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3 3 Navigating Health Insurance WITH BRONX LEBANON Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, individuals and small businesses in New York have a wide array of health insurance options available to them, through the New York State Benefit Health Exchange. Navigating these options can require help. BRONX LEBANON HOSPITAL CENTER Navigator/In-Person Assistor Program (IPA) As part of expanded funding under the Affordable Care Act, in 2013 Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center was awarded a New York State Department of Health grant to create a Navigator/In-Person Assistor Program. is program provides education and enrollment assistance to individuals, families, and small businesses and their employees who apply for health insurance through the New York State Health Benefit Exchange the statewide health insurance marketplace. Bronx Lebanon offers a team of Certified Navigators/In-Person Assistors (IPAs), whose fully trained members include local community residents, to help you with your health insurance needs. Bronx Lebanon Certified Navigators are available to help you learn about and enroll* in: Medicaid Child Health Plus Small Business Coverage Qualified Health Plans Open enrollment begins November 15, 2014 thru February 15, (Individuals may also qualify for Special Enrollment Periods outside of Open Enrollment if they experience certain life changes. Examples of qualifying life changes are moving to a new state, certain changes in your income, and changes in your family size (for example, if you marry, divorce, or have a baby). To find out more about how our Certified Navigators can help you with lowcost or free insurance, please visit us at 1276 Fulton Ave. Suite 231, Bronx, NY or call us or THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT FACTS In 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection Act/Affordable Care Act (ACA). is law increases individual access to health insurance coverage, and makes coverage more affordable. It offers tax credits to small businesses to help pay for coverage of their employees. Each year more reforms have been phased into the ACA. Under the ACA: Every U.S. citizen must carry health insurance (or pay a fee) Health coverage cannot be denied based on preexisting conditions Health insurance plans cannot establish an annual $ limit for coverage Health insurers cannot charge women more than men Young adults can remain on their parents health insurance plans until age 26 Access to Medicaid is increased Individuals who do not have health insurance offered by an employer can purchase and sign up for insurance through a Marketplace. and more Please contact Juan Gabriel De Jesus at or to receive information on our Navigator Program.

4 4 WHY BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IS SO IMPORTANT You probably already know that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing those pearly whites twice a day. You also probably know that brushing your teeth is one of the easiest ways to avoid scaring off your date. But brushing is important for reasons beyond fresh breath. Skip a session, and you're on your way to encouraging the growth of bacterial buildup in the form of plaque, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. "In the middle of the day, [run your tongue] across your teeth right around the gum line. You ll find something sticky or fuzzy," Dr Harvey Shilowitz, DDS, a dentist in e Bronx, tells Today Family news at's plaque." Brushing, thankfully, "disrupt[s] that bacteria so it doesn't stay in place," he says, because if le in place, it starts to attack your teeth. Plus, the longer that plaque sits in one place, the more likely it is to become tartar, "that hard, yellow, rough material you sometimes feel in between your teeth" that can cause inflammation and bleeding in the gums, he says. Leave that untreated for too long and you could risk losing teeth. While there's not exactly a precise timeline of when plaque becomes risky, "you can start the process of a cavity by not brushing once, absolutely," says Dr. Shilowitz, especially if your occasional forgetfulness is more frequent than you'd like to admit. (We won't tell.) However, doing a so-so job brushing can be just as bad, Shilowtiz warns. at twice-a-day routine is no joke, preferably with fluoride toothpaste and a so -bristled brush. Each brushing session should last about two minutes and cover all surfaces of the teeth, not just the parts we see when we smile, she says. e ADA also recommends flossing once a day and seeing a dentist regularly to take care of the rest (like that tartar, which only a dentist can truly clean, she says). Also, no cheating: Gum, mints and mouthwash are no brushing replacements. All three can give your mouth a fresher feel, says Shilowtiz, but "brushing and flossing are the only ways to effectively, physically remove the plaque." EDDY R. PORQUE CEPILLAR LOS DIENTES ES IMPORTANTE? Usted probablemente ya sabe que la Asociación Dental Americana recomienda cepillar sus perlas blancas dos vecesal día. Usted también probablemente sabe que cepillar sus dientes es una de las maneras más fáciles de evitar ahuyentar a su posible pareja. Pero el cepillado es importante por razones más allá del aliento fresco. Salte una sesión y estará en camino de fomentar el crecimiento de acumulación de bacteria en formade placa, lo cual puede llevar a caries y a enfermedad de laencía. A la mitad del día, pase su lengua por sus dientes alrededor de la línea de la encía. Encontrará algo adhesivo o crespo Dra. Harvey Shilowitz, DDS, dentista en el Bronx, le dice a Todays Family News. Eso es placa. Cepillarse, afortunadamente, interrumpe esa bacteria de modo que no pueda permanecer, dice ella, porque si permanece, comienza a atacar sus dientes. Además, mientras más tiempo la placa está en un lugar, más probablemente se convierte en cálculo, ese material duro y amarillo, material áspero que usted a veces siente entre los dientes que puede causar inflamación y sangrado en las encías, dice ella. Déjelo sin tratar por mucho tiempo, y usted podría arriesgarse a perder los dientes. Mientras no hay exactamente un lapso preciso de tiempo de cuando la placa se convierte en riesgo, usted puedecomenzar el proceso de una carie no cepillándose una vez, absolutamente, dice la Dra. Shilowitz, en especial si su olvido ocasional es más frecuente de lo que le gustaría admitir. (No le diremos a nadie.) Sin embargo, hacer un trabajo de cepillado a medias puede ser igual de malo, Shilowitz advierte. Esa rutina de dosveces al día no es broma, preferiblemente con pasta de fluoruro y un cepillo de hilo suave. Cada sesión de cepillado debe de durar alrededor de dos minutos y cubrir todas las superficies de los dientes, no sólo las partes que podemos ver cuando sonreímos, dice ella. La ADA también recomienda pasar hilo a los dientes una vez al día y ver a un dentista regularmente para encargarse del resto (como aquel cálculo, que sólo un dentista puede realmente limpiar, dice ella). También, sin trampa. Gomas de mascar, mentas y enjuagues bucales no son reemplazo para el cepillado. Los tres pueden dar a su boca una sensación más fresca, dice Shilowitz, pero el cepillado y el hilo son las únicas maneras de efectivamente, físicamente remover la placa.

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6 6 NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH: THE IMPORTANCE OF DETECTION AND YEARLY EXAMS. According to the American Cancer Society there are six main stages in the Breast Cancer journey Dr. Bonanno says: Suspicion, Diagnosis, Treatment Options, During Treatment, After Treatment, and the Rest of your Life. Let s describe the first stage of Suspicion: in this stage you can talk with your spouse or partner, call your doctor, and arrange for exam with your doctor; discuss why you are concerned, ask about what tests may be used, undergo testing and wait for your tests results. After the mammogram, consult another doctor. The second stage is Diagnosis. Consider taking a friend or family member along with you to listen to the test result and take notes says Dr. Bonanno. Talk to your doctor about the test results and what they mean. Ask your doctor if you can tape-record your discussions. Make a list of questions to ask, including questions about what type and stage of breast cancer you have. Get a second opinion. Discuss who will make up your medical team. Put together your personal support team. Record your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Stage three is Treatment Options. Take time to research your treatment options. Talk to your medical team about all options. Explore information on clinical trials and complementary therapies. Learn about breast reconstruction options. Talk to women who have experienced breast cancer. Talk with your family about what to expect during treatment. Find out about your insurance coverage. Learn about and begin financial planning. The fourth step is During Treatment. Communicate openly and work collaboratively with your medical team. Let others take charge at home. Use complementary therapies approved by your doctor. Lean on friends and family for support. Establish a process to deal with paperwork, insurance and medical records. The fifth stage is called After Treatment. In it you celebrate completed treatment. Adjust emotionally to life after breast cancer, network with other women in similar situations. Get your life back and take up old and new activities. Help your family recover and take on former roles. Establish a timeline for returning to work. Manage your recovery with healthy habits, diet and exercise. The last stage is the Rest of your Life. Explore your life goals and set new goals. Help others. Follow up with your exam schedules. Acknowledge and address fear of recurrence. Keep a healthy lifestyle and balance your expectations. Remember: with prompt and proper treatment, breast cancer doesn t need to be a death sentence. EDDY R.

7 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW 7 Yes, I Am One of New York s Most Effective and Proficient Legislators You should know that through the years, I have received a lot of media attention for standing strong for my Christian beliefs especially for my opposition to gay marriage and abortion but the story about my record as one of New York s most effective and proficient Democratic legislators is routinely ignored. You should know that since I was elected to the New York State Senate in 2002, there are many, many pieces of legislation that I have sponsored. I have worked hard with my colleagues to get my bills out of their respective committees and out to the Senate Floor for a vote. I have to say that the walls in my Albany Office are so crowded with my bills that have been signed into law, that I might need more wall space in 2015! See the attached photo which includes my sixteen bills and other bills which I have been prime co-sponsor. My most recent bill, S.6732-A was signed into law on August 6, is bill, sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, will protect New Yorkers from immigration assistance fraud. is was one of many victories for the Diaz Team. You should know that when your political party is in the minority and it does not control the Senate, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to pass any legislation. In my twelve years as a New York State Senator, being in the minority and with all my beliefs and traditional philosophies, I have introduced many pieces of legislation and sixteen, I repeat, sixteen of my bills have been signed into law, making me one of the most, if not THE most, effective Democratic Senator in the New York State Senate. In 2005, I introduced bill number S.2234-A, which was signed into law and became Chapter 526. is law increases state penalties for dog attacks causing serious physical injury; increases the amount fines from eight hundred dollars to fi een hundred dollars and from one thousand to three thousand dollars respectively; permits restitution payments to offset state and NYC fines; and, permits the imposition of dog restrictions on parolees. In 2007, I introduced bill number S.3167, which was signed into law and became Chapter 48. is law relates to providing companion pets for seniors and instruction in the humane treatment of animals; provides for the office for the aging to operate programs to match seniors with companion pets to improve the lives of such seniors, and for the office for the aging to work with other entities to provide such programs. In 2008, I introduced bill number S.7014, which was signed into law and became Chapter 501. is law authorizes certain housing preferences for police force members in cities with a population of one hundred thousand or more. In 2009 two of my bills became law. ey are S.3163 which became Chapter 107 and provides that the city of New York may re-convey certain property taken in tax foreclosure in the borough of the Bronx to the original owner, and bill number S.6091 which became Chapter 482 and provides that a person is guilty of aggravated murder when such person causes the death of a child and acted in an especially cruel and wanton manner. In 2010, three of my bills became law. ey are S which became Chapter 49 and requires third-party notification prior to termination of long-term care and health insurance for persons 65 and older; bill number S.7647 which became Chapter 348 and relates to eligibility under the naturally occurring retirement community supportive service program; provides that an individual over the age of sixty need not be the head of the household to qualify under the program; and bill number S.7512-A which became Chapter 410 and allows consideration of in-kind support when determining grantees of the naturally occurring retirement communities supportive service program. In 2011, five of my bills became law. ey are bill number S.1313-B which became Chapter 191 and establishes the offense of prostitution in a school zone and promoting prostitution in a school zone; bill number S.1753 which became Chapter 263 and requires the state office for the aging to review programs addressing the needs of the aging veteran population; bill number S.331-A which became Chapter 270 and includes assisted living residences within the definition of long term care facilities for certain purposes; requires assisted living residences to permit access to such facilities by the long term care ombudsman; bill number S.5375 which became Chapter 320 and relates to matching funds for grants under the naturally occurring retirement community supportive service program; and, bill number S.333 which became Chapter 452 and authorizes the city of New York to re-convey its interest in certain real property acquired by in rem tax foreclosure in the borough of Bronx to former owner St. Peter's Lutheran Church. In 2012, the two of my bills became law. ey are bill number S. 502-A which became Chapter 111 and relates to the senior citizen energy packaging pilot program and bill number S.6237 which became Chapter 201 and relates to the collection of supervision fees from persons on community supervision and provides that the department of corrections may promulgate rules and regulations to establish alternative methods for payment of supervision fees. So far in 2014, and the year is not over yet, one of my bills has become law. Bill number S.6732-A became Chapter 206 and relates to implementing the immigrant assistance service enforcement act. Ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful to my constituents who continue to place their trust in me to serve them and to represent them. And even though my accomplishments in the Senate may not receive the same attention that my defense for traditional marriage and the protection of human life receive, I am very proud to be one of New York State s most effective and proficient legislators. You should know that being able to have sixteen pieces of legislation become law in twelve years is not such a bad record for this black Puerto Rican, with kinky hair and broken English. is is Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and in my humble opinion, this is what you should know. New York State Senator Rev. Rubin Diaz Sr.

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9 9 GRAND PA CORNER THIS SCAM CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE, AT ANY RETAIL OR WHOLESALE LOCATION!!! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH: HOW TO RECOGNIZE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND WHAT TO DO e abuse of women and children has taken place in all stages of History. e magnitude of domestic crimes varies from family to family and from country to country. Victims of family violence should seek medical treatment. ere is documentation of various domestic fatalities in which family members kill each other. It is also common to see women battered by their husbands and subjected to marital rape. ere is also the phenomenon of battered men and elderly abuse. Child abuse can be recognized as well, especially sexual abuse. A special form of child mistreatment is incest and other child sexual victimizations. Sometimes violence takes the form of sibling abuse or parent abuse. ere are several symptoms of domestic crimes which include substance abuse, intimate abuse and family abuses. We should also identify the cycle of family violence and other crimes. According to R. Barri Flowers, Family crimes, such as domestic violence and child abuse, have commonly been associated with a number of causal factors and determinants. ese include: -social and economic elements such as poverty, class, and education -a history of child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse -a cycle of familial violence or criminality -substance abuse -mental illness -depression -stress -sexual problems in the marriage -illegitimate, unwanted or special needs children -predisposing familial violent personality characteristics in abusers or abused. In finding your way through domestic abuse, you should first come to terms with your situation; you should understand partner abuse and discover when and how to leave. You need also to learn how to cope with harassment. e second step is taking back your life. is means setting boundaries, preparing for and finding support and healing the damage. e third step is moving forward. You need to be ready to say goodbye and let go, in the end finding peace. EDDY R. I bought a bunch of stuff, over $150, & I glanced at my receipt as the cashier was handing me the bags. I saw a cash-back of $40. I told her I didn t request a cash back & to delete it. She said I d have to take the $40 because she couldn t delete it. I told her to call a supervisor. Supervisor came & said I d have to take it! I said NO! Taking the $40 would be a cash advance against my Discover & I wasn t paying interest on the cash advance!!!!! If they couldn t delete it then they would have to delete the whole order. So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order & rescan everything! e second time I looked at the electronic tab before I signed & a cash-back of $20 popped up. At that point I told the cashier & she deleted it. e total came out right. the cashier agreed that the electronic pad must be defective. (yeah, right!) Obviously the cashier knew the electronic pad wasn t defective because she NEVER offered me the $40 at the beginning. Can you imagine how many people went through before me & at the end of her shi how much money she pocketed? Just to alert everyone. My coworker went to Milford, DE Wal-Mart last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier. e cashier hurried her along and didn t give her a receipt. She asked the cashier for a receipt and the cashier was annoyed and gave it to her. My coworker didn t look at her receipt until later that night. e receipt showed that she asked for $20 cash back. SHE DID NOT ASK FOR CASH BACK! My coworker called Wal-Mart who investigated but could not see the cashier pocket the money. She then called her niece who works for the bank and her niece told her is is a new scam. e cashier will key in that you asked for cash back and then hand it to her friend who is the next person in line. Please, please, please check your receipts right away when using credit or debit cards! is is NOT limited to Wal-Mart, although they are the largest retailer so they have the most incidents. I am adding to this. My husband and I were in Wal-Mart North Salisbury and paying with a credit card. When my husband went to sign the credit card signer, he just happened to notice there was a $20 cash back added. He told the cashier that he did not ask nor want cash back and she said this machine has been messing up and she canceled it. We didn t think anything of it until we read this . I wonder how many seniors have been, or will be, stung by this one???? Urban legends.

10 10 Merchants Distributors vv Pharmacy & Surgical 275 E Court Stationary 90 E Blimpie 196 E 161 Boost Mobile 304 E Boost Mobile 327 E Boost Mobile 94 E Citident 230 E Eat Healthy 86 E EYE Express 210 E Easy Pickins # E F.K. Exotic Gourment Food 178 E Flavas Grill 845 Gerard Ave Feel Good Pharmacy rd Ave Leff Prescription Ctr. 70 E Molino Rojo Rest. 101 E Metro PCS 220 E Metro Pharmacy 342 E New Honey Nails 287 E OZ Pharmacy 322 E Petland 220 E Stadium Wireless Corp 283 E Jackson Hewitt 882 Gerard Ave Asika Fine Jewelry 526 E. 138 ST Alpoa Mahadkar, D.D.S 534 E 138 ST Boostmobile 570 E 138 ST Bronx Sports 518 E 138 ST China House 570 E 138 ST Central Pharmacy & Surgicals 423 E Canas Shop 526 E 138 ST D Sweet Rose Beauty Salon 514 E 138 ST Delgado Travel 546 E 138 ST El Bravo Party Supply E 138 ST Freash Kuts Barber Shop 235 Brook Ave Lefty Furniture 538 E 138 ST N.J. 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11 11 ILLEGAL S KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! DERECHOS LEGALES DE INMIGRANTES ILEGALES Illegal immigrants living and o en working in the United States have some rights under the U.S. Constitution, their immigration status. Aspects of the Constitution that address human rights apply to everyone, even those without proper documentation. Some states grant illegal immigrants certain rights as well. Constitutional Rights Even if you're in the country illegally, the Fi h and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution apply to you. is means that if someone sues you, you have the right to receive notice and to defend yourself. e Fourth Amendment also protects your rights just as it protects those of legal citizens. Law enforcement can't seize and search your property without probable cause. Illegal immigrants have the right to file lawsuits, such as discrimination suits, in federal court. State laws vary, but some jurisdictions give you the right to sue in state court as well. Defense Against Removal You have the right to defend yourself against deportation or removal from the United States. If immigration officials discover that you're living in the country illegally, you have the right to a hearing. e government can't simply send you home without one. You also have the right to an attorney, but the government doesn't have to pay for one on your behalf. No Right to Work It's against federal law for an employer to hire an undocumented immigrant - someone whose doesn't have a green card, visa, or naturalization documents. ese individuals are "undocumented workers." Employers are responsible for taking measures to make sure they don't hire undocumented workers. However, they sometimes hire them unknowingly. Once you're hired, you have certain rights. However, if you're hurt on the job, you have the right to collect worker's compensation benefits in some states. You may even have the right to collect disability insurance if you paid into it from your paychecks. You have the right to organize or join a union to force better working conditions. Protections Against Discrimination Illegal immigrants cannot be discriminated against on the basis of nationality, by employers or anyone else. Employers must ask you for your legal authorization to be in the United States before they can hire you, but they can't single you out and ask only you, or only individuals of your nationality. Asking for documentation must be company policy, covering all workers. An Immigration Lawyer Can Help e law surrounding the legal rights of undocumented immigrants is complicated. Plus, the facts of each case are unique. is article provides a brief, general introduction to the topic. For more detailed, specific information, please contact an immigration lawyer. Inmigrantes ilegales que viven y a menudo trabajan en los Estados Unidos tienen algunos derechos bajo la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, a pesar de su status migratorio. Aspectos de la Constitución que abordan los derechos humanos aplican a todo el mundo, incluso a aquellos sin propia documentación. Algunos estados conceden a los inmigrantes ilegales ciertos derechos al igual. Derechos constitucionales Incluso si usted está en el país ilegalmente, la quinta y la decimocuarta enmiendas de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos aplican a usted. Esto significa que si alguien le demanda usted tiene derecho de recibir nota y de defenderse. La cuarta enmienda también protege sus derechos al igual que como protege los de ciudadanos legales. Reforzadores de la ley no pueden agarrar y buscar en su propiedad sin causa probable. Inmigrantes ilegales tienen el derecho de llenar demandas, tales como demandas de discriminación, en corte federal. Las leyes estatales varían, pero algunas jurisdicciones le dan a usted el derecho de demandar en cortes estatales a su vez. Defensa contra remoción Usted tiene el derecho de defenderse contra deportación o remoción de los Estados Unidos. Si oficiales de inmigración descubren que usted está viviendo en el país ilegalmente, usted tiene el derecho a una vista. El gobierno no puede simplemente enviarlo a su país sin una. Usted también tiene derecho a un abogado, pero el gobierno no tiene que pagar por uno en representación de usted. No tiene derecho a trabajar Está contra la ley federal el que un empleador contrate a un inmigrante indocumentado alguien que no tiene tarjeta verde, visa o documentos de naturalización. Estos individuos son trabajadores indocumentados. Loso empleadores son responsables de tomar medidas para asegurarse de no emplear trabajadores indocumentados. Sin embargo, ellos a veces los contratan sin saber. Una vez usted está contratado, usted tiene ciertos derechos. Derechos si usted está trabajando A los inmigrantes ilegales les está negado colectar seguro de desempleo en la mayoría de los estados porque una condición de seguro de desempleo es usualmente que el empleado esté dispuesto y capaz de trabajar. Los trabajadores indocumentados no son técnicamente capaces de trabajar, así que no cualifican. Sin embargo, si usted se hiere en el trabajo, usted tiene el derecho de colectar beneficios de compensación laboral en algunos estados. Usted podría incluso tener el derecho a colectar seguro de incapacidad si usted lo pagó de su salario. Usted tiene el derecho a organizar o unirse a una unión para forzar mejores condiciones de trabajo. Protección contra la discriminación Los inmigrantes ilegales no pueden ser discriminados sobre la base de nacionalidad, por empleadores o cualquier otra persona. Los empleadores deben pedirle a usted autorización para estar en los Estados Unidos antes de emplearle, pero no pueden tomarlo aparte y preguntarle sólo a usted, o a individuos de su nacionalidad. Preguntar por documentación debe ser política de la compañía, cubriendo a todos los trabajadores. Rights if You Are Working Illegal immigrants are blocked from collecting unemployment insurance in most states, because a condition of unemployment insurance is usually that the employee must be willing and able to work. Undocumented workers are not technically able to work, so they don't qualify. Un abogado de inmigración puede ayudarle La ley alrededor de los derechos legales de inmigrantes indocumentados es complicada. Además, los hechos de cada caso son únicos. Este artículo provee una introducción breve y general al tópico. Para información más detallada y específica, por favor contacte a un abogado de inmigración.

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14 14 HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH: HISPANIC CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRONX Hispanic people have made outstanding contributions to the Bronx, comprising human services, education, and cultural development, among other areas of interest. Latinos are among the largest and fastest growing ethnic groups in the borough since the mid-twentieth century. e Bronx is a premier county in which businesses are predominantly owned by Latinos. Latinos have contributed to the Bronx in different realms such as intellectual, business initiative and cultural advancement. Intellectually, there is a large bilingual community excelling in the customer service area and human resources, as well as in the college experience, counting with award-winning Hispanic college students. ere are plenty of well achieved Hispanic writers in all genera contributing to the rich diversity of cultural developments. Rich poetry comes from the fusion of languages, giving the Hispanic poets an unparalleled voice in the Bronx. e mix of English and Spanish makes verses obtain a romantic aura, as well as different opportunities to instill experimentation and originality. Another contribution of Hispanics to the Bronx is ethnic diversity. e presence of Hispanics of different racial backgrounds leads to more interracial marriage and to the diversification of the population. e more variety we have, the less opportunity there is for discrimination. Also, we shouldn t forget the culinary variety that Hispanic countries have to offer. Each Hispanic country has delightful plates to offer to our taste. We can choose from Puerto Rican and Dominican food to Mexican and South American dishes. Food is relatively inexpensive in the Bronx, and we can obtain great pleasure in its Latino restaurants. Latinos also add a musical appeal to the Bronx experience. Merengue, bachata, salsa and reggae-tone are some of the most popular rhythms heard in the streets of the Bronx, which represents the strong presence of the Dominican and Puerto Rican population in the borough. We can say that American society would not be what it is without the wide variety of contributions made by Hispanic people. is is a country founded by immigrants who struggled to set America as a land of freedom and endless opportunities. Many Hispanic persons have died in the military fighting for democracy and against terrorism. Hispanic students have set competitive standards of excellence. In conclusion, we should gladly celebrate the Hispanic heritage month with the heads up, proud to be part of the Latino population. MES DE LA HERENCIA HIS- PANA: LA CONTRIBUCIÓN HISPANA AL BRONX La gente hispana ha hecho destacadas contribuciones al Bronx, comprendiendo servicios humanos, educación, y desarrollo cultural, entre otras áreas de interés. Los latinos están entre los grupos étnicos más amplios y más rápidos en crecimiento en el área desde mediados del siglo XX. El Bronx es un principal condado en el cual los negocios son predominantemente poseídos por latinos. Los latinos han contribuido al Bronx en diferentes áreas tales como la intelectual, las iniciativas empresariales y avances culturales. Intelectualmente, hay una gran comunidad bilingüe sobresaliendo en el área de servicio al cliente y recursos humanos al igual que en la experiencia universitaria, contando con estudiantes universitarios hispanos que han ganado premios. Hay muchos escritores hispanos bien logrados en todos los géneros contribuyendo a una rica diversidad de desarrollos culturales. Rica poesía viene de la fusión de lenguajes, dando a los poetas hispanos una voz sin precedente en el Bronx. La mezcla del inglés y el español hace que los versos obtengan un aura romántica, al igual que da diferentes oportunidades para impartir experimentación y originalidad. Otra contribución de los hispanos al Bronx es la diversidad étnica. La presencia de hispanos de diferentes orígenes raciales lleva a más matrimonios interraciales y a la diversificación de la población. Mientras más variedad tenemos, menos oportunidad hay para la discriminación. También, no debemos olvidar la variedad culinaria que los países hispanos tienen para ofrecer. Cada país hispano tiene deliciosos platos que ofrecer a nuestro paladar. Podemos escoger desde comida puertorriqueña y dominicana hasta platos mexicanos y suramericanos. La comida es relativamente económica en el Bronx, y podemos obtener gran placer en sus restaurantes latinos. Los latinos también añaden un atractivo musical a la experiencia del Bronx. El merengue, la bachata, la salsa y el reggaetón son algunos de los ritmos populares más oídos en las calles del Bronx, lo cual representa la fuerte presencia de la población dominicana y puertorriqueña en el área. Podemos decir que la sociedad americana no sería lo que es sin la amplia variedad de contribuciones hechas por la gente hispana. Este es un país fundado por inmigrantes que lucharon para convertir a América en una tierra de libertad y oportunidades infinitas. Muchas personas hispanas han muerto en la milicia luchando por la democracia y contra el terrorismo. Estudiantes hispanos han establecido estándares competitivos de excelencia. En conclusión, debemos celebrar felizmente el mes de la herencia hispana con la frente en alto, orgullosos de ser parte de la población latina. EDDY R.

15 15 Borough President Diaz Calls for New Letter Grade System for Salons & Spas Nail Salons, Spas, Barber Shops and Similar Businesses Would be Covered by New System, Similar to Current System Covering NYC's Restaurants Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is introducing legislation in the City Council that would create a new system of letter grades for cosmetology businesses, including nail salons, spas, barber shops, beauty parlors and other similar businesses throughout the five boroughs. e legislation will be introduced at the behest of Borough President Diaz by Council Member Rafael Espinal, chairperson of the City Council's Consumer Affairs committee. e new system will be modeled a er the current letter grading system used by the Department of Health to monitor restaurants and food service establishments. While most salon and spa owners operate clean, reputable establishments, some do not, and they are putting the health and safety of their customers at great risk," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. " e proposals we put forward today will go a long way towards ensuring that the people of this city have a clean and safe atmosphere to get their hair done, to get a manicure or pedicure, or any of the other practices typically found in spas and beauty establishments." In addition to creating a new letter grade and inspection system, Borough President Diaz's proposal also calls for the creation of a "Customer's Bill of Rights," which would be hung conspicuously in each establishment. Borough President Diaz also introduced a resolution calling on the New York State Division of Licensing Services, which provides licensing for cosmetology professionals, to expand its health and safety training options. e proposal comes in response to numerous reports of health and sanitation issues arising from dirty salons and spas. A 2013 report by Sara A. Walsh, titled "Beyond the Polish: An Examination of Hazardous Conditions in Nail Salons and Potential Solutions for the Industry in New York City," noted that unsanitary salons can lead to a variety of hazards, including staph or MRSA, hepatitis, fungus and other infections. Public Advocate Letitia James has also released a report, "How Safe is Your Nail Salon?," which outlined safety hazards facing both customers and employees in nail salons, such as air quality issues created by chemicals used during manicures and pedicures, among other issues. e procedures used in many salons can almost be medical in nature, yet oversight of these businesses is very minimal. is new system will provide the consumer with necessary information they need to make informed choices about the safety of beauty salons, barbershops, spas and other similar businesses. e health and safety of the people of this city is our top priority, and these bills will go a long way towards protecting New Yorkers from unhealthy, potentially dangerous conditions," said Borough President Diaz EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR S NOTE Dear Friends and Business Owners, Message from Rubén Estrada Managing Editor Hope you enjoyed summer and all its fun. Summer months are behind us now but October is one of the most fun Months of the year. Mother Nature puts on a glorious show of beauty with colors that will blow your mind. Indian summers turn into comfortable crisp cool nights. We go in to our storages and remove Halloween decoration to make room for pool supplies, beach chairs, coolers and other summer supplies. I love this time because my whole family gets involved with the decorations. Has a youngster, me and my siblings would work all day on the house while mom baked cookies and dad climbed around trying to outdo last years creations. Like the time he used the baby stroller to create a scary baby to scare kid who walked up to the house. After a fun filled day of decorations, we would go to sleep anticipating the next day. Mom and Dad would take us to the park and on long drives upstate to see Mother Nature in all her glory. October seems the shortest because we couldn t wait for Halloween to come any sooner. Neighbors would come by the house and we would go in groups to other neighborhoods. Off course there was always some egg throwing and shaving cream fights by the Bigger Kids but no one ever got hurt. And after a couple of years you new which neighborhoods were the most generous and had the most candy. October is a great month to continue your outdoor activities with out the discomfort of 90 degree days. So have a fun safe time. Is published monthly and circulated in The Bronx ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Todays Family News 243 E 138 st., Bronx, New York, EDITOR & ADVERTISING MANAGER Tel Daycares All Others ASSISTANT EDITORS Silvano A. Rodríguez O. Romero Eddy M. Addy R. SPECIAL WRITERS New York State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. Mr. Bob Auclair PHOTOGRAPHER Ruben Muniz George Carva EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL MANAGER Ruben Estarda DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Diana Romero HEALTH EDITOR Dr. J. Bonanno BUSINESS EDITORIAL MANAGER Thomas D Arrigo PRINTING ENGINEER Ditmar Schrodt DESIGN GROUP Carlos Rodriguez Younit Pacheco PRESSMAN Edgar Hernandez DIRECTOR OF DISTRIBUTION Jonathan D. ADVERTISING SALES Adrian Romero

16 16 EUROPE AND JAPAN: WITH MORIBUND ECONOMIES Por Silvano A. Rodríguez In one of the last summer editions of the magazine Forbes: yes, the one that addresses so many economic topics and that lets us know the list of the most millionaire men of today s world, its editor-in-chief Steve Forbes, in his permanent section of the magazine, titled Fact and Comment, offered us an article titled Japan and Europe, Killing emselves, but that, translating it to Spanish, I have used it to title the present article of opinion, where I make a, more or less, summary of what he let us know in his column of the cited magazine. I want my readers to realize the economic problems that affect actually the capitalist world and our small countries like ours, the Dominican Republic, dependent of this system. A er the Great Depression of the 30 s and the Second World War, the United States helped to create a system of feeding which permitted Europe and Japan, strongly affected by the war, to have a fast economic recuperation. e monetary system of Bretton Woods, based on gold, assured the stability of the dollar as a worldwide coin for international commerce. e General Agreement of Business Tariffs, which later became the Worldwide Organization of Commerce, gradually reduced the barriers against the international commerce of the United States. By the end of the control they exerted during the war, it was possible to reduce the taxes and government spending. In that opportunity the veterans of war integrated to the productive workforce a er their return to civil life. During more than 25 years, a er the end of the Second World War, Japan and Germany, in numerous occasions, reduced their tax charges and became big worldwide economies. In the actual world financial crisis, that affects primarily Europe and Japan, could the United States lead the world towards its economic recuperation as it did in that occasion a er the Second World War? e world economy is at the border of a cliff. For two occasions, during the last 75 years, the economic power of Washington has taken the necessary action to avoid the collapse. A er November, with the re-composition of the United States Congress, this country again will have the opportunity to save the global economy from another collapse. In spite of the widely recognized recuperation of the North American economy in the 90 s, during the 8 years of Bill Clinton as President of the United States, we should not forget that in the decade of 1970 the United States economy lived moments of uncertainty and stagnation. With the disintegration of the monetary system of Bretton Woods in that decade, the economy suffered an unpredictable inflationary meltdown. e leaderships of Nixon and Carter permitted an inflation that leaded the nation to an irreversible economic declination. Only Ronald Reagan could stop the inflation during the 80 s. George Bush was a disaster, and, as we expose in a previous paragraph, it was Clinton in the 90 s who could apply his little magic wand for the recuperation and enjoyment of the economic surplus of the nation. With George Bush in the presidency, in 2007 the world returned to the economic crisis. All of these disasters were the result of wrong governmental economic politics implemented by the government of Washington based on the war participation in different parts of the world. Actually, European countries and Japan maintain an economic practice that hits the control of expenses and of taxes negatively with an excessive inclusion of cheap money. e political decisions of not reducing expenses enough to be able to recuperate their economies, will lead them to loss-making economies of unpredictable consequences; for which from now they can be prognosticated as moribund economies. In a next article, we will try to expose the measures that these countries pretend to apply for the solution of their big economic problems. EUROPA Y JAPÓN: CON ECONOMÍAS MORIBUNDAS En una de las ediciones del verano pasado de la revista Forbes: si, esa misma que trata tantos temas económicos y que nos deja saber la lista de los hombres más millonarios de la actualidad mundial, su Editor-In-Chief, ( Editor Jefe en español ), Steve Forbes, en su permanente sección de la revista, titulada Fact & Comment, nos brindó un artículo titulado "Japan and Europe, Killing emselves," pero que, al traducirlo al idioma español, yo lo he utilizado para titular el presente artículo de opinión, donde hago un, mas o menos, resumen de lo que él nos dejó saber en su columna de la citada revista. Quiero que mis lectores se den cuenta de los problemas económicos que afectan actualmente al mundo capitalista y a los pequeños paises, como el nuestro, la República Dominicana, dependientes de este sistema. Después de la gran depresión de los años 30 y la segunda guerra mundial, los Estados Unidos ayudaron a crear un sistema de alimentación que permitió que, tanto Europa como Japón, fuertemente afectados por la guerra, tubieran rápida recuperación económica. El sistema monetario de Bretton Woods, basado en el oro, aseguró la estabilidad del dólar como moneda mundial para el comercio internacional. El "Acuerdo General de Tarifas de Negocios," que mas tarde se convirtió en la "Organización Mundial del Comercio," paulatinamente redujo las barreras contra el comercio internacional de los Estados Unidos. Al terminarse ese control que ejercía durante la guerra, se pudieron reducir los impuestos y el gasto gubernamental. En esa oportunidad los veteranos de guerra se integraron a la fuerza laboral productiva tras su retorno a la vida civil. Durante más de 25 años, después del final de la segunda guerra mundial, Japón y Alemania, en numerosas ocasiones, redujeron sus cargas impositivas y se convirtieron en grandes economías mundiales. En la actual crisis financiera mundial, que afecta sobre todo a Europa y Japón, podrán los Estados Unidos liderar al mundo hacia su recuperación económica como lo hizo en aquella ocasión posterior a la segunda guerra mundial? La economía mundial está al borde del precipicio. Por dos ocasiones, durante los últimos 75 años, el poder económico de Washington ha tomado la acción necesaria para evitar el colapso. Después de Noviembre, con la recomposición del Congreso Estadounidense, este país nuevamente tendrá la oportunidad de salvar la economía global de otro colapso. A pesar de la ampliamente reconocida recuperación de la economía norteamerican en los años 90's, durante los 8 años de Bill Clinton como Presidente de los Estados Unidos, no se puede olvidar que en la década de 1970, la economía estadounidense vivió momentos de incertidumbre y estancamiento. Con la desintegración del sistema monetario de Bretton Woods en esa década, la economía sufrió un descalabro inflacionario impredecible. Los gobiernos de Nixon y Carter permitieron una inflación que llevaron a la nación a una declinación económica irreversible. Solo Ronald Reagan pudo detener la inflación durante los 80's. George Bush fué un desastre, y, como expusimos en un párrafo anterior, fué Clinton en los 90's que pudo aplicar su "varita mágica" para la recuperación y el disfrute del superavit económico de la nación. Con George W. Bush en la presidencia, en el 2007 el mundo volvió a la crisis económica. Todos estos desastres fueron el resultado de erroneas políticas económicas gubernamentales implementadas por el gobierno de Washington fundamentadas en la participación bélica en diferentes partes del mundo. En la actualidad, los paises europeos y Japón mantienen una práctica económica que golpea el control de gastos y de impuestos negativamente con una excesiva inclusión de dinero barato. Las decisiones políticas de no reducir suficientemente el gasto para poder recuperar sus economías, los llevarán a economías deficitarias de consecuencias impredecibles; por lo que desde ahora se pueden pronosticar como economías "moribundas." En un próximo artículo trataremos de exponer las medidas que estos paises pretenden aplicar para la solución de sus grandes problemas económicos.

17 17 WELCOME TO THE BRONX! Welcome to e Bronx! From author by Olga Tirado Known by so many different names: the Borough of Universities (12 colleges and universities in total); the Borough of Parks (25 percent of the borough s land mass is natural forest); e Borough of Hospitals; El Condado de la (County of) Salsa (where the music, the dance, the spirit was nurtured and where many of the genre s stars hailed from); e Borough of Bridges (13 in total and only one has a toll); the birthplace of Hip Hop as well as Doo Wop; e Boogie Down, (we have no idea where that moniker came from, but it does sound real cool). It s one of three places whose name is preceded by a definite article (as in THE Hague, THE Vatican, THE BRONX); Heck, we even have our own salute! e Bronx is a phoenix, emerging, literally, out of the ashes of a bygone era which was once a difficult image to shake until now! With New York City shattering its own record of visitors year a er year, there is a growing trend among travelers to venture beyond the traditional tourist attractions and explore new and unique experiences. e Bronx is welcoming, not only the intrepid travelers, but those with a genuine curiosity about this fascinating borough, its rich history as well as its authentic, unflinching personality. Since 2013 we have been deluged with positive national and international coverage from top tier travel media in France, Germany, Ireland and Canada, proving more and more that it is a viable destination for global travelers. We have been on the cover of the travel section of the Toronto Star and travel guides are now expanding their Bronx offerings. Most are quite familiar with what e Bronx Tourism Council refers to as e Big 3 : the iconic Bronx Zoo, with over 4,000 animals representing more than 600 species; the world-class New York Botanical Garden, spanning approximately 250 acres of parkland; and Yankee Stadium, home to the most storied franchise in Major League Baseball s history. But what is fast becoming common knowledge is that there are many more points of interest in this borough of 1.4 million people. ere is Wave Hill, a spectacular 28-acre public garden and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River. e Bronx also has a vibrant multi-disciplinary arts community and several galleries such as the Longwood Arts Center, Lehman Art Gallery, BRAC on the Block (Bronx River Art Center), Elise Contemporary, the Bronx Documentary Center and e Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Andrew Freedman Home, which doubles as a guest house. Performance houses such as Lehman Center for the Performing Arts and Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture welcomes opera, ballet, contemporary dance and concert acts from around the globe.pregones eatre offers cultural and bilingual productions which include plays and music. ere is the Bronx Museum, e Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, the Van Cortlandt House Museum, the Valentine-Varian House Museum (aka the Museum of Bronx History) and Edgar Allen Poe s Cottage, where the writer and poet lived and wrote some of his most famous masterpieces such as Eulalie, Annabel Lee and e Bells. Visitors can participate in several walking tours of historic places such as Little Italy in Belmont (also known as Arthur Avenue) and Little Ireland in Woodlawn; the Grand Concourse and more. e Bronx Trolley takes visitors on arts and culture tours; urban farms and community gardens tours; a tour of City Island s rich nautical history; spring and fall action tours, fun, interactive hiking, biking, food and foliage tours. e annual Tour de Bronx is the largest free cycling event in New York State, bringing nearly 6,000 avid and casual cyclists together to ride a 40 or 25 mile course through 61 neighborhoods, waterfronts and parks. Savor e Bronx Restaurant Week offers visitors the opportunity to savor the flavors of the borough s diverse restaurants, sampling dishes from the Caribbean, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and Africa. May brings the long-awaited annual Bronx Week: an 11-day borough-wide celebration where business, community and political leaders come together to honor the best of the borough. e last weekend of Bronx Week brings us a Saturday night star-studded black-tie affair honoring our Bronx Walk of Fame inductees famous Bronxites who have made us proud. e celebration culminates in an induction ceremony where honorees street sign is unveiled surrounded by invited guests and media and it s off to a parade, concert and a food and arts festival. e summer sizzles in August as thousands descend upon Orchard Beach (aka, e Bronx Riviera) during the annual Bronx SalsaFest: a full month-long celebration of the music and dance that has become a global phenomenon. Salseros (Salsa dancers) come from all over the world to see top Salsa performers while they show off their moves under the sun and on the sand. ere are street festivals, block parties, book signings, and panel discussions all centered on the subject of Salsa: the dance, the music, the stars. is season also features several cultural festivals such as Ferragosto in the famous Arthur Avenue (the real Little Italy), the International Food Show and numerous community and business block parties. I look forward to keeping you updated about happenings in e Bronx. Tourism has never been stronger. e time is right to discover or REdiscover THE BRONX!

18 18 ITALIAN HERITAGE MONTH From the beginning of U.S. history, Italians have supported American independence. ree Italian regiments, totaling some 1,500 men, fought for American independence: the ird Piemonte, the 13th Du Perche, and the Royal Italian. Filippo Mazzei, a Tuscan physician, fought alongside omas Jefferson and Patrick Henry during the American Revolution. Mazzei drew up a plan to capture the British in New York by cutting off their sea escape, and convinced France to help the American colonists financially and militarily in their struggle against British rule. He also inspired the Jeffersonian phrase: "All men are created equal" when he wrote "All men are by nature equally free and independent." Italian Americans have distinguished themselves in literature, the fine arts and classical music. is fact sheet represents only a small cross-section of their achievements. LETTER Ed McBain (b.1926), author of e Black Board Jungle, and inventor of the police procedural novel, has written 94 novels with 100 million copies in print inmany languages. He was born Salvatore Albert Lombino and grew up in New York's East Harlem and North Bronx. Early in his career, publishers warned him that "Lombino" was too hard to pronounce and might hurt sales. He uses several pen names, the most familiar being "McBain" for his detective stories and "Evan Hunter" for his more literary works. ART Costantino Brumidi, ( ) who emigrated to the United States in 1852, is the "Michelangelo" of the U.S. Capitol. Among his many achievements is the painting of the huge Capitol interior dome as well as the decoration of the President's Room, where Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Brumidi started his career in Rome where he became known for restoration of classic works. In 1855 he began working on the Capitol dome and dedicated the rest of his life to embellishing the Capitol. CLASSICAL MUSIC AND OPERA David Del Tredici, renown contemporary composer and Pulitzer Prize winner, was born in 1937 in California. He based a series of works on "Alice in Wonderland" and is recognized for his compositions for large orchestras. His works include "Pop-Pourri", "An Alice Symphony", "Child Alice" and "In Memory of a Summer Day", for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in Legendary Italian Americans have set records in America's favorite sport Billy Martin, born Alfred Manuel Pesano, became the first Italian American manager to win a World Series when he led the New York Yankees to victory in Four other Italian Americans managers have led their teams to World Series victories: Tommy Lasorda led the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981 and 1988, Joe Altobelli of the Baltimore Orioles in 1983, Tony LaRussa of the Oakland Athletics in 1989, and Joe Torre of the New York Yankees in 1996 and Known as " e Yankee Clipper," Joseph Paul DiMaggio, the son of Sicilian immigrants in California, had a 56-game hitting streak in 1941 which still stands as the longest in baseball history. He retired with a.325 lifetime batting average, 361 home runs, and 1,537 runs batted in, and was voted American League Most Valuable Player three times (1939, 1941 and 1947) during the 13 seasons he played for the New York Yankees. In 1936, the defensive center fielder won a position on the Yankees team. In 1950, Joe DiMaggio was voted the "Greatest Living Player" of baseball and in 1955, only four years a er his retirement, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He died March 8, 1999 at age 84. Italian Americans have developed some of America's largest industries and corporations. e Bank of America, the largest bank in the country, was established in 1904 by Amadeo Pietro ("A.P.") Giannini ( ) in San Francisco. In 1919, he innovated the system of branch banking. Originally called the Bank of Italy, it changed names in 1928 and, in 1998 merged with NationsBank Corp. Giannini financed the Golden Gate Bridge, and the fledgling film industry, including Cecil B. DeMille's "Ten Commandments," and Disney's "Snow White," as well as California's aerospace and agricultural industries. e founders of both Blimpie and Subway Sandwich chains are Italian American. ere are now over 2,000 Blimpies in the U.S. and 13 foreign countries with a net worth of $38 million, thanks to Anthony Conza, who founded the first Blimpie in New Jersey in Fred De Luca borrowed $1,000 at age 17 to start his first sandwich shop. Today, he counts 13,136 Subways in 64 countries and is worth $3 billion. Mr. Peanut and the Planters Peanut Company were created by Italian immigrants Amedeo Obici and Mario Peruzzi in 1887 in Pennsylvania. By 1930, the partners had four huge factories, and raked in over $12 million annually. Obici was called " e Peanut King". Lee Iacocca, (born "Lido"), brought the Chrysler Corporation back from the brink of bankruptcy during the mid-1980s. e company was in the black within a month of his tenure as chairman. He resigned in Tropicana was founded in 1947 by Anthony Rossi as a Florida fruit packaging company. In 1954, Rossi pioneered a pasteurization process for orange juice. For the first time consumers could have not-fromconcentrate orange juice in a ready-to-serve package. In 1978, Rossi sold his company to Beatrice Foods. It is now owned by PepsiCo, which bought it in Today, Tropicana is the world's largest producer of fruit juices. ey are sold in 23 countries with sales of $2.5 billion a year. Italian Americans have been part of the American political scene for more than 200 years. e words in the Declaration of Independence, "All men are created equal" were suggested to omas Jefferson by Filippo Mazzei, a Tuscan physician, business man, pamphleteer and Jefferson's friend and neighbor. Mazzei's original words were "All men are by nature equally free and independent." Two of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Italian origin: William Paca and Caesar Rodney. Paca was one of the first senators in the Maryland state legislature, governor of Maryland (1782 to 1785) and a major general during the Revolutionary War. Rodney of Delaware, descended from the Adelmare family in Treviso, is most remembered for his courageous ride to Philadelphia in July ough sick with cancer, he rode through thunder and rain to arrive just in time to vote for independence. Italian Americans have participated and have pioneered many successes to America. Goto for the amazing contributions Italian s have made.

19 19

20 20 ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE OF TURKS AND CAICOS Tired of the stress of daily life? Do you think you deserve replenishing vacations in family? We all at one point have felt the need of taking a rest and of renewing our spirit. For this reason we recommend the tropical beaches of Turks and Caicos. A er enjoying these vacations, we couldn t be the same. e hospitality found and the adventures obtained remain as a mark printed in our memory. As a family of four, we traveled to Turks and Caicos, where we obtained excellent lodging service and a wide variety of activities at Beaches resorts. Participating in scuba diving permitted us to discover the multicolor marvels of the sea. We counted on entertainment for children of all ages, first class food, bars and pubs for adults and a good moment together in beautiful beaches. We were able to participate in various beach sports: volleyball, tennis, basketball, golf, table tennis, beach soccer, gym, billiards, golf in miniature, croquet, among other games. We enjoyed Pirate Island, marvelous waterpark, one of the best of the Caribbean, with exciting slides. We had enjoyments never imagined before. We went to the lazy river to float all together in family. ere were options of enjoyment for toddlers, besides professional nursery. For infants-24 months they offer cradles, little cars, rocking chairs, age-appropriate toys, snacks and play time. For ages 2-4 they have the Caribbean adventure with Sesame Street and daily activities of characters, big pools for toddlers, face painting, treasure hunting, construction of sand castle and shell collection. For ages 5-7 they have baseball, football, time to read stories, natural explorations, arts and cra s, swimming and races. For ages 8-10 they have treasure hunting, golf clinics and tennis, navigation and kayak, diving, beach explorations, basketball and pool games. For toddlers there is extra enjoyment by sharing with Sesame Street characters. ey have parades to dance in the streets. Scene spectacles also are available in which Sesame Street characters join to put up a spectacle for the enjoyment of the whole family. We were attracted by the singing and dancing that invited us to join. We began the day and ended the night with special friends, perfect complement for any vacation at Beaches. We counted on a variety of weekly activities, such as Baking with Cookie Monster and dancing in the party of Elmo and his friends. We joined the surprise moment of the Tea of Elmo and Abby Cadabby and participated in the Super Scientific Fair of Super Grover. We went to observe the birds with Big Bird. For the kids, Beaches is a place to make the imagination fly. Once they join the camp V.I.K. (Very Important Kids), they are free to engage in their own adventures always under expert professional supervision. e supervisors are discreet and kind, which makes the kids feel at ease. ere is a huge variety of activities for kids: beach Olympics, fashion events, Xbox games, beach volleyball, beach soccer, golf clinic, karaoke, big-screen movies, waterpark, billiard, rowing and boat sailing. Beaches is a place where teens can practice their Independence. e beach shack is totally nice, literally in the beach and is only for adolescents. Perfect place to spend time well and relax. e youngsters count on the beach, the ocean, sports and places, making of Beaches a definitely epic vacation. Following are some of the activities for teens: refreshing hanging out only for adolescents, liquid disco, big-screen movies and talent shows, Xbox games room, diving and water sports, golf and tennis clinics, reggae jam sessions, bonfire parties, fun sailing experiences and youngster excursions Island Routes. In our trip to Turks and Caicos we ventured to discover real Caribbean adventures. We achieved to live in a funnier form. We got out of our comfort zone and submerged in the heart of the islands with Island Routes Caribbean Adventures. It is a real island experience where rowing, grabbing the rein, exploring fresh peaks and enjoying rich flavors are the experiences that become lasting memories. Island Routes offer the adventure seekers award winning Caribbean experiences, putting together and certifying the primary excursions that show the culture, beauty and natural resources of Turks and Caicos. We rejuvenated with the award-winning spa Red Lane, blessed sanctuary where the island aromatic therapies magically erase the stress of the routines of daily life. e complete menu of services offers something to everyone. We indulged in couple massage and created idyllic memories with a special day of mother-daughter. We indulged our inner epicurean with the unlimited variety of tantalizing flavors, from specialties of Caribbean island and hand-rolled sushi to Neapolitan pizzas and French pastries created with the freshest local ingredients. Adults and kids, we equally were able to enjoy the opportunity to eat 24/7, knowing that at Beaches everything is included and unlimited. We embarked in a culinary adventure where the most demanding tastes are pleased with an exceptional variety of delicious cuisines. e program of Discovery Dining in Beaches exhibits up to nineteen different restaurants by resort, all of them included and unlimited. From west to East, Italy to France, and from Great Britain to the Caribbean, the cuisines at Beaches bring a smile to each one.

juntos por la salud mental

juntos por la salud mental avanzamos! juntos por la salud mental Edición No. 15 Cómo los grupos comunitarios pueden tener impacto Grassroots Advocacy: How You Can Make a Difference Adentro: Trabajemos juntos para evitar cortes a

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As Christmas approaches,


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La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors

La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors La V Voz Volume 24 Number 8 A Bi-cultural Publication August, 2013 Free Gratis (512) 944-4123 Inside this Issue An Interview with Dolores Treviño NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors Delia

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La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers.

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers. La Voz Free Gratis Volume 9 Number 1 A Bi-cultural Publication January 2014 (512) 944-4123 Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 &

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se abre para inscripciones

se abre para inscripciones VOL 18 No. 11 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 20 de Noviembre, 2014 * Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City Your latino connection since 1996 Tú conexión latina desde 1996

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WE ARE LIVING TONY S LEGACY, SAID HERN A NDE Z vol. 13 no. 18 KANSAS CITY PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 7 DE ENERO DEL 2010 2009 Was a Mixed Ride in KCK Debra DeCoster Joe Reardon was re-elected to his second term in office.

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Una multitud estimada entre

Una multitud estimada entre PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 VOL 16 No. 19 Concerned Student asked El Pachuco, how does one go about stopping shooting near high schools. See page 6. Estudiante preocupado preguntó a

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A Fragile Trust, a documentary on Jayson Blair s impact on

A Fragile Trust, a documentary on Jayson Blair s impact on WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 34 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 2 de marzo de 2014 UTSA brings first open compute lab to North America By Natalie Bobadilla San Antonio is about to get tech

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Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO

Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO VOLUME 35 ISSUE 6 WWW.EL-OBSERVADOR.COM FEBRUARY 7-13, 2014 Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10 Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 PHOTO COURTESY: THE PEOPLES COOK 2 CALENDAR

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03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse. Consejos prácticos para incrementar sus ventas. Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito

03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse. Consejos prácticos para incrementar sus ventas. Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito special EdItIoN EdIcIóN EspEcIAL VOl. 23, No. 17 UNa PUblICaCION DEl 03 diseño ilustración: ana maria hinkhouse BILINGÜE BILINGUAL personal finances Estrategias para mejorar su puntaje de crédito business

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Police Hope Community Forum Calms Northeast Residents Fears La Policía Espera Que el Foro Comunitario Calme el Miedo de los Residentes Noreste

Police Hope Community Forum Calms Northeast Residents Fears La Policía Espera Que el Foro Comunitario Calme el Miedo de los Residentes Noreste PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 Volume 13 Number 43 01 DE JULIO DEL 2010 Financial education starts at Mexican Consul KC office La educación financiera

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LOCAL. Spring 2013. for working America. Local 888 President Message... 2-3

LOCAL. Spring 2013. for working America. Local 888 President Message... 2-3 LOCAL a VOICEUFCW888 for working America News Issue Local 888 President Message... 2-3 Notice of Nominations & Elections...4 Atlantic City Outing... 5 Local 888 Picnic...6-7 Local 888 Walkathon...8-9 Local

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Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN

Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 NORTHERN MANHATTAN S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER NOW EVERY WEDNESDAY TODOS LOS MIERCOLES washington Heights Inwood HARLEM EAST HARLEM EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE

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707 864-2000 o 510 734-0367. Evan Livingstone Abogado Se Habla Español

707 864-2000 o 510 734-0367. Evan Livingstone Abogado Se Habla Español 1 0 P E R I ó D I C O B I L I N G ü E L A V O Z W W W. L A V O Z. U S. C O M O C T U b r e 2 0 1 3 707.546.3600 N A M I N G S P O N S O R 707.546.3600

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19-Year-Old Finds Focus in Art

19-Year-Old Finds Focus in Art INDEPENDIENTE EL Free/gratis 1976~31 Years of Service~2007 South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper INSIDE Free Tax Help By Ernesto Romero Citizens whose income is up to 250 percent above the poverty line can

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Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall

Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 44 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 4 de mayo de 2014 Michelle Obama: San Antonio, ustedes son todo lo que llegar más alto significa Por Ana Cristina González

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El tiempo antes de las elecciones del 2008: Unidos venceremos, divididos cayéremos. Run up to Elections 2008: United we stand, divided we fall

El tiempo antes de las elecciones del 2008: Unidos venceremos, divididos cayéremos. Run up to Elections 2008: United we stand, divided we fall Los cartas de no concuerdo No Match letters... p2 Expresándonos: Jesús Salas Speaking Out: Jesús Salas... p14 Oficial de policía criticado por interrogatorio Police officer criticized over questioning...

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Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success

Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success S D Issue Date: 7/24/15 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 2-Summer Communicator R C San Diego Regional Center A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road,

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Southside sees continued growth

Southside sees continued growth WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 46 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 18 de mayo de 2014 Sen. Van De Putte rallies for veterans justice By Amanda Lozano Veterans are strong people, made stronger by

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Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton

Latino Times. Financial Center Credit Union to Open South Stockton Branch. Centro Financiero Credit Union abrirá una sucursal en el sur de Stockton November Vol. 13 Num. 201411 FREE GRATIS - November 20141 Latino Times Election Winners Christina Fugazi City Council District 5 James Mousalimas Superintendent of Schools Susan Lofthus

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Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st

Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st Estafa / Scam: Usted puede ayudar a detenerla You can help stop it Pg. 6 Voto 2008: Un último gran esfuerzo One last, big push Pg. 4 agosto 2008 / August 2008 Bilingual Free / Gratis Lunes, 1ero de septiembre

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news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3

news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 The quarterly magazine of the North Carolina Justice Center COMMUNITY noticias COMUNITARIAS news Summer/Verano 2009 PLUS: Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 Community

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Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking

Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking What your church can do about... Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America Human Trafficking Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock In November of 1999, two teenage student journalists from

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The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj.

The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj. THE OFFICIAL CONVENTION NEWSPAPER OF NAHJ THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2007 2007 Convention San Jose Inside Today HOME RUN CHASE Reaction is mixed about Bonds drive PAGES 7-9 GET HYPHY

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News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th

News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th Hispania News SOUTHERN COLORADO'S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER SINCE 1987 Dora the Explorer competition winners page 10 VOL. 18. NO. 5 3 de febrero - 10 de febrero 2005 El consulado móvil,

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Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht

Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht Fact Finder Minneapolis, MN Local 653 Vol. 51 No. 6 July 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) The looming implementation of the

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Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip

Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 Your Latino Connection Since 1996 Tú Conexión Latina Desde 1996 VOL. 17 No. 43 3 de Julio, 2014 KCTV5 Reporter Sandra Olivas

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