No. 37 Edition 1/2008. security at EuRO Kaba at the Olympic games in pr China. Art theft with a happy ending

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1 No. 37 Edition 1/2008 security at EuRO 2008 Kaba at the Olympic games in pr China Art theft with a happy ending

2 EDITORIAL Forum from page 4 4 Expect emotions Forum Rudolf Weber in conversation with Martin Jäggi, Project Manager for Security at EURO 2008 Reportage from page 8 REportage Higher, faster, longer and more secure: 8 Kaba at the 2008 Olympic Games in PR China 10 Art theft with a happy ending 1 1 Nespresso. What else? Kuala Lumpur: sensor barriers keep offices secure Cencon security for the Baltic Tigers 1 4 The luxury of peace and quiet 15 Cement and concrete for Africa s growth Case Studies from page 10 Trends from page 23 Case studies Water, water everywhere... Camera, sound! 1 9 High-tech holiday paradise The latest door technology at Merck Serono Treasure chamber of the Czars Kaba technology for the EU Council of Ministers 22 TRENDS 23 Security is a long-term growth trend Solutions Solutions from page Better and brighter 25 Perfectly attuned to customer needs 26 Premium solutions for the mass market 26 Safe locks with network capability 27 Returning badges safely 27 Pioneering solution in access management 28 Compact and multifunctional 28 Automated, long-lasting and stable 29 No way back Flash from page 30 Flash 30 meet & see a great success 30 Kaba as a magnet for the crowds 31 Safe(ly) to the summit 31 Trade shows Cover Photo: Kaba at the 2008 Olympic Games in the People s Republic of China Sculpture in front of the Olympic Center Stadium in Tianjin. Opened in March 2007, the football stadium was dubbed the Water Drop because of its particular shape. 54 Kaba tripod barriers provide secure access for 80,000 spectators. Turn to pages 8 and 9 to find out how and where Kaba s access technology is being used at China s other Olympic sites. Portada: Kaba en los Juegos Olímpicos de 2008 en China Escultura en la plaza delante del Estadio Olímpico de Tianjin. El estadio, inaugurado en marzo de 2007, es conocido con el nombre de Gota de Agua debido a su particular diseño. 54 torniquetes Kaba regulan el acceso de los espectadores al estadio. En las páginas 8 y 9 encontrará más información sobre dónde y cómo Kaba regula el acceso a los campeonatos olímpicos. 2 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 With this slogan, football s 2008 European Championship kicks off at 6 p.m. on June 7. The anticipation is already mounting. And for 23 days football will be everything not just in the two host countries Austria and Switzerland, but for millions of fans across Europe. With security high on the Jean-Luc Ferrazzini, Chief Communications agenda, Rudolf Weber discussed the issue with EURO 2008 Officer security project manager Martin Jäggi. Read about the Emociones en vivo Con este lema, el challenges he faces and how much security is required for this major 7 de junio a las horas, un silbato anun event on pages 4 to 7. ciará el comienzo del Campeonato Europeo de Fútbol de Y entonces retornará el entusiasmo. Durante 23 días, todo girará en torno al fútbol no sólo en los dos países anfi triones, Austria y Suiza, sino también para millones de aficionados en toda Europa. Como el tema seguridad es fundamental en este contexto, Rudolf Weber ha tenido un encuentro para dialogar con Martin Jäggi, director del área de seguridad en el EURO Para saber qué retos hay que afrontar y qué nivel de seguridad precisa un aconte cimiento de este calibre, lea el artículo en las páginas 4 a 7. El deporte une nosotros facilitamos a los aficionados el acceso a ese espectáculo que les apasiona. En los últimos años, Kaba ha conseguido establecerse con éxito en el mercado de equipamiento para estadios. Tanto el Stade de Suisse Wankdorf, lugar de celebración del EURO 2008, como los esta dios de Berlín, Frankfurt o Hanover confían en los equipos Kaba para el control de acceso. Pero Kaba está en primera línea del deporte no solamente en Europa: cuando se encienda la llama olímpica en Peking el próximo 8 de agosto, espectadores estarán presen tes en el Estadio Olímpico. Para acceder al estadio, todos habrán pasado por uno de los 138 torniquetes Kaba. Este reportaje se en cuentra en las páginas 8 y 9. También en el mundo de las finanzas la segu ridad es un tema de gran actualidad. Hemos invitado a los directores de fondos de segu ridad de Credit Suisse y del Banco Pictet a un coloquio. Es la seguridad un mercado clave en el futuro? Más información en la sección de tendencias, páginas 23 y 24. Sport brings people together we provide the fans with access to their shared passion. In recent years, Kaba has successfully established itself as a provider for sports stadiums. Thus, the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in Berne, one of the EURO 2008 venues, relies on Kaba ac cess systems, as do stadiums in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hanover. But Kaba s front line position at sporting events is not confined to Europe. When the Olympic flame is lit on August 8 in the National Stadium in Beijing, 91,000 spectators will be present to witness it. They will have passed through 138 tripod barriers from Kaba to gain access to the stadium. Turn to pages 8 and 9 for more details. Security is also a hot topic in the financial world. We invited the managers of the security funds at Credit Suisse and Pictet for a round- table discussion. Is this a key market for the future? Learn more in the Trends article on pages 23 and 24. I wish you an enjoyable read. Jean-Luc Ferrazzini Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 3

3 FORUM FORUM We want to organize a party, not build a fortress Football s 2008 European Championship kicks off on 7 June Rudolf Weber meets up with Martin Jäggi, Project Manager for Security at EURO Their conversation centers on the issue of how much security a major sporting event needs as well as on personal challenges involved. Martin Jäggi (MJ) At a major event like attack, we have to be as well-prepared not a straightforward task. Visitors should EURO 2008 the third largest sport - as possible so that we can help immedi- not have the feeling that the stadium is a ing event in the world after the Olympic ately and protect people if anything fortress, but they still need to feel safe. Games and the FIFA World Cup good does happen. We are creating security security is absolutely vital. But at the discreetly but effectively. MJ It s a real paradox but it s also a that we are organizing a party, not RW As secure as possible, and at the world of security. You can, for example, building a fortress. same time as indiscernible as possible make your house absolutely secure, but fact of life we encounter all the time in the same time we have vowed to remember Kaba plays in the premier league internationally. that s exactly what is required of our then it would take you a quarter of an Rudolf Weber (RW) Sounds like a bit security installations, too. People want hour to get in every time. You always have of a tightrope walk... to feel safe but not constrained. For in- to give up a little freedom to ensure stance, we have equipped three stadiums security. MJ It is indeed. The challenges are enor- in China with turnstiles and tripod barri- mous: from pickpockets and forged tick- ers for the 2008 Summer Olympics. RW With a stadium, this means that visi- ets to hooliganism and terrorism, right These installations had to be integrated tors should be able to enjoy the game through to outright disaster we have to into the overall architecture as discreetly without having to worry about security. think about everything in advance. Even if as possible. However, with an architec- Here, I believe, it is crucial to filter out we can t completely eliminate the possi- t ural jewel like the National Stadium, the troublemakers before they can get bility of certain events, such as a terrorist designed by Herzog & de Meuron, this is into the stadium. And that has to be done as subtly as possible so that the event doesn t become a police event. What measures have been planned for EURO 2008? How are you going to keep the thugs and the hooligans away from the games? and the stadiums themselves on the MJ Well, we are working with four differ- look-out for known troublemakers. Conse- ent filters. Filter number one is related to quently we can be almost certain that the ticket sale: details of known hooligans no hooliganism will take place within the are stored in the national databases of stadiums. And should the odd individual participating countries, and these people manage to make it through all four filters, simply won t be able to buy tickets in they will at least be isolated rather than advance from UEFA. As a second meas- part of a mob. We create security, discreetly but effectively. ure, we have asked participating countries to prevent their known hooligans RW Impressive arrangements. Does from travelling. The third filter is Switzer- UEFA lay down specific security stand- land s border guard corps, who also holds ards? data on registered troublemakers and Rudolf Weber, CEO of Kaba Group, in conversation with Martin Jäggi, Project Manager for Security at EURO KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 is responsible for stopping them coming MJ Security is like a jigsaw puzzle, and into Switzerland. Another important filter cooperation helps all the pieces to fall into number four comes with so called place. A lot of people are helping to make spotters of the foreign police. These everything secure. In the stadiums, for go on patrol with our specialists round example, the highest priority is ef fective the stations, the public viewing areas access control. Further, UEFA stipulates Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 5

4 FORUM FORUM tons; and as the police are controlled by the cantons, we have 26 different policing laws in the country. On top of this there is the federal government with its various responsibilities, medical and rescue ser vices, border police, army, private security firms... Having all these people in the same boat and trying to navigate a way for us all towards the same goal is a big challenge. I m helped by the national secu rity concept, which contains guidelines for all these different parties. But what about you? What are your big challenges as the head of a security group like Kaba? RW Leading the company successfully in good and bad times so that our em ployees have secure jobs and our shareholders are satisfied. That s the biggest challenge for me. In a global company you are confronted with new challenges every You always have to give up a little freedom to ensure security. that there should be no standing room day. One has to be very alert and very MJ The best team will become Champi- at EURO No more than four tickets fle x ible. At the moment, for example, we ons of Europe, as long as they have a can be purchased per person, alcohol is are seeing a trend away from mechanics little luck, too. It would of course be great banned in the stadiums and so on. There and towards mechatronics a real change if Switzerland made it to the final. are secure perimeters with controlled in technology that we have to master. RW Why shouldn t Switzerland win? entry points around all the stadiums. At these points, people are check ed to en- MJ What does Kaba actually mean? ons get into the stadium or its immedi - RW The name Kaba comes from the ate vicinity. In public spac es, meanwhile, company s founder Franz Bauer, who orig- it is up to the police to ensure security. inally made cash boxes. This made him a KAssenBAuer German for cashbox RW Being head of security for an event maker hence KABA. When Kaba was like EURO 2008 puts a lot of respon - founded in Zurich 146 years ago, it manu- si bility on your shoulders. What is your factured cashboxes and safes. Today this biggest challenge? is just a small part of what we do. Over the years, our Swiss company has become 6 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 With the home crowd as an extra player, anything is possible! sure that no dangerous objects or weap- MJ It is a fundamental principle with us a global player in the security industry and that everything that happens should is now very much in the premier league happen within the approved structures. internationally. Let s finish with a look And these structures are relatively com- in the crystal ball. Who do you think will plicated in Switzerland. We have 26 can- make it to the final this summer? Queremos organizar una fiesta, no construir una fortaleza El 7 de junio de 2008 se inicia el Campeonato de Europeo de Fút bol. Rudolf Weber conversa con el director de seguridad del EURO 2008, Martin Jäggi. Entre otros temas hablan sobre la cuestión del nivel de seguridad necesario para un acon tecimiento deportivo de masas. La se guridad es un requisito indispensable, pero a la vez indica Jäggi el objetivo es organizar una fiesta, no construir una fortaleza. Hay que conseguir que la seguridad se note lo menos posible: la gente quiere sentirse se gura, pero no limitada. Esos son los requisitos que cumplen también los equipos de segu ridad, añade Weber. Tienen que ofrecer la ma yor seguridad posible y a la vez pasar des apercibidos. Al preguntarle sobre el desafío de su función como CEO, Weber responde que es necesario estar muy atento y tener flexibilidad. Actualmente el reto que hay que superar es el cam bio tecnológico de la mecá nica a la me catrónica. Martin Jäggi was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, in As an engineering graduate he spent several years as a train ing officer in the Swiss Army. In 1978, he joined the Canton Solothurn Pol ice Force, where he has been Com mander since He was a Colonel on the General Staff of the Swiss Army where he was most recently assigned to Operational Training. In 2005, the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directorates appointed him as Project Manager for Security at EURO Martin Jäggi is married with two grown-up children. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 7

5 REPORTAGE REPORTAGE Higher, faster, longer and more secure It all starts on when the Olympic flame is lit in Beijing s National Stadium. There are seats for 91,000 guests at the opening ceremony, and each of these guests will enter the Birds Nest through Kaba s tripod barriers. 1 National Olympic Stadium, Beijing Architects Herzog & de Meuron with the China Architecture Design Institute Capacity 91,000 seats Costs Over EUR 300 million Sports Football, athletics Entry control 138 Kaba TPB-E01 tripod barriers, 18 Kaba HSD-E01 swing doors 2 Q inhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Architects Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) Capacity 33,500 seats Sport Football Entry control 17 Kaba TPB-E01 tripod barriers, 10 Kaba FTS-L01 and 4 FTS-E01 turnstiles 1 First sight of the Olympic stadium Maximum security 3 Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium Architects AXS Satow Inc. (Japan) Capacity 60,000 seats/total of 80,000 spectators Sport Football Entry control 54 Kaba TPB-E01 tripod barriers Tripod barriers for secure entry 2 Other competitions are taking place in Beijing simply takes your breath away. While the architecture gives an im- Kaba tripod barriers are used to The central venue for the 2008 Summer pression of lightness and transparency, control physical access. Security and dao, a coastal city in the northern prov- in the Olympic Sports Centre in Qin huan g Games, designed by top Swiss-based access to the stadium is strictly chan- functionality were the key factors in ince of Hebei. Already opened in 2005, architects Herzog & de Meuron, looks like neled and controlled. Games on this scale our choice, explains Xue Yong. We this football stadium has been refitted to something from another planet. The demand the highest levels of security. did, of course, look at other providers, meet Olympic Committee requirements monumental network of intertwined steel Xue Yong, project manager at construc- but it became clear that Kaba could and brought up to the latest technolo supports seems to stretch out in all direc- tion firm CITIC International Contracting offer us the best technical support, gical standards. tions across the huge site. The effect is Inc., fills us in: In terms of security, the being an extremely reliable and inter Also, in these two major cities, and stunning. The whole building looks like an People s Republic of China is focusing nationally highly respected company. therefore in three of the four main ven- enormous bird s nest. And despite its primarily on international terrorism and official name being the National Stadium, secondly on the so-called inner security 302 competitions, 28 different sports the Bird s Nest is precisely what most ring, i. e. access to the stadium and to Some of the 28 field events will people around the world call it. 42,000 the arena. On this second point he adds, take place in other locations, including tonnes of steel were used to build the You will only be let into the National in the port city of Tianjin. Again, the spectacular new landmark of the Chinese Stadium once you have successfully shape of the Olympic Centre Stadium capital. It measures 70 meters in height passe d through a series of controls. there has given rise to a popular alter and 320 meters across. At various stages These are based on a personalized entry native name: the Water Drop. It was of the construction process, between card and a face recognition system; opened in March ,000 and 40,000 people were working the transaction data is compared with on the stadium at any one time. information stored in a database. 8 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 ues of Olympic Summer Games, Kaba tripod barriers and turnstiles will ensure secure access to the stadiums. 3 Más alto, más lejos, más rápido más seguro El es el día señalado: en el Estadio Olímpico de Peking se encenderá la llama olímpica. Este estadio, diseñado por los prestigiosos arquitectos Herzog & de Meuron, será la sede principal de los Juegos Olímpicos de Su forma recuerda a un nido de pájaros, por lo que todo el mundo lo conoce por el nombre de Bird s Nest. Del control físico de acceso al estadio se encargarán los torniquetes de Kaba. También en Tianjin y Qinhuangdao, otras dos sedes de los Juegos Olímpicos, los torniquetes y molinetes de Kaba regularán la entrada de los espectadores a los estadios. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 9

6 Art theft with a happy ending Nespresso. What else? A few years ago, the world s most famous salt cellar, the Saliera by Cellini, was brazenly stolen from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna an event not to be repeated. A new security solution keeps guard of the important collections at the museum. Nestlé has twice revolutionized the international coffee market. First it was instant coffee Nescafé rapidly became a household name then Nespresso. And because Nespresso lovers like to enjoy their coffee in peace and quiet, Kaba opens the doors to the Nespresso world automatically and silently. which is every bit as good as the Italian noise of everyday life are kept outside by going on a trip to Italy and falling in love original. Whether the inten se aroma and Kaba s automatic sliding doors, which with the unmistakable aroma and unique the splendidly nuanced taste were en- open and close silently thus giving cus- taste of real Italian espresso. Inspired by joyed in the office, at home or in a coffee tomers the peace and quiet in which to this, the Nestlé research team decided to bar the Nespresso capsules swiftly choose from the many different types of look for the secret of a perfect espresso. conquered the world. The exclusive coffee, savor a Grand Cru or pick out The idea was to produce coffee as served boutiques are also part of the package, accessories for their elegantly designed up in a traditional espresso bar with its with of them in different locations Nespresso machines. huge coffee machines and its baristas, around the world. Created and designed but one which could be enjoyed without by French architect Francis Krempp, further ado at home or in the office. they convey the unmistakable Nespresso lifestyle. It started with a Nestlé employee That was three decades ago. The efforts of the research team paid off: The Saliera was made by the Florentine artist Benvenuto Cellini between solution entailed the use of a mecha tro nic locking system in combination with later found its way as a gift into the existing security systems. Habsburg collections. On 13 May 2003, Around 400 Kaba elolegic cylin - this unique work of art, with an insured ders have since been installed in the main value of 50 million euros, was purloined. building on the Ringstrasse and in the After three years of investigative work, buildings of the Museum of Ethnology, the Austrian police succeeded in clear ing the Neue Burg and the Schatzkammer up the biggest art theft in the country s some of them being incorporated into history. Today, the legendary salt cellar protected historical doors and portals. As is back in its rightful place among the an essential element in the overall con- museum s many treasures. cept, the over 500 Kaba Legic keys used The Kunsthistorisches Museum must not leave the building under any is one of the largest and most important circumstances. This is achieved by the museums of its kind. Since 1891, it has use of six key depots, which are con housed the imperial art collections of the trolled using Kaba exos with inter faces Habsburgs. Following the theft of the to the existing systems. Saliera, experts were called in to develop 10 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 But who wants to be disturbed while Nestlé Nespresso S.A. developed its own, enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee? This patented system to prepare an espresso has been thought of, too. The stress and cultural asset; among other things, this 1540 and 1543 for the French king and a lasting security solution for this unique In safe hands: after the theft of the Saliera (picture above), the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna had to rethink its security set-up. A sophisticated solution from Kaba was the result. Robo con final feliz El Museo Histórico de Arte de Viena custodia las colecciones artísticas de la familia Habsburgo, entre otras obras el más conocido salero del mun do, la Saliera de Cellini. Esta obra de arte, asegurada por un valor de 50 millones de euros, fue robada en 2003 y por suerte pudo ser recuperada posteriormente. Un sistema de cierre mecatrónico con más de 400 cilin dros elolegic de Kaba y depósitos de llaves integrados se encarga de custodiar el edificio y evitar que vuelva a repetirse un robo de este tipo. A quiet coffee break: automatic doors from Kaba keep noise and stress outside. Connoisseurs like George Clooney like to drink their Nespresso in peace. Nespresso. What else? Nespresso, el expre so con ese aroma intenso y auténtico del café en cápsulas, ha conquistado el mundo de la noche a la mañana y ya forma parte de nues tra vida diaria. Nespresso representa además un estilo de vida y está disponible en 117 tien das en todo el mundo. Pero a nadie le gusta que le interrumpan mientras disfruta su café. Los problemas cotidianos y el estrés se que dan afuera, detrás de las puertas correderas automáticas de Kaba, que se abren y cierran silenciosamente... Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 11

7 Kuala Lumpur: sensor barriers keep offices secure Cencon security for the Baltic Tigers Prestigious property development company United Overseas Australia Ltd. (UOA) always takes great care to offer its tenants the best possible security. Which is precisely why in 2007 it fitted four office buildings with the first Kaba half-height sensor barriers to be seen in Malaysia. Further installations are planned. With their rapidly growing economies, the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been dubbed the Baltic Tigers a reference to the tiger economies of South-East Asia. Hansabankas, one of the leading banks in the Baltic, is using Cencon locks to provide security for its cash dispensers. United Overseas Australia Ltd. were looking for a security system that (UOA) is a public listed company in both met international standards. Kaba im- Australia and Singapore, based in Malay- pressed us with its local presence, its sia. It specializes in residential and com- experienced project team and last but mercial development, construction and not least the product it was offering, investment projects in the mid and upper says David Khor, Senior General Manager segments of the real estate market. of UOA. Richard Bryant, General Manager Known for the exclusivity of its develop- for Kaba Malaysia, tells us more about ments, UOA currently has a total of why Kaba appealed to UOA: The cus- 316,149 m2 of saleable or lettable proper- tomer liked the half-height barriers be- ty under development in Kuala Lumpur cause they provide the right combination alone; another 761,516 m2 is being held of convenience and security. At the same for future development. time, their sleek, modern styling fits in The company s security strategy stipulates that access to its buildings very well with UOA s various buildings. Last year the sensor barriers were must be restricted to the tenants installed in a total of 31 lanes in four and owners and to authorized visitors. buildings. David Khor is pleased: We Alongside monitoring and visitor man- are very happy with the service and will agement systems, part of this concept certainly be considering the product involves access control using integrat - for our future projects. Currently, ed sensor barriers. there are plans to install Kaba s products Because a lot of our tenants and owners are active all over the world, we Kuala Lumpur: Pasillos controlados por sensores protegen edificios de oficinas La conocida empresa constructora United Over seas Australia Ltd. (UOA) da gran im portancia al tema de la seguridad para los inquilinos de sus exclusivos locales para oficinas. Por este motivo, en 2007 se equiparon cuatro edificios de oficinas con los primeros pasillos contro lados por sensores que se han insta lado en Malasia. Kaba ganó el proyecto al ofrecer pre sencia in situ, un equipo con experiencia y por el producto y su diseño. Hoy en día UOA dispone en Kuala Lumpur de una superficie de m2 para vender o alquilar. Checking, registering, receipting: by the end of 2008, Kaba will have fitted around 1,100 Hansabankas ATMs in the Baltic states with Cencon locks. in 26 lanes in two more buildings. Safe and efficient: half-height barriers provide effective access control in four exclusive properties in Kuala Lumpur. Since gaining independence from constantly changing one-time code and an Union, the Baltic countries Estonia, checks, registers and receipts every Latvia and Lithuania have seen impres- instance of access and it does all this sive levels of economic growth. Direct without the need for a wired-up con access to the European markets and very nection. low taxation have contributed to this. Impressed by the ease of handling Whilst exports were the driving force and the proven technology offered by initially, the domestic market is now con- Cencon locks, the bank decided to use tributing ever increasingly to overall the system for all its ATMs in the three growth. High demand for consumer countries. The locks are managed central- goods means there is a growing need for ly from one location. For the first time, cash. Thus, the number of cash dispens- new software developed by the security ers in these three countries has increased group G4S has also been used. This en sharply. One of the leading banks in the Bal- 12 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 security for ATMs, this system uses a the Soviet Union and joining the Europe- Cencon protege al tigre del Báltico Hansa bankas, uno de los bancos líderes de la región báltica, apuesta por las cerraduras Cencon a la hora de asegurar sus cajeros automáticos. Hasta finales de 2008, todos sus cajeros au tomáticos en Estonia, Letonia y Lituania (en total 1.100) estarán equipados con este siste ma. Funciona con un código que se utiliza una sola vez y que cambia con cada operación, a la vez que comprueba, registra y confirma cada acceso a la cerradura, todo ello de for ma inalámbrica. Una central única se encarga de dirigir los movimientos de todas las cerra duras. ables the one-time code to be sent by SMS direct to the cash-in-transit operator. tic is Hansabankas. It has the largest Kaba is working on this project in branch network and operates around collaboration with Hansab, the Baltic s 1,100 ATMs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithua- leading supplier of bank technology. The nia. More than half of these cash ma- last of the 1,100 Cencon locks are expect- chines are already fitted with a Cencon ed to be in use by the end of lock. Developed specially to provide Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 13

8 The luxury of peace and quiet Cement and concrete for Africa s growth A little bit of space to relax in: Kaba technology is used in Yotel cabin hotels to keep transit passengers safe and secure while they rest and freshen up between flights. AfriSam is a leading supplier of cement, concrete and building materials in southern Africa and employs more than 2,500 staff. Swicon and Kaba helped the Holcim subsidiary optimize its business processes. AfriSam specializes in the production of cement, concrete, dry mortar and related chemical products. With a view to simplifying its internal business processes and making them more efficient particularly in human resources, time recording and access control the company turned to the leading SAP consultancy provider Swicon South Africa. Working in conjunction with its partner Kaba, Swicon proposed a solution which fitted the bill perfectly. Today, all AfriSam production sites in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia are equipped with Kaba Benzing B-Net terminals and are connected up online with the central SAP server in Johannesburg. The quality of the Kaba Benzing terminals is outstanding, says Günter Nerlich, Director for Marketing & Business Development at Swicon. Despite the harsh environmental conditions in southern Africa, not a single terminal has It was previously a Japanese phenomenon, which has now expanded into ogy Lodging Access System, is used to Europe. Yotels provide comfortable cab- manage the individual locks. ins for travelers wishing to enjoy a nap due to the simplicity and efficiency of These sound-proof and luxuriously fitted- the whole system, explains Yotel s Oper- out cabins can be reserved by the hour ations Director Nigel Buchanan. The sys- or overnight. tem is, indeed, straightforward in terms tions, both inside and outside. The functions offered by the B-Net are put Relax in safety: travelers wishing to make good use of their time between flights can retire to their Yotel cabin and relax. opened its 46 cabin doors in the summer in its management. The ATLAS system provides a web-based interface that Gatwick, followed in December by 32 allows for simple and easy programming cabins at Heathrow s Terminal 4. It is in of all guest room doors; they can be spring 2008, that the first Yotel on managed from a single central point. the other side of the English Channel is Buchanan adds: Installation in the Yotel expected to open at Schiphol Airport, Gatwick was a complete success and the Amsterdam. In all Yotels, security is of access control system for guests has paramount importance; after all, you can proved extremely efficient. So it was ob- only sleep well if you feel safe and sec ure. vious that we should continue our col Every cabin door at both Gatwick and laboration with Kaba at Heathrow. Heathrow is fitted with a Solitaire to very good use: at the entrances to what, in some cases, are huge sites, the terminals provide staff access control; at their posts, staff use the terminals to of installation and extremely efficient of 2007 in the South Terminal at London 14 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 There are currently more than 150 terminals installed at the various loca- Kaba was specified for this project while they wait for their connecting flight. The first Yotel on European soil yet failed. lock. ATLAS, Kaba s Advanced Technol Descanso de lujo Algo que hasta ahora sólo se conocía en Japón ha llegado ya a los aeropuertos londinenses de Gatwick y Hea throw, y estará pronto también disponible en Amsterdam-Schiphol. Yotels ofrece a los pa sajeros en tránsito que quieran descansar cómodamente, mientras esperan su conexión, cabinas para dormir. La seguridad es funda mental, ya que sólo quien se siente seguro puede dormir bien. Para ello se han instalado cerraduras Kaba Solitaire gestionadas a través de ATLAS, el Advanced Technology Lodging Access System de Kaba. enter their hours. The Legic RFID sys tem is used for data entry. With the new solution, time recording and access control were integrated seamlessly into the existing SAP processes. The company s goal was achieved: business processes were made simpler and more efficient. Practically failsafe: using terminals from Kaba, access to AfriSam s production sites in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho is centrally controlled. Cemento y hormigón para el desarrollo de África AfriSam es una empresa líder en el suministro de cemento y hormigón en África del Sur. A través de Swicon South Africa, Kaba logró optimizar los procesos empresa riales de AfriSam. Actualmente todas las plan tas productoras de AfriSam en Sudáfrica, Sua zi landia, Lesotho y Namibia están equipadas con terminales Kaba Benzing B-Net y conectadas en línea con el servidor central de SAP en Johanesburgo. Gracias a la nueva so lución se han podido integrar la gestión hora ria y el control de acceso en los procesos SAP ya existentes en la empresa. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 15

9 Water, water everywhere For three months, Expo Zaragoza 2008 is devoting itself to water and the sustainable management of this precious resource. Organizers expect to welcome huge numbers of visitors from all over the world. Kaba has developed a sophisticated access control system to help them cope. Futuristic: the Bridge Pavilion, the work of Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, is already regarded as an architectural pièce de résistance. It forms one of the main entrances to Expo Zaragoza The universal exposition Expo Zaragoza 2008 runs from 14 June to Expo as crowd puller In 2005, 22 million people visited teers. The sheer number of different ID types makes access control highly complex. 14 September in Zaragoza, the capital the Expo in Japan. On the most popular of the Aragón region in eastern Spain. single day, an incredible 172,000 people The Expo site lies on the Ebro, Spain s were on site. The organizers in Zaragoza type of day ticket, but several: those that most voluminous river. Architectural high- hope to attract similar numbers, so they are bought in advance look different to lights include a drop-shaped water tower are putting in place a simple and efficient the ones bought online, or at a bank ATM, and a bridge pavilion over the Ebro de- solution to control visitor access. This or at the entrance to the Expo. What they signed by celebrated Iraqi architect Zaha is being provided by Informática El Corte all have in common, however, is a bar- Hadid. During the Expo, around 100 na- Inglés and Kaba. code. Anyone needing a season pass will tions and organizations will be showing how carefully and responsibly we have to manage water to ensure that there is Variety of tickets and passes These two partners have worked What is more, there is not just one Forward-looking: in order to handle the millions of visitors expected, Kaba and Informática El Corte Inglés have developed a tailored access solution. get an ISO-RFID card, like the ones issued ment system based on the Exos-AMC to journalists, service providers and platform and is operated via an integrat- volunteers. These regulate precisely ed touch-screen that will not reflect enough of this unique resource to go together on other projects: the America s when and for how long a person can be even in direct sunlight. The fixed installa- round. Cup in Valencia, Warner Bros Park in in particular places on site. tions are supplemented by PDA-based The organizers ambitious goal was to make the environmental impact of this Madrid and Port Aventura in Tarragona. But nothing has been this challenging: readers for mobile control. Intelligent system The solution developed by Informáti- For Juan Andrés Arias, Kaba Project major event practically zero. For exam- over 93 days, millions of people will be ple, the energy needed to cool the pavil- wanting to enter the exposition site using ca El Corte Inglés and Kaba controls ac- The central theme is sustainability, ions comes from renewable sources various tickets and passes. Some will cess simply but reliably. Intelligent Kaba which exactly matches our corporate (solar and wind power), while most of the have day tickets; some will have season tripod barriers stand at the entrances, philo sophy. promotional material is biodegradable. tickets for the daytime or evening. There equipped with barcode and RFID readers Expo Zaragoza 2008 is setting interna- will be accredited jour nalists, on-site that can interpret most common RFID tional standards in this area. service providers and countless volun- standards. Each unit also has a manage- 16 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 Agua un tema que nos afecta a todos En la Expo Zaragoza 2008, que se celebra de mediados de junio a septiembre, todo gira en torno al agua y a su uso sostenible. Los orga nizadores cuentan con cuatro millones de visitantes de todo el mundo. Por ello, Informá tica El Corte Inglés y Kaba (dos empresas que ya han realizado diversos proyectos conjun tos, como la Americas s Cup en Valencia) han desarrollado una sofisticada solución para el control de acceso. Las entradas válidas para un día tienen un código de barras, mien tras que los pases permanentes para perio distas, empresas de servicios y ayudantes voluntarios funcionan con ISO-RFID que ges tiona exactamente cuándo y durante qué periodo de tiempo tienen acceso a determi nadas zonas. Un problema de gran compleji dad resuelto de forma sencilla y segura: torniquetes inteligentes con lectores de códi go de barras y RFID protegen las entradas, ayudados por lectores basados en PDA para aplicaciones móviles. Manager, the Expo is a special project: Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 17

10 Camera, sound! High-tech holiday paradise It is twelve years since HSE24, Germany s first TV shopping channel, started broadcasting. The Munichbased company provides both TV and Internet shopping and now reaches over 40 million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. CardLink ensures security at its broadcasting center. Turquoise water, endless beaches and unadulterated enjoyment that is Hawaii. But even in paradise security is an important issue. Hilton Waikoloa Village has always relied on Saflok. Hilton Waikoloa Village extends and magnetic strip keycards as a stand- along 25 hectares of the beautiful Kohala ard feature. It also has an integrated log- Coast on Hawaii s Big Island. The idyllic book that can record up to 5,900 trans location and local culture combine with actions more than any other lock. a commitment to luxury to create an exclusive tropical vacation paradise. Saflok has been responsible for six weeks. They followed a meticulously for the past 10 years. When the resort prepared plan so that the new locks could was first built, it was fitted out with be integrated into the existing system SL2500 locks, at that time the most ad- without compromising security. The sys- vanced hotel locks in the world. With tem was kept online and fully functional security requirements increasing con during the entire operation. ous praise. With their professional ap- upgrade to the very latest technology. proach, Saflok s workers exceeded our Once again they decided that a Saflok expectations, said Rudy Habelt, Director product was the best option, this time of Property Operations at Hilton Waiko - the MT lock. loa Village. We are very happy that we ket that offers multitechnology functionown home at a time which suits you, but still with the benefit of expertise advice CardLink fulfilled these requirements, live for 16 hours a day, 365 days a year. A combining as it does both stand-alone call center takes orders round the clock. and online components. We were im- Secure access control is an absolute must pressed with the proposal all the more for a live broadcast operation, stresses so as we had already been very pleased Wolfgang Pfeifer, Head of the five-strong with the work of the system supplier Facility Management Team. Bavaria Zeitsysteme. Around 300 doors Top performance: with its MT locks, Saflok brought access control at Hilton Waikoloa Village up to the latest technological standard in no time. Everything under control: using CardLink, HSE24 manages access rights for around 500 staff as well as numerous freelancers and visitors simply and effectively. to offices and technical and storage rooms ous freelancers and other visitors re - were fitted with Kaba elolegic c-lever with quire access to the complex in Ismaning/ integrated electronic reader, while glass Munich. This access is now provided by doors were equipped with digital cylin- a Kaba system. We wanted a solution ders. All access points are centrally man- whic h would use a single medium that aged without the need to wire the doors would provide online access control, rec up to the system. We now have a system ord time and attendance and be used which will last well into the future, which to open the actual doors, as well as allow- can be extended at will, and which saves ing drinks and meals to be paid for in both expense and a great deal of time, the canteen, Pfeifer explains. In other Pfeifer concludes. words, an integrated system which would 18 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 chose Saflok as our partner. Kaba exos 9300 together with that is the philosophy. HSE24 broadcasts Around 500 staff as well as numer- ality, reading smart cards, memory cards also as inexpensive as possible. The installation team earned gener- decided that the time had come to The MT is the only lock on the marbe flexible, efficient, user-friendly and Saflok s specialists did the job in just access control at Hilton Waikoloa Village tinuously, the resort s managers recently Shopping from the comfort of your Locks were replaced on 1,240 hotel doors and on 200 doors in staff areas. Tecnología de punta en un paraíso de tu ris mo El Hilton Waikoloa Village en Hawai ocupa una superficie de 25 hectáreas a lo largo de la exclusiva costa Kohala. Desde hace más de diez años, Saflok se encarga del control de acceso. El sistema, que en su día era lo más avanzado del momento la serie electrónica SL2500, ha sido ahora adaptado a la tecnología actual: en sólo seis semanas, los especialistas instalaron un total de cerrojos de hotel tipo Saflok MT, el único sistema disponible en el merca do que ofrece funcionalidad para múltiples tecno logías y que permite rastrear hasta ac ciones. El sistema existente se mantuvo en línea sin inter rup ciones, no presentando ningún problema operativo. Luzes, cámara, acción! Hace ahora 12 años comenzó a emitir en Alemania el primer proveedor de ventas por internet y televisión: HSE24. En el edificio donde se encuentran los estudios es imprescindible disponer de un control de acceso fiable. Para ello se han equi pado unas 300 puertas con manillas provis tas de lectores electrónicos Kaba elolegic c-lever y las puertas de cristal con cilindros digitales. Todos los accesos se gestionan de forma centralizada sin necesidad de que las puertas estén cableadas electrónica mente. Todo es posible gracias a CardLink. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 19

11 The latest door technology at Merck Serono Merck Serono s new headquarters complex in Geneva impresses both visitors and passers-by with its airy, light-filled spaces. Long-standing structures combine harmoniously with modern materials and technical refinement to form a very pleasing whole. Merck Serono is the division for inno- The most conspicuous symbol of the successful acquisition is the headquarters tion. In the entrance, half-height turn- ticals of Merck, a global pharmaceutical in Geneva; the eye is drawn immediately stiles were installed with additional swing and chemical company. Merck Serono to the glass surfaces of the light and airy doors. However, the auditorium with its was established following the acquisition modern complex. Here, close to the Alps specially developed swing doors is partic- of Serono and the integration of its and Lake Geneva, the company s global ularly impressive the doors provide business with the former Merck Ethicals dimensions find visual expression. The both sound-proofing and protection in division. Headquartered in Geneva, new complex, designed by Chicago archi- the event of fire (see article on page 25). Merck Serono employs about 16,000 staff tects Murphy/Jahn, integrates harmo Standing 1 1 meters high, they are a around the world. Its research and prod- niously with the existing historic architec- very tangible demonstration of the pre- ucts are focused on helping patients ture around it. The latest in door technology is also Together with Red Square, the Kremlin forms the historical and geographical heart of Moscow. Amongst the sights to be found in the Grand Kremlin Palace complex, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site in 1990, is the Armory Chamber with its collection of Czarist treasures. Kaba provides controlled access to the famous collection. some of them with integrated fire protec- vative small molecules and biopharmaceu- with unmet medical needs for example Treasure chamber of the Czars cise attention Kaba pays to the specific requirements of its customers and in the areas of oncology, endocrinology much in evidence: the building is outfit- of a spectacular realization of those and neurodegenerative diseases. ted with various automatic sliding doors, re quirements. Above Moscow stands only the Kremlin, and above the Kremlin there is only God, was a popular sentiment in 20 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 Modern and aesthetically pleasing: Kaba door technology fits seamlessly into the architecture of Merck Serono s headquarters. able wealth of the country s old rulers. Over 4,000 valuable items make this times gone by. Once the center of the one of the world s largest collections of Czarist court, later the seat of Soviet treasures, and they require a correspond- Government, and now the residence of ing level of protection. In the entrance the Russian president: since , when to the museum, Kaba tripod barriers pro- the first walls and towers were built by vide controlled visitor access. The ticket- the River Moskva, the Kremlin has been ing system has stood the test: visitors the center and symbol of Russian power. are issued with entrance tickets bearing a The word Kremlin derives from an Última tecnología en puertas para Merck Serono Impresionante y luminosa, con una acertada combinación de antiguo edificio señorial y materiales modernos así es la nueva sede central de Merck Serono, la división biofarmacéutica para pequeñas moléculas innovadoras del grupo Merck, en Ginebra. Acorde con el edificio es también la tecnología de Kaba en las puertas: ade más de los torniquetes de media altura y las puertas pivotantes a la entrada, así como diversas puertas correderas automáticas, en parte con función integrada contra incendios, destaca sobre todo el auditorio: puertas con hojas de 11 metros de altura garantizan la insonorización y la pro tección contra incendios. did robes bear witness to the immeasur barcode, whilst employees have to use Old Slavonic word referring to enclo- their own staff ID cards. Why were Kaba sures: and the palaces, the government products chosen? Firstly, because, in East- buildings and the cathedrals with their ern Europe as elsewhere, the Kaba brand eye-catching golden cupolas are indeed stands for guaranteed security; and, sec- surrounded by a large red wall. The 19th- ondly, because Kaba s local partner RTCKG century citadel houses the Armory Cham- has successfully established itself in the ber containing treasures from the time business of installing and main taining of the Czars: weapons, suits of armor, Kaba security systems. gold and silver jewelry, crowns and splen- Protection for the Czars treasure: the exquisite items on display can only be admired once visitors have passed through Kaba tripod barriers. La cámara del tesoro de los zares Junto con la Plaza Roja, el Kremlin, con sus cúpulas doradas, es el centro histórico y geográfico de Moscú. Hoy en día la ciudadela del siglo XIX alberga la armería, donde se encuentra el tesoro de los zares. Esta colección, que mues tra la inmensa riqueza de los antiguos sobe ranos, precisa protección especial: la entrada de visitantes al museo está regulada por torniquetes Kaba. El sistema de billetaje ha demostrado su eficacia: código de barras para los visitantes y acreditaciones para los empleados del museo. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 21

12 TRENDS Kaba technology for the EU Council of Ministers The EU Council of Ministers the European Union s most important decision-making body is putting its trust in the latest technology. Since 2007, more than 400 Kaba elolegic digital cylinders have provided security for the Council headquarters in Brussels. There are plans to extend the solution. Security is a long-term growth trend How have perceptions on the subject of security changed in recent years? Is security a key market for the future? Patrick Kolb, Fund Manager for the Global Security Fund at Credit Suisse, and Denis Schmidli, Senior Product Specialist for the Security Fund at Pictet, talk to Security Update. In the fall of 2006, Credit Suisse and are excluded from our investment DS Similarly at Pictet, we recommend an Pictet launched a security fund. How universe. investment horizon of at least seven did the idea come about? DS About 200 years ago, the German years for clients wishing to invest in an Patrick Kolb (PK) It was a response to a philosopher and statesman Wilhelm equity fund like the Security Fund. very clear need. von Humboldt said: There is no freedom Denis Schmidli (DS) Security is a key without security. Only if an adequate Is Kaba included in your funds? market for the future, as the demand for degree of security is ensured can society DS Yes, at the end of December 2007 protection in personal, commercial and as a whole prosper on a lasting basis. Kaba had a weighting of 2.2 % in our public settings is growing rapidly. Exclusive access: in the Council head quarters built by the architects Jasper Eyers/CDG & Partners EU ministers make policy. Security technology from Kaba controls access to their offices. The Justus Lipsius Building, also access control system for the offices lines and its impressive glass front. The which would work offline i. e. without ministers of the EU member states having to wire the doors up and would now numbering 27 have been meeting thereby permit flexible but secure access in the building since 1995 to make the management. Kaba digital cylinders big decisions of European policy. No won- combined with a Kaba elolegic software der security is a key priority. solution were the perfect answer. More installed in the building; the installation was commissioned to bring the security of another 600 is planned in the next technology used in the Consilium up four years. Access to the offices in the Consil- wanted a flexible, high-quality and cost- ium is now managed from a central point. ef fective solution, explains Dirk Dalu- The multifunctional system enables ac- wein. The Operations Manager for Kaba cess rights to be granted for a precisely Belgium thus points out that it was a defined period, using badges. Thus, matter not just of security, but also of who has access to what and when can flexibility. One of the deciding factors be controlled at all times. in this major contract going to us was without doubt the fact that the new Kaba cylinders can be fitted very easily and Kaba is its focused approach and its clear reflect the trend. In the past, security of the two funds proved true? business model. Our predictions for was associated almost exclusively with PK Our high expectations have been the Group are very positive, particularly defense equipment. This has changed met, and this was also reflected in the in comparison with its direct competitors. radically in recent years: we are now in- performance achieved in However, PK We regard Kaba as a very promising vesting in companies which operate in investors need to be aware that this is company that is very well positioned. crime prevention, IT security, health pro- a very volatile product, requiring a long- Which is why its shares form part of our tection, transport and environmental term investment horizon. Security is a Global Security Fund. security. Producers of arms or munitions long-term growth trend and this trend is set to continue in the coming years. than 400 digital cylinders have now been of the European Parliamentary building to the latest standard. The customer Have your predictions since the launch What was required was an intelligent called Consilium, is known for its clear In May 2007, Kaba also an outfitter portfolio. What we particularly like about PK Double-digit growth rates in this area Tecnología Kaba para el Consejo de Ministros de la Unión Europea Desde 2007, más de 400 cilindros digitales Kaba elolegic protegen el edificio del Consejo de Europa en Bruse las. Un puesto central gestiona todas las ofici nas y despachos. Este sistema multifuncional permite conceder, mediante acreditaciones, una autorización de acceso para un espacio de tiempo definido exactamente. Esto permi te un control permanente sobre quién tiene autorización en cada momento concreto para acceder a determinadas zonas del edificio. Denis Schmidli (left), Senior Product Specialist for the Security Fund at Pictet, and Patrick Kolb (right), Fund Manager for the Global Security Fund at Credit Suisse, talk to Security Update. without the need for additional drilling. 22 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 23

13 TRENDS Better and brighter Perfectly attuned to customer needs How do you see the growth potential To what extent have perceptions on for security funds? the subject of security changed in PK The growth potential is very attrac- recent years? molecules and biopharmaceuticals of Merck, is now fitted with tive in our view. Firstly, because we see a PK The terror attacks which have taken large swing doors which open and close automatically. Standing growing need for security, whether on place since 2001 have shown that securi- 1 1 meters high and weighing 4.5 tons, they provide sound-proofing the part of consumers, industry and the ty is a fragile asset which most people for the auditorium and also fulfill a fire protection role. Three service sector, or the state. Secondly, consciously, or unconsciously as I believe doors each seal the room on either side, allowing meetings and more stringent government require- place a great deal of value on. Thus, presentations to be held without disturbance from external noise. ments and new standards are additional for instance, people rarely complain about The drive systems were specially developed and produced accord- drivers of growth. the long queues at airport security ing to the wishes of Merck Serono. DS In the security market, the prognosis check-in. People accept that thorough is excellent. Over the long term, we ex- checks are in all our interests. pect this market to outperform the global DS At the same time, events in recent equities market. years have also had a major influence on Soundproof, but also flexible: the auditorium at the Geneva headquarters of Merck Serono, the divison for innovative small the way we approach the subject as investors. One of the consequences is that, for ethical reasons, we do not invest in companies in the military sector. Popularity amongst investors indicates that this policy is appreciated. What does security mean for you? PK Well, being able to stroll round the grated light frame as well as improved functional and mechanical properties. Because Legic advant RFID technology is used, the subterminal s potential range of applications has widened significantly over its predecessor, the Bedanet Thus, the new access control terminal can read not only Legic prime and advant fear is quality of life for me. I think data carriers, but also special unique numbers used for ISO se curity is also a business location advan- or ISO media. In addition, it can write on Legic data carrier tage for our country. Quite a lot of for- using a corresponding driver. This is particularly important in view eign firms seek out Switzerland for their of the growing number of virtually networked systems in which European base, and that is partly because more secure than elsewhere. DS I am a realist. There is no such thing as absolute security. And yet: security is an everyday need, sometimes even of life-saving importance, whether it is at home, while you re traveling or at work. Wherever we are, hardware and procedures help to ensure that we do not need to be forever concerned for our personal safety. The providers of security solutions work constantly to ensure this peace of mind. 24 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 The B-Net subterminal comes with a bright new look. No larger than a light switch, it boasts both an eye-catching inte- streets of Zurich in the evening without the risks are lower here and people feel Our high expec tations have been met. Security is a key market for the future. Cómo ha variado la percepción del tema seguridad en los últimos años? Según Patrick Kolb, Fund Manager de Global Securi ty Fund en Credit Suisse, este tema responde claramente a una necesidad general, lo que se refleja en índices de crecimiento de dos ci fras. Denis Schmidli, Senior Product Specia list de Security Fund en el Banco Pictet, con sidera la seguridad como mercado clave en el futuro y prevé e a largo plazo una actividad por encima del promedio en comparación con los mercados mundiales de acciones. Kaba está representada en ambos fondos. access rights are brought to unwired electronic door components using a badge. Una brillante actuación La nueva subterminal B-Net equipada con un anillo luminoso, presenta características mecánicas y funciona les muy ventajosas. Gracias a la tecnología Legic advant RFID, es ca paz de leer no solamente soportes de datos Legic prime, sino también números únicos de medios ISO ó Además es capaz de grabar soportes de datos Legic mediante el controlador correspon diente. A la medida de las demandas del cliente El auditorio del consorcio de Merck Serono, situado en su sede central en Ginebra, está equipado con puertas automáticas de batientes. Dos hojas de 1 1 m de altura y 4,5 toneladas de peso a cada lado de la sala garantizan a la vez inso norización y protección contra incendios. Los sistemas motrices se diseñaron a la medida de las demandas del cliente. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 25

14 Premium solutions for the mass market Safe locks with network capability Returning badges safely Pioneering solution in access management The launch of the 790 RFID lock sees Kaba Ilco raising the Kaba has added an innovative new product to its range of After successfully combining mechatronics and the online bar for high quality technology at an affordable price. This new safe locks: the Axessor. In its basic form, it is a high-performance world in the CardLink concept Kaba has taken the next logical hotel lock combines maximum security with operational efficien- stand-alone lock. Adding the option turns it into a net- step: doors with purely mechanical security can now also be in cy. With its ergonomic design it allows hotel guests to access their worked lock which can be centrally programmed and monitored. tegrated into the Kaba exos 9300 access management system. This makes it possible to manage safe locks in different locations A pioneering solution for Kaba s customers. rooms very easily by presenting their RFID keycard or token. Staff keycards can be programmed to carry audit informa- from a central point, thus rendering administration easier, speed- The extended functionality allows doors with mechanical tion from the locks. For emergencies, the 790 RFID comes stand- ing up operating time switchovers and enhancing security. The ex- locks to be managed by the central system. The administrator ard with a mechanical key override. The lock is available with var- tendable nature of the system also ensures protection for the cus- enjoys a constant overview of all access authorization in the ious locking options and it is compatible with ATLAS, the web- based tomer s investment, whereby customers mainly in the financial building, irrespective of whether doors are wired up, equipped Advanced Technology Lodging Access System, as well as with and retail sectors benefit from a long product life. with electronic stand-alone locks or have a mechanical security Kaba Ilco s Front Desk Unit (FDU) operating system. This family of products also includes the Questor safe lock solution. Practical functions such as key deposit administration, which provides one-time code validity for a defined period, and printing of receipts and key return reminders make key manage- the stand-alone safe lock SL 525. ment easier. And because reliable log-keeping is also provided, it is easy to keep track of who was in possession of which key and when. Los cerrojos de cajas fuertes se conectan a la red Kaba amplia su gama de cerrojos para caja fuerte con un producto de gran eficacia: gracias al nuevo cerrojo conectado a red Axessor, que incorpora será posible programar, gestionar y controlar de forma centralizada cerrojos de cajas fuertes aplicados en lugares diferentes. A la misma familia de productos pertenecen también el cerrojo de caja fuerte Questor, que funciona con un código válido para un único uso y con tiempo limitado, y el cerrojo stand alone SL 525. A Card Collector can be useful to simplify the return of visitor passes: visitors place their day pass (including the protective cover and clip) in the slot when they leave the building, and the Card Collector then reads and checks the badge. The new weather proof model CRP-M02 with a rain cover and inclined user interface is just the right height to be used from a car window when visitors leave the premises. For those leaving on foot, the stand can also be integrated very easily into Kerberos tripod barriers. The CRP-M03 provides a higher stand, also with a built-in reader unit. This makes it easy for van and truck drivers to return their day pass. Tecnología de primera clase para el mercado de masas Con el lan za miento de la cerradura 790 RFID, Kaba Ilco coloca muy alto el listón de excelente calidad a precio asequible. La nueva cerradura para hote les, que en caso de emergencia también se puede abrir mecáni camente con una llave, combina máxima seguridad y eficacia. Está disponible en diversas variantes y es compatible con ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) y con los sistemas operativos FDU de Kaba Ilco. 26 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 Cómo devolver las acreditaciones de forma segura El Card Collector facilita la devolución de acreditaciones de visitantes, recogiendo, le yendo y comprobando las tarjetas, que se introducen en la ranura junto con el clip de sujeción y el protector plástico. El nuevo modelo CRP-M02 está provisto de una cubierta como protección a la intem perie y tiene la altura adecuada para ser utilizado desde el coche a la salida de un aparcamiento, aunque también se puede integrar en un torniquete Kerberos. Solución pionera en gestión de acceso Kaba se presenta una vez más como pionero en el mercado: ahora ya es posible gestionar puertas con protección únicamente mecánica mediante el sistema de control de accesos Kaba exos El administrador tiene en todo momento una visión conjunta sobre todas las autorizaciones en el edificio, inde pendientemente de que los accesos estén equipados con una cerradura ele ctrónica stand alone o con una puerta de protección mecánica. Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 27

15 praxis praxis Compact and multifunctional Automated, long-lasting and stable No way back Thousands of air passengers pass through Kaba One-way interlocks every day. These special barriers guard the sensitive boundary between the airside and landside areas of airports while still allowing an efficient flow of people from one side to the other. But what happens if someone tries to go through in the wrong direction? Kaba exos 9300 can now be integrated even more easily into a modern corporate IT environment: the new Legic access manager Kaba exos idml2 is hooked up directly to the company s network using an Ethernet connection. The fact that there is no need for separate wiring is a huge advantage for a network of branch offices or of far-flung locations. The device is truly multifunctional: not only does it provide control for one or two doors of different types (sliding doors or turnstiles as well as conventional office doors), it also makes the access decision autonomously. The access manager is based on the latest Legic advant technology and can read both Legic and other RFID badges compliant with ISO 14443A and standards. This new product will be on the market in spring The perfect solution: wherever there are plans for a new folding wing door, the DBXT-FF drive unit provides ideal auto matic functioning. This high-performance drive unit is tailored to individual needs, providing unhindered passage in a variety of applications. Even heavy doors and gates can be opened effort lessly. This means that traffic and transportation in and out can run smoothly and quickly, whilst optimum security is ensured. The drive unit is particularly well-suited to situations where there is a high level of through-traffic and where stability and durability are therefore required, for example in fire service buildings, garages and warehouses, workshops and rail depots. Airports all contain a very special boundary: the one that separates the secure airside area from the publicly accessible landside area. Landside is where you find ticket and check-in counters, while airside is where the heavily controlled flight operations take place. Consequently, the crossing point between one zone and the other is always very sensitive. Many European airports, including Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Manchester, use Orthos PIL-M02 One-way interlocks to control the flow of passengers, ensuring that incoming guests can only pass from airside to landside, but not the other way. The sensor system built into the interlocks immediately recognizes if someone is going in the wrong direction and triggers a sound alarm. At the same time, the interlock doors lock automati cally. Kaba s sophisticated sensor system creates a very effective barrier, says Prod uct Manager Andreas Nöltner. It stops unauthorised people going airside. One-way interlocks: tailor-made security Kaba works with three different recognition technologies. Depending on the requirements, the standard solution can be expanded into options 1 or 2. Whichever system is used, the interlock reacts in the same way: any unauthorised entry triggers a sound alarm and the doors are immediately automatically locked. Camino sin retorno En los aeropuertos existe una frontera muy particular: la que separa la zona de seguridad o de aire de la zona de tierra, accesible para cualquier persona. En muchos aeropuertos europeos, los pasillos anti retorno Orthos PIL M02 de Kaba supervisan el flujo de pasajeros que acaban de aterrizar, garantizando que éstos se dirijan de la zona de aire a la de tierra. El sistema integrado de sensores detecta inmediatamente si alguien avanza en la dirección contraria, activando una alarma acústica y accionando el cierre de las puertas del pasillo. multitalento compacto En breve el Kaba exos 9300 será aún más fácil de integrar en el entorno informático de una empresa moderna: el nuevo administrador de acceso Kaba exos idml2 estará directamente conectado con la red de la empresa mediante una conexión Ethernet. Al no necesitar cableado por separado, el sistema aporta una gran ventaja, en especial para una red de sucursales o diversos centros de producción, incluso si se encuentran a gran distancia unos de otros. Este producto novedad saldrá al mercado en primavera de Automatizada, duradera y eficaz Dondequiera que esté previsto instalar una puerta de hojas plegables, el mando DBXT FF ofrece la solución perfecta de automatización. Además de ser eficaz, estable y de larga duración, este mando permite un acceso libre de obstáculos, siendo especialmente adecuado para lugares con alta frecuencia de paso (estaciones de bomberos, almacenes, etc.). standard solution mdr (microwave Direction Recognition) The standard solution is based on a radar system that cannot on its own guarantee absolutely secure detection. In theory, a very large passenger could obscure the detection area while another person passes unnoticed in the opposite direction. Extension option 1 sor (simple Optical Recognition) This technology, which is new to the market, uses thermal imaging to support the radar system. Security is enhanced by infrared sensors fixed to the ceiling of the unit. These optical sensors are sensitive to the direction of movement and can tell when a person crosses the virtual security threshold in the wrong direction. Extension option 2 EOR (Extended Optical Recognition) This solution adds video technology to the basic radar system. The direction-sensitive optical sensor enables the most secure recognition yet of airline passengers. This technology allows the operator to choose the detection area. A matrix is used to define the direction. 28 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 Security Update no. 37 1/2008 KABA 29

16 Kaba as a magnet for the crowds meet & see a great success At the Trade Fair for Safety and Se- Safe(ly) to the summit In August 2007, Russia s biggest curity in Zurich (13 to 16 November 2007), manufacturer of safes, Promet, embarked Kaba s stand was devoted to the Total on an unusual adventure: in a nine-day Access concept, displaying some of the expedition sponsored by suppliers, a systems and product innovations which team of climbers ascended Mount Elbrus, enable Kaba to provide all-encompassing at 5,642 m the highest mountain in the solutions from a single source. The 272 Caucasus. And with them they took a square meter booth demonstrated the 14 kg (30.9 lb) safe. The built-in electronic Group s market leadership in Switzerland Code-Combi K lock by Kaba Mauer was and the readiness to chart new techno- put through its final functional test at logical territory. Visitors were able to try 4,600 m, and it worked perfectly. Even out the new CardLink technology at spe- though it was not made specifically for cially installed doors. Around 10,000 visi- use in such conditions, a Kaba product tors came to the trade fair, where 270 yet again proved its quality in the snow exhibitors from eight countries displayed and the cold. The whole expedition hit the heights... instance, the Federal Chancellery, the current trends and developments in the meet & see has become a fixed date in the German Historical Museum, DZ Bank, the security industry. not only by reaching the majestic peak calendar at Kaba Gallenschütz not least Sony Center and the Olympic Stadium of Mount Elbrus, but also in terms of the Within the space of three years, because the event is a very enjoyable have in common: security solutions from camaraderie and team spirit that made combination of specialist information, cul- Kaba tailored to the specific needs of the expedition a unique experience for ture and conviviality. After a series of talks the customer. everyone who took part. on the first day, the second day provides After the positive reception which the opportunity to take a closer look at meet & see has enjoyed, there are plans key customer projects. to extend the concept to other major Berlin has proved an ideal location for will be held in Madrid for the first time. such a concentration of Kaba projects in Visitors will doubtless be as eager important buildings. Through meet & see, to meet & see there as they have been more than 150 international visitors have in Berlin. been able to see for themselves what, for meet & see una idea con éxito En solamen te tres años meet & see de Kaba Gallenschütz se ha convertido en una cita imprescindible en el calendario de eventos. Berlín ofrece la po sibilidad de conocer las soluciones Kaba en materia de seguridad hechas a la medida para edificios tan conocidos como la Cancillería, el Museo Histórico Alemán o el Estadio Olímpi co. Pero meet & see no se limita a Berlín: en abril de 2008, las jornadas tendrán lugar por primera vez en Madrid. 30 KABA Security Update no. 37 1/2008 CeBIT Hanover Security Show Tokyo PERSONAL Stuttgart OAUG-Collaborate Denver Passenger Terminal Expo Amsterdam Personal Swiss Zurich IFSEC Birmingham The 10th Asian International Security, Safety and Fire Protection Show & Conference Hong Kong European cities. In April 2008, the event the event. Nowhere else in Europe is there Trade shows Ferias profesionales Stadia & Arena Rome ALOA Security Expo Dallas Kaba atrae al público En la feria profesional Sicherheit de Zurich, celebrada en noviembre de 2007, Kaba presentó con gran éxito sus soluciones y nuevos productos bajo el lema Kaba Total Access soluciones integrales de un sólo proveedor. El llamativo stand fue una muestra de la disposición del grupo Kaba para abrir nuevos caminos tecnológicos. Una caja fuerte conquista las alturas En agosto de 2007, la empresa Promet, el ma yor fabricante ruso de cajas fuertes, partió rumbo a una aventura extraordinaria: en una expedición, un equipo de montañeros debería llegar a la cima del Elbrus llevando una caja fuerte de 14 kilos. Incluso a metros de altitud, el cerrojo Code-Combi K de Kaba Mauer funcionó a la perfección, demostrando así su calidad en condiciones extremas. HITEC Austin Sicherheitsmesse Munich ASIAL Sydney Imprint Security Update is published in spring and fall in English (16,000 copies) and German (19,000 copies). 19th year Publisher Kaba Management + Consulting AG 8153 Rümlang, Switzerland Editors Jean-Luc Ferrazzini Chief Communications Officer Volker Bachmann Simone Fischer Anita Giger Sophie Knecht Werner Kühnlein Carole Leubler Jürg Nyffenegger Joachim Schmidt Daniela Schöchlin Reader Service Corporate Communications Phone Fax Design and Realisation DACHCOM 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland Publishing system Multimedia Solutions AG, Zurich Photography Klaus Andorfer (page 4 7, 23 and 24) Nestlé Nespresso S.A. (page 11) Expo Zaragoza 2008 (page 16 and 17) Corbis, Getty Images, Prisma Reproduction is subject to permission from the Chief Communications Officer. Kaba, Axessor, B-Net, Com-ID, Ilco, LA GARD, LEGIC, Paxos, Saflok, Silca, SAP etc. are registered trademarks, CardLinkTM, IntelliboltTM etc. trademarks of the Kaba Group. Due to country-specific constraints or marketing considerations, some of the Kaba Group products and systems may not be available in every market.

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