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3 Contents Letter from the Principal OCEAA Attendance Policies Enrollment and Registration OCEAA School Operations and Procedures OCEAA Academic Policies OCEAA School Discipline OCEAA Dress Code OCEAA Student Life Technology: Acceptable Use Agreement and Regulations Student and Parent Technology Agreement Nutrition Services Department Parent/Visitor Expectations OCEAA Student Health and Safety Notification of Rights under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Schools

4 Letter from the Principal Dear OCEAA Families, On behalf of our amazing staff of educators, it is our honor to welcome you to the school year at the Orange County Educational Arts Academy! OCEAA is entering its 10 th year and doing an amazing job preparing students to be global citizens through the arts, technology and world languages and cultures. Our vision is for all students to show continuous improvement toward meeting or exceeding gradelevel standards. We believe OCEAA offers your child a unique educational opportunity that infuses art, technology, language and culture into the curriculum to prepare our children to be the future leaders of our society. Please know that we work diligently to provide a safe and positive learning environment in which our students participate in enriching experiences designed to help them grow and develop academically, socially, and emotionally before, during and after school. We model and require all students to demonstrate behavior that is Organized, Respectful, Careful and Accepts Responsibility following the O.R.C.A. Way! We believe through collaboration of staff, parents, and the community, we are fostering strong foundations that empower our students to become responsible and productive citizens. Education is most successful when families and schools work together. With this in mind, we expect you to take an active role in your child's education. Joining the OCEAA FSO, volunteering at school, checking PowerSchool regularly, attending all conferences and meetings, supporting school policies and participating in our family events are just a few of the ways to stay involved. It is also important to talk to your children about school, ask about the exciting lessons and activities that are occurring daily, and encourage your children so that they arrive at school every day with a positive mindset and are ready to learn. We believe the OCEAA community is strengthened by diversity. Our families come from a variety of heritage groups that tie their lineage to countries throughout the world. As such we value the many languages that are spoken in our homes and our experience with cultures is an invaluable asset. Cultural diversity just scratches the surface. Our learning styles, interests, passions and aptitudes are equally diverse and enriching to our school. We strive to value all types of diversity and utilize our diverse experiences and interests to prepare students to live, study and work in an interconnected, globally integrated society. We believe developing health lifestyles from a young age sets you up for a lifetime of healthy habits. Our Nutritional Services Team prepares fresh food daily that meets or exceeds state guidelines! We believe it is important to continue to evolve as a school and are proud to announce some of the key areas we will focus on this year: Continuing to develop rigorous curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards that integrates art, technology, language and culture. Continuing to increase the use of technology as an instructional tool. Continuing to provide our students with opportunities to collaborate and express themselves 2

5 through the fine arts. Refining our ORCA SPLASH Program which promotes positive discipline and re-teaching of inappropriate behaviors. We are looking forward to a fantastic school year. Our door is always open and we encourage you to work collaboratively with the OCEAA staff. Together, we can empower our children to reach new heights. Orca Fever, Catch It! Principal Linda Hardman Greene Vice Principal Ernesto Villarreal OCEAA Attendance Policies OCEAA students must be punctual and in attendance for all classes. Regular attendance is vital to a student s success at OCEAA. The student who is frequently absent misses social interaction and direct instruction even though written work is made up. California Education Code specifies excused absences as those resulting from illness, medical/dental appointments, religious observances, or death in the immediate family. All other absences are considered unexcused and will result in disciplinary action through the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB). Just as the OCEAA team works with all students to help them succeed, students and parents must understand they are accountable for regular class attendance and daily assignments. OCEAA encourages parent(s)/guardian(s) to schedule the student s non-school activities and vacations during non-instructional time, before and after school. Students must attend school in order to participate in any extracurricular events taking place on the same day. 3

6 Absences When a student is absent, parents are required to call on the day of the absence or send a note upon the student s return. Parents are required to call our attendance clerk at (714) ext. 325 or to report an absence for OCEAA. Every absence, even for part of the day, interferes with your child s social and academic progress in school. OCEAA expects students to arrive on time every day. OCEAA expects students to attend school all day, every day. If you are not able to call to report an absence, parents are to send a note to the attendance clerk explaining the absence when the student returns to school. The note should include the absence date(s), reason for the absence, first and last name of the student along with their homeroom teacher and grade. If the absence is not verified through a phone call or note to the school, the school s attendance clerk calls the student s home to verify the absence. Parents are required to notify the school the reason for any absence. If an absence is not verified within one (1) week of an absence, that absence will be marked unexcused. The school must be notified each day your child is absent. If the school is not notified after five (5) consecutive days of absence, your child will be un-enrolled from OCEAA and your home school district will be notified that your child is truant. The following communicable diseases must be reported to the school office: chicken pox, strep throat, measles and pink eye. As a courtesy to other students and staff, we would also appreciate a call if your child has an active case of lice. Excused Absences A student not present in class for any reason is considered absent. The law specifically states that a pupil must be legally excused for compulsory attendance purposes. The following are acceptable, excused absences: Legally Excused Absences Personal illness or injury. A doctor s note is required for illness of three (3) days or more. Student s quarantine as directed by a doctor or city/county health officer. Personal medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic services rendered verified by a note from a medical professional. Student s attendance at funeral of immediate family member. If the service is conducted in the state, state law provides one (1) day of excused absence. Up to three (3) days are provided if the service is conducted out-of-state. Student s exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunizations. Student in grades 7-12 who leaves school to obtain confidential medical services. Warranted Absences Upon written request of the parent or guardian and prior approval of the Principal or designee and pursuant to OCEAA s policy, a student s absence may be excused for the following reasons: 4

7 o Appearance in court as a defendant or subpoenaed witness. o Observation of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion. o Attendance at religious retreats not-to-exceed four (4) hours per semester. o Employment interview or conference. o Additional days, in excess of the State authorized absences, to attend funeral services of an immediate family member or funeral services for someone other than immediate family. o Appearance at SARB or SART. o Excused/School Sponsored Activity: all field trips and other school related trips, athletic events, and music events. After five (5) or more absences in a school year (excused/unexcused or verified/unverified), ALL absences must be verified with a note from a medical professional to be excused. Student Attendance Review Team (SART) Repeated absences, tardies or early releases including for legal and warranted reasons will result in a mandatory meeting with the administration and/or referral to (SART-Student Attendance Review Team). Absences/Truancy Any student who has had at least six (6) unexcused, unverified absences/tardies/early releases, OR 15 excused absences during a single school year from school is considered habitually truant. The parent/guardian will again be notified in a letter requesting a conference be scheduled with the student, parent, teacher and administration to determine an educational plan (to be specified by the administration, teacher, parent/guardian, and student). Additionally, a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) will be considered if the student continues the same attendance patterns and/or the parent/guardian fails to respond within 10 days, and/or fails to attend the scheduled conference after the date of the scheduled meeting. 5

8 Tardies/Early Releases School begins promptly at 8:10 AM. Students are marked tardy when they are not in their classroom at 8:10 AM. If your child arrives to their classroom between 8:11 AM and 8:20 AM s/he is to report directly to class and his/her teacher will mark him/her tardy. If your child arrives after 8:20 AM, s/he must report to the school front office and obtain a pass to class as well as be marked tardy. Excessive 6

9 tardies or early releases of 10 or more will result in SART disciplinary action. Perfect and Excellent Attendance Awards Twice per year, students who have perfect and excellent attendance will be recognized. Students with no absences, tardies or early releases qualify for our Perfect Attendance Recognition. Students with three (3) or less excused absences, excused tardies, or excused early releases qualify for the Excellent Attendance Awards. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire year at OCEAA receive special recognition for this significant accomplishment at the year-end. Independent Study Independent Study is a short-term instructional option designed to address individual student s needs (i.e., warranted absences, extended illnesses or lack of immunizations). It is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the general course of study and not an alternative curriculum and is only available for absences from school for five (5) or more consecutive school days. Independent Study must be approved by the Principal or designee prior to the absences. Parents are required to request an Independent Study Contract from the teacher (at least one week prior to the first day of absence), pick up and sign the contract prior to first date of absence, and return signed/completed contract by due date. If the student has been on Independent Study before and has not completed the work as assigned, it is up to the Principal or designee as to whether s/he should be allowed to participate in the program again. Enrollment and Registration To be eligible to begin kindergarten students must turn five (5) years of age by September 1st, of the Kindergarten school year. Priority Enrollment is available to 1) Siblings (brother/sister, step-brother/step-sister living in same home) of existing OCEAA students and 2) Children of current OCEAA employees/board members: if the steps below are completed. Sibling/Employee Priority Enrollment In order to receive enrollment priority for siblings of children currently enrolled at OCEAA or children of current OCEAA employees/board members, the family must be in good standing in the following areas: 1. Complete the sibling/employee s child survey during ORCA re-registration one (1) year prior to the child starting kindergarten. 2. Provide the necessary academic support for student success (i.e. homework support, attendance at conferences, checking PowerSchool grade book regularly, working with teachers to meet academic goals set at conferences, etc.). 3. Comply with the attendance policy listed in handbook (i.e. not have been referred to SART/SARB for excessive absences or tardies/early releases). 7

10 4. Complete the minimum volunteer hours EACH grading period (i.e. meet their three (3) hours per quarter per child requirement). 5. Ensure that there are no outstanding balances with any OCEAA programs, nutrition services, or FSO. If steps 1-5 are met and space is available, the Registrar will contact the parent to schedule an enrollment appointment. Parents will have a maximum of three (3) days to accept the enrollment offer. The following documents must be presented at the enrollment appointment: Birth Certificate. Vaccination Record. Oral Health Assessment Form (1 st - 8 th ). Report of Health Examination Form (1 st - 8 th ). Report Card, (1 st - 8 th ). State Testing Reports, if applicable (3 rd - 8 th ). Completed Recommendation Form (1 st 8 th ). Student Essay (4 th 8 th ). If the number of priority students wishing to attend OCEAA exceeds the school s capacity, the priority students will be placed on the school waitlist based on the enrollment date of the current OCEAA student or current OCEAA employee/board member start date. The Lottery If the number of new students wishing to attend OCEAA exceeds the school s capacity, enrollment will be determined by a public random lottery drawing. Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) Program During the school year all classrooms in K-3 will be TWBI. The TWBI program will gradually expand to encompass one additional grade level each year. By 2019 OCEAA will exclusively offer the TWBI program for all students. The parent or legal guardian of all families who wish to have their child participate in our (TWBI) Program must attend an orientation (even if there are sibling students in the program). The dates for the orientations take place in March (exact dates posted at or obtained from OCEAA front office). Sessions are offered in English and Spanish. OCEAA School Operations and Procedures Arrival and Dismissal Arrival OCEAA has certain arrival procedures to make sure our students arrive on campus safely and ready to learn every morning. The following outlines procedures for morning arrival and helps everyone be ORCA organized and ready to go! 8

11 7:00 AM Garden Grill opens for breakfast. There is a specially designated kinder breakfast table for kinder students and parents. 7:30 AM Playground is open for students to wait in their lines. Students getting a Grab and Go breakfast will eat on the playground. Those students finishing their hot breakfast will move to the playground to wait. As kinder students finish their breakfast, they will be escorted by the Kinder Safety Monitor Escort to the kinder lines outside their classrooms. 7:55 AM Students are dismissed to classrooms under teacher supervision. K-2 nd students are picked up by their teachers by 8:00 AM and 3 rd - 8 th students are dismissed, to arrive at their classrooms at 8:00 AM. 8:00 AM We encourage all students to arrive to their classroom by 8:00 AM so they have ten (10) minutes to get their materials organized. 8:10 AM Instruction begins and students are expected to be in the classroom ready to begin the instructional day at this time. Special considerations: Kindergarten students line up directly in front of their classrooms until Spring Break. After Spring Break, kinder students are expected to line up on the playground and teachers will pick them up on the playground at 8:00 AM. A student arriving to their classroom after 8:10 AM is considered tardy. All parents and visitors must sign-in at the office if they are staying on campus once instruction begins. They must wear a visitor s badge if they plan to remain on campus. Parents and visitors must also sign-out before leaving campus. AFTER 8:10 AM PARENTS AND VISITORS MUST USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE SCHOOL (ON BROADWAY ST.). Dismissal OCEAA has three separate dismissal zones to help our students arrive to their after school destination safely. Our utmost concern is the safety of our students and making sure the school is secure for all at all times. The following details the separate dismissal zones and the way each student needs to know how they will be dismissed daily. Students Walking Home Students must have permission to walk registered with the registrar/front office. Those with permission will receive a sticker showing that they have permission to walk. Walkers exit OCEAA The 3 Ways Your Child Can Leave OCEAA at Dismissal Students Picked up in the Traffic Valet Zone Students will wait in the Garden Grill with their class lines. Parent/guardian will stay in their car in the Traffic Valet Zone line and have their Dashboard Card ready to be viewed, enabling school personnel to call for Students picked up in the Walk Up Valet Zone Students will wait in the Garden Grill with their class lines. Parent/guardian will wait in the Walk Up Valet Zone line and, in turn, advise school personnel of the grade and name of the student they are picking 9

12 through the Zen Zone gate and show their sticker to the monitor at the gate. Students are to walk directly to their destination after leaving the Zen Zone gate. the student. Students will listen for their name to be called and walk to the Sycamore door exit. Students will enter the car carefully and put on seat belt. up. Students will listen for their name to be called and walk to the Sycamore door exit to join the parent/ guardian picking them up. Parent/guardian and student will exit immediately after reuniting. Parent/guardian wanting to briefly speak with their teacher will be permitted to enter Garden Grill and wait in the Talk To Teacher area. Any student leaving the school grounds before dismissal must be signed out by the parent or adult authorized on their Emergency Card. Parents wanting to speak with teacher when picking up their student will be permitted to enter the Garden Grill and wait in the Waiting to Talk with Teacher area. Teachers will be able to meet briefly with parents after they are finished with their dismissal duty responsibilities. If a longer meeting is required please make an appointment with the teacher for another time. Traffic Patterns/Parking and Transportation It is quite busy during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up in the Valet Zone and Garden Grill areas. To reduce the congestion and make this area safe for our students, drive with caution and do not stop or block the entry or exit on Sycamore or Broadway. Cell phone use is prohibited in the Valet Zone. Kindergarten parents should park their car and walk their child to and from the Sycamore entrance of the school for drop off and pick-up. Please obey requests by the Safety Monitors - their requests are meant to keep the traffic flow moving efficiently and to keep all students and families safe. Valet Zone Expectations Follow the directions given by the OCEAA staff/volunteers/safety Monitors, and do not speed through the Valet Zone. Cell phone use is prohibited during the pick-up and drop-off procedures as it detracts from your focus and can place our students in danger. Use appropriate crosswalks for safety and to avoid citations. Avoid traffic accidents and citations by not making illegal U-turns on Sycamore Street. Do not obstruct the parking structure entrance adjacent to OCEAA and drop-off your child only in the Valet Zone. Do not park on Sycamore between the hours of 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM to avoid receiving a ticket. 10

13 Remind your child that during dismissal time they should pay attention and listen for their name to be called. Have your Dashboard Card clearly visible from the driver s side front window. Or the names of the students you are picking up ready to give to the Valet personnel along with the name of the teacher and grade level. If requested, please circulate your car through the Valet Zone if your student has not arrived promptly. If your student is still not present after your first attempt, ask an OCEAA staff member for assistance. Be courteous and respectful with Valet personnel at all times. Parking Note Due to construction, the parking lot next to OCEAA is no longer available. Some parking spaces available to OCEAA families are: Parking meters along Sycamore (not between hours of 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM or 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM). The parking structure next to OCEAA. Rates vary according to parking needs. Tickets for paid parking in the Diamond Parking lot adjacent to Taller San José on Broadway are available in our front office. Please check with the front office for any other parking spaces that may be available. Walkers Examine a local map to determine the safest route to OCEAA from your home. Accompany your child to school. Encourage your child to take the same route each day, so that they become familiar with the route. Remind your child never to talk to strangers and to cross streets only in designated crosswalks. OCEAA is not responsible for students after they leave the OCEAA campus. Students must have written permission logged with the front office to walk home. Bicycles Students riding bicycles to and from school can park and lock their bicycles in the bike rack near the Sycamore entrance. Helmets are required by law for all students on bicycles. Bicycle riding is prohibited on the campus, sidewalks, parking lots and valet traffic zones. KEDS - After School Program The KEDS (Kids Expanded Day School) program offers instruction and adds to the cultural and intellectual wealth of our students and is open to all students attending OCEAA. The focus of KEDS is to provide academic assistance, behavior guidance and to meet the needs of working families by providing childcare. The program hours are from school dismissal until 6:00 PM. The various programs provide students with resources to augment classroom instruction and enrichment. The students daily routines include homework assistance, indoor and outdoor activities such as sports, recreation, computers, arts and crafts, storytelling, music, and theme-based projects that support classroom activities. See for registration information. For more information please call or ; The Student Activities Director at Ext 121 or 11

14 Change of Address/Telephone Number and Notification of Pick-Up of Student Parents are legally required to advise the school immediately of any contact information changes e.g. telephone numbers, addresses and emergency contact information. Additionally, if parents are called to pick up their children from school (illness, soiled clothes, behavior, etc.) the parent is expected to arrive within thirty (30) minutes or make arrangements for another person on the emergency contact to pick up the child. Continued lateness in picking up the child will result in child being disenrolled from OCEAA in order for the child to be placed in a school closer to home or place of work. Summary of OCEAA s Return Check Policy These procedures will be used to collect outstanding funds on a returned check. The writer of the check will be notified by telephone by the Business Office of the None Sufficient Funds check. You must call the Business Office within 3 days of telephone message. The amount owed is immediately due and payable. A certified letter will be sent if you have not contacted the Business Office after the 3-day telephone message. The fees will apply as follows: $25 Service Fee (plus the face value of the check). $10 if failure to contact Business Office within 3 business days of notice (plus service fee and face value of check). Upon a third incident of OCEAA receiving a returned check no further payments will be allowed by check. Only cash or Money Orders will be accepted. To avoid being referred to collection agency or having your check writing privileges terminated please contact the Business Office to make arrangements for payment. You may view OCEAA s full Returned Check Policy on our website: Communication Excellent communication with families is of paramount importance to us. Expectations Be respectful. Defend the absent. Go to the source. Be kind. Assume positive intentions. Seek first to understand, then be understood. We communicate regularly in a variety of ways: Website - Please visit our website for any updates, news and information: Weekly Parent Bulletin - The bulletin informs parents and the community of OCEAA activities. The bulletin is ed to all families with . Please make sure your is kept updated with our receptionist. A copy of the bulletin is also posted on the OCEAA website and School News Board. SchoolReach s/Phone Calls - Throughout the week parents can expect to receive s that include important announcements, event flyers and other relevant information via OCEAA s SchoolReach system. Additionally, for the safety of school children and to notify parents, daily absence calls are made to all parent/guardian numbers listed for the student 12

15 when a student is absent from school without parent notification. Phone calls are also occasionally made to home numbers regarding important event reminders and announcements. In addition, daily home calls are made to families whose children have a negative meal balance. In an emergency, our SchoolReach system will contact parents to inform them of the processes implemented. If you have a missed call from SchoolReach and are unable to retrieve the message, you may contact SchoolReach at (855) to listen to the last message distributed. PowerSchool - Teachers keep assignments and grades in PowerSchool. Teachers update PowerSchool at least every Tuesday. Parents can access PowerSchool with their individual log on, which will be given out during back to school night. Parents are to be alert to their child s grades and assignments through PowerSchool and regular communication with the classroom teachers. Coffee Chats - Parents are encouraged to participate and share news with school administration through our Coffee Chats held in the Garden Grill. These have been developed as a means to open communication in a relaxed, community style where both Principal and Vice Principal are in attendance. (Exact dates posted at or obtained from OCEAA front office). Parent Teacher Academic Progress Conferences - During conferences your child s teacher will schedule a specific time for the conference. Parents will be made aware of the conference schedule at least one week prior to the conference dates. Additional parent conferences may be scheduled throughout the year to address student achievement and/or concerns. Progress reports and/or report cards will be distributed at the conferences after each quarter. Parent attendance and active participation at these conferences is required. o Formal Conferences: Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are scheduled (exact dates posted at or obtained from OCEAA front office); After Quarter 1 - Progress Update on Goals for all students; and After Quarter 2 - Student-led Conferences: Progress Update on Goals for all students. After Quarter 3 - Student-led Conferences for Kinder only and Progress Update on Goals for students in RtI and AIP. o Informal Conferences: Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child s education. If you wish to discuss your child s progress, you are welcome to contact his/her teacher. Informal parent-teacher conferences regularly take place at OCEAA to discuss student academic and social progress. Your child s teacher will arrange an appropriate time and place to meet. When you have a concern about your child: 1st: contact the classroom teacher for any academic or classroom concern. 2nd: if a resolution has not been met, parent will set up an appointment to meet with the Principal/Vice Principal. o The administrator will follow up with the teacher. o Questions regarding programs outside of the classroom should go directly to the program administrator. o Address school related issues only with OCEAA staff while on campus. o Be an active team player with the OCEAA staff. 13

16 o Discuss concerns without children being present. o Discuss concerns in a private meeting. o Avoid confrontation with a child who is not your own. o Remember you are a role model for your child and all OCEAA students. Messages and School Instruction Our goal at OCEAA is to enable teachers to teach, and students to learn. In order to accomplish this goal we are always looking for ways we can protect the valuable instructional time in the classroom from unnecessary interruptions. Therefore, we request that you help eliminate any unnecessary classroom interruptions. Please do not call the office to relay messages to your child unless it is an absolute emergency or change in prior arrangements. Lost and Found Please put your child s complete name on everything he/she brings to school. There usually are several children with identical book bags, lunch boxes or jackets. There may also be several children with the same first and/or last name. Having your child s name on everything makes it easier for him/her and the staff to identify belongings. The lost and found collection is in the hallway outside the Garden Grill. Lunch boxes and clothing items are often found there. All items not claimed at the end of each grading period are donated to charitable organizations. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Toys, Electronics and Cell Phones Students may not bring toys, electronic/video games, trading cards, still/video cameras, or mp3 players to school. Items brought to school for sharing time must remain in the classroom and should not be brought to recess or lunch. At times students may be granted permission to use electronic items on an as needed basis, as well as for instructional purposes. Anything brought from home is brought at the student s own risk, realizing that items can be misplaced or lost when on the school campus. OCEAA is not responsible for lost, stolen damaged or misused toys, electronics, or cell phones. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE OR HAVE VISIBLE CELL PHONES /MP3 PLAYERS, ETC. DURING SCHOOL HOURS OR WHILE ON-CAMPUS. All cell phones and mp3 players must be turned off, out of sight and placed in backpack (not on the person) during school hours and when on-campus. Parents may contact and relay messages to students by calling the school. Once a student has left the school campus and Valet Zone, they may turn on and use their cell phones. All cell phones, electronic devices and toys that are made visible at any time will be confiscated and only parents/guardians may make an appointment to pick them up at a later date from the Vice Principal or Principal. 14

17 OCEAA Academic Policies General Information OCEAA students are held accountable for appropriate conduct and for learning the basic skills necessary for successful completion of their course work. At the beginning of the year, the school and its teachers will communicate to parents and students a description of their course of study, and the basic skills to be learned in order to attain grade level proficiency and/or receive a passing grade. Students are expected to meet a minimum degree of proficiency in all classes, as determined by each subject area/department, as well as his/her teacher(s). Student academic performance is evaluated with a variety of measures including State standardized tests, as well as locally developed tests. Combined with teacher grades, these two sets of test data form what is called, Multiple Measures. They help to determine a student s proficiency in learning the required content/skills for his/her grade level. Grading Policy In each subject students are graded on academic achievement and citizenship. Citizenship ratings reflect a student s willingness to cooperate with classroom procedures and behavioral standards. The importance of citizenship grades is recognized through their classroom recognitions and/or is considered in Middle School Principal s Honor Roll and Honor Roll. K-5 Grading Scale 6-8 th Grading Scale 4 Advanced 87%-100% 90%-100% A 3 Proficient 71%-86% 80%-89% B 2 Basic 60-70% 70%-79% C 1 Below Basic 1-59% 60%-69% D 0%-59% F Middle School G.P.A. (Grade Point Average) A= 4 points C= 2 points B= 3 points D= 1 point What is your child s G.P.A.? Add up the points for each class grade on a report card; divide that amount by the total number of grades, and you will get your child s G.P.A. Example: Report card has 2 As, 3 Bs, and 1 C= (4x2) + (3x3) + (2x1) =19 19 divided by 6 grades = 3.17 GPA. A minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 is required for middle school students. Progress Reports & Reports Cards Communication with classroom teachers concerning the grading and the return of your child s work is 15

18 critical. Parents and/or legal guardians should also check student progress throughout the year using their individual PowerSchool login for their student. Goal setting and parent conferences, progress reports, and RtI/AIP meetings serve as progress reports throughout the year. A progress report and/or report card should NOT be the first indicator to a parent that their child is not experiencing success. Promotion A student in danger of failing to meet the grade level standards required for promotion will be required to participate in instruction beyond the regularly scheduled school day or year (before/after school, lunch, recess, summer school, etc.). It is OCEAA s expectation that students not meeting grade level standards participate in these extended learning requirements in order to make the necessary academic gains to reach grade level performance standards. In order to be placed in a particular grade, students must complete the required academic coursework designated by the OCEAA Board and the California State Department of Education. OCEAA students in 8th grade are required to successfully complete coursework with a minimum 2.0 GPA and no F grades in order to receive a Certificate of Promotion from OCEAA. Students not meeting this requirement may be referred to additional support requirements and/or SAUSD or OCDE alternative school programs to make up that coursework. Response to Intervention (RtI) The Response to Intervention (RtI) Model is OCEAA s systematic approach to help all K-8 students achieve academically in a proactive manner. RtI addresses students from the low to the high performer. RtI interventions are implemented to support struggling and advanced learners throughout the year. Families, students, teachers, administrators and supporting staff may be invited to RtI meetings/parent conferences to identify interventions. All parties involved are expected to implement agreed upon interventions. The goal of our RtI interventions is to offer academic support to our students who are falling behind due to motivational or other factors, and create a climate where failure is not an option and perseverance is the key to success. Academic Intervention Plan (AIP) Beginning in sixth grade, students not maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA, and/or who have more than 1 D or F grade on a progress report/report card, will be placed on an Academic Intervention Plan (AIP). The AIP Coordinator will facilitate a meeting with student and parents; teacher input will be solicited. The team will create an Academic Intervention Plan to solve the problem. The purpose of this plan is to identify ways to help students successfully complete coursework. Parents are integral to this process and are expected to actively participate in the interventions agreed upon. If progress is not made with an AIP and continued monitoring, the student will be considered for dismissal from OCEAA, or will not be promoted to the next grade. Homework Homework is part of the school curriculum. It provides students with practice in applying skills that are taught in school or it allows them to extend their learning. Homework will be corrected to provide feedback to students in a timely manner. Parents and/or legal guardians will receive a Missing/Incomplete Homework Form any time their 16

19 child does not complete or turn in homework on any given date. Parents and/or legal guardians must sign and return the form the following school day. Three missing homework assignments = one (1) MDR (Minor Discipline Referral) and parent contact by phone or . At three (3) Homework MDRs teachers will issue an ODR (Office Discipline Referral) to the administration. An administrator will contact the parents and/or legal guardians to address the problem. Students who do not finish classroom work may be asked to complete it at home, which could increase their overall homework time. The daily amount of homework will vary based upon the maturity, ability and needs of students and the individual competencies of each pupil. The following represents a suggested guide: Grade Homework Reading Kindergarten minutes 15 minutes First Grade minutes minutes Second Grade minutes minutes Third Grade minutes minutes Fourth - Fifth Grade minutes minutes Sixth - Eighth Grade 20 minutes per subject minutes Code of Honor/Cheating/Plagiarism Cheating in any form is a very serious infraction of school rules. Cheating is interpreted as copying or loaning of homework and other assignments, whether in class or out of class, as well as giving, receiving or allowing to be given, the answers to quizzes and tests. Plagiarism is stealing or passing off as one s own the ideas or words, images, or other creative works of others or using a creative production without crediting the source. Credit must be given for every direct quotation, paraphrasing, or summarizing a work (in whole or in part, in one s own words), and information, which is not common knowledge. Determining additional forms of cheating/plagiarism will be the responsibility of OCEAA staff including teachers and administration. Cheating/Plagiarism is unfair to the students who have worked hard on their assignments, unfair to teachers who have worked hard to help them learn, and most of all it is unfair to the student involved. The objective of a student activity at OCEAA is to learn. The grade only signifies his/her achievement of that learning. An unearned grade only signifies that he/she has learned the worst kind of lesson. Cheating/Plagiarism the first time will result in an automatic F or no credit on a test or assignment plus an on-campus suspension. Cheating/Plagiarism the second time, and subsequent incidents of cheating/plagiarism, will result in an automatic F or no credit on the test or assignment plus a formal suspension. Non-Student Days for Staff Development At times during the school year OCEAA has scheduled non-student days for the professional development at OCEAA. On these days students do not attend school while staff has a workday. The purpose of these staff days is to professionally develop staff practice at school, to further student learning and achievement. Conference dates are posted at or obtained from the 17

20 OCEAA front office. Student Recognition-Awards and Honors There are many ways students receive special recognition. Some of the most valued awards are as follows: Orca Awards OCEAA takes great pride in recognizing and rewarding its outstanding students. There are many opportunities for students to receive recognition. The first step in that direction is student responsibility. Those students who follow the steps to success will be eligible for one or more of the following types of recognition: Special activities and field trips. ORCA SPLASH tickets and prizes and Orca Award Certificates. Positive Referrals. Congratulatory notes and letters sent home. Middle School Academic Awards In 6th-8th grades students earn the right to be recognized for their academic success each grading period. Students who are eligible for Honor Roll recognition based on report card grades must fall in one of the categories below: Principal s Honor Roll: Students must have at least a 3.5 G.P.A. No Ds or Fs on the report card. (Students having a G.P.A. of 3.5 or above, but who receive a D grade are placed on the Honor Roll ). No Us or Ns for citizenship (Students having an N, but who receive no Us are placed on the Honor Roll ). Honor Roll: Students must have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. No Fs on the report card. No Us for citizenship. Citizenship in homeroom class due to tardies/early releases is not considered in calculating honor roll. OCEAA ORCArd OCEAA is proud to award our 6th through 8th grade honor roll students for a job well done with an OCEAA Orca Gold Card. Students will receive cards based on Honor Roll attainments and Citizenship status. Students earning these cards receive rewards throughout the grading period. Eighth Grade Honors Eighth grade students with the highest G.P.A. throughout 7th and 8th grades will be selected as Valedictorians and Salutatorians for the 8th grade promotion ceremony and invited to deliver a short speech. 18

21 Eighth grade students who attain a 4.0 G.P.A. through their 7th and 8th grade years receive a special award at the 8th grade promotion ceremony. Students who have been on either honor roll for five (5) grading periods in 7th and 8th grade also receive special recognition. OCEAA School Discipline The O.R.C.A. Way We are Organized, Respectful, Careful and Accept Responsibility! The need for student discipline at the Orange County Educational Arts Academy is viewed as a teaching and learning opportunity. It is our goal that students learn from the experience and will not repeat the offense again. Students are here on our campus to learn academic, as well as social and behavioral skills. Therefore, the school will communicate with parents and provide positive reinforcement and rewards as well as direct feedback in the form of appropriate consequences in order to optimize the overall learning experience for all students. Our goal is that students will be successful in the educational environment for many years to come and that our interventions will ultimately reduce the reasons students would require discipline. With support of a three-year grant through the Orange County Department of Education, OCEAA s Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) committee is launching the "ORCA Splash" program. This program will serve to teach students how to be successful in school and make good decisions for a lifetime by learning the O.R.C.A. way. Students are taught how ORCA s are Organized, Respectful, Careful and Accept Responsibility throughout their experience at OCEAA. OCEAA staff and parents/guardians are responsible for positive reinforcement, consistency, and modeling appropriate behavior. We believe these skills will foster success for students in school and outside of school for years to come. ORCA Fever, Catch It! The O.R.C.A. Way Orange County Educational Arts Academy Make an ORCA Splash! PLAYGROUND Use all assigned areas of play for their specific game or intended use to avoid injuries. Use restroom Organized Respectful Careful Accept Responsibility Throw away any trash Demonstrate sportsmanship Use the equipment equitably Walk through the Zen Zone (Level 3) Follow all posted rules Use equipment as intended Place all equipment back where it is found Find a peaceful solution, work it out or walk away Report problems to 19

22 Voice Level 3 HALLWAYS Voice Level 1/2 RESTROOMS Voice Level 2 DINING HALL- GARDEN GRILL Voice Level 2/3 FRONT OFFICE Voice Level 1/2 LIBRARY Voice Level 1/2 and drink water at 1 st bell Freeze at 2 nd bell and wait Walk to your class line after direction is given Hands at sides Face forward Stay in Line Use hall/ restroom passes When waiting sit in a straight line Use the restroom during recess and lunch Ask for permission to use the restroom Know your lunch ID number Place backpacks at table before lining up Keep your feet within the blue lines Wait your turn in line to speak to front office staff Come with a pass or note Use the browsing stick to find and place books back Know your code If you re not sure where a book goes, ask the librarian or a helper Appreciate the walls with your eyes Respect other students privacy Keep the restroom clean Use good manners (Please, thank you, excuse me) No cutting in line No saving spots in line Clean up after yourself. Address all staff using appropriate salutations (Mr., Mrs., Dr., Chef Sean) Close playground doors Address staff using appropriate salutations (Mr., Ms.) Respect School property-handle books and other items with care Always walk to the right side Wait quietly if all stalls are occupied Walk through the dining hall Keep your hands to yourself Walk up/down stairs Keep to the right as you pass Must be with an adult/teacher/ library helper When there is a substitute, no classes are allowed in the library Respect the surrounding playground staff When the final bell rings stop playing and freeze Respect the learning environment Go Flush Wash Leave Report any problems Listen for instructions from staff Clapping when the staff claps? Use the flow chart to help communicate your needs Return books before your deadline 20

23 COMPUTER LAB Voice Level 1/2 LOCKERS Voice Level 1/2 MORNING ROUTINE Voice Level 2/3 DISMISSAL ROUTINE Keep all areas organized Put away headphones and wires properly Organize and use only your own files and accounts Know what you need for the day and get needed materials from lockers Keep your locker window clear to see through 1 st -5 th graders sit in lines on playground 6 th -8 th graders stand in lines or sit at tables and Zen Zone Walk to classrooms in a single line Students have a pass from teacher to go upstairs before 8:00am Be on time Sit in assigned lines Ask for permission to use restroom or go anywhere Respect the equipment in use (type carefully, use headsets appropriately, etc.) Respect the system settings on computer Listen to the directions given by adults Only computer helpers may leave their seats Being mindful of other classes in the library and surrounding areas Avoid socializing Throw away your trash Leave walkways clear so people can pass Stay with your parent or staff in GG Teachers and parents wait until teacher is off dismissal duty to conference classrooms Read in designated areas No drinks or food Keep equipment organized and clean Be attentive to the volume of your computer Raise your hand if there are issues Use only your assigned locker Respect others personal space Walk in all areas Walk on the right Unload carefully in the traffic zone and enter the building immediately Walk in all areas and on the right side Keep the walkways clear Load in passenger load zone only Use only your assigned computer Throw away trash Only use lockers before school between 8-8:10am and after school when dismissed Walk down with your class immediately after using your locker Be on time Make sure you are ready for school by eating before school and having all you need for your school day Enter class at 8:00am ask for permission to leave anywhere Listen for your name Be prompt to pick up your younger siblings Make eye contact with your teacher when you leave 21

24 Voice Level 2/3 ASSEMBLY Audience: Voice Level 1 Presenters: Voice Level 4 Traffic zone slip ready before traffic zone Walkers exit through the Zen Zone Walkers with siblings pick up siblings and exit back door Be in line by your classroom Students are ready if you are presenting Play equipment is off limits Students leave the dining hall as soon as they meet parent Walk home as soon as you are dismissed Visitors are to stand near the play structure/office side area for safety Look at teacher for further direction after assembly Walk when called up to the stage Keep walk ways open and clear Parents, teachers and students listen and respond respectfully to assembly presentation Parents and teachers are attentive to students and children under their supervision ORCA Fever, Catch It! ORCA Classroom Expectations Recognizing the varied expectations and needs of students at each grade, each grade level creates its own matrix of classroom expectations following the O.R.C.A. Way. These are shared with students throughout the year and with parents. ORCA Splash Program Students are encouraged to catch ORCA Fever through the ORCA Splash program. Students can receive ORCA Splash cards for showing the O.R.C.A. Way. Staff give out ORCA splash cards to students frequently and unpredictably throughout the day. Students earn recognition and prizes at increasing milestones throughout the year as they earn ORCA Splash cards. ORCA Splash recognitions will be posted in the Garden Grill as students move along in their milestones (each color representing each milestone). 10 Orca Splash and Raffle. 25 Orca Splash, Button, and Raffle. 40 Orca Splash, Raffle, and 15 Min. Friday Recess. 60 Orca Splash, Raffle, and Movie/Popcorn. 80 Orca Splash, Raffle, and T-shirt. 100 Orca Splash, Golden Ticket Raffle, and Lunch with the Principal (K-6 th ). New SPLASH program to be announced for 7th and 8 th. 125 Super ORCA Splash! Name on ORCA Splash of Fame Plaque, Golden Ticket Raffle. 22

25 Our school will be safe and orderly so that our students receive a quality education. Students, parents, and school staff must share equal responsibility for creating the best educational setting. Open, honest communication is the best way to achieve this goal. The following is a list of general behavior guidelines for all OCEAA students to follow: Follow OCEAA s ORCA Way : Organized, Respectful, Careful, and Accept Responsibility. Comply with all Federal, State, County, or City Laws. Attend school daily and arrive on time for all classes. Turn in all homework and class assignments on time. Pass all classes each grading period and remain on track for promotion, passing the required courses each term. Attend the after school program, tutoring, summer school, or other supplementary classes recommended by the school (i.e. RTI/AIP) to support academic success. Follow additional discipline procedures established by the school. At OCEAA students are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and are required to abide by the consequences, both positive and negative, of those actions. Students will be held accountable for their behavior by following the O.R.C.A. way in school and during any school sponsored activity. Students will learn to be effective decision makers and problem solvers who demonstrate selfdirection, responsibility, accountability, and self-discipline by being Organized, Respectful, Careful and Accept Responsibility (ORCA). While most expected behaviors are redirected, re-taught and reinforced, some behavior will need concrete consequences to help the student make better choices and follow the O.R.C.A. way. The following is OCEAA s flow chart to help staff, students and parents understand how OCEAA will enforce consequences for minor and major violations at OCEAA. There are two types of student discipline reports that staff, students and families should be aware of: 1. Minor Offense: Minor Offense Reports are given by teachers and general staff for minor offenses. These are given after interventions and/or teaching (warnings, seat changes and problem solving) around problem behavior has been identified, but has failed to remedy the behavior. Concrete consequences are identified and given immediately by staff. 2. Major Offense: Office Discipline Referrals (ODR) for major behavior offenses are immediately referred to administration as office managed behavior. These referrals are investigated and consequences determined by administration. It is important to note that 3 Minor Offense Reports = 1 Office Discipline Referral. The following flow chart helps to explain the process for addressing problem behavior: 23

26 OCEAA Office Discipline Referral FLOW CHART Observe Problem Behavior Re-teach, Re-direct, Reinforce Expected Behavior Staff Managed Behavior STEPS Office Managed Behavior Staff Managed Behavior/Minor Offenses Disruption Dress Code Violation Inappropriate Language Minor Defiance Non- Compliance Physical Contact Property Misuse Technology Violation Other minor violations NO Teacher files necessary documentation within Teacher s Classroom Tracking System. Use Staff interventions: Warnings, Seat Change, Problem Solve etc. Complete Minor Discipline Report (MDR) and assign concrete consequence. Follow documentation procedures. Does student have 3 MDR s? YES Teacher sends ODR Referral to Office. Write ODR Referral send or escort student to office or call office to have student removed. Administrator investigates and determines consequence. Administrator follows procedures for documentation and follows through on consequence. Administrator gives feedback to teacher in a timely manner. Administrator follows up with student within a week. Office Managed Behavior Chronic Teacher Managed Behaviors (3 Minor Offense Reports) Abusive Language Aggression Defiance Disruption Dress Code Violation Fighting/Physical Forgery Harassment/ Teasing/ Taunting/Bullying Inappropriate Display of Affection Inappropriate Location Lying/Cheating Possession of Weapon Property Damage and Vandalism Theft Truancy Technology Violation Substance Use Other major violations 24


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