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1 Holyoke Public Schools A Community Working Together Our Web site: Holyoke Public Schools Volume 8, Issue 4 Summer 2010 Looking Back ~ Looking Ahead By Eduardo B. Carballo Superintendent of Schools As this will be my last newsletter, it is time to reflect on a 39-year career. When I retire this June 30 th, I will have spent 39 years of my life educating children. I often think about my first day as a teacher in the New Bedford Public Schools teaching 7 th grade at Keith Junior High School as well as the many places I have been since and the many committed educators who I have met along the way. Having spent my whole life in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I now reside in the City of Holyoke where my last tour of duty is coming to an end. I can t think of a better place to end my career than here, among so many wonderful educators and people I have come to know over the last 8 ½ years. This last decade has certainly been a challenging one not only for educators but also for the country as a whole. Together we have done much to improve our schools even during tough economic times. With your help, we have re-built the technology infrastructure of the City schools, built a state-of-the-art TV studio to teach the next generation about the importance of technology in advancing their goals and those of our nation. We have put media specialists and librarians in every school library; we have created this newsletter, which has received the Apex Award each year since its inception; we have remodeled the Holyoke High School; we ended forced busing to achieve desegregation; and, we have reorganized our entire district to a K-8 system, doing away with large middle schools. We have reaccredited both high schools and revamped our entire curriculum to align with the State s standards. We created and launched a Transiency Program to improve the academic success of many of our students who are frequently moving. We have created a successful alternative school to take care of some of our most emotionally and physically fragile students, helping them to adjust and find success. Just a short time ago, maybe 5 or 6 years, our high school students success in passing the MCAS was less than 30%. Today, that figure is more than 70%! While we have been successful in many of our efforts, much work still remains. I am confident that under the new Superintendent s leadership, our school community will continue to improve. A look back... Superintendent Dr. Eduardo B. Carballo presents the Rising Star Awards as one of his last duties before retiring after his eight-year tenure with Holyoke Public Schools. On a personal level, I am looking forward to a quieter time with less hectic and stressful schedules and with more time to engage in promoting and enhancing a Foundation which I helped establish more than 8 years ago, the Western Massachusetts Hispanic Foundation, which continues to provide scholarships for Latino students and to encourage them to finish school and go on to universities. I plan to spend time fulfilling that mission. It will also be a time for me to do some traveling and enjoy the sun and the beach that I love so much. I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your cooperation and support these past few years. I wish you well and the best for a successful future. Farewell Inside this issue: Kindergarten Info 4 Health News 5 Mayor s Message 6 College Awareness for Peck students Talking Points 7 Science News 8-9 Sports 12 Spanish Highlights Christa McAuliffe Learning Center p.2 Weather Balloon p.3 NASA flight p. 8 6

2 Page 2 Edited by - Kelly Doktor - Editor Emeritus: Laura DuPont Contributing to this issue: Mission Statement The mission of the Holyoke Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities for all students to reach their full potential in a safe, secure, healthy learning environment while valuing diversity and promoting responsible citizenship. Eileen Driscoll Noreen Ewick Amy Fitzgerald Josiah Friedberg Helen Gibson Ellen Jackson Catherine Marshall Hilary Russell Tina Siniscalchi Miranda Smith Gini Traub Kevin Willard Mary Wright SPECIAL THANKS TO: Luz Aguilar Cris Brown Mike Hines Mitch Moskal Aaron Patterson Jeannie Stone Judy Taylor Aaron Morris Cheryl Parzich Due to a submission error in the winter edition, we regret a typographical error in the Peck School s Green Eggs and Ham story. The correct spelling for the music teacher is Peg Belanger. McMahon s Mission to Mars Holyoke School Committee Mayor Elaine Pluta William Collamore Yvonne Garcia Margaret Boulais Gladys Lebron-Martinez Howard Greaney Dennis Birks Michael Moriarty Cesar Lopez Devin Sheehan McMahon School grade six students and their teacher, Noreen Ewick, flew to Mars in a spaceflight simulation at the Christa McAuliffe / Challenger Learning Center at Framingham State College recently. The mission, Voyage to Mars, is a hands-on science program where students have the opportunity to apply their science, math, technology, problemsolving, decision-making and communication skills in an environment modeled after NASA facilities and practice. The students, who spent several weeks preparing for the mission, were divided into the Alpha group, working in Mission Control and the Beta group, working on the Mars Lander. Grouped into teams, the students assumed roles as geologists, solar weather scientists, communication and data specialists, robotic experts, navigation and probe engineers and life support scientists, each working toward a single shared goal mission success. Throughout the two-hour experience, problems were solved and decisions were made by way of teamwork and effective communication. While the mission was ultimately a success, the teams worked conscientiously to solve problems related to solar flare activity, choosing a landing site on Mars and a chemical leak in the isolation bay. Cameron Hartling and Kristian Munoz operate the flight simulator. In addition to the mission simulation, students visited the FSC Planetarium where they viewed a multimedia exploration named The Tilt which explained the reason behind the Earth s annual cycle of changing seasons. While at the college, students viewed a life-size model of a rover, similar to Spirit and Opportunity, currently at work on the Martian surface and viewed Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger Space Shuttle mission memorabilia. See page 8 for another McMahon NASA story.

3 Volume 8, Issue 4 Page 3 Donahue School Up, up, and all the way to Connecticut What s New on the Web By Judy Taylor District Homepage NEW Click on the Kindergarten Registration link within the Announcements section for contact information regarding the application process for children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, To celebrate the start of the Science and Math MCAS testing, Maurice A. Donahue School launched a 6-foot diameter weather balloon, named the ARBLE (Aeronautical Research Balloon Launch Expedition) into the Earth's atmosphere. The balloon received its namesake from Donahue third-grader, Clayton Arble, who has shown an undying and intense love of all things space related including reading all the books on space in the school s library. Well, the first balloon was a disaster... it punctured as it took off, bounced off a fence, clipped a PVTA bus and became tangled in a tree. It was the second balloon that succeeded, demonstrating the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. Oliver Yeh, a recent MIT gradu- Students gather in a star formation for the launch of the ARBLE. The ARBLE over the Connecticut River ate who designed the experiment, was on-hand for the event. The ARBLE consisted of a Styrofoam cooler (for its lightweight and insulative properties), containing a small video recorder, a digital camera, a GPS unit and an FM transmitter. The FM transmitter allowed us to track to the balloon's latitude, longitude and elevation in real time. The balloon ascended to a height of 37,500 feet, higher than most commercial airplanes. The balloon soared until it finally burst and landed in Pomfret Center, Connecticut. Retrieval was not as easy as we had hoped... after trekking through a swamp, losing Oliver and calling the State Police, we finally located the ARBLE. It was stuck 40 feet up and tangled in a tree. The property owners where the ARBLE landed were interested in the project and very kind. They grabbed their chainsaw from a nearby shed and cut down the first tree, and the ARBLE tangled into another as it fell. They then cut down the second and then a third tree. The ARBLE landed intact and all contents were recovered. The students of Donahue reveled in the media attention and publicity that marked the launch by forming a star around the balloon. Holyoke Gas and Electric Co. offered the use of their bucket truck to take a picture of the impressive formation. The pictures retrieved are being used to help students make the connection between Holyoke and the rest of the world. Some of the most popular shots are the aerial view of Dean Tech High School and the video clip showing the layering of our planet's atmosphere. As the data is sorted through, 230 GB worth, more pictures and videos will be shared. We would like to extend a gracious thank you to, Amy Fitzgerald, Helen Gibson, William Shuck and all the staff and students that supported this endeavor; we could not have done this without you! Check out the news coverage on WWLP at: news/local/student-balloonsent-into-stratosphere GOOD NEWS - Western Massachusetts Regional Film Short Award Winners, and the Outstanding Organization Award to Dean Technical High School s Air Force JROTC Unit. SUMMER - Program information, applications for district summer programs, and suggested reading activities. PD EXPRESS: PD Express is a web-based professional development application that enables the district to streamline the professional development process. Staff will be able to use their HPS ID (Username) and password to view and register for professional development offerings; receive automatic enrollment confirmations and reminders and submit course suggestions using custom forms. Look for the PD link on the Teacher Resources and Curriculum pages of the district website to access this new tool.

4 Page 4 McMahon School Kindergarteners are proud authors! McMahon kindergarteners are published authors! For a report-writing unit, students from the classrooms of Charlene Corbeil, Kevin Cousineau and Ann Winberg each chose a sea creature and used books and the internet to learn about its life and behavior. Students then created reports that included facts, glossaries, and illustrations. The kids were really engaged, said Cousineau. It was fantastic. Kindergarteners Nathan De Jesus and Nahomy Patron Rivera proudly display finished non-fiction reports. HPS Summer School Tentative Dates July 6 - August 5 Applications available at all schools. Holyoke Public Schools Eduardo B. Carballo, Superintendent Get Ready for Kindergarten!! HOLYOKE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Now Enrolling for School Year Children must be 5 years old on or before September 1, Applications available at the Student Assignment Office 57 Suffolk Street, 1st floor Registration by appointment only by calling Free Summer Program For 4 & 5 year olds entering Kindergarten in Fall 2010 July 6 - August 6 For more information contact: Student Assignment Office 57 Suffolk Street, 1st Floor Registration by appointment only By calling

5 Volume 8, Issue 4 Page 5 Promoting Oral Health Did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood? Did you know that tooth decay is almost entirely preventable? Most children get tooth decay on the top or chewing surfaces of their molar or back teeth. Dental sealants and fluoride are essential for the prevention of tooth decay (cavities). Dental sealants prevent tooth decay by creating a barrier between a tooth and cavity-causing bacteria. Fluoride varnish works by increasing the concentration of A MDPH dental hygienist seals the teeth of a Peck student. fluoride in the outer surface of teeth, thereby strengthening teeth during early stages of cavity formation. In 2008, the Holyoke Public Schools established a partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health s Office of Oral Health to place sealants in schools. Using portable dental equipment, dental hygienists working in the MDPH-SEAL Program screen the students determining their need for dental sealants; place the dental sealants, and offer referrals and follow-up care to students with tooth decay or other dental needs. The program is currently supported by a federal grant, and the dental sealants are provided free-of-charge to all students with consent. MDPH SEAL enrollment packages will be sent home in the fall with the start of school information. To have your child participate, simply sign the consent form and return to your child s school nurse. For more information about MDPH-SEAL, dental sealants and oral health go to Anti-Tobacco Campaign HHS students win PSA award Congratulations to Pablo Perez, Yaritza Torres and Krystian Perez (photographed above), seniors at Holyoke High School, who won the Western Mass. Regional Film-short Award for the anti-tobacco Public Service Announcement they created. The three students entered a statewide contest sponsored by The 84 Movement. The 84 represents the 84% of youth in Massachusetts who choose not to smoke. The contest is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Their PSA video, and other videos created by Holyoke High School s video production class students, can be seen on Holyoke Public School s Education Channel 12. Parents and Guardians of Current 6th Graders: In order to enter 7th grade in September 2010, documentation of the following requirements will need to be submitted to the School Nurse: Physical Exam (done within 1 year or copy of appointment date); 2 doses of Measles vaccine (MMR); 3 doses of Hepatitis B Series vaccine; Tetanus Booster (within last 5 years); and the Varicella vaccine (or physician documented case). **Beginning in September 2011, the Department of Public Health is implementing new requirements for 7th grade entry. Those changes will be announced in the Spring 2011 newsletter.

6 Page 6 Mayor encourages summer programs By Elaine Pluta, Mayor of Holyoke With summer approaching and the school year coming to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and students alike that there are many wonderful summer school programs available to keep our children active and learning during the summer months. The Holyoke Public Schools offers a variety of programs geared toward elementary, middle, as well as high school-aged students. Additionally, there are programs developed for Special Education needs offered to PreK- 12. Most of these programs are available at no cost. The Holyoke Public Schools have also partnered with Holyoke Community College to offer a Health Career Opportunity Program along with other programs to 9 th through 12 th grade students. Hampshire College, in collaboration with the Holyoke Public Schools, will be offering a Camp Science Investigators program for students in grades 6-8. The Enchanted Circle Theater is offering a summer program geared to Youth and Shakespeare for students entering 8 th and 9 th grade. For the musician, the Friends of Holyoke are offering the Holyoke Summer String program for students from Kindergarten through 8 th grade. Although everyone needs and enjoys a vacation, I hope that families also see these programs as wonderful opportunities to continue learning and to make an investment in your children s future. I sincerely wish all the Holyoke Public Schools staff and administration and students a wonderful safe and healthy summer! Peck ACCESS Fosters Early College Awareness The first step to reaching a goal is setting that goal. For young people contemplating their futures, setting goals requires knowing what their options are. Making those options clearer is one of the missions of Peck ACCESS. Established in spring 2009 as a collaborative of community partners providing tutoring, mentoring, and college and career awareness to middle school students, Peck ACCESS is now a vital component of the Full Service Community School (FSCS) initiative at Peck. Led by Alan Bloomgarden, Coordinator of the Community-Based Learning Program at Mount Holyoke College, Peck ACCESS set some ambitious goals in its first year and has already made significant progress towards meeting them. One of the most important goals set by the Peck ACCESS Work Group was that all middle school students would visit a college during the school year. That goal was nearly met as over 90 percent of the middle school students visited area colleges this year. In addition, the goal of having eighth-grade students participate in a College Simulation Game was realized as well. The simulation game was designed to help eighth-graders see how the choices they make now and throughout high school impact the opportunities they have in the future. Other goals that Peck ACCESS has been working towards are providing high school transition assistance to eighth-grade students and families and infusing college-positive messages into events that attract parents and families to the school. To assist with making collaborative decisions and monitoring progress towards its goals, Peck ACCESS devised a Shared Tracking Document and a Shared Calendar, both accessible through Google groups. Using this tool, any member of Peck ACCESS can see who is and isn t getting college awareness, tutoring, mentoring, or other services. Peck ACCESS members currently represent: Commonwealth Corps (Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusetts, and Holyoke Community College); GEAR UP; UMass Student Bridges; New England Farm Workers Council; CHOICES Program (HCC); Holyoke Public Schools Program; Project 13; Homework House; YMCA/St. Paul s Church Academic Enrichment Program; Hampshire College Childhood, Youth, and Learning Program; Pioneer Valley Health Careers Opportunity Program; The STEP From L to R: Amanda Melemed from Girls, Inc. with Peck students Brenda Maldonado Febres and Kristal Cruz Program at Holyoke Community College; and Girls Inc. We are so fortunate that Peck ACCESS has been at the forefront of our evolution into a Full Service Community School, said Megan Harding, FSCS Program Manager. They are a warm and dedicated group of faculty, community-based organizations, and college partners who have served as an effective model for collaborative planning and data collection. Bloomgarden sees the benefit as a mutual one. I believe that Peck ACCESS partners generally find the value to our own individual projects and organizations that can come when those of us working to similar ends take the time to align our goals and methods and make more intentional the links between them and the positive outcomes we want for Peck students and families, he said. Harding concluded, I have no doubt that Peck s rising ninthgraders will enter high school more interested in college because of Peck ACCESS.

7 Peck School Volume 8, Issue 4 Page 7 Peck School participated in the second round of Safe School Ambassador training in April. An additional 25 students were trained, bringing the total of Safe School Ambassadors at Peck to approximately 50 middle school students. These students are working to eliminate bullying in the school and are trained in many ways to be a positive influence on the school culture. Among the strategies these students are taught is to put up a put-down, or encourage students to turn insults into compliments; distract students from fighting; and report a situation to adults when the resolution is beyond them. *** Approximately 30 eighth-grade students attended A Jewish Child in China -- memories of the wartime refugee Jewish community in Shanghai, China on April 28. This event was sponsored by The Council for Human Understanding and was well-received by all who attended. The guest speaker, Dr. Sigmund Tobias, was born in Berlin during the Holocaust and had a very interesting perspective on Jewish life at that time. *** On Saturday, May 1, eighth-grade students volunteered at the Healthy Kids Day event, which was sponsored by the Greater YMCA of Holyoke. About 20 students helped set up the event and ran the children s games for the families who attended. Those who participated enjoyed the day spent working with the families of Holyoke. *** The Smith College Events Management Office volunteered at the Peck school library for 150 hours this winter and spring. Their generous donation of time assisted with useful school library improvements. Peck s learners have truly benefited. Staff author & illustrator Phyllis Pittet, a Donahue paraprofessional and building sub recently illustrated three books written by Peck's Trish Lynch Marquis. Marquis decided to focus on the social curriculum; cooperation, making good decisions and positive behavior. The three books are titled, It's All About Choices, The Pesty Neighbor, A-Z Classroom Rules. The Pesty Neighbor takes place in our fair city of Holyoke. All books are available at Barnes and Noble or online at Autism Awareness Success! Coins for Haiti from Sullivan The students at Sullivan School recently conducted a fundraiser called Coins for Haiti. For several weeks, children deposited their change and change from their families into a five-gallon water bottle in the main office. A total of $ The money was sent to the United States Fund for Unicef and was used to purchase backpacks and books for children in Haiti. During April, National Autism Awareness Month, McMahon School s Joe Hudson, the K-2 Autism/RISE teacher, and his nine paraprofessionals, Sarah Hunter, Rosalba Lopez, Lydia Lorenzi, Caitlin O Hare, Angela Ortiz, Ilka Pagan, Maria Pastore, Joanne Rivera and Evelyn Tosses led the McMahon community in a number of activities designed to raise awareness and increase understanding of Autism. Staff, as well as many of the students, wore blue in support of Light It Up Blue, an international campaign to celebrate World Autism Day. Throughout the month, Hudson shared educational information to help staff to better understand and serve the autistic students they teach and interact with. Hudson and the paraprofessionals gave hand-made Autism Awareness ribbons and encouraged the school community to wear them all month long. They also made and sold large puzzle pieces (puzzle pieces are a symbol of the Autism Awareness movement) which McMahon community members bought, decorated, and posted on the front bulletin board, and the staff also held a bake sale. The combined profit from the puzzle pieces and bake sale (almost $600!) was donated to the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks. Caitlin O Hare said It is inspiring working with someone so dedicated to his students and to the school. He is making amazing things happen here.

8 Page 8 Dr. Helen L. Gibson Science Academic Coordinator Holyoke Public Schools Science students use inquiry to diagnose Peck students use Rashi to diagnose a patient Let s say that you go to the hospital because you re losing weight even though you continue to eat, your legs are weak, your glands are swollen, and you have increased nervousness. How does the doctor determine what s wrong with you? Tina Siniscalchi s seventh-grade science class at Peck School knows how to make a diagnosis just like a doctor! Her students were very fortunate to have the opportunity to pilot an interactive program called Rashi-The Inquiry Tutor. Rashi is a program that is in its final stages of development by Toby Dragon of UMASS. The students were presented with a mystery case involving a young woman who had some health issues that dramatically altered her quality of life. First the students identified what they knew for sure based on the facts given to In late April, approximately 15 A blooming partnership seventh-graders at Kelly School took part in an Earth Day Celebration with Conklin Furniture, the company that has recently purchased the property next to the school. Employees from Conklin were given time off from work to beautify the school with the students. The staff at Conklin Furniture purchased several flats of flowers and a bush, which they then assisted the students in planting. Flowers were planted around the Kelly School sign located near the entrance of the parking lot, and the bush was planted next to the school s flag pole. Other employees and students picked up trash on the school property. In addition, students were presented with t-shirts as well as snacks following the activity. The Earth Day celebration was organized by seventh grade teacher Andrea Hickson, as well as Roxanne Sabonis from Conklin Furniture. It was part of the community partnership between the school and Conklin Furniture which will focus on the beautification of the area surrounding the two buildings. them, and then decided on information that they needed to find out. Rashi has features built into the program that helps students research, organize information that is being gathered, and collaboration among peers. Rashi also allows students to interact with the patient through interviews, a physical exam, and lab tests. Even though the students were given very little information, they were able to determine a diagnosis by using their scientific inquiry skills and Rashi. The students were very proud of their accomplishment, wishing for more cases to solve. By piloting Rashi, the students had the opportunity to help UMASS make changes to the program that will make it an even better for possible future use in all public schools. Student pests! Not really, but they love to learn about them! Students from Debbie O'Brien and Marisa Ventrice's thirdgrade classes went to the Springfield Science Museum where they participated in a variety of activities on Joseph Matos and a Madagascar insects including the use of costumes Hissing Cockroach to dress up as the different life cycles, and to pet a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Students were able to participate in a science experiment where they compared acids and bases, enjoyed a picnic lunch outdoors, and then spent the afternoon touring the museum. The staff at the museum was very impressed at how much the students knew about insects especially the students vocabulary. This is directly due to the fact that they had just finished writing reports about their favorite insects. The students had such an amazing day! They were so proud of themselves because they knew so much about insects! There wasn't a question they couldn't answer and it was great to see them so involved in the presentation!" said O Brien. Ventrice added, It was nice to see the students explore a topic they enjoy further, outside of the school grounds. Signatures in Space McMahon school students are going into space! Actually, the school has been selected among 500 schools worldwide to participate in Student Signatures in Space, an outreach program sponsored by NASA and Lockheed Martin. Noreen Ewick, sixth-grade science teacher, submitted McMahon School for participation in this event as a way to celebrate Space Day 2010, a day to celebrate the world s achievements in space exploration and research and to look ahead to future space challenges. It is also a day to heighten students enthusiasm for space and to promote the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Ewick has received an Embrace Space poster that is currently being filled with signatures from McMahon s 475 students and staff. When completed, this poster will be sent back to NASA, where they will prepare it for space flight. McMahon signatures are scheduled to fly on Mission STS-133, tentatively scheduled for launch approximately September 16, On this mission, the Space Shuttle Discovery will deliver the Express Logistics Carrier 4, a multi- Logistics Module and critical spare components to the International Space Station. Ten weeks after the mission, the poster will be returned to Ewick, along with flight certifications and crew photos.

9 Volume 8, Issue 4 Page 9 E.N. White School The Green School Fair By Kendra VanderGheynst At E.N. White School, sixth-grade students took on a leadership role within the school community by hosting The Green School Fair in April. Student activism was propelled when, in honor of Earth Day, science classes viewed clips of Colin Beavan s No Impact Man and reflected upon the ways in which our daily choices impact the environment. After some debate and discussion, students worked together to identify ways in which the school makes an impact, especially regarding consumption and various types of waste. Following steps in the Engineering Design Process, the sixth graders developed ways to reduce the amount of materials used and waste generated within the building. At the event, students convinced community members of the need for change, proposing solutions to the problems of our current habits, and supporting the transition to new, lower-impact procedures throughout the school. Kendra VanderGheynst s students urged a revolving audience to join them in taking action to reduce the school s impact on the environment; over 300 staff, students, and Mackenzie Chouinard and Eric Torres display the amount of paper waste made at lunch in one day. family attended demonstrations, signed petitions, and pledged their support throughout the day. Current changes under way include a recycling system in the cafeteria, reducing food and packaging waste at lunches, as well as composting. VanderGheynst is also developing plans for an extensive school garden, in which students from various grades will learn about sustainability and urban agriculture, while supplying food for the community. In time, students will share such successes at E.N. White with other schools in order to support the mission of reduced impact throughout the district. The school continues to make community connections and to gather resources to further support the Green School Initiative in Holyoke. Mt. Tom Reservation DCR educator programs Our State Parks can come to you, in a manner of speaking. Are your students learning about geology, soils, or geologic history? Would you like students to understand concepts such as habitats, predator -prey, producer, consumer, and decomposer relationships? Is "watersheds" a tough concept to bring down to earth? If so, rocks and soils from Mount Tom Sate Reservation and the surrounding area are just a phone call away. Minidioramas of Connecticut River Valley habitats can come to your classroom. A make-yourown hands-on watershed or Glacial Lake Hitchcock demonstration can put in an appearance, too. An educator from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation brings the materials and runs activities at your school, at no charge. The tried and true DCR's Regional Educator Gini Traub visited several Holyoke classrooms this spring and found the ensuing discussions during student sharing from those visits were just as relevant as the learning process through work periods. "Each student found a place to call home. More importantly, they could see how adaptations allow some animals to live in many different places, while others have very specific habitat requirements. Part of the fun was students noticing food chains and webs, and some of the questions they asked. This activity grew out of the Connecticut River watershed dioramas at Great Falls Discovery Center. We made sure it has a strong but flexible English Language Arts component balanced with a strong visual component. That way, students with a wide range of proficiencies can participate," said Traub. And something new The program options do evolve over time. "We wanted an activity that incorporates English language arts, science and local history, so we recently added 'Salamander Room' to our list. It's a short story and a role play activity," said Traub. The activity made its first inschool debut with Darren Walsh's second graders at Peck. She added, "Those second graders are so smart! They had to figure out how to solve a problem that most salamanders encounter every spring. Their solutions were right on target. And they were really sweet in working out a few bugs in the program." Coming this summer, Traub will facilitate a Project Learning Tree workshop for educators at Mount Tom State Reservation on Friday, August 20, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. PLT is an award-winning program that's been around for over 20 years. It uses trees, forests, and human impacts to teach a variety of subjects and topics. It will model activities from the workbook and discuss how they apply to individual teacher s situations. $15 covers the cost of the 96- activity workbook and supporting materials. What's it all about? The educational programs build connections with what students learn in school and what they see in the local environment. This is often called place-based learning, and it supports achieving educational standards by reinforcing those real-world, natural, everyday connections. DCR continues to support the hard work teachers do each and every day. We know that field trips are not always an option, and that's why we have our 'Forests and Parks on Wheels' program." Programs for students are free. For questions or to schedule, contact Gini at 413/ or

10 Page 10 UMASS collaboration E.N. White Continuing education First grade teachers at the E.N. White School have been working with Hampshire Educational Collaborative trainer Sanford Roth on implementing daily shared reading activities in their classrooms. Shared reading models the reading process and strategies used by readers. The teacher deliberately draws attention to the print and models early reading behaviors such as moving from left to right and word-byword matching. Shared reading creates a risk-free environment, allowing children to focus on the enjoyment of the text. Teachers and literacy coaches from White, CFE, McMahon and Morgan took part in the training. Teachers worked cooperatively to plan lessons, practice in their classrooms in front of peers, and received feedback. For updated school, summer and community news, visit Channel 12 Tae Kwon Do and its discipline Tutoring helps close achievement gaps. This spring, UMASS Professor Byung Kim met with E.N. White Principal Ellen Jackson to extend an offer for a math tutorial after-school program for some of the students who were in need of extra support. Kim s plan was to create a team of students from UMASS to serve as tutors and to use a webbased math program that he developed to support the instruction. Professor Kim s program was designed to specifically align with the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards and would provide targeted assistance for students in their major areas of need based on the outcome of a planned assessment test. Sixteen third and fourth-grade students were chosen to participate in a 10-week math tutorial program. Tutors and students volunteered to come on a few Saturdays for extra math instruction. The students were given an initial pre-test, which included 30 questions involving a variety of math categories. Based on the test results, the students were provided assistance by the tutors and by the web program, which provided support in the modules that showed the greatest need for improvement. Friends Forever A local business owner recently volunteered to work at the E.N. White School for 12 weeks to teach the South Korean Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do to a group of third and fourth grade students. Master Heo from the Holyoke Tae Kwon Do Studio on South Street brought his expert Martial Arts Program to the school to teach the students the art of improving their mind, body and spirit through developing the skills that are taught during the Tae Kwon Do sessions. The ultimate goal of learning Tae Kwon Do, as Master Heo told the children, is to build self discipline, self-control and self-defense. The students pictured above with Principal Ellen Jackson and Master Heo (in the middle) successfully mastered their first belt test on May 12, 2010 and received their yellow belts. Azalea Cruz and Abigail Adamczyk sharing their friendship art. Students in Jennifer Hartbarger s second grade class are learning about friendship. We started out by making friendship cards. Everyone had to think of something nice to say about someone else, and then write it down and share it, said Hartbarger. Students wrote friendship poems and created an art project to illustrate the characteristics of a good friend. I want them to learn what a good friend is, and how to be one, said Hartbarger.

11 Volume 8, Issue 4 Page 11 Kelly School Annual MCAS breakfast For the second year in a row, teachers from Kelly School put on a Big Breakfast for 6th and 7th graders on the first morning of MCAS testing. Pancakes, sausage, bacon, and orange juice were all on the menu, as Tamisha Rios, Kenisha Rodriguez and Stephanie Colon enjoy their MCAS breakfast. the teachers, and ELA and Math coaches, prepared breakfast for everyone. Armed with aprons, spatulas, and smiles the teachers flipped pancakes and poured syrup, all while seventhgrade ELA teacher Mary Doyle asked the ever popular question, Sausage or bacon? The breakfast was a huge hit among the students, bringing in even the most notoriously tardy students early to eat with their friends. The breakfast was started a year ago to ensure that students would have a good breakfast prior to testing, as well as a way for teachers to show their support of the students. While many Kelly School teachers and staff members worked on the breakfast, the event was organized by sixth-grade ELA teacher Jamilla Jones as part of the pre-mcas activities at Kelly School. While the pre-mcas activities also included the wildly popular MCAS Pep Rally, the breakfast is special to Jones. It s important for students to see their teachers' willingness to support them by using other means- not just academics to motivate them. Seeing their teachers step outside of their comfort zones encourages them to do the same. said Jones. The William J. Dean Technical High School has been selected as one of 207 Air Force Jr. ROTC units to receive its Outstanding Organization Award. The unit received this award because it has performed above normal expectations and have distinguished themselves through outstanding service to the school and the community. ROTC Awards Ceremony By Kevin Willard As my class and I walked into the Dean Technical Jr. ROTC Awards Ceremony, I was immediately impressed by how formal, and how very serious the cadets seemed to carry themselves. Jackeline Torres and Alma Colon stood steadfast at the entrance as they greeted and welcomed guests of the ceremony, giving all a welcome feeling as they entered. The event formally kicked off with a welcome by cadet leader Alexandria Marquez who is a great speaker as she immediately lightened the formal mood by making a quick joke that she wasn t even done speaking as the first round of applause filled the room. The second highlight occurred with a rousing rendition of the Spangled Star Banner by Kimberly Vera who gave a version that may only be equaled by Sergeant Cross. The first cadets honored were Matthew Marquez, Jonathan Guzman, Travis Wells, Yanira Rodriguez and Konan Marte- Soto for their roles in the cadet drill teams for their excellence in competitions. Possibly the biggest award of the day, and also the first presented went to Bethsaida Martinez in recognition of having the highest GPA out of all other cades. Truly well done Bethsaida. Travis Wells was quick to garner his first award as he received the Outstanding Service Award. I predict that may be the first of many as I have known him very well the last four years. Travis received several awards throughout the ceremony. Other Awards Include: Longevity Award: As this was the first award where the entire corp was recognized, students all stood up together and gave a nice round of applause and showed the kids true camaraderie as a well knit group. College Scholarships: Possibly the most valuable awards were the four scholarship awards. Two of the cadets received $400 scholarships and two others received $500 scholarships. These scholarships were awarded to Gloria Rivera, Alexandria Marquez, Kim Vera, and Travis Wells. Spend the money wisely guys and remember to get used books if you can! Next Year s Leaders: The most humorous moment came when Major Kieda was about to announce next year s Deputy, and Group Commander as the two most dedicated cadets in Dean s ROTC. Sergeant Cross barked out that he and Major Kieda should be the winners which drew a large laugh from the crowd. But in all seriousness, the winners of these coveted leadership roles were Yanira Rodriguez and Konan Marte Soto. Dean Tech Places in Construction Design by Winnarath Son Students from the Dean Technical High School carpentry, electrical, and the graphics art shops, through the guidance of teachers Nelson Garcia and Marcus Holt, placed second in the Construction Career Day Design Competition in Hopkinton, Massachusetts at the New England Laborers Training Academy in May. The objective was to design a park to scale. Other shops helping on this project were the machine shop making streetlight posts and trash cans, metal fabrication fabricated the see-saw, the swings, and the merry-go-round, electrical wired up the lights, graphics printed out all the paper work and blue prints, as well as the decals. While the students were at the event, they were able to learn how to operate backhoes, excavators, jackhammers, pavers and participated in concrete finishing, welding, cutting and burning, electrical work, carpentry, laying brick and block, land surveying, and field engineering. While the students were doing that the judges were evaluating the park design.

12 Page 12 All-Academic Team: Jessica Sweeney Holyoke High School Swimming GPA Dean Technical High School Girls Basketball: Carmen Acosta All-League Honorable Mention All-Western Mass Francheska Feliciano All-League Dean Technical High School Boys Basketball: Josue Figueroa First Team All-Western Massachusetts and All-League 1000 Point Scorer Foster Alston - 2 nd Team All-Western Massachusetts and All-League Johnny Rodgriguez All-League Dean Technical High School Wrestling: Raul Torres 2 nd Team All-Western Massachusetts and All-League Holyoke High Boys Basketball: Eddie Rodriguez 2 nd Team All-Western Massachusetts, All League Juan Lopez Honorable Mention All-Western Mass, All-League, Coaches vs. Cancer All-Tournament Team, MVP Hall of Fame Hoophall Classic Holyoke High Girls Basketball: Allison Littles 1 st Team All-Western Massachusetts, All-League Monique Heard 1 st Team All-Western Massachusetts, All-League Tania Ortiz 2 nd Team All-Western Massachusetts, All-League Jill Greaney Honorable Mention All-Western Massachusetts Holyoke High School Indoor Track: Cody Hodgins All-Western Massachusetts Second Team All-League Erin Corrigan All-Western Massachusetts Second Team All-League Holyoke High Skiing: Hannah Harazmus All-League MIAA Citizenship Award: From Holyoke High School: Genesis Estrada Selected as Student Speaker on the Speaker Panel Jessica Sweeney Sean Kelly Patrick O Neil From Dean Technical: Ashley Roche Tiana Ojeda Alex Lasanta Matt Lopez Claricelys Andujar Holyoke High School Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Awards Hannah Harazmus and David Morin Marines Athletic Excellence Award Kerry Leahy and Jonathan Robert Mc Scholar Athlete Award Winners Kayla Prout and Patrick Laramee Dean Tech: Mc Scholar Athlete Awards Winners Alexandria Marquez

13 Estos son los puntos mas sobresalientes del Boletin Holyoke Public Schools Volume 8, Issue 4 Verano 2010 Mirar hacia atrás ~ Mirar hacia adelante Ya que este será mi último boletín de noticias, es tiempo de reflexión en una carrera de 39 años. Cuando yo me retire este 30 de junio, habré pasado 39 años de mi vida educando a los niños. A menudo pienso en mi primer día como un maestro en las Escuelas Públicas de New Bedford, enseñando 7imo grado en la Escuela Keith Junior así como varios lugares que he estado y muchos educadores comprometidos que he encontrado a lo largo del camino. Habiendo pasado mi vida entera en la Comunidad de Massachusetts, ahora resido en la Ciudad de Holyoke donde mi último viaje del deber viene a un final. No puedo pensar en un mejor lugar para terminar mi carrera que aquí, entre tantos maravillosos educadores y la gente que he conocido durante los últimos 8 ½ años. Esta década pasada ha sido seguramente una desafiante no sólo para educadores sino también para el país en conjunto. Juntos hemos hecho mucho para mejorar nuestras escuelas hasta durante tiempos económicos resistentes. Con su ayuda, hemos reconstruido la infraestructura de tecnología de las escuelas de la Ciudad, construir un estudio de TV de tecnología avanzada para enseñarle a la siguiente generación sobre la importancia de tecnología en el avance de sus objetivos y aquellos de nuestra nación. Hemos puesto a especialistas de medios y bibliotecarios en cada biblioteca escolar; hemos creado este boletín de noticias Uniones, que ha recibido el Premio de Ápice cada año desde su inicio; hemos remodelado la Escuela Secundaria de Holyoke; terminamos forzando buses para conseguir la desegregación; y, hemos reorganizado nuestro Distrito entero a un sistema k-8, suprimiendo escuelas secundarias grandes. Hemos acreditado de nuevo ambas escuelas secundarias y hemos renovado nuestro plan de estudios completo para alinearnos con los estándares del Estado. Creamos y lanzamos un Programa Transitorio para mejorar el éxito académico de muchos de nuestros estudiantes que se mueven con frecuencia. Hemos creado una escuela alternativa exitosa para tener cuidado de algunos de nuestros estudiantes emocionalmente y físicamente frágiles, ayudándoles a ajustarse y encontrar el éxito. Hace sólo poco tiempo, tal vez 5 o 6 años, nuestros estudiantes de escuela secundaria pasaron la prueba MCAS con éxito era menos del Superintendente Dr. Eduardo B. Carballo presenta el aumento de los Premios Estrella como uno de sus últimos deberes antes de retirarse después de su mandato de ocho años con las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke. 30 %. Hoy, aquella figura es más del 70 %! Mientras hemos sido exitosos en muchos de nuestros esfuerzos, todavía hay mucho trabajo. Tengo la confianza que bajo el mando del nuevo Superintendente, nuestra comunidad escolar seguirá mejorando. En un nivel personal, pienso con mucha ilusión en un tiempo más callado con horarios menos agitados y estresantes y con más tiempo para promover y realzar una Fundación que ayudé a establecer hace más de 8 años, la Fundación de hispano de Massachusetts Occidental, que sigue proporcionando becas para estudiantes Latinos y animarlos a terminar la escuela y continuar a universidades. Planeo pasar el tiempo realizando aquella misión. Esto también será un tiempo para mí para hacer algunos viajes y disfrutar del sol y la playa que amo tanto. Quiero tomar esta oportunidad de agradecerle a cada uno de ustedes por su cooperación y apoyo estos años pasados. Les deseo bien y lo mejor para un futuro exitoso.

14 Page 14 ACCESO de Escuela Peck Adopta Conciencia de Colegio Temprano El primer paso para alcanzar un objetivo es haciendo ese objetivo. Para las personas jóvenes contemplando su futuro, el grupo de objetivos requiere saber cuáles son sus opciones. Haciendo esas opciones más claras es una de las misiones del ACCESO a Peck. Establecido en la primavera 2009 como una comunidad de compañeros que proveen tutoría, consejería y conciencia de colegio y carrera a estudiantes de escuela secundaria, el ACCESO Peck es ahora un componente vital de la Escuela de Comunidad de Servicio Completo (FSCS) iniciativa de la Escuela Peck. Conducido por Alan Bloomgarden, el Coordinador del Programa de la Comunidad a base de Aprendizaje en el Colegio de Mt. Holyoke, el ACCESO de Peck puso algunos objetivos ambiciosos en su primer año y ya ha hecho progreso significativo en encontrarlos. Uno de los objetivos más importantes puestos por el Grupo de Trabajo de AC- CESO de Peck era que todos los estudiantes de escuela secundaria visitarían un colegio durante el año escolar. Aquel objetivo fue casi encontrado cuando más del 90 por ciento de los estudiantes de escuela secundaria visitó colegios del área este año. Además, el objetivo de tener estudiantes del octavo grado participar en un Juego de Simulación de Colegio fue realizado también. El juego de simulación fue diseñado para ayudar a los estudiantes de octavo grado a ver como las opciones que ellos hacen ahora y en todas partes de la escuela secundaria afectan las oportunidades que ellos tienen en el futuro. Otros objetivos de ACCESO Peck han estado trabajando para proporcionar la ayuda de transición de escuela secundaria a estudiantes del octavo grado y familias e infunden mensajes positivos de colegio en acontecimientos que atraen a padres y familias a la escuela. Para asistir con tomar decisiones de colaboración y supervisar el progreso hacia sus objetivos, el ACCESO de Peck ideó un Documento de Rastreo Compartido y un Calendario Compartido, ambos accesibles por grupos Google. Usando este instrumento, cualquier miembro al ACCESO de Peck puede ver quién está y no está teniendo conciencia de colegio, tutoría, consejería, u otros servicios. Los miembros de ACCESO de Peck actualmente representan: el Corp. de la Comunidad (Colegio de Mt. Holyoke, la Universidad de Massachusetts, y el Colegio de la Comunidad de Holyoke); y Programas GEAR UP; Estudiantes de U.Mass; New England Farm Workers Council Programa CHOICES de (HCC); el Programa Uniones de las Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke; Proyecto 13; Casa de Tarea; YMCA/ Programa de Enriquecimiento Académico de la Iglesia St. Paul; Colegio de Infancia de Hampshire, Programa de Juventud y Aprendizaje; Programa de Oportunidad de Carreras de Salud de Pioneer Valley; el Programa STEP en el Colegio de la Comunidad de Holyoke; y Girls Inc. Somos tan afortunados que el ACCESO de Peck ha estado en la vanguardia de nuestra evolución en una Escuela de Comunidad de Servicio Completo, dijo Megan Harding, Directora del Proyecto de FSCS. Ellos son un grupo de facultad alegre y dedicado, organizaciones a base de la comunidad, y compañeros de colegio que han servido como un modelo eficaz para planificación de colaboración y colección de datos. Bloomgarden ve la ventaja como mutuo. PASO tutor Jovani Collazo trabaja con séptimo grado Keanuohu Hookano-Thach. Creo que los compañeros de ACCESO de Peck generalmente encuentran el valor a nuestros propios proyectos individuales y organizaciones que pueden venir cuando aquellos de nosotros estamos trabajando a finales similares toman el tiempo para alinear nuestros objetivos y métodos y hacer más intencional los eslabones entre ellos y los resultados positivos que queremos para estudiantes de Peck y familias, dijo él. Harding concluyó, No tengo duda que los estudiantes de noveno grado de Peck entrarán a la escuela secundaria más interesados en el colegio debido al ACCESO de Peck. Programa de Salud Oral Gratis Sabía usted que el decaimiento de diente es la enfermedad crónica más común de la infancia? Sabía usted que el decaimiento de diente es casi completamente evitable? La mayor parte de los niños tienen decaimiento de diente en la parte de arriba o las superficies que mastican de su muela o los dientes de atrás. Los selladores dentales y el fluoruro son esenciales para la prevención del decaimiento de diente (caries). Los selladores dentales previenen el decaimiento de diente creando una barrera entre un diente y caries causando bacterias. El barniz de fluoruro trabaja aumentando la concentración de fluoruro en la superficie externa de los dientes, así fortificando los dientes durante etapas tempranas de la formación de cavidad.. Usando el equipo dental portátil, los asistentes de dentista que trabajan en el Programa SELLO MDPH examinan a los estudiantes que determinan su necesidad de selladores dentales; colocan los selladores dentales, y ofrecen referidos y atención durante la convalecencia a estudiantes con decaimiento de diente u otras necesidades dentales. Los paquetes de inscripción de SELLO de MDPH serán enviados al hogar en el otoño con información al principio del año escolar. Para hacer que su niño/a participe, simplemente firme la forma de consentimiento y devuelva a la enfermera escolar de su niño. Para más información sobre el MDPH-SELLO, los selladores dentales y la salud oral vayan a

Connections. A Community Working Together

Connections. A Community Working Together Holyoke Public Schools A Community Working Together Holyoke Public Schools Volume 10, Issue 3 Spring 2012 An Open Letter to the Holyoke School Community A Long Way from the Old Schoolhouse By David Dupont,

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The Preuss School UCSD Insight Newsletter The Preuss School UCSD Insight Newsletter 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA 92093-0536 Main Phone Line (858)658-7400 MAY/ JUNE 2014 EDITION A Message from the Principal-Director Scott Barton Dear Parents:

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RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED EL PASO, TX 79929-2800 P.O. BOX 292800 SOCORRO ISD SOCORRO ISD P.O. BOX 292800 EL PASO, TX 79929-2800 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Superintendent s Message It gives me great pride and joy to congratulate Team SISD on a successful and exciting 2012-13 school

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It s October in Salem and while much. Las dos escuelas elementales. Es octubre en Salem y mientras. A New Chapter for Bentley

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Superintendent s Message Spring 2005 500 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Superintendent s Message As we open the doors to spring, I welcome you to our annual Special Edition FOCUS. Spring brings many delights to us all,

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The Kenmore Cougar. Principally Speaking. Principalmente Hablando. December 2010! Volume 10, Number 3. David McBride, Assistant Principal

The Kenmore Cougar. Principally Speaking. Principalmente Hablando. December 2010! Volume 10, Number 3. David McBride, Assistant Principal The Kenmore Cougar December 2010! Volume 10, Number 3 Principally Speaking David McBride, Assistant Principal Principalmente Hablando David McBride, Assistant Principal This past month Kenmore welcomed

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Recruiting for NASA s Future

Recruiting for NASA s Future Volume 1, No. 2 Winter 2004 NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION El Noticiero de NASA Hispanic Community Newsletter on Mathematics and Science Education Recruiting for NASA s Future What s Inside:

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VIKING VOICE. Message from our Incoming Principal Dr. Hugo A. Pedroza THE SAMOHI PTSA. October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2

VIKING VOICE. Message from our Incoming Principal Dr. Hugo A. Pedroza THE SAMOHI PTSA. October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2 THE SAMOHI PTSA October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2 SANTA MONICA HIGH SCHOOL (310) 395-3204 El Boletin en espa ol ol o ien a comienza o ien a en la pa in pagin pa in 6 VIKING VOICE

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First Day of School Celebration Handbook. First Day of School America

First Day of School Celebration Handbook. First Day of School America First Day of School America First Day of School Celebration Handbook How to jumpstart school family community partnerships to promote student success First Day Foundation www. firstday. org Handbooks for

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Covering the El Rancho Unified School District

Covering the El Rancho Unified School District FREE Education + Communication = A Better Nation Covering the El Rancho Unified School District covering the community of Pico Rivera VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 MARCH / APRIL 2012 Ruben

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The kiosk-like system can be accessed by going to www. El sistema tipo caseta informativa está


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Springfield Parent Academy

Springfield Parent Academy Springfield Parent Academy Educate, Motivate, And Engage For Success! 2013-2014 Course Catalogue Cursos disponibles en Español Find Us on Facebook & YouTube Table of contents

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Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success

Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success S D Issue Date: 7/24/15 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 2-Summer Communicator R C San Diego Regional Center A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road,

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South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime

South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime EL 1976 ~ 32 Years of Service ~ 2008 INDEPENDIENTE Free/gratis South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime

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Sociedad. 2012 annual report

Sociedad. 2012 annual report Sociedad 2012 annual report As someone who has watched Daniel grow over the past six years, it is amazing to witness his remarkable progress over time. His development as a young person and a leader are

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HARBOR HAPPENINGS. ON BEHALF OF OUR COMMUNITY: HRC Provides Budget Testimony HARBOR HAPPENINGS A PUBLICATION OF HARBOR REGIONAL CENTER SUMMER 2008 Colleen Mock, Director of Community Services, thanks California Assemblymember Warren Furutani for inviting HRC to Budget Town Hall.

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EDICIÓN EN ESPAÑOL. Inside: PHOTO: MEASURE K SPECIAL REPORT: Two Brand-New School Facilities and 15

EDICIÓN EN ESPAÑOL. Inside: PHOTO: MEASURE K SPECIAL REPORT: Two Brand-New School Facilities and 15 Inside: MEASURE K SPECIAL REPORT: Centinela School : Per Board of Education Policy, student photos cannot be published online without written consent by a parent or Parent School guardian. These photos

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Assessing The Whole Child. Enrollment Up at Sentinel Tech POSTAL PATRON. The Wahluke Junior High had an awards assembly recently to celebrate

Assessing The Whole Child. Enrollment Up at Sentinel Tech POSTAL PATRON. The Wahluke Junior High had an awards assembly recently to celebrate NOVEMBER 2012 P.O. Box 907, Mattawa, WA 99349 Junio s n o i t a l gratu r Hig Con The Wahluke Junior High had an awards assembly recently to celebrate those students that passed the Measurement of Student

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YOU MIGHT JUST START A CHAIN REACTION! Volume 2 Issue 6 February 2015 Special points of interest: Dates to Remember Parent Engagement TIPS Principals Matter! Construction Updates February s School Menus! Inside this issue: Rachel s Challenge

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Mount Pleasant High School Mount Pleasant High School The Kiltie Times November, 2014 I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : Student Life 2 News & Editorials 5 Sports 6 By Mr. Neil Johnson Volume 1, Issue 1 MPHS is

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Student and Parent Handbook* 2014-2015

Student and Parent Handbook* 2014-2015 Novato Unified School District San Ramon Elementary School Student and Parent Handbook* 2014-2015 Principal: Andy Cline Office Manager: Pam Baker School Telephone: (415) 897-1196 School Fax: (415) 897-2326

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Communicator. Ivan is an 18-year-old young man. The Homecoming King! Then, he danced the night away! S a v e t h e D a t e s... 5

Communicator. Ivan is an 18-year-old young man. The Homecoming King! Then, he danced the night away! S a v e t h e D a t e s... 5 Communicator Issue Date: 12/3/12 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 3-Winter San Diego Regional Center~A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road, San Diego

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