reduced from 30 years to 25 years; 3) fixed the maximum gross debt service ratio at 39% and a maximum total debt sercvice ratio at 44% and 4) the government has limited government-backed mortgages to homes with a purchase price of less than $1 million. The changes will mostly effect first time buyers as they often do not have a down payment of 20% or more. This will lower the amount a purchaser can qualify for as the amortization period for the mortgage is lowered by 5 years. Thanks for Your Inquiry Thank you for your inquiry. I ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss your property interests. If you haven t already, please take a look at the Featured Property or My Listings areas of my website. You can even conduct a Property Search of the listings currently available: RES Client Detail View In the meantime, if you need to speak with me immediately, please feel free to call. I look forward to assisting you. Venus Ergon Over 20 years Experience. C.I.R. REALTy 103, MACLEOD TRAIL SOUTH CALGARY, AB T2J 6A5 Office:

2 Page 2 July 2012 Murió Solitario George, última tortuga gigante de la isla Pinta E (403) Visit us from all over the world 24 hours a day 7days a week 365 days a year! Calgary Stampede free breakfast July 5th, am-10am / 2580 Southland Drive SW 7:30-10;30 am / 100 East block of 8th Ave SW July 6th, :30-9:30am / Stephen 300 6th Ave. SE 8am - 10am / Ave SW 11am - 2pm / Ave SE July 7th, am-11am / Street SW 9am-11am / 515 Marlborough Way N.E. 9am-11am / 1851 sirocco Dr.S.W. 7am 11am / Corner of Macleod Trail & Glenmore SW. 10am-12pm / th Avenue SW 9am-11;30am / th Street N.W. 9am-11am / 17th Ave. and Sirocco Drive S.W. July 8th, am-2pm / Country Village link N.E. 9am-11;30am / 2903 Kingsview Blvd, Airdrie 8am-11am / Ave NW 9am-12pm / 222 Sandarac Blvd 8;30-10;30 am / 3333 Richardson Way SW July 9th, am-11am / 2610 Crossiron Balzac 9 am-11am / Avenue N.W. 8am-10am / Street NE 9-11am / # Chaparral Dr S.E 8:30-11am / 60 Patterson Boulevard SW July 10th, am th Avenue SW 7-10am 1935 McKnight Blvd NE 7-9: Ave SW 7:30-9:30am 9030 Macleod Trail South 9am-11am 3625 Shaganappi Trail N.W. 9am-11am Street S.E. July 11th, am-11am 106B 9705 Horton Road SW 8am-11am th Street NE 9am-11am 5005 Dalhousie Dr.N.W. 9am-11am 100 Anderson Road S.W. July 12th, am-11am southland Dr S.W. 9am-11am 5111 Northland Dr.N.W. July 13th, am-11am Street N.E. 9am-11am Ave.S.W. July 14th, am-11am 130 Country Village Road N.E. 9am-11am 1221 Canyon Meadows Dr.S.E. 8am-10am Hamptons Drive NW July 15th, am-11am Street SE l Parque Nacional Galápagos informó que este domingo murió Solitario George, la última tortuga gigante de la isla Pinta, una de las 10 especies de quelonios nativos de las Islas Galápagos. El cadáver de Solitario George fue encontrado en la mañana por el guardabosque Fausto Llerena, quien vio el cuerpo del animal en una posición como si se hubiera estado dirigiendo al bebedero de agua. Las causas de la muerte de la tortuga se conocerán luego de que se realice la necropsia respectiva, señala el reporte del Parque Nacional Galápagos. La tortuga, cuya edad se presume superaba los cien años, fue encontrada en 1972, fecha I desde la cual ingresó al programa de crianza en cautiverio. Con la muerte de esta tortuga se extingue la especie de la isla Pinta, acotó el reporte del Parque Nacional Galápagos. For Egypt s new president, getting elected was the easy part n the past week Egypt s Mohamed Morsi has rung up a string of firsts. The first freely elected president in Egyptian history. The first Islamist head of state in the Arab world. And first in line to receive the blame or the praise for the Egyptian ship of state s course. At the moment, it has practically run aground amid political turmoil and a shrinking economy. The tasks in front of Morsi are daunting. Investment in Egypt has collapsed since Hosni Mubarak was driven from power by a popular uprising in January and February of 2011, the country s senior officers have demanded an increased share of formal political power, and a politicized judiciary has become an erratic, unpredictable player in the country s politics dissolving the freely elected parliament, considering a petition to ban the Muslim Brotherhood that drove Morsi to the presidency, and making pronouncements on the constitutionality of efforts to write a new constitution. And though Morsi won the presidency fair and square, the Egyptian public is sharply divided. Ahmed Shafiq, a retired officer who served as Mubarak s last appointed prime minister and who represented the military class s interests in the presidential race, received over 49 percent of the national vote. Some of those votes were out of a straightforward desire for the stability that largely prevailed under Mubarak s military-backed regime. But many were cast against an Islamist presidential candidate whose organization s stated goal is the imposition of the Islamic sharia on Egypt s people.. On Morsi s side of the ledger were many voters who don t approve of the Muslim Brotherhood s free market economic approach or determination to transform Egypt into a state governed by Islamic law. Instead, these voters saw a civilian Islamist president likely to be at loggerheads with the powerful Supreme Council A Nuestros Lectores / To Our Readers Material received without proper identification, written in an inappropriate or offensive manner will not be published. Articles and or advertising will be credited and are the sole responsibility of the writer. (Please provide full name, address and phone number. Complying with our secured privacy policy, we will not release this information to third parties) We reserve the right to publish or edit the articles. Material recibido sin adecuada identificación, escrito de manera inapropiada o de manera ofensiva no serán publicados. Los artículos y o anuncios serán acreditados a su autor y son de su sola responsabilidad. (Favor provéanos de nombre completo, dirección y teléfono. Cumpliendo con nuestra política de seguridad, ésta información no será revelada a terceras personas). Nos reservamos el derecho de publicar y o editar dichos artículos. Canadian Latino newspaper P.O. BOX 53118, Marlborough RPO Calgary, AB T2A 7L9 Phone: (403) of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as preferable to restoring the state of affairs that had prevailed in Egypt since the Free Officers coup of 1952 until this week. For the moment, furious back room lobbying and negotiations are taking place in Cairo. Morsi is scheduled to be officially sworn in as president on Saturday, and after he formally takes office he ll be in charge of appointing a prime minister and a cabinet. The military would like to influence his choices, as would the revolutionary and secular parties that hold little electoral legitimacy at the moment but were major forces in shaping the uprising that ousted Mubarak. We Invite you to participate in Canadian Latino Newspaper with your comments, suggestions and to publish your advertising. Just contact us at the address shown below. Los invitamos a que participe en Canadian Latino Newspaper con Sus comentarios, sugerencias, y para publicar Sus anuncios publicitarios. Solo cantactenos en la direccion que aparece abajo. P.O. BOX 53118, Marlborough RPO Calgary, AB T2A 7L9 Phone: (403)

3 Page 3 Paraguay back to business as usual but with a shadow legitimate government The former bishop last Friday formally accepted the decision from the Paraguayan congress removing him from office following a vote of 39 to 4 and 2 abstentions, and called several times on his followers to march peacefully. However over the weekend he announced a parallel legitimate emergency cabinet that will work for his reinstatement and called on his followers to a peaceful resistance against the illegitimate government of his former vicepresident and now head of state until August 2013, Federico Franco. Lugo has the support of the rest of the South American continent s leaders for having been removed without guaranteeing his right to due process in what was described as a summary trial. Is not clear much less unanimous among the Mercosur and Unasur members. Amigas, amigos, compañeras, compañeros, con profundo orgullo les hago saber que estoy cumpliendo mi quinto año como Juez de Paz, de la Corte de Justicia de Ontario. Como chileno- Hispano Canadiense, ser Juez, para mi no solo es un motivo de orgullo personal, si no también, una gran responsabilidad por que no solo es mi persona, si no además mi comunidad esta presente in Quinto aniversario mis responsabilidades. Siempre he actuado y actuare fiel a mis convicciones y principios, aplicando la Justicia con profundo sentido ético. Solo espero que un futuro cercano mas miembros de nuestra comunidad se integren a esta área, que tanto necesita de la visión, contribución y principios de los Hispanos en Canada. Un abrazo, Felix Mora Realty Report By VENUS ERGON La ley de seguro hipotecario cambiada por el gobierno tomara efecto en Julio 9 de El honorable Jim Flaherty, Ministro de finanzas, anuncio además algunos ajustes al seguro hipotecario regulado por el gobierno, será: 1. El seguro hipotecario no prestara más del 80 % del valor de la propiedad a su dueño. 2. Se reducirá el máximo periodo de amortización, el cual era de 30 anos a 25 anos, así el propietario podrá pagar su hipoteca más pronto. 3. Fijar el máximo servicio de deuda bruta a 39% y el máximo del total de la deuda al 44%. 4. Se aseguraran propiedades que su costo de compra sea de un millón o menos que eso.

4 Page 4 Celebracion del año nuevo indigena en el sur del continente Victor Gavilan El dia Sabado 23 de Junio se celebró muy exitosamente el año nuevo de los pueblos indigenas del sur del continente americano. El evento se realizó en el local de la Asociación de Chilenos de Calgary, y participaron más de 120 personas, incluyendo la Asociación de Chilenos, la Asociación Cultural Peruana, la Asociación Literaria, los Senior s Hispanos, y el Comite de Apoyo al Pueblo Mapuche. Esta es la primera vez que se realiza un evento de este tipo, y sus organizadores pretenden continuar el próximo año en un local más grande. Entre los grupos artisticos que participaron estaban: Keltewe, Raices de Chile, Grupo de Bailes de la Asociacion Peruana y varios danzarines mapuche de la comunidad chilena. El Año Nuevo Andino es conocido como Inti Raymi y entre los mapuche de Chile y Argentina como Wetripantu. En año nuevo corresponde al Solticio de Invierno y esos dias 21 al 24 de Junio se produce la noche más larga del año y después comienzan a ser más cortas y los dias más largo. Felicitaciones a sus organizadores. Search underway for survivors in mall collapse Bystanders are keeping vigil outside a northern Ontario mall as they await word from rescue officials, who have now stabilized a section of the roof that collapsed on Saturday and have begun looking for survivors. One person is feared dead and at least nine others are still unaccounted for after after the rooftop parking lot at the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake gave way, causing metal and concrete debris to come crashing through two floors of the shopping centre. A source who has been briefed on the recovery effort said Monday morning that rescuers still believe as many as three people could be alive inside the mall s wreckage. Authorities don t know how many casualties there could be beyond the one person who may be dead. The truth is no one has a handle on how bad it could be, said the source, who requested anonymity because they have not been authorized to speak publicly.

5 Page 5 Remembering The Air India Bombing Victims By MP Devinder Shory June 23 was the Canadian National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Terrorism. On this day in particular, Canadians from all backgrounds come together to remember innocent lives snuffed out by terrorists and the lives of family members forever tragically changed. The innocent victims we remember include the children, women and men barbarically murdered by the bloodthirsty and extremist cowards who blew up Air India Flight 182, the worst act of terrorism in Canadian LEN CHAN Calgary s caribbean festival carifest took place june 2-9 with the main event taking place june 9 with the carnival parade from olympic plaza to shaw millenium park. The participants in the parade sykotik mas and trinidad & tobago canadian association along with island beat music featured what caribbean carnival is all about. The special guest was soca singer from barbados rupee and was 2012 MP Devinder Shory history. I still pray that the extremists who committed these murderous acts will be justly punished for their bloodthirsty cowardice, in this life AND in the next. Yet, even in the Carifest Calgary SYKOTIK MAS interviewed by Caribbean music fan jennifer lee-owe who has done interviews and followed incredible pain of this memory, we know we are blessed to call ourselves the true north, strong and free. Let us, therefore, remain committed to the continuous renewal of the values that make Canada great. Where there is extremism, let us stand strong against it. Where there is evil, let us shine the light of truth on it until its very roots wither. And, where there is fear and intolerance, may love heal wounds. Today, Canadians remember the innocent victims of terrorism, and, united as one, we vow to never forget. SINGER RUPEE many of the top stars from the caribbean. It was rupee s first time in calgary. Israel expulsa a 150 inmigrantes del Sudán del Sur Israel anunció el lunes la expulsión de 150 inmigrantes de Sudán del Sur como parte de una campaña para reducir el número de inmigrantes africanos que ingresan ilegalmente al estado judío. Las autoridades ofrecen a los inmigrantes dinero en efectivo a fin de se marchen voluntariamente y les amenazan con arrestarlos si no lo hacen. La portavoz del ministerio del Interior, Chinese Navy admiral targets Philippine ships Chinese troops should go after Philippine ships and fishermen who go near the disputed Scarborough shoal, a Chinese navy official said. Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, director of the People s Liberation Army Navy s (PLAN) Information Expert Committee, said this should be done to Filipino vessels that hang around in the lagoon and don t leave, according to state-owned news agency China News Service (CNS). Yin said Chinese naval troops should board and search Philippine government ships and private fishing vessels. He said this is already being done by the Philippines on Chinese fishing ships. Sabine Haddad, dijo que el último vuelo con los inmigrantes expulsados partirá después de la medianoche del lunes. Unos africanos, mayormente de Eritrea Yin said the Philippines has not yet returned 24 Chinese fishing boats it is holding, referring to Chinese boats intercepted in Philippine territory in October last year. Yin, who is described by the CNS as a military expert, said Chinese troops must try to maintain y Sudán, ingresaron a Israel a través de Egipto desde el El número ha preocupado a las autoridades y ha provocado fricciones con los habitantes israelíes. restraint, not force, not hurt people, when going after Philippine ships found in waters near or at Scarborough shoal. He said Chinese government ships should conduct more regular patrols in the waters off Scarborough to esnure the safety of Chinese fishing boats. ABS CNN

6 Page 6 Primeras Comuniones Julian Gutierez Rosa,Alamalya Rosa y Colin Velasquez Stacy Hernandez Nestor Ordonez Viviana Franquiz

7 Page 7 As the 30th anniversary of the federal Access to Information Act approaches, Canada finds itself tied for 51st in the world on a list of freedom-of-information rankings, languishing behind Angola, Colombia and Niger. After some numbercrunching to standardize findings, it turns out Canada is even lower on the list 11 spots to be exact than when it was first published last September as part of a groundbreaking project by Halifax-based Centre for Law and Democracy and Access Info Europe of Madrid. As a country that was once among the world s leaders in government openness, it is unfortunate that Canada has dropped so far down the list. Partly, this is the result of global progress, with which Canada has failed to keep pace, says an analysis accompanying the rankings. The Access to Information Act, which took force on July 1, 1983, allows requesters who pay $5 to request a variety of records in federal files from correspondence and reports to briefing notes and hospitality receipts. Departments and agencies are supposed to respond within 30 days, but often take extensions of up to half a year or more. Often little information is released even after a lengthy wait. There have been repeated calls from prodemocracy groups and the federal information commissioner s office to Queen Elizabeth and a former Irish Republican Army commander offered each other the hand of peace Wednesday in a long-awaited encounter symbolizing Northern Ireland s progress in achieving reconciliation after decades of violence. The monarch and Martin McGuinness met privately inside Belfast s riverside Lyric Theatre during a cross-community arts event featuring many of Northern Ireland s top musicians, poets and artists. Media were barred from seeing their first handshake, but the two shook hands again a halfhour later for a TV camera and two photographers. Underlying the sensitivity of the occasion, no live footage or sound was permitted to be broadcast. Outside, flakjacketed police shut down all roads surrounding the theatre and told residents to stay inside their homes. The first soundless TV Canada languishes in world rankings for government openness footage showed a seriousfaced McGuinness modernize the act for the 21st century. In October 2009, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson rejected a House of Commons committee s call to update the access law, saying it was a strong piece of legislation.\ Report notes lack of updates to law While cutting edge 30 years ago, the law has not been significantly updated since its inception, notes the world ranking report. Canada s lax timelines, imposition of access fees, lack of a proper public interest override, and blanket exemptions for certain political offices all contravene international standards for the right of access, says the report. Canada s antiquated approach to access to information is also the result of a lack of political will to improve the situation. Toby Mendel, president of the Centre for Law and Democracy, recently returned from Rabat where he spoke walking, hands behind his back, behind the queen as she met poet Michael Longley and pianist Barry Douglas in front of newly painted portraits of them and other Belfast artists. Also in the group was McGuinness Protestant colleague atop Northern Ireland s unity government, Peter Robinson; the head of state of the Republic with officials devising an access law for Morocco. They asked him what the Canadian government had proposed in the area of access reform as part of the global Open Government Partnership initiative. Mendel told them Canada had suggested allowing access requesters to apply electronically, dispensing with the current cumbersome practice of a paper form and a $5 cheque. Literally, I could see their jaws dropping, Mendel said in an interview. Because it was incomprehensible to them that a country like Canada would not already have electronic requesting possibility. Serbia, India and Slovenia top the report s ranking list, while Liechtenstein, Greece and Austria come last among the 89 countries with an access regime. There have been several attempts to reform and revamp Canada s law, and all have been defeated in one way or another, the report notes. Queen meets with former IRA commander of Ireland, President Michael D. Higgins; and the queen s husband, Prince Philip. Then, more delayed footage showed McGuinness and Robinson standing first in line to shake the Queen s hand, then Philip s. McGuinness and Elizabeth exchanged smiles and brief pleasantries. La OEA dilata decisión sobre crisis en Paraguay y enviará misión especial Dicha misión concluirá su trabajo en la próxima semana, mientras el Mercosur y Unasur ya adoptarán decisiones en su reunión convocada para el viernes 29 en Mendoza, Argentina. El secretario general de la OEA, José Miguel Insulza, viajará a Paraguay y otros países de la región para recabar información sobre los recientes acontecimientos en el país sudamericano, de los que informará al Consejo Permanente de la institución hemisférica, informó la OEA, culminada la sesión del citado Consejo. Al inicio de la sesión, Insulza tomó la palabra y señaló que son los propios paraguayos quienes deben resolver la crisis a través del diálogo entre ellos. Todas nuestras acciones en el sentido de gestiones diplomáticas y buenos oficios son buenos para promover una solución. Recordó que Paraguay está cerca de las elecciones Una embarcación con 150 personas a bordo ha naufragado este miércoles a unos 200 kilómetros de la costa septentrional de la isla australiana de Christmas, según han confirmado las autoridades del país oceánico a la emisora Un barco naufragó con 150 personas a bordo en Australia ABC. Los medios de comunicación informan de que los pasajeros eran solicitantes de asilo político y de que muchos de ellos están en el agua. El Servicio de Protección Aduanera y Fronteriza (CBPS), por su parte, ha asegurado que la embarcación está completamente hundida. Bishop resigns after being caught cavorting with woman on beach The Vatican has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop who was caught cavorting with a blonde, bikini-clad woman on a Mexican beach. Bishop Fernando Bargallo, 57, was forced to hand in his resignation after photographs emerged this month showing him frolicking and embracing the woman at a luxury resort in Mexico. Bargallo, who led the Argentine diocese of Merlo-Moreno outside Buenos Aires since May 1997, has reportedly admitted to having amorous ties with the woman he is seen embracing in the water. generales e indicó que la OEA podía ayudar a que llegue a ese objetivo sin problemas internos y con buenas relaciones internacionales. La propuesta de la misión a Paraguay, encabezada por Insulza, fue formulada por el presidente del Consejo Permanente, el representante Permanente de Honduras, embajador Leónidas Rosa Bautista. Esta fue la propuesta que El CBPS ha enviado dos buques de salvamento y un avión para iniciar las tareas de rescate, mientras que un buque militar ya está en camino. La ABC apunta que los equipos de rescate ya han conseguido sacar del agua a algunos supervivientes. La portavoz de la Autoridad Australiana de Salvamento Marítimo (AMSA), Jo Meehan, ha indicado que el naufragio se ha producido alrededor de las 6.20 horas del miércoles (22.20 horas del martes en España) a unos 200 kilómetros de Christmas o unos 185 kilómetros de la isla tuvo una abrumadora mayoría. N I C A R A G U A PIDIÓ EXPULSIÓN. Las posturas radicales, como la de Nicaragua, que pidió a la OEA suspender a Paraguay y exigir el regreso de Lugo al poder, quedaron en minoría. Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina y Nicaragua desconocieron al Gobierno de Federico Franco y fueron los más inflexibles. indonesia de Java. Se trata del mismo lugar donde el pasado jueves naufragó una embarcación con 200 solicitantes de asilo político a bordo. El accidente se saldó con unos 90 muertos. Es habitual que los solicitantes de asilo político partan desde Indonesia rumbo a Australia en peligrosas travesías marítimas. En lo que va de año, más de 50 barcos han naufragado con un total de personas a bordo. En diciembre de 2011, 200 personas murieron al hundirse un bote frente a la isla de Java Oriental.

8 Page 8 NEW CANADIAN EXPO - July The New Canadian Expo will be the first comprehensive exhibition show in Calgary that caters exclusively to new Canadians and individuals wanting to integrate and solidify their status in this country. In the last 10 years 2.35 million have made permanent residents in Canada. The Expo will offer the very latest in advice, education, information, products, technologies, best practices and applications for people arrived, lived or just settled in Calgary and suburbs. It will engage participants with informative discussions, keynote addresses and informative sessions lead by experts in the field of immigration and by successful new Canadians. Organised by uturn Project Inc. In partnership with Calgary Police Service and Centre Street Church scheduled to be held on June 30, 2012 at the The Genesis Centre of Community Wellness 7556 Falconridge Boulevard NE, Calgary, Alberta T3J 0C9 This event is expected to draw government officials, corporate executives, and decision makers the nonprofits and relevant stake holders in the industry such as: Public Government services - Provinces, Cities and the Federal Government Non-profit agencies in Calgary and in Alberta Companies promoting their specialized services for New Canadians and their programs to integrate New Canadians Job Recruiters Schools and colleges Immigration programs Insurance companies Accreditation agencies ESL Programs Community organizations For further Information how to participate reserve a Booth or Table please contact: Jay Chowdhury uturn Project Inc. (403)

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10 Page 10 Public sector sick days cost $1B a year A c government o n f i d e n report t i a l obtained by CBC News reveals federal workers have been booking off sick in record numbers, costing Canadian taxpayers more than $1 billion a year in lost wages alone. The internal Treasury Board report indicates federal public servants are staying home an average of 18 working days a year, or almost a full month off the job. That is about 2½ times the average rate of absenteeism in Canadian private industry, and almost twice the level of sick leave and disability claims in the rest of the public sector. This apparent epidemic of bureaucratic noshows means that on an average weekday, more federal public servants are off sick than there are employees at Ford Corte constitucional de Kuwait anula elección parlamentaria La corte constitucional de Kuwait complicó el miércoles aún más la caótica situación política del país al dictaminar que el Parlamento fue elegido de manera inconstitucional y restaurar a la legislatura anterior. La agencia estatal de noticias KUNA dijo que la corte anuló la votación del 2 de febrero porque el líder de Kuwait, el jeque Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, preparó el decreto para las elecciones después de que el gabinete renunció. Un gabinete provisional fue designado antes de que el decreto fuera emitido, pero la corte falló que era insuficiente y anuló la elección. Las tensiones han El presidente Hugo Chávez anunció el miércoles el lanzamiento de un nuevo programa social diseñado para disminuir la violencia criminal que agobia a los venezolanos. El programa g u b e r n a m e n t a l denominado La Gran Misión a Toda Vida, focalizado en la prevención del delito y el fortalecimiento de los cuerpos policiales, se desplegará inicialmente en 79 de los 300 municipios del país en los que científicamente se ha demostrado que allí se concentran más de 80% de la criminalidad del país, dijo Chávez en un mensaje a la nación. Los secuestros, robos a mano armada y asesinatos son frecuentes en Venezuela, donde la población considera a la criminalidad como el Canada and General Motors combined. Statistics over the past decade show absenteeism is a growing problem, and experts say the Conservative government s current job cuts will only make matters much worse. Most workers in the federal public service get up to 15 days of fully paid sick leave per year, and on empeorado desde que la elección dio a la oposición el control de la cámara. Los islamistas y sus aliados han presionado para que dos ministros renuncien. El bloque de la oposición insistió en que los resultados electorales lo hace merecedor de más de la mitad de los puestos en el gabinete de 15 miembros. Chávez anuncia plan de combate a la delincuencia problema más grave del país, según estudios de opinión. De acuerdo con cifras oficiales, en 2010 se registraron 48 homicidios por cada habitantes en Venezuela. Esa violencia de calle, esa violencia criminal, en los años 80 se duplicó y durante los (años) 90 se triplicó y hasta se cuadruplicó, comentó Chávez. Afirmó que el índice average, they are calling in sick for 12 of them. In most areas of the government, employees can bank unused sick leave for future needs. According to one informed estimate, public servants are currently sitting on about $5.2-billion worth of accumulated sick leave, a potential tidal wave of future absenteeism. El legislador de la oposición Musallam Al- Barrak dijo a KUNA que fue un flagrante ataque a la elección del pueblo. La decisión de la corte de cancelar el voto detonó un furor en sitios de redes sociales y generó que cerca de 400 manifestantes protestasen en el exterior del Parlamento el miércoles. delictivo realmente ha disminuido... de forma general durante sus más de 13 años de mandato. Aunque no ha sido así en el sector de homicidios y secuestros, puntualizó. Citando un estudio de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), el mandatario indicó que Venezuela se encuentra entre las naciones con mayores tasas de homicidios en el mundo, sin mencionar cifras. El gobierno uruguayo propuso este miércoles legalizar, producir y distribuir marihuana para desactivar así la violencia asociada al narcotráfico, en lo que constituye una propuesta pionera en Latinoamérica, la región que paga con más sangre la lucha contra las drogas. El proyecto fue presentado en el marco de 15 medidas propuestas por el gobierno del presidente José Mujica para combatir el incremento de la inseguridad. Esas medidas incluyen el agravamiento de las penas para los casos de corrupción policial y tráfico de pasta base de cocaína, incremento de las penas a menores que delinquen y planes para aumentar la eficiencia policial, entre otras. The Ugandan government said Wednesday it will ban at least 38 nongovernmental agencies it says are promoting gay rights and recruiting children into homosexuality. We have investigated them thoroughly and we have found their sponsors, said Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo. We will ask them to step aside and stop pretending to work in human rights. Some NGOs, under the pretext of providing social services, are Sweeping changes proposed in a new immigration bill would give new powers to the minister of immigration, including the ability to deny entry to visitors for public policy reasons and to override the rules to let otherwise inadmissible people come to Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tabled legislation in the House Wednesday that would make it easier for the government to deport refugees, permanent residents and visitors for serious criminality, crimes where the punishment is six months or more in jail. Kenney is selling the bill based on the changes proposed to allow automatic deportation for any non- Canadian sentenced to more than six months in jail. I think you can call them dangerous, you can call them serious, we don t want them in Canada anymore, and that s the bottom line, If you are a foreign national and you want the privilege of staying in Canada, don t commit a serious crime. I don t Uruguay propone legalizar marihuana para combatir la violencia del narco Pensamos que la prohibición de ciertas drogas le está creando más problemas a la sociedad que la droga misma, dijo en conferencia de prensa el ministro de Defensa Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro. Actualmente hay en el Parlamento tres proyectos de ley de legisladores de distintos partidos para legalizar el autocultivo de cannabis, pero el Uganda bans 38 agencies it says are promoting gay rights receiving funds to promote homosexuality, he said. The organizations -- both international and local -- will lose their Sweeping immigration changes to give new power to minister think that s too much to ask people. But there s far more to the bill, including a measure that would allow the immigration minister to decide who can enter the country. One measure would give him the power to deny someone entry or temporary resident status for up to three years on the basis of public policy considerations. Another measure would let him override the rules to allow entry to someone the minister wants to be allowed in. The example provided in a background document is for a head of state who satisfies the gobierno desestimó esta opción para no afectar a los países vecinos ni ser acusados de ser una especie de centro de fabricación y distribución internacional de drogas, dijo el ministro. Fernández Huidobro estimó que el mercado interno de marihuana representa actualmente un negocio ilegal de unos 75 millones de dólares anuales. AFP registrations and no longer be able to operate in Uganda. He did not name the groups on the list. CNN minister that the visit isn t contrary to the national interest but who would otherwise not be allowed in. Sometimes we have foreigners who do not have a criminal conviction and are therefore not strictly inadmissible to Canada under our current law, but who, for example, may have a long track record of promoting violence or hatred against vulnerable groups, Kenney said, giving the example of an imam who calls for the execution of gays and lesbians, justifies domestic abuse and makes anti-semitic remarks.

11 Page 11 LeBron James looked at the crowd, knowing he had just a few moments left on the court for the season. He waved his arms to them. They roared back. Moments later, he was atop the stage at center court, wearing a champions hat and T-shirt, and waving a champions towel. He smiled. He danced. For the first time in nine years, he enjoyed the ultimate relief. Maligned for so long, by so many, it brought him to this moment. On LeBron gets his championship, at long last Thursday night - with a triple-double, no less, 26 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds - LeBron James got his NBA title. You can t win, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, speaking about James, unless you win. That s no longer an issue. The man who was called heartless, callous, narcissistic, cowardly and selfish - and that was just in one scorned, angry letter from Dan Gilbert, the man who used to pay him to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers - will forever be called something else. He s a champion. When he gets involved in something, business, basketball, he puts everything he has into it, longtime associate Maverick Carter said. And this year, during the playoffs, he took it up another notch. SI Encuentran en río polaco cadáver que sería de hincha irlandés desaparecido La policía polaca portavoz había señalado encontró este que a un 90% se podía miércoles el cuerpo sin decir que se trataba vida de un hombre en del cuerpo sin vida del un río de Bydgoszcz irlandés de 21 años. (noroeste) que sería Nolan se encontraba el del hincha irlandés en Polonia en compañía desaparecido en la ciudad de unos amigos para ver desde hace tres días, partidos de la Eurocopa, aunque las autoridades en la que su selección esperaban la llegada de los quedó ya eliminada, como padres para confirmarlo al colista del grupo C. 100%. Fueron los amigos Estamos esperando los que informaron el la llegada de los padres domingo a la policía de Nolan para la hacia las 17:00 (10:00 confirmación definitiva en Ecuador) de la de la identidad, comentó desaparición de James. El Leon Bojarski, del joven no había llegado al juzgado de Bydgoszcz. hotel después de haberse La policía encontró desaparecido, por lo los procedimientos separado del grupo en la junto al cadáver los que no parecen existir formales antes de facilitar noche anterior, en la que documentos y un teléfono dudas sobre la identidad, la confirmación. En un habían estado en el barrio propiedad del joven aunque prefirió esperar primer momento, una viejo de Bydgoszcz. Senate suspends NFL bounty probegold The Senate will halt its probe into the National Football League s (NFL) bounty programs in light of reforms the league will introduce, Sen. Richard Durbin said on Wednesday. The Illinois Democrat met privately in his Capitol Hill office with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who laid out a series of reforms that he promised to implement in time for this fall s season. Durbin called for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on NFL bounties in March after a league Canadian marathoners Coolsaet, Gillis make the perfect partners There s nothing glamorous about the intersection of Carter Road and Cooks Mill Road, but it s under that street sign where Reid Coolsaet, Eric Gillis, and Dave Scott-Thomas chose to pose for a picture to investigation found that players and coaches on the New Orleans Saints paid players thousands of dollars to injure members of opposing teams. The NFL says the bounties were paid out from 2009 to mark their stretch run to London. If the Olympic marathon is the tip of the iceberg, as Scott-Thomas likes to say, everything that went into building its base began from that intersection of back roads in Guelph. Want to buy the torch that soccer star David Beckham used to light the celebratory cauldron that kicked off the relay for the London Olympics? It can be yours! The auction is on but it s not on ebay. Not to be outdone by runners turning to the popular auction site to sell Olympic torches go up for auction on the website of London organizers their torches, London s Olympic organizers are running an auction of their own. Bidding closes July 4. Some 8,000 people are taking part in the 8,000- mile (12,875-kilometre) torch relay around Britain and Ireland. Each gets the option of keeping their torch provided they can ante up the 199 pound ($312) cost. Organizers say that is a discounted rate. So far, 11 people have decided to hand their torch back. Proceeds from sales on the auction site will subsidize the cost of the torches and contribute to the staging of the London games, which take place from July 27 to Aug. 12. The plan drew some criticism from those who claimed it smacked of over-commercialization. London organizing chairman Sebastian Coe defended the program. My instinct on this is we ve done lots of things with this torch which have been different,. I think we ve engaged with communities in an extraordinary way. Some of the things come with a cost. We are, where we possibly can, trying to cover our costs. Sebastian said.

12 Page 12 Statement from Dr. David Swann National Aboriginal Day Alberta Liberal Caucus On behalf of Alberta Liberal Caucus, I wish to express our appreciation for the many contributions of Aboriginal peoples from Alberta and across Canada. We join in celebration of their many successes, and we take this opportunity Premier Alison Redford is prepared to let bar owners get breath-testers to get ready for tough, new drinking and driving laws. Under the new legislation, police would be able to suspend licences and seize vehicles of drivers who blow as low as.05. The provisions are on hold as the government consults with the hospitality industry. Bar owners want breath testers so patrons can check their alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel, said Redford. That seems to be something that they feel would be helpful and if they want some time to do that, then I m certainly Statement from Dr. David Swann to reaffirm the Alberta Liberal commitment to improve their lives, those of their children, and the future generations to Alberta delays tough drunk-driving laws prepared to give them that, she said. That s the only nature of consultation that will take place, said Redford. Once that is done, we will proclaim the legislation and the legislation will be in effect. But people in the hospitality industry have mixed feelings about the use of breathalyzers in a bar, like who would administer the test, and who would be liable if a customer drives while impaired. After a couple of drinks. maybe you do it incorrectly and there s the possibility that the test is inaccurate at that point, said Jon Sand, the general manager of the Sherlock Holmes Pub in downtown Edmonton. come. We recognize that Aboriginal peoples face significant challenges with respect to employment, education, housing, addictions and mental health; however, we recognize that these challenges are not unique to the Aboriginal population. They are issues that the provincial government can and must immediately address for the benefit of all Albertans. The Alberta Liberal So that was a big concern... giving someone a false sense of security that yeah, you re ok, when in fact you ve Caucus believes in negotiating just and fair land claim settlements, working collaboratively as partners on issues such as the environment, workforce planning, health care, and education. We will continue to advocate for the resources needed to help build healthier Aboriginal communities, knowing that by listening to wisdom of the Elders and other community leaders, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve together. had too much to drink. Redford would not say if the new restrictions will be in place before the spring election. CBC Cesa motín policial en Bolivia tras acuerdo salarial Los policías de bajo rango, que mantuvieron un motín durante seis días, levantaron la madrugada de este miércoles su protesta tras un acuerdo salarial firmado con el Gobierno, informaron delegados de los manifestantes y el ministro del Interior, Carlos Romero. Con el acuerdo (de aumento salarial) las labores de la Policía se normalizan a partir de este miércoles, señaló Romero en conferencia de prensa. La delegada de los policías de La Paz, suboficial Esther Corzón, ratificó que con la aprobación de nuestros camaradas de los nueve departamentos (del país) hemos firmado el acuerdo (razón por la que) ya estamos patrullando (las calles). El viceministro de Régimen Interior y Policía, Jorge Pérez, destacó de su lado el acuerdo y afirmó que se han sostenido arduas sesiones de diálogo para lograr este acuerdo por el bien de la Policía y del país y con esto todo retorna la tranquilidad. Detienen dos islamistas radicales en España La policía española detuvo el miércoles a dos presuntos islamistas radicales acusados de asesinar a dos personas y reclutar voluntarios para combatir en países como Afganistán. El ministro del Interior, Jorge Fernández Díez, comparó el grado de radicalidad de los sospechosos, españoles de origen magrebí, con el de los siete terroristas islamistas que se inmolaron en 2004 a las afueras de Madrid semanas después de perpetrar el atentado contra varios trenes de cercanías de la capital española, en el que murieron 191 personas.

13 Page 13 FBI returns more than 120 stolen artifacts in Chicago Stolen documents, military medals and other artifacts valued at about $5 million including letters signed by Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were returned Wednesday to Chicago s Polish Museum after being found in the basement of a home decades after they went missing. The more than 120 items, which were returned following an FBI investigation, include letters and documents dating to the 18th and 19th centuries, seals, military medals and Nazi propaganda from World War II. The pieces also included documentation about Napoleon, George Washington, John Adams and American Revolution hero Thaddeus Kosciuszko. Museum president Maria Ciesla said she couldn t catch her breath when she received the phone call that the items, missing since the 1970s and 1980s, were located. This is something that we had dreamed and hoped for for so many years, Ciesla said. It is so important for us to have this safely back not only for the rich Polish history but also for the wonderful American history. The Canadian Press Madonna vendió imagen de ORO Una sexy fotografía en la que aparece Madonna desnuda recostada sobre las sábanas blancas de una cama, fumando un cigarrillo y con una mirada desafiante fue subastada en 24 mil dólares en Nueva York, la mañana de ayer. La imagen en blanco y negro fue obtenida en los años 90 por el famosísimo fotógrafo Steven Meisel y por ella la casa de subastas Bonhams esperaba obtener 8 mil dólares, cifra que se triplicó al momento de la venta. Canadian children s books in awards spotlight Off to Class, a non-fiction title detailing the experiences of children seeking an education in countries like India, China and Uganda, is a double nominee for the Canadian Children s Book Awards. Adiós a la Reina del Disco, Donna Summer La cantante Donna Summer, fallecida hoy a los 63 años a consecuencia de un cáncer, fue la reina indiscutible de la música disco que inundó las salas de baile de todo el mundo en la década de los años 70. Como muchas de las grandes voces de la música norteamericana de la época, Summer, cuyo verdadero nombre era LaDonna Adria Gaines, comenzó su carrera como cantante de música gospel en la iglesia a la que acudía puntualmente cada semana con su familia. Estas actuaciones en el coro de la iglesia de su barriada en Boston (EE. UU.) cuando apenas tenía diez años la animaron a intentar ganarse la vida con su voz, con la que intentaba imitar a las míticas cantantes y grupos femeninos del sello Motown. Antes de que su sonido fuese reconocido internacionalmente, la cantante vivió durante varios años en Alemania, donde llegó tras participar en la versión europea del conocido musical Hair. En Europa publicó su primer trabajo discográfico en solitario, Lady of the Night (1974), donde estaba incluido el tema The Hostage. Sonó con fuerza en Bélgica y Holanda, aunque no fue publicado en su país natal. Pero la sensual Love to Love you Baby se convirtió un año después en la espita que necesitaba Donna Summer para incendiar las noches en discotecas de medio mundo durante casi una década y convertirse así en la reina por excelencia de la música disco. TCP Beach Boys find harmony again after 50 years It s been 50 years since California group the Beach Boys first signed with Capitol Records to release Surfin Safari, and the recently reunited band is riding a wave of nostalgia. The bandmates have put aside decades of infighting that descended into lawsuits and are touring, with a gig in Toronto Tuesday evening proving they have not lost their gift for harmony. Associated Press Halloween actor Richard Lynch dies aged 76 Halloween actor Richard Lynch, who became a staple in horror and science-fiction movies with his scarred facial features, has died at age 76, his spokesman said on Wednesday. Lynch s representative, Mike Baronas, told Reuters that Lynch s body was discovered by one of the actor s friends, who had stopped by Lynch s house in Palm Springs, California, after not hearing from him in days. She found the door open and Lynch lying on the kitchen floor, cold and lifeless. Baronas said no investigation is being held into the death of the actor and his body was sent directly to a funeral home. Lynch, who was born in New York City in 1936, made his name playing villainous characters in movies such as 1973 s Scarecrow, 1988 s Little Nikita and 2007 s installment of the Halloween horror franchise, directed by Rob Zombie. Lynch also appeared in numerous television series in his five-decade career, most notably the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica and Galactica Lynch s face was permanently scarred in 1967 when he took the drug LSD and set himself on fire, something he spoke openly about in the documentary film LSD: The Trip to Where? Zombie paid his respects to Lynch on his Facebook page on Wednesday, saying Richard was great to work with and really gave it his all. I will never forget the way he scared..

14 Page 14 Cascos de Parchita Scrambled Eggs Ingredientes: 12 Parchitas maduras y lisas 1 Litro de agua 1 Kg. de azúcar Preparacion: Lave las parchitas y retire la concha amarilla suficientemente con un pela papas. Córtelas por la mitad sáquele las semillas con las que va a preparar un jugo y lo va a colar, aligérelo con agua. Hierva los cascos por 1/2 hora. Agregue el jugo y el azúcar para hacer un almíbar, hierva a fuego lento por espacio de una hora, ó hasta que los cascos estén trasparentes y el almíbar espeso. Coloque en frascos de vidrio y deje enfriar. Sirva dos cascos en un plato de postre y coloque armoniosamente un poco de queso crema, báñelos en almíbar, y disfrute de su suave y tierna dulzura, de allí en adelante recordar este postre será como recordar el más dulce y tierno beso de amor. Tips de Cocina A la hora de sacar el mejor provecho a los limones, es recomendable rodar los limones con la palma de la mano sobre una mesa o superficie lisa. De este modo, al momento de partír cada limón y extraer el jugo interior, éste sale en mayor cantidad. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 6 tablespoons diced bacon 4 eggs 2 medium tomatoes, finely chopped 4 tablespoons chopped scallions Salt to taste Directions: 1. In a medium non-stick skillet heat the oil over medium heat. Add the bacon and cook it for about 2 minutes, then add the tomatoes and scallions and cook about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl beat the eggs and salt. Pour the eggs in the skillet with the tomato mixture and cook over medium heat, without stirring, until mixture begins to set. 3. Stir twice or until the eggs mix with the tomato and scallions and cook about 2 minutes or until the eggs are the consistency you like. Ingredientes: Bifes a la criolla Cuadril, nalga o bola de lomo, cortada como para hacer milanesas algo gruesas, ½ k Papas, 1/2 k Cebollas, 2 Ají morrón colorado, 2 Tomates, 3 Manteca, dos cucharadas Aceite, dos cucharadas Caldo de carne o verduras, 1 cucharón Sal, pimienta, ají molido, tomillo y perejil picado a gusto Preparacion: P- Quitar la grasa y los nervios a la carne - Pelar y cortar las papas en rodajas de ½ cm de espesor más o menos - Pelar y cortar en rebanadas las cebollas de un espesor algo menor que las papas. - Cortar los tomates también en rodajas y los ajíes en tiras. - Colocar en una olla o en una sartén profunda que tenga tapa, la manteca y el aceite. - Luego ir acomodando en capas los ingredientes en el siguiente orden, bifes, cebollas, papas, ají morrón, bifes y continuar hasta que se terminen, ir salando y condimentando por capas. - Agregar el cucharón de caldo - Poner la olla o sartén al fuego moderado y calentar unos 10 minutos - Bajar el fuego, tapar la olla y retirar cuando la carne y las papas estén bien cocidos, de 30 a 40 minutos más o menos. Se puede acompañar con huevos fritos. al medio y lechuga cortada bien finita.- Llevar a la heladera por lo menos 4 horas. Ingredients: 4 medium thick cooked arepas 1 pound ground beef 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 scallions, finely chopped ½ cup chopped white onion ½ teaspoon ground cumin ¼ teaspoon ground paprika Directions: Arepa Burger Salt and black pepper Salsa Rosada or Salsa golf Cheese Lettuce Tomato 1. In a large bowl add the ground beef, garlic, scallions, onion, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper. Mix well and refrigerate for about 1 hour. Form 4 patties. 2. Heat a grill or sauté pan and cook the hamburgers for 5 minutes on each side until done. 3. Remove to a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Allow the hamburgers to rest for 5 minutes and serve immediately on arepas with salsa rosada, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

15 Page 15 Tarea Pepito le pregunta a su maestra: Maestra, Me castigaría usted por algo que yo no hice? No Pepito, Por supuesto que no! Que bueno porque no hice la tarea. Gato - Un gato caminaba por un tejado maullando: Miau, miau! En eso se le acerca otro gato repitiendo: Guau, guau! Entonces el primer gato le dice: - Oye, por qué ladras si tú eres gato? Y el otro le contesta: - Es que uno no puede aprender idiomas? Hormigas Sabes que hacen las hormigas cuando salen del jardin? Pues entran a la Primaria!!!! Jail Prisoner: Look here, doctor! You ve already removed my spleen, tonsils, adenoids, and one of my kidneys. I only came to see if you could get me out of this place! Doctor: I am, bit by bit. Lawyer Lawyer: I have some good news and some bad news. Client: Well, give me the bad news first. Lawyer: The bad news is that the DNA tests showed that it was your blood they found all over the crime scene Client: Oh no! I m ruined! What s the good news? Lawyer: The good news is your cholesterol is down to 130! Sabía usted que...? La montaña más alta del sistema solar es el Monte Olimpo, un volcán marciano que tiene una altura de 27 kilómetros, tres veces mayor al monte Everest. En 1879 fue introducida en Estados Unidos una sustancia para tratar la adicción a la morfina: la cocaína. Ronald Reagan, el ex-presidente de los Estados Unidos y exactor de cine, fue rechazado para el rol principal en una película de 1964 llamada The Best Man porque no tenía apariencia de presidente. En el circo romano, los espectadores trataban de conseguir sangre del gladiador victorioso ya que creían que ésta les daba salud y suerte. Y con el sudor hacían cremas para el cuerpo. Aunque el caimán puede cerrar sus mandíbulas con fuerza suficiente como para romper el brazo de una persona, los músculos que las abren son tan débiles, que un hombre puede mantener cerrada la boca de un lagarto adulto solamente con una mano. El mayor crustáceo del mundo es el cangrejo gigante de Japón. Aunque su cuerpo mide sólo 33 cm, sus patas sobrepasan los 5 metros.

16 June 2012 Page FALLSWATER Road NE LP $ 249,900 C JUST LISTED FOR SALE STOP Renting?Here are you Home,Very nice and clean corner, Bungalow,for ONLY $ 249, for a single home,total 3 bedrooms,bath,living room with fireplace,family room,den,close to sc hools,bus,shoppings,pool,comumnity.remember Venus Say STOP Renting? 139 SILVERADO DR.S.W. Beaultiful Two Storey open plan with 9 ceilings and hardwood flooring throughout in the main floor,kitchen with large island with raised eatin bar,and full height cabinetry,walk in pantry,over 2000 living space, total 5 bedrooms,master bedroom with 4 pcs.baths and walk in closet,total 4 baths, living with fireplace,family room,deck,don t miss acroos park,close bus,shopping,etc. move in today. 208 TEMPLEWOOD Place NE LP $ 404,900 LP $ 359,900 To new only for you! C Nice and clean 2 story split in the cul-de-sac,open plan,with total 4 bedrroms,2 baths,living room with fireplace and vaulted ceiling,family room,formal dining room with sliding doors to the deck,kitchen and aeting area and bay window,plus double garage hieated,insulatedclose to park,shoppins,schools,bus,etc. Move in today / /

Lanzan iniciativa My Brother s Keeper para ayudar a minorías

Lanzan iniciativa My Brother s Keeper para ayudar a minorías WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVII NÚMERO 2 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de julio de 2015 Dr. Ron Kelly, presidente ejecutivo de The National School Improvement Corporation, habló sobre la importancia de mejorar la educación

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WE ARE LIVING TONY S LEGACY, SAID HERN A NDE Z vol. 13 no. 18 KANSAS CITY PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 7 DE ENERO DEL 2010 2009 Was a Mixed Ride in KCK Debra DeCoster Joe Reardon was re-elected to his second term in office.

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El edificio de 126 años,

El edificio de 126 años, PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 GM Fairfax Sweeten $600 Million Investment Atractiva Inversión de $600 Millones de Fairfax GM General Motors CEO Dan Akerson announced the company s plans

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Media Totals Dashboard Media Totals Dashboard April 14 May 18, 2015 MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: U-T San Diego: Law Clears Way for Join U.S.-Mexico Inspections (Apr. 24 by Sandra Dibble) This is a historic moment we just witnessed, said

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La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers.

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers. La Voz Free Gratis Volume 9 Number 1 A Bi-cultural Publication January 2014 (512) 944-4123 Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 &

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News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th

News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th Hispania News SOUTHERN COLORADO'S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER SINCE 1987 Dora the Explorer competition winners page 10 VOL. 18. NO. 5 3 de febrero - 10 de febrero 2005 El consulado móvil,

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PAISES DE LA CUENCA 27 de septiembre al 1 de octubre RESUMEN EJECUTIVO:

PAISES DE LA CUENCA 27 de septiembre al 1 de octubre RESUMEN EJECUTIVO: 1 Instituto de Estudios del Pacífico y del Índico PAISES DE LA CUENCA 27 de septiembre al 1 de octubre RESUMEN EJECUTIVO: Se cumplieron 30 años de la política del hijo único en China, política que hoy

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La Preciosa s Mexican Diner. Best Menudo in Town! 1218 Broadway Toledo, Ohio (419) 242-0215 We do deliveries! Minimum deliveries $30 New Hours:

La Preciosa s Mexican Diner. Best Menudo in Town! 1218 Broadway Toledo, Ohio (419) 242-0215 We do deliveries! Minimum deliveries $30 New Hours: DETROIT SALES: 313-729-4435 TOLEDO SALES: 419-870-6565 CLEVELAND LORAIN DETROIT, Since 1989. FREE! Gratis! www. lapr prensa TOLEDO: TINTA CON SABOR Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino

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Una multitud estimada entre

Una multitud estimada entre PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 VOL 16 No. 19 Concerned Student asked El Pachuco, how does one go about stopping shooting near high schools. See page 6. Estudiante preocupado preguntó a

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New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran

New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 47 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 24 de mayo de 2015 New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran With the help of San Antonio College President Robert Vela, Millie and Tino

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NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE. Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia. Newt Gingrich: Una experiencia con los hispanos de NOLA

NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE. Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia. Newt Gingrich: Una experiencia con los hispanos de NOLA NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE NO, To the Death Penalty pg. 5 2327 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Suite J Kenner, LA 70062 Jambalayito Dice: Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia The New Orleans Hispanic

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As Christmas approaches,


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AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can

AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can Por Natalie Bobadilla

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707 864-2000 o 510 734-0367. Evan Livingstone Abogado Se Habla Español

707 864-2000 o 510 734-0367. Evan Livingstone Abogado Se Habla Español 1 0 P E R I ó D I C O B I L I N G ü E L A V O Z W W W. L A V O Z. U S. C O M O C T U b r e 2 0 1 3 707.546.3600 N A M I N G S P O N S O R 707.546.3600

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Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO

Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO VOLUME 35 ISSUE 6 WWW.EL-OBSERVADOR.COM FEBRUARY 7-13, 2014 Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10 Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 PHOTO COURTESY: THE PEOPLES COOK 2 CALENDAR

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Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas

Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas C I T Y l HEIGHTS AZALEA PARK FAIRMOUNT VILLAGE HOLLYWOOD PARK SWAN CANYON CHEROKEE POINT RIDGEVIEW CHOLLAS CREEK EDUCATION Local parents take charge in forming group to solve problems from academics to

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juntos por la salud mental

juntos por la salud mental avanzamos! juntos por la salud mental Edición No. 16 Exploramos prácticas terapéuticas no tradicionales Exploring Non-traditional Healing Practices Adentro: El teatro, la música y otras prácticas que apoyan

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VIDA NEWSPAPER 03-07-13. By Ross R. Olney


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news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3

news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 The quarterly magazine of the North Carolina Justice Center COMMUNITY noticias COMUNITARIAS news Summer/Verano 2009 PLUS: Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 Community

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Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10

Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Building Strength 32BJ SEIU Summer/Verano 2012 En español: página 16 ALL IN FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Sección especial sobre la economía y acción

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EDICIóN NO. 416 Edición Regional Regional Edition: The Bilingual Newspaper of the Merrimack Valley

EDICIóN NO. 416 Edición Regional Regional Edition: The Bilingual Newspaper of the Merrimack Valley Rumbo setiembre 1, 2013 Edición 416 Lawrence, MA AÑO 18.: Rumbo :. 1 RUMBONEWS.COM FREE! TAKE ONE GRATIS Frank Bonet: Rechazo / Rejection - 8 & 9 Setiembre 1, 2013 EDICIóN NO. 416 Edición Regional Regional

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Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton

Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton November Vol. 13 Num. 201411 FREE GRATIS - November 20141 Latino Times Election Winners Christina Fugazi City Council District 5 James Mousalimas Superintendent of Schools Susan Lofthus

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La Nueva Voz. The New Voice, a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Publication Pomona s only community newspaper!

La Nueva Voz. The New Voice, a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Publication Pomona s only community newspaper! La Nueva Voz POM ONA CHAMBER FREE GRATIS Pomona s own Yasmin Hernandez, who graduated this year from Pomona Catholic, climbed her way past thousands of talented singers to appear on the nationally televised

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la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14

la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14 Letter from the executive director 03 The FOOD SECURITY issue 04 a letter from the development director 05 Food security and the sustainability of specialty coffee 06 Travel log: Data collection 12 AUGE

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Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht

Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht Fact Finder Minneapolis, MN Local 653 Vol. 51 No. 6 July 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) The looming implementation of the

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03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse. Consejos prácticos para incrementar sus ventas. Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito

03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse. Consejos prácticos para incrementar sus ventas. Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito special EdItIoN EdIcIóN EspEcIAL VOl. 23, No. 17 UNa PUblICaCION DEl 03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse BILINGÜE BILINGUAL personal finances Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito business

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words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska

words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska Volume 4 Issue 3 Teens Passing Prescriptions as Much as Pot Jessialyn Holdcraft Copy Editor/Staff Coordinator Teens today

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Vol. 41 No. 1 Enero 12 25, 2011. Peter Hernández. El Tecolote

Vol. 41 No. 1 Enero 12 25, 2011. Peter Hernández. El Tecolote periódico bilingüe bilingual newspaper Vol. 41 No. 1 Enero 12 25, 2011 Major changes on the way for C é sar Chavez Street Photo Courtesy San Francisco Planning Department Peter Hernandez C esar Chavez

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