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1 #Maite Moreno Bosch HR Manager Extracto CREATING AND INNOVATING IN HR Especialidades Procedures,labor relationships,collective agreements,job descriptions and evaluations,compensation, fringe benefits,steering committees,performance management,recruitment,development,training,appraisal,contracts,social security,payroll,reporting,budget,kpi,erp,absenteeism,data protection and labor laws,international projects,house organ,welcome packet,opinion survey,expatriates Experiencia HR Manager at HR_Sharing Present (less than a year) Entrepreneurship Senior HRBP Spain at GTECH Spain (1 year) - Implementing corporate policy at the business unit or corporate level. - Facilitating organization and leadership development efforts, working with employees and managers to address root causes of human resources issues. - Resolving employee relations issues through a systematic approach. - Assisting senior management in the development of solutions through cultural and process perspective organizational development. - Developing and drives company-wide programs and initiatives (e.g., salary review, stock option grants renewal, workforce planning, and organizational change). - Repporting to business unit line management directly with dotted-line relationship to human resources 3 recomendaciones disponibles previa solicitud Temporary HR MANAGER Spain and Portugal at GESCOBRO, S.L (1 year) -Getting interesting conditions in line with required quality standards by a competition system between the main Portuguese employment agencies -Control of training plan effectiveness, quality and compliance by designing a quarterly tracking tool of KPI training -Important labor relationship improvement by reviewing commercial and labor contracts and payroll items in line with current labor Spanish and Portuguese laws. Página1

2 -Continuous workday on Friday in exchange for workdays that allow greater optimization of operating points -Company presence increase in the employers organization to be invited to the training committee for the initiative to design training courses for unemployed to recruit and train new professionals for different companies with public subsidizes HR Manager at CLINICA CORACHAN (4 years) - Employees management towards supervisors - Training plan implementation by 90% - 3,16 out of 4 as average score of training plan satisfaction - Employees committee composed by nurses due to the previous labor relationships with nursing union. - Creating an internal health and safety service - Invited to the health and service conference due to the online training success with 97% of attendees completed - 2 points above the level 1 hospitals for public health - Absenteeism reduction by 3 points by implementing a tracking standardized system of the sick leave with the MATEP - Headcount reduction of 3,2 % by the design and implementation of a headcount optimizing project - Design and implementation of computerized work flows for the recruitment and training processes - Development and implementation of internal procedures, getting an average score of 7.4 out of 10 and contributing to the company get the necessary quality certificate to work with the public health - Design and implementation of an internal equality plan - Design and implementation of a professional career with retribution implications, becoming the first private hospital with professional career for nurses as XHUP hospitals 1 recomendación disponible previa solicitud HR Development Manager Spain and Portugal at Pirelli Tyres (5 years) - Spanish affiliate presence increase in Europe to be selected as an assessor in the assessment center of 2 large European projects for the industrial (Living the Factory) and Commercial areas (Running the Market) and to be exported to other European affiliates whole career plans designed in the Spanish affiliate ordered by the European HR Manager - Important improvement of the training and motivation process from a non-compliance to a special mention by the ISO auditors - Important reduction of blue collars training cost by creating an operational staff as internal trainers of new hired - Important improvement of cost and financial awareness by designing and implementing a work shop that was exported to the Italian affiliate at the request of the HR colleague there - Job classification on levels according to the Hay method - Area budget optimizing by the internal design and implementation of the welcome packet - Important improvement of internal communication by implementing a house organ Corporate HR Developement Manager at COMSA Página2

3 (3 years) - Making more professional the recruitment process - Design and implementation of the first training plan - Training plan compliance achievement by employees committee - Design and implementation of the first appraisal system - Whole job description - SAP-PE implementation 1 recomendación disponible previa solicitud HR Specialist at Iberdrola Diversificación - Promofon SA. Marketing (4 years) Reconocimientos y premios The best Responsible for HR Development MC Asociados 2006 High Potential 2006 Silver award for outstanding job 2012 Aptitudes y conocimientos Recruiting Employee Benefits Expatriate Management Payroll Training Key Performance Indicators ERP Insurance Policies Budgets Appraisals Committees Talent Management Absenteeism Collective Agreements Organizational Development Employee Relations (Expert, 18 years experience) (Advanced, 4 years experience) (Advanced, 4 years experience) (Expert, 18 years experience) (Advanced, 8 years experience) (Advanced, 5 years experience) (Expert, 12 years experience) (Advanced, 5 years experience) (Advanced, 4 years experience) (Expert, 8 years experience) Página3

4 Deferred Compensation Idiomas Inglés Francés Italiano (Professional working proficiency) (Professional working proficiency) (Professional working proficiency) Cursos Independent Coursework Programa Enfocado sobre la Gestión por Competencias IESE Evaluación de puestos de trabajo Nóminas y seguros sociales Trabajadores Extranjeros y Desplazados English language course Meetings management Presentations HAY ADAMS CEF University of Birmingham ESADE ESADE Educación Cibernarium Prezi, Information Technology, CEF Curso superior en Derecho Laboral y Seguridad Social, Derecho Laboral, EADA - Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración Máster en Dirección de RRHH, RRHH, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Degree; Graduate; Master, Training Engineering, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Psicologa, Psicologia, Actividades y grupos: Selected for co-working in the investigation about validation of a north american test Página4

5 with Spanish population ECF Master en prevención de riesgos laborales, Prevención de riesgos laborales, 2006 Reconocimientos y premios High Potential in Pirelli for 3 years MC Asociados award to the best Responsible for HR Development 2007 Silver award for the outstanding job in GTECH Intereses HR issues Página5

6 #Maite Moreno Bosch HR Manager 5 personas han recomendado a #Maite "Maite adapted very well and very fast to our multi national organization, helping everyone to get HR things done in Barcelona, organizing and supporting all managers in Madrid as well, and liasing very well with the HQ in US. Thanks to Maite curiosity and reactivity, her interim period was smooth and HR support was qualitative." Andrea FAELLI, Spain Country Manager, GTECH, ha supervisado a #Maite en GTECH. "Maite nos ha cambiado la percepción que todos teníamos de recursos humanos. Ha hecho un espléndido trabajo de entendimiento entre los distintos departamentos, consiguiendo acuerdos en los que todos se han sentido satisfechos, ha exhibido una habilidad natural para manejar los conflictos. Durante los 4 meses que ha estado con nosotros, ha creado un ambiente de trabajo inmejorable, dando soporte a los managers en las tareas de evaluación y ayudándoles en el soporte a sus equipos. Ha demostrado ser una excelente profesional gracias a su actitud y sentido del humor. Espero que podamos coincidir de nuevo, pues ha sido un placer trabajar con ella." Daniel Guijarro, SQA Team Lead, GTECH Global Lottery S.L.U., ha trabajado con #Maite en GTECH. "Maite joined our team in GTECH last year to cover a maternity leave. She immediately took a proprietary approach and attitude in her work and our company, consistently and professionally addressing our HR needs and demonstrating the capacity and interest in continuous improvement and development of our people. She is a true HR professional." Kevin Romano, Regional Director, GTECH, ha supervisado a #Maite indirectamente en GTECH. "Maite es una persona que entiende muy bien lo que debe aportar el Departamento de RRHH a la empresa, por lo que alinea perfectamente sus objetivos con los generales, con dinamismo y criterio." Bartolomé Martínez Jover, Managing Director, Clinica Corachan, ha supervisado a #Maite en CLINICA CORACHAN. "Maite es una excelente profesional, integra y con una capacidad de trabajo excepcional. Tiene un nivel competencial elevado y sabe gestionar adecuadamente los proyectos que se le encomiendan." Enric Castellvi, Human Resources Manager, COMSA, ha supervisado a #Maite en COMSA. Página6

7 Contacta con #Maite en LinkedIn Página7