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1 PÓRTICO Semanal Responsable de la Sección: Carmen Alcrudo Geología Geografía 62 Nº junio 2010 Dirige: José Miguel Alcrudo Geología: Geografía: GEOLOGÍA 001 Alcántara Ayala, I. / A. S. Goudie, eds.: Geomorphological Hazards and Disaster Prevention pp., 112 fig., 25 tabl. 55,05 ÍNDICE: Introduction Andrew S. Goudie Part I. Processes: Regional seismic shaking hazards in mountains William B. Bull Volcanic hazards and risks: a geomorphic perspective Jean-Claude Thouret Mountain hazards Olav Slaymaker Review and future challenges in snow avalanche risk analysis Michael Bruendl, Perry Bartelt, Margreth Keiler and Thomas Glade Landslide hazards David Petley Catastrophic landslides and sedimentary budgets Monique Fort, Etienne Cossart and Gilles Arnaud-Fassetta Landslides and climactic change Lisa Borgatti and Mauro Soldati The hazardness of high-magnitude floods Avijit Gupta Flood hazards: the context of fluvial geomorphology Gerardo Benito and Paul F. Hudson Geomorphology and coastal hazards Harley Jesse Walker and Molly McGraw Weathering hazards Andrew S. Goudie and Heather Viles Hazards associated to Karst Francisco Gutiérrez Soil erosion Andrew S. Goudie and John Boardman Desertification and land degradation in arid and semi-arid regions Yang Xiaoping Part II. Processes and Applications of Geomorphology to Risk Assessment and Management: GIS for the assessment of risk from geomorphological hazards Cees J. van Westen Hazards assessment for risk analysis and risk management Michael Crozier and Thomas Glade Vulnerability analysis in geomorphic risk assessment Gabi Hufschmidt and Thomas Glade Geomorphological hazards and global climate change Andrew S. Goudie Geomorphic hazards and sustainable development David Higgitt Geomorphology and disaster prevention Irasema Alcántara-Ayala Concluding remarks: geomorphology and the international agenda Irasema Alcántara-Ayala.

2 2 002 Allison, P. A. / D. J. Bottjer, eds.: Taphonomy. Process and Bias through Time xx pp., 338 fig. 139,05 ÍNDICE: 1. Taphonomy: bias and process through time; Peter A. Allison & David J. Bottjer 2. Taphonomic overprints on biodiversity: a database approach to the quantification of Phanerozoic trends; Austin Hendy & Carl Brett 3. Taphonomy of shelly taxa through time: were aragonitic infauna selectively dissolved?; V.Paul Wright & Lesley Cherns 4. Taphonomy of shelly taxa through time: shell durability in mixed carbonate/clastic sequences; Carl E. Brett & al. 5. Taphonomy of animal organic skeletons though time; Neal Gupta & D.E.G.Briggs 6. Molecular taphonomy of plant organic skeletons; Margaret E. Collinson 7. The relationship between continental landscape evolution and the plant-fossil record: Long term hydrologic controls on preservation; Robert A. Gastaldo & Timothy M. Demko 8. Hierarchical control of terrestrial vertebrate taphonomy over space and time: Discussion of mechanisms and implications for vertebrate paleobiology; Christopher Noto 9. Taphonomy of carbonate microfacies through time; James Nebelsick, Michael Rasser, & Davide Bassi 10. Taphonomy of reefs through time; Rachel Wood 11. Silicification through time; Susan Butts and D.E.G. Briggs 12. Phosphatization through the Phanerozoic; Steve Dornbos 13. Three-dimensional morphological (CLSM) and chemical (Raman) imagery of cellularly mineralized fossils; J. William Schopf & al. 14. Taphonomy in temporally unique settings: Precambrian Lagerstätte - out of this world?; Nicola McLoughlin & al. 15. Taphonomy in temporally unique settings: the Ediacaran interval; Jonathan Antcliffe & al. 16. Mass extinctions and changing taphonomic processes; Margaret L. Fraiser & al años de geología en la Universidad de Oviedo pp., lám.col., fig. 56, Bandyopadhyay, S.: New Aspects of Mesozoic Biodiversity pp. 106,95 ÍNDICE: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Terrestrial Tetrapods The origin, early history and diversification of lepidosauromorph reptiles Rahiolisaurus gujaratensis, n. gen. n. sp., a new abelisaurid theropod from the Late Cretaceous of India Pterosauria from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil Bone histology of a kannemeyeriid dicynodont Wadiasaurus: palaeobiological implications Indian Cretaceous Terrestrial Vertebrates: Cosmopolitanism and Endemism in a Geodynamic Plate Tectonic Framework The wandering Indian plate and its changing biogeography during the Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary period. 005 Barale, V. / J. Gower / L. Alberotanza, eds.: Oceanography from Space. Revisited 2010 xvi pp., 180 fig., lám. 139, Beer, T., ed.: Geophysical Hazards. Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Awareness pp., 46 fig., 75 lám.col. 106,95

3 3 007 Belinchon, M. / E. Peñalver / P. Montoya / F. Gasco: Crónicas de fósiles. Las colecciones paleontológicas del Museo de ciencias naturales de Valencia pp., lám.col. 50, Bjorlykke, K.: Petroleum Geology 2010 x pp., 210 fig. 74, Boucot, A. J. / J. D. Lawson, eds.: Paleocommunities. A Case Study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian, 2 vols pp., 283 fig. 73, Burr, D. / P. A. Carling / V. R. Baker, eds.: Megaflooding on Earth and Mars pp., 89 fig. 12 tabl. 97,80 ÍNDICE: Overview of megaflooding: Earth and Mars Victor R. Baker Channel-scale erosional bedforms in loose granular material and in bedrock Paul A. Carling, Juergen Herget, J. K. Lanz, K. Richardson and Andrea Pacifici A review of open-channel megaflood depositional landforms on Earth and Mars Paul A. Carling,Timothy Johnsen and Tracy Brennand Jökulhlaups in Iceland: sources, release and drainage Helgi Björnsson Channelled scabland morphology Victor R. Baker The morphology and sedimentology of landforms created by subglacial megafloods Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk, John Shaw, Darren B. Sjogren, Tracy A. Brennand, Timothy G. Fisher, David Sharpe, Philip S. G. Kor, Claire Beaney and Bruce B. Rains Proglacial megaflooding along the margins of the Laurentide ice sheet Alan E. Kehew, Mark L. Lord, Andrew L. Kozlowski and Timothy G. Fisher Floods for natural rock-material dams Jim E. O Connor and Robin A. Beebee Surface morphology and origin of outflow channels in the Valles Marineris region Neil M. Coleman and Victor R. Baker Floods from fossae: a review of Amazonian-aged extensionaltectonic megaflood channels on Mars Devon M. Burr, Lionel Wilson and Alistair Bargery Large basin overflow floods on Mars Rossman P. Irwin III and John A. Grant Criteria for identifying Jökulhlaups deposits in the sedimentary record Philip M. Marren and Matthias Schuh Megaflood sedimentary valley fill: Altai mountains, Siberia Paul A. Carling, I. Peter Martini, Juergen Herget, Pavel Borodavko and Sergei Parnachov Modelling of subaerial Jökulhlaups in Iceland Snorri Páll Kjaran, Sigurður Lárus Hólm, Eric M. Myer and Tómas Jóhannesson Jökulhlaups from Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland: modelling transient hydraulic phenomena Jonathan L. Carrivick Dynamics of fluid flow in Martian outflow channels Lionel Wilson, Alistair S. Bargery and Devon M. Burr. 011 Connor, C. B. / N. A. Chapman / L. J. Connor, eds.: Volcanic and Tectonic Hazard Assessment for Nuclear Facilities pp., 201 fig., 27 tabl. 97,80 ÍNDICE: Tectonic events and nuclear facilities N. A. Chapman, H. Tsuchi / K. Kitayama The nature of tectonic hazards M. Cloos The nature of volcanism C. B. Connor & al. Tectonic uplift

4 4 and subsidence N. Litchfield, Y. Ota / D. Merritts Glacial isostatic adjustment: implications for glacially induced faulting and nuclear waste repositories B. Lund / J. O. Näslund Using global positioning system data to assess tectonic hazards L. M. Wallace & al. Tectonic setting of volcanic centers in subduction zones: 3D structure of mantle wedge and arc crust Y. Tamura & al. Conceptual model for small-volume alkali basalt petrogenesis: implications for volcanic hazards at the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository F. J. Spera / S. J. Fowler Aspects of volcanic hazard assessment for the Bataan nuclear power plant, Luzon Peninsula, Philippines A. C. M. Volentik & al. Multidisciplinary probabilistic tectonic hazard analysis M. Stirling & al. Tsunami hazard assessment W. Power and G. Downes Regional-scale volcanology in support of site-specific investigations H. Kondo Exploring long-term hazards using a Quaternary volcano database S. H. Mahoney, R. S. J. Sparks & al. Estimating spatial density with kernel methods C. B. Connor and L. J. Connor Cox process models for the estimation of long-term volcanic hazards O. Jaquet / C. Lantuéjoul Spatial distribution of eruptive centers about the Idaho National Laboratory P. H. Wetmore & al. Modeling the flow of basaltic magma into subsurface nuclear facilities T. Menand & al. Intrusion dynamics for volatile-poor basaltic magma into subsurface nuclear installations A.-M. Lejeune & al. Volcanic risk assessment at Yucca Mountain, NV, USA: integration of geophysics, geology and modeling G. A. Valentine / F. V. Perry Geological issues in practice: experience in siting US nuclear facilities L. Reiter Characterizing active tectonic structures for nuclear facilities in Japan D. Inoue Issues for coastal sites I. G. McKinley / W. R. Alexander Stable tectonic settings: designing site investigations to establish the tectonic basis for design and safety evaluation of geological repositories in Scandanavia T. McEwen / J. Anderson The impact of subsidence, uplift and erosion of geological repositories for radioactive wastes I. G. McKinley / N. A. Chapman Recommendations for assessing volcanic hazards at sites of nuclear installations B. E. Hill & al. Formal expert assessment in probabilistic seismic and volcanic hazard assessment K. J. Coppersmith & al. 012 Cuffey, K. M. / W. S. B. Paterson: The Physics of Glaciers pp., fig. 74,83 ÍNDICE: Introduction Transformation of Snow to Ice Grain-Scale Structures and Deformation of Ice Mass Balance Processes: Overview and Regimes Mass Balance Processes: Surface Ablation and Energy Budget Glacial Hydrology Basal Slip The Flow of Ice Masses Temperatures in Ice Masses Large-Scale Structures Reaction of Glaciers to Environmental Changes Glacier Surges Ice Sheets and the Earth System Ice, Sea Level, and Contemporary Climate Change Ice Core Studies. 013 Davidson-Arnot, R.: Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology pp., 439 fig., 12 tabl. 36, Dietrich, R. V.: Gems, Granites, and Gravels. Knowing and Using Rocks and Minerals pp. 28, Domínguez Bella, S. / A. Maate, eds.: Geología y geoturismo en la orilla sur del Estrecho de Gibraltar / Géologie et geoturisme dans la rive sud du

5 5 Detroit de Gibraltar pp., lám.col. 30,00 ÍNDICE: R. Hlila: Introducción a la geología de la región Tánger-Tetuán J. S. El Messari: Hidrogeología de la región Tánger-Tetuán A. Maate: Los sitios de interés geológico, biológico y ecológico en la región Tánger-Tetuán D. Nachite: El desarrollo turístico del litoral en la región Tánger-Tetuán: una evolución hacia unos escenarios no deseables S. Domínguez Bella: Patrimonio geológico y minero en la Península Tingitana. Rutas de turismo geológico y geoarqueológico K. Targuisti: El medio ambiente kárstico en el parque natural de Talassemtane (provincia de Chefchaouen, Rif septentrional, Marruecos D. Bernal Casasola: Yacimientos arqueológicos en la Península Tingitana J. Ramos Muñoz: Prehistoria en la región del Estrecho de Gibraltar J. A. López Sánchez: Elementos para el desarrollo turístico en la Península Tingitana. 016 Evans, S. G. & al., eds.: Natural and Artificial Rockslide Dams pp. 149,75 ÍNDICE: The formation and behaviour of natural and artificial rockslide dams; implications for engineering performance and hazard management; S.G. Evans & al. Risk-reduction measures for landslide dams; R.L. Schuster Technical and human aspects of historic rockslide dammed lakes and landslide dam breaches; C. Bonnard Rockslide and rock avalanche dams in the Southern Alps, New Zealand; O. Korup Landslide dams in the Central Andes of Argentina (Northern Patagonia and the Argentine northwest); R.L. Hermanns & al. Rock avalanche dams on the Trans-Himalayan Upper Indus streams: a survey of late Quaternary events and hazard-related characteristics; K. Hewitt Landslide dams in the high mountains of India, Nepal and China stability and life span of their dammed lakes; J.T. Weidinger Volcanic natural dams associated with sector collapses: textural and sedimentological constraints on their stability; L. Capra Formation and behaviour of landslide dams and associated «Quake Lakes» emplaced during the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Sichuan, China; P. Cui & al. The importance of geological models in understanding and predicting the life span of rockslide dams: the case of Scanno Lake, central Italy; G. Bianchi-Fasani & al. Formation, characterization, and modeling of the Val Pola rockavalanche dam (Italy); G.B. Crosta & al. The 1786 Dadu River landslide dam, Sichuan, China; C.F. Lee / F.C. Dai La Josefina landslide dam and its catastrophic breaching in the Andean region of Ecuador; G. Plaza & al. The Flims rockslide dam; A. von Poschinger Usoi natural dam, Lake Sarez, Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan: considerations of security and stability; A. Ischuk Rock-avalanche size and runout implications for landslide dams; T.R. Davies / M.J. McSaveney Prospects for prediction of landslide dam geometry using empirical and dynamic models; O. Hungr The grain-size distribution of rock-avalanche deposits: implications for natural dam stability; S.A. Dunning / P.J. Armitage Incorporating the effects of groundwater and coupled hydro-mechanical processes in slope stability analysis; E. Eberhardt / D. Stead Paleohydrology of break-out floods from volcanogenic lakes in the Taupo volcanic zone, New Zealand; V. Manville / K.A. Hodgson The characterization of the 2000 Yigong River (Tibet) landslide dam and associated impoundment by remote sensing; S.G. Evans / K.B. Delaney The classification of rockslide dams; R.L.Hermanns & al. Russian experience with blast-fill dam construction; V.V. Adushkin Utilisation of data derived from large-scale experiments and study of natural blockages for blast fill dam design& al.v.f. Korchevskiy & al.

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9 9 and Global Environmental Change pp., 52 fig., 50 tabl. 55,00 ÍNDICE: Landscape, and landscape scale processes as the unfilled niche in the global environmental change debate: an introduction O. Slaymaker, T. Spencer and S. Dadson Mountains O. Slaymaker and C. Embleton-Hamann Lakes and lake catchments K. Kashiwaya, O. Slaymaker and M. Church Rivers M. Church, T. P. Burt, V. J. Galay and G. M. Kondolf Estuaries, coastal marshes, tidal flats and coastal dunes D. J. Reed, R. Davidson-Arnott and G. M. E. Perillo Beaches, cliffs and deltas M. J. F. Stive, P. J. Cowell and R. J. Nicholls Coral reefs P. Kench, C. Perry and T. Spencer Tropical rainforests R. P. D. Walsh and W. H. Blake Tropical savannas M. E. Meadows and D. S. G. Thomas Deserts N. Lancaster Mediterranean M. Sala Temperate forests and rangelands R. C. Sidle and T. P. Burt Tundra and permafrost dominated taiga M.-F. André and O. Anisimov Ice sheets and ice caps D. Sugden Landscape, landscape scale processes and global environmental change: synthesis and new agendas for the twenty-first century T. Spencer, O. Slaymaker and C. Embleton-Hamann. 043 Szabo, J. / L. David / D. Loczy, eds.: Anthropogenic Geomorphology: a Guide to Man-made Landforms 2010 x pp., 148 fig. 106, Tauxe, L.: Essentials of Paleomagnetism. With Contributions from S. K. Banerjee, R. F. Butler, and R. van der Voo pp., 13 fig., 3 tabl. 42, Ugalde, A., ed.: Terremotos. Cuando la tierra tiembla pp., lám.col. 17,00 ÍNDICE: J. Batlló / A. Ugalde: Grandes terremotos hasta el presente A. Ugalde: Una Tierra dinámica. El origen de los terremotos C. López-Casado / C. Sanz de Galdeano: Tectónica activa y sismicidad. Terremotos y fallas E. Buforn / A. Udías: El foco sísmico. El mecanismo de los terremotos J. Badal: Ondas sísmicas. Viajando por el interior de la Tierra J. Batlló: Instrumentación sísmica. El problema de registrar un terremoto E. Suriñach: Cuando las vibraciones son útiles. Cómo nos informan cuando están controladas J. Vila: Sismología forense. Más allá de la sismología de terremotos R. Ortiz: Sismicidad volcánica. Evitando que la naturaleza dañe al hombre J. M. Martínez Solares: Terremotos bajo el océano. Tsunamis M. J. Jiménez / M. García Fernández: Peligrosidad sísmica. Qué efectos podemos esperar de los terremotos, dónde, cuándo y de qué tamaño S. Figueras / A. Macau: Efectos locales y microzonificación sísmica. Se pueden producir daños lejos de la zona epicentral? L. G. Pujades / A. H. Barbat: Escenarios de impacto sísmico. Vulnerabilidad y riesgo sísmicos F. Vidal: Prevención y protección ante terremotos. Estrategias de autoprotección ante sismos destructores A. M. Correig: Predicción de terremotos. Hacia una comprensión de la actividad sísmica precursora. 046 Veress, M.: Karst Environments. Karren Formation in High Mountains pp., 63 fig., 64 lám.col. 106,95

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