16 th July 1984 Honkong

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1 KATRINA KAIF 16 th July 1984 Honkong Born in a Chineese Rat Year.Katrina is blessed with Hamsa Yoga,Budhaditya Yoga, Nipuna, and Adhi yoga etc. The chart is also auspicious with the presence of Exalted Rahu Ketu and Saturn in the chart. Mars,being 5 th lord, placed in Libra in 11 th house is aspecting 2 nd house Capricorn with exaltation and 5 th house with own aspect and thus is very auspicious. If the 5th's lord is in the 11th house, the native will be learned, dear to people, be an author of treatises, be very skilful, and be endowed with many sons and wealth. Venus is placed in Cancer sign in 8 th house, Being lord of 6 th it is forming Vipreet Raj Yoga.However this Venus is debilitated in the Navamsa Chart thus indicating not so positive happening in her personal life till August She may marry someone with Initial H,J or P. Rahu (2) Moon (11) Birth Chart Katrina Kaif Jup ( 9) Asc Ketu (8) Saturn Mars (7) Sun Merc Ven (4) Lagna is in Venus nakshatra which is the reason for attracting her towards modeling and later to the films. Lagna sublord is in Venus nakshatra showing huge impact of Venus on the chart. Moon is also in Rahu s nakshatra which I sthe karak of Politics hence in the Yogini Dasa ruled by Rahu Rahu, probability of winning of major critical acclaim for the film Rajneeti is very much. lagna is governed by Jupiter s rasi, Venus s Nakshatra. These two planets are karaka for beauty (Jupiter for Complextion,Face cut and Venus for attraction). Jupiter's mahadasa is started from year 2000 and it the period ruled by Jupiter which is one of the excellent planets in her chart creating Hamsa yoga. Jupiter is signifying 1st house (self efforts and success through hard work), and 4 th house representing popularity. Currently Venus's bhukti is started from January 2008 to August 2010 and with this the period of Rahu in Yogini will start which would give her some award for the Film Rajneeti. After august 2010 She is likely to get more name and fame and awards.however 2010 on the whole may prove to be a very good year for her. The year 2013 and 2014 are going to be very important and will bring her Fame and Gain on International Level. Wishing her all the Best for her Future P.P.S.CHAWLA Astrologer converted by Web2PDFConvert.com