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1 Globeleer Inernaional Associaion of Group Psychoherapy and Group Processes Sepember, 2008, Issue #6 Presiden s Leer Dear Colleagues: Dr. Frances Bonds-Whie, IAGP Presiden So many exciing hings are happening wihin he IAGP ha I hardly know where o begin elling you abou hem. The Third Medierranean Regional Conference was a joy o aend. The Granada Summer Academy was an exciing experience for he paricipans and we are anicipaing he upcoming Pacific Rim Conference in Masue, Japan. Finally, Esher Sone, M.S.W. and Maurizio Gasseau, Ph.D. (co-chairpersons of he Scienific Program Commiee) wih he assisance of Jaime Ondarza Linares, M.D. and Eva Fahlsrom, M.A. (Co-Chairpersons of he Precongress Insiues) and Claudio Merlo, Ph.D.; Renao de Polo, M.D.; and Sylvia Anfilocchi, Ph.D. (Local Organizing Commiee, COIRAG) are working very hard o produce an ousanding Inernaional Congress for us in Rome, Ialy in Augus, You will be reading abou hem in his ediion of he Globeleer. The members of he Execuive Commiee and he Commiee Chairs of many commiees are working very hard o build he inernal srucure of our organizaion. Thanks o he hard work of Howard Kibel, M.D. our informaion specialis and Pinky Lee, our adminisraive assisan, our membership daa base is geing more and more up o dae and we will soon be publishing a membership direcory. The Nominaing Commiee, under he leadership of Fern Cramer Azima, Ph.D. is working very hard o make our nominaions procedures clear, ransparen and ehical. For he firs ime, we have eleced members serving on he Nominaing Commiee. The commiee members are Jean Francoise Milla, France; Richard Reposa, M.S.W., USA (he eleced members) and Marianne Wikorin, M.A., Sweden; and Waler Sone, M.D., USA (he appoined members). Wha he IAGP needs more of is you, our members working ogeher wih Board members on commiees. In order o learn more abou your ineress, our presiden-elec Jorge Burmeiser, M.D. and a group of BOD members are developing a Membership Survey which hey will be sending o you soon. Please respond and ell us wha you wan from and for he IAGP. Also, if you are willing o work on a commiee now and in he fuure, or if you have any quesions or concerns abou he IAGP, please conac me a Finally, I wan o express my graiude o Cecelia Winkelman and Ehel Tillinger, he Ediors of his newsleer. Remember you can help hem in your job by sending in your news and announcemens for he nex ediion. Frances Bonds-Whie, Ed.D., FAGPA, TSTA, CGP Presiden, IAGP See Presiden, Page 7 A Bridge Called Medierraneo / Un Puene Llamado Medierráneo 3rd Regional Medierranean Congress of he IAGP and he Spanish Associaion of Psychoherapy and Group Techniques (SEPTG) Two hundred fify paricipans me in he beauiful Ciy of Barcelona for he 3rd Regional Medierranean Conference of he IAGP, iled A Bridge called Medierranean from he 28h of February o he 2nd of March, I ook place in he World Trade Cenre, a wide and modern locaed space looking over he Medierranean Sea wih huge windows from which we could see boas coming and going. The beauiful view suggesed or invied us o dream especially having in mind he ile of he Conference. I was a muliculural encouner in which paricipans from 27 counries were presen: Germany, Neherlands, Turkey, Ialy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, Croaia, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Porugal, Ireland, Finland, Unied Kingdom, Slovenia, Greece, France, Chile, Argenina, Ausria, Sweden, Ausralia, Mexico, Swizerland, Unied Saes, and Island. Righ from Ediors Leer Cecelia Winkelman Ehel Tillinger he beginning we could feel he warmh and joy of meeing each oher and alking o each oher, fundamenal maer in his encouner of building bridges of dialogue. This easy going communicaion was assised by he exisence of he inerne lis. All paricipans regisered o he Conference were invied o ake par in i, and here exised he possibiliy o regiser only for he inerne lis. The lis was acive during he weeks previous o he Conference and aced as a warming up o he Conference. People inroduced hemselves, conneced, shared and discussed many issues in a free and open manner. Afer he official opening of he Conference, we had a creaive welcome workshop wih acive echniques. The music and dancing faciliaed communicaion and elicied a high level of paricipaion. Work was developed around hree main issues, presened laer in hree plenary lecures. The firs one was Building Bridges Beween Groups, which was fundamenally abou Group Analysis and is developmen in Spain. The second was Migraions, Social Change Processes and Change Resisance and he hird Conflic See Medierraneo, Page 7 Concha Oneca, SEPTG Presiden Welcome o his 2008 ediion of IAGP s Globenewsleer. Your Globeleer ediors hail from Down Under, from Melbourne, Ausralia. In his ediion, we invie you o a) reminisce over he Barcelona and Granada conferences; b) aend coming evens in Japan, Rome and Granada; Index 8h Pacific Rim Conference h Congress of IAGP Calendar of Evens Execuive Commiee IAGP Repor In Memoriam Leer Reflecions on Barcelona Please noify he IAGP secreary of change of or posal address a c) remember hose members who have recenly died; d) be impressed wih repors from IAGP secion chairs; and e) send o us conribuions for he nex Globeleer, especially news of coming evens for your organisaion and leers, reflecions or aricles you would like o see included in Globeleer. We hope you like our firs ry a ediorship and look forward o hearing from you. Regards, Ehel Tillinger and Cecelia Winkelman address: See Ediors, Page 7

2 2 Globeleer Sepember, 2008 Inviaion o 8h Pacific Rim Regional Congress Inviaion o 8h Pacific Rim Regional Congress of he Inernaional Associaion of Group Psychoherapy and Group Processes and he 14h Conference of Inernaional Associaion of Dynamic Psychoherapy, Japan Welcome o our Pacific Rim congress. We all know ha he many conflics ha pervade our modern world make i difficul for ordinary people o live in peace. Le us exchange ideas and skills for psychoherapy beween Eas and Wes. We invie you o ge ogeher in an old counry where all he gods and goddesses in Japan gaher o have a meeing once a year in Ocober. Dae: 7-11 Ocober 2008 Pre-congress: 7-8 Oc. Congress: 9-11 Oc. Venue: Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefecural Convenion Cener) Gakuen Minami, Masue-ciy, Shimane , Japan TEL: FAX: Congress Websie: hp:// hml IAGP Repor Repor Task Force Secion Chairs In wo meeings (Amserdam and Barcelona ) he secion chairs Felix de Mendelssohn (GA) in Amserdam, Teresa Somaruga Howard and Jaime Ondarza in Barcelona, Manuela Maciel (PD), Rick Reposa (Family), Heloisa Fleury (Trans-Cul), George Dimiris Anasopoulos (OCS), as special Gues: Celia Riskin (Spanish-Poruguese Lis = SPL) and Jorge Burmeiser as he Chairperson Task Force Secion Chairs agreed upon several join aciviies. Regarding he IAGP Liss we coincided in our inenions o offer he liss as medium for faciliaing cross-communicaion including differen language speakers in he same discussion. We wan o guaranee ha IAGP members can always visi he lis of heir ineres esablishing conacs / exploring he opic in more deph. Regarding Secion meeings we agreed upon he imporance o have regular secion meeings in order o foser he developmen of he secions and o enhance idenificaion wih IAGP among he membership. In Masue and Rome regular secion meeings will be scheduled. We also agreed upon developing join conference proposals and projecs in order o foser crossferilizaion among he differen mehods and working fields composing he IAGP and represened by heir secions and o promoe he unique vision and ideniy of IAGP. Several projecs were envisioned including 1. join panels around he main opics of he conference 2. a join projec exploring differen working models for large groups in order o find ou bes soluions for heir inheren mulilingual challenge 3. a join workshop of all secions offering heir working model on he same opic (e.g. conflic Leer from Zerka Dear Colleagues, Your conference in Barcelona sirs special feelings in my hear because Barcelona was he por from which my siser found freedom in America in Augus 1941 during he Second World War wih her family. She was already menally il1 and upon arrival here, I was referred o J. L. Moreno for her reamen. Tha is how we me and our parnership began. He reaed her successfully. The deails are in my memoirs which we hope o publish nex year. In 1966 we held he Second Inernaional Conference of Psychodrama from Augus 29- Sepember 3 in his welcoming ciy, enabled by Professor Ramon Sarro, a saunch supporer of Moreno s ideas. Thirdly, in 1968 Moreno obained a Docor Honoris Causa from he Medical School of he Universiy of Barcelona for which Dr. Sarro was once more he link. Dr. Robero Innocencio of Sanander can ell you abou anoher fine Inernaional Psychodrama Conference he organized in he 1980 s in Barcelona. All hese evens can be found repored on in he Organizaion of PRRC 2008: Presiden: Frances Bonds-Whie (IAGP Presiden) Congress Chair: Hidefumi Koani (IADP Pres, JAGP Exec Board, Pas IAGP Board) Advisory Board: SECTION CHAIRS Chairperson, Family Therapy Secion Richard Reposa Chairperson, Group Analysis Secion Felix de Mendelssohn Chairperson, Organisaional Consulancy Secion George Dimiris Anasopoulos Chairperson, Psychodrama Secion Manuela Maciel local news papers. So I am very sorry no o be wih you in his one bu you can see how much I would like o be. Have a grea meeing. I hope he Moreno Museum can be esablished on a safe financial fooing. My graiude and love o you all. Esimados Colegas: Kae Bradshaw Tauvon (Sweden, Secreary, IAGP) Douglas S.G. Kong (Singapore, Treasurer, IAGP) Chriser Sandahl (Sweden, Immed. Pas Pres, IAGP) Ta-jen Chang (Taiwan, R.O.C., IAGP resoluion) in he same group. The workshop will be direced owards newcomer and sudens as well as o expers in he field. For he Barcelona conference we carried hrough our proposal: The vision of IAGP - from differen approaches o cross ferilizaion and is applicaion on conflic resoluion and collecive rauma work. For Masue and Rome we are going o evaluae he experience of Barcelona assessing similar or new projecs. We wan o invie all secion members who wan o paricipae in such aciviies o conac heir secion chair person direcly! As pending quesions we have idenified 1. he formal procedure o organize own secion aciviies: wha are he crierias o fulfill, he formal applicaion and/or he informaion of he EC / he Board required? 2. he job descripion of he role of he Secion chair. Concerning he laer aspec we wan o ask Zerka T. Moreno Vuesra conferencia en Barcelona evoca especiales senimienos en mi corazón porque Barcelona fue el puero desde el cual mi hermana enconró liberad en América en agoso de 1941 durane la Segunda Guerra Mundial con su familia. Ella ya esaba menalmene enferma y a su llegada la referí a J.L. Moreno para su raamieno. Así es como nos enconramos y empezó nuesra cooperación. Él la raó exiosamene. Los dealles esán en mis memorias que espero publiquemos el año próximo. En 1966 nosoros uvimos la Segunda Conferencia Board) Sabar Rusomjee (Ausralia, Pas Presiden of IAGP) Akio Tahara (Japan, Presiden, JAGP) Kenji Kianishi (Japan, Immed. Pas Pres, JAGP, IAGP) Congress Theme: Creaing New Space beyond Inernal and Exernal Wars Language: English Regisraion: All regisraion will be done online. Accommodaion: JTB Global Markeing & Travel Inc. will handle hoel accommodaion. Online regisraion for hoel accommodaion. Headquarers Office: Inernaional Chrisian Universiy Insiue of Advanced Sudies of Clinical Psychology Osawa, Miaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan, Insiue HP: hp:// iascp TEL & FAX: Chairperson, Transculural Secion Heloisa Fleury Chairperson, Consulaive Assembly of Affiliae Organizaions (CAOA) Maria van Noor Chairperson, Spanish/ Poruguese Lis Celia Riskin Chairperson, Task Force for Secions Jorge Burmeiser for help by he Governance and Bye-Laws Commiee while he preparaion of job descripion perains o heir responsibiliy. Jorge Burmeiser Chairperson Task Force Secion Chairs En las dos reuniones (Amserdam y Barcelona ) los coordinadores de las secciones: Félix de Mendelssohn (GA) en Amserdam, Teresa Somaruga Howard y Jaime Ondarza en Barcelona, Manuela Maciel (PD), Rick Reposa (lt Familiar), Heloisa Fleury (Trans-Cul), George Dimiris Anasopoulos (OCL), así como la inviada especial: Celia Riskin (represenando la Lisa español-poruguesa = SPL) y Jorge Burmeiser como moderador del Grupo de Trabajo de los coordinadoes See Repor, Page 8 Inernacional de Psicodrama desde el 29 de agoso al 3 de sepiembre en esa acogedora ciudad, faciliado por el profesor Ramón Sarró, un incondicional defensor de la ideas de Moreno. En ercer lugar, en 1968 Moreno obuvo el Docor Honoris Causa de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Barcelona, para el cual el Dr. Sarro fue una vez más el vínculo. El Dr. Robero Inocencio de Sanander puede hablaros acerca de ora buena Conferencia Inernacional de Psicodrama que él organizó en los ochena en Barcelona. De odos esos aconecimienos se puede enconrar referencias en los periódicos locales. Por ello, sieno mucho no esar con vosoros en ese aconecimieno pero podéis enender lo mucho que me hubiera gusado esar. Tened un gran encuenro. Espero que el Museo Moreno pueda esablecerse en base a un seguro apoyo financiero. Mi agradecimieno y amor a odos vosoros. Zerka T. Moreno

3 Sepember, 2008 Globeleer The 17h Congress of IAGP Rome, Ialy 2009: Groups in a Time of Conflic The opics of he Congress will include rauma, issues concerning women, children, and adolescens, culural and immigraion concerns, and he exploraion of myhs and symbols, organized so ha paricipans will be able o experience hese hemes in deph. The Congress Plenary Speakers are renowned for heir acivism for peace. Lord John Alderdice (UK) Tile of address: Fundamenalism, Radicalizaion and Terrorism as Large Group Phenomena As a psychiaris, psychoanalys, eacher, adminisraor, poliician and negoiaor, his goal has been human righs. He has been a poliical leader of Norhern Irelands Alliance Pary and was a key negoiaor of he Belfas Agreemen on Good Friday, 1998, which esablished a new Parliamen in Ireland. He served as Speaker of he Norhern Ireland Assembly unil The Briish Governmen appoined him as one of four commissioners o monior erroris aciviy in Ireland. He has sa since 1996, as a member of he Liberal Democra Reform Pary, in he Briish Parliamen s House of Lords. Pedro Demo, PhD (Brazil) Tile of address: Poliical Povery He is Dean and Professor of he Sociology Deparmen, Universiy of Brasilia, Brazil. He has lecured and published on Scienific Mehodology and Social Poliics. As an educaor and rainer of fuure eachers, he emphasizes he connecion beween educaion, ciizenship and povery. He is an advocae of educaion for popular ciizenship and in his role he has developed he concep of poliical povery, assering ha povery is more han he acquisiion of maerial goods, bu he lack of ciizenship among he poor. Giovanni Foresi, M.D. and Giuseppe Fiorenini, M.D., (Ialy) Lord John Alderdice Pedro Demo Anna Ornsein Esher Sone Tile of address: Temporal Dimensions in Psychosocial Conflics Clinicians, eachers, raining analyss, consulans o communiy social services and members of he Ialian Psychoanalyic Sociey and he Inernaional Psychoanalyic Associaion, boh auhored aricles on psychoanalyic heory, exploring he dynamics of human emoions as i relaes o he cause and effec of violence and rauma. Dr. Foresi s aricle Pos-raumaic syndromes and heir influence on psychiaric paradigms is a classic. Dr. Fiorenini is Chair of he European IPA Public Informaion Commiee, whose ask includes applying psychoanalyic hinking o he dynamics mainaining hae and violence in he world. Anna Ornsein, M.D. (USA) Tile of address: The Funcion of Groups in Times of Terror As Professor of Child Psychiary (Emerius), Universiy of Cincinnai and lecurer in Psychiary a Harvard Universiy Medical School, she has wrien Subscribe o he mulilanguage discussion lis IAGP CONGRESS ROME Augus 2009 GROUPS IN A TIME OF CONFLICTS GRUPOS EN TIEMPO DE CONFLICTO GRUPPI IN TEMPO DI CONFLITTI Subscribe o he mulilanguage discussion lis in English, Ialian or Spanish: forum.shml Os inviamos escrivirse a la lisa de discusión en Español, Ialiano, Inglés : forum.shml Vi inviiamo ad iscrivervi nella lisa di discussione misilingue : IAGP GOES TO INDIA: Drs. Sabar Rusomjee and Bonnie Buchele Lead Diaser Managemen Workshops A he Indian Naional Workshop on Disaser Managemen, held in Kerala, India in December 2006, Dr. Sabar Rusomjee, Pas-Presiden ( ), IAGP and Dr. Bonnie Buchele, IAGP Board of Direcors Member ( ) gave presenaions on Trauma, A Clinical Viewpoin and Trauma and Groups, which highlighed he hidden rauma sympoms in vicims and he vicarious raumaisaion on care givers who work wih vicims of rauma. They served as he inernaional resource persons for he conference. The conference was organized by Mr. D. Jayachandran, Medical Social Worker, (he firs IAGP member from India), Dep of Neurology, Sree Chira Tirunal Insiue for Medical Sciences and Technology in Trivandrum, India; he Confederaion of Non-Governmenal Organizaion for Rural India and he Kerala Educaional Developmen & Employmen Sociey. Shri V. Ramachandran, IAS (Red), of he Adminisraive Rreforms Commission, of he Governemen of India opened he meeing. Many preseners from India including Dr. K.A. Kumar, Direcor, Medical Educaion for Kerala(rd), Dr. R. Padmam, Dean Beahvioral Sudies; Dr. M. Nair; Prof T.S.N. Pillai, Prof A. Gregory, all of Cochin Universiy gave presenaions on pos-raumaic sress disorder, psychosocial needs and care of Tsunami survivors, and Dear colleagues, Regiser now. Send absracs of your proposals for workshops, panels, posers, ec. The deadline is Ocober 15, As an IAGP member we ask your cooperaion in publicizing his even. For informaion and/or comunicaion you can wrie o Silvia Anfilocchi : Arrivederci a Roma! The Local Organizing Commiee Renao de Polo, Claudio Merlo Queridas amigas y queridos amigos, os inviamos a inscribirse prono, cómo la proxima cuoa inferior decae el 31 de ocubre. on psychoanalysis, child psychoherapy and recovery following survival in exreme condiions and abou he proecive and herapeuic power of groups ha evolve in response o rauma. Dr. Ornsein is a foremos inerpreer of Kohu s Self Psychology. Her enduring ineres in he psychological effecs of rauma is informed by her own experiences as a young child growing up in pre-war Hungary and as an adolescen inerned in he concenraion camps of Auschwiz and Parchniz. Her memories of his period are published in her book My Moher s Eyes: Holocaus Memories of a Young Girl. We encourage you o submi proposals for presenaion and o regiser a org Conac he auhor, Esher Sone, or Maurizio Gasseau, SPC Co-Chairs a wih any quesions. 3 Esher Sone, SPC Co-Chair Sabar Rusomjee and Bonnie Buchele wih Indian digniaries a Opending Ceremony of Naional Workshop on Disaser Managemen social work inervenions in disasers o 201 docors, psychiariss, social workers, clinical psychologiss, NGO leaders and nursing professionals who came from many saes across India. Dr. Sabar Rusomjee of he IAGP gave he keynoe address for he valedicory meeing and Dr. T. Sagar presened an Acion Plan which resolved o use group herapy mehods in he psychosocial care for disaser managemen in India. Following he conference on January 1, 2007, Dr. Sabar Rusomjee gave a workshop on Sress Los absracs con las propuesas para alleres, conferencias, ec. deben ser enviados anes del 15 de ocubre, Los emas propuesos incluyen una amplia gama de inereses y esamos seguros que odos Usedes darán imporanes y esimulanes conribuciones para acivar la paricipación de los colegas presenes. En cuano socios individuales de IAGP pedimos vuesra colaboración para darle publicidad al eveno. Deseamos a odos un buen rabajo y les esperamos en Roma El Comié Local Renao de Polo, Claudio Merlo See Lis, Page 8 Managemen for Youh Voluneers for 60 youh voluneers of Nehru Yuvak Kendra (Governmen of India). On February 7, 2007, Dr. Rusomjee conduced a one day workshop on Sress Managemen and Suicide Prevenion for 60 psychologiss and social workers, organized by Humaniy Trus of India and he Menal Healh Auhoriy of India, Trivandrum Disric. Mr. D. Jayachandran and Dr. Sabar Rusomjee

4 On Toxic Leaders Globeleer Se Reflecions on IAGP & SEP Workshop a he 3rd Regional Medierranean Congress of he IAGP and he Spanish Associaion of Group Psychoherapy and Group Techniques (SEPTG): A Bridge called Medierranean The inenion of his workshop was o provide a space for paricipans o hink ogeher abou why here are so many oxic leaders in organisaions. Wha are he forces ha produce hem and wha can we do abou i? When I enered he room, he workshop from he previous session was sill very much in evidence. Beauiful coloured collages were spread across he floor as paricipans walked around and lovingly phoographed hem. I fel my space had been inruded upon bu I also recognised ha here is ofen never enough ime for workshops in conferences and inervals beween are always oo shor. Here he space beween was only five minues. As he ime boundary had been crossed and as he previous workshop leader was a friend of mine, I suggesed helping hem o idy heir work away. I fel a difficul process. While I was preparing and negoiaing, I found myself hinking, I will have o manage his chaos. I had been very conscious of he fac ha by having a workshop wih his ile, I was seing myself up o be a oxic leader. I fel no a lile dangerous! I arranged abou welve chairs ino a circle wih he help of hose already here and we seled down o sar. There were iniially abou welve people in he room. Jus as I was shuing he door as a signal, anoher en or welve people joined us and I asked hem o shu he door and hey came in. And we sared again. Afer anoher shor inerval he door burs open again and anoher group of abou en people joined us. They said hey had been waiing ouside because hey hough he previous workshop was coninuing. I was no a nice welcome for hem! So, afer a while we were abou 40 people in he room in a very wobbly circle. I fel chaoic and very unseling. I was fascinaed wih he way he marix had brough us he exac conex in which I had been hinking a oxic leader migh emerge. Our small group had expanded by four or five imes in less han en minues wih all he aendan chair shuffling and disrupion. Before he conference I had been ruminaing on he heme and realised ha i feels as hough we are currenly living in an increasingly fragile world! Exising srucures, boh physical and psychic, are apparenly meling away. Wih he hrea of global warming, he physical world, as we know i will probably disappear. As he balance in he world economy changes from a dominan Wes o an increasingly dominan Eas, mouning deb coupled wih he disappearing millions as he American morgage sysem collapses, gives our financial sysems a will-o-hewisp qualiy. The balance of power beween he developed world and he developing world is changing. Then here is he erroris hrea. Meanwhile here in he room, we were creaing a fragile srucure ha I was rying o hold. I sared by asking who needed help wih undersanding he English language and despie asking his quesion hree imes and having my quesion ranslaed ino Spanish each ime, here was lile response. I asked his quesion each ime a new group joined us bu despie his aemp o help Teresa von Sommaruga Howard Singing a he Conference Dinner Dance Therapy Sudens Performing wih he lieral undersanding across languages, he difficuly of speaking and undersanding each oher became a primary preoccupaion of he session. I was in hese opening minues of he group ha he frame was se. My consanly saring over and asking he same quesion became an irriaing repeiion for some. One person, wishing o be supporive, insruced me o coninue. Don keep sopping! So he wish for a srong leader o ake conrol was eviden from he sar! The rapid change already eviden in he room had become unwelcome and uncomforable ye, we had only jus sared! There was a precursor o his group ha in my head fed ino his process. On he firs afernoon of he conference, I had been par of an evening daily reflecive group conduced by David Guman and Jacqueline Ternier of France. In ha group, we had recognised he increasing difficuly IAGP was having in aracing young people as members. We almos didn noice ha we already had wo young women in he room bu evenually we did see hem and asked hem for heir perspecive. One of he young women described her groupanalyic educaional experience as oxic. David, whose model is o pay close aenion o he unconscious as i emerges and hen ake acion o ransform he saus quo, had already suggesed o he oher young women, a dance herapy suden, ha she ake a prominen place in his workshop he nex day. I decided o ake his lead and so invied he young group analys, who old us ha she waned o be able o dance wih group-analysis, o join me in conducing his group on Toxic Leaders. So afer we had all seled down I invied my young friend o ell her sory as one example and explained ha she was here as a co-conducor. I all fel quie wobbly a he beginning and we spen ime hinking abou wha was a oxic leader. I is ineresing Rober o noice how when we feel insecure we need definiions o help us find some safe space of knowing in he confusion. Quesions such as, Wha does oxic mean? Wha is he definiion of a oxic leader? Does oxic mean desrucive or poisonous? The group seled for a momen when a woman from Serbia said ha she was quie clear ha Milosevic was a oxic leader. In fac she hough he and his wife were a oxic pair. Jus before he conference, I had discovered an ineresing book by Mark Edmundson. In The Deah of Sigmund Freud: Fascism, Psychoanalysis and he Rise of Fundamenalism ((2007) London: Bloomsbury) he wries ha Freud suggess ha because he psyche is ofen in a sae of ension ha borders on civil war, humaniy has come up wih many differen soluions o his inernal conflic and he pain i ineviably brings. Many of hese soluions he believed, are bes described as forms of inoxicaion. Wha hese inoxicans enable is a revision of he superego o make i less harsh in is judgemens, and so more bearable. In he group, we alked abou how alhough we know cerain subsances poison us we sill indulge in hem because we become addiced o he inoxicaing feelings hey engender. So we become inoxicaed wih leaders who ake away our pain despie heir poisonous qualiies. As Edmundson poins ou, Freud believed ha he relaionship of such a leader o he masses is an eroic one. The leader akes he place of he over-i and offers individuals a psychological dispensaion. Where he individual super ego is inconsisen and ofen inaccessible because i is unconscious, he collecive superego, he leader, is clear and absolue in his values. He is associaed wih hings ha are permanen: wih God, or desiny, or wih absolue ruh. He saisfies he human hunger o rise above ime and chance and join wih somehing more powerful and more enduring han merely moral e l p O h a s p a o s w p c C e u g w w e w m s m

5 epember, 2008 PTG Conference, Barcelona 2008 Reflecions I found ha he main difficuly in he conference was he language barrier. I is always a challenge, and requires a lo of paience from paricipans. Many of he Spanish paricipans did no speak English a all, and mos of he English speaking did no know Spanish. Someimes people in he audience who knew boh languages helped wih ranslaion, bu i was sill a source of frusraion. I encounered his problem in is highes inensiy in one of he reflecion groups. These on-going groups were held every evening hroughou he conference. I aended he large group where he language problem was frequenly addressed. As hese sessions coninued, i became clearer o me ha he sruggle and conflic were beyond he communicaion problem, especially when a conflic sared among he Spanish-speaking paricipans, beween he Caalonians and he oher Spanish paricipans. The Caalonians proesed ha heir language was no represened in he conference. The ime of Franco was menioned. As someone ineresed in he social unconscious I can only imagine ha if he raumaic par of he Spanish hisory is no addressed, i will find is unconscious ways o impac he life of Spain one way or anoher. The amosphere in he large group sofened in he las half an hour of he las session and i seemed as if he conflic gave way o more connecion and muual recogniion. An Ialian woman addressed a Chinese man from Ausralia. He old a sory of a Buddhis monk in Vienam who responded o an even of raping women hrough finding boh he rapis and he raped inside of himself, as we are all human. The Ialian woman asked for he Chinese man s name. He ranslaed his name ino eernal peace. May I call you human? asked he woman. Only if I deserve i, was his calm answer. For me Reflecion Group a Barcelona Conference he conference could have ended a ha momen. So, I am ending wih his hopeful dialogue, and can summarize i as my main learning from his conference: Call me human only if I deserve i. Haim Weinberg ro De Inocencio and Maie Pi Dance Therapy Sudens who were also Voluneer Conference Translaors enerprises. By promulgaing one code, one se of values, he leader wipes away he differences beween people, differences ha can be a serious source of anxiey (100). In he group, he idea of oxiciy led us o hinking abou poison and possible anidoes. Wha could be he anidoe o a oxic leader? How can we boos he immune sysem? One woman hough ha we should hink abou he idea of homeopahy where a iny dose could change he course of a disease. I liked his idea alhough I was painfully aware ha she had been hrough huge suffering as a resul of being seen as a oxic leader. I is afer all a human being who is presening herself in he pivoal poin o precipiae change and no a small pill or a few drops of liquid. Some hough ha he conference iself had exhibied a kind of abandoning leadership by no organising ranslaion for he session. Anoher person hough ha i should be made clear ha only English is spoken in some workshops and hen here would no be a problem. I hough if only he whole world was pained red as i was when I was growing up! Anoher person hough ha learning o lisen and hinking carefully abou wha we have heard could be anoher anidoe. Cerainly less and less space seemed o be available for hinking as ime appeared o speed on as we approached he end of he group. The level of ineracion jus kep speeding up. Everyone waned o speak a once bu surprisingly for a group-analyic group, I was asked o ake he role of a chair ha I resised bu he forces on me were huge. Everybody waned o alk a once. Many pu up heir hands, as in school, waning me o decide who should speak firs. I fel as hough each person was no able o ake heir own auhoriy bu waned me o decide who had he righ o speak a any one momen. One person kep puing his hands up and refused o speak unil he had he leader s permission! He go more and more upse abou no being able o speak. I finally relened and he showed us a sociogramme he had drawn of he group and gave us a lile speech in his own language ha need o be ranslaed ino English. I immediaely regreed my decision, o give him permission o speak, especially as he coninued almos o he ending ime boundary. Jus before ha, he session was in effec ended by he ranslaor, who was he same paricipan who had asked me o carry on a he beginning. He go up saying he was frusraed wih ranslaing for his man and was going o have lunch! We had earlier noed how we are easily inoxicaed by speed and Speed is an inoxican! We had no been able o slow down and hink abou he process as i was happening around us. Despie, wha fel like inense provocaion o be a srong and decisive leader, I sough o mainain a place where we could keep hinking abou wha was happening beween us in he room. Bu, despie my inense group-analyic sance, I noed ha he group was urning me ino a oxic leader. I fel as hough whaever I said in ha shor space of ime nohing could be differen. I led me o hinking abou he world we have creaed and our capaciy o si wih uncerainy. Perhaps here is a lile oxiciy in every person and every siuaion jus because we are consanly dealing wih huge levels of anxiey. As someone who has managed a large public secor deparmen and quie frequenly conducs large groups, I am familiar wih he powerful projecions ha he person who is in auhoriy in hese siuaions has o ake. The forces o be srong and charismaic, o know wha o do in every siuaion, are enormous. Mos of us have suffered some personal narcissisic injury in our lives and wan o be loved or a leas liked. Resising he need for personal approval in a difficul siuaion, by coninuing o sandalone for long periods is almos impossible. A recen aricle in he Guardian ( G2: Nowadays here is nowhere o hide) afer he apparen suicide of he Chief Consable of he Greaer Mancheser Police, Duncan Campbell asks, Wha kind of person seeks he mos senior police office, and how well equipped are hey o deal wih wha will be hrown a hem? As he begins o answer hese quesions, he quoes an anonymous Chief Consable inerviewed for a book by Rober Reiner, The difficuly abou being a Chief Consable really is ha people place you in impossible posiions. They ask you quesions, if you fail o answer, you are arrogan and unaccounable; if you do answer, you are poliical repors on he consan pressure and a feeling ha no one is ever saisfied. There are imes when i really is quie bleak. The group spilled ou ino he lunch break. I had been a frusraing experience. Finding a way o conain and allay excessive and overwhelming anxiey, wihou being a dicaor or a pseudo-paren figure for he larger group, organisaion or counry, is no so easy and akes ime. As Parick de Maré ofen said, i is no love bu ordinary friendliness or Koinonia ha we need o develop. I isn immediae or unproblemaic bu I suspec ha if we can hold a model of he possibiliy and wha ha possibiliy enails we migh learn o spo oxiciy in ourselves and in ohers much more quickly. In conclusion, I would like o dedicae his aricle o Parick de Maré who died a week before his conference. When he reired from regularly conducing his Wednesday Median Group he passed i on o me o conduc wih Don Mongomery. I was his gesure of faih ha enabled me o build bridges beween wo very differen ways of hinking, he spaial and he emoional for which I will always be graeful. Teresa von Sommaruga Howard March 2008

6 6 Globeleer Sepember, 2008 Culural Conflics and he Social Unconscious in Granada In Granada, Spain, a group herapy conference has aken place annually for he las 9 years, organized by Jorge Burmeiser under he auspices of he IAGP and in collaboraion wih German (DAGG), Ialian (COIRAG), Spanish (AEP) and Ausrian (OAGG) group associaions. This year, sequenially wih Malcolm Pines, Maie Pi, Elizabeh Rohr, and Caherina Mela, I led a group-analyic median group of 19 members, 3 hours daily for 5 days. Afer beginning he group, a all, dark-skinned man enered he room. He was from Morocco, did no speak English, bu was fluen in Spanish. A srange exchange of words ook place in he group abou he ranslaing, and he group members preferred no o ranslae i o him. I seemed ha he man represened he oher for he group, and hey waned o exclude him. I saw his as an example of he social unconscious being enaced in he group. My definiion of he social unconscious includes co-creaed shared social anxieies, defenses, myhs, memories and fanasies, and is building blocks are chosen raumas and chosen glories. And, afer all, we were meeing under he shadow of he Alhambra palace in Granada, he las ciy conquered by he Spanish Chrisian kings in he Moslem-Chrisian sruggle. This conflic, ha on he surface was abou language and ranslaion, was beween Moslems and Chrisians and abou he world conflic. This dark Moroccan man personified for he group members he exreme of Islam. He had o conain all he group s projecions. Afer wo days, alhough he language problem seemed o be resolved, he lef and he group seemed suck; I hink ha i had o do wih heir ambivalence around his leaving, wih heir In Memoriam Dr. George Chrisie Dr. George Chrisie, psychoanalys and group herapis died in Melbourne, Ausralia on 8/12/2006, jus 2 weeks shor of his 82nd birhday. George graduaed in Medicine from he Universiy of Melbourne in He followed his ineres in Psychiary, raining a he Repariaion Hospial where he me and married his beloved wife Margare. As a qualified Psychiaris he sill waned o learn more abou psychoanalyic heory and echnique and joined he saff of he Ausen Riggs Cenre in he U.S.A., quie an advenure wih his growing family. Here he worked wih, among ohers, Eric Erikson, in he heyday of psychoanalyic influence on psychiary in America. On his reurn o Ausralia he worked firsly in he hen Menal Healh Auhoriy and afer esablishing his privae pracice in l966 he held a number of hospial appoinmens culminaing in becoming he Group Programme Co-Ordinaor a he Royal Childrens Hospial, Melbourne. From his Group Training Programme, esablished by Dr. Bill Blomfield, was o grow he early raining programmes of he Ausralian Associaion of Group Psychoherapiss (l973) of which George was a foundaion member. He worked assiduously o develop he Vicorian Training Programme of he A.A.G.P. and o have i approved by EGATIN. He had already commenced raining in Psychoanalysis, compleing raining in 1980 and becoming a Training Analys wih he Ausralian Psychoanalyical Sociey in l988. He was one of he few psychoanalyss in Melbourne o pracice boh individual analysis and group psychoherapy and o see hem as complemenary raher han compeing. This was ypical of his gif for holding and reconciling differences. In 1983 he decided o furher his experience wih appoinmens o he Cassel Hospial and Charing Cross Hospial in London. Boh environmens provided exciing new ideas which grealy influenced his work. He and Margare enjoyed and relished his ime of heir life living in London. An essenial feaure of he herapeuic communiy a he Cassel was he close link beween he Nurse herapis and he Psychoherapis, boh for individual and group herapy, a model which has proved o be very effecive. On his reurn o Melbourne he decided o coninue his work wih Dr. Ann Morgan wih whom he had conduced groups a he Royal Childrens Hospial. This link coninued unil his reiremen. The Charing Cross experience wih Dr. Mike Pawson, Consulan Obserician, working wih inferile couples srenghened his ineres in human creaiviy. He believed in he universaliy of ambivalence owards pregnancy and he imporance of accessing and acknowledging his could lead o a successful pregnancy. The applicaion of he coherapy couple o his work proved o be exremely effecive and inernaionally recognized. Apar from his conribuion o he Ausralian psychoanalyic and group psychoherapy raining and supervision George was also a conribuor inernaionally a G.A.S. (London) European Symposia and I.A.G.P. Congresses. He was Co-chair of he Scienific Programme Commiee of he 14h Inernaional Congress of he I.A.G.P. in Jerusalem He served as a member of he Board of Direcors of he I.A.G.P. from Wih all hese achievemens George always remained humble. His whole syle was of wise inervenion wihou a race of dogmaism or even opinion. He no only expressed his philosophy as he bes way o elici creaiviy and growh bu lived i in every group siuaion where we were privileged o know him. He is survived by his wife Margare, his sisers Joan and Laurice, his 4 children and 14 grandchildren. Dr. Oliver Larkin Jay Wagner Fidler, M.D On February 18h of 2007, Jay Fidler, he fourh Presiden of IAGP ( ) passed away in Pompano Beach, Florida, in he USA, where he had spen his final years. Wih his passing wen par of he hisory of he organizaion. Jay had been presen a he founding of IAGP in 1973 a he Granada Summer Academy feeling boh relieved and ashamed a he same ime. On he fourh day, afer giving his keynoe lecure, he reurned o he group. Wih his reurn, he group was filled wih hope and messianic elaion, as if all he problems were going o be solved from now on. We could alk more o him. We could alk more openly abou oher social conflics, including gender. We also could address he anger of he group members owards he leaders, some of whom had o leave before he group ended, including myself. On he las day, he Moroccan paricipan old Inernaional Congress of Group Psychoherapy in Zurich and served on is firs Board of Direcors. Prior o ha, here was no formal organizaion bu, raher, a Commiee and laer a Council ha organized he Congresses. He was Co-Chairman wih Malcolm Pines of he 6h Inernaional Congress ha was held in Philadelphia, USA in Augus He was Secreary-Treasurer of he organizaion from , serving wo consecuive erms. Laer on, in recogniion of his vas conribuions o he organizaion he was made a Disinguished Fellow. In 1996, Albero Serrano made a videoaped inerview of Jay in an effor o preserve he hisorical memory of IAGP. Unforunaely, by hen demenia had se in so ha Jay was unable o expand on is origins. For many years Jay suffered from Parkinson s disease. Sadly, in his waning years, alhough acuely aware ha his memory was compromised, he coninued o enjoy life and valianly fough his ailmen. One year prior o his deah, his son Eric repored, we sa by a pond in he coninuing care communiy where he lived [as he] wached he swans he way a zoologis in he field would, speculaing happily on wha heir behavior mean. [When asked abou his curren sae and fuure] he laughed and said, No, no, I wan o live o be 100. Then he laughed again and looked me in he eye and said 110. Afer his passing, Eric repored ha while cleaning ou his room, I found a recen ex on biology and a very obscure book on irrigaion. even unil very close o he end he was learning and observing like a scienis. In a similar vein, his daugher Dagny repored ha Jay said you could learn a grea deal abou people from he way hey played games. She said ha he loved o play cards wih family and friends. Even hen, he would look a he world as a suden would; he was always ineresed in learning from jus abou everyhing. Dr. Jay Wagner Fidler Jay was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and educaed a Rugers Universiy and he Universiy of Pennsylvania Medical College. He sared his psychiaric raining wih he US Army during World War II and compleed i a Boson Sae Hospial. There he me one of he mos renowned psychiaric educaors in he USA, Elvin V. Semrad, M.D. As a consequence, Jay wroe one of he earlies (and imporan) papers on he reamen of psychoic paiens. His academic publicaions included papers on social psychiary, rehabiliaion of he severely menally ill, and occupaional herapy, an ineres ha he shared wih his lae wife, Gail. Wih Mark F. Ein, Ph.D. he collaboraed on wo innovaive volumes on Group Psychoherapy, one ha raced is origins in Greek philosophy o is broad applicaions in sociey and anoher ha applied group processes o various poliical conexs. During he course of his career he had been on he faculies of several presigious medical schools: New York Medical College, Alber Einsein School of Medicine, and he New Jersey School of Medicine a Rugers Universiy, where he aained he rank of Clinical Professor. He held many posiions in he American Group Psychoherapy Associaion, serving as is Presiden, I have many fond memories of Jay. One of he earlies occurred in February 1975, a an exension meeing in Mexico Ciy o he annual Conference of he American Group Psychoherapy Associaion. Jay was aken ill and was misakenly hough o have had a hear aack. I sayed wih him unil arrangemens were made for his ranspor home o New Jersey. I was hen ha he dubbed me good shepherd and called me ha ever since. However, in a sense he shepherded me during my career, specifically, o ge involved in IAGP. Howard D. Kibel, M.D. Dr. Parick de Maré By his deah we have los a Grea Man, one of he las of ha brillian group who was inspired o develop Group Analysis hrough heir connecion wih Michael Foulkes a Norhfield. Bu earlier, age he group ha before he conference he had me wih a German woman who had been his girlfriend long ago. They had decided o separae because of he differences in culures and religions, as hey undersood ha hey could have no fuure ogeher. While elling i o he group, he sared crying. One of he German group members hugged him, while oher group members simply cried wih him. Haim Weinberg 19, living a free life in Charloe Sree, Pa had joined a group, The Sociey for Creaive Psychology, ha praciced free discussion and exploraion of heir group relaions. Piers Lyndon has drawn a loving porrai of Pa in his aricle, The Telos of Parick de Maré, a man of ideas, a visionary, an insigaor and a man of passion. True words! Pa s mind flowing like Ariel as Mercury in a fluid and easy movemen, a phrase ha brings back o mind Pa he brillian musician whose joy and skill wih his piano-accordion graced and livened so many meeings boh here and abroad. Spiri and mind unconfined: deeply Caholic, he gave us his blessings. His mind flew beyond he confines of given heories, beyond psychoanalysis, beyond Foulkes group analysis. His passion was freely o explore our experiences in groups: small, median, large; Therapeuic communiy, hospial, in-paien seings and social clubs. His legacy is vas. The special issue of Group Analysis dedicaed o him, edied by Harold Behr, demonsraes he spread of his ideas, and of his personal example in workshops and conferences. There is so much sadness a our paring, so much graiude for his life and legacy, so much love. Malcolm Pines Lyndon, P. (2000). The elos of Parick de Maré: A survey of ideas and implicaions. Group Analysis, 33 (1). Dr. Emilio Rodrigué Emilio Rodrigué was born in Argenina where he sudied Medicine. A age 25, he began his analyical raining in London, where he had an analysis wih Paula Heimann, was supervised in child psychoherapy by Melanie Klein, and observed groups lead by Bion. In his period, he had, as analys-supervisors, Herber Rosenfeld, Donald Winnico, Hanna Segal and John Rickman. In 1958, he moved o he USA, where he experienced an inense and ransforming connecion wih he philosopher Susanne Langer. He worked in he herapeuic communiy of Ausen Riggs, as a conemporary of Rober Knigh, Rappapor and Erik Erikson. He ook on he presidency of he Argeninean Psychoanalysis Associaion in a period where group work was in full developmen, simulaed by professionals such as Pichón-Rivière, Bleger and ohers. He was a man of passion, diving ino projecs, aking hem on as his own, and moivaing ohers around him o seek knowledge, o creae new worlds and o change realiy. He was a srong, unpreenious figure, eaching us hrough example by allowing us o idenify wih him. Among his highlighed acions in which I paricipaed, he abandoned he Sociey of Psychoanalysis, where he was a professor, o found, ogeher wih oher ousanding analyss, he Plaform group, which was crucial a his ime because i creaed condiions for he blossoming of many independen schools of raining in psychoanalysis. He exchanged presige for freedom. In a public declaraion he said insiuions provoke auhoriarian and secarian phenomena because he group ransferenial press generaes effecs ha resric he freedom o hink. I was for his reason ha he did no join in a seady form, any oher insiuion, circulaing as nomadic for diverse erriories. He arrived in Brazil wih his wife a he ime, Marha Berlín, who had a srong raining in psychodrama and hey iniiaed a projec of group analyical raining. They realized many laboraories and workshops ransmiing heir experience in differen Brazilian ciies. I was a period of disance from he analyical orhodoxy and a ime where he was crossed by grea poliical conflics consuming Lain America. He compromised himself wih hem wihou fear. Rodrigué loved Brazil, Salvador fascinaed him and here he married Graça, a woman relaed o he Afro-Brazilian religion who collaboraed by ransforming Bahia ino his land of adopion, where he lived his las 30 years. I was here where he approached more o he Lacanian hough and formed a srong group ha followed him o he end of his days. Reichian, Lacanian, Kleinian, Freudian; hese schools served as food for his wish o undersand subjeciviy. Before all, he was a hinker agains dogmas, someone who lived poliically. Analys, group analys and insiuionalis, he lef disciples See Memoriam, Page 8

7 Sepember, 2008 Medierraneo, from Page 1 Resoluion Processes. All hree were followed by acive discussion, and, as usually happens, ime lef for sharing was oo shor. The hree plenary lecures as well as he welcome and farewell workshops were he only aciviies which had simulaneous ranslaion, English-Spanish, wih no oher parallel aciviies. The res of he ime here were many concurren aciviies, making i someimes difficul o choose among he workshops, papers, panels, and symposiums. The language barrier was obvious and eviden, especially when verbal communicaion is he main ool of working ogeher. Dialogue seemed o go slower, was less free, somehow los sponaneiy and was frusraing a firs, waiing for he ranslaion of wha was being said. In mos cases, he majoriy made an effor wih good will and paience, reaching o undersand and o be undersood by he ohers. Lile by lile people go more involved, confiden and helpful in making he effor o use he wo languages whenever i was possible. Tha gave me he feeling of hope. We couned on he grea help of posgraduae sudens, who voluneered in every aciviy of he Conference. We also had he collaboraion of he posgraduae sudens of Dance Therapy, who, wih heir dances, music and performances, were delighful and like a breah of fresh air o he experience. A he end of each day here were four on-going reflecion groups. Paricipans were recommended o ake par in he same group each day in order o experience he group process. Two of hem offered a Psychodrama orienaion, one a Transacional Analysis and one a Large Group wih Group Analyic orienaion. In relaion o social evens, he Townhall of Barcelona hosed us in a wonderful seing, appropriae for he occasion. A person in charge represening he Townhall of Barcelona gave us a welcome speech. We were graefully surprised when we realised ha his person knew a lo abou us and our work. The gala dinner ook place a he Avenue Palace, a classic place in Barcelona where we had a wonderful aperiif, exquisie dinner, and he bes companionship, music, singing and dancing. I has been an ineresing experience for our Sociey and we sill have a lo o hink abou i and o elaborae. We have sen an evaluaion quesionnaire, bu we don have he resuls ye. The Spanish Sociey of Psychoherapy and Group Techniques (SEPTG) fel he honour and he challenge of being he hos and organiser of his 3rd IAGP Regional Conference ogeher wih our annual Symposium. We pu ino i a lo of dreams, care and work and i has been a rewarding experience for us. Alhough i was neiher complee nor perfec, we ake Globeleer he consequences as maers o hink abou and o learn from. We do so wih opimism and joy and live i as an opporuniy of improving and learning. I hope his small repor will give you an idea of wha happened in Barcelona, and if you wan more informaion you can find i on he web of he conference. Wih warm regards, Concha Oneca Presiden of SEPTG Nos reunimos en Barcelona 250 personas durane los días 28 al 2 de marzo. El lugar fue el World Trade Cener, un espacio de rabajo amplio y moderno siuado en el mar medierráneo con grandes venanales desde los cuales podíamos ver el ir y venir de los barcos. Además de bello, muy sugerene, inviaba a la fanasía eniendo en cuena el íulo de la Conferencia Un puene llamado medierráneo Fue un encuenro muliculural de genes de 27 países: Alemania, Países Bajos, Turquía, Ialia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, Croacia, España, Brasil, Noruega, Porugal, Irlanda, Finlandia, Reino Unido, Eslovenia, Grecia, Francia, Chile, Argenina, Ausria, Suecia, Ausralia, Méjico, Suiza, Esados Unidos e Islandia. Desde el principio, podía percibirse en el ambiene la ilusión de enconrarse unos con oros y dialogar, siendo ese por ora pare el objeivo fundamenal del encuenro Tender puenes de diálogo. Creo que una ayuda imporane para esa comunicación inicial an rápida fue la exisencia de la lisa de Inerne a la que odos los inscrios esaban inviados y a la que ambién se podían inscribir personas ineresadas aunque no fueran a paricipar en la Conferencia, manuvo una paricipación muy aciva durane un iempo previo a la Conferencia y permiió a los paricipanes presenarse, dialogar, saludarse los que ya se conocían y manener un nivel de comunicación libre y asociaivo. Después del aco oficial de aperura de la Conf., hubo un aller de bienvenida con écnicas acivas que fue muy faciliador de la comunicación con alo nivel de paricipación. El rabajo se desarrolló en orno a res grandes emas y que ocuparon los espacios de las conferencias plenarias. La primera conferencia plenaria cuyo íulo fue Consruyendo puenes enre grupos raó fundamenalmene de la hisoria del Grupo Análisis y su desarrollo en España. La segunda, Las migraciones, procesos de cambio social y resisencias al cambio. La ercera, Procesos de resolución de conflicos. En los res casos fueron exposiciones de gran inerés y ala calidad, lo que provocó animado coloquio y como no podía ser de ora manera, el iempo de diálogo enre los asisenes fue insuficiene. Fueron los res únicos espacios, juno con los alleres de bienvenida y de despedida en los que no se realizó ninguna acividad paralela y en los que pudimos conar con raducción simulánea español ingles. La barrera del lenguaje fue obvia y esuvo presene odo el iempo. La comunicación es mucho más lena y de alguna manera se pierde esponaneidad y se gana en frusración pero en la mayoría de los casos se hizo un gran ejercicio de volunad y de paciencia por enender y hacerse enender y odo el mundo que podía uilizar los dos idiomas, ayudaba en la raducción, lo cual me produjo un senimieno de esperanza. También conamos con la inesimable ayuda de esudianes de pos-grado que de forma volunaria hicieron una gran labor, de manera que la mayoría de espacios, alleres y simposium conaban con la colaboración de alguno de ellos. De pos- grado ambién eran los alumnos del maser en Danza Terapia que nos acompañaron con sus danzas, músicas e inerpreaciones earales. Al final de cada jornada, hubo cuaro grupos de reflexión coninuada con la recomendación de asisir al mismo cada día, con el fin de poder vivir el proceso. Dos de ellos de orienación psicodramáica, uno de orienación de análisis ransaccional y oro de orienación grupo analíica. Respeco a los aconecimienos sociales, el Ajunamen de Barcelona nos obsequió con una recepción en un marco incomparable para una ceremonia de acogida. La persona que represenó al Ajunamen nos dio la graa sorpresa en su inervención de conocer en dealle el moivo de nuesro encuenro y nuesro rabajo. La cena de gala uvo lugar en el hoel Avenida Palace que es un clásico de Barcelona donde pudimos deleiar un animado aperiivo, exquisia cena, música y baile. La música y el baile esuvieron presenes en varios de los encuenros y alleres de manera especial en los de bienvenida y despedida. Para nuesra sociedad SEPTG ha sido una gran experiencia de aprendizaje de la que odavía enemos mucho que revisar y pensar. Esá en marcha un esudio de evaluación del que no enemos resulados odavía. Ha sido un reo y un honor para nosoros el haber sido anfiriones de la III IAGP Conferencia Medierránea y XXXV Symposium de nuesra SEPTG. No ha sido ni compleo ni perfeco por lo ano enemos algunas dificulades que afronar a las cuales miramos con opimismo e ilusión y como oporunidades de mejorar y aprender. Espero que con ese pequeño resumen haya podido reflejar una idea de lo aconecido. Con afeco, 7 Concha Oneca Presidena de la SEPTG Ediors, from Page 1 Inroducing you o Globeleer Ediors: Cecelia Winkelman is Senior Lecurer a he Ausralian Caholic Universiy Melbourne campus, where she has a role as Assisan Head of School and is also involved in he supervision of psychology rainees in he Universiy Clinic. She is a psychodramais and uses acion mehods in her eaching and in raining counsellors in lisening and empahy. She is well respeced in he field of psychology boh for her professional conribuions and for her generous willingness o be involved wih her sudens and colleagues. She coordinaes he Psychoanalyically Oriened Psychologiss Ineres Group (POPIG) in he Vicorian Branch of he Ausralian Psychological Sociey. In his capaciy she promoes psychoanalysis o he menal healh communiy. Ehel Tillinger is a psychologis and counsellor a he Universiy of Melbourne s Counselling Service and a psychoherapis in privae pracice. She is experienced in group work and group psychoherapy and conducs groups on Living Alongside Menal Illness for Universiy sudens who have a paren wih a menal illness. She is also involved in supervising rainee counsellors and coordinaing he supervision program. She conribued o he work of he Ausralasian Sociey for Traumaic Sress Sudies, serving as co-presiden of he Vicorian Chaper and sae represenaive o he Ausralian and New Zealand commiee. Her Psychoanalyic Maser s hesis was on he opic of Holocaus survivors giving esimony. Using a model of inersubjeciviy, she developed a research ool for racking he momen-by-momen changes in inegraion of rauma in survivors. Presiden, from Page 1 Esimados Colegas: Han sucedido anas cosas emocionanes denro del IAGP que no sé por dónde empezar a conar. Fue un placer asisir en La Tercera Conferencia Regional Medierránea. La Academia de Verano en Granada fue una experiencia emocionane para los paricipanes y nosoros esamos anicipando la próxima Conferencia del Pacífico en Masue, Japón. Por úlimo, Esher Sone, M. S. W. y Maurizio Gasseau, Ph.D. (Copresidenes del Comié Cienífico del Programa), con la ayuda de Jaime Ondarza Linares, M.D. y Eva Fahlsrom, el M.UN. (Co-presidenes de los Insiuos del Precongreso); Claudio Merlo, Ph.D., Renao del Polo, M.D. y Sylvia Anfilocchi, Ph.D., (Comié Organizador Local, COIRAG), rabajan muy duramene para que odos podamos ener un Congreso Inernacional de alísima calidad en Roma, Ialia en Agoso, Used podrá conocer odo el programa en esa edición del Globeleer. Los miembros del Comié ejecuivo, de las Secciones del Comié y de muchos oros comiés, rabajan arduamene para consruir la esrucura inerna de nuesra organización. Gracias al rabajo dedicado de Howard Kibel, M.D. nuesro especialisa en información, y Pinky Lee, nuesro asisene adminisraivo, se ha logrado que nuesro banco de daos de la asociación consiga esar más acualizado, lo que muy prono nos permiirá publicar una guía de la asociación. El Comié de Nominaciones, bajo el liderazgo de Fern Cramer Azima, Ph.D. rabaja con mucho empeño para que nuesros procedimienos de nominaciones sean claros, ransparenes y éicos. Por primera vez, hemos elegido a miembros que forman el Comié que Nominaciones. Los miembros del comié son Jean Francoise Milla, Francia; Richard Reposa, M. S. W., EEUU (como miembros elegidos) y Marianne Wikorin, M.A., Suecia; y Waler Piedra, M.D., EEUU (como miembros designados). Lo mas necesario en la IAGP es que nuesros miembros rabajen conjunamene con los miembros de la Juna Direciva y de los respecivos comiés. Para conocer más sobre vuesros inereses, nuesro presidene eleco Jorge Burmeiser, M.D. y un grupo de miembros del Board, esán desarrollando una encuesa de la Asociación que muy prono se os enviará. Respóndela por favor y dinos lo que deseas de y para la IAGP. También, nos gusaría saber si esarías dispueso a rabajar en un comié ahora y en el fuuro. Si ienes alguna preguna que concierne al IAGP, por favor me puedes conacar en Para finalizar, deseo expresar mi graiud a Cecelia Winkelman y Ehel Tillinger, los Redacores de ese boleín. Recuerde que used los puede ayudar en su rabajo mandando sus noicias y los anuncios para la próxima edición. Frances Bonds-Whie, Ed.D., FAGPA, TSTA, CGP, Presidene IAGP (Presiden s leer ranslaed by Maria Cecilia.Orozco Lopez & Gregorio Armananzas)

8 8 Globeleer Sepember, 2008 Repor, from Page 2 de secciones nos pusimos de acuerdo en organizar varias acividades junos. Con respeco a las lisas de la IAGP coincidimos en nuesra inención de ofrecer las lisas como medio por excelencia de una comunicación comparida para miembros hablanes de idiomas diferenes en el conexo de la misma discusión. De ese modo, queremos garanizar a los socios de la IAGP que siempre puedan visiar la lisa de su inerés esableciendo conacos más fácilmene y pudiendo explorar sus emáicas en profundidad. Con respeco a las reuniones de las Secciones, esuvimos de acuerdo en ener reuniones de las mismas con regularidad, fomenando su desarrollo y mejorando la idenificación con la IAGP enre los propios miembros. Para Masue y Roma esá previso fijar reuniones regulares de las secciónes. También esuvimos de acuerdo en diseñar propuesas y proyecos junos para la conferencia de la IAGP. Queremos promover una visión única y la idenidad de la IAGP desarrollando el principio de la ferilización muua enre los méodos diferenes y los campos de aplicación que componen la IAGP y que esán represenados por sus secciones. Se enfocarán varios proyecos incluyendo 1. La organización de mesas redondas alrededor de los emas principales de la conferencia 2. Un proyeco comparido con el fin de explorar los diferenes modelos de la coordinación de los grupos grandes polígloas 3. La organización de un aller comparido de odas las secciones ofreciendo sus modelos en relación con un mismo ema (por ejemplo la resolución de conflicos). Ese ipo de aller se dirigirá ano al profesional recienemene incorporado en nuesro campo como a esudianes y a los propios experos. Para la conferencia de Barcelona hemos llevado a cabo nuesra propuesa: La visión de IAGP - de los abordajes diferenes a la ferilización muua y su aplicación en la resolución del conflico y el rabajo del rauma colecivo. Para las conferencias de Masue y Roma vamos a evaluar la experiencia de Barcelona para el diseño de nuevos proyecos. Queremos inviar a odos los miembros de las secciones que quieran paricipar en ales acividades que conacen e informen direcamene a su coordinador de la sección! Como pregunas pendienes hemos idenificado: 1. El procedimieno formal para organizar acividades propias de la sección: cuáles son los crierios a cumplir, la aplicación formal y/o la información del ejecuivo o de la juna direciva? 2. La descripción del rol del coordinador de la Sección. Acerca de ese úlimo aspeco vamos a pedir la ayuda del Comié gubernamenal y consiucional dado que al descripción perenece a su responsabilidad. Jorge Burmeiser Coordinador Grupo de Trabajo de los coordinadores de secciones Memoriam, from Page 6 everywhere he passed. He wroe hree volumes, one of hem being he deepes and mos of psychoanalysis las imes hisories, Sigmund Freud, he cenury of Psychoanalysis. In he launching of his mos imporan work, he defined Psychoanalysis as a marial ar, a wisdom, a new form of hough, ha is singular and no found in anoher place. To be a psychoanalys, he claimed, one has o have masery, o have he ools and clinic. He died a age 84, on February 21s, 2008, Salvador (Bahia), Brazil. Ana Maria Sigal and Heloisa Fleury (Insiuo Sedes Sapieniae, São Paulo, Brazil) This obiuary is also in press in he journal Pulsional Revisa de Psicanalise. Emilio Rodrigué nació y esudio Medicina en Argenina. A los 25 años, comenzó su formación analíica en Londres, donde se analizó con Paula Heimann, rabajó en psicoerapia infanil bajo la supervisión de Melanie Klein y fue observador de los grupos de Bion. En ese período, fueron sus analisas-supervisores Herber Rosenfeld, Donald Winnico, Hanna Segal y Juan Rickman. En 1958, se radicó en los E.E.U.U, donde uvo un conaco inenso y de ransformación con la filósofa Susana Langer, paricipó ambién de la comunidad erapéuica pionera de Ausen Riggs (conemporáneo del Rober Knigh, Rappapor y Erik Erikson). Asumió la presidencia de la Asociación Argenina de Psicoanálisis en un período en el que, el rabajo con grupos esaba en pleno desarrollo, esimulado por profesionales como Pichón-Rivière, Bleger y oros. Emilio era un hombre de pasiones, se sumergía en los proyecos, e se adueñaba de ellos convocando a odos los que esábamos a su alrededor a zambullirnos profundamene para ir arás del deseo, para crear nuevos mundos, para cambiar la realidad. Fue una fuere figura de idenificación de su iempo, nos marcó con su ejemplo sin ener la preensión de ser un maesro. Enre las acciones de desaque de las que paricipó, rompió con la Sociedad de Psicoanálisis, donde era miembro didaca, para fundar juno a oros desacados analisas el grupo Plaaforma, que uvo crucial imporancia en su época porque creó las condiciones para el florecimieno de muchas escuelas de formación independienes en psicoanálisis. Cambió el presigio por la liberad. En una declaración pública dijo que las insiuciones provocan fenómenos auoriarios y secarios, porque la presión ransferencial grupal produce efecos que resringen la liberad para pensar. Por esa razón, no paricipo más de forma consane en ninguna ora insiución, circulando como nómada por erriorios diversos. Llego al Brasil con su esposa, en aquella época, Mara Berlin, que enía una vasa formación en psicodrama e con quien desarrolló un proyeco de formación analíica de grupo. Realizaron muchos laboraorios y work-shops ransmiiendo su experiencia en diferenes ciudades brasileras. Era un período de disancia de la orodoxia analíica y un momeno en el que su pensamieno esaba aravesado por los grandes conflicos políicos que conmovían Lainoamérica y con los que se compromeió sin emor. Rodrigué amó el Brasil, Salvador lo fascinó y allí se casó con Graça, mujer ligada a la religión afro-brasilera que colaboro para que Bahia se ransformase en su ierra de adopción, donde vivió sus úlimos 30 años. Fue allí donde se acercó más al pensamieno Lacaniano y formó un grupo fuere que lo siguió al final de sus días. Reichiano, Lacaniano, Kleiniano e Freudiano; odas las escuelas que le sirvieron de alimeno para saciar su deseo de enender la subjeividad. Fue ane odo un pensador conrario a los dogmas, un ser que vivió políicamene. Analisa, grupanalisa e insiucionalisa, dejó discípulos por donde ransió. Escribió en res omos, una de las hisorias del psicoanálisis más profundas y encarnadas de los úlimos iempos Sigmund Freud, el siglo del Psicoanálisis En el momeno del lanzamieno de ésa, su más imporane obra, definió al Psicoanálisis como un are marcial, una sabiduría, una nueva forma para pensar, que es singular y que no se encuenra en oro lugar. Para ser psicoanalisa -dijo él- hay que ener maesría, ener las herramienas y ener clínica. Murió a los 84 años, el 21 de febrero de 2008, en Salvador (Bahía), Brasil. Ana Maria Sigal y Heloisa Fleury (Insiuo Sedes Sapieniae, São Paulo, Brasil) This obiuary is also in press in he journal Pulsional Revisa de Psicanalise. Lis, from Page 3 Para informaciones podéis conacar Silvia Anfilocchi a la dirección: Cari colleghi Vi ricordiamo che la prossima scadenza delle quoe di iscrizione è il 31 oobre e che enro il 15 oobre 2008 devono essere inviai gli absrac con le vosre propose di inerveno (relazioni, seminari, conferenze, ecc.). Le aree emaiche suggerie coprono una vasa gamma di ineressi e siamo ceri che ciascuno di voi porà porare conribui simolani per aivare uno scambio proficuo ra ui i parecipani. In quano soci individuali IAGP, coniamo sulla vosra collaborazione per diffondere le informazioni relaive a queso congresso. Buon lavoro a ui e arrivederci a Roma! Il Comiao Locale Renao de Polo, Claudio Merlo Per informazioni e/o comunicazioni poee conaare Silvia Anfilocchi all indirizzo mail: Execuive Commiee IAGP Execuive Commiee Members invies you o conac us wih any quesions: Frances Bonds-Whie, Ed.D., USA: Kae Bradshaw Tauvon, M.A., TEP, Sweden -Secreary: Douglas S.G. Kong, M.D., Singapore - Treasurer: Jörg Burmeiser, M.D., Swizerland/Spain- Presiden Elec: Chriser Sandahl, Ph.D., Sweden - Immediae Pas Presiden: Calendar of Evens Please noify he IAGP secreary of change of or posal address a 2008, Oc. 7-11, Masue, Japan IAGP 8h Pacific Rim Regional Congress & 14h Conference of Inernaional Associaion of Dynamic Psychoherapy Creaing New Space beyond Inernal and Exernal Wars 2009, Jan , Dunedin, New Zealand Ausralian New Zealand Psychodrama Associaion Conference, He angaa he angaa he angaa -- I is people, i is people, i is people hp:// Francisco Perala Torrejòn IAGP Presiden Frances Bonds-Whie, cener, and pas presidens, from lef: Chriser Sandahl, Robero DeInocencio, Malcolm Pines and Albero Serrano 2009, Jun. 8-12, Granada, Spain IAGP Granada Summer Academy, Emigraion, Family and Culure 2009, Aug.24-29, Rome, Ialy 17h Congress of IAGP wih he Confederaion of Ialian Organizaions for Analyic Research on Groups Groups in a Time of Conflics



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Más detalles

A N A L E S Tercera Época Número 14 Año 2008

A N A L E S Tercera Época Número 14 Año 2008 ANALES 0 0 8 Tercera Época Número 4 Año 008 EDITORIAL El presene número de Anales del IAE, incluye 8 colaboraciones de auores esudiosos de la Ciencia Acuarial y Financiera. Un problema que se presena

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Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fall 2011 Message from the Chair Keep in touch! We love to know what our students, alumni and friends are up to. You can contact our department

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Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking

Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking What your church can do about... Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America Human Trafficking Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock In November of 1999, two teenage student journalists from

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La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors

La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors La V Voz Volume 24 Number 8 A Bi-cultural Publication August, 2013 Free Gratis (512) 944-4123 Inside this Issue An Interview with Dolores Treviño NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors Delia

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Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads

Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads CONNECTICUT BIRTH TO THREE SYSTEM PRESCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION Working together for children with disabilities Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads By Vivian J. Carlson, Ph.D.,

Más detalles Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Pictured Left: Jamin and Nicki Herold and family. Story continued Page 4 Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Pictured Left: Jamin and Nicki Herold and family. Story continued Page 4 The Official Publication for the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo Easter Edition APRIL 2015 The Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, After 40 days of silence, we

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juntos por la salud mental avanzamos! juntos por la salud mental Edición No. 16 Exploramos prácticas terapéuticas no tradicionales Exploring Non-traditional Healing Practices Adentro: El teatro, la música y otras prácticas que apoyan

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Copyright 2007 by the Latin America Working Group Education Fund and the Washington Office on Latin America

Copyright 2007 by the Latin America Working Group Education Fund and the Washington Office on Latin America Copyright 2007 by the Latin America Working Group Education Fund and the Washington Office on Latin America Latin America Working Group Education Fund (LAWGEF) 424 C Street, NE Washington, DC 20002

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Chicago: Choices and Changes

Chicago: Choices and Changes BOLD PLANS. BIG DREAMS. Chicago: Choices and Changes A UNIT FOR THIRD GRADE Presenting Sponsor for Education BOLD PLANS. BIG DREAMS. Chicago: Choices and Changes A UNIT FOR THIRD

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May 2015. AIMS Newsletter. NIAFG AREA 14 Assembly. Saturday, May 16, 2015. Al-Anon Interest Meetings Service

May 2015. AIMS Newsletter. NIAFG AREA 14 Assembly. Saturday, May 16, 2015. Al-Anon Interest Meetings Service May 2015 AIMS Newsletter Al-Anon Interest Meetings Service Published by Northern Illinois Al-Anon Family Groups NIAFG AREA 14 Assembly Saturday, May 16, 2015 Friday 8:00p.m. Keep the Out of Towners Off

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Life in the "Promised Land": African-American Migrants in Northern Cities, 1916-1940

Life in the Promised Land: African-American Migrants in Northern Cities, 1916-1940 News for Schools from the Smithsonian Institution, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Washington, D.C. 20560 December 1990 Life in the "Promised Land": African-American Migrants in Northern

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Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht

Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht Fact Finder Minneapolis, MN Local 653 Vol. 51 No. 6 July 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) The looming implementation of the

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Crystal Methamphetamine and Latinos in New York City: One Organization s Perspective

Crystal Methamphetamine and Latinos in New York City: One Organization s Perspective Crystal Methamphetamine and Latinos in New York City: One Organization s Perspective A Publication of the Latino Commission on AIDS 24 West 25th Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10010-2704 Telephone: 212-675-3288

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Communication Tune- Up

Communication Tune- Up COMMUNICATIONS: TRIED, TRUE, & NEW IN THIS ISSUE: 1 5 8 11 Communication Tune- Up The Promised Land Find a Church Using Video Communication Tune- Up BY ROBERT WILLIAMS Try teamwork in 8 easy steps Do your

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La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers.

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers. La Voz Free Gratis Volume 9 Number 1 A Bi-cultural Publication January 2014 (512) 944-4123 Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 &

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Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall

Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 44 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 4 de mayo de 2014 Michelle Obama: San Antonio, ustedes son todo lo que llegar más alto significa Por Ana Cristina González

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Ideas and Tools for Working with Parents and Families

Ideas and Tools for Working with Parents and Families Schools, Families, and Social and Emotional Learning Ideas and Tools for Working with Parents and Families Linda Fredericks Roger Weissberg Hank Resnik Eva Patrikakou Mary Utne O'Brien Collaborative for

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Patient Satisfaction Survey for HIV Ambulatory Care New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

Patient Satisfaction Survey for HIV Ambulatory Care New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute Patient Satisfaction Survey for HIV Ambulatory Care New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute Untitled pastel drawing by Frank Holliday, HIV-positive artist Patient Satisfaction Survey for HIV

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International Seminar on Public Transport Authorities 31 march 2011

International Seminar on Public Transport Authorities 31 march 2011 International Seminar on Public Transport Authorities 31 march 2011 Session 3 ITS & mobility Marc GARCÍA Technical Director, ATM (autoridad de Transporte Metropolitano de Barcelona) Guido MULLER EC DG-MOVE

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The Official Publication for the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo. Volume 18 Issue 6 Good News

The Official Publication for the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo. Volume 18 Issue 6 Good News The Official Publication for the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo JULY/AUGUST 2015 The Volume 18 Issue 6 Good News Bishop Bradley affirms Church s teaching on marriage in light of Supreme

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Los Negocios Florecen en Toronto

Los Negocios Florecen en Toronto Los Negocios Florecen en Toronto Marketing to Hispanics 5 Cultural Misconceptions Hispanic Business Awards Now in its third year! SUMMER 2011 in this issue 5 Cultural Misconceptions Now in it s third year!

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Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success

Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success S D Issue Date: 7/24/15 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 2-Summer Communicator R C San Diego Regional Center A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road,

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Between Friends. Entre Amigos. Dina Gonzalez

Between Friends. Entre Amigos. Dina Gonzalez Between Friends Entre Amigos A Family Magazine Serving the Communities of Merced County Volume 11 Issue 2 Merced County March/April 2014 Dina Gonzalez Leading the Way in Child Care in Merced County Liderando

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Our Common Ministry Presbytery of Chicago

Our Common Ministry Presbytery of Chicago Our Common Ministry Presbytery of Chicago The Presbytery of Chicago is sending seven overtures to the 219 th General Assembly for consideration. The General Assembly is meeting

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As Christmas approaches,


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la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14

la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14 Letter from the executive director 03 The FOOD SECURITY issue 04 a letter from the development director 05 Food security and the sustainability of specialty coffee 06 Travel log: Data collection 12 AUGE

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