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1 Building Strength 32BJ SEIU Fall/Otoño 2014 En español: página 14 Power in Our Union Poder en Nuestra Unión We ve won good contracts, organized workplaces and elected progressive leaders. And it s time to do more. Conseguimos buenos contratos, organizamos centros de trabajo y elegimos líderes progresistas. Y es hora de hacer mucho más.

2 Lend a hand for progress A message from 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa The political season is upon us again, and as working people we have a chance to elect officials who work for us, and not just the wealthy. In New York, electing Working Families Party candidates can mean new laws protecting immigrants and a higher minimum wage. In Pennsylvania, we re fighting to elect candidates who will increase funding for public schools. And in Massachusetts, members are making it clear that we need a leader who understands that airport and other transportation workers need a fair deal. This is all possible because we have already accomplished so much: We ve raised the minimum wage in states like Connecticut and Massachusetts, and passed pro-immigrant legislation in Delaware. We ve organized workers up and down the East Coast and have won wage increases and preserved benefits in our contracts in the residential, commercial, schools and security sectors. But the fight is far from over. When politicians see the men and women in the purple 32BJ SEIU shirts organizing voters, educating their communities and lining up at the polling stations, they will know who put them in office. All the while, we have continued to secure good contracts with living wages and benefits and won key victories in organizing new workplaces. But the work doesn t stop on election day, November 4. We have made it clear that we will rally and organize until elected officials start working for the 99 percent. And, of course, there are obstacles. Congressional Republicans are waging war against working families and the middle class. Corporations are sponsoring anti-union legislation and litigation. These forces are powerful, cunning and well funded. History has shown us that when we re united we will succeed. 5-Star Health Benefits for Members Our Benefit Funds now offer members an easy-to-use online resource to find the best doctors at the lowest cost. It s all a part of our continuing effort to help achieve affordable health care for all of our members. You can access this benefit online at: As always, if you have any questions about your health care benefits, you can call our health benefit fund office at (212) , and for those outside New York City, (800) Building Strength Inside this edition: Check out our contract victories in various sectors in several states, as well as our fight for fair wages and affordable health care benefits. is published in the interest of the members of Service Employees International Union, Local 32BJ. President: Héctor Figueroa Executive Vice President: Larry Engelstein Secretary-Treasurer: Kyle Bragg Assistant to the President: Lenore Friedlaender Vice Presidents: Shirley Aldebol, Kevin Brown, Jaime Contreras, Rob Hill, Denis Johnston, Gabe Morgan, John Santos, John Thacker, Kurt Westby 32BJ SEIU, 25 West 18th Street, New York, NY Editor: Ari Paul Design: Roger Gorman, Reiner Design/NY Translation: Ernesto Mora Photographers: Rick Reinhard, Dave Sanders 2 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2013

3 [ POLITICAL ] ACTION Vote for Our Future, Vote for Our Values In New York, we are getting the word out. Vote ROW D, the Working Families Party on November 4! There s a lot to gain in the Empire State if we win: A higher minimum wage, a Democratic/Working Families Party State Senate, the passage of the DREAM Act and giving New York City the authority to raise the minimum wage in the City. ROW D: Working Families Party Governor: Andrew Cuomo Lt. Governor: Kathy Hochul Attorney General: Eric T. Schneiderman Comptroller: Thomas DiNapoli Elsewhere: Massachusetts: We are working hard to pass the earned sick time ballot initiative and to elect Martha Coakley as governor of Massachusetts to help our Logan Airport and MBTA campaigns. Connecticut: We need to protect what we ve gained increased minimum wage, the Trust Act and unionization of security officers to name a few and that means re-electing Dannel Malloy as governor. Pennsylvania: Getting Tom Wolf elected governor will mean increased funding for public schools and support for airport workers and workers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. District of Columbia: We have a chance for a progressive mayor of America s capital. Vote Muriel Bowser. Maryland: Anthony Brown is a champion for affordable housing; make him the Old Line State s next governor. Florida: We are pushing for Charlie Crist for governor in the name of good jobs and fair wages. Delaware: We are campaigning statewide to elect officials committed to our low wage worker organizing and to raising standards for all workers. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 3

4 [ POLITICAL ] ACTION Victory 32BJ SEIU has achieved numerous legislative victories for working men and women. This means real results, for example: CT raised the minimum hourly wage to $10.10 in March. Newark adopted paid sick leave, while a new prevailing wage ordinance backed by 32BJ SEIU was approved in Bergen Country. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter raised the city contractor minimum wage to $12/hour. We defeated a deceptive bill in PA that would have curtailed union rights. MD Gov. Martin O Malley signed the $10.10/hr. minimum wage into law. MD passed the Trust Act, which goes a long way to taking Maryland out of the business of policing federal immigration laws. Same-day voter registration has passed the Delaware House. The town of Windham, CT passed a resolution to protect the rights of immigrants. Virginia: We secured the ability for undocumented immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at colleges and universities. In CT, Bradley Airport workers are now covered under the state s wage standards law. 32BJ SEIU was on the ground to get the community to vote for progressive candidates. We ve won some big gains as a result. 4 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

5 [ ] RESIDENTIAL Above left: NYC members discussed contract terms. Right: Marching for workers rights on the High Line. Hudson Valley Contract talks began in July with the Building Realty Institute of Westchester and the Mid-Hudson Region Inc., representing our members in more than 500 residential buildings. We are demanding raises that keep pace with the cost of living and to maintain affordable family health care and retirement benefits. After intense member mobilization, we won a contract for 30,000 New York City residential workers that includes strong raises, no give backs and preserves our health care. Non-union workers at luxury buildings near the High Line in Chelsea have staged various actions to join the union, as they currently earn $12 an hour with no benefits. Workers at Co-Op City in the Bronx approved a new contract that provides 10.5 percent wage increases over four years and keeps health care costs affordable. We are organizing workers at luxury high-rise buildings that receive city tax breaks but where workers earn near minimum wage. There s been progress: Workers won a prevailing wage dispute at the 421-a building, the Addison, in Brooklyn. Low-wage workers at the luxury building 421 Hudson, aka the Printing House, went on strike in solidarity with a worker who was threatened with termination for publicly endorsing joining the union. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 5

6 [ ] COMMERCIAL Protecting Jobs Connecticut: The union successfully got the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk to bring back workers who had lost their jobs last year. New York City: 150 security guards and ticket-takers at the Metropolitan Opera settled a contract with a 5.5 percent raise over five years in addition to bonuses of $1,250 to $2,000 with no givebacks on work rules or retirement benefits. We won an agreement at Concourse Village after workers went years without new contract terms. Boston: After rallies and support from riders and elected officials, 32BJ District 615 staved off a 30 percent staff reduction at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in August, securing jobs for 32BJ SEIU members. In addition, Aramark workers at the Tewksbury Hospital secured a contract this summer with wage increases as well as gains and maintenance of our retirement and health benefits. And in Cambridge, janitors at the pharmaceutical company Member Leaders in Action! Genzyme successfully pressured management to hire a responsible cleaning contractor. Virginia: Nearly 70 janitors at the Ft. Belvoir U.S. Army instillation authorized a one-day strike this summer after contractor Brown and Pipkins refused to bargain in good faith. New Jersey: We have fought anti-union efforts around the state, including the unjustified termination of office building workers this summer in Secaucus. Florida: We secured a contract for more than 400 cleaners at the University of Miami that includes raises and maintains benefits. When it comes to policy and fighting for workers rights, our vision is crafted by you, 32BJ members! We recently held well-attended member leader conferences in Connecticut and New Jersey, and in June, held our first ever union-wide policy conference. Fighting for [ ] IMMIGRATION Immigration Rights With heartbreaking stories about the strife immigrants face, we have organized with social justice groups to bring the message of immigrant s rights to the media and to the lawmakers who can make a difference for millions of families. Our stories and actions have had a huge impact, but the fight continues. Stay tuned for more details on how 32BJ will be working to ensure this country remains a place for all. 6 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

7 [ ] SCHOOLS Making Schools Work Boston: 32BJ SEIU District 615 and Boston University opened talks for a new contract for 700 building workers, who are demanding fair wage increases and maintaining health care and retirement benefits. And with support from local politicians, cleaners successfully stopped Lasell College from switching to a non-union contractor. Connecticut: After a 10-month campaign, cleaners settled a new contract with New Haven schools last year. New York City: We hailed a City Council bill that would ensure that schools cleaners and handypersons working for contractor Custodian Engineers be paid the prevailing wage under the current Living Wage Law. Pennsylvania: The union and the Penn Trafford School District agreed to a three-year deal for paraprofessionals who serve special needs students. Meanwhile, in Oil City, we are fighting the school district s move to outsource cafeteria and cleaning work, threatening 40 union jobs. And at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, nearly 100 protesters gathered in support in July for the retaliatory firing of union janitors there. Washington DC: Nearly 200 veteran workers at Howard University have protested against moves to outsource work to non-union labor. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 7

8 [ ] SECURITY Standing Up for Security Workers Maryland: We ve worked with faith leaders and the City Council to pressure Baltimore security contractors to raise wages and allow workers to unionize. Negotiations for a first contract began in September. New Jersey: More than 1,000 security workers in the north end of the state won their first union contract that has pay raises and for the first time granted employer-paid medical coverage and vacation time. New York: We are negotiating to expand health coverage for security workers across New York City. Pennsylvania: We ve continued staging protests around Philadelphia to draw attention to inadequate pay for security workers at various institutions around the city. 8 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

9 [ ] CAMPAIGNS Fast Food Organizing Fast food workers around the country made history in September with the biggest strike yet, including civil disobedience. In Delaware, we are fighting wage theft and poverty pay. We stand with these brave workers as they fight for justice, dignity and respect on the job. [ ] PARTNERS Building NYC Right 32BJ SEIU is part of Build Up NYC, which fights for responsible development, good jobs and affordable housing. In October, the developer of the Empire Outlets in Staten Island agreed to employ 32BJ members and other union workers. We are fighting to ensure that Astoria Cove which will have 1,700 residential units, a public school and retail space will provide good jobs, environmentally sound construction and affordable housing. We are supporting the Safe Jobs Act, which will require significantly publicly subsidized developers to offer job training, transparency in awarding contracts, and increased accountability from developers. The campaign has demanded that new development in Brooklyn Bridge Park is built to withstand climate change. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 9

10 [ ] AIRPORTS Airport Organizing Boston: Workers are organizing at six Logan Airport contractors, who do dirty and grueling work, often for low pay and no benefits. Workers have been organizing in the face of employer surveillance and unfair labor practices. Florida: Subcontracted wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport won an ordinance from the County Commission requiring labor peace initiatives. New York and New Jersey: More than 6,000 workers at the region s three airports in May voted to join 32BJ SEIU, demanding higher wages and benefits for contract cleaning and maintenance workers. With widespread support, a majority of 12,000 workers at the region s three major airports have won wage increases, and the Port Authority has set a September 30 deadline for contractors to implement a plan for enhanced wages and benefits. Philadelphia: In May voters approved a union ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage for subcontracted airport workers to $ Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

11 [ ] CELEBRATIONS Union Art Show, 2014 A record 300 people from near and far came to the union s headquarters July 28 to celebrate the annual art show, featuring 183 pieces of art from 82 contributors including staff, members and children. Union Celebrates 80 Years of Social Justice! 32BJ SEIU marked its 80th anniversary July 11, honoring former president John Sweeney, who also led both the SEIU and the AFL-CIO. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and New York City Central Labor Council leader Vincent Alvarez also attended. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 11

12 Notice Regarding Union Security Agreements and Agency Fee Obligations Many collective bargaining agreements negotiated by Local 32BJ contain a union security clause stating that employees must become and remain members of the Union as a condition of employment. Employers and unions are authorized to negotiate these provisions under the National Labor Relations Act. Employees covered by such a clause will be informed of that fact. If you are covered by a union security clause, you may fulfill your union security obligations either by joining the Union, and thereby enjoying the full rights and benefits of Union membership; or you may choose not to become a Union member, and fulfill your financial obligations to the Union under the union security clause as an agency fee payer. Employees who elect to become agency fee payers (that is, who choose not to become members of Local 32BJ) forfeit the right to enjoy the benefits available to Union members. Among the benefits available only to Union members are the rights to attend and participate in Union meetings; to run for Union office; to nominate and vote for candidates for Union office; to participate in contract ratification and strike votes; to participate in the development and formulation of Union policies; and to serve as a delegate to the International Convention. Agency fee payers generally are charged the same dues and initiation fees uniformly required of Union members. However, under Local 32BJ s Policy on Agency Fee Objections, employees who are not Union members and who pay agency fees pursuant to a union security clause, may request a reduction in that fee based on their objection to certain kinds of Union expenditures. Under Local 32BJ s Policy, the agency fee payable by objectors will be based on expenditures for those activities or projects that are germane to collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment, within the applicable United States Supreme Court and National Labor Relations Board decisions. Among these chargeable expenditures are those going for negotiations with employers; enforcing collective bargaining agreements; informal meetings with employer representatives; discussions of work-related issues with employees; handling employees work-related problems through the grievance procedure, administrative agencies or informal meetings; organizing employers that compete with employers that have contracts with the Union; Union administration; litigation and publications related to these chargeable expenditures. Among the expenditures treated as non-chargeable, which objectors will not be required to support, are those going for community service (including participating in charitable events); legislative activities; cost of affiliation with non-seiu organizations; and support of political candidates; public relations directed towards functional activities that are not considered germane to representing non-members in the collective bargaining process; union publications to the extent they report on non-administrative or non-representational activities. Local 32BJ s Policy on Agency Fee Objections is the Union s means of meeting its legal obligations to employees covered by union security clauses. Under this Policy, objections for the 2014 objection year which is the 12-month period beginning with August 1st, 2014 and running through July 31st, 2015 must be sent to the Union no later than October 31, To be timely, the objection must be postmarked no later than October 31, In addition, agency fee payers who are new to the bargaining unit or who have not previously received this notice may object within 30 days of receiving this notice or by October 31, 2014, whichever is later; and employees who resign Union membership may object within 30 days of becoming an agency fee payer or by October 31, 2014, whichever is later. All non-members who file timely objections will be charged only for chargeable expenditures for the 12-month period beginning with August 1st, 2014 and running through July 31, 2015, or for new non-members, from the date of their timely objection through the remainder of the current objection year. New bargaining unit members are to receive this notice prior to any demand being made upon them for the payment of agency fees. However, if, for any reason a new unit member begins paying agency fees prior to receipt of this notice, he or she may object retroactively to the commencement of such payments and for the duration of the current annual objection period. Objections should be in writing and sent to Agency Fee Administrator, SEIU, Local 32BJ, 25 West 18th street, 5th Floor, New York NY No special form is required to register an objection. However, the letter of objection should include the objector s name, address, employer, and social security number. Objectors will be given a full explanation of the basis for the reduced fee charged to them. The explanation will include a more detailed list of the categories of expenditures deemed to be chargeable and those deemed to be non-chargeable, and the independent certified public accountants report showing the Union s expenditures upon which the fee is based. For the objection year beginning August 2014, 31 percent of the Union s expenditures will be non-chargeable. In addition to any other avenue of relief available under the law, objectors will have the option of challenging the Union s calculation of the reduced fee before an impartial arbitrator appointed by the American Arbitration Association. Details of the method of making such a challenge and the rights accorded to those who do so will be provided to objectors along with the explanation of the fee calculation. Pending the arbitrator s decision, the Union will hold in escrow a portion of the fees paid by the objector, in an amount sufficient to ensure that the portion of the fee reasonably in dispute will not be expended during the appeals procedure. 12 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

13 2013 FINANCIAL STATEMENT Presented below is a condensed version of the 2013 Consolidated Financial Statements of Local 32BJ. The complete financial statements of Local 32BJ, which were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, including all required disclosures, were audited by the accounting firm Bond Beebe, and they expressed their opinion on those statements dated June 16, The complete report was reviewed, discussed and adopted by the 32BJ Executive Board. The summarized information below has been derived from the complete audited financial statements. The union ended the year with an increase in unrestricted net assets of $4,580,297. The reported transfer of $5,807,952 from the September 2013 merger of Local 615 included $2,700,000 in investments which was transferred to the 32BJ investment portfolio. The remaining assets transferred to 32BJ from Local 615 were sufficient to cover expenses related to the merger, pre merger expenses paid after the effective date of the merger and to contribute to the increase in 32BJ s net assets. ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents 5,999,638 Investments 15,760,878 Membership dues receivable 3,243,456 Prepaid expenses and other assets 1,349,903 Property and equipment net 2,917,519 TOTAL ASSETS $29,271,394 LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses 6,368,148 Accrued severance payable 480,058 Deferred revenue 274,395 Deferred rent 1,127,142 TOTAL LIABILITIES $8,249,743 NET ASSETS Unrestricted 20,048,129 Temporarily restricted 973,522 TOTAL NET ASSETS 21,021,651 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $29,271,394 CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Revenue Membership dues 75,339,965 Initiation fees 929,670 SEIU subsidies 4,193,389 Rental income 93, participation revenue 327,765 $80,884,269 Investment income: Interest and dividend income 591,202 Appreciation in fair value 299,311 $890,513 Investment expenses (77,182) Net investment income 813,331 Total Revenue 81,697,600 Net assets released from restrictions 1,376,512 Total revenue and support 83,074,112 Expenses Salaries and benefits: Salaries 25,610,586 Reimbursed expenses, allowances and related costs 3,466,751 Benefits: Health and welfare benefits 4,966,126 Pension benefits 4,176,018 Annuity benefits 247,262 Payroll taxes 2,368,128 Shop steward allowances 603,055 Insurance 285,592 Strike benefits 2,963 Temporary staff services 219,207 Lost time wages 133,055 Executive Board stipends 72,750 Other allowances and stipends 11,395 Total salaries and benefits 42,162,888 Per capita taxes 19,248,168 Building management expenses: Rent 4,460,150 Building payroll, maintenance and management expenses 2,986,119 Field office expenses 1,868,829 Office and administrative expenses 2,239,310 Professional fees: Consulting fees 1,926,556 Legal fees 558,660 Arbitration fees 731,213 Auditing and accounting fees 204,818 Membership, organizing and other meetings 2,149,704 Communications and media 1,570,923 Political donations 1,708,100 Charitable/labor/community donations 702,472 Transfers to SEIU 683,574 Education and training 102,788 Contract campaign negotiations 28,400 Depreciation and amortization 851,535 Service agreements 117,560 Total expenses 84,301,767 Transfer of net assets resulting from merger 5,807,952 INCREASE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS 4,580,297 UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR 15,467,832 UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR 20,048,129 CHANGES IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Contributions $1,976,591 Net assets released from restrictions: SEIU COPE (683,574) Political donations (62,190) Other political activity (630,748) Total net assets released from restrictions: (1,376,512) CHANGES IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS BEFORE TRANSFER 600,079 Transfer of net assets resulting from merger 15,865 INCREASE IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS 615,944 TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR 357,578 TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR 973,522 INCREASE IN NET ASSETS 5,196,241 NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR 15,825,410 NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $21,021,651 Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 13

14 This El 4 de noviembre: Nov Vote por estos Valores 4 Vote for Values! 32BJ Members Say: Good Jobs, Affordable Healthcare and Immigrant Rights! Los afiliados de la 32BJ dicen: buenos empleos, plan de salud económico y derechos de los inmigrantes


16 Dándole una mano al progreso Un mensaje del Presidente de la 32BJ Héctor Figueroa La temporada política se avecina otra vez y como gente trabajadora, tenemos una oportunidad de elegir líderes políticos que no sólo trabajen para los millonarios sino para nosotros. En Nueva York, elegir a candidatos del Partido de las Familias Trabajadoras puede representar que se consigan leyes que protejan a los inmigrantes y eleven el salario mínimo. En Pensilvania, estamos esforzándonos por elegir candidatos que aumenten más fondos para las escuelas públicas. Y en Massachusetts, nuestros afiliados están estableciendo claramente que se necesita un líder que entienda que los trabajadores de aeropuertos y de transportes necesitan un pacto justo. Todo esto es posible porque ya hemos conseguido tantas cosas: hemos obtenido el alza del salario mínimo en estados como Connecticut y Massachusetts; y hemos logrado que se apruebe un ley a favor de los inmigrantes en Delaware. Hemos organizado a trabajadores a lo largo de la Costa Atlántica y hemos logrado aumentos salariales y preservar beneficios en nuestros contratos en los sectores de seguridad, residenciales, comerciales y en escuelas. Pero estamos aún lejos de concluir la lucha. Cuando los políticos vean que hombres y mujeres vestidos con las camisetas púrpuras de la 32BJ SEIU están organizando votantes, educando a sus comunidades y saliendo a votar, ellos sabrán quién los puso en sus cargos. En todo este periodo, hemos seguido consiguiendo buenos contratos con salarios vitales y beneficios y obtenido victorias cruciales, organizando nuevos centros de trabajo. Pero nuestra labor no termina el día de las elecciones (4 de noviembre). Hemos dejado sentado que protestaremos y nos organizaremos hasta que los políticos electos laboren para el 99 por ciento de la gente. Naturalmente que habrá obstáculos. Los congresistas republicanos están haciéndole la guerra a las familias trabajadoras y a la clase media. Las corporaciones están auspiciando leyes e iniciando litigios contra las uniones. Estas son poderosas fuerzas sociales, muy sagaces y bien financiadas. La historia nos ha enseñado que cuando nos mantenemos unidos podemos triunfar. Beneficios 5 estrellas para afiliados Ahora, nuestros Fondos de Beneficios están ofreciendo a los afiliados una manera fácil de encontrar por internet a los mejores médicos al más bajo costo. Todo esto es parte de nuestros continuos esfuerzos por obtener un plan de salud económico para todos nuestros afiliados. El acceso a este beneficio lo encontrará en topdocs.32bjfunds.org/en-us/searchdocs.aspx. Como siempre, si tiene alguna pregunta sobre sus beneficios de salud, usted puede llamar a la oficina de nuestro fondo de beneficios de salud al (212) ; y al (800) , para los que viven fuera de Nueva York. En esta edición: Lea sobre nuestras victorias contractuales en varios sectores de los diferentes estados, así como nuestra lucha por salarios justos y beneficios de salud económicos. 16 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

17 [ ACCIÓN ] POLÍTICA Vote por nuestro futuro Vote por nuestros valores Estamos propagando este mensaje en Nueva York: Este 4 de noviembre, vote por la columna D, del Partido de las Familias Trabajadoras! Hay mucho por conseguir en el estado si ganamos: un mayor salario mínimo, un senado estatal con control del Partido Demócrata y el Partido de las Familias Trabajadoras; aprobar la Ley DREAM y autorizar a la ciudad de Nueva York a elevar el salario mínimo. Columna D: Working Families Party Gobernador: Andrew Cuomo Teniente-Gobernadora: Kathy Hochul Fiscal del Estado: Eric T. Schneiderman Contralor del Estado: Thomas DiNapoli En otros estados: Connecticut: Tenemos que proteger lo conquistado, entre otros: el alza del salario mínimo, la Ley Trust y e integrar a los oficiales de seguridad a la unión. Esto significa que hay que re-elegir a Dannel Malloy como gobernador. Pensilvania : Elegir a Tom Wolf como gobernador se traducirá en mayores fondos para las escuelas públicas y apoyo a los trabajadores de aeropuertos, así como a los trabajadores del Centro Médico de la Universidad de Pittsburgh. Washington DC: Tenemos la oportunidad de elegir a una alcaldesa progresista en la capital del país. Vote por Muriel Bowser. Maryland: Anthony Brown es un impulsor de viviendas económicas: elíjalo como gobernador del estado. Florida: Estamos laborando por elegir a Charlie Crist como gobernador, para obtener buenos empleos y salarios justos. Delaware: Tenemos campañas por todo el estado para elegir políticos comprometidos con nuestra misión de organizar trabajadores de bajos salarios y elevar los estándares para todos los trabajadores. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 17

18 [ ACCIÓN ] POLÍTICA Victorias La 32BJ SEIU ha conseguido numerosas victorias legislativas para trabajadores y trabajadoras. Todo esto se traduce en resultados reales, como por ejemplo: Connecticut elevó el salario mínimo a $10.10 en marzo. Newark adoptó la licencia por enfermedad con pago; y, con el respaldo de la 32BJ SEIU, el condado de Bergen aprobó una ordenanza brindando salarios prevalecientes. El Alcalde Michael Nutter de Filadelfia elevó el salario mínimo a $12 por hora para contratistas de la ciudad. En Pensilvania derrotamos una engañosa ley que hubiera restringido los derechos de las uniones. El Gobernador O Malley de Maryland firmó la ley por un salario mínimo de $10.10 por hora. Maryland aprobó la Ley TRUST, que impedirá que la policía se inmiscuya en asuntos de inmigración. La Casa de Representantes de Delaware aprobó que se permita la inscripción de votantes el mismo día de las elecciones. El pueblo de Windham (Connecticut) aprobó una resolución para proteger los derechos de los inmigrantes. Virginia Conseguimos que los inmigrantes indocumentados tengan acceso a las pensiones universitarias para residentes del estado. En Connecticut, los trabajadores del aeropuerto Bradley gozan ahora del amparo de la ley de normas salariales para todo el estado. La 32BJ SEIU estuvo en acción, gestionando que la gente vote por candidatos progresistas. Logramos grandes victorias a consecuencia de esto. 18 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

19 [ RESIDENCIAL Valle del Hudson En julio se dio inicio a las negociaciones contractuales con el Instituto de Propietarios de Edificios y la Mid-Hudson Region, Inc., que incluyen a más de 500 edificios residenciales donde trabajan nuestros afiliados. Estamos exigiendo aumentos que se mantengan a la par del costo de vida y que se conserve un plan de salud económico y los beneficios de jubilación. Arriba a la izquierda: Los afiliados de Nueva York discutiendo los términos del contrato. A la derecha: Activistas marchando en el High line por los derechos de los trabajadores. Tras intensas movilizaciones de los afiliados, conseguimos un contrato para 30,000 trabajadores residenciales de la ciudad de Nueva York, el cual incluye aumentos, preserva el plan de salud y no incluye ningún recorte. Los trabajadores sin unión en los edificios de lujo cerca del High Line de Chelsea realizaron múltiples acciones para afiliarse a la unión, ya que en la actualidad ganan apenas $12 por hora y carecen de beneficios. Los trabajadores de Co-Op City en el Bronx aprobaron un nuevo contrato que brinda aumentos del 10.5 por ciento en cuatro años y mantiene un plan de salud económico. Estamos organizando a trabajadores de edificios de lujo que reciben exoneraciones de impuestos de la municipalidad, mientras que sus trabajadores reciben salarios mínimos. Ha habido progresos: los trabajadores del Addison (con exoneración 421a) en Brooklyn triunfaron en su disputa salarial. Los trabajadores a bajo salario en el edificio Printing House (421 de Hudson Street) se fueron a la huelga por mejores salarios y en solidaridad con un trabajador que, dado su respaldo público a la unión, fue amenazado con el despido. Fall/Otoño 2014 Building Strength 19

20 [ ] COMERCIAL Protegiendoempleos Connecticut: La unión consiguió que el Acuario Marítimo de Norwalk reinstaurase a los trabajadores que perdieron su empleo el año pasado. Ciudad de Nueva York: 150 guardias de seguridad y boleteros de la Ópera Metropolitana obtuvieron un acuerdo con un aumento de 5.5 por ciento para los cinco años del contrato, además de una bonificación de entre $1,500 a $2,000, sin cambios en las reglas de trabajo ni recortes en sus beneficios de jubilación. Conseguimos también un acuerdo en Concourse Village, tras pasar años sin que los trabajadores gozaran de nuevos términos en su contrato. Los afiliados conducen esta unión Boston: En agosto, tras las marchas y con el apoyo de los usuarios de transporte público y los políticos electos, el Distrito 615 de la 32BJ evitó que la Autoridad de Transportes de la Bahía de Massachusetts redujera el personal, garantizando trabajos para los afiliados de la 32BJ SEIU. Además, durante el verano, los trabajadores de Aramark en el Hospital Tewksbury lograron un contrato con aumentos salariales y conquistas en nuestros beneficios de salud y jubilación. Y en Cambridge, los conserjes de limpieza de la farmacéutica Genzyme presionaron con éxito a la gerencia para emplear a contratistas de limpieza responsables. Virginia: Cerca de 70 conserjes de limpieza en las instalaciones del Fuerte Belvoir del Ejército autorizaron una huelga de un día este verano, luego que el contratista Brown & Pipkins se rehusó a negociar de buena fe. Nueva Jersey: Este verano hemos combatido campañas antisindicales por todo el estado, incluyendo el despido de trabajadores de edificios de oficinas en Secaucus. Florida: Conseguimos un contrato para más de 400 limpiadores de la Universidad de Miami, el cual incluye aumentos y protección de los beneficios. Cuando se trata de políticas y de luchar por los derechos de los trabajadores, nuestra visión la moldean ustedes, los afiliados de la 32BJ. Recientemente sostuvimos conferencias de líderes en Nueva Jersey y Connecticut con nutrida asistencia; y en junio pasado, celebramos nuestra primera conferencia para delinear políticas a nivel de toda la unión. Luchando por los derechos de los inmigrantes [ ] INMIGRACIÓN Dadas las agonizantes historias de las adversidades que deben enfrentar los inmigrantes, nos hemos aliado con grupos de justicia social para llevar el mensaje de derechos de los inmigrantes a los medios de prensa y a los legisladores del estado, quienes pueden representar una diferencia para millones de familias. Nuestras historias y acciones de lucha han tenido gran impacto, pero la lucha continúa. Siga en sintonía para mayores detalles sorbe cómo la 32BJ trabajará para garantizar que este país siga siendo de todos. 20 Building Strength Fall/Otoño 2014

Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10

Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Building Strength 32BJ SEIU Summer/Verano 2012 En español: página 16 ALL IN FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Sección especial sobre la economía y acción

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Players Fight to Unionize At Northwestern Should Inspire Us All

Players Fight to Unionize At Northwestern Should Inspire Us All FROM THE DESK OF PRESIDENT GEORGE MURPHY Players Fight to Unionize At Northwestern Should Inspire Us All Unionism is at a crossroads today. Arguably, with the growing wealth divide, unions are more important

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Labor News. Volume XCX Chicago, Illinois Winter 2013 ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION

Labor News. Volume XCX Chicago, Illinois Winter 2013 ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION ALLIED PRINTING UNION LABEL CHICAGO, IL Labor News Plastic Workers Union Local 18 and Chemical & Production Workers Local 30 Volume XCX Chicago, Illinois Winter 2013 ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION THE UNION

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Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st

Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st Estafa / Scam: Usted puede ayudar a detenerla You can help stop it Pg. 6 Voto 2008: Un último gran esfuerzo One last, big push Pg. 4 agosto 2008 / August 2008 Bilingual Free / Gratis Lunes, 1ero de septiembre

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Guide to Managing Your Money Banking, Credit, Homebuying. Guía sobre Cómo Manejar su Dinero Banca, Crédito, Compra de Vivienda

Guide to Managing Your Money Banking, Credit, Homebuying. Guía sobre Cómo Manejar su Dinero Banca, Crédito, Compra de Vivienda Guide to Managing Your Money Banking, Credit, Homebuying Guía sobre Cómo Manejar su Dinero Banca, Crédito, Compra de Vivienda www.dfwinternational.org 1 Index / Indice Banking Basics... 5 Credit...11 Taxes...

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UNION LABOR TO BUILD Winter 2014 UNION LABOR TO BUILD ENTIRE NEW YORK WHEEL & EMPIRE OUTLETS PROJECT On October 30th, after tireless work by members of Local 79, Build Up New York, members of other building trades unions,

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LOCAL. Spring 2013. for working America. Local 888 President Message... 2-3

LOCAL. Spring 2013. for working America. Local 888 President Message... 2-3 LOCAL a VOICEUFCW888 for working America News Issue Local 888 President Message... 2-3 Notice of Nominations & Elections...4 Atlantic City Outing... 5 Local 888 Picnic...6-7 Local 888 Walkathon...8-9 Local

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Local 79 News Construction & General Building Laborers

Local 79 News Construction & General Building Laborers BUILDING A BETTER NEW YORK Winter 2015 Local 79 News Construction & General Building Laborers Community Organizations Honor Local 79 Business Manager Mike Prohaska On three separate evenings in October,

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news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3

news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 The quarterly magazine of the North Carolina Justice Center COMMUNITY noticias COMUNITARIAS news Summer/Verano 2009 PLUS: Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 Community

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juntos por la salud mental

juntos por la salud mental avanzamos! juntos por la salud mental Edición No. 15 Cómo los grupos comunitarios pueden tener impacto Grassroots Advocacy: How You Can Make a Difference Adentro: Trabajemos juntos para evitar cortes a

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Credit in a New Country:

Credit in a New Country: Credit in a New Country: A Guide to Credit In the United States Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. 5701 West Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313 1-800-210-3481 www.consolidatedcredit.org

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Let's vote reunite WISCONSIN!

Let's vote reunite WISCONSIN! VOL. 12 NO. 1 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF UNITED FOOD & COMMERCIAL WORKERS UNION, LOCAL 1473 IT'S TIME TO HEAL... John Eiden President Intl. Vice President What's Inside: On Feb. 11, 2011, Scott Walker introduced

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WE ARE LIVING TONY S LEGACY, SAID HERN A NDE Z vol. 13 no. 18 KANSAS CITY PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 www.kchispanicnews.com 7 DE ENERO DEL 2010 2009 Was a Mixed Ride in KCK Debra DeCoster Joe Reardon was re-elected to his second term in office.

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NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE. Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia. Newt Gingrich: Una experiencia con los hispanos de NOLA

NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE. Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia. Newt Gingrich: Una experiencia con los hispanos de NOLA NO, A LA PENA DE MUERTE NO, To the Death Penalty pg. 5 2327 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Suite J Kenner, LA 70062 Jambalayito Dice: Apostolado Hispano de New Orleans 40 años de historia The New Orleans Hispanic

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Address (Dirección) Apt. # (# de Apto.) City (Ciudad) State (Estado) Zip Code (Código Postal) Home Phone (Teléfono de su Casa)

Address (Dirección) Apt. # (# de Apto.) City (Ciudad) State (Estado) Zip Code (Código Postal) Home Phone (Teléfono de su Casa) Guitar Center Card Program/Programa de Tarjeta Application Type: A married person may apply for individual credit, you are applying for: (Tipo de solicitud: Una persona casada puede solicitar crédito individual.

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Media Totals Dashboard

Media Totals Dashboard Media Totals Dashboard April 14 May 18, 2015 MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: U-T San Diego: Law Clears Way for Join U.S.-Mexico Inspections (Apr. 24 by Sandra Dibble) This is a historic moment we just witnessed, said

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Rumbo. Como prometimos en nuestra edición del 15 de octubre, 2007, solicitamos

Rumbo. Como prometimos en nuestra edición del 15 de octubre, 2007, solicitamos www.rumbonews.com Rumbo EDICIÓN NO. 276 AÑO 12 NOVIEMBRE 1, 2007 PERIODICORUMBO.COM Noviembre 1, 2007 Lawrence, MA.: Rumbo :. 1 República Dominicana azotada por Noel PÁGINA 3 FREE GRATIS ELECCIONES MUNICIPALES

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Más detalles



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Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht

Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht Fact Finder Minneapolis, MN Local 653 http://ufcw653.org Vol. 51 No. 6 July 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) The looming implementation of the

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GRUPO ASSEKURANSA ASSEKURANSA GROUP 01 GRUPO ASSEKURANSA ASSEKURANSA GROUP Misión Contribuir mediante nuestras acciones cotidianas a resguardar los negocios de los agentes del comercio internacional. Visión Ser la aseguradora especializada

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Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip

Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 Your Latino Connection Since 1996 Tú Conexión Latina Desde 1996 VOL. 17 No. 43 3 de Julio, 2014 KCTV5 Reporter Sandra Olivas

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Declaración de Responsabilidad.

Declaración de Responsabilidad. Declaración de Responsabilidad. Statement of Responsibility El presente documento contiene información veraz y suficiente respecto al desarrollo del negocio de la Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito CONCREDITO

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Inauguración Oficina Regional del I.C.T

Inauguración Oficina Regional del I.C.T A G O S T O 2 0 0 9 E D I C I Ó N E D I T I O N N 1 2 C Á M A R A D E C O M E R C I O I N D U S T R I A Y T U R I S M O D E A G U I R R E D E L A C Á M A R A ESTA EDICIÓN... Informe de los Comités de la

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Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton

Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton November Vol. 13 Num. 201411 www.latinotimes.org FREE GRATIS - November 20141 Latino Times Election Winners Christina Fugazi City Council District 5 James Mousalimas Superintendent of Schools Susan Lofthus

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Up until the first decade of the 20th century,

Up until the first decade of the 20th century, La seguridad social ecuatoriana y su reforma Ecuadorian social security and its reform Dr. Joaquín Viteri Llanga Ex Director del Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social Former Director of the Ecuadorian

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Más detalles

Una multitud estimada entre

Una multitud estimada entre PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 VOL 16 No. 19 Concerned Student asked El Pachuco, how does one go about stopping shooting near high schools. See page 6. Estudiante preocupado preguntó a

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GRATIS TOME UNO. 843-271-6439 Inmigración Impuestos LA OFICINA. ENERO 2015 www.lavozlatinaonline.com

GRATIS TOME UNO. 843-271-6439 Inmigración Impuestos LA OFICINA. ENERO 2015 www.lavozlatinaonline.com ENERO 2015 www.lavozlatinaonline.com GRATIS TOME UNO Savannah trabajando contra el trafico humano. Vea págs. 14-16. Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking. See pgs. 14-16. Su puente a la comunidad

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