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1 La Prensa Distribution: MIchigan: Detroit Monroe Blissfield Adrian Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Dundee Saline OHIO: : Defiance Lima Wauseon Napoleon Leipsic Maggie Rios Agente Asociado Your Neighborhood Insurance Agency 4642 West 130th Street Cleveland, OH Se habla español CLEVELAND LORAIN DETROIT, Since FREE! Gratis! www. lapr prensa TOLEDO: TINTA CON SABOR Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly Check out our Classifieds! Checa los Anuncios Clasificados! April/abril 12, 2006 Spanglish Weekly/Semanal 24 Páginas Vol. 39, No. 5 GOP knows risks of anti-immigrant measures, page 2 Over one million people rally for immigrant/ civil rights, in over 90 cities throughout the United States (AP): At least 400,000 people banged drums, waved U.S. flags, and peacefully marched in a protest Sunday in Dallas urging federal lawmakers to pass immigration reform that could legalize an estimated million undocumented immigrants. (Continued on Page 9) Se Habla Español Council St., Toledo OH Tenemos todo para Taquerías, Mariscos, Tex-Mex, y toda clase de restaurantes. AutoMax $300 Price of Vehicle with this Ad! OFF LWLI presents Rose González the César Chávez-Jane González Award Shown above is Rose González (left) being presented with the César Chávez-Jane González Award by LWLI conference co-coordinator Julie Alvarado-Zuzga (UAW Local 400) last week in Ypsilanti MI. A detailed report on the 2006 Latina/o Worker s Leadership Institute will appear in next week s La Prensa. Sue Morano, Democrat for the Ohio State Senate, addresses the audience at CHIP s political night, where candidates for office in the Lorain County area address important issues. See page 6. 0% interest! NO Credit Checks! Buy Here! Pay Here! Quality Pre-owned! Low Down payment! 2215 Navarre Ave. Oregon, Ohio Eddie Gonzalez Club Bijou Page 18 DENTRO: COLUMBUS Senator Clinton says HR 4437 would make her a criminal... 3 Test monitors Michigan students English skills... 4 Davide García... 5 Kaptur chastises Delphi... 7 Balderas endorsed by firefighters, police... 7 LEON hosts Awards Banquet... 8 Carla s Corner HOROSCOPE Events Obituaries Deportes Joe Campos throws first pitch La Liga de Las Américas Classifieds Breves: Paso importante acuerdo en Senado EEUU MEXICO (AP): El gobierno mexicano catalogó el jueves como un paso positivo el acuerdo alcanzado entre miembros del Senado estadounidense para una ley migratoria que, sin dejar de lado aspectos de seguridad fronteriza, abriría el camino para la regularización de millones (Continua en la p. 18) Celebrity Cash Explosion, p. 10 Escuche La Onda Cultural Latina 89.1 FM cada día 9AM-5PM Visit Grandma s Country Cookin for Breakfast,, Lunch, & Dinner,, 3312 Glendale Ave

2 Página 2 La Prensa Lorain & Cleveland Staff Culturas Publications, Inc., d.b.a. La Prensa Newspaper 205 West 20th Street, VENTAS: Suite M-265 Rubén Torres, Lorain & Lorain, OH Cleveland NE Ohio Sales Manager prensa Distribution: Lemuel Llorens Tinta con Sabor! La Prensa Newspaper Staff Culturas Publications, Inc. Publisher Rebecca McQueen Business Manager Editorial: Carla Soto-Cruz Entertainment Editor Marivel Aguirre-Aranda Columbus Correspondent Alan Abrams Senior Correspondent Fletcher Word Political Correspondent Ricardo Urrutia Political Correspondent Wendy Cuellar de García Detroit Correspondent Davide García Cartoonist, Spanglish, Pau & Yami María Ruvalcaba Translations (Nuevo Bilingual) Art/Graphics/Web: Jennifer Retholtz Graphics Manager & Webmaster Advertising: Adriana Chasteen MIOH Regional Sales Manager Carla Soto-Cruz Account Executives Rico Cacographer, Layout & Sales Distribution: Wally Rodela, Joe Campos, & Rico NW Ohio & Michigan Bobby Romero Western Ohio Marivel Aguirre-Aranda Central Ohio Jaime Hernández/Luis Cabrera NE Ohio Culturas Publications, Inc., d.b.a. La Prensa Newspaper Headquarters: Adams Street, downtown Toledo, Ohio Mailing Address: La Prensa, PO Box 9416, Toledo OH Tierra phone Fax: Please use address below DEADLINE: MONDAY AT 5:00PM, Prior to Wednesday Distribution SALES: web site: Limit: One free copy per reader. Additional copies are $1.00 each. Hardcopy subscriptions $100 per year. ed link to pdf is gratis. Member of Newsfinder, an affiliate with AP. by Culturas Publications, Inc La Prensa s Detroit Office 4454 W. Vernor Hwy. Sales Representatives: Detroit MI Carla Soto/Adriana/Rico We accept: Discover, Visa, & MC La Prensa Político April/abril 12, 2006 California Republicans know all too well the risks of anti-immigration measures with fierce Latino backlash against the GOP By ERICA WERNER and PETER PRENGAMAN Associated Press Writers LOS ANGELES (AP): As Congress debates immigration policy, some Republicans recall a hard lesson learned in California more than a decade ago: Getting tough with undocumented immigrants can cause grave political damage. In California, the passage in 1994 of Proposition 187, a Republican-backed ballot measure to deny public services to undocumented immigrants, caused a fierce backlash against Republicans among Latinos. And experts say the party is still feeling the effects. During the recent round of street protests around the United States against an immigration bill passed by the Republican-controlled House, HR 4437, some demonstrators have warned there will be consequences at the polls this time, too. The reality is that this community will eventually get citizenship, and we already know who we won t be voting for, said Dagoberto Zavala, 52, an El Salvadoran immigrant at a weekend rally in Orange County. Proposition 187 initially seemed a Republican boon. Gov. Pete Wilson used the immigration issue to boost his 1994 re-election bid, which included an ad showing undocumented immigrants sprinting across the border while an announcer intoned, They keep coming. In a banner year for Republicans, support for Proposition 187 which voters passed helped ensure Wilson s victory and usher in tenuous Republican control over the state Assembly. But Republican became a bad word among Hispanics of all stripes here in California, said Allan Hoffenblum, a Republican analyst in Los Angeles. The only ones who dispute that are in total and complete denial. Wilson s share of the Latino vote plummeted from 47 percent in 1990 to 25 percent in 1994, according to the nonpartisan Field Institute in San Francisco. Meanwhile, the fastgrowing Latino vote has become increasingly important. By 2005, Latinos were one-fifth of the California electorate, up from one-tenth in And they have not been inclined to register Republican. According to the Field Institute, 24 percent of Latinos who registered to vote in California before 1994 registered Republican; only 18 percent of those who registered between 1994 and 2000 went with the Republican Party. California now has an estimated 11.7 million Latinos, representing one-third of the state s population. No Republican candidate for governor or president has won more than 40 percent of California s Latino vote since 1990, according to the Field Poll. Democrats firmly control the Legislature and congressional delegation and all statewide offices except governor and secretary of state. (Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the exception that proves the rule; the former action star did not come up through the party ranks, and many consider him a Republican in name only.) Latino allegiance to the Democrats helped the party retake the 80-member Assembly in 1996; the Republican Party has gone from 41 seats in 1994 to 32 today. Proposition 187 would have denied public education, social services and nonemergency health care to undocumented immigrants. It also would have required teachers and doctors to report suspected undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. A federal judged blocked enforcement of it and later declared it unconstitutional. Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, elected in 1998, refused to defend the measure in court. Wilson defends his support for Proposition 187 and disputes the argument that it damaged his party. When you are elected to office, you ought to do what you believe is right, the former governor said in an interview. If you do the right thing, I suspect, you will profit politically. The California experience is on the mind of prominent Republicans such as Ed Gillespie, the party s former national chairman, who has urged the party to embrace Senate legislation that would create a guestworker program and the prospect of citizenship for undocumented immigrants already here. A House-passed bill (HR 4437), in contrast, would classify undocumented immigrants as felons and stretch a wall across the U.S.-Mexican border, almost 700 miles in length. Gillespie noted that the Latino vote is increasingly becoming decisive in states such as New Mexico, Florida, and Colorado. Mishandling the immigration debate today could result in the Republican Party struggling in these states and others in the same way it now does in California, Gillespie wrote in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. Nevertheless, all but three of California s 19 Republican representatives voted for the House bill, rejecting comparisons to Proposition 187 and saying their constituents are galled by undocumented immigration. Most Americans sit back and say, This is ridiculous. They come here illegally and then they take advantage of our laws, said Rep. Gary Miller. Overwhelmingly people want something done. The Democrats see political advantage in the debate. It just amazes me that the Republicans don t pay attention to history, said California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres. Associated Press writer Erica Werner contributed to this story from Washington. Associated Press writer David Kravets also contributed from Los Angeles. La Prensa Columbus Staff Culturas Publications, Inc., d.b.a. La Prensa Newspaper Tinta con Sabor! Columbus, Ohio VENTAS: Marivel Aguirre-Aranda, Columbus, Ohio Columbus Sales Manager prensa Writers, et al. Wanted La Prensa is interested in journalistic/holistic/paranormal articles, essays, commentaries, healing-thought-pieces, poems, cartoons, art, photos, puzzles and other brainbashers, songs, and other provocative items, for possible publication in the weekly, bilingual publication known as La Prensa, publishing since We also post many of these items on our web site at We pay $$$ for these published items. Bilingualism preferred (Spanish/English). For possible publication, please submit via to attn: Rico. It doesn t exist unless you have read it in La Prensa Tinta con Sabor! Farmers worry as legislators debate immigration What will a Sensenbrenner apple or tomato cost? (AP): Fourth-generation Californian vegetable farmer Will Rousseau keeps one eye on his crops and another on Capitol Hill, where U.S. Congress is debating immigration bills that could mean bounty or bust for farms dependent on migrant labor. Undocumented immigrants make up about 53 percent of the nation s roughly 1.8 million farmworkers, and cutting off the flow of willing workers legal or not to the fresh fruits and vegetables that need picking would spell the end for many farmers, Rousseau said. We know local folks won t take those jobs, at any price, said Rousseau, who hires up to 700 seasonal workers to harvest his crops in Phoenix. The bills include a (Continued on Page 18) La Prensa s Special Monthly Edition/Suplemento Mensual for Lazo Cultural, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan During the first week of each month, La Prensa publishes a special monthly edition, in addition to its weekly, as part of the semanal Lazo Cultural, with additional readership of over 25,000 in Grand Rapids, Holland, Fennville, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Pontiac, Michigan. La Prensa welcomes supplementing the superb Lazo Cultural and welcomes its readers to digest its contents. Some articles will be in Spanish, but the majority will be in English Next Joint Issue is April 5, Likewise, Lazo Cultural supplements La Prensa, the first week of each month. Both La Prensa and Lazo Cultural can be viewed on line at and respectively. The advertising rates for these special issues differ. 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3 April/abril 12, Page 3 Sen. Clinton says immigration bill HR 4437 would make her, Jesús criminals By DEVLIN BARRETT Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP): Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) said April 5 th that an immigration bill approved in the House of Representatives (on Dec. 16, 2005, HR 4437) would make her and her aides criminals for their work on behalf of New York constituents. Clinton s comments are her latest salvo against the Republican-authored House bill that would penalize anyone who knowingly assists or encourages illegal immigrants to remain in the country. The bill, which passed the House in December, also makes it a felony to be in the country illegally. Speaking to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Clinton, touted as a potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, said her work for New York constituents could fall afoul of the bill since many are immigrants. I realize I would be a criminal, too. My staff would be criminal. We help people with all kinds of problems, said Clinton. Democratic critics and the Catholic Church say such language would make even humanitarian assistance to an illegal immigrant a crime; the bill s authors dismiss the claim as an absurd attempt to defeat the bill. Clinton has, over the past few weeks, stepped out strongly against the bill as senators debate varying proposals, including setting up a guest worker program as supported by President George W. Bush and affording citizenship to most of those in the country illegally. Senators are seeking a strong bill that would allow them more leverage in bargaining with House lawmakers. Last month, Clinton lashed out at the House bill, saying it was mean-spirited and would probably criminalize even Jesús himself. The New York Democrat continued that offensive Wednesday, urging Latino business leaders to help defeat such measures by resisting what she called misinformation in the emotionally charged immigration debate. We need to help educate the entire American public. Hillary Rodham Clinton We need to put the face of America and hardworking Americans on this debate, she said. Over the past several of weeks, tens of thousands of people have protested the bill around the country, staging mass rallies/ marches and school walkouts in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio and shutting down minority-owned business in Georgia. Numerous city councils have passed resolutions in opposition to HR 4437, including Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus in Michigan and Ohio. Rico de La Prensa contributed to this report. Employers say they need a guestworker program By JUAN A. LOZANO Associated Press Writer (AP): Every year, Joanne Harden has to find people to replace the 30 seasonal workers she employs at her San Antonio-area nursery when they leave to visit their homes in México. And every year she faces the same problem, with maybe one of every 10 local residents she hires working out. Getting the workers (legally) from México, those are the workers who have a fantastic work ethic. If I had five applicants in front of me and could hire only two, I would pick the guys from México and would pay them more, said Harden, who owns Mortellaro s Nursery in Schertz. Employers like Harden say they support federal legislation that would create guestworker programs allowing citizens from other countries to fill the jobs they say U.S.-Americans don t want to do. One guestworker proposal pending in the U.S. Senate would create a temporary visa to allow as many as 400,000 new foreign workers into the country for up to six years, then allow them to apply for legal permanent residence. Supporters fear that measure may not have enough support. Roberto Córtez, 47, a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Guanajuato, México, said the program could end undocumented immigrants and their employers fears of the authorities. Córtez, who was in the U.S. illegally for 10 years, vividly remembers the day immigration authorities raided a tree-cutting company where he worked when he first arrived in Houston in Immigration would arrest the workers who were in four of five trucks out in neighborhoods. Each truck had up to six people, plus the supervisor, he said in Spanish. There were times when they would even take the supervisor. This was a difficult thing. Marilyn Good, spokeswoman for the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association, said current guestworker programs covering agricultural workers or seasonal workers are too bureaucratic and are limited. We need more access to workers, Good said. Employers don t want to ignore the law. They don t want fines. They don t want to have (immigration authorities) take their workers in the middle of the season. Other industries, such as construction and hotels, face similar shortages. Scott Joslove, president and chief executive of the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association, said hotels in places like South Padre Island, Port Aransas and Galveston have large demands for seasonal workers, especially in peak seasons such as spring break. It s just difficult to find workers in our industry, he said. We ve had to go overseas to find workers in many cases. The AFL-CIO, the nation s largest labor organization, says guestworker proposals lower wages and create a second, lower class of employees. Workers should have full rights and a real voice in our democracy, which no guestworker program can ever guarantee, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said in a statement last week. We see no valid reason why employers should be able to fill permanent jobs with temporary workers. But Harden called big labor s criticism hogwash and said it doesn t apply to her business. When someone is here 30 days, we give them a raise. At 90 days, we pay 100 percent of employees health insurance, she said. Tamara Abdulovic, 28, an immigrant from Bosnia, said coming to the United States gave her the opportunity to go to college, earn a finance degree and work in the banking industry. I think there is more to be done. The immigrants and refugees we deal with are coming from different cultures. All of these groups require we understand their culture. That is something we can improve upon, she said. Attention Countrywide Home Loans Customers: Since our founding 37 years ago, Countrywide has been focused on helping to deliver the American dream of homeownership. In addition to offering a wide array of home financing options to help meet the needs of homeowners, our mission also includes trying to help customers stay in their homes, even if they are facing financial hardship. If you are a Countrywide Home Loans customer and you are having difficulty making your mortgage payments, Countrywide is eager to help. With job losses and other economic challenges on the rise in Cleveland, Countrywide may be able to help our customers by: Offering suspended, reduced and/or extended payment terms Modifying the interest rate to the current fixed rate and extending the timeframe of the loan Advancing interest-free funds to bring loan payments up-to-date Adding the past due payments to the current outstanding balance of the loan, thus eliminating the need for a lump sum payment to bring the loan current If you are a Countrywide customer facing foreclosure, please call for help or to set an appointment: Not a Countrywide customer? ACORN Housing can help. Their specialists can connect you with your lender and review possible options to help you avoid foreclosure. Call the ACORN Housing Hotline at ACORN Housing has helped thousands of homeowners and is eager to work with you. THEY RE SAVING FOR A RAINY DAY. AND A SUNNY FUTURE. At National City, we want to make it simple for you to achieve your goals. Whether it s a home improvement project, the down payment for your first home or even your retirement, we offer a variety of products and services to help you save for it. Savings Accounts CDs Retirement Planning Investments Stop by any National City branch, visit or call Equal Housing Lender Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 4500 Park Granada, Calabasas, CA Trade/servicemarks are the property of Countrywide Financial Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. For Ohio properties only. Some products may not be available in Ohio. This is not a commitment to lend. Restrictions apply. All rights reserved. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. is not affiliated with ACORN Housing. Each company is independently responsible for the products and services it offers. Mortgage loans are products of National City Mortgage, a division of National City Bank of Indiana. Member FDIC 2006, National City Corporation PERSONAL BANKING BUSINESS BANKING INVESTMENTS MORTGAGE LOANS Spiderman loves these webs bs:, oceslatinas, and boomlatino

4 Página 4 La Prensa Michigan April/abril 12, 2006 Test monitors Michigan students English skills Source: AP - AP Wire Service LANSING, Mich. (AP): Some Michigan students from non-english-speaking homes are taking tests this month to determine how they are progressing with their new language. The English Language Proficiency Assessment, or ELPA, is Michigan s first statewide test of English proficiency. It is required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. About 58,000 students are scheduled to be tested by April 28. Melissa Lazarin, an education reform analyst with the Latino civil rights group National Council of La Raza, said the federal law is helping children struggling to learn English get the attention they need. One of the most beneficial things it s done, it s really put a spotlight on these kids _ kids who traditionally have been ignored or neglected, she told Booth Newspapers for a Wednesday story. About 40 percent of English language learners in Michigan speak Spanish and 25 percent speak Arabic. The rest speak more than 100 other languages. The testing is supposed to be completed by the end of the month, but some districts are worried about meeting the deadline. The delivery of testing Julie Neller Picknell REALTOR Presents the 3rd Annual Health Disparities Summit Finding a Healthy Balance Saturday April 22, 2006 Mayores Senior Center 2 Aurora Gonzalez Way 12-5 p.m. Agenda- 12p.m.-1p.m. Registration 1 p.m.-3p.m. Lunch/ Guest Speaker 3p.m.-5p.m. Health Expo Lunch, Transportation, and Kids activities Provided R.S.V.P. for Transportation by 4/21/ Funded by: materials has been delayed. Also, districts with more non-englishspeaking students may have a tougher time squeezing in time to administer the test. Martin Ackley, spokesman for the state Department of Education, said districts should push ahead with the testing that can be done with the materials in hand, and the deadline will be extended if needed. Office: 734/ Cell: 734/ Fax: 734/ Se vende curso de inglés Sin Barreras 24 libros de ejercicios 12 cds de audio 12 casetes de vhs seminuevo, perfecto estado. $800 dls inf. tel Shown above are LWLI conference co-coordinators Julie Alvarado-Zuzga and Rudy Reyes (UAW Local 602) presiding at this year s Latina/o Workers Leadership Institute in Ypsilanti. LWLI in addition to its many workshops passed a resolution condemning HR A detailed report on 2006 LWLI will appear in next week s La Prensa. Consulado de México invita a curso básico de ahorro familiar Detroit, Michigan a 11 de abril, El Consulado de México invita al curso básico de finanzas Ahorra y haz que tu dinero trabaje para ti, que se llevará a cabo el próximo domingo 23 de abril de 11:00 a 1:00pm en el salón azul de la iglesia Most Holy Redeemer Parish, ubicada en el 1721 de la calle Junction en Detroit, Michigan. Patrocinado por el banco Fifth Third, el curso conceptos básicos para el ahorro familiar; envió de dinero a México y Latinoamérica, el proceso para abrir una cuenta de banco, depósitos y retiros; las cuentas diarias e información para ser propietario de su propia casa. Oscar Antonio de la Torre Amezcua, Cónsul Encargado del Consulado de México en 2495 E. Maumee Adrian, MI Fax HOURS: Mon-Thurs 9 AM-8PM Fri-Sat 9AM-8:30 PM Closed Sundays and Holidays Detroit, destacó: Es muy importante que nuestra comunidad organice su presupuesto familiar para alcanzar el sueño americano de tener su propia casa. Por ello, es importante de conocer el camino que nos permita organizarnos mejor para alcanzar el objetivo. Esta actividad se realiza en el marco de Money $mart Week, un evento organizado por el Banco de la Reserva Federal de Chicago, sucursal Detroit, en donde participan 33 organizaciones diferentes con 300 actividades gratuitas que tendrán lugar del 22 al 29 de abril del presente año, en varias localidades del suroeste de Michigan. El objetivo de Money $mart Week es promover la educación financiera en nuestra comunidad. Es por eso que, el Cónsul De la Torre exhorta al público en general a participar en el único curso en español de esta serie de eventos: Ahorra y haz que tu dinero trabaje para ti. El curso es completamente gratuito y puede participar toda la familia, ya que se proveerá cuidado de niños, destacó el diplomático mexicano, quien además dijo que se ofrecerá un almuerzo y varios regalos. Para mayor información sobre este curso, favor de comunicarse al Consulado de México en Detroit al extensiones 13 y 30 con Isabel Flores y Gerardo Macías o por a Con respecto a los eventos que se llevarán a cabo durante Money $mart Week, contactar a Sheila McKean de la Reserva Federal de Chicago, sucursal Detroit, al o por al IT IS INCOME TAX TIME LET US DO YOUR TAXES! Call for further details at: and ask for Brenda Valdez or Ivonne Hernández W. Vernor Hwy, Detroit MI Servicio de Autobuses y traducciones. Motors Transmissions Alternators Starters PARTS GALORE SELF SERVICE Radiators Batteries Tires Glass Open 7 Days Used Auto & Truck Parts Best Prices OVER 2000 VEHICLES at EAST 8 MILE PHONE U-Pull em & Save BIG $$$ e-prensa! Over 2,500 subscribers receive the digital version of La Prensa gratis. to subscribe

5 April/abril 12, Page 5 If you desire the self, get rid of the self. Leave the shallow stream behind and flow into the river deep and wide. Don t be an ox pulling the wheel of the plow, turn with the stars that wheel above you Rumi TIENDA MEXICANA Dos Hermanos Market 136 E. Beecher St., Adrian MI Tel CONTAMOS CON UN EXTENSO SURTIDO EN PRODUCTOS MEXICANOS, ADEMAS! LA MEJOR CALIDAD EN CARNICERIA, PAN CALIENTITO TODOS LOS DIAS Y CERVEZA MEXICANA. FINES DE SEMANA: CARNITAS, BARBACOA, BIRRIA DE CHIVO, TAMALES Y MUCHO MAS. ACEPTAMOS BRIDGE CARDS. TAMBIEN TENEMOS ENVIOS DE DINERO DENTRO Y FUERA DE LOS EEUU. NUEVO BILINGUAL SERVICE CENTER María E. Ruvalcaba Spanish & English as 2nd Language Classes for Children & Adults/Any kind of Document Translation Frenos, Afinaciones Cambios de aceite Amortiguadores, y diagnosticos computarizados 68 N. Roessler St. Monroe MI Phone (734) Fax (734) Cell (734) Power Hour 8-9:00PM Dom. Beer $1 & Draft $.50 Happy Hour 5:00-7:00PM Dom. Beer: $1.25 Well: $ Starr Ave. Toledo, OH Phone: (419) Wireless Available LITTLE LESLIE 124 S. Tecumseh Street Adrian, MI Uniformes y Accesorios de Fútbol/Soccer Ropa, Botas, y Cintos de Hombre y Mujer Articulos e Imajenes Religosas Letras y Calcomanias para Autos Joyeria y Regalos Tenemos sistema de Apartado! Tele: (517) (517) Se Habla Español IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS? SVETLANA SCHREIBER Preguntas o problemas de Inmigración Hablamos español Asylum Visas Business Deportation Family Consulta Gratis! Free Consultation Pregunta por Erick Reyes ABOGADA SVETLANA SCHREIBER 1370 Ontario St. #1228, Cleveland, Ohio! Over 2,500 subscribers receive the digital version of La Prensa gratis. to subscribe

6 Página 6 April/abril 12, 2006 L-R: Mary Santiago (State Commissioner on the Ohio Commission of Hispanic Latino Affairs), Joel Arrendondo (President of CHIP), and Angie Martínez (President of the UAW Hispanic Council) prepare for CHIP s annual political night in Lorain. Lorain County kicks butt beginning April 20 th The Lorain County Board of Commissioners and the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District are kicking off a program to help alleviate cigarette waste in Lorain County in a campaign called: Lorain County Kicks Butt. According to Dan Billman, Lorain County Solid Waste Director, cigarette butts are the number one most littered item and in an effort to combat this serious problem, the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District will be providing an alternative to littering with cigarette butts. The solid waste office has chosen Thursday, April 20 th as the day for the kick-off event, to coincide with Earth Day activities going on the following weekend. Speakers for the event include: the Lorain County Commissioners, U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, and representatives from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The Kick-Butt event will take place from 5:00pm 7:00PM at Lorain County Community College s Spitzer Conference Center, located at 1005 North Abbe Rd., in Elyria. Those in attendance will be provided with a free portable ashtray and literature. For additional questions or comments, contact Dan Billman, Lorain County Solid Waste Director, at (440) NEXT WEEK: All about Richard Romero, John L. Renner, Dr. Tammy Ramírez, and José Ramírez. Sunday, April 16th Heavenly Scented Incense, Candles, Oils We Also Carry Cigarettes and Glasswork Secret Garden Flowers for all Occasions Flowers, Balloons, & Teddy Bears for Birthdays, Valentine s Day, Anniversaries, New Baby, Sympathy, Christmas, Quinceañeras, or... Just Because! Se Habla Español! 134 N.Main St. Findlay OH Tele: Sylvania Ave. (Between Jackman & Lewis) Se habla español María González Si alguien quiere mi atención debería hablar mi idioma. Fashion Plus Your Favorite Shoes & Jersey Shop 416 Main Street Toledo, Ohio (419) LLAMA AL 866-HOLA-PNC PASA POR CUALQUIER SUCURSAL VISITA 2006 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank, Miembro FDIC/Member FDIC No siempre es fácil comprendernos, sobre todo cuando no hablamos el mismo idioma. Por eso, nuestra Cuenta de Cheques Gratuita incluye servicio al cliente en español y más de 3,600 cajeros automáticos bilingües, para que te sea más cómodo comunicarte y compartir tus preguntas con nosotros. Como ves, tienes toda nuestra atención. Entenderse: Fácil, sí. Como PNC.

7 April/abril 12, 2006 Congresswoman Kaptur chastises Delphi for seeking voidance of labor contracts Last Friday, Delphi filed a motion in a U.S. bankruptcy court asking the assigned judge to void its labor contracts. U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) delivered the following address on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday on the condition of the Delphi workers: Mr. Speaker, tonight I rise on behalf of both current and retired Delphi workers in my district and around our Nation who are suffering from the financial woes of the largest automotive parts manufacturer in the country. Unfortunately, these Delphi workers are but the latest victims in a series of tragedies for the American worker. What we are currently witnessing, the bankruptcy and subsequent reorganization of Delphi is the fallout from regrettable trade agreements like NAFTA, and CAFTA, and the accompanying influence of some elected officials who are for globalized big business at the expense of the American people, big business built on low wages, no benefits, and no worker safety. Job loss is also due to major auto firms leadership and executive boards who failed to make fuel efficient vehicles that Americans and the world want to buy. So our workers suffer. Delphi s most recent proposal is to lower wages from $27 an hour to $22 an hour through 2007, and then to $16.50 thereafter. This would be a 40 percent cut in middleclass wages. On Friday, Delphi filed a motion in bankruptcy court asking a judge to void its labor contracts. But how can you ask American workers to compete with a country like Japan which keeps its markets closed, the second largest market in the world? How can you ask our workers to compete with poverty level wages in Mexico and China? And how can you ask our workers to compete when big Marcy Kaptur firms outsource everything to avoid paying workers what they justly deserve? Late last year, Congressman George Miller, ranking member of the Education and Workforce Committee, took the initiative to hold hearings on this subject. I want to make sure this evening that many of the workers voices from my district are heard, like Mary Pat Bishoff of Marblehead, who said, My husband is 49 and has 32 years in at Delphi. He got sick and has been off since October. With only 5 years left on our first mortgage and 8 years on the second, we had to refinance and take them up to 30 years just to survive. This will force us to pay $ a month instead of the $ we were paying. We are faced with a decision as so many others are, should he retire and risk losing his pension? Or, if he stays and they cut pay, that means sick pay will also go down and we will lose our home. What kind of a choice is that? David Saylor of Port Clinton said, I retired from the GM assembly plant at Lordstown, Ohio in December of 1987, with the promise I would have complete health care coverage for life. Well, I will now have to pay $21 monthly, and that will greatly impact me since I took an early retirement and do not have the full 30-year retirement benefit. Raymond Stahl of Vermilion, Ohio said, They are shutting down the plant I work at and are moving it. Now I am out of a good paying job, La Prensa Northern Ohio Page 7 and at my age it is going to be hard to even get another job let alone one that pays so well. America comes first, not overseas. Andrew Briscar, another Ohioan, said, I worked very hard for 20 years at the Delphi Packard Electric to get to a point where I can make a comfortable living for myself and my son. Now Delphi Packard Electric wants to cut my pay and benefits to a level that a young man or woman might make just coming out of high school. Mr. Speaker, workers who dedicate years of service to a company should be able to count on a decent retirement and measure of economic security. This Congress must step up with meaningful pension reform to help secure pensions and encourage companies to continue providing them. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation should have been re-infused with funds long ago with its $23 billion deficit, and we ought to be renegotiating trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA that continue to cash out good American jobs. Opponents said these jobs would go south, and they surely have, with GM now being México s being largest employer. And it is no surprise that companies like Delphi, GM s biggest supplier, are following them. I have spoken with Delphi management, and our delegation is doing everything possible to keep these Delphi jobs in America, but we need a majority of Members here dedicated to that purpose. I have invited Chairman Steve Miller of Delphi to tour the Sandusky Delphi facility and to meet with key employees and public officials, and he has yet to take me up on that offer. Mr. Speaker, I would encourage the Members to sign on to the Balancing Trade Act of 2005 which I have introduced to ask our trade ambassador to come back to us with recommen- The Lucas County Hispanic Latino Democratic Caucus met last Saturday to discuss a variety of issues including the May 2nd election of Taylor Balderas, Toledo City Councilperson for District 3. The Caucus will also host its annual Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser on May 4 at the Paula Brown Art Gallery, 912 Monroe St. Shown above are: Mary Jane Flores, Judge Charles Doneghy, Dan Contreras, Antonia Garza, & Rosalinda Contreraz (first row, L-R); and Bob Vásquez, Lourdes Santiago, Arturo Quintero, and Dominic Montalto (back row, L-R). Balderas is endorsed by the firefighters and the TPPA Endorsed Democrat Toledo Councilwoman Taylor Balderas has been busy in preparation for the special election for the District 3 seat on May 2 nd. She was Principal for a Day on April 4 at Waite High School; she then joined a rally at East Toledo Junior High to pro- dations to write all of these trade deficits that we are incurring with other trading countries around the world. America simply must put ourselves back in a positive trade balance status. test the closings of the junior highs in her district. Balderas is of the opinion that neighborhood schools are vital to the health of the community, and its children. The school board should not close these schools without exhausting all other possible remedies. On Tuesday, April 11 th, Fundraiser Dinner/Baile for Antonio Móntez on April 22 There will be a fundraliser dinner/baile for Antonio Móntez on April 22 at Latins United Hall, 706 S. St. Clair Street, Toledo. Dinner is 4:00-6:00PM, followed by a baile from 6:00PM to midnight, with music by Suzie Colmenero, Andy Trejo, and DJ Richard Hernández. Admission is $10. Born in San Antonio, Tony Móntez has lived in Toledo for some time and has had staggering medical bills due to complications with diabetes. Tony is known for his love of Tejano music. For further information contact his daughter Vickie at or Joe at WESTERN WIRELESS Authorized Dealer she announced at a press conference that she has received the endorsements of both the Toledo Fire Fighters Local 92 and Toledo Police Patrolman s Association. Her last fundraiser is slated for April 15 at The Recovery Room in south Toledo. JEFFREY C. ZILBA ATTORNEY AT LAW/ABOGADO Personal Injury Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Criminal Law Traffic Law (DUI) Real Estate Member NATP, NSTP, NAEA Se Habla Español 124 N. Summit, suite 210 Toledo, Ohio (419) Marty McManus Abogado General Practice of Law: Personal Injury & Wrongul Death Criminal Law, Traffic, DUI, SOL Domestic Relations Probate Real Estate Juvenile Federal Michigan and Ohio 709 Madison Ave. Toledo OH UTILITY PAYMENTS MONEY ORDERS (419) Western Ave., Toledo, Ohio Wheels for Work Buy/Pay Here No Interest Low Downpayment Weekly / Bi-weekly Payments 802 South Ave. Toledo, Ohio Phone: (419) Fax: (419) e-prensa! is more than a weekly; the digital version of La Prensa is updated multiple times per week. Visit

8 Página 8 La Prensa Central Ohio April/abril 12, 2006 LEON celebrates its 4 th Awards dinner with inspiring speech by Silvia Mata By Marivel Aguirre-Aranda, La Prensa Reporter The Latino Empowerment Outreach Network (LEON) celebrated its 4 th Annual Community Awards Dinner and Silent Auction last Friday at Villa Milano in Columbus, Ohio. León is Spanish for lion. The celebration began with a reception and silent auction. The reception allowed attendees to mingle while the auction offered them the opportunity to bid on some very tempting items. The auctioned items were donated by area businesses such as La Plaza Tapatia, CASA of Franklin County, and South-Western City Schools. Some of the auction items included tickets to a Columbus Crew soccer game, gift cards to La Plaza Tapatia, a case of Girl Scout cookies, and a Peruvian mask. The auction was followed by dinner. Ezra C. Escudero, the director of Ohio s Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (OCHLA), read proclamation notes from Ohio Gov- Shown above are: Elizabeth Martínez, the Program Coordinator of the Hispanic Mentoring Initiative in Central Ohio, and William Meléndez, president of LULAC. ernor Bob Taft and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman. Paula Brooks read the proclamation notes from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. LEON was praised by Director Escudero as the model organization of how to grow, develop, and serve the community. The special guest of the evening was Silvia Mata, a third year student at the Ohio State University. Mata is the editor-in-chief of the newsletter Field of Dreams. Mata was accepted to OSU through the College Assistance Migrant Program, or CAMP, and she spoke of her experience as the daughter of migrant parents who followed crops to pick throughout the United States. Mata spoke poignantly of her parents hard work and her struggle to get to college. Her parents reluctance to let her attend college was because they did not want her to be disappointed. Once she was accepted at OSU she spoke of the difficulty she faced due to lack of encouragement. She said she felt alone being a migrant and being Latina, especially because while growing up education was never mentioned to her. Once she was accepted to OSU, teachers and people who supported her sent her s and letters telling her I knew you could make it! and she wondered why they couldn t have said that to her from the beginning why wait until she struggled so much to get there. She emphasized that children need encouragement and somebody to believe in them. Her story makes it obvious that students find it more difficult to fulfill their potential when they are constantly being told they can t do any better than their parents. In her case, she was able to rise above those challenges and she has become an example for other students to emulate. Mata urged the audience never to give up on individuals who need our help, to tell them that you believe in them because they don t always know even if you do. Medical assistants to meet The 49 th Annual Convention of the Ohio State Society of Medical Assistants (OSSMA) will meet in Toledo on April 20 23, More than 150 delegates from around the state of Ohio will attend the convention at The Dana Conference Center and Hilton-Toledo. In 2006 the OSSMA begins its 50 th year of offering opportunities to qualified medical assistants who support our physicians and other allied health professions. Our theme Through the Years reflects back on the history of our organization while offering exhibits and educational opportunities conducive to the advancement of the profession of LEON s Community Awards were presented to: Elizabeth Martínez, the Program Coordinator of the Hispanic Mentoring Initiative in Central Ohio. Elizabeth won the Youth Award for her work to develop and expand mentoring programs for Latino youth of all ages. Other honorees were: Natalie Coles for Communication, Brailin Cepeda as medical assisting. Physicians, lawyers, nurses and other experts will speak on a variety of topics germane to the profession of medical assisting. Continuing Education Units will be offered in clinical, administrative and general areas. The founding meeting of the OSSMA was held in Toledo fifty years ago. This is a great chance to celebrate right here where it all began, said Paula Stachowski, CMA, Chairman of the Convention. Outstanding Youth, Lisa López Snyder for Advocacy, Roxana Pérez for Education, and Jennifer Villanueva Hinkle for Health. According to LEON, all of these outstanding people empower Latinos through their tireless work and community involvement. Entertainment was provided by DJ Felix Leonardo. Señor Toro s 159 Superior Street Rossford, Ohio (Next to Bock s Place) Phone/Fax: (419) OPEN TUES. - SAT. 10 am - 10 pm Sun: 11 am-3 pm Closed Mondays Authentic Mexican Restaurant Wednesday KID S MEAL $1.00 with Adult Meal Valid only at Señor Toro s Friday LENT SPECIALS $1.00 OFF Valid only at Señor Toro s Visit us at 2850 Pearl Avenue or any of our other 20 office locations! If it has anything to do with money.. We can help. See us for Home Loans Debt Consolidation Loans Car Loans Totally Free Checking* Savings Plans Investments Trust & Estate Planning e-prensa! is more than a weekly; the digital version of La Prensa is updated multiple times per week. Visit

9 April/abril 12, 2006 Apply for a CHOICE. It s EASY! Page 9 Over one million people rally for immigrant/civil rights, in over 90 cities throughout the United States (Continued from Page 1) Shouting Si Se Puede! Spanish for Yes, we can! and a mantra for César E. Chávez and the United Farm Workers and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee the marchers crammed into the downtown streets. They included families pushing strollers with their children and ice cream vendors who placed U.S.- American flags on their carts. Many wore white clothing to symbolize peace. Police estimated the crowd in Dallas at 350,000 to 500,000. There were no reports of violence. It was among numerous demonstrations that drew thousands of protesters Sunday and Monday, and earlier, in Texas, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and California, and even Washington, D.C., where some 100,000 rallied on Monday. If we don t protest they ll never hear us, said Oscar Cruz, 23, a construction worker who marched among the estimated 50,000 in San Diego, CA. Cruz, who came without documentation to the U.S. in 2003, said he had feared a crackdown but felt emboldened by the large marches across the country in recent weeks. In Birmingham, Ala., demonstrators marched along the same streets where civil rights activists clashed with police in the 1960s and rallied at a park where a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. stands as a reminder of the fight for equal rights and the violence that once plagued the city. We ve got to get back in touch with the Statue of Liberty, said the Rev. Lawton Higgs, a United Methodist pastor and activist. We ve got to get back in touch with the civil rights movement, because that s what this is about. Organizers in St. Paul, MN, were surprised by the crowd police estimated 30,000 calling for change at a rally at the state Capitol. Some rallies drew counter-demonstrators, but those crowds were minuscule compared to the mammoth crowds in support of immigration reform. In Salt Lake City, Jerry Owens, 59, a Navy veteran from Midway wearing a blue Minuteman T-shirt and camouflage pants, held a yellow Don t Tread on Me flag. I think it s real sad because these people are really saying it s OK to be illegal aliens, Owens said. What Americans are saying is Yes, come here. But come here legally. And I think that s the big problem. Sunday s demonstrations came ahead of nationwide protests on Monday, April 10, a signal that what began as a string of disparate events attracting hundreds of thousands of people has become more coordinated. We don t have a leader like Martin Luther King or César Chávez, but this is now a national immigrant rights movement, said Joshua Hoyt, director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which has helped organize Chicagoarea rallies, where over 350,000 rallied. Activists say the U.S. Senate s decision last Friday not to push a bill that would have given many undocumented immigrants a chance at citizenship is neither a cause for celebration nor a lost opportunity it s a chance to regroup. And that s what they plan to do at demonstrations from Florida to Oregon that include school walkouts and marches in over 90 cities. If you are seeking a private education for your family and worry about the financial commitment, there is help available. If your family meets eligibility requirements, and you live in Lucas, Wood or Fulton County, your children in grades K-8 could qualify for scholarships worth up to 75% of next year s tuition. To apply, call the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund at , ext. 219, or visit Scholarship application deadline is June 1, Religious groups nationwide have been coordinating the protests in recent weeks, along with dozens of unions, schools, and civil rights organizations. Part of their goal has been to recruit more Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. Up until recently, most protesters have been Latino and high school or university students. Many groups had been preparing to rally since December, when the House passed a bill [HR 4437] to build over 700 miles of walls along the U.S.-México border; making criminals of people who helped undocumented immigrants; and making it a felony, rather than a civil infraction, to be in the country without documentation. HR 4437 also authorizes local police to act as immigration agents, a provision which many police organizations oppose as being too burdensome in their efforts to combat local issues such as crime. Those mostly local and regional efforts, supported by popular Spanish-language disc jockeys and newspapers such as La Prensa, quickly converted into national plans after hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in dozens of cities last month, culminating March 25 with a 500,000-person rally in Los Angeles. Different organizers have different agendas, but they do agree on the need to convert energy from protests into massive voter registration drives. Voter registration and citizenship education initiatives are set to begin in several states after a Day Without An Immigrant campaign planned for May 1, an event that asks immigrants nationwide to stay home from work and school, and refrain from buying U.S. products. WE MOVED UP HILL! SUPPLIERS OF MEXICAN FOOD PRODUCTS 2742 HILL AVE. TOLEDO, OHIO We have moved up Hill Ave. so we could add 5,000 sq. ft. to serve your needs. Marches will only get you so far, said Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights, a network of Latino activist groups in Southern California. There has to be an electoral component to get the Republicans out of the majority. Toledo-based FLOC hosts an annual March for Justice, which, this year, is scheduled for April 12 th. FLOC march and rally on April 12 According to event media coordinator, John B. Orozco, Concerned community members and area teens have been meeting since January 26 th to plan the march with FLOC. This march is designed to call attention to the need for organization of mistreated immigrants and farm laborers. The students are planning to make this year s march a walkathon designed to raise money to support the families of laborers, who have died in the fields. Students from area high schools, universities and community members will gather on the corner of South and Broadway Avenues on the 12 th of April at noon, for a march to Golden Rule Park where a rally will be held. Ally speakers include: Andrew Jung with attorney David Leopold from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Pastor LaBoy and Pastor Rodas from the Cleveland Association of Latino Pastors, and Taylor Balderas, District Three Council Member. According to FLOC s press release of the April 12 event: The issue of immigration does not exclusively apply to Latinos. Andrew Jung is a prime example of other people living here in the U.S. that have experienced the hardships of the immigration laws. Andrew, a freshman at Emmanuel Baptist High School, is a student who knows all to well how the present U.S. policies on immigration can tear families apart. His father and mother are natives of South Korea who were recently deported for over staying a visa. Andrew is an American citizen, however, and had the option of going with his parents to Korea or staying here in the U.S. His parents decided it was best for him to remain here while they took on the challenge of adjusting to living in a different and newly developed country. Andrew has found living a world away from his family difficult. Cases such as these are why FLOC hosts its Annual March for Justice. Associated Press writers Anabelle Garay in Dallas, Peter Prengaman in Los Angeles, Elliot Spagat in San Diego, Barry Massey in Santa Fe, Jay Reeves in Birmingham, and Martiga Lohn in St. Paul; and Rico de La Prensa contributed to this report. On the Net: HEFE S Family Diner Serving Mexican & American Food 440 Front Street Toledo OH Open: Tues-Thurs: 6AM-7PM Fri-Sat: 24 Hours Sun: 6AM-5PM Closed Monday Novedades alex Tratamiento de fajas y cremas reducturas chalecos y cinturillas latex, ordenes por telefono. Dirrección 3803 Sullivant Ave. Columbus, OH Tels. (614) Celular (614) current events, photographs, links, weather, classifieds, copies of La Prensa can be found at

10 Prize Página 10 April/abril 12, 2006 Carla s Corner Por Carla Soto, Entertainment Editor Michel Camilo y Tomatito graban con Juan Luis Guerra Por RAMON ALMANZAR SANTO DOMINGO (AP): El pianista dominicano Michel Camilo tendrá este año un nuevo acercamiento al flamenco y al guitarrista español José Fernández Torres, más conocido como Tomatito, al grabar un disco que lanzarán en mayo. La producción musical tendrá el lujo de unir a sus compases, al cantautor dominicano Juan Luis Guerra, con quien grabaron una nueva versión de su clásico tema Amor de conuco. Guerra y Camilo se juntaron en enero pasado en la celebración del aniversario número 60 de la Escuela de Música de Berklee, en Boston, donde ambos estudiaron música, por separado, durante la juventud. A raíz de la presentación, Camilo le sugirió a su compatriota grabar juntos Amor de conuco, propuesta que se materializó hace un mes en Nueva York y a la que se unió Tomatito. Juan Luis vocalizó un poco más de lo que estamos acostumbrados y el tema es una maravilla, afirmó Camilo en declaraciones a la AP, previo a su concierto del viernes en el principal teatro dominicano. La primera parte de la historia musical entre Camilo y Tomatito sucedió en el 2000 cuando ambos grabaron Spain, que lo llevó a una gira mundial y le granjeó un Grammy Latino al Mejor álbum de jazz latino. Instant ticket prizes remaining as of March 31, 2006 Number Amounts Remaining #513, Cash Explosion, $1 Entry 696,976 $500 1,400 $50 17,433 $20 174,244 #510, Doubling Dollars, $1 $5, $100 1,577 $50 12,312 $25 77,160 #492, Mother s Day Doubler, $2 $25, $2, $1, $ $100 2,363 $40 20,561 $20 41,073 #491, Spring Fling Doubler, $2 $25, $2, $100 3,504 $50 26,140 $20 52,294 #490, Variety Bingo Tripler, $3 $330, $10,000 8 $5, $2, $1, $ $ $100 4,767 $50 21,552 $40 30,385 $30 54,343 $20 142,075 #489, Doubling Star Cashword, $2 $25, $4, $2, $1, $ $ $ $50 9,780 $25 25,548 $20 61,204 Prize Number Amounts Remaining #488, Bankroll, $2 $10, $5, $200 1,556 $100 3,116 $50 17,887 $20 61,982 #487, Luck Of The Irish, $2 $17, $ $100 3,366 $25 27,029 #486, Match 3 Tripler, $1 $1, $ $75 2,364 $50 1,474 $25 14,506 #485, Battleship, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 4 $5, $1,000/TPD Entry 25 $ $50 52,199 $25 93,166 #484, Grin N Win, $1 $1, $100 1,479 $50 7,952 $20 49,579 #483, Lucky Fortune, $5 $150,000/TPD 1 $150,000 3 $25,000 6 $5,000 6 $1, $1,000/TPD Entry 17 $ $ $40 7,308 $20 73,274 #482, Cash Roulette, $2 $20, $2, $100 4,606 $50 33,076 $20 66,113 En el primer disco sobresalen el piano de Camilo y la guitarra de Tomatito, en una original e inusual combinación de flamenco y jazz. Pasaron seis años desde que grabamos Spain, que aún tiene vigencia, y es una gran alegría unirnos de nuevo, comentó Camilo, que no reveló el título del CD. Camilo promociona a la vez su más reciente álbum Rhapsody in blue, un homenaje al pianista neoyorquino George Gershwin ( ), considerado uno de los músicos geniales del siglo XX. Aquí está todo lo que escribió Gershwin: nota por nota, sostuvo Camilo, quien se declaró su ferviente admirador ``porque representa el romper barreras, el que caigan los muros entre una música y otra. Camilo definió a Gershwin como una figura que se introdujo en muchos mundos musicales: hizo música para cine, escribió obras para Broadway, gran fanático del jazz y en ese sentido representa un gran ejemplo de lo que yo llamo un hombre de renacimiento. El pianista dominicano tocó el viernes en el Teatro Nacional, donde tenía siete años que no se presentaba con su trío, que completan los cubanos Dafnis Prieto en la batería y Charles Flores en el contrabajo. La presentación forma parte de su gira de primavera, que comenzó el 7 de marzo en Italia y Prize Number Amounts Remaining #481, $150,000 Texas Hold Em, $5 $150,000/TPD 1 $150,000 2 $20, $5, $2,000/TPD Entry 20 $1, $ $100 10,613 $50 61,777 $30 43,235 $20 123,298 $20 123,268 #479, Blackjack Doubler, $1 $2, $ $50 4,692 $20 24,855 #478, $200 Million Cash Spectacular, $10 $1,000,000 ($50,000/yr for 20 yrs)/tpd 1 $1,000,000 ($50,000/yr for 20 yrs) 14 $20, $10, $2,000/TPD Entry 114 $1,000 7,629 $500 19,428 $200 53,712 $ ,351 $50 149,116 $30 224,157 $20 2,240,931 #477, Valentine s Day Doubler, $2 $14, $500 5 $ $50 7,374 $20 19,600 #476, Pac Man Mania, $3 $30, $5, $4,615/Arcade Game 24 $ $100 2,685 $50 28,927 $20 54,400 La Prensa Entretenimiento Prize Number Amounts Remaining #475, Super Instant Monopoly, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 3 $5,000 6 $1,000/TPD Entry 31 $ $200 4,596 $100 8,034 $50 45,107 $30 123,027 $20 123,175 #474, Blazing 8 s, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 2 $18,000 5 $8, $1, $1,000/TPD Entry 18 $ $ $100 5,517 $50 73,027 $20 109,544 #473, Lucky Dog Doubler, $1 $1, $ $50 2,582 $25 2,940 $20 14,751 #470, Winner Bingo Double Play, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 2 $50,000 1 $10,000 1 $1,500 3 $1,000/TPD Entry 15 $500 8 $ $ $ $50 9,582 $40 7,784 $30 19,739 $20 45,097 #467, Holiday Lucky Times 10, $5 $250,000/TPD 1 $250,000 1 $5,000 7 $2, $1,000/TPD Entry 12 $ $100 2,323 $75 1,271 $50 18,221 $35 51,423 $20 130,255 #465, Holiday Cash, $1 $ $50 3,382 $25 17,115 #462, Lucky 7 s Bingo, $2 $10,000 3 $1,000 8 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $25 10,112 $20 13,082 #461, Win For Life, $5 $1,000 a wk for life/tpd 1 $1,000 a wk for life 1 $10,000 2 $5,000 4 $1,000/TPD Entry 7 $ $ $100 2,676 $50 34,042 $30 7,054 $20 34,139 concluirá el 31 de mayo en Japón. Rocío Jurado sale del hospital MADRID (AP): La cantante española Rocío Jurado, quien combate un cáncer del páncreas, salió el sábado de un hospital de Madrid. La televisión española mostró a la artista cuando se la llevaban del hospital Monte Principe en Madrid para su casa en los suburbios de la capital española. El hospital difundió un comunicado diciendo que la artista se había sobrepuesto a una aguda falla hepática y a una infección que le había surgido esta semana, y que la condicion general de la paciente había mejorado. A principios de la semana un representante del hospital dijo que ella sufría de una falla aguda del hígado. Jurado, de 61 años, ha estado hospitalizada en Madrid desde su retorno a España hace dos meses tras haber recibido tratamiento contra el cáncer en Houston, Texas. La enfermedad se le diagnosticó originalmente en el Con una carrera que cubre cuatro décadas, Jurado es una de las artistas más amadas de España, Prize Number Amounts Remaining #460, Fast $50, $1 $1, $ $50 21,244 #459, Double Doubler, $1 $10, $2, $ $100 1,888 $50 23,065 $20 93,401 #458, Golden Ticket, $5 $150,000/TPD 1 $150,000 2 $25,000 4 $10,000 4 $5,000 5 $2,000 9 $1,000/TPD Entry 17 $ $100 8,017 $40 39,945 $20 79,956 #457, The 3 Stooges, $2 $15,000 3 $3, $ $ $50 3,104 $20 12,089 #455, Mustang Money, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 2 $56,150/Mustang 1 $5,000 3 $1,000/TPD Entry 15 $ $100 2,731 $50 67,717 $20 68,192 #453, Find The 9 s, $2 $19, $ $99 1,377 $49 15,182 $19 37,998 #452, Money Tree, $2 $15, $2, $100 1,090 $50 7,968 $20 16,153 #449, Double It!, $2 $16,000 8 $ $ $ $30 5,966 $20 14,794 #448, Doubling Dollars, $1 $5,000 5 $ $ $25 5,963 #447, Lucky Millions, $10 $1,000,000/TPD 1 $1,000,000 1 $50,000 2 $10, $2,000/TPD 5 $1, $ $50 11,715 $20 23,414 #446, 3x Diamond Dazzler, $5 $200,000/TPD 1 $200,000 1 $20,000 7 $5, $1,000/TPD Entry 10 $ $100 11,996 $50 27,942 $20 47,986 Rocío Jurado Prize Number Amounts Remaining #442, Wild 7 s, $2 $25,000 2 $1, $ $ $ $50 3,627 $20 7,072 #441, 5 Times Lucky, $2 $15,000 3 $5,000 2 $ $ $50 3,030 $20 6,188 #439, Red Hot Cash, $2 $15,000 2 $500 7 $ $50 2,489 $20 5,056 #438, Bingo Times Ten, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 1 $50,000 1 $10,000 1 $1,500 3 $1,000/TPD Entry 13 $500 4 $200 1 $ $ $50 1,533 $40 1,604 $30 2,589 $20 12,781 #437, Livin Lucky, $5 $200,000/TPD 1 $200,000 1 $20,000 5 $5, $2, $1,000/TPD Entry 13 $ $100 3,927 $50 43,825 $20 44,540 #436, Ohio Millionaire, $20 $250,000 a yr for 30 yrs/tpd 1 $250,000 a yr for 30 yrs 1 $50,000 1 $10,000 4 $5, $2,500/TPD Entry 9 $1, $500 1,982 $100 54,311 $50 54,060 $25 55,662 #435, Harley-Davidson, $5 $100,000/TPD 1 $100,000 0 $15,000/Motorcycle 2 $5,000 2 $1,000/TPD Entry 8 $ $ $50 22,260 $20 22,526 #433, Lucky Times Ten, $5 $250,000/TPD 1 $250,000 1 $5,000 8 $2, $1,000/TPD Entry 13 $ $100 1,005 $ $50 6,597 $35 21,455 $20 80,533 Prize Number Amounts Remaining #429, Super Sizzling 7 s, $5 $177,777/TPD 1 $177,777 1 $17,000 3 $7,000 5 $1,700 6 $1,000/TPD Entry 7 $ $ $100 2,237 $50 21,351 $35 5,300 $20 31,777 #421, Cash Bonanza, $10 $500,000/TPD 1 $500,000 2 $50,000 1 $10,000 5 $2,000/TPD Entry 6 $1, $ $100 9,753 $50 17,030 $20 26,031 #418, Green and Gold, $10 $500,000/TPD 1 $500,000 1 $100,000 1 $50,000 0 $10,000 0 $5,000 0 $2,000/TPD Entry 0 $1, $ $100 1,342 $ $25 1,627 #411, Bonus Bingo Tripler, $3 $30,000 1 $1,000 2 $500 3 $ $ $50 1,752 $40 2,009 $30 5,756 $20 10,709 Carla Soto conocida por una voz poderosa que mezcla el tradicional estilo flamenco español con baladas románticas. La artista también es muy popular en Latinoamérica, y sus conciertos han incluido presentaciones en el Centro Kennedy en Washington, en el Madison Square Garden en Nueva York y en la sala de conciertos Beethoven en Bonn, Alemania. The Ohio Lottery brings Celebrity Cash Explosion taped live at Paul Brown Stadium on May 6 th and Cleveland Browns Stadium on May 20 th. Come join the fun! There will be former team players, prizes, games and raffles at each venue. Tune in to participating radio and television partners or visit selected Ohio Lottery Retailers to get your free admission tickets. Go to for details. *TPD stands for Top Prize Drawing. Chances of winning and the number of winning tickets are established at the time of printing and will change as prizes are won. For current information on prizes in a scratch off game, please call (216) in Greater Cleveland, outside of Greater Cleveland, or visit All instant ticket games may not be at all agent locations. The Ohio Lottery Commission reminds you to Please Play Responsibly. All lottery players are subject to the rules and regulations of the Ohio Lottery Commission. Bob Taft, Governor Tom Hayes, Director The Ohio Lottery is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider Ohio Lottery Commission Horóscopo e-prensa! Over 2,500 subscribers receive the digital version of La Prensa gratis. to subscribe Aries: Los contactos realizados a través de amigos o colegas, puede que personas más jóvenes, te aportarán nuevas ideas para mejorar tu vida, Aries. Quizás una nueva compañera de cuarto se quiera mudar contigo, o instales un nuevo equipo, o hasta tengas la posibilidad de mudarte a un sitio más amplio. Son sólo ideas para que tomes en cuenta. Las decisiones finales deberán esperar para más adelante. Aún existen algunos hechos que primero necesitas aprender. Tauro: Hoy tu y tu familia, o un grupo de amigos, pasarán el día paseando, Tauro. Quizás salgas al aire libre, o posiblemente concurras a un concierto o algún festival. Este será un día muy feliz para ti, ya que te sentirás muy cercano a los que te rodean, y tus relaciones parecen estar muy seguras, así como también tu carrera y tu situación económica. Disfruta del día! Géminis: Vas a sentirte atraída por las cosas que no puedes tener, Géminis. En vez de sentirte enfadada y frustrada por las cosas que no tienes, busca la lección de la situación, la razón por la que realmente no necesitas esas cosas para nada. Las cosas con alto valor extremadamente sentimental te van a parecer muy importantes en este momento, pero quizás exista una razón importante por la que debes dejar atrás ese sentimiento. Cáncer: Hoy puedes esperar que ocurran ciertos cambios evidentes en tu barrio. Tal vez se mude un vecino nuevo con quien podrías trabar una amistad, Cáncer. Esto podría alterar tu vida de manera sutil y llevarla en una dirección más positiva. Puede ocurrir que de inmediato sientas afinidad por esos nuevos conocidos y descubras que tienen muchos intereses en común. No analices en exceso la situación pero tampoco des por sentado que se trata de una casualidad. Simplemente, aprovéchala al máximo! Leo: La prosperidad está a la vuelta de la esquina. Leo, si es que todavía no llegó. Todos tus esfuerzos están a punto de ser recompensados, y muy bien. Quizás se acepte una propuesta muy importante en el trabajo, o quizás un editor tiene ese manuscrito que has escrito. Tu talento innato y buena suerte se combinan para traerte cosas maravillosas. Disfruta este bienvenido cambio de sucesos! Virgo: Un miembro familiar o un amado no te está diciendo la verdad. La defensa de esta persona es que ella probablemente cree que te está protegiendo al no contarte la verdad. Este es el momento para confiar en tus instintos, Virgo. Si te dicen algo para ti no es verdad, verifica la información tú misma antes que aceptarla como verdadera. Libra: Hoy el amor y el romance están primero en tu agenda, Libra. Tu y tu pareja se irán de una reunión con amigos, para estar solos y charlar. Tienen una buena comunicación, y el sentimiento intenso entre ambos será obvio, posiblemente embarazoso, para todos los que los conocen. Si han estado juntos por un tiempo, podrían hablar de compromiso y/o boda. Disfruta del día! Escorpio: Hoy te sientes bien con relación al dinero, Escorpio, y por lo tanto vas a decidir hacer algún arreglo en tu casa. Lo más probable es que redecores algo y no sea una arreglo importante, ya que por el momento te importa más la belleza que los asuntos prácticos. Tu sentido de la estética está muy elevado, inspirado por los reinos superiores, y por lo tanto toda decisión con respecto a decoración que tomes hoy es muy probable que sea acertada. Hazlo! Sagitario: Si estás con tu corazón ocupado, Sagitario, espera recibir una propuesta de matrimonio, u otro tipo de propuesta que implique que la relación se está moviendo al siguiente nivel de compromiso. Si ya estás casada, tu compañero vendrá con la idea de hacer un largo viaje juntos. Si tienes tu corazón solito, podrás conocer a alguien interesante. La comunicación entre tú y esa persona especial irá mejorando definitivamente. Diviértete! Capricornio: Si hoy prestas mucha atención, Capricornio, vas a notar aspectos de las personas que nunca antes habías notado. La frenética actividad del día podría atraparte en sus redes y llevarte consigo. Busca la ayuda de otras personas para que te puedan guiar en el camino. Cuando pidas ayuda, la recibirás. Al mismo tiempo, aprenderás muchísimo sobre aquellas personas que terminan ayudándote. Acuario: Hoy será difícil que los demás se den cuenta de tus verdaderos sentimientos, Acuario. Tus emociones están cubiertas por una nube oscura que bloquea la visión. La llave es la reserva al acercarse a una relación, y no esperar demasiado de los demás. Eres capaz de verte a ti misma y a tu situación desde un punto de vista muy realista, por lo tanto, considera hacer un poco de inventario de tu propio estado emocional. Piscis: Baja ese libro y sal de la casa, Piscis! Ya has estado sola lo suficiente, es hora de comenzar a interactuar con los demás. Aparte de que tendrás una pila de diversiones, también habrá encuentros que te serán beneficiosos a largo plazo. Las situaciones grupales son grandiosas, pero no te prives del placer que da la intimidad de un encuentro individual.

11 April/abril 12, E. Maumee Adrian, MI Fax HOURS: Mon-Thurs 9 AM-8PM Fri-Sat 9AM-8:30 PM Closed Sundays and Holidays Se vende curso de inglés Sin Barreras 24 libros de ejercicios 12 cds de audio 12 casetes de vhs seminuevo, perfecto estado. $800 dls inf. tel NOW OPEN! La Preciosa s Mexican Restaurant 1218 Broadway Toledo, Ohio Hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Friday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Sunday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Closed Monday WE MOVED UP HILL! SUPPLIERS OF MEXICAN FOOD PRODUCTS 2742 HILL AVE. TOLEDO, OHIO We have moved up Hill Ave. so we could add 5,000 sq. ft. to serve your needs. Kids Belong In Families! Consider foster parenting or adoption. Call (419) Lucas County Children Services What You Give: A safe, nurturing home temporary or permanent to a child in our community. What You Get: Free training A daily cash stipend (foster care) or possible monthly cash subsidy (adoption) Annual recognition The satisfaction of knowing that you helped a child who really needs you! For more on what parents should know... visit our website at Weekly Horoscope BY SEÑORITA ANA Page 11 ARIES: (MARCH 20 - APRIL 18) Being a fire sign, your temperament brings vitality and intensity to any relationship. When seeking the balance of lively social conversation, however, one of the air signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) needs to be recruited. TAURUS: (APRIL 19 - MAY 20) The buck stops here. That expression first appeared on a sign Harry Truman had posted in the oval office. Our past president was a dependable Taurus as well. That and a readiness to take on responsibility characterize you both. GEMINI: (MAY 21 - JUNE 20) Having a long attention span in the honing of your marketable skills should be your aim. The reason? You will need to step things up a notch if you expect your career to advance to the next level. CANCER: (JUNE 21 - JULY 22) As a kid, you probably had a secret hideaway - a tree house perhaps? Your current anxiety stems from being at everyone s beck and call and you could really use a retreat. Think as a child; think simple sanctuary. LEO: (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22) Why should anyone find it surprising that your ruling planet is the sun? Your light-hearted spirit, ready laugh and dramatic flair are more than enough to fill any room with warmth and goodwill. VIRGO: (AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 22) Sometimes loved ones may not show you the kind of support (rah! rah!) that you yearn to have. Don t take that as disapproval; they are just busy with their own lives. They are still cheerleaders, only in a quieter way. LIBRA: (SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 22) The winds of change are blowing through and no one is noticing this more than you. What you once regarded as the status quo has been turned on its ear. Even though major changes will occur, you will definitely land on your feet. SCORPIO: (OCTOBER 23 - NOVEMBER 21) Consult more than one source when making an upcoming decision that will affect your health/happiness. More commonly, people end up with too little information rather than too much. Two heads are most often better than one. SAGITTARIUS: (NOVEMBER 22 - DECEMBER 21) Should a magic genie appear to grant you only one wish, resist the temptation to respond too selfishly. If living a life of luxury is your heart s desire, at least ask that others can benefit from your numerous expensive purchases. CAPRICORN: (DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 19) Many of baseball s Red Sox fans believed their decades long losing seasons could be attributed to The Curse of the Bambino - Boston s loss of Babe Ruth. Don t be looking for any such rationalization in assessing your season. AQUARIUS: (JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 18) A map of your heart s terrain would show wideopen expanses, with many routes leading to the center. Topographically speaking, no mountains, forests or swamps show up in your key. You are free to love and be loved. PISCES: (FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 19) Giddy anticipation of something fun will keep you buoyed up mood wise. In fact, often the excitement of the planning stage outdoes the actual event itself. In effect, your happy feeling gets an automatic extension. IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You share your birthday with Jessica Lange and Luther Vandross. A highly developed fantasy life doesn t keep you from welcoming conflicts. current events, photographs, links, weather, classifieds, copies of La Prensa can be found at

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14 Página 14 La Prensa Events April/abril 12, 2006 LA PRENSA S CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Toledo/Northwest Ohio Happenings: April 15, 1:00-4:00PM: Fundraiser for Councilwoman Taylor Balderas, who is running in special election on May 2 for Toledo City Council District 3; at The Recovery Room, 2620 Airport Hwy., Toledo; chicken fajitas; $10 donation. April 15, 9:00PM-1:00AM: Gran Baile con Invenzible, at UAW Fellowship Hall, Fostoria; hora especial de 7:30PM hasta 8:30PM; BYOB; April 16: Eddie González en Toledo con la música tejana; Club Bijou, 209 N. Superior St., downtown Toledo April 22, Noon to 5:00PM: 3rd Annual Latino Health Disparities Summit at the Mayores Senior Center, 2 Aurora González Way, Toledo; free lunch, activities para los niños; call Adelante at April 22: Benefit for Antonio Móntez at Latins United, 706 S. St. Clair St., Toledo; dinner 4:00-6:00PM followed by baile 6:00PM to Midnight; music by Suzie Colmenero, Andy Trejo, & DJ Richard Hernández; $10 donation April 29, 1:00-6:00PM: BGSU s Latino Networking Committee s annual Cinco de Mayo Festival at the Wood County Junior Fair Bldg in Bowling Green; El Corazón de México folkloric dance w/live entertainment, comida, piñatas, raffles, and health screenings At 8:00PM to Midnight: Cinco de Mayo Scholarship Dance with Dezeo; $10 donation May 6: Latino Softball Tournament; Round Robin class D, 2-game elimination at Ravine Park 2 Wlodarz & Sabo Tennis and Softball Fields; $125 entry fee due at Latins United April 15, 1:00PM; trophies (1st, 2nd, 3rd) at Latins United Hall, 706 S. St. Clair St., Toledo; Manuel Zapata , Amadeo Muñoz May 16, 8:00AM-2:30PM: Latino Youth Summit, at the University of Toledo, workshops & college & career fair; keynote speaker: atty Rubén Castilla Herrera of Columbus; to register for Summit call Ceci Rivera at Lorain, Ohio Happenings: May 6: Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade & Festivities: parade at 4:15PM; 7:00PM Queen s Coronation followed by the Mexican Mutual Society s cultural dance program and baile in Lorain; call David Flores for information, advertising, or participation at Columbus, Ohio Happenings: Abril 28, 6:30PM: El Día de Los Niños; Grupo Amor Cristiano y Clases de Inglés; piñatas, regalos, juegos, música; todo gratis! Northwest Chapel, 6700 Rings Road, Dublin, OH; Michigan Happenings: April 22, 5PM: Lecture by Marta Ojito, Encontrando el Mañana: Un Recuerdo del Exodo Cubano, Detroit Public Library, Lawndale Branch, 8740 W. Vernor Highway, Detroit. For information call (313) [Any listings? Post gratis. Contact La Prensa at (NW Ohio), (Michigan), (NE Ohio), or (Central Ohio), or to Always check for changes.] Servicios Disponibles a las Familias en el Noroeste de Ohio Misas en español en la Diócesis de Toledo Cada Semana: Parroquia San José 709 calle Crogan Fremont OH Dom, 12:00 mediodía (419) Parroquia San Pedro y San Pablo 728 calle St. Clair Toledo OH Don, 12:00 mediodía Una o dos vezes al mes: Parroquia San Aloysius Esquina de calles Summit y Clough Bowling Green OH 1:00PM, 2º and 4º dom (sep.-junio), y Tecer dom. del mes, en julio y agosto. (419) Ohio: WCWA 1230AM Linda Parra Domingo, 6-7:00PM LatinoMix La Prensa Radio Toledo, OH WNZN 89.1FM La Onda Cultural Latina Lorain, OH Cada día, 9:00AM-5:00PM Contendiendo por la Fe WJTB 1040AM sábado 1:30-2:00PM WBGU 88.1 FM, La Unica con Freddy Gutiérrez, Geraldo Rosales, Rudy Jalapeño Lomeli, Joe Cardenas, and Maribel Bowling Green, OH dom., 9:00AM to 2:00PM Parroquia San Caspar 1205 calle N. Shoop Wauseon OH Tecer dom. del mes, 1:00PM en julio y agosto; 2º & 4º dom, sepjunio. (419) Parroquia San Gerard 240 calle W. Robb Lima OH Segundo dom. del mes, 7:30AM (419) Parroquia Santa María 731 calle Exchange Vermilion OH Segundo y quarto dom. Del mes, 4:00PM (abril-octubre) Parroquia San Pedro 614 calle N. Defiance SPANGLISH RADIO PROGRAMS WFOB 1430 AM with Freddy G Fostoria, sáb. 4:00-6:00 p.m. Sylvester Duran Dom., 8:30 to 10:30AM WLFC 88.3 FM Findlay, OH viernes, 6:00 to 9:00PM WCSB 89.3 FM LA PREFERIDA Lilly Corona Moreno Cleveland, OH Jueves, 7:00-9:00PM Michigan: 1480 AM La Explosiva La que se escribe con rojo con Alex, Batman, Paquita, El Rostro, Miguel, y Mayra Van Born Rd. Westland, MI Alex Resendez, Dir Archbold OH Primer sábado del mes, 8:00PM Parroquia Santa Rosa 215 calle East Front Perrysburg OH Primer dom. del mes, 12:00PM mediodía (419) Parroquia San Wendelin Esquina de calles Wood y College 323 calle North Wood Fostoria OH Cuarto dom. del mes, 1:00PM (419) Parroquia San Pablo 91 calle East Main Norwalk OH Cada otro dom., 1:30PM (419) WCAR 1090 AM Detroit, MI sábado, noon to 5:00PM dom., noon to 4:00PM WDTR 90.9 FM Caribe Serenade Detroit, MI Ozzie Rivera sábado 6:30 to 8:30PM WLEN FM Radio Picoso DJs Jimmy Bejarano Emilio Guerrero Adrian, MI dom., 1:00 to 4:30PM WQTE 95.3 FM with Lady Di Adrian, MI dom.,3:00 to 8:00PM WIBM 1450AM Juan M. Rodríguez Jackson, MI dom., 10:00AM-Noon Note: Churches or Radio, with Spanish dialogue, desiring to be included in La Prensa s directories should the information to Rico, c/o or call or Gracias! Obituaries también. Airing this week: en Voces Latinas: Interview with International Institute and HR 4437 y Música Caliente! Videos Calientes Obituaries Our readers are free to submit obituaries via at: at no cost to the reader Obituaries also available online at Gracias! MAYORES SENIOR CENTER SCHEDULE Sobering Iraqi Casualty Stats The Human Cost of Occupation Through April 11, 2006 U.S. Military Casualties in Iraq: Since War began ( ): 2,354 dead Since Mission Accomplished speech by Pres. George W. Bush (5-1-03): 2,217 dead Since capture of Saddam ( ): 1,887 dead Since U.S. handover to Iraq ( ): 1,488 dead Since Iraqi election ( ): 918 dead U.S. Wounded: 17,269 (official count) Iraqi death toll: Est. 33, ,000 Average Per Diem Cost of War: $300 Million per day Rumsfeld s 05 estimate of duration of War: 12 years U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan [Source: Voces Latinas Channel 69 Thursday 9PM and Sunday 1PM Toledo, OH MATILDE (LÓPEZ) GONZÁLES Matilde López Gonzáles passed away on April 7th, 2006, at 12:15 a.m. She was preceded in death by her husband, Victor Gonzáles; parents, Santos and Dominga López, and sister, Amelia Villegas. She was 74 years old, she retired at Parkview Hospital after 22 years. She is survived by her 5 children, Irene, Dave, Cruz, Daniel, and Dora. She was also survived by her brothers and sisters, Louis (Beatrice) López, Chon (Esperanza) López, Rosa Sánchez, and Anita Paíz. She is also survived by 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, all who love and will miss her dearly. MALLORY ANNA RIVERA Mallory Anna Rivera, infant daughter of Alberto and Danielle (née Boone) Rivera of Lorain, OH, died April 5, 2006, shortly after birth, at University Hospital, Cleveland. The family belongs to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Lorain. In addition to her parents, survivors include her sisters, Marecciea and Madelyn Rivera, both at home; maternal grandparents William R. and La Sheliea Boone; paternal grandparents Angel and Dora Rivera; and many aunts, uncles and cousins. She was preceded in death by her maternal great-grandparents, Patricia Worley and Howard Worley, and Richard and Josephine Boone; paternal great-grandparents Digno and Felecita López, and Carmen and Alberto Rivera. April 17: Arm chair exercise 9:15AM; trip to the Libbey Glass Outlet 9:30AM; speaker on Take Back Ohio to raise the minimum wage at 10:00AM; fitness video at 2:00PM. April 18: Arbors of Waterville taking blood pressures at 9:30AM; walk-a-mile video at 9:30AM; commodities at 10:00AM; Ball Room Dance Lessons at 12:00 noon; Bible Study Lessons at 12:30PM. April 19: Pharmacist Phil Miller at 8:30AM to answer your prescription questions; Birthday Bingo with Jaqueline of Arbors at Waterville at 9:30AM. April 20: bingo from 9:30-11:00AM; trip to the meat market at 9:30AM; Steve Harrison from Aetna 1:00PM call for an appointment; fitness video at 2:00PM. April 21: Lucas County Health Department Sixty Plus Program (health assessments) 9:00-11:45AM; CSFP program from 9:30-11:00AM; dietician Jay Gerken at 10:00AM. 284 dead S of D Don Rumsfeld A Mexican Epicurean s Delight: El Camino Real Honest Homemade Mexican Food El Camino Real

15 April/abril 12, 2006 Bailes y La Música By Rico OHIO: Toledo: Club La Vista, corner of Summit St. & Locust (843 N. Summit) with DJ or band; open 3:00PM- 2:30AM; Se Habla Español, (419) or Club Mystique, 3122 Airport; or Club Reflection, 1800 Miami St., Sat. 9:00PM- 2:00AM (Tejano); DJ; Las Palmas, 3247 Stickney Ave., 9:00PM- 2:00AM; o Margarita Rock s, 505 Jefferson Ave., Fri. & más Findlay: Wooley Bulley s, 1851 Tiffin Ave., o Lorain: Kiki s Club, 2522 W. 21st St. & Rt 58, Fri: Hip Hop/Latino; Sat: Latino, 9:00PM-2:30AM; MICHIGAN: Detroit: Detour Lounge, 1824 Springwells Street; every Friday night; Baile Cumbia; free cumbia lessons; DJ Manolito; cumbia, salsa, ranchera, merengue; Club International, 6060 W. Fort Street; weekly Sat.; Envy, 234 W. Larned; Fri., Half Past 3, 2554 Grand River, Sat: Latin Dance Parties with DJ Cisco; salsa, merengue, bachata; free salsa lessons 10PM; ladies free before 10PM; and Los Galanes, 3362 Bagley St., most Fri. & Sat; Vicentes: 1250 Library; Fri: DJ Cisco spins salsa, merengue, Latin House; free salsa lessons 10PM; 21+, Ferndale: Posh, Woodward, Sun., Luna Pier: Luna Pier Ballroom; most Saturday nights; El Baile Grande, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Call Pontiac:HEAT, Pike St. & N. Saginaw St., Fri; at the main level: salsa, merengue, bachata & Latin House music by DJ Cisco & Alfredo; in the Hookah Lounge: flamenco, reggae, & Arabic music or Royal Oak: Wed. & Thurs; Sky Club, 401 S. Lafayette; doors open at 8:00PM, with free dance lessons at 8:30PM; 21 and over; proper attire; DJ Cisco; or Utica:Argentine Tango Detroit, 7758 Auburn Road; Tango on Fri; Have entertainment? To get your free listing, contact Rico at: , or or Spanish Church Services OHIO: Toledo: Lorain: Evangelical Assemblies of God 705 Lodge St Pastor Moses Rodríguez Miér., 7:00PM Dom., 11:00AM First Spanish Church of God 1331 E. Broadway Dom., 10:00 a.m.& 5:00PM Mier. & Vier., 7:00PM Sab., 6:00 p.m Iglesia Bautista El Buen Pastor 521 Spencer Rd Rev. Dr. Alberto Martínez Berna Aguilar, Youth Pastor Miér., 6:00PM Sab., 6:00PM Dom., 10:15AM, 11:20AM, 6:00PM Iglesia Cristo La Roca de Salvación 2052 Front St Pastores: Exh. Miguel & Blanca Ladriyé Dom: Escuela 10:30AM; Culto Evangelistico 6:30PM Iglesia Nueva Vida 2025 Airport Hwy Pastor Titular: Josué Rodríguez Pastor Asociado: José Rosario Domingo 12:30PM Estudio Biblico: Jue. 7PM Iglesia Torre Fuerte Iglesia de Bible Temple 3327 Airport Hwy Pastor Guadalupe Rios Dom. 5:30PM Cleveland, OH: La Primera Iglesia Bautista 628 Elm St Pastor Titular: J. Truett Fogle Escuela dominical: 10:00AM Culto de adoración:11:00a Los cultos son bilingüe Bible studies: Sat. 10:00AM SS. Peter & Paul 728 S. St. Clair St Fr. Richard Notter Dom., 12:00PM[en español] Lorain: Sacred Heart Chapel 4301 Pearl Ave. Rev. William A. Thaden Sister Theresa Stegman, Sister Elisea Bonano Dom., 8AM, 10AM,& Noon Lun., jueves, vier. 9:30AM Mier., 6:30PM/Sáb., 6:00PM House of Praise International Church 4321 Elyria Ave Pastor Gilbert & Eileen Silva Dom., 9 & 10:30AM [Eng.] Dom., 12:30PM [Spanish] Dom., 1:30PM Mar. & Jue., 7:00PM Iglesia del Dios Viviente 254 Barres Lane Elyria OH Pastor Martin & Carmen Moyet Mier., 7-8:30PM Conocimientos Biblicos Dom., 1:00PM Evangelio y Adoración Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo Misionera 1930 Broadway Paster Miguel Serrano Dom., Escuela dom. 10AM Dom., culto evan. 6PM Martes, jueves, 7PM: Evangelistas Daniel González, Francisco Vega, Abel Robles La Iglesia de Dios, Inc. Rev. Angel L. Rivera 3115 Elyria Ave Misión Cristiana Faro de Luz (Disciplos de Cristo) 940 West Fifth St Pastor Luis A. Morales Dom., 1:00PM: Predicación Dom., 4:00PM: Escuela Biblica Our Savior Nuestro Salvador Luthern Church 4501 Clinton Ave Rev. Cora Lee Meier Dom., 11:15AM:Serv. de Adoración Dom., 10:00AM: Escuela Dominical The Salvation Army 2506 Broadway Pastores Carlos & Trudy Medina Dom: 11:00AM Reunion de Adoración; 1:00PM Escuela Mier: 6:30PM Estudio Biblico Vier: 6:00PM Club de Niños Christian Tabernacle International Church 2203 Meister Rd Pastores David & Mildred Figueroa Dom., 10:00AM (Escuela Dominical) Dom., 5:30PM Martes & Jueves: 7:30PM Principe de Paz Hispanic Luthern Church 1607 East 31st St Iglesia del Dios Viviente 254 Barres lane Elyria OH Pastor Martin & Carmen Moyet Dom: Adoración 1:00PM Mier: Biblicos 7:00PM Sáb: Programa radial 1040AM 1:30PM Iglesia Nueva Vida 2327 Holmden Ave. Cleveland OH Rev. José Reyes Serv. culto: mier. 8:00PM vier. 8:00PM dom. 11:00AM Iglesia Pentecostal La Senda Antigua Pastores Rolando & Lizzette Velázquez 2681 West 14th Street Cleveland OH Orden de Cultos: Dom:10:30AM Esc. dominical; noon: Culto Evang., Pro- Templo lun: 7PM clase de Nuevos Creyentes Mar: 7PM Oración y Est. Biblico mier: 7PM Culto de Hogares jueves: 7PM Culto Generales Vier: 7PM Culto Generales Sagrada Familia Fr. David Fallon 7719 Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH Sat. Vigil 5:00PM Sun., 9:30AM & Noon St. Francis Parish Superior Ave. & 71st St. Cleveland OH Sat. Vigil 4:00PM Sáb., 10:00AM [Español] Sat., 11:30AM [Eng.] Weekdays, 7:30AM St. Michael the Archangel Fr. Jaime McCreight 3114 Scranton Rd. Cleveland OH Sat., 5:00PM [English] Sáb., 7:00PM [Español] Sun., 9:45AM [Eng.] Dom., Noon [Esp.] Misión Cristiana Nueva Vida 2003 West Blvd. Cleveland OH Dom. 9:00AM [Español] Sociedad de Niños: Vier. 6:30PM Pastores Vanessa Rivera y Luís Castellano ó M ICHIGAN: Primera Iglesia Hispana de Monroe Alianza Cristiana y Misionera Pastor Jesse Morales 317 E. Front St. Monroe, Michigan La Prensa M ICHIGAN Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana 3495 Livernois Street Detroit, Michigan Pastor Titular: Carlos Liese Pastor Asociado: Elí Garza Estudio Bíblico: Miér., 7:00PM Escuela Dominical: 10:00AM Culto de Adoración: Dom., 11:00AM Nueva Creación United Methodist Church 270 Waterman St. Detroit MI Services: Juev. at 7:00PM & dom. a 5:30PM St. Alfred Catholic Church Fr. Jim Kean 9500 Banner Street Taylor MI Misa en español: Domingo, a 5:00PM Page 15 A Mexican Epicurean s Delight: El Camino Real Honest Homemade Mexican Food El Camino Real

16 Página 16 La Prensa Deportes April/abril 12, 2006 Joe Campos throws first pitch at Mud Hen s Opener While the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team may have lost its opener last week against the Charlotte Knights, 1 to 0, third grader Joe Campos IV of Sacred Heart School was selected to throw the first pitch. Joe was thrilled and can t wait to attend future games at Fifth Third Field in downtown Toledo, including Latino Scholarship Day with the Toledo Mud Hens on Sunday, July 23 rd, when the Toledo Mud Hens play the Durham Bulls. Photo by Nick Hernández. Yucatán blanqueó 11-0 a los punteros Sultanes MEXICO (AP): Alan Arredondo bateó de 4-4 y remolcó cinco carreras, mientras que cuatro lanzadores se combinaron para que los Leones de Yucatán blanquearan 11-0 a los Sultanes de Monterrey en la liga mexicana de béisbol. El juego, primero de la serie, se jugó la noche del viernes en Yucatán. Manuel Palafox lanzó seis entradas en blanco, admitió tres hits, dio una base por bolas y ponchó a tres rivales, para ser el pitcher ganador. Los Leones fabricaron un racimo de seis carreras en el cuarto inning para enfilarse al triunfo. En ese ataque, Oswaldo Morejón dio sencillo, Juan Carlos Canizalez fue Club La Vista Latino Style of Music, Dancing and Fun! Downtown Toledo Corner of Summit & Locust Streets; Just one block North of Cherry Street Friday: LIVE! AB Ramos! Saturday: Live Band! HOURS: Tuesday-Wednesday 4PM-1:30AM Thurs., Fri., Sat. 4PM - 2:30AM Sunday Book your Party! For more information or Reservations Call (419) Hablamos Español golpeado, Scott Bullett, Willie Romero, Pedro Castellano y Héctor Castañeda ligaron sencillos productores y Alan Arredondo con triple empujó dos para colocar 6-0 el marcador. Los Leones agregaron dos carrera en la quinta entrada gracias a un sencillo productor de dos carreras de Arredondo. Yucatán hizo tres carreras más en la séptima entrada. Humberto Montemayor fue el pitcher derrotado. Admitió seis carreras y siete hits en tres entradas. Resultados completos: San Luis 8, Diablos Rojos 6; Saltillo 9, Tigres 7; Monclova 7, Campeche 2; Tijuana 6, Veracruz 3; Oaxaca 8, Unión Laguna 3; Joe Campos IV Yucatán 11, Sultanes 0; Puebla 24, Tabasco 9 y Poza Rica 10, Aguascalientes 4. Posiciones: Zona Norte: Sultanes (11-3), Puebla (11-4), San Luis (11-4), Tijuana (8-7), Saltillo (6-8), Unión Laguna (6-9), Monclova (5-10) y Aguascalientes (3-12). Zona Sur: Diablos Rojos (9-6), Tabasco (9-6), Oaxaca (7-7), Tigres (7-8), Campeche (7-8), Veracruz (7-8), Yucatán (7-8) y Poza Rica (4-10). Lottery Results for Saturday, April 8, 2006 OHIO Mid-day Pick Mid-day Pick Pick Pick Rolling Cash Lot O Play Mega Millions [April 7] Kicker [April 7] MICHIGAN Classic Lotto Fantasy Daily 3 Eve 957 Daily 3 Mid 189 Daily 4 Eve 5370 Daily 4 Mid 7779 INDIANA Daily 3 Evening Daily 4 Evening Lucky 5 Evening Hoosier Lotto Powerball PB:35, M:3 Daily 3 Midday Daily 4 Midday Lucky 5 Midday Chiapas vence 1-0 a Atlante y clasifica a cuartos MEXICO (AP): Un gol del paraguayo Salvador Cabañas le dio un triunfo de 1-0 a los Jaguares de Chiapas sobre el Atlante y de paso se convirtió el sábado en el primer equipo en asegurar su cupo en los cuartos de final del torneo Clausura 2006 del fútbol mexicano. Chiapas y Atlante pusieron en marcha la 14ta fecha del certamen, el cual es encabezado por los Jaguares. Cabañas logró su gol con un cañonazo desde fuera del área a los 38 minutos. El paraguayo, figura de los Jaguares, llegó a nueve anotaciones en su cuenta personal y quedó a uno del líder goleador, el uruguayo Sebastián Abreu, de los Dorados de Sinaloa. El triunfo le permite a los Jaguares seguir puntero del Grupo 3 con 30 puntos, máxima cifra hasta el momento. Por su parte, Atlante se quedó con 18 unidades en el Grupo 1. En otro encuentro, Toluca y Tigres del UANL empataron 1-1. Sergio Amaury Ponce puso adelante a Toluca a los ocho minutos, pero el argentino Walter Gaitán igualó a los 92. El portero de Toluca, César Lozano, le atajó un tiro penal a Gaitán a los 62 minutos. Toluca llegó a 20 puntos en el Grupo 2, donde marcha segundo mientras que Pachuca es primero del grupo con 24 unidades. Tigres llegó a 17 puntos en el Grupo 3. En otro partido, Cruz Azul no contó con varios de sus titulares pero supo imponerse 3-0 al visitante Veracruz. Cruz Azul no contó con el volante Tomás Campos por lesión y otros cuatro titulares que cedió a la selección de México. La Máquina Azul se adelantó a los 27 minutos con autogol del defensa argentino Pablo Quatrocchi en tiro largo de Rogelio Chávez. Los argentinos César Delgado y Gabriel Pereyra Related Auto Care Inc. 28 years in business; import &domestic; brakes; radiator flush &fill; air conditioning repair; computerized wheel balancing tires tune-ups; engine repair; factory trained technicians; fuel injection service; all work warranted. Preowned used cars & trucks; we service what we sell. Related Auto Care Inc. 922 East Beecher St. Adrian MI Call completaron el marcador a los 62 y 64 minutos. Delgado anotó con remate de cabeza y Pereyra con toque de derecha luego de haber burlado, con un túnel, la marca de Quatrocchi y la salida del arquero Jorge Bernal. Cruz Azul llegó a 24 puntos en el Grupo 3, mientras que Veracruz se quedó con 15 en el Grupo 2. En otro encuentro, San Luis, con un gol del argentino Ariel González, se impuso 1-0 a los Rayados de Monterrey. González fusiló con remate de izquierda al arquero Christian Martínez a los 37 minutos, para el gol solitario del partido. El triunfo le permitió a San Luis dejar el último lugar de la tabla de porcentaje del descenso. San Luis, Dorados de Sinaloa y Veracruz buscan no descender a la segunda división, pero para ello deben sacar los mejores resultados en este fin de torneo. San Luis llegó a 19 puntos en el Grupo 1 y tomó la punta del grupo por el momento. Monterrey se quedó con 17 puntos en el Grupo 3. Un poco más tarde, Chivas de Guadalajara vio rota una racha perfecta de cinco triunfos en fila desde que es dirigido por el técnico José Manuel de la Torre, al caer 2-0 ante el Morelia. De la Torre sustituyó desde la 12da fecha al entrenador holandés Hans Westerhof. Chivas no pudo contar con seis jugadores titulares que cedió a la selección de México por el resto del torneo. El Guadalajara, con sus mejores jugadores, logró sumar tres triunfos seguidos en el torneo local y dos más ante el Sao Paulo de Brasil, en la Copa Libertadores. El argentino Damián Alvarez hizo los dos goles del Morelia a los 54 y 65 minutos. Morelia llegó a 17 puntos en el Grupo 1, mientras que Chivas se quedó con 22 unidades en el Grupo 3. Más tarde, en partido nocturno, el Atlas de Guadalajara y el Santos Laguna empataron 3-3. Por Santos anotó par de goles Gerardo Espinoza, a los 28 y 67 minutos, y otro el fue del argentino Matías Vuoso a los 5. En tanto, el brasileño Danilo hizo dos goles por el Altas a los 6 y 11. El argentino Emmanuel Villa hizo el otro a los 81. Atlas llegó a 17 puntos en el Grupo 3 y Santos a 10 en el Grupo 2. También el domingo: Pachuca 4, Necaxa 1 Toluca 1, Tigres 1 Tecos 1, Dorados 1 Cruz Azul 3, Veracruz 0 San Luis 1, Monterrey 0 Morelia 2, Guadalajara 0 Atlas 3, Santos 3 Pumas 3, América 1 MLS: D.C. United 2, Chivas USA 0 WASHINGTON (AP): Jaime Moreno anotó dos goles para llevar al D.C. United a derrotar 2-0 al Chivas USA y obtener así su primera victora de la temporada. El boliviano Moreno aprovechó un rechace del portero del Chivas USA, Brad Guzmán, para anotar en marco abierto a los 59 minutos y añadió otro en tiempo de prórroga al aprovechar un centro de Freddy Adu rebotado por Guzmán. Adu, que entró al partido en sustitución del argentino Christian Gómez a los 76 minutos, tuvo una gran oportunidad de anotar, pero Guzmán detuvo su disparo a los 90 minutos. Antes del segundo gol de Moreno, el mexicano Juan Pablo García parecía empatar el marcador para las Chivas a los 84 minutos, pero su potente tiro libre rebotó en el travesaño. Según algunas repeticiones de televisión, el disparo de García rebasó la línea de gol, pero el árbiro Marcel Yonan permitió que continuaran las acciones sin validar el gol pese a las protestas de jugadores y directivos del Chivas USA. current events, photographs, links, weather, classifieds, copies of La Prensa can be found at

17 April/abril 12, 2006 Liga Las Americas PRIMERA VUELTA, TEMPORADA 2006 Juego 1 Abril 9 Juego 2 Abril 16 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Dep. Latinos vs Michigan 10:00 3 Gama vs Furia Azteca 10:00 3 El Tri vs Toledo S. Club 10:00 4 Manchester vs Michigan 10:00 4 Manchester vs Fremont 12:00 3 Dep. Monroe vs Dep. Latinos 12:00 3 Central vs Dep. Monroe 12:00 4 Central vs F.C. Rayos 12:00 4 Dep. Wauseon vs Furia Azteca 2:00 3 El Tri vs Fremont 2:00 3 Gama vs F.C. Rayos 2:00 4 Toledo S. Club vs Dep. Wauseon 2:00 4 Juego 3 Abril 23 Juego 4 Abril 30 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo F.C. Rayos vs Manchester 10:00 3 Gama vs Fremont 10:00 3 Dep. Wauseon vs El Tri 10:00 4 F.C. Rayos vs El Tri 10:00 4 Gama vs Toledo S. Club 12:00 3 Central vs Michigan 12:00 3 Furia Azteca vs Fremont 12:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs Manchester 12:00 4 Central vs Dep. Latinos 2:00 3 Furia Azteca vs Toledo S. Club 2:00 3 Dep. Monroe vs Michigan 2:00 4 Dep. Wauseon vs Dep. Latinos 2:00 4 Juego 5 Mayo 7 Juego 6 Mayo 14 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Furia Azteca vs Dep. Latinos 10:00 3 Toledo S. Club vs Dep. Latinos 10:00 3 Central vs Manchester 10:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs El Tri 10:00 4 Gama vs Dep. Wauseon 12:00 3 Central vs Fremont 12:00 3 F.C. Rayos vs Toledo S. Club 12:00 4 Gama vs Michigan 12:00 4 El Tri vs Michigan 2:00 3 Dep. Wauseon vs Manchester 2:00 3 Dep. Monroe vs Fremont 2:00 4 F.C. Rayos vs Furia Azteca 2:00 4 Juego7 Mayo 21 Juego 8 Mayo 28 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo F.C. Rayos vs Fremont 10:00 3 Dep. Wauseon vs Central 10:00 3 Furia Azteca vs Manchester 10:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs Gama 10:00 4 Dep. Wauseon vs Michigan 12:00 3 F.C. Rayos vs Dep. Latinos 12:00 3 Central vs El Tri 12:00 4 Toledo S. Club vs Fremont 12:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs Toledo S. Club 2:00 3 Furia Azteca vs Michigan 2:00 3 Gama vs Dep. Latinos 2:00 4 El Tri vs Manchester 2:00 4 Juego9 Junio 4 Juego10 Junio 11 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Dep. Wauseon vs Fremont 10:00 3 F.C. Rayos vs Dep. Wauseon 10:00 3 Toledo S. Club vs Michigan 10:00 4 Gama vs Manchester 10:00 4 Furia Azteca vs El Tri 12:00 3 El Tri vs Dep. Latinos 12:00 3 Central vs Gama 12:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs Furia Azteca 12:00 4 Manchester vs Dep. Latinos 2:00 3 Fremont vs Michigan 2:00 3 Dep. Monroe vs F.C. Rayos 2:00 4 Central vs Toledo S. Club 2:00 4 Juego11 Junio 18 Juego11 Junio 18 Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Equipo Equipo Horario Cpo Fremont vs Dep. Latinos 10:00 3 Toledo S. Club vs Manchester 12:00 4 Central vs Furia Azteca 10:00 4 Dep. Monroe vs Dep. Wauseon 2:00 3 F.C. Rayos vs Michigan 12:00 3 Gama vs El Tri 2:00 4 La Liga de Las Américas commences action on April 9th con fútbol! Soccer action began last Sunday at Schneider Soccer Complex in Toledo with twelve Ohio and Michigan soccer teams in competiton in La Liga de Las Américas. Toledo Sports Club will be defending its crown for the third consecutive year, according to Manuel Zapata, league president. In action in the top right photo, Fremont Co. defeated Manchester, 3 to 1. In the bottom right photo, Central Arcenal defeated Dep. Monroe, 5 to 1. Other scores are shown below along with the league s first half schedule to the left. Page 17 La Liga de Las Américas de Michigan y Ohio Schneider Soccer Complex Cada domingo, 10:00AM-4:00PM 9 de abril cuentas/scores Dep. Latinos 3 vs. Michigan 1 El Tri 1 vs. Toledo S. Club 5 Manchester 1 vs. Fremont Co. 3 Central Arcenal 5 vs. Dep. Monroe 1 Dep. Wauseon 0 vs. Furia Azteca 0 Gama 1 vs. F.C. Rayos 4 Ha escuchado tu las noticias? NOTE: Team Fremont is now Fremont Co. and Central is now Central Arcenal. For questions, contact Bobby Jo Aranda at: or Manuel Zapata at Liga, Las Americas TEMPORADA 2006 Juego 1, Fecha: 9 de abril Game 1, Date: April 9 Tabla General Juegos Goles a Goles en Goles de Jugados Ganados Perdidos Empatados Favor Contra Puntos Diferencia Central Arcenal Toledo S. Club F.C. Rayos Dep. Latinos Fremont Co Dep. Wauseon Furia Azteca Manchester Michigan Gama Dep. Monroe El Tri Game # Won Lost Tied Goals madegoals taken Points Difference Las tarifas empiezan a $1,645 per month Para Heathstone Assisted Living es muy importante que nuestros residentes se diviertan! Esa es la razón por la cual experimentara una comunidad de assisted living llena de vida. Lllama hoy para conocer los beneficios de assisted living Licencia: AH w w w. h e a r t h s t o n e a s s i s t e d. c o m LATINO SOFTBALLTOURNAMENT TORNEO DE SOFTBALL LATINO TOLEDO, OHIO ROUND ROBIN CLASS D TWO GAME ELIMINATION SATURDAY MAY 6 AT RAVINE PARK 2 WLODARZ & SABO TENNIS AND SOFTBALL FIELDS OFF I-280 AND FRONT ST TAKE DEARBORN TO COLORADO TURN EAST PASS GRAHAM ST. ENTRY FEE $ PER TEAM TROPHIE PRESENTATION 1ST 2ND 3RD AT LATINS UNITED HALL 706 S. ST CLAIR ST TOLEDO, OHIO PARTY FOOD DJ MUSIC FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT MANUEL ZAPATA AMADEO MUÑOZ CHEVO TORREZ e-prensa! Over 2,500 subscribers receive the digital version of La Prensa gratis. to subscribe

18 Página 18 April/abril 12, 2006 Farmers worry as legislators debate immigration What will a Sensenbrenner apple or tomato cost? (Continued from Page 2) House-approved version [HR 4437, the Sensenbrenner-King bill] calling for military enforcement of the border that would make it a felony to be in the country without documentation. Rousseau and other farmers believe that would be disastrous for the industry. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee [the McCain-Kennedy bill] would allow some undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship while expanding an existing guestworker program. Cutting farmers access to cross-border workers without giving them an alternative could cost the industry up to $9 billion in annual production, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, which has long lobbied for a streamlined temporary worker program. The average wage for skilled and unskilled farm workers is about $10 an hour, said Austin Pérez, a labor specialist with the federation. If that were raised to $14, up to a third of the nation s fruit and vegetable farms might be forced out of business, he said. And that still might not be enough to recruit large numbers of native-born workers, Pérez added. While a border crackdown is a vision of doom for many farmers, it is unknown whether consumers will feel the difference. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, when a consumer, for example, takes home a $1 head of lettuce, 19 cents goes to the farmer; six cents of that goes to the worker who picked it. The real difference, some believe, would be whether the food is grown in the United States or abroad. The shift has begun already, as U.S.- American farmers face steeper labor, fuel, and other costs. For instance, the town of Gilroy, south of San José, CA, still calls itself the Garlic Capital of the World, and anoints an annual Garlic Queen. But Communist China, where production costs are much lower, now grows about 66 percent of the world s garlic, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. But farmers point to the country s dependence on foreign oil to show the disadvantages of relying on others. Also, food grown at home is fresher, and can be held to U.S.-American production standards, with stricter environmental and quality control, farmers said. Fear of an immigration crackdown is already chasing some AG businesses across the border where the workers are, said vegetable harvester and shipper Steve Scaroni. His company hires 1,500 people in California and Arizona during harvests to pick fresh produce and take it to companies who bag it and give it a brand name. But some of his customers are so concerned that they re shifting their operations to México. And he s following. We just don t feel we can risk keeping all our eggs in the USA basket, he said. We re competing in an international market. It s easy to say, raise wages, but the question is, will we stay in business? The solution farmers are hoping for one not promised by any of the current bills is a program allowing farmers to bring as many workers as they need across the border, without the time or expense of the current guestworker program. Chalmers Carr, who ships about 1 million boxes of peaches from his 2,500- acre operation in South Carolina, has been using the existing program to bring in up to 300 workers a year from México. It s expensive he estimates it costs him about $500 in fees and transportation costs to bring in one worker for one season, not including the mandatory housing expenses. It s also time consuming in February, he asked for the workers he d need in April and was still waiting for approval this week. This process has to be streamlined, has to work the way it s supposed to if we re going to rely on it, he said. These proposals fall way short of fixing the problems, but they re a start. It s something. According to Baldemar Velásquez, president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), which is headquartered in Toledo, OH, his union represents some 7,000 guestworkers who lawfully obtain working permits to harvest crops in North Carolina. HR 4437 will be disastrous to the farming community there, believes Velásquez, who has supported the McCain- Kennedy bill, which was recommended by the U.S. Senate s Judiciary Committee but failed to be voted upon by the Senate as a whole prior to its two-week recess last Friday. AP Writer JULIANA BARBASSA and Rico de La Prensa contributed to this report. Ohio State University Extension, Lucas County 4-H Youth Development Program Is looking for Double Dutch jump rope teams to participate in a summer competition Adults/Youth with Double Dutch jump rope experience to conduct two workshops Registration fee only $5.00 * Open to 5-12th graders Please contact Cynthia Toler * ext Dental Assistant The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is seeking a Dental Assistant to work in a busy children s dental program up to 35 hours/ week. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are bilingual in Spanish. Please send résumé to: Mary Frank, Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, 635 N. Erie St., Toledo, Ohio Program Aid Boy Scouts of America Rewarding part-time position working with youth. Emphasis in teaching Scouting programs, mentoring, volunteer recruitment and building relationships with community organization. Scouting knowledge helpful but NOT required. Send résumés and cover letter to P.O. Box 337 Toledo, OH Breves: (Continuación de p.1) de indocumentados en ese país, la mayoría de ellos mexicanos. (Es) un paso importante en el establecimiento de nuevos mecanismos que permitan una migración legal, segura, ordenada y respetuosa de los derechos humanos entre México y Estados Unidos, señaló la administración del presidente Vicente Fox en un comunicado de la cancillería. Indicó que México está p l e n a m e n t e convencido de que es necesaria la responsabilidad compartida para llegar a una solución migratoria. De firmarse el acuerdo, los inmigrantes ilegales que han estado en el país entre dos y cinco años tendrían que regresar a sus países de origen y volver con visas de trabajo temporal, para luego comenzar a gestionar la ciudadanía estadounidense. Quienes han estado más de cinco años podrán permanecer en Estados Unidos y los que tienen menos de dos deberán partir a sus países sin la seguridad de poder regresar. Se calcula que de los 11 millones de indocumentados que hay en Estados Unidos, seis millones son mexicanos. El embajador de Estados Unidos en México, Tony Garza, señaló en una declaración escrita que el proyecto es sólo parte de un largo proceso para llegar a una reforma migratoria. Sin embargo, manifestó que en última instancia nuestro gobierno actuará conforme a los intereses que más convengan al pueblo estadounidense y de manera consistente con el deseo de los ciudadanos de que nuestro país sea una nación segura y da la bienvenida a los inmigrantes. Desde que asumió el cargo en diciembre de 2000, Fox planteó como objetivo principal buscar un acuerdo migratorio bilateral con Estados Unidos. Receptivo al principio, el gobierno estadounidense cambió sus prioridades hacia la seguridad y la lucha contra el terrorismo tras los ataques del 11 de septiembre de Fox y su colega George W. Bush abordaron el tema migratorio la semana pasada en una reunión en la que el mandatario estadounidense se comprometió a impulsar una reforma migratoria integral que considere un programa de trabajadores temporales. Fox, en tanto, subrayó entonces que México entiende su responsabilidad en el tema y que está dispuesto a reforzar la seguridad en sus fronteras norte y sur. e-prensa! Over 2,500 subscribers receive the digital version of La Prensa gratis. to subscribe

19 April/abril 12, 2006 La Prensa Classifieds Page 19 MR/DD Habilitation Aides & Part-Time Office Assistant ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW Habilitation Aides to provide direct services/ support to adults in MR/DD facilities. Must pass background check and have valid drivers license. Part-Time Office Assistant (20 hrs per week). Must be well organized, multi-tasked with excellent phone etiquette. Must have excellent computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft software. MUST bring resume and an original high school diploma or GED. Apply in person Mon, Tues, or Weds between the hours of 10 am 3 pm. Zeigler Habilitation Homes, Inc., 1811 North Reynolds Rd., Suite 101, Toledo, Ohio. PHONE CALLS NOT ACCEPTED. 100 Posiciones en Consolidated Biscuit Company (CBC) Como operador de máquina, mezcladores (Mixers), limpieza y empacadores están disponibles inmediatamente. 8 horas por turno y 4 días trabajando 10 horas son los turnos. El pago inicial está entre los rangos de $ 7.50 a $ y pueden haber incrementos basado en experiencia. Llame a Impact Employment Solutions al (419) Ext. 480 para las horas de las orientaciones. EOE Asst. Unit Director Work with urban youth ages Entry level position. BA/BS degree required. Experience w/ program planning, implementation, supervision and training of staff. Salary and benefits are competitive. Résumés to Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo, 2250 N. Detroit Ave., Toledo, OH or by 4/12. IT Officer, Judges Division Toledo Municipal Court Submit Letter of Application and Résumé by April 24, 2006 The Court is now accepting applications for the position of Information Technology (IT) Officer. Applicants must have a bachelor s degree in business, criminal justice, public administration, MIS or an equivalent technical discipline. This position requires a minimum of 5 years direct experience in facilitating and implementing information system applications. Previous experience in a court system, government agency or relevant legal environment is preferred but not required. Applicants must submit to and pass a background check. Must be a resident of Toledo, Washingtown Township or Ottawa Hills or willing to relocate. Starting salary $56,494. Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of information technology tools. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and appropriately on a business, semi-technical and highly technical level is required. Résumé with cover letter explaining how you meet the qualifications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m., April 24, 2006 to Judges Division, HR Officer, Toledo Municipal Court, 555 North Erie Street, Toledo, OH Equal Opportunity Employer. NOTICE: A deadly fire broke out in an apartment building at E. 105 th Street and Wade Park Avenue, Cleveland, on April 4 th that claimed the lives of four young children Aleyshia, 8; twins Markel and Marvin, III, 5; and Racheal, 3. The parents, Raquel Stewart and Marvin Haze, Jr., have been devastated by the loss of four of their five children. To assist the family with funeral costs, Cleveland Councilwoman Sabra Pierce Scott has established the Haze Children s Memorial Fund through Chase Bank, formally known as Bank One, to collect donations for the family. To make a donation to the Haze Children s Memorial Fund: Mail your donation to: Chase Bank, St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH Wire funds to: Chase Bank, Account # Donate in person at any Chase Bank branch. Empresa nueva en expansion necesita graduados universitarios en su pais, ingreso annual $ dólares. Necesario pasar escuela de capacitación en la ciudad de Atlanta, alojamiento y gastos pagados por diez dias. Llamar al BUY THIS SPACE! ADVERTISE IN LA PRENSA! (419) Toledo (313) Detroit (614) Columbus (440) Lorain CALL TODAY! PUBLIC NOTICE CITY OF TOLEDO ONE-YEAR ACTION PLAN To all interested agencies, groups, and persons: The City of Toledo is seeking comments on proposed amendments to its One-Year Action Plan which is a part of the Five-Year Consolidated Plan for housing, community, and economic development. The One-Year Action Plan includes a description of available federal funds and other resources. It contains a description of the activities to be undertaken when using these resources and the expected results of those activities, a geographic distribution of assistance, special needs activities, general and public housing actions, and actions specific to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). In addition, the plan will contain certifications required by HUD. 1. AFFORDABLE HOUSING 2. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 3. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Rehabilitation - Infrastructure - New Capital Investment - New Construction - Neighborhood Revitalization - Job Creation - Home Ownership - Public Services and Supportive Services - Downtown Development - Weatherization - Environmental Services - Job Retention - Demolition/Clearance - Public Facilities (Recreational Servs. also) - Neighborhood Commercial Dev. - Support Services - Public Safety - Small Business Assistance - Fair Housing - Neighborhood Empowerment - Planning Activities - Inter-Governmental Cooperation - Nuisance Abatement The draft One-Year Action Plan is available for review on April 10, 2006 at the following locations: 1. Department of Neighborhoods 7. Fair Housing Center One Government Center, 16 th & 18 th Floors 432 N. Superior Street Downtown Toledo at Jackson and Erie Toledo, Ohio 2. Department of Economic Development 8. Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority One Government Center, 22 nd Floor 435 Nebraska Avenue Downtown Toledo at Jackson and Erie Toledo, Ohio 3. Clerk of Council 9. Area Office On Aging One Government Center, 21 st Floor 2155 Arlington Avenue Downtown Toledo at Jackson and Erie Toledo, Ohio 4. Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commissions 10. Department of Lucas County Human Services One Government Center, 16 th Floor 3210 Monroe Street Downtown Toledo at Jackson and Erie Toledo, Ohio 5. All local branches of the Toledo-Lucas County 11. Lucas County Mental Health Board Public Library 701 Adams Street, 8 th Floor (Refer to local telephone directory for locations) Toledo, Ohio 6. The Ability Center of Greater Toledo 12. Toledo Board of Education 5605 Monroe Street Manhattan & Elm Streets Sylvania, Ohio Toledo, Ohio The One-Year Action Plan, including a description of the planned use of resources for the period July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007, will be considered by Toledo City Council at its regular public meetings on April 25 and May 9, 2006 at 4:00 P.M. A public hearing is scheduled for April 24, 2006 beginning at 3:00 P.M. in City Council Chambers. One person from each applicant agency will have five minutes to address the Council committee and answer questions. Agencies will proceed in alphabetical order. The City of Toledo will receive comments from the public at the public hearing on April 24, 2006, or in writing at the following address: CITY OF TOLEDO DEPARTMENT OF NEIGHBORHOODS ONE-YEAR ACTION PLAN ONE GOVERNMENT CENTER, SUITE 1800 TOLEDO, OHIO (419) /FAX: (419) Comments received during the next 30 days will be included in the plan submitted to HUD. * Any special needs or auxiliary aids will be provided upon request.

20 Página 20 La Prensa Classifieds April/abril 12, 2006 CORRECTIONS OFFICER CCNO is accepting applications through April 20, 2006 for Corrections Officer. Full time positions available with an excellent benefits package including medical, dental, and prescription drug. Current starting wage is $12.93 per hour and increases to $14.41 after 1 year. Position requirements include: HS Diploma or GED, 21 years of age or older, valid driver s license, residency in Northwest Ohio area serviced by CCNO or adjacent counties. Must successfully complete psychological, physical and drug screen by CCNO approved professionals. Applications may be obtained at CCNO offices at County Road 2425, Stryker, Ohio, 43557, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Monday and Thursday. Applications must be received by 4:30 pm on April 20, 2006 in order to participate in initial testing sessions. CCNO IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. RISK MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR Lucas County Board of MR/DD is seeking Risk Management Coordinator. Duties include processing Worker s Compensation and Unemployment claims, Transitional Duty Program and special projects. Bachelor s degree in Industrial Hygiene, Human Resources Management, Business Administration or closely related area required. Four years of performing Worker s Compensation experience and benefits experience required. Starting salary is $39,267 with excellent benefits. Please submit résumé to: Lucas County Board of MR/DD Human Resources Dept./MAK 2001 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo, OH E.O.E. FULL TIME INSTRUCTOR - CHEMISTRY BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY The Chemistry Department at Bowling Green State University invites applications for a nontenure track Instructor position to teach general chemistry courses. This is a full-time academic year appointment beginning August A Ph.D. is required and college level teaching experience is desired. A curriculum vita, academic transcripts, and three letters of reference should be sent to: Faculty Search Committee, Department of Chemistry, 141 Overman Hall, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH The review of applications will start May 1, 2006 and continue until the position is filled. BGSU is an EEO/AA employer. Request for Proposals Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services For the Selection of Contractors For Community Based Social Services The Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services (LCDJFS), through its Board of Commissioners (Board), is seeking proposals for the provision of social services for Ohio Works First clients and for individuals, families and children who meet the eligibility requirements for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Prevention (TANF), Retention and Contingency (PRC) and Title XX services. Targeted program areas include: Family planning Transportation for seniors and disabled population Emergency transportation for OWF clients Training on vehicle maintenance and budget skills, including consultation, vehicle repairs and insurance Early literacy preparation Domestic Violence Fatherhood Initiatives Legal Services for seniors and disabled populations Academic assistance for children and youth Neighborhood community and youth-based services Career and academic assistance services for LEAP clients No cost professional clothing programs County-wide information and referral Sealed proposals will be received by the LCDJFS office, 3210 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio, until 4 P.M., (local time), May 5, 2006 and opened immediately thereafter for the Selection of Contractors for Community Based Social Services according to the specifications of the Selection of Contractors for Community Based Social Services Request for Proposals. The contract period is approximately July 3, 2006 through June 30, 2007, with the potential of additional contract extension for up to two years. On April 5, 2006, the Request for Proposal will be released and is available for pick up by potential bidders at the Department s 3210 Monroe Street office or interested applicants may to request that a copy of the Request be mailed or ed to them. The contact person is Yulanda McCarty-Harris, Esq., Procurement Manager, at (419) Mailed or ed copies of the Request for Proposal will be sent by LCDJFS approximately April 5, 2006 and upon request through April 28, (If your organization has not received a mailed or ed copy by April 10, 2006 please contact the office immediately to request a copy.) Bidder s Conference will be held on Friday, April 14, 2006, AT 9:00 A.M. - noon (local time), Location: LCDJFS office, Toledo Room, Fourth Floor. All interested bidders must have a letter of intent to bid on file at LCDJFS By 4 P.M. ON April 19, Each bid upon submission must be stamped for the time and date and placed in LCDJFS bid box prior to 4:00 P.M., Local Time May 5, The bid box is located at the Security Desk on the first floor of the LCDJFS office. Ofelia s Perfumería, Joyería, Perfumes, Mary Kay también! District Executive Boy Scouts of America Challenging entry-level executive position. Emphasis in sales, finance/fundraising development, membership recruitment and volunteer recruitment. Four-year degree REQUIRED. Scouting knowledge helpful but NOT required. Send résumés and cover letter to P.O. Box 337 Toledo, OH Request for Proposals Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services For the Selection of Contractors For Ohio Works First Services The Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services (LCDJFS), through its Board of Commissioners (Board), is seeking proposals from organizations that can offer programming to the Ohio Works First (OWF) population which demonstrate new and innovative strategies and approaches to assist with barrier removal, in an effort to move these families from a cycle of dependency on public assistance and into quality work. Sealed proposals will be received by the LCDJFS office, 3210 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio, until 4:00 P.M., (local time), May 5, 2006 and opened immediately thereafter for the Selection of Contractors for Ohio Works First Services according to the specifications of the Selection of Contractors for Ohio Works First Services Request for Proposals. The contract period is approximately July 3, 2006 through June 30, 2007, with the potential of additional contract extension for up to two years. On April 5, 2006, the Request for Proposals will be released and is available for pick up by potential bidders at the Department s 3210 Monroe Street office or interested applicants may to request that a copy of the Request be mailed or ed to them. The contact person is Yulanda McCarty-Harris, Esq., Procurement Manager, at (419) Mailed or ed copies of the Request for Proposal will be sent by LCDJFS on April 5, 2006 and upon request through April 28, (If your organization has not received a mailed or ed copy by April 10, 2006 please contact the office immediately to request a copy.) Bidder s conference will be held on Friday, April 14, 2006, AT 1:00 3:00 P.M. (local time), Location: LCDJFS, Toledo Room, Fourth Floor. All interested bidders must have a letter of intent to bid on file at LCDJFS by 4:00 P.M. on April 19, Each bid upon submission must be stamped for the time and date and placed in LCDJFS bid box prior to 4:00 P.M., Local Time May 5, The bid box is located at the Security Desk on the first floor of the LCDJFS office. current events, photographs, links, weather, classifieds, copies of La Prensa can be found at

419-69 1-SELL. CITY WIDE AUTO CREDIT Everyone Gets Approved! Your Hispanic Weekly FREE! Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly

419-69 1-SELL. CITY WIDE AUTO CREDIT Everyone Gets Approved! Your Hispanic Weekly FREE! Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly DETROIT SALES: 313-729-4435 TOLEDO SALES: 419-870-6565 CLEVELAND LORAIN DETROIT, Since 1989. FREE! www. l a p r TOLEDO: TINTA CON SABOR Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly Have

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La Preciosa s Mexican Diner. Best Menudo in Town! 1218 Broadway Toledo, Ohio (419) 242-0215 We do deliveries! Minimum deliveries $30 New Hours:

La Preciosa s Mexican Diner. Best Menudo in Town! 1218 Broadway Toledo, Ohio (419) 242-0215 We do deliveries! Minimum deliveries $30 New Hours: DETROIT SALES: 313-729-4435 TOLEDO SALES: 419-870-6565 CLEVELAND LORAIN DETROIT, Since 1989. FREE! Gratis! www. lapr prensa TOLEDO: TINTA CON SABOR Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino

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on December 6. While Toledo is drastically

on December 6. While Toledo is drastically Valuable Coupons Inside! Gratis! prensa ensatoledo Taquería El Nacimiento Mexican Restaurant Hours: Mon-Thur: 9AM-12AM Fri & Sat: 9AM-3AM Sun: 9AM-12AM Jugos/Tepache Tacos Aguas

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DETROIT, Since 1989 FREE! La Liga de Las Americas All Stars to play the best of Detroit, p. 10.

DETROIT, Since 1989 FREE! La Liga de Las Americas All Stars to play the best of Detroit, p. 10. DETROIT, Since 1989 FREE! Gratis! www. lapr prensa TOLEDO: TINTA CON SABOR LORAIN CLEVELAND Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly Check out our Classifieds! Checa los Anuncios Clasificados!

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Tinta con sabor. Mexican Restaurant. Raza! Gratis! Taquería El Nacimiento. Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly DENTRO:

Tinta con sabor. Mexican Restaurant. Raza! Gratis! Taquería El Nacimiento. Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly DENTRO: Valuable Coupons Inside! Gratis! prensa ensatoledo Taquería El Nacimiento Mexican Restaurant Hours: Mon-Thur: 9AM-12AM Fri & Sat: 9AM-3AM Sun: 9AM-12AM Jugos/Tepache Tacos Aguas

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to establish such a relation-

to establish such a relation- «Tinta con sabor» Founded in 1989 Proudly Serving Our Readers Continuously For Over 14 Years La Prensa is savored by non-latinos too! Surf our web at: CALENDAR OF EVENTS, PAGE 8

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La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors

La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors La V Voz Volume 24 Number 8 A Bi-cultural Publication August, 2013 Free Gratis (512) 944-4123 Inside this Issue An Interview with Dolores Treviño NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors Delia

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FIGHT BACK! SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care INSIDE: News and Views from the People s Struggle. The Rosemary Williams Struggle

FIGHT BACK! SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care INSIDE: News and Views from the People s Struggle. The Rosemary Williams Struggle FIGHT BACK! News and Views from the People s Struggle October/November 2009 Vol. 12 No. 3 SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care 50 cents Chicago, IL - When the owner

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La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers.

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers. La Voz Free Gratis Volume 9 Number 1 A Bi-cultural Publication January 2014 (512) 944-4123 Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 &

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Sanders stumps for escuela innovación for Latinos By Fletcher Word La Prensa Staff Writer Dr. Eugene Sanders, superintendent

Sanders stumps for escuela innovación for Latinos By Fletcher Word La Prensa Staff Writer Dr. Eugene Sanders, superintendent «Tinta con sabor» Founded in 1989 Proudly Serving Our Readers Continuously For Over 14 Years La Prensa is savored by non-latinos too! Surf our web at: CALENDAR OF EVENTS, PAGE 8

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Tinta con sabor GRAND OPENING! Mexican Restaurant. Raza! Gratis! Taquería El Nacimiento. Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly DENTRO:

Tinta con sabor GRAND OPENING! Mexican Restaurant. Raza! Gratis! Taquería El Nacimiento. Ohio & Michigan s Oldest & Largest Latino Weekly DENTRO: Valuable Coupons Inside! Gratis! prensa ensatoledo Taquería El Nacimiento Mexican Restaurant Hours: Mon-Thur: 9AM-12AM Fri & Sat: 9AM-3AM Sun: 9AM-12AM W e l c o m e! Carry-Out Phone:

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The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj.

The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj. THE OFFICIAL CONVENTION NEWSPAPER OF NAHJ THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2007 2007 Convention San Jose Inside Today HOME RUN CHASE Reaction is mixed about Bonds drive PAGES 7-9 GET HYPHY

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MINER. Miners have strong showing at Small School Meet. Page 14 SAN MANUEL

MINER. Miners have strong showing at Small School Meet. Page 14 SAN MANUEL SAN MANUEL MINER Jeanine Apuron Sea Lions Miners have strong showing at Small School Meet Page 14 Volume 60 Number 44 Periodicals Postage Paid at San Manuel, Arizona 85631 Wednesday, October 29, 2014 50

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As Christmas approaches,


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LOCAL 338 is. desperately need. I find it truly sickening year; school is out, we can enjoy our hard

LOCAL 338 is. desperately need. I find it truly sickening year; school is out, we can enjoy our hard LOCAL 338 RWDSU/UFCW Vol. 7 No. 11 Summer 2007 NEWS WWW.LOCAL338.ORG 1505 Kellum Place, Garden City, NY 11530 Viewpoint... by John R. Durso, President INSIDE Endangering the Middle Class..... 2 Staying

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A Fragile Trust, a documentary on Jayson Blair s impact on

A Fragile Trust, a documentary on Jayson Blair s impact on WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 34 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 2 de marzo de 2014 UTSA brings first open compute lab to North America By Natalie Bobadilla San Antonio is about to get tech

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Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN

Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 NORTHERN MANHATTAN S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER NOW EVERY WEDNESDAY TODOS LOS MIERCOLES washington Heights Inwood HARLEM EAST HARLEM EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE

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se abre para inscripciones

se abre para inscripciones VOL 18 No. 11 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 20 de Noviembre, 2014 * Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City Your latino connection since 1996 Tú conexión latina desde 1996

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News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th

News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th Hispania News SOUTHERN COLORADO'S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER SINCE 1987 Dora the Explorer competition winners page 10 VOL. 18. NO. 5 3 de febrero - 10 de febrero 2005 El consulado móvil,

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Media Totals Dashboard

Media Totals Dashboard Media Totals Dashboard April 14 May 18, 2015 MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: U-T San Diego: Law Clears Way for Join U.S.-Mexico Inspections (Apr. 24 by Sandra Dibble) This is a historic moment we just witnessed, said

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Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st

Lunes, 1ero de septiembre / Monday, September 1st Estafa / Scam: Usted puede ayudar a detenerla You can help stop it Pg. 6 Voto 2008: Un último gran esfuerzo One last, big push Pg. 4 agosto 2008 / August 2008 Bilingual Free / Gratis Lunes, 1ero de septiembre

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New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran

New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 47 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 24 de mayo de 2015 New SAC Welcome Center honors Tino and Millie Duran With the help of San Antonio College President Robert Vela, Millie and Tino

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COMMUNICATIONS KIT REACHING LATINO FAMILIES COMMUNICATIONS KIT REACHING LATINO FAMILIES Communications Kit Reaching Latino Families An Outreach Guide in English and Spanish This kit is made possible through Covering Kids: A National Program of The

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La Nueva Voz. The New Voice, a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Publication Pomona s only community newspaper!

La Nueva Voz. The New Voice, a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Publication Pomona s only community newspaper! La Nueva Voz POM ONA CHAMBER FREE GRATIS Pomona s own Yasmin Hernandez, who graduated this year from Pomona Catholic, climbed her way past thousands of talented singers to appear on the nationally televised

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Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall

Celebran Día Nacional de Oración en City Hall WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXV NÚMERO 44 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 4 de mayo de 2014 Michelle Obama: San Antonio, ustedes son todo lo que llegar más alto significa Por Ana Cristina González

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El tiempo antes de las elecciones del 2008: Unidos venceremos, divididos cayéremos. Run up to Elections 2008: United we stand, divided we fall

El tiempo antes de las elecciones del 2008: Unidos venceremos, divididos cayéremos. Run up to Elections 2008: United we stand, divided we fall Los cartas de no concuerdo No Match letters... p2 Expresándonos: Jesús Salas Speaking Out: Jesús Salas... p14 Oficial de policía criticado por interrogatorio Police officer criticized over questioning...

Más detalles Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Ave. 303.289.3600 Colorado Vol. 7, No. 4 April 2012 Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Ave. 303.289.3600 Colorado Vol. 7, No. 4 April 2012 Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Ave. 303.289.3600 News Commerce City Colorado Vol. 7, No. 4 April 2012 Page 6 Page 9 Reaching Out in All Directions Page 8 City Council Meetings are in the Council

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Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht

Minneapolis, MN. Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) By Matt Utecht Fact Finder Minneapolis, MN Local 653 Vol. 51 No. 6 July 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare What it Means to our Taft Hartley Fund (Insurance) The looming implementation of the

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