GENERAL INFORMATION. SHOW SITE: Centro Banamex, Avenida del Conscripto Numero 311, Mexico DF Cp 11200

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1 GENERAL INFORMATION GETTING TO MEXICO: US Airline American, Delta, & Continental- fly to Mexico City International Airport by way of Dallas, Houston, L.A., Tucson, Phoenix or Miami. Aero Mexico and Mexicana Airlines fly direct from many U.S. cities. U.S. citizens will need a passport to enter Mexico. On arrival you will be met by a random inspection process where you press a button and receive either a green or red light. A green light, you re in; a red light and you proceed to customs inspection. Once inside, the Mexico City International Terminal has a currency exchange where you can convert US dollars to Mexican Pesos at the prevailing exchange rate HAND CARRYING GOODS TO MEXICO: You can hand-carry commercial items (portable display, samples, graphics, etc.) into Mexico provided the total value of goods in your possession is less than US $1000. [Anything over this amount will require a customs broker to clear through customs. See Worldwide Shipping Instructions for details.] When hand-carrying, be sure to have a commercial invoice showing the quantity of items and their value. Without this documentation, Mexican Customs will determine the value for you. If you are red-lighted and are transporting commercial goods of value in excess of US$300 you will be subject to duties (up to 20% of value), a.08% DTA (processing fee) and 15% V.A.T. (value added tax). SHOW SITE: Centro Banamex, Avenida del Conscripto Numero 311, Mexico DF Cp EXHIBITOR SERVICE CENTER: To assist exhibitors on-site, a bi-lingual service desk, staffed by the official contractors, will be operational throughout the set-up and dismantle schedule. EXHIBITOR ADMISSION: Exhibitors may enter the exhibit floor one hour prior to opening, unless other arrangements have been made with Show Management. If you wish to remain at your exhibit after show hours, special arrangements will also be required. These limitations are enforced for security purposes. EXHIBITOR CREDENTIALS: Exhibitor badges may be ordered in advance (and picked up on site) using the form in this manual, or at the on-site exhibitor registration. All personnel representing the exhibitor or his agents during installation and dismantling must be identified by official show credentials. 1

2 GENERAL INFORMATION THIRD PARTY I&D: You are welcome to contract with an independent I&D house to install your booth. (They must provide us with an insurance certificate, a requirement they will be familiar with.) ON-SITE MATERIAL HANDLING: Only exhibit materials that can be hand-carried only, by one person, may be delivered to or removed from the exhibitor s booth. All other freight must be handled by the official drayage contractor Grupo Ormex. To schedule drayage services in advance, use the form provided in this manual. PAYMENT FOR SERVICES Grupo Ormex, the general contractor will accept a company check, American Express, MasterCard or VISA. The various contractors in Mexico will accept VISA, MasterCard, traveler s checks or cash US dollars or Pesos. Your credit card transactions will be denominated in pesos and your card company will convert to dollars at the exchange rate in effect when processed. (The current exchange rate is around 11.0 pesos per US dollar. Centro Banamex, providing in-booth telephone and/or internet service, does not accept American Express. Please be sure the person handling your exhibit on-site is aware that all open invoices will need to be settled before leaving the show site. This is standard policy for trade show contractors. CENTRO BANAMEX RULES AND REGULATIONS: Floor load unlimited Restrictions: No parking in the pick-up or drop-off zones vehicles will be towed Smoking is strictly prohibited during set-up and dismantle activity It is not permitted to affix items of any kind to columns, walls, or floors Centro Banamex assumes no responsibility for vehicles or items left in vehicles which are parked in the outdoor lot or parking structure. No booth structure or signage can be over 5.7 m (19 ft.) ELECTRICAL: All electrical installations must be made by the official electrical contractor. The standard supplies of electrical current are 110v, 60Hz and three phase, 220v, 60Hz A.C. with +/- 20% fluctuations. Exhibitors using or demonstrating computers or electrically sensitive equipment should plan to use surge protectors, as electrical spikes are common in Mexico. Electrical service to stands will be switched off at the source fifteen minutes after the exhibition closes each day. Twenty-four hour service can be provided by prior arrangement with the electrical contractor. Costs incurred by this added service are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors should bring in certain adapters, etc. with them. SECURITY: General security will be provided in the exhibition hall for the length of the move-in, exhibition and moveout periods. Security service for individual stands, if desired, must be ordered using the form provided in this manual. REMOVAL OF ITEMS FROM THE EXHIBIT HALL: No material (except briefcases) may be removed from the exhibit hall without a properly completed carry-out pass which can be obtained from the Show Management office. 2

3 GENERAL INFORMATION SELLING GOODS AT THE SHOW: In general, products on display will be entering the country under Temporary Importation and must be returned to the U.S. by the freight forwarder / customs broker (Global Events) so that proper docmentation canceling the bonded entry can be presented to Mexican Customs. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: Show Management will not accept liability for loss or damage to exhibit, products or materials. Exhibitors are advised to insure their exhibits against theft, loss or damage to property. 3

4 EVENT SCHEDULE EXHIBITOR INSTALLATION: Monday, April 11, 2011 Tuesday, April 12, :00 am 10:00 pm 8:00 am 12:00 pm All exhibits must be fully operational by 12:00 pm Tuesday, April 12th! After this hour no installation work will be permitted without explicit permission from Exhibit Management. EXHIBIT HOURS: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Thursday, April 14, :00 pm 8:00 pm 2:00 pm 8:00 pm 2:00 pm 8:00 pm No exhibits are to be dismantled or removed, in whole or in part, before 8:00 pm Thursday, April 14th. EXHIBITOR DISMANTLE:** Thursday, April 14, 2011 Friday, April 15, :00 pm 10:00 pm 8:00 am 12:00 pm **WHEN LEAVING THE EXHIBIT HALL, DO NOT LEAVE PRODUCT OR ANY VALUABLES IN THE EXHIBIT HALL. REMOVAL OF EXHIBITS: All materials must be removed from the exhibit floor by 12:00 noon Friday, April 15, Freight being handled by Global Events, the official freight and customs broker, should be packed, labeled and ready for shipment by 12:00 pm on Friday, April 15th. 4

5 Official Contractors EXHIBIT MANAGEMENT: GENERAL CONTRACTOR: ROC Exhibitions 1963 University Lane Phone: Lisle, IL Grupo Ormex FAX: Eliud Herrera Labor/Decorating/Furnishings/ Av. Fundidora 501 L-10 PHONE: Custom Designs/Rentals/Signs Col. Obrera Monterrey, N.L. FAX: , Exhibit Managers: Paul Niemiec Audio Visual, Plants & Flowers C.P Mexico Kristen Haley AUDIO VISUAL: Grupo Ormex Eliud Herrera Av. Fundidora 501 L-10 Phone: Col. Oberera Monterrey, N.L. Fax: , C.P Mexico CLEANING Centro Banamex Av. Conscripto No. 311 Col. Lomas de Sotelo Mexico, D.F. Mexico Fax: ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Centro Banamex Av. Conscripto No. 311 Col. Lomas de Sotelo Mexico, D.F. Mexico Fax:

6 Official Contractors FACILITY: Centro Banamex Av. Conscripto #311 Col. Lomas de Sotelo CP Mexico DF Fax: FLORAL: Grupo Ormex Eliud Herrera Ave Fundidora #501 L Col. Obrera Monterrey, N.L. FAX: / 8191, Mexico FREIGHT FORWARDER/ Global Events Management, LLC CUSTOMS BROKER: 1295 Northern Blvd, Suite Manhasset, NY FAX: GENERAL SHOW INFORMATION: (Spanish speaking) ROC Exhibitions Bernice Alcantar 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL FAX: REGISTRATION/ LEAD RETRIEVAL: ACOB Tecnologia de Datos Phone: SECURITY: Grupo Ormex Eliud Herrera Ave. Fundidora #501 L-10 Phone: Col. Obrera Monterrey, N.L. Fax: / C.P Mexico

7 Official Contractors TELEPHONE: Centro Banamex Av. Conscripto No. 311 Col. Lomas de Sotelo Mexico, D.F. Mexico Fax: TRANSLATION/ INTERPRETERS: MF Producciones Monica Fregoso Z. Phone:

8 EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR NOTIFICATION FORM In the best interest of the exhibitors, NFPA Mexico Fire Expo has selected certain firms (at rates considered equitable and normal for the area) as Official Contractors for various convention services. If you, the exhibitor, have contracted with any firm other than those appointed by NFPA Mexico Fire Expo, you must complete and return this form no later than Friday, March 11, In addition, it is your responsibility to inform your contractor of the rules governing exhibitor appointed contractors. EAC s are required to provide a certificate of insurance showing minimum liability of $1 million per occurrence, combined single limit, for bodily injury, property damage, and workers compensation; naming the GRUPO ORMEX; NFPA MEXICO FIRE EXPO; CENTRO BANAMEX; ROC EXHIBITIONS; and NFPA. Exhibiting Company Address City/State/Zip Exhibit Contact Phone Fax Booth Number Person or Firm Contracted With: Company Address City/State/Zip Contact Phone Fax Services Provided by the Contractor: Exhibitor Signature Only Date PLEASE MAIL OR FAX TO: ROC Exhibitions Inc University Lane Lisle, IL Phone: (630) Fax: (630)

9 NFPA MEXICO FIRE EXPO 2011 RULES AND REGULATIONS Times and Dates The schedule for the booth set up, the Exposition Hall open hours and the booth removal are as follows: Activity Date Time General Setup Monday, April 11 3:00 AM to 10:00 PM General Setup Tuesday, April 12 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Expo Hall Open Hours Tuesday, April 12 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM Expo Hall Open Hours Wednesday, April 13 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM Expo Hall Open Hours Thursday, April 14 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM Booth Dismantling Thursday, April 14 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Booth Dismantling Friday, April 15 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM All EXHIBITORS must follow the designated schedule for assembl y, disassembly and open hours of the event, a nd if not followed, shall pay to the Centro Banamex any overtime wages incurred. Assembly and Disassembly All boxes and packing materials must be removed without exception no later than Monday April at 8:00 PM. EXHIBITORS may continue to w ork within their booths, finishing by 1:00 PM on Tuesda y April 12. Asse mbly is prohibited after this time or during EXPO hours, except for cleaning. For better control over the equipment, merchandi ze and materials di splayed at the event, all these should be broug ht into to Th e Exhibition Hall, through the designated ent rances and e xits as indicated on The Exhibition H all map during the setup and disassembly hours. Fitting, installation, decoration and gene ral assembl y of the booths must comply with the sche dule indicated in these rules. Otherwise, THE ORGANIZER shall be empowered to take any action it deems necessary and the EXHIBITOR shall pay the amount of overtime wages. Expo hall carpets will be installed on Apr il 12 at 8:00 AM, so all boxes and packing mate rial must be removed from the hallways. There cannot be anything allowed to interfere w ith the w ork of installing the carpet. Therefore, the O rganizing Committee and t he carpet installation company have the power to take an y measures necessary to remove materials that prevent the installation of the carpet. The EXH IBITOR shall ha ve no right to complain if t here were to be a ny materials damaged and the Organizing Committee and the installation company are free from responsibility for any damages that could occur. Work of dismantling the booth and packing up of displays shall be prohibited before 8:00 PM Thursday, April 14. It is strictly forbidden the entry of heavy machinery or equipment to The Exhibition Hall after the opening ceremony. It is forbidden to remove from THE EXHIBITION any equipment, displays or merchandise during the event, except under the direct supervision by the security service, which will authorize and approve your exit pass. If for any reason, any material, papers and/ or equipment destined for your booth was left outside The Exhibition Hall during setup, may have access during the days of the event (with the prior approval of the Organizing Committee) between 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM. All booths must be removed in accordance with the timetable set out in Section 2.1. After the designated time to have vacated your booth, the Organizing Committee will instruct the staff to clear and dispose of any remaining booths and materials sti ll in the exhibit hall, charging th e EXHIBIT OR a ny costs that ha ve arisen. Neither the Organizing Committee no r the booth assembl y suppo rt company nor THE EXHIBITION center shall be liable for any damages that may be caused to the booths or other material during the removal and disposal process. No vehicle can enter THE EXHIB ITION area while the hall is open to visitors. If it is to be display ed as part of a bo oth, you must notify the Organizing Committee before th e begin ning of the setu p pr ocess, to establish an arrival time and ar range for the saf e entry of the vehi cle. The vehicle s motor must not be start ed during the event, and the vehicle must contain only the minimum amount of fuel necessary to move it into and out of the building.

10 If you are going to display machinery, it must have all the elements required to meet safety standards that guarantee that there is no risk to visitors nor is there an y risk to The E xhibition Hall. The Or ganizing Committee is entitled at an y ti me to stop the demonstration a nd operation of any such machiner y o r equipme nt that it deems dangerous, ha rmful or anno ying to visitors and EXHIBITORS. Prior authorization from the Organizing Committee is required to establish an entry time for the safe entry of any such machinery or equipment. The maximum height of the building is meters (40 feet). Booths 9 to 18 m2, (100 to 200 sq. ft.), have dividing w alls of 2.5 meters (8 feet) height. Booth decorations for 9 m2 cannot exceed 4.5 m height and 18 m2 cannot exceed 4.5 m h eight. In addition, each booth contains a heavy-d uty red carp et and 1-grou nded electrical outlet and f uorescent lamp 2 x 39 watts (must have ca nopy to install). Also, it may have the option to include a fascia board (canopy) with the compa ny nam e and boo th numbe r, if requested in a timely mann er th rough the EXHIBI TOR s Man ual. Corner and header booths only include the wall(s) adjoining the booth(s) located on the sides or back of the booth. All other services such as electricity, telephone, additional furniture, cleaning, etc. must be contracted through the official contractors. Service provider requisition forms are included in the official EXHIBITOR s Manual. For booths larger than 18 m2 (200 sq. ft.), the decorations should not block or hind er the visibility of any other booths, nor obstruct the informational signs within the Centro Banamex, emergency exits and/or walkways. Therefore, the maximum height of the booth and its decorations is 6.00 meters, (20 feet). If your are considering placing a booth higher than the allowed 6.00 meters, (20 feet), it is necessary to have responsive letter guar anteeing the structur al integrity of th e booth from t he booth assembly company. These booths include 2 -grounded outlets. If you need more electrical c onnections, please appl y and pay directly to t he electrical services contractor comp any at THE EX HIBITION Cente r. These booths do not include carpet, walls, fasci a board (cano py) o r signs. All other services such as electr icity, telephone, additional furniture, cleaning, etc. must be contracted w ith these official cont ractors. Application forms for these service providers are included in the official EXHIBITOR s Manual. IMPORTANT: The booths must be installed in accordance with the specifications of the official floor plan of THE EXHIBITION. If any EXHIBITOR wants to make modifications or chan ges such as ad ding or removi ng booth dividers and guardr ails, these ma y be requested free of charge through the EXHIBITOR s Manual by the designated deadlines for each type of service needed. After that date, any changes will be charged at that time and must be paid directly to the official provider, and are subject to the availability of that firm to provide the service within the timeframe given. The weight limit of THE EXHIBITION floor is 2.5 metric tons/m2. If you need to b ring in equipment or machinery that exceeds th e weight limit, you must request prior permission from the O rganizing Committee, w hich will be ev aluated in conju nction with TH E EXHIBITION center autho rities for consideratio n and approval. EXHIBITORS will be responsible for contracting an y special equipment necessary for this task maneuver without causing any damage to the facility or to the other booths. The only tasks allowed within The Exhibition Hall are the set up of f urniture and equipment; any carpentry, metalworking, plumbing, electrical work or any other activity must be done outside The Exhibition Hall. During the time of assembling and dismantling the booths, for s forbidden. afety r easons smoking or the dr inking of alcoholic beverages is During assembly and disassembly hours, lighting will be at 30% of the normal levels, and no air conditioning will be provided. You may use double-sided adhesive tape and/or masking tape to affix advertising signs or banners on the sides and back hard wall panels of your booth, as well as you ma y use n ylon thread and/or hooks placed at the top of the hard wall panels to suspend an y advertisements or banners. Activities NOT permitted in the hall: The covering or painting of the floors, walls, columns or ceilings of the building. The nailing, scr ewing, drilling or the per formance of any action that invol ves damaging the facilities or interfering with the venue s ability to provide services. The use of spray paint, saws, air guns, machines for cutting or welding, compressors, or any noisy or pollution emitting equipment. Welding over any metallic structure of the building. Hanging objects from the support columns, walls, ceiling, railings or doors. Use construction materials (plaster, cement, bricks, etc). Tamper with, modify or manipulate the electricity, telephone or other facilities services or to make connections directly to the central distribution pane ls for these serv ices from your b ooth. Th ese tas ks are rese rved exclusively f or t he Cent ro Ban amex technical services contractors and its subsidiary Groupo Omega. Place any signs, advertisements, materials or objects on the walls, doors or windows of the facility. Use machines with excessive mechanical movement that may cause vibrations such as cutters, compressors, dies, etc. The cleaning of materials, tools, brushes, containers of paint or any equipment in the bathroom sinks or anywhere within the facility. Any damage caused by not obeying the above rules shall be paid immediately.

11 Any additional requests regardin g the assembly and disassembly of the booths that is not provid regulations shall be considered on a case by case basis by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. ed for within these rules and Rules on the Use of Space Under no circumstances will any EXHIBITOR be allowed to setup their booth until 100% of their fees for the reserved booth space have been paid. Furthermore, no additional services will be provided until total amount due has been paid. For cases in which EXHIBITORS invade non authorized space assigned in the distribution of T HE EXHIBITION floor plan without prior written a uthorization, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove the bo oth o r mate rials from that a rea, and accepts no liability occurring from such actions. The dimensions of the spaces shown on the official floor plan were drawn to scale, but still ar e considered to be approximations. The Organizing Committee rese rves the right to make changes a s necessary to meet the ne eds of the E xpo an d EXHIBITORS. Booths are allocated fairl y and e quitably, according to policie s in dicated in the rules and regulations regarding the allocatio n of booths. The EXHIBITOR will not rent, sub-lease or share wholly or pa rtially the space con tracted without the prior kno wledge and writte n consent of the Organizing Committee. No product, brochure, accessory, souvenir, catalog or other object, which bears the name o r advertises any other company that is not the EXHIBITOR, will be allowed. No firm or company without an actual assigned booth will be allowed to do business within THE EXHIBITION area. The EXHIBITOR commits to resp ect the limits of the size of t he floor area as well as the height of their booth and t o use only the contracted space w ithout blocking access w ith any equipment, fu rniture and/or products or interfe ring the visibility of the adj acent booths. Any product demonstrations or activities that impedes free flow of the aisles and walkways or prevents the free access to the booths of adjacent EXHIBITORS may be prohibited at the discretion of the Organizing Committee whose decision is final. Any activit y to b e conducted b y the EXHIBIT OR related to pr oduct demonstration s and/or entert ainment, which co uld present a danger to the visitors or EXHIBITORS, requires prior written approval b y the Org anizing Committee before the b eginning of the event. All rules r egarding the life safety and the pr otection must be respected, as th ese are enacted for everyone s safety, to avoid accidents and/or harm to people, or damage to the furniture, equipment and the facility itself, and must use only the space allocated and respect the rights of those in contiguous areas b y not blocking other booths or walkways o r aisles. In the case that th e EXHIBITOR fails to comply with these provisions, the Organizing Committee may terminate the contract previously signed. Forbidden is the demonstration of products t hat bother or inconvenience the EX HIBITORS or visitors, such a s t hose that emi t smoke, cause odors, create explosions, et c. In the event that th e demonstratio n causes noise, the sound canno t exceed 70 decibels, so as not to bothe r th e nearb y EXHIB ITORS or visito rs. In the event that there are any such complaints about a n EXHIBITOR, the EXHIBITOR is requested to change the d emonstration or reduce the noise as n ecessary to sati sfy the pe rson complaining, an d in case of co ntinuing complaints, at t he discretion of the Org anizing Committee the demonstration ma y b e prohibited. Prohibited are a ny activities and/or events deeme d by the Organiz ing Committee t hat could be considered inappropriate, illegal or contrary to moral standards or best practices. The use of 2 floor structures is limited to boot hs equal or larger than 36 m2 (40 The structure under no circumstances may exceed the contracted space at its base and height, including the materials used for construction and decoration. For both single level and tw o level booths, take special care r egarding the look of both the visible sides of your booth and the back sides of your displays in your booth, both of which must have a finished look and be aesthetically acceptable, so as not to affect the aesthetics of the contiguous booth s. In the case of any complaints by EXHIBITORS, the Organizing Committee will determine what changes the offending EXHIBITOR is required to make it have an aesthetically pleasing finished look. Both EXHIBITORS and assembly personnel are responsible for an y damage caus ed to the buildings and facilit ies, the booths an d their contents, including equipment and furniture. It is strictly forbidden to nail, staple, perforate and/or paint the walls of the booth or the floors of the building. Forbidden is the cutting of the carpets, the painting of the columns or exceeding the w eight restrictions on The Exhibition Hall floor. The failure to comply with any of these provisions requires the EXHIBITOR to cover the amount of the cost of repairs to the damaged property, and THE ORGANIZER is not liable for damage to property or other EXHIBITORS. During the Exhib it Hall Open Hours w hen THE EXHIBITION is open to the public, each booth must be staffed at those times by at least one duly accredited representative wearing the show badge. It is the responsibility of each EX HIBITOR to hav e your personnel in your booth at least 30 minutes before the offic ial event s tart time and for 30 minutes after the event has closed to the public, as this will reduce the risk of loss through theft. All personnel of the exhibiting co mpanies must do business and distribute brochu res and/or p romotional items only within the a rea of their own booth. Any advertising or brochu res that are distributed outside of the contracted area will be removed and discarded without any compensation to the EXHIBITOR. Any installation of signs, advertising, banners or other t ype of information has to be approved an d supervised by the Org anizing Committee. It is forbidden to place advertisi ng in t he following are as of the Centro Baname x: Hall ways, bat hrooms, parking lots, snack bars or restaurants, docks, platforms, doors and building walls.

12 Additional Onsite Services Centro Banamex is the exclusive provider of these services: Telephony, Internet, Water and Drainage, Compressed Air, Installation of Hanging Items, Forklift Rental, Booth Cleaning, Storage, Electricity, Food and Beverage, Fast Food and Cable TV. EXHIBITORS may contract these services directly with Centro Banamex by filling out the requisition forms that are in the EXHIBITOR s Manual. Some things to be taken into consideration about the use of certain exclusive Centro Banamex services are: Electricity a) Only official Centro Banamex employees have allowed access to the electrical infrastructure of Centro Banamex. b) Each EXH IBITOR may request additional elec tric services, such as high voltag e lines or tri-phase service, directly with Centro Banamex, specifying the additional electrical load required, either in watts or amps. c) Any requests for additional services or special power requirements are subject to the approval of Centro Banamex. d) In t he case of the use of equipment, machines or moto rs by the EXHIBITOR, please add 25 % to your usual continuous power consumption to maintain the normal horsepower needed or add 25% to the amps level to take in to account the initial start up power requirements of that equipment. e) The wiring of the booth in no case may be visible and hanging from structure and/or columns, it should be routed out of sight along the rails of the suppo rt s ystem of t he bo oth or appr opriately marked and protected unde r the ca rpet. Cables shall be continuous without connectors or extensions, for those you need distribution boxes (switches). It is strictly forbidden to climb in the columns and m etallic structures of the faci lities to any one oth er than Centro Banamex official employ ees. Violators w ill be sanctioned per instructions of the Centro Banamex staff, even including the closing of the booth. f) Because the incandescent an d halogen lamp s significantly incr ease the temp erature, th e onl y lighting permitted is fluorescen t lamps, as they burn cool and save energy. g) Prohibited are the installation of impr ovised electrical connec tions, it is not possible to attend r equests to provid e for a dditional electrical services that would require connections directly to the feeder lines that run through the structure. Installations Using The Facilities Structure a) The placement of banners, advertisements and all kinds of decorative materials connect ed to or supported by facilities structure, can only be done if the requisition form has been completed by the deadline indicated in the EXHIBITOR s Manual. The maximum height for the hanging of flags or other items is 7 meters or (8 ft). Above 7 m. no objects are allowed. b) O nly Cent ro Banamex official emplo yees ma y use the facilit ies structures aro und the Ex position area, the refore, it is strict ly prohibited to climb in the columns and metallic structures of the facilities to anyone other than Centro Banamex official employees Cleaning a) Ce ntro Bana mex Staf f will b e responsible fo r cleaning and removing trash f rom the comm on areas and h allways of THE EXHIBITION; th erefore, th ey a re not responsible for cleaning wi thin y our booth. Please place y our trash nea r the edge of the walkways by your booth for collection. b) The EXHIBITOR may contract for the services of the official onsite cleaning com pany for the Booth by using the r equisition form provided in the EXHIBITOR s Manual. Forklift Rental a) The forklifts used within the premises must be in good working condition, free from leaks of fuel, oil and other liquids and must be equipped with pneumatic tires. In the event of requiring supplying it with fuel, it is will only be possible to do it in the loading area. First Aid a) Centr o Bana mex has an am bulance service available on site with pa ramedics equipped fo r p roviding first ai d, which provides services on a permanent basis and without cost. There is a similarly equipped medical clinic available onsite during the entire event. Booth Decorations Any boot h deco ration must be approved b y th e Org anizing Co mmittee, this to ensure safet adjacent booths. y, while avoiding d isruption to the The EXHIBIT OR is required to communicate the guidelines and specificati ons contained in these regul ations to each of their suppliers and contractors involved with their participation in the event, especially the company hired to assemble and decorate your booth. The staff assigned to work on the assembly and dismantling of th e booths, m ust wear the required ID p rovided by the Organizing Committee that clearly identifies them. An yone who is not carry ing it will be denie d access to THE EXHIBITION area. Such staff shall behave in an orderly manner to prevent accidents and damage to facilities. EXHIBITORS and/or the Booth Decorator are at all times responsible for any damage or problems caused by their personnel or the personnel of their contractors. Any damage caused to the facilities or to another EXHIBITOR must be paid for immediately. Sponsorship and Promotional Activities All sponsorships and/or prom otional activiti es w ithin the facility t hat are offered by the org anizing committee are subject to the approval of Centro Banamex.

13 Centro Banamex has corporate s ponsorships such as Banamex, Telcel, Coca Cola and Gr upo Modelo. If an y EXHIBITOR would like to introduce any brand that is a competitor to an y of these sponsors (either for sale, branded presence, sampling or tasting) this must be limited exclusively to The Exhibition Hall contracted by THE EXHIBITION, and is subject to the written permission of Centro Banamex. Product promotions, including sponsorships and food and beverage tastings, or the promotion of any products and/or service similar to those alread y offered by Centro Banamex invariably are subject to the prio r approval from Centr o Banamex. If the promotion o f any products or services were to occur without the prior written consent of Centro Banamex, Centro Banamex reserves the right t o close the booth where the unauthorized activity is occurring, without any liability to Centro Banamex. Centro Banamex reserves the right to refuse admission to an y unauthorized supplier of goods o r services whose prior history of negative behavior could directly or indirectly adversely affected the good standing of Centro Banamex. Food and Beverage Centro Baname x reserves all food and bev erage concession rights to operate or pr ovide food and beverage service w ithin the facilities complex. Service is provided in THE EXHIBITION area, the conventions area, in the restaurants, cafes and all those outlets designated for t his service. It is strict ly pr ohibited the entr y of all outside f ood and beverages, whether fo r consu mption b y the EXHIBITOR and/or is provided for sale or given away free to the visitors. Any request related to the paragraph above, should be directed to the Organizing Committee who will evaluate the specific request in conjunction with the Centro Banamex. Centro Banamex has an a rea within The E xhibition Hall located in front of the Fast Food area, intended for use b y its consumers. EXHIBITORS m ay pu rchase me al coupons for f eeding your pe rsonnel b y pa ying in advance using proper fo rm found in the EXHIBITOR s Manual. Civil Liability Insurance The Organizing Committee contracted a civil liability insurance. This insurance does not protect your equipment against damage or theft, so EXHIBI TORS are responsible for insuring their o wn equipment. The Organizing Committee will neither fo r any reason n or under any circumstances compensate EXHIBITORS for the theft, loss or damage of your goods and/or equipment. GIPREX INTERNACIONAL, S. DE R.L. DE C.V., GIPREX MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V., the Orga nizing Committee, R OC Exhibitions, Inc., NFPA, Centro Banamex and its affiliates or r epresentatives shall not be held responsible for a ny injury, loss, damage or harm that may occur to EXHIBITORS, their employees or their property in any case. The EXHIBITOR, by signing this contract, releases of liability to the above associations, companies or individuals for any such injury, loss or damage. Parking The parking facility is operated by Centro Banamex, and is limited only to cars and trucks with a gross vehicle weight of one metric ton or less. It is not permitted to use any parking area for the display, sales or promotion of any kind of product or service or by placing signs or decorations in this area. Security Centro Banamex, conducts security patrols thr oughout the comple x 24 hours a d ay, but is onl y responsible for the safety of th eir own facilities and surrounding areas, including: lobbies, shopping areas and public parking, among others, therefore during the time of the open Exhibition hours. The security of Booths is the responsibility of each EXHIBITOR. After the scheduled closing of The Exhibition Hall each day, the security guards will coordinate the clearing of all attendees from The Exhibition Hall, so we ask for cooperation of all EX HIBITORS in order to prevent anyone from wandering through unprotected areas and the potential risk for theft tha t entails. Apart o f The Exhibition Hall open hours scheduled for the event, no EXHIBITORS a re allowed to rema in in The Exhibition Hall, w ith the excepti on of those w ho hav e previously applied for and received w ritten permission issued by the Organizing Committee. Law enfo rcement personnel from the Centro Ban amex, Civil Prot ection and/or th e Fire Dep artment of Mex ico Cit y, will make inspection tours of The Exhibition Hall. In the given case that a ny potential or actu al danger is det ected, that m ay put at risk the participants of the event, the Org anizing Committee and Centr o Banamex, have the authorit y to e xercise the necessar y corrective measures to ensure the safety of the Centro Banamex, the event and the booths. The Organizing Committee will pr ovide the necessar y secur ity at all times dur ing the event, however, each EXHIBITOR is responsible for t he care, custod y and control of t heir booth an d its contents. EXHIBITORS are advised to have insurance to cove r loss or damage of exhibit material, or to contract the services of a security guard during the event. The functions of the security service hired by the Organizing Committee shall be limited to: a) To control access to the many EXHIBITION events. b) To control the removal of products or materials on display, through the specific forms or special permits. c) To verif y that all Booth assembly personnel, EXHIBITORS, att endees and spe cial guests are wearing their cor responding ID or badge as required. d) To guard and monitor THE EXHIBITION area and its contents 24 hours as day. e) To maintain order and control the public within the facilities.

14 f) To check all s afety systems protecting THE EX HIBITION and the facilities (fire ex tinguishers, emergency doors, s prinklers, fire hoses), among others. g) Assist the EXHIBITOR in dealing with any situation that may arise, as well as any medical emergency. Neither the Organizing Committee nor Centro Banamex, will be responsible before, during or after the event for: a) Damage or loss that may occur to the booths, samples, equipment and/or exhibition materials. b) Items that are lost in their booth during the hours that the exhibit is open. c) Loss of obje cts left inside th e vehicles locat ed in the C entro Baname x pa rking facility, nor for dam age ca used b y natural phenomena or fire, nor for mechanical failures nor the total or partial theft of parts and accessories. THE EXHIBITION is a specialize d industry event and is not open to the general public nor to visitors unde r 21 years of a ge, and therefore the Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to THE EXHIBITION. It is strict ly prohibited the entr y and/or carrying any kind of gun, knife or other shar p object, except by the official Centro Banamex security personnel, who are legally authorized to do so. In the absence o f any prior written consent, any person wishing to bring in or to remove material fr om the boot hs or anything that seems suspicious because of it s volume or size will be subject to review by the s ecurity personnel, and an ample reason will be required for the attempt to bring in or remove that item. The EXHIBITOR is required to secure their booth s, to provide fo r the safety of their visitors and the ir booth staff, an d will be held liable for any damages that the deficiency or lack of protection caused to third persons or to their property, whether by the actions of their own staff as well as those caused by machinery or equipment installed in the booth. The EXHIBITOR commits to comply with all rules and policies of the Centro Banamex. General Information This request to rent space at NFPA MEXICO FIRE EXPO 2011 will become a valid contract onl y when accepted an d is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations, the o fficial event booth site p lan map and the general information is co ntained in the EXHIBITOR s Manual. Please read ever ything carefull y befo re si gning this co ntract. All EXHIBITORS agree t hat their staff, employees, agents and represe ntatives and all t hose directly and indirectly involved in any activity related to your participation in THE EXHIBITION will abide by these regulations and/or to an y additions or modifications made by the Organizing Committee, and will act in strict conformity with these rules and regulations. Thes e rules have been made with the best interest of protecting the EXHIBITORS, the Organizing Committee and their representatives. For any interpretations of the rules, the Organizing Committee s decisions w ill be considered fin al, and an y ma tter not covered herein, will be s ubject to the fin al decision of the Organizing Committee. Being accepted as a n EXHIBITOR at NFPA MEXICO FIRE EXPO 2011 does not m ean or impl y the endorsement by the Organizing Committee of the EXHIBITOR s products and services. This agreement commits the parties and their successors under contract law. A breach of any part of this contract will be deemed a breach of the contract as a whole. Any breach of t hese rules will be just caus e for termination of this contract w ithout an y liability on the pa rt of the Organizi ng Committee. The Organizing Committee rese rves the right to enforce the compliance of this contract b y any means necessary, including taking legal action. Sincerely, The Organizing Committee

15 EXHIBIT RULES & REGULATIONS FREE-FORM OR ISLAND EXHIBIT GUIDELINES For any exhibit exceeding three and one hal f (3 1/2) meters in height, (12 ft.) whether a tower, pylon, or second story, regardless of whether people will occupy the upper area or not: (a) drawings must be signed or stamped by a reviewing structural engineer indicating that the structure design is properly engineered for its proposed use. (b) The second story of a tw o-story display equipped with one staircase will be limited to an occupant load of nine (9) persons. An occupant load sign will be required. (c) drawings are to be avail able for inspection by Show Management, installation/dismantling contractor, exhibitor and governmental authority during the time the exhibit is being erected, exhibited and dismantled at the site. The foregoing depicts almost any situation. If y our exhibit plans are not defined by these examples, contact Show Management for clarification. Show Management w ill not approve unsaf e ex hibit construction, or any which encroach upon the aisles or other exhibit area, or obstruct the visibility of other ex hibitors. All Booth dividers must be finished on both sides unless the neighboring exhibi tor agrees to decorate the area exposed to his booth. All rented floor space must be covered, i.e., carpet/tile. PLEASE BE SURE TO MAKE THESE FACTS KNOWN TO YOUR DECORATOR OR DISPLAY BUILDER. NOTE: Where an exhibitor's display is built bey ond the limitations and restrictions as set forth in the c ontract, Show Management reserves the right to cor rect such display violat ions by having the exhibitor alter, remove or rearrange any or all of the display so that it w ill comply with regulations. If the exhibitor is not available to make such corrections, then he does agree, as part of the contract, to give Show Management the authority to make any and all necessary corrections at the exhibitor's expense. HELIUM BALLOONS No helium filled balloons of any size or ty pe will be permitted for display purpose or giveaways in the Exhibit Facility. SIGNS Centro Banamex ceiling height is 12 m. or ft. Signs hung from the ceiling must conform to restrictions and limitations imposed by Centro Banamex. No signs can be hung higher than 5.7 m. (19 ft.). This is measured from the top of the sign to the floor. EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTORS Exhibitors utilizing the services of any contractor other than those appointed by Show Management must notify Show Management, in writing, 30 days prior to the exposition. These companies include, but are not limited to, I&D companies, sound and lighting firms, production or promotion firms, or any person or firm providing direct services to the exhibitors. These companies are r equired to provide a certificate of insurance naming the Ex hibit Facility and Show Management as additional insured. Minimum liab ility is $1 million per occurrence, combined single limit, for bodily injury & property damage. Workers Compensation as required by the Stat e statutes shall also be shown on said certificate EXHIBIT SETUP & STAFFING Exhibitors must have their booth set up by 12:00 noon Tuesday, April 12. Exhibitors must staff their booth( s) at all times during Expo hours. Failure to adhere to the above w ill cause forfeiture of space. No refunds on space will be made, and Show Management will have the right to use the space for whatever purpose they deem appropriate. BOOTH INSTALLATION & DISMANTLING Installation of display w ill take place fr om, 3:00 am 10:00 pm, Monday, April 11th and 8:00 am 12:00 pm, Tuesday, April 12th. Dismantling of display s will take place from 8:00 pm 10:00 pm Thursday, April 14 and 8:00 am 12:00 pm Friday, April 15. All material must be completely repacked for removal from the exhibit floor by 12:00 pm, Friday, April 15 th. CHILDREN In the interest of safety and injury prevention, children under 18 years of age w ill not be permitted on the ex hibit floor at any time. FIRE & SAFETY All exhibits or portions thereof must fully comply with applicable health, fire, and safety regulations. Any booth with four (4) walls and a ceiling w ill require a smoke detector to be installed on the ceiling and be equipped with an outside audible alarm. A #2A 10 BC fire ex tinguisher will be required in the interior portion of the booth. No combustible decoration, such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard or corrugated paper, shall be used at any time. All exhibit booths shall be constructed w ith noncombustible or limited combustible materials. Wood booths must be 1/4" thick or greater. All packing container s, excelsior, w rapping paper, etc., must be flameproof, or must be removed from the exhibition floor. Flammable packing material must not be stored under tables or behind display s. All muslin, velvet, silk or any other cloth decorations must stand a flameproof test as prescribed by applicable fire ordinances. Open flames, butane gas, oxy gen tanks, etc., are not permitted. Electrical appliances and cords must be U.L. or local laboratory approved. Gas appliances must be A.G.A. or local organization approved. CONDUCT OF EXHIBITS Exhibitors are encouraged to desi gn display s that w ill permit those attending the exhibit to par ticipate as fully as possible. While it is not intended to stifle artistic or imaginative displays, all promotion schemes should be developed with the idea that the basic principle of the device or "gimmick" is pertinent to the product, company or reason for exhibiting. Devices must be safe and non-injurious to participants and neighboring exhibitors, and must not obstruct the view of adjacent display or create a nuisance. An exam ple of prohibited actions are attention-getting devices employing loud amplification. The use of flashing signs, revolv ing flasher lights, or other lighting effects in such a manner as to cause unpleasant beams of light or reflections that interfere with other exhibitors is prohibited. The rights and privileges of an ex hibitor shall not be infringed upon by any other exhibitor. Interview s, demonstrations, distribution of literature, etc., must be made inside the exhibitor's booth. Canvassing, solicitation of business, or the use of advertising material or signs by firms other than those who have contracted for that spac e is prohibited. The display or distribution by exhibitors of circulars, catalogs, or other advertising materials for firms that are not exhibitors is prohibited.

16 Exhibit Rules & Regulations Contd. Show Management has the right to dec line or prohibit any exhibit or portion thereof which, in the opinion of Show Management, is not proper or in keeping w ith the character of the exhibition. It may restrict exhibits which, because of noise, acts, odor s, costumes, gimmicks, method of operation, materials or for any other reason, become objectionable, and also may prohibit or evict any exhi bit, w hich in the opinion of Show Management, may detract from the general character of the Exhibition as a w hole. This provision applies to persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character which is determined to be objectionable to the exhibition. In the event of such restriction or eviction, Show Management is not liable for any refunds or rentals or other exhibit expenses. Failure to comply with the stated rules and regulations w exhibitor being barred from future expositions. ill result in the PHOTOGRAPHY Only those professional photographers approved by Show Management will be allow ed on the show floor. An y individual, w hether exhibitor or attendee, is prohibited from taking photographs or electronic images of exhibit displays or their contents w ithout the permission of the exhibitor involved. Violators will be escorted off the exhibit floor and will forfeit their credentials and/or film. Violators will not be allowed re-entry. MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHS & OTHER COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Each exhibitor is responsible fo r obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use music, photographs or other copy righted material in exhibitor's booths or display s. The exhibitor shall remain liable for, and shall indemnify and hold Show Management, their agents and employees, harmless form all loss, cost, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, ex penses and costs, including reasonable attorney 's fees arising from or out of any viol ation or infringement (or claims) by exhibitors, exhibitor's agents, employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.

17 PLEASE NOTE RULES! RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR IN-LINE, PENINSULA, ISLAND, MULTI-STORY & PERIMETER BOOTHS THE CUBIC CONTENT RULE: In order to enable you to use all of the available space in your booth, we use the Cubic Content rule. It allows you to build or place display elements right up to the front of your booth and up to the maximum height permitted. HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Height restrictions for ALL booths is 5.7 m (19 ft.). This applies to booth structure and hanging signs. The height is measured from the top of the structure, or sign, to the floor. HANGING SIGNS: Hanging signs are permitted in all booths, but must remain within the confines of the booth. Any portion of an exhibit, or sign, bordering another exhibitor s booth must have the back side of that portion finished and not carry any identification signage or other copy. MULTI-STORY BOOTHS: Only island booths occupying 36 sq. m. (400 sq. ft.), or more, can construct a multi-story booth.

18 SHIPPING INFORMATION Global Events website URL is shipmexfire.html.

19 Promotion and Planning April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico The attached pages contain information and order forms to assist in your event planning and to help you maximize the promotional impact and return on investment for your company. Item Deadline Invitations for your customers and prospects ASAP Hotel, travel and parking info ASAP Sponsorship and promotional opportunities ASAP IMEX4 Event Directory listing February 4, 2011 IMEX4 Product Locator listing February 4, 2011 IMEX4 Event Directory advertising reservation February 4, 2011 Exhibitor badges April 1, 2011 Please contact us for any inquiries you have regarding the event In the US: Mark Sorensen Tel: Matt Hawerbier Tel: Bernice Alcantar Tel: Yo hablo Español In Mexico: Liliana Perez Tel: Yo hablo Español Isaac Gonzalez Tel: Yo hablo Español Planning MFE 11

20 Schedule at a Glance April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Exhibitor Installation Monday, April 11, :00am - 10:00pm Tuesday, April 12, :00am - 12:00pm All exhibits must be fully operational by 12:00pm on Tuesday, April 12th! After this hour no installation work will be permitted without special permission from Event Management. Exhibit Hours Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Thursday, April 14, :00pm - 8:00pm 2:00pm - 8:00pm 2:00pm - 8:00pm Registration Hours Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Thursday, April 14, :00am - 8:00pm 8:00am - 8:00pm 8:00am - 8:00pm Exhibit Dismantle Thursday, April 14, 2011 Friday, April 15, :00pm - 10:00pm 8:00am - 12:00pm Removal of Exhibits All exhibits will close promptly at 8:00pm on Thursday, April 14th. All freight not called for by 12:00pm on Friday, April 15th will be shipped by a carrier selected by the official drayage contractor at the exhibitor s expense. Schedule MFE 11

21 Free Guest Invitations April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Use this form to order an electronic version (PDF) of the event invitation for your customers and prospects. You can order the invitation for you and/or your representative, distributor, agent or affiliate. The PDF of the invitation will be available as of February 18, Please send a PDF version for distribution. Your Company Name Booth # Address (for PDF file) Additional requests Company Name Address Company Name Address Return this form to: Fax: Mail: NFPA MFE 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL For ROC Use Only: Date Received: Date ed: Increase your exposure and save money doing it ROC Exhibitions will gladly the event invitation to your database - at no cost You send an HTML Invite We have an HTML template available for you, you can personalize it with your corporate logo, invitation message and booth number. Send it using your /html program. We ll send the HTML Invite We can prepare and send an HTML invitation for you. The invitation will be personalized with your corporate logo, invitation message and booth number. Once you review and approve the , we ll send it to your database of customers and prospects. For additional information on this and other marketing resources available please contact Bernice Alcantar at or via at [ Please photocopy this form for your records ] MFE 11

22 Hotel & Travel April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Venue Centro Banamex Tel: Av. Conscripto No. 311 Tel: Col. Lomas de Sotelo 11200, Mexico, D.F. Hotels Discounted rates have been negotiated with area hotels. Prices listed are per night and do not include taxes and additional fees. Rates are subject to availability. Make your reservation using one the easy methods below: Make your reservation on-line at Hotel & Travel section Call the Servem Travel Desk: USA Mexico Canada the Servem Travel Desk at: Marquis Reforma $145 USD Single, $155 USD Double Paseo de la Reforma 465 Col. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Crowne Plaza WTC $115 USD S/D Dakota #95 Esq. Altadena Mexico City, NH Mexico City $915 MN S/D Liverpool #155 Zona Rosa, Mexico City, Presidente InterContinental $150 USD S/D Campos Eliseos #218 Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Galeria Plaza $105 USD S/D Hamburgo #195 Zona Rosa, Mexico City Casa Inn Mexico $850 MN S/D Rio Lerma #237, esq. Rio Mississipi Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Hotel Nikko Mexico $147 USD S/D Campos Eliseos #204 Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Hotel Royal Zona Rosa $77 USD S/D Amberes 78 Col. Juarez, Mexico City, Airfare - American Airlines NFPA MFE has negotiated a discount of 5% off airfare with American Airlines valid for travel between April 5-17, 2011 to Mexico City. Authorization Number: A3941BP Book your reservation on-line at use the Authorization Number noted above without the preceding A as the promotion code. You can also call from anywhere in the USA or Canada. Please note there is a separate ticketing fee of $20 USD for tickets purcahsed via the phone. There is no ticketing fee for reservations made and ticketed on Passengers are responsible for all applicable baggage fees at time of travel. Travel MFE 11

23 Event Directory Listing April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico As an NFPA MFE exhibitor you receive free listing in the 2011 Event Directory which is distributed to all expo/conference attendees. The IMEX4 Event Directory will be printed in Spanish, we request you submit your company description in Spanish. Submission Deadline: February 4, 2011 Send your company listing ASAP via the following: Option #1 On-line Submit your company listing on-line at For Exhibitors section Option #2 this scanned form or typed listing information to Option #3 Fax Fax this completed form to: Please fill in your company details as you would like it to appear in the directory Run your Company Logo with your Description for a low cost of $100USD Make your company listing stand out from the rest. See Marketing Opportunities page for more details. Company: Booth #: Address: Address 2: City: State: Zip/PC: Country: Tel: Fax: Web Site: Company/Product Description 50 word maximum in Spanish, the Event Directory will be printed in Spanish only When faxing include a typed version of your description. Please type or print clearly, we are not responsible for errors because of text not legible. Form submitted by: Name: Tel: Fax: [ Please photocopy this form for your records. ] Directory MFE 11

24 Product Listing April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Make your company listing complete by appearing in the Product Locator section of the Event Directory. Select the Product Categories below that correspond to your company s products/services offered and we will list your company under those categories selected. Submission Deadline: February 4, 2011 Option #1 Option #2 this scanned form or typed category selections to Fax Fax this completed form to: Please Type or Print Clearly: Company Booth # Submitted by Check the Product Categories below where you want your company listed, this will be used in the Event Directory Product Locator 01 Access Control Products 08g Multiplexers 15b Explosive D etection 01a Card Access Systems 08h Motion Detectors 15c Inventory Control 01b Cards/Card Readers 08i Recording Systems 15d Metal Detectors 01c Keypad Systems 08j Video Transmission Equipment 15e Surveillance Mirrors 01d Electric Locks 08k Wireless CCTV 15f X-ray Screening 01e Smart Card Technologies 09 Computer and Communications Security 16 Fire Detection/Prevention/Protection 01f Telephone Entry Control 09a Computer Security Products 16a Alarms/Alarm Systems 02 Alarm Controls and Systems 09b Data Storage Products 16b Access Systems 02a Arm/Disarm Stations 09c Disaster Recovery 16c Annunciators 02b Batteries/Power Supplies 09d Network Security Products 16d Actuating Devices 02c Wireless Alarm Products 09e Telecom Security Products 16e Building Materials 09f Wireless Communication Security 16f Control Panels 03 Annunciators 16g Detector Testers 03a Alarms, Bells, Sirens 10 Dealer Professional Services 16h Door Control/Panic Hardware 03b Visual/Graphic 10a Alarm Automation 16i Education/Training 04 Asset Tracking 10b Decals & Signs 16j Enclosures, Protective 04a Tracking System 10c Distributor 16k Evacuation Systems 04b GPS-GPRS 10d Financial Services 16l Extinguishers/Extinguishing Agents 10e Insurance Services 16m Fire Detectors 05 Automatic Smoke & Fire Curtains 10f Internet Services 16n Fire Prevention 06 Biometrics 10g Leasing Services 16o Fire Stops 06a Facial Recognition 10h Software 16p Fireproof Cables 06b Fingerprint Recognition 11 Digital Cameras and Printers 16q Flame Retardant Products 06c Retinal Scan 16r Foam Products 06d Voice Recognition 12 Digital Video Recorder/DVR Board 16s Gas Detectors 07 Card Printers 13 Digital Video Recorder Systems 16t Halon Alternatives Integration 16u Hose/Nozzle Equipment 08 Closed Circuit TV 16v Pumps/Valves 08a Cables and Connectors 14 Emergency Exit / Evacuation 16w Signaling Systems 08b Cameras 14a Emergency Exit Lighting 16x Smoke Detectors 08c Camera Lenses 14b Escape Ladders 16y Sprinkler Systems 08d Consoles 14c Personal Emergency Evacuation 16z Storage Containers/Cabinets 08e Housings, Enclosures, Mounting 15 Entry/Exit Screening 16aa Testing Devices Products 15a Electronic Article Detection 16bb Vent Systems 08f Monitors 16cc Water Mist Systems [ Please photocopy this form for your records ] MFE 11

25 Product Listing Page 2 April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico 17 Guard Services/Supplies 17a Bullet Resistant Apparel 17b Guard Services 17c Guard Stations 17d Guard Supplies 17e Guard Uniforms 17f Watchman Clocks 18 Home/Building Automation 18a Access Control 18b A/V Controls 18c Burglar/Fire Alarms and Detectors 18d CCTV Surveillance 18e Connectors/Cables 18f HVAC Controls 18g Intercom/Paging 18h Lighting Controls 18i Network Products (Wired) 18j Network Products (Wireless) 18k Power Sources 19 Identification Systems and Supplies 19a Access Control 19b Biometric ID Products 19c Employee and Visitor Badges 19d Photo ID Products 19e Video ID Products 20 Industry Associations and Publications 20a Associations 20b Publications 20c Testing and Accreditation 20d Training 21 Installation Tools and Accessories 21a Cable Locators 21b Connectors 21c Magnetic Contacts 21d Meters & Testing Devices 21e Relays 21f Tools and Accessories 21g Wire Raceways 22 Investigative Equipment/Services 22a Anti-Bugging/Anti-Wire Tapping Devices 22b Bomb Detection 22c Drug Testing 22d Fingerprinting 22e Infrared Illuminators 22f Investigative Services 22g Night Vision Products 22h Telephone Listening and Recording Devices 23 Lenses 23a Mega Pixel Lenses 24 Locks/Safes/Hardware 24a Combination Locks 24b Computer Locks 24c Door Hardware 24d Electromagnetic Locks 24e Key Control Systems 24f 24g 24h 24i Keyed Locks and Padlocks Keyless Locks Safes and Vaults Specialty Locks 25 Monitoring Systems and Services 25a Alarm Monitoring Software 25b Building Automation Systems 25c Central Station Equipment 25d Central Station Monitoring Services 25e Facility Management Systems 26 Motor Vehicles 26a Diesel Engines 26b Installation/Utility Vehicles 26c Surveillance Vehicles 27 Outdoor Perimeter Protection 27a Fences 27b Gate Operators 27c Intrusion Sensors 27d Perimeter Barriers 27e Rapid Deployment Barriers 27f Security Doors 27g Security Glass 27h Security Lighting 27i Turnstiles 28 Protective Apparel 28a Boots 28b EMS 28c Fire Clothing 28d Fire Gloves 28e Flashlights/Flashligh Accessories 28f Helmets 28g Rescue Clothing 29 Remote Monitoring Equipment 29a Auto-Listen 29b Digital Communications 29c Multiplex Equipment 29d Radio Telemetry 29e Transmitters and Receivers 29f Wireless Communications 30 Residential Systems 30a Central Vac 30b Energy Management 30c Home Automation 30d Home Controls 30e Home Theater 30f Sound and Video 30g Lighting Controls and Systems 30h Satellite Equipment 31 Revenue Control Equipment 32 Sensors and Detectors 32a Audio Detection 32b Bomb Detection 32c Counterfeit Money Detectors 32d Dual Technology Sensors 32e Flood Alarms 32f Gas Detectors 32g 32h 32i 32j 32k 32l [ Please photocopy this form for your records. ] Glass Protection Motion Sensors Photoelectric Sensors PIR Sensors Proximity Sensors Temperature Sensors 33 Sound and Communication Equipment 33a Intercom Systems 33b Loudspeakers 33c Public Address Systems 33d Radio Communication Equipment 33e Sirens/Speakers 33f Sound Systems and Accessories 33g Telephone Systems and Accessories 33h Voice Scrambling Devices 34 Special Purpose Protection 34a Covert Surveillance Equipment 34b Medical Alert Systems 34c Panic Buttons 34d Personal Protection Devices 34e Safe and Vault Protection 34f Safety and Security Window Film 34g Self Contained Breathing Apparatus 35 Vehicle Protection 35a Auto Alarms 35b Locks and Accessories 35c Vehicle CCTV Systems 35d Vehicle Identification 36 Wire and Cable 36a Coaxial Cable 36b Fiber Optic Cable 36c Plenum Cable 36d Speaker Wire 36e Structured Cabling 36f Structured Wiring 36g Wire and Cable Testers 37 Other Products/Services 2 MFE 11

26 Advertising Opportunities April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Event Directory Advertising Rates Half Page (color) $600 Company Logo in Show Directory Listing $100 Full Page Color Ad $800 Show Directory Special Insert $2,500 Logo on Pocket Map (color) $100 Full Page Section Divider $1,200 Show Directory Wrap / Band $2,500 Logo in Show directory and pocket map $175 Full Page Ad SOLD Half Page Ad Trim Size: 21.5cm h X 13cm. W 10.75cm. h X 6.5cm. w Bleed Size: 1cm. bleed No bleed Binding: Saddle Stitch Digital Material Requirements: Document should be created to the trim size. Bleed ads should extend beyond trim crop marks by 1cm. on each side. High resolution PDF, or JPEG file formats are required. Save the file at 300 dpi at 100% of use size and in CMYK mode. Include a high quality, laser printed proof. When possible, include a photo-quality proof of color ads for color reference. Ads supplied with no proof will not be guaranteed for proper reproduction. Ads created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Power Point or any other word-processing program can not be accepted. Logos in directory or pocket map: Please send the company logo in high resolution, in PDF or JPEG format at 300 dpi Ad Reservation Deadline: February 4, 2011 Ad Materials Deadline: February 17, 2011 Payment Terms: Net 30 from invoice date, non-commissionable Eligible Advertisers: NFPA MFE Exhibitors Only Name Company Booth Address Ad reservation: Return this form by February 4th to: NFPA MFE 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL Tel: Fax: Ad materials shipping instructions: Files should be ed by February 17th to City State Zip Tel Fax Signature [ Please photocopy this form for your records. ] Ads MFE 11

27 Exhibitor Badges April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Use this form to order exhibitor badges for your booth personnel. Submission Deadline is April 1, 2011 Please pick up exhibitor badges on-site at Exhibitor Registration. Badges will not be mailed. Order exhibitor badges via the following methods: Option 1 On-line Go to and go to Exhibitor Resource section Option 2 Mail or fax this completed form to FAX: Please type or print clearly: MAIL: NFPA MFE 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL Company: Booth #: Address: Address 2: City: State: Zip: Country: Tel: Fax: Exhibit Personnel NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 IS ADMITTED AT ANYTIME DURING CONFERENCES OR IN THE EXHIBIT HALL 1) 9) 2) 10) 3) 11) 4) 12) 5) 13) 6) 14) 7) 15) 8) 16) Badges will not be mailed. Please pick up your badge on-site at Exhibitor Registration. If ordering after April 1, please bring this completed form with you on-site. [Please photocopy this form for your records] Onsite Exhibitor Registration Hours Tuesday, April 12 8:00am - 8:00pm Wednesday, April 13 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Thursday, April 14 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Badge MFE 11

28 Marketing Opportunities April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico Make an impression on the key decision makers that will be in attendance at the NFPA Mexico Fire Expo. Capitalize on your company s investment in exhibit space at the show by extending your marketing message beyond the booth. BADGE HOLDERS- 1 available $5,000 (material, production not included) This is your opportunity to have thousands of walking billboards on the show floor. Badge Holders will be distributed at registration counters to attendees. Your company s name and logo will be seen by everyone, everyday. You gain visibility after the show ends as many attendees keep their badge holder. Lunch Coupons (For the NFPA paid conf attendees only) - 1 available $5,000 What s more popular than a free lunch? NFPA Mexico Fire Conference attendees will receive a complimentary lunch coupon as they check in at registration. Each coupon features your logo as a sponsor. Additionally you ll receive a special display ad in the event directory (creative is supplied by ROC-NFPA, LLC). Lanyards - 1 available $5,000 production and materials not included Laynards will be distributed at registration counters to attendees. Your company s name and logo will be seen by everyone, everyday. NFPA Conference-At-A-Glance Signage - 1 available $3,500 A high visibility opportunity to feature your company logo on the large NFPA Mexico Fire Conference at a Glance Signage boards that outline the complete event schedule. Located by registration, your company logo will be viewed continuously during the three day event. EXHIBITOR LOUNGE - 1 available Shared with NFPA Fire Expo & Mexico Safety Expo $3,500 Sponsor the NFPA Mexico Fire Expo & Mexico Safety Expo Exhibitor Lounge and provide a refuge for exhibitors with an area to take a break and grab a cup of coffee. Your company name and logo to be featured on all signage. Banner in Snack area Hall A - 1 available Shared with NFPA Mexico Fire Expo & Mexico Safety $3,000- production and materials not included Have your company banner located in the snack area of Hall A. CYBER CENTER- 1 available Shared with NFPA Mexico Fire Expo & Mexico Safety Expo $3,000 The technology hub of the show, this premier sponsorship offers your company vast exposure to the event audience. Your logo will be placed as a screen saver on the monitors. This interactive area is an essential part of the show for attendees, linking them to work and home while at the show. This is always a high traffic area in the event. Aisle Banner (cost for both front & back) $2,500 What better way to increase your visibility than to have your company logo high above the expo floor for all attendees to see. Prominently displayed aisle banners create an exciting visual marker for attendees as they navigate the show. Exhibitor Locator Signage - 1 available $2,000 Imagine your company logo being viewed constantly by thousands of attendees searching the Exhibitor Locator sign boards located just inside the exhibit hall entrance. These large sign boards allow attendees to search for exhibitors alphabetically. A high impact opportunity to build your company brand and recognition. Banner ad on Mexico Fire Website- 10 available $1,000 Get maximum visibility and a direct link from to your Web site by sponsoring one of 10 rotating banner ads on NFPA Mexico Fire Expo home page. All sponsors will be recognized in the event web site, event directory and on-site signage. To secure your sponsorship, complete this Sponsorship Agreement and fax it to Company Booth # Address Address 2 City State Zip/Postal Code Contact Tel Fax Web Site Authorizing Signature Date Please contact a member of our team for questions on any of these sponsorship opportunities Mark Sorensen at Matt Hawerbier at Bernice Alcantar at

29 Internet Banner Ads April 12-14, 2011 Hall A, Centro Banamex Mexico City, Mexico These banners can be placed on your Web site to promote your participation in the event. Please link the banner ad to We can personalize any Web banner to accommodate your specific dimension needs or message, please contact us for more details. These banner ads are available for download at under For Exhibitors 125 pixels wide by 60 pixels high 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high A P R I L , APRIL 12-14, 2011 C E N T R O B A N A M E X M E X I C O CI T Y, M E X I C O 234 pixels wide by 60 pixels high CENTRO BANAMEX MEXICO CITY, MEXICO THE INTEGRATED EVENT FOR THE SECURITY, SAFETY, FIRE & FACILITIES SECTORS IN MEXICO A PRI L , C E N T RO B ANA M EX II M EXI C O CI T Y, M E X I C O THE INTEGRATED EVENT FOR THE SECURITY, SAFETY, FIRE & FACILITIES SECTORS IN MEXICO 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high C E N T RO B ANA M E X A PRI L , THE INTEGRATED EVENT FOR THE SECURITY, SAFETY, FIRE & FACILITIES SECTORS IN MEXICO For questions or additional details please contact: Bernice Alcantar at Banner Ads MFE 11

30 Promoción y Planificación Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Las paginas adjuntas contienen información y formularios para asistirle en sus planes de promoción y ayudarle maximizar su impacto promocional y el rendimiento de sus inversiones. Fecha Límite Invitaciones para sus clientes actuales y prospectos En cuanto antes Informes sobre hoteles y viaje En cuanto antes Oportunidades para patrocinio En cuanto antes Inclusión en el directorio Febrero 4, 2011 Índice de productos Febrero 4, 2011 Publicidad para el directorio Febrero 4, 2011 Gafetes de expositor Abril 1, 2011 Si tiene alguna pregunta referente a estas formas u otras preguntas relacionado con su participación en el evento, favor de comunicarse con nosotros. En los Estados Unidos: Bernice Alcantar Tel: Yo hablo español Mark Sorensen Tel: En México: Liliana Perez Tel: Yo hablo español Isaac Gonzalez Tel: Yo hablo español Matt Hawerbier Tel: MFE 11 Planning

31 Resumen del Evento Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Montaje de locales Lunes, Abril 11, 2011 Martes, Abril 12, :00am - 10:00pm 8:00am - 12:00pm Los stands deben estar listos a las 12:00 pm, Martes 12 de Abril. Después de esta hora no se permitirá trabajo de instalación sin permiso especial de los organizadores. Horas de la exposición Martes, Abril 12, 2011 Miércoles, Abril 13, 2011 Jueves, Abril 14, :00pm - 8:00pm 2:00pm - 8:00pm 2:00pm - 8:00pm Horas de registro Martes, Abril 12, 2011 Miércoles, Abril 13, 2011 Jueves, Abril 14, 2011 Desmontaje de locales Jueves, Abril 14, 2011 Viernes, Abril 15, :00am - 8:00pm 8:00am - 8:00pm 8:00am - 8:00pm 8:00pm - 10:00pm 8:00am - 12:00pm Cierre de la exposición El desmontaje de la exposición comenzará a las 8:00pm el Jueves, 14 de Abril. Todo cargamento o paquetes que no sean reclamados antes de las 12:00pm el Viernes, 15 de Abril serán enviados a través de la compañía transportista que seleccione el contratista oficial de acarreo, y el costo correrá por cuenta del expositor. MFE 11 Schedule

32 Hoteles Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Lugar Centro Banamex Salon A Tel: Av. Conscripto No. 311 Tel: Col. Lomas de Sotelo 11200, México, D.F. Hoteles Tarifas descontadas han sido negociadas para el evento. Los precios mencionados son por noche y no incluyen impuestos o cargos adicionales por parte de los hoteles. Las tarifas son sujetos a disponibilidad. Haga su reservación usando cualquiera de estos metodos: Reservación en-línea en sección de viajes Comuníquese con Servem para completar su reservación y mencione el evento NFPA Mexico Fire: México , EE.UU Envíe un correo electrónico a Servem para reservar a favor de mencionar el nombre del evento, NFPA Mexico Fire Expo Marquis Reforma $145 USD Sencilla, $155 USD Doble Paseo de la Reforma 465 Col. Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F., Crowne Plaza WTC $115 USD Sencilla/Doble Dakota #95 Esq. Altadena México, D.F., NH Ciudad México $915 MN Sencilla/Doble Liverpool #155 Zona Rosa, México, D.F., Presidente InterContinental $150 USD Sencilla/Doble Campos Eliseos #218 Col. Polanco, México, D.F., Galeria Plaza $105 USD Sencilla/Doble Hamburgo #195 Zona Rosa, México, D.F. Casa Inn México $850 Pesos Sencilla/Doble Rio Lerma #237, esq. Rio Mississipi Col. Cuauhtemoc, México, D.F., Hotel Nikko México $147 USD Sencilla/Doble Campos Eliseos #204 Col. Polanco, México, D.F., Hotel Royal Zona Rosa $77 USD Sencilla/Doble Amberes 78 Col. Juarez, México, D.F., Viaje - Aerolinea NFPA MFE ha negociado una tarifea de descuento de 5% en vuelos con American Airlines valida Abril 5-17, 2011 a México, D.F. Código de Autorización: A3941BP Haga su reservación en y use el código de autorización como código de promoción sin la A precedente. En EE.UU o Canadá puede llamar al para hacer su reservación. American Airlines cobra un costo de $20USD por reservaciones telefonicas. No hay costo de reservación si hace su reserva en línea por Los pasajeros serán responsables for gastos de equipaje adicionales al momento de viajar. MFE 11 Travel

33 Invitaciones Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Utilice este formulario para ordenar invitaciones electronicas para invitar a sus clientes actuales y futuros. Las invitaciones puede ser usados por usted y/o su representante, distribuidor, agente o afiliado. Invitaciones estaran disponibles a partir del 18 de Febrero, Por favor envíe la versión PDF para distribución por correo electrónico. Empresa Numero de stand Correo electrónico (para la version PDF) Solucitudes adicionales Empresa Correo electrónico Empresa Correo electrónico Envíe este formulario a: Fax: Correo: NFPA MFE 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL USA Para uso de ROC Date Received: Date ed: Aumente el nivel de su presencia en el evento y ahorre dinero haciendolo ROC Exhibitions puede enviar la invitación a su base de datos sin costo alguno. Invitación HTML Le prepararemos una invitación electrónica en formato HTML el cual usted puede personalizar con su mensaje invitando al evento, su logotipo y numero de stand. Nosotros lo enviamos a su base de datos o si usted prefiere le damos la invitación HTML para que lo envíe usted mismo a su base. Para mas información sobre esta y otros materiales de promoción disponibles por favor comuníquese con Bernice Alcantar al o por correo electrónico a Por favor haga copia de este formulario para sus archivos y/o para ordenar invitaciones adicionales MFE 11 Invitaciones

34 Listado en el directorio Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Como expositor de la NFPA Mexico Fire Expo usted recibirá un listado en el directorio oficial del evento, el cual será distribuido a todos los participantes. Este listado no lleva costo alguno. El directorio IMEX4 será disponible en Español solamente. Fecha límite Febrero 4, 2011 Envíe su listado en cuanto antes usando cualquier metodo siguiente: OPCIÓN #1 OPCIÓN #2 OPCIÓN #3 En-línea Envíe su listado usando el listado electrónico disponible en línea en seccion Para Expositores Correo Electrónico Usando este formulario como guia, envíe los datos en formato Word o en el mensaje de su a Fax Envíe este formulario completo por fax a Incluya el logo de su empresa con su listado! Por un costo de $100USD usted puede hacer su listado resaltar. Vea la hoja de Oportunidades de Publicidad para mas detalles. Por favor escriba en letra imprenta o a máquina, su listado aparecera tal y como lo indique aquí Empresa Stand Dirección Ciudad Estado Código Postal País Tel Fax Correo-e Sitio Web Descripción (Máximo de 50 palabras, el directorio será impreso en Español solamente) Si envía su listado por fax, favor de incluir la descripción escrita legible. Formulario completado por: Nombre: Cargo: Teléfono: [ Por favor haga copia para sus archivos ] Directory MFE 11

35 Índice de productos Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Aparezca en el localizador de productos, sección en el directorio del evento. Indique las categorias que correspondan a los productos/servicios de su empresa. Fecha límite es Febrero 4, 2011 OPCIÓN #1 Correo electrónico Usando este formulario, envíe un correo electrónico indicando las categorias a OPCIÓN #2 Fax o Correo Complete este formulario y envielo a: NFPA MFE Fax University Lane Lisle, IL 60532, USA Por favor escriba a maquina o letra imprenta: Empresa # de Stand Competado por Correo-e Indique abajo las categorías de productos en las que su empresa deberá aparecera en el directorio. 01 Productos para control de acceso 08g Multiplexers 15b Detección de explosivos 01a Sistemas de acceso por tarjeta 08h Detectores de movimiento 15c Control de inventarios 01b Tarjetas / lectores de tarjetas 08i Sistemas de grabación 15d Detectores de metales 01c Sistemas de teclado 08j Equipo para transmisión de video 15e Espejos para vigilancia 01d Candados eléctricos 08k CCTV inalámbrica 15f Equipos de rayos X 01e Tecnología de tarjetas inteligentes para detección 01f Control para ingreso telefónico 09 Seguridad para computadoras y 16 Prevención / protección / detección comunicaciones contra incendios 02 Controles y sistemas de alarma 16a Alarmas / sistemas de alarma 02a Estaciones de armado y desarmado Sistemas de acceso 02b Baterías / suministros de energía Anunciadores 02c Productos inalámbricos para alarma Dispositivos de actuación 03 Anunciadores 03a Alarmas, campanas, sirenas 03b Visuales / gráficos 04 Rastreo de activos 04a Sistema de rastreo 04b GPS-GPRS 05 Cortinas automáticas contra humo y fuego 06 Biométrica 06a Reconocimiento facial 06b Reconocimiento dactilar 06c Escaneo de retina 06d Reconocimiento de voz 07 Impresoras de tarjetas 08 Circuito cerrado de TV 08a Cables y conectores 08b Cámaras 08c Lentes para cámara 08d Consolas 08e Cajas, recintos, productos para montaje 08f Monitores 09a 09b 09c 09d 09e 09f Productos de seguridad para computadoras Productos para almacenamiento de datos Recuperación de desastres Productos de seguridad para redes Productos de seguridad para telecomunicaciones Seguridad en comunicaciones inalámbricas 10 Servicios profesionales de distribuidores 10a Automatización de alarmas 10b Calcomanías y letreros 10c Distribuidor 10d Servicios financieros 10e Servicios de aseguramiento 10f Servicios de Internet 10g Servicios de arrendamiento 10h Software 11 Cámaras e impresoras digitales 12 Grabadoras / tarjeta DVR para video digital 13 Integración de sistemas de grabación en video digital 14 Salidas de emergencia / evacuación 14a Iluminación de salidas de emergencia 14b Escaleras de escape 14c Evacuación de emergencia personal 15 Detección en entradas y salidas 15a Detección de artículos electrónicos [Haga copia para sus archivos ] Products/Services 1 16b 16c 16d 16e 16f 16g 16h 16i 16j 16k 16l 16m 16n 16o 16p 16q 16r 16s 16t 16u 16v 16w 16x 16y 16z 16aa 16bb 16cc Materiales de construcción Paneles de control Probadores de detectores Control de puertas / barras antipánico Educación / capacitación Recintos protectores Sistemas de evacuación Extintores / agentes de extinción Detectores de fuego Prevención de incendios Escudos antifuego Cables resistentes al fuego Productos retardantes de flama Productos de espuma Detectores de gas Alternativas de halón Equipos de mangueras y boquillas Bombas / válvulas Sistemas de señales Detectores de humo Sistemas de aspersión Contenedores, gabinetes almacenamiento Dispositivos de prueba Sistemas de ventilas Sistemas de nebulizadores de agua

36 Índice de productos Pagina 2 Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. 17 S ervicios / suministros para guardias 17a Ropa contra balas 17b Serv icios de guardias 17c Estaciones para guardias 17d Suministros para guardias 17e Uniformes para guardias 17f Relojes para vigilantes 18 A utomatización en casas / edificios 18a 18b 18c 18d 18e 18f 18g 18h 18i 18j 18k Control de acceso Controles audiovisuales 25e Alarmas y detectores de ladrones/ incendios Vigilancia por circuito cerrado de TV 26 Vehiculos 26a Conectores / cables 26b Controles de calefacción, ventilación, AC 26c Intercomunicaciones / voceo Controles para iluminación Productos para red (alámbricos) Productos para red (inalámbricos) Fuentes de energía 19 Sistemas y suministros de identificación 19a Control de acceso 19b Productos de identificación biométrica 19c Gafetes para empleados y visitantes 19d Productos de identificación fotográfica 19e Productos de identificación en video 20 Publicaciones y asociaciones de la industria 20a Asociaciones 20b Publicaciones 20c Pruebas y acreditación 20d Capacitación 21 Herramientas y accesorios para instalaciones 21a Localizadores de cables 21b Conectores 21c Contactos magnéticos 21d Medidores y dispositivos de prueba 21e Relays 21f Herramientas y accesorios 21g Ductos para alambres 22 Servicios / equipos de investigación 22a Dispositivos contra micrófonos ocultos 22b Detección de bombas 22c Pruebas de drogas 22d Toma de huellas dactilares 22e Iluminadores infrarrojos 22f Servicios de investigación 22g Productos para visión nocturna 22h Dispositivos de escucha y grabación telefónica 23 Lentes 23a Lentes mega pixel 24 Candados / cajas fuertes / ferretería 24a Candados de combinación 24b Candados de computadora 24c Herrajes para puerta 24d Candados electromagnéticos 24e Sistemas para controlar llaves 24f 24g 24h 24i Candados y chapas de llave Candados sin llave Cajas fuertes y bóvedas Candados especializados 25 Sistemas y servicios de monitoreo 25a 25b 25c 25d Software para monitoreo de alarmas Sistemas para automatizar edificios Equipos para estaciones centrales Servicios de monitoreo estaciones central Sistemas para la administración de planta Motores a diesel Vehículos para instalaciones / servicio Vehículos de vigilancia 27 Protección de perímetros exteriores 27a Bardas 27b Operadores de entradas 27c Sensores de intrusiones 27d Barreras perimetrales 27e Barreras de despliegue rápido 27f Puertas de seguridad 27g Vidrio de seguridad 27h Iluminación de seguridad 27i Torniquetes 28 R opa de protección 28a Botas 28b Servicios médicos de emergencia (EMS) 28c Ropa antiincendio 28d Guantes contra fuego 28e Linternas / accesorios para linternas 28f Cascos 28g Ropa de rescate 29 Equipos para monitoreo remoto 29a Auto-escucha 29b Comunicaciones digitales 29c Equipo multiplex 29d Telemetría de radio 29e Transmisores y receptores 29f Comunicaciones inalámbricas 30 Sistemas residenciales 30a A spiradora central 30b A dministración de energía 30c A utomatización para el hogar 30d Controles para el hogar 30e H ome T heater 30f Sonido y video 30g Controles y sistemas de iluminación 30h Equipo de satélite 31 Equipos para control de ingresos 32 S ensores y detectores 32a Detección de audio 32b Detección de bombas 32c Detectores de dinero falsificado 32d Sensores de tecnología dual 32e Alarmas contra inundaciones 32f Detectores de gas [Haga copia para sus archivos] 32g 32h 32i 32j 32k 32l Protección para vidrio Sensores de movimiento Sensores fotoeléctricos Sensores PIR (infrarrojo pasivos) Sensores de proximidad Sensores de temperatura 33 Equipo de sonido y comunicaciones 33a Sistemas de intercomunicación 33b Bocinas 33c Sistemas de PA, sonido para presentaciones 33d 33e 33f 33g 33h en público Equipos de radiocomunicación Sirenas / altavoces Sistemas y accesorios de sonido Sistemas y accesorios telefónicos Dispositivos para encriptar la voz 34 Protección especial 34a Equipo para vigilancia oculta 34b Sistemas para alertas médicas 34c Botones de pánico 34d Dispositivos para protección personal 34e Protección de cajas de seguridad, bóvedas 34f Película de seguridad para ventanas 34g Dispositivos de respiración autocontenido 35 Protección de vehículos 35a 35b 35c Alarmas para autos Candados y accesorios Sistemas de circuito cerrado de T V para v ehículos Identificación de v ehículos 35d 36 Alambre y cable 36a 36b 36c 36d 36e 36f 36g Cable coaxial Cable de fibra óptica Cable Plenum Alambre para bocinas Cableado estructurado Alambre estructurado Probadores de alambre y cable 37 Otro Products/Services 2 MFE 11

37 Oportunidades de Publicidad Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Publicidad en el Directorio y Guía del comprador: Media pagina (color) $600USD Pagina completa 4 colores $800USD Logo en el directorio $100USD Inserción a color especial en el directorio $2500USD Logo en el pocket map (color) $100USD Pagina completa divisora de sección $1,200USD Envoltura/Banda del directorio a color $2,500USD Logo en el directorio y pocket map $175USD VENDIDO Pagina completa Media pagina Tamaño final: 21.5 cm. altura X 13 cm. ancho cm. altura X 6.5 cm. ancho Tamaño del rebase 1 cm de rebase No hay sangrado disponible Encuadernación: engrapado Requisitos para materiales digitales. El documento debe crearse al tamaño final. Los anuncios deben ser en color CMYK, en formato PDF o JPEG, a alta resolución en 300 DPI. Incluya una prueba de impresión a láser de alta calidad. Cuando sea posible incluya una prueba de color calidad fotografia de los anuncios a color como referencia. No se garantizará la reproducción correcta de los anuncios que se entreguen sin prueba. No se pueden aceptar anuncios creados en Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher o Power Point. Logo en el directorio y/o en el pocket map: Debera enviar el logotipo de su empresa a alta resolución en formato PDF or JPEG en 300 DPI. Fecha límite para reservar su anuncio: Febrero 4, 2011 Fecha límite para entregar los materiales del anuncio: Febrero 17, 2011 Condiciones de pago: neto 30 días a partir de la fecha de la factura, sin comisión. Nombre Empresa. Dirección Ciudad Reservación: Regrese este formulario antes de Febrero 4, 2011 Fax NFPA MFE 1963 University Lane Lisle, IL 60532, USA Estado Codigo Postal País Instrucciones para entregar el anuncio o logos: Archivos deben ser enviados antes de Febrero 17 por a Bernice Alcantar, Teléfono Firma [Haga copia para sus archivos] Ads MFE 11

38 Gafetes para Expositores Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Utilice este formulario para ordenar gafetes para el personal de su stand. Fecha límite para ordenar es el 1 de Abril, 2011 Favor de recoger su gafete en sitio. Los gafetes no serán enviados por correo! Ordene gafetes para su personal de la expo usando cualquiera de los metodos siguientes: Opción 1 Formato Electrónico Visite la pagina electrónica Para Expositores, Opción 2 Fax o por correo a MFE, 1963 University Lane, Lisle, IL 60532, USA Favor de escribir a máquina o letra imprenta Empresa Stand Dirección Ciudad Estado Código Postal País Tel Fax Correo-e Personal de la exposición (Nombre y apellido) Ninguna persona menor de 18 años es admitido en cualquier momento durante las conferencias o en la sala de exposiciones 1) 9) 2) 10) 3) 11) 4) 12) 5) 13) 6) 14) 7) 15) 8) 16) Gafetes no serán enviados. Los expositores tendrán que recoger los gafetes en Centro Banamex. Despues del 1 de Abril, por favor lleve este formulario con usted al Centro Banamex para ordenar sus gafetes. Horas de registro Martes, Abril 12 Miércoles, Abril 13 Jueves, Abril 14 [ Haga copia de este formulario para sus archivos. ] 8:00 am - 8:00 pm 8:00 am - 8:00 pm 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Badge MFE 11

39 Patrocinios Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Llame la atención de quienes toman las decisiones. Saque el mayor provecho de la inversión que usted hace difundiendo su mensaje comercial más alla de los limites de su stand. Porta-Gafetes - 1 disponible $5,000USD (No incluye materiales o producción) Esta es su oportunidad de contar con miles de anuncios ambulantes recorriendo todo el piso de exposiciones. Los porta-gafetes se distribuirán entre los visitantes en los módulos de registro y de esta manera todos verán el logo de su empresa todos los días durante el evento. Podra obtener visibilidad después de el evento ya que muchos visitantes conservan sus porta-gafetes para usarlos. Cupones de comida (para los participantes del programa educativo NFPA MFE) $5,000USD - 1 disponible Que es más popular que un almuerzo gratis? Participantes en el programa educativo de la NFPA MFE recibirán un cupón de comida de cortesía, cuando recogan sus materiales de registro. Capa cupón llevara su logotipo como patrocinador. Además, recibirá un anuncio especial en el directorio del evento (creación es suministrado por ROC-NFPA, LLC). Cuerdas para Porta-Gafetes - 1 disponible $5,00USD Las cuerdas serán distribuidos con los porta-gafetes a los visitantes. El logo de su empresa estara a la vista de todos, durante los tres días del evento. Anuncio en Contenido del Programa de la NFPA MFE - 1 disponible $3,500USD Esta es una oportunidad para darle enorme visibilidad al logo de su empresa en los tableros que contienen el programa completo del evento. El logo de su empresa estara continuamente a la vista durante el evento. Sala para Expositores - 1 disponible $3,500USD, compartido con Mexico Safety Expo Patrocine la Sala para Expositores, este refugio ofrece un área en donde los expositores pueden tomar un descanso y disfrutar de una taza de café o agua. El logo de su empresa aparecerá en la señalización en la misma sala. Pendon en el Area de Comida, Sala A - 1 disponible $3,000USD (No incluye materiale, producción e instalación) Coloque un banner de su empresa ubicado en la parte superior del Área de Comida dentro de la Sala A. Estación cibernética con logo en pantallas - 1 disponible $3,000USD, compartido con Mexico Safety Expo El centro de tecnología de el evento le ofrece una oportunidad extraordinaria, ya que exhibe su empresa ante los usuarios que usan las computadoras para conectarse con casa y trabajo durante el evento. Su logotipo aparecerá en las pantallas de la estación. Pendon en el pasillo de la expo $2,500USD (costo incluye señalización al frente y reverso) Coloque su logotipo en la parte frontal y reverso de los pendones ubicados en cada pasillo dentro de la sala de exposición, sala A. Incluye material, producción e instalación. Señalización localizador de Expositores - 1 disponible $2,000USD Imagine el logotipo de su empresa a vista constante de miles de visitantes que usan los tableros del localizador de expositores para buscar expositores y su numero de stand en el evento. Los tableros están ubicados a la entrada de la sala de exposiciones. Una oportunidad de alto impacto para representar su empresa. Banner rotativo en la pagina NFPA Mexico Fire Expo 10 disponible - $1,000USD cada uno Consiga máxima visibilidad con un anuncio electrónico y un enlace directo a su sitio web mediante el patrocinio de uno de los 10 anuncios de banner rotativo Todos los patrocinadores del evento recibiran reconocimiento en la pagina internet, en el directorio, y en los anuncios en-sitio Reserve su patrocinio ya, complete este acuerdo y envielo por fax al Empresa Stand Dirección Ciudad Estado Código Postal País Contacto Correo-e Tel Fax Sitio Web Firma Autorizante Fecha Para asegurar su patrocinio o si tiene preguntas por favor comuníquese con nosotros Bernice Alcantar al Liliana Perez al Isaac Gonzalez al Sponsor MFE 11

40 Banners Abril 12-14, 2011 Salón A, Centro Banamex México, D.F. Descargue los banners en, sección Para Expositores. Favor de usar este enlace con el banner: Le podemos personalizar un banner con el nombre de su empres, logo o numero de stand, al tamaño que usted necesite. 125 pixels por 60 pixels 125 pixels por 125 pixels A B R I L , ABRIL 12-14, 2011 C E N T R O B A N A M E X M É X I C O, D.F. EVENTO INTEGRADO PARA LOS SECTORES DE SEGURIDAD, SEGURIDAD INDUSTRIAL, PROTECCIÓN CONTRA INCENDIOS & INSTALACIONES EN MÉXICO 234 pixels por 60 pixels A B R I L , C E N T R O B A N A M EX II M É X I C O, D.F. EVENTO INTEGRADO PARA LOS SECTORES DE SEGURIDAD, SEGURIDAD INDUSTRIAL, PROTECCIÓN CONTRA INCENDIOS & INSTALACIONES EN MÉXICO 468 pixels por 60 pixels C E N T R O B A N A M E X A B R I L , EVENTO INTEGRADO PARA LOS SECTORES DE SEGURIDAD, SEGURIDAD INDUSTRIAL, PROTECCIÓN CONTRA INCENDIOS & INSTALACIONES EN MÉXICO Para mas información sobre el uso de estos banners o para pedir un banner personalizado, favor de comunicarse con Bernice Alcantar Banner Ads FE 11





45 ENGLISH GRUPO ORMEX DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2011 AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL FORM MEXICO FIRE EXPO 2011 APRIL 12-14, Centro BANAMEX EQUIPMENT PRICE PER DAY PRICE PER EVENT (3 DAYS) QUANTITY TOTAL PRICE IN US DOLLARS Plasma screen 42 $ $ $ DVD Player $ $ $ Infocus videoproyector (2000 lumens) $ $ $ Overhead projector $ $ $ White Blackboard $ $ $ Screen 4.00 x 3.00 m $ $ $ Screen 3.00 x 2.00 m $ $ $ Screen 2.40 x 2.40 m $ $ $ Slide projector $ $ $ Sound equipment for 300 persons $ $ $ Sound equipment for 500 persons $ $ $ Microphone $ $ $ Cordless microphone $ $ $ Cordless microphone Lavalier $ $ $ Copying machine $ $ $ Podium $ $ $ PC pentium III 512 RAM $ $ $ 19 Monitor $ $ $ THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE 16 % TAX. SUB-TOTAL $ TAX $ This form should be returned to our representative before: MARCH 15, 2011 Requests on site have an additional 25% charge TOTAL $ Please specify the quantity of furniture or equipment you require. Payment should be made sending us a check Before MARCH 15, 2011 payable to SERVICIOS Y MONTAJES DE EXPOSICIONES, S.A. DE C.V. (Av. Fundidora No. 501 Local 10 1er. Nivel, Col. Obrera C.P Monterrey, N.L. ) PLEASE ASK FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER TO : TEL : (5281) , / 62 EXT. 103 To call free from out of Mexico dial ORMEX ( ) FAX: (5281) ext. 160, Contact: / ELIUD HERRERA Company: Conf. No. Address: City: State: Country: Telephone: Fax: Representative: Booth (s): address: Page 1

46 GRUPO ORMEX MEXICO FIRE EXPO 2011 APRIL 12-14, CENTRO BANAMEX DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2011 BOOTH NO. DATE: COMPANY: CONF.No. REQUEST FOR BOOTH MODIFICATION SIGNBOARD LEFT WALL BACK WALL 2.5M RIGHT WALL CARPET If you require any modification to your booth, please indicate it below. If you have more than one booth please make a sketch specifying the modifications that you need. All corners booths have another fascia with signboard and they do not have a side wall. This format must be sent to our representative before MARCH 15, 2011 by to or by fax: (5281) ext. 160, Note: If you do not send this format before the date indicated, there will be an additional cost of $25.00 us dlls. OBSERVATIONS: AUTHORIZED BY NAME SIGNATURE

Welcome to ACN Digital Phone Service Bienvenido al Servicio Telefónico Digital ACN

Welcome to ACN Digital Phone Service Bienvenido al Servicio Telefónico Digital ACN Welcome to ACN Digital Phone Service Bienvenido al Servicio Telefónico Digital ACN Welcome Thank you for choosing ACN as your Digital Phone Service provider. The box you ve received contains

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Product Information Guide

Product Information Guide Dell Projector Product Information Guide Model XXX Notes, Notices, and Cautions NOTE: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your projector.

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Operator s Manual. Home Generator System. Manual No. 194689GS Rev. L (04/10/2008)

Operator s Manual. Home Generator System. Manual No. 194689GS Rev. L (04/10/2008) Operator s Manual Home Generator System Manual No. 194689GS Rev. L (04/10/2008) Thank you for purchasing this quality-built Briggs & Stratton home generator. We re pleased that you ve placed your confidence

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System Information Guide

System Information Guide Dell Latitude C840 System Information Guide Guide d'informations du système Guia de informações do sistema Guía de información del sistema Model PP01X Dell Latitude C840

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Quick Setup Guide Guía de configuración rápida

Quick Setup Guide Guía de configuración rápida Quick Setup Guide Guía de configuración rápida QL-710W/720NW Be sure to read and understand this guide before using the machine. We recommend that you keep this guide nearby for future reference. Asegúrese

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International Cake Exploration Societé 40th Convention and Show Omaha, Nebraska July 30 August 2, 2015 Celebrate the Good Times

International Cake Exploration Societé 40th Convention and Show Omaha, Nebraska July 30 August 2, 2015 Celebrate the Good Times Company Name: Address: City, State, Country, Zip: E-Mail Desired Booth Signage Product/Service to be sold/exhibited VENDOR APPLICATION AND CONTRACT FOR BOOTH SPACE Key Contact Phone Number: Fax Number

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We ve got you covered!

We ve got you covered! We ve got you covered! AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack Important Information, including Terms and Conditions Table of Contents: Click on the link below to go to the desired document. 1. AT&T Multi-Device

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Activation and Service Guide

Activation and Service Guide Activation and Service Guide Guía de Activación y Servicio This booklet is made from 92% post-consumer recycled paper. This booklet is printed with soy ink. Printed in Mexico 2014 Verizon Wireless. All

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We ve got you covered!

We ve got you covered! We ve got you covered! AT&T Mobile Protection Pack Terms and Conditions Table of Contents: Click on the link below to go to the desired document. 1. AT&T Mobile Protection Pack AT&T Protect Plus Terms

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System Information Guide

System Information Guide Dell Latitude D600 System Information Guide Guide d'information sur le système Guia de informações do sistema Guía de información del sistema Model PP05L Dell Latitude D600

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System Information Guide

System Information Guide Dell Latitude D500 System Information Guide Guide d'informations du système Guia de informações do sistema Guía de información del sistema Model PP05L Dell Latitude D500

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Getting Started Instructions + Terms and Conditions

Getting Started Instructions + Terms and Conditions Getting Started Instructions + Terms and Conditions California LifeLine Telephone Program 1 (866) 272-0357 $39 ACTIVATION FEE INCLUDED FOR APPROVED LIFELINE CUSTOMERS By applying

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WOODGLEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WOODGLEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Student & Parent Handbook 2014 2015 Woodglen Elementary School 11717 Madison Street Thornton, CO 80233-1543 Office 720-972-5700 (7:15 a.m. 3:45 p.m.) Attendance Line 720-972-5718

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Manual del Expositor Exhibitors Guide

Manual del Expositor Exhibitors Guide Manual del Expositor Exhibitors Guide 2015 Marzo 3-6 March 3-6 XVI Exposición Internacional de Máquinas-Herramienta y Afines XVI International Machine Tool Exhibition ÍNDICE Bienvenido 4 Comité Organizador

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10kW / 12kW Rated. Operator s Manual Manual del Operario Manuel de l'utilisation. Home Generator

10kW / 12kW Rated. Operator s Manual Manual del Operario Manuel de l'utilisation. Home Generator Operator s Manual Manual del Operario Manuel de l'utilisation Questions? Help is just a moment away! Preguntas? La ayuda es justa un momento lejos! Vous avez des questions? Vous n'avez pas besoin d'aller

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Important legal information, disclosures, and terms you need to know

Important legal information, disclosures, and terms you need to know The information in this disclosure may not be entirely accessible to screen readers. Please call the Phone Bank at 1-800-869-3557 if you would like to obtain an alternate accessible format. Wells Fargo

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NEW YORK. Licensing Information Bulletin. Department of Financial Services. For examinations on and after September 7, 2013

NEW YORK. Licensing Information Bulletin. Department of Financial Services. For examinations on and after September 7, 2013 NEW YORK Department of Financial Services Licensing Information Bulletin For examinations on and after September 7, 2013 Register online at Published by Prometric Providing

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Move In****: / / Sales Representative:

Move In****: / / Sales Representative: BILLING INFORMATION: StarTex Power Commercial Electricity Authorization Addendum SMALL COMMERCIALCONTRACT FIXED PRICE StarTex Power- PUCT License #10089 If there are any changes or cancellations to this

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PONCE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE P.0. BOX 7004, PONCE, PUERTO RICO 00732-7004 PONCE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE P.0. BOX 7004, PONCE, PUERTO RICO 00732-7004 July 1, 2014 Dr. Georgina Aguirre Acting Associate Dean for the Academic Affairs PSMHS Ponce, P.R. 00717 Dear Dr. Aguirre: On October

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INGECON SUN 3Play TL U M INGECON SUN 3Play TL U M Installation and Operation Manual Manual de instalación y uso ABI2013IQM01_ 03/2015 Ingeteam Inc 3550 W. Canal St. Milwaukee, WI 53208 - USA Tel.: +1 (414) 934 4100 Fax.: +1 (414)

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Coordinator Certification Training Manual June 2014

Coordinator Certification Training Manual June 2014 Coordinator Certification Training Manual June 2014 The Standard for Developing Craft Professionals June 2014, 5th edition NCCER President: Don Whyte Senior Manager of Program Services: Allyson Butts National

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ECR 327/336 10.05 - u E. Operating instructions Instrucciones de servicio 50451814 03.07

ECR 327/336 10.05 - u E. Operating instructions Instrucciones de servicio 50451814 03.07 ECR 327/336 10.05 - Operating instructions Instrucciones de servicio u E 50451814 03.07 Foreword Safe operation of the industrial truck requires specialist knowledge, which is acquired from this Operating

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MOTO TM9c. Getting Started Guide

MOTO TM9c. Getting Started Guide MOTO TM9c Getting Started Guide Fn CAPS Fn HELLOMOTO Introducing your new MOTO Q 9c wireless phone! Here s a quick anatomy lesson. Navigation Key Center Select Key Light Sensor Left Soft Key Right Soft

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Printed in China. E N G L I S H LG325G. Guía del usuario. User Guide LG325G ESPAÑOL. P/NO : MFL67444702 (1.

Printed in China. E N G L I S H LG325G. Guía del usuario. User Guide LG325G ESPAÑOL. P/NO : MFL67444702 (1. E N G L I S H Guía del usuario Printed in China LG325G User Guide LG325G ESPAÑOL P/NO : MFL67444702 (1.0) LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT 1. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS : LG offers you a

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Microsoft Complete for PC & Tablet:

Microsoft Complete for PC & Tablet: Microsoft Complete for PC & Tablet: United States Microsoft Assure Plan Terms (English) 2 Work Authorization And Services Terms and Conditions (English) 14 Canada Microsoft Assure Plan Terms (English)

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We ve got you covered!

We ve got you covered! We ve got you covered! AT&T Mobile Insurance Terms and Conditions Table of Contents: Click on the link below to go to the desired document. 1. AT&T Mobile Insurance AT&T Mobile Insurance Coverage Certificate

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PSI licensure:certification 3210 E Tropicana Las Vegas, NV 89121 NEW YORK EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2009

PSI licensure:certification 3210 E Tropicana Las Vegas, NV 89121 NEW YORK EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2009 PSI licensure:certification 3210 E Tropicana Las Vegas, NV 89121 NEW YORK STATE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT CANDIDATE INFORMATION BULLETIN Examinations by PSI licensure:certification... 2 Licensing

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MOTO TM W418G. Getting Started Guide

MOTO TM W418G. Getting Started Guide MOTO TM W418G Getting Started Guide Congratulations MOTO W418G Your MOTO W418G phone is loaded with great features, like photos, music, and web access all in a stylish flip design. Photos. Take photos

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Content. Need to Know... 3. Getting Started... 4. Making Connections...11. Basic...17. Model and Serial Numbers... 3

Content. Need to Know... 3. Getting Started... 4. Making Connections...11. Basic...17. Model and Serial Numbers... 3 User Manual Content Need to Know... 3 Model and Serial Numbers... 3 Getting Started... 4 Package Contents... 4 Understanding Your Sero 8 pro Tablet... 5 Home Screen... 7 Buttons... 8 Making Connections...11

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