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1 WATKINS MILL HIGH SCHOOL August Montgomery County Public Schoo ls Apple Ridge Road Gaithersburg, Maryland (301) FAX (30 1) Dear Students, Parents, and Guard ians: Welcome to the school year at Watkins Mill High School! I hope you and your families are having a restful and relaxing summer. Here at school, we have been busy making plans for another great school year. We have also been making upgrades to the facility, expanding techno logy, and hiring new staff. Our building services staff is also working tirelessly to make sure the building shines on the first day ofschool on August 29. Throughout the summer, the leadership team and I have been reviewing our students' performance in and developi ng plans to continue those strides in We remain committed to providing a positive, safe school environment; college and career readiness for all students; personalization of the educational experience; a rigorous program that ensures academic growth and high levels of achievement; and pride in our school that permeates the entire community. Our goal is that each student feels connected to school, experiences the rich excitement ofthe high school years, and exits with the preparation and competitive edge needed for success in college and the world ofwork. To that end, we are continuing to strongly encourage our students to take the most challenging courses possible. Offerings in Honors, the International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced-Placement (AP), and Pre IB and career academies remain availab le for enro llment this fall. Students and parents can simply contact their counselor to make any scheduling adjustments for the upcomi ng year. Please see the attached information about student schedules. As we approac h the new school year, I would also like to draw your attention to other important items. Mark Your Calenda rs The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for students is Monday, August 29, Upon arrival to school, students will be guided to homeroom, where they will receive their class schedules and other important information. Please note that students will be bringing home severa l important documents to be completed and returned during the first week of school, including emergency communication sheets, directory withhold request forms, and free/reduced lunch applications. Also, all students will receive a student planner, free of charge, which provides detai led informat ion about school policies and procedures, student rights and responsibilities, and the discipline code. There will be an ORIENTATION for all incoming 9 th grade students on T hursday, August 25 from 7:20-11:10 a.m. Bus transportation will be provided at the designated bus stops/times on the bus route list enclosed in this packet. Upon arrival to school, students will be guided to the auditorium, meet and greet staff, and then follow their individual class schedules and meet their teachers.

2 There will also be a NEW PARENT O RIENTATION the same evening, Thursday, August 25, at 7:00 p.m. This is a unique opportunity to hear more about academic programs, athletics and extra-curricular activities, student support and much, much more (see attach ed). Belo w is a listing of other important dates during the first marking period: First Day of Fall Sports New Student Orientation New Parent Orientation MCPS Back to School Fair First Day of School Holiday (Labor Day) Back To Schoo l Nig ht Senior College Night No School (Rosh Hashanah) PSAT/Practice ACT Mike Tyler Memorial 5K End of First Marking Period Homecoming Game Homecoming Dance August 13 August 25 August 25 August 27 August 29 September 5 September 22 September 22 September 29 October 12 October 22 October 28 October 28 October 29 7:20am-II :IOam 7:00 pm 12-3 pm Administrative and Counseling Changes I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Ms. Kiera Bodden, currently resource counselor, as our new assistant school adm inistrator (ASA). Ms. Bodden brings a wide range of experiences in special education, counse ling, and leadership, and she has a recor d of excellence in her work with students, parents, and staff through out her distinguished career. Ms. Bodden is repla cing Ms. Veronica Matthewson, former assistant principal, who received a promotion to a position in the MCPS central office. Ms. Bodden's movement to an administrati ve position has also prompted chan ges in the counseling departm ent, including adjustme nts to the alphabetical ass ignments and cou nselo r caseload s. Please make note of the following changes on the administrative and counseling team s: Administrative Team Scott Murphy, Principal Cary Dimmick, Ass istant Principal Charles Feam ster, Ass istant Princ ipal Kiera Bodden, Ass istant Schoo l Administrator Anne Alban, Business Administrator (Grade 10 and II A-L) (Grade 12 and I I M-Z) (Grade 9)

3 Counselors Ms. Sabrina Murray TBD (New Counselor to WMH S) Ms. Maritza Vakas Mr. Adam Saltzman (Resource Counselor) Ms. Christine Pickeral (Part-time Counselor) Mr. Kevi n Horkan Ms. Tammy Wojtyna Students With Last Name: A,B,&N C-F G-K L-Ma Mb-M O-Sh Si-Z Please refer to the attached information for a listing of other staff changes that have occurred over the summer. Bus Routes and Transportation The Division of Transportation has planned the bus route schedule for students eligible to ride the bus. The bus schedules are attached to this packet. If you have any questions regarding the bus schedule, please call the Division of Transportation at If you drive your student to school and use the student drop off area, please make the first right off of Apple Ridge Road into the student lot, proceed straight ahead past the football field entrance and make your last left. This will lead you to the designated student drop off and pick up areas. Remember to follow all posted speed limits and do not drop students off on Apple Ridge Road. We appreciate your cooperation, in consideration ofour neighbors and the safety ofall. Summer Reading and Math Students: please be sure to complete the summer reading, math, and IB assignments that are due the first week of school. A full listing of the assignments can be found on the front page of the school website, and here: VW.montgomervschoolsmd.org/schools/watkinsmillhs/departments/Summer20 Il.aspx Important! Please carefully review the enclosed information, which highlights important details about school operations, policies and procedures, and information from the PTSA and Booster Club. If you are unable to access the online format, please contact the main office at for any additional information you may need. Once the school year begins, we will rely on Edline for online grades and home-school communication; additional information about Edline will be provided during the first week of school and at Back-to School Night. It is imperative that all students and parents have active Edline accounts, as these online tools will serve as important communication vehicles to keep parents informed. Important notices and information arc always posted on our home page, including my monthly newsletter News From The Mill. Also, you can now follow us on Twitter! (see our website for more information.)

4 Again, the staff and I look forward to work ing closely with you to ensure success for each student and a rewarding high school experience. We are committed to assisting you any way we can in the educational process. I encourage all of you to stay involved by monitoring your child ' s progress, communicating with teachers, and joining parent organizations such as the PTSA and Booster Club. Please feel free to contact us by phone or ifyou ever have a question or concern. I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks, and enjoy the rest of your summer. Sincerely, ott W. Murphy "'-- -Primcipal SW M/am Attac hments Information Sheet Bell Schedule (VillageTim e and Regular) MCPS Calendar Free/Reduced Lunch SNA P Information Pest Management Information and Form Fall Sports Tryout Information PTSA Information Booster Information Transportation Information and Regular Education Bus Schedules Saturday School Information MCPS Back-to-School Fair Bookmark/Flyer rv{~~

5 WATKINS MILL HIGH SCHOOL Montgomery County Public Schools Apple Ridge Road Gait hersburg. MD FAX Agosto 20 1J Estimados Estudiantes, Padres y Guard ianes: [Bienvenidos al ciclc escolar en Watkins Mill High School! Espero que ustedes y sus families esten pasando lul verano agrndable y relajante. Aqui en la escue la, nosotros hemos estado ocupados hacienda planes pard otro maravilloso cicio escolar. Tambien hemos estado hacienda mejoras a las instalaciones, ampliando la tecnologia y contratando nuevo personal. Nuestro personal de servicios de mantenimiento del edificio tambien csta trabajando incansablemente para asegurarse que ei edificio brille el29 de agosto, primer dia de c1ases. Durante el verano, el equipo de Iiderazgo y yo hemos analizado ei desem peno de nuestros estudiantes durante y hemos estado desarrollando planes para continuar con esos avances en el cicio escclar Nos mantencmos comprometidos a ofrecer un entorno esco lar positivo y seguro; preparacion para la universidad y las ca rreras para todos los estudiantes; personalizacion de la cxperiencia educa tive; un program a rigu roso que asegure crec irniento academico y alto nivel de rend imiento; y, orgullo por nuestra esc uela que se extienda a toda la comu nidad. Nuestra meta es que ca da estud iante se sienta conectado a la escuela, qu e experimente la emocion de sus enos de secundaria. y que termi ne co n la preparacicn y ventaja competitiva que necesitara para alcanzar el exito en la universidad y en el mundo laboral Para eso, continuamos recomendando encarecidamente a nuestros estudiantes que tomen los cursos mas desafiantes posibles. Los cursos de Honor. de Bachi llerato Internacional (International Baccalaureate-Ill), de Estudios Avanzadcs (Advanced Placement-AP) y de Pre-IB y las Academias de Carreras todavia tienen matriculas disponibles para ei otcao. Los estud iantes y sus padres pueden sirnplemente ponerse en contacto con sus con sejeros escolares para hacer cualquier ajuste a sus horarios de clases para ei cicl o escolar entrante. Pa r favor co ns ulte la informacion adju nta sobre horarios para los estudiantes. A medida que nos acercamos a1 cornienzodel nuevo cicio escolar, quisiera tambien destacarles otros ternas importantes. Marque n Sus Calendarios EI PRIMER DiA DE CLASES para los estudiantes es el lunes, 29 de agosto de AI liegar a la escuela, los estudiantes seran dirigidos a su aula de base ("homeroom"). donde recibiran sus horarios de clases y demas informacion de impottancia, Por favor tenga presente que los estudiantesestaran llevando a casa varios documentos importantes que debcn ser completados y entregados a la escuela durante la primera scmana de clases, incluyendo las hojas con datos para comunicacion en cases de emergencia, los formularios para solicitar que no se publique informacion del estudiante en el directorio de la esc uela y las solicitudes para comidas gratis 0 a precio reducido. Adernas. todos los estudiantes recibiran gratis un planificador que ofrece informa cion detallada sobre las politicas y procedimientos de la escuela, los der chos y responsabilidades de los estudiantes y el codigo de conducta. EI jueves, 25 de agosto, de 7:20-11:10 a.m, habra una sesion de ORIENTACION para todos los estudiantes que estan ingresando al Grado 9. Se proveera transporte publico desde las paradas designadas y en los horarios

6 designados en la lista de las rutas incluidas en este paquete informativo. AI liegar a la escuela, los estudiantes seran guiados al auditorio, donde conoceran y saludaran at personal, y luego seguiran con sus horarios individuales a sus c1ases para conocer a sus maestros. Tarnbien habra una ORIENTACtON PARA PADRES RECtEN LLEGAOOS A ESTA ESCUELA Ia misma noche del jueves, 25 de agosto, a las 7:00 p.m. Esta es Wl3. oportunidad exclusiva para conocer mas acerca de los programas academicos, atleticos y actividades extrac urriculares., apoyo para los estud iantes y mucho, mucho mas (vea ei anexo). A continuacion ofrecemos una lista de otras fechas irnportantes para el primer semestre de calificac ioncs: Primer Dla de Deportes del Orono O rientacion Para Nuevos Estud iantes Orientacion Para los Nuevos Padres Feria de Regreso a Clases de MCPS Primer Dia de Clases Feriado - Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day) Noc he de Regreso aclases Noc he Universitari a Para los Estudiantes del Grado 12 No Hay Clases - Rosh Hashanah PSATlPnietiea Para el Examen ACT Carrera Mike Tyler - 5 Millas Finaliza el primer periodo de calificaciones Juego de Bien venida Para el Alumnado (Homecoming) Fiesta de Bienvenida Para ei Alumnado 13 de agosto 25 de agosto 25 de agosto 27 de agosto 29 de agosto 5 de septiembre 22 de septiembre 22 de septiemb re 29 de septiembre 12 de octubre 22 de octubre 28 de octubre 28 de octubre 29 de octubre 7:20-11 :10 a.m. 7:00 p.m. 12 del mediodia - 3:00 p.m, Cam bios Para la Ad min ist racion y Para los Cons ejeros Escolares Estoy encantado de an unciar ei nombramiento de Ms. Kiera Bodden, actual mente consej era de recurso s especiales (resource counselor), como nuestra nueva as istente de administrac ic n escolar (assistan t schoo l admini strator-asa). Ms. Bodden trae consigo amplia experiencia en educaci 6n especi al, consejeria escolar y lider azgo. y en su distingu ida carrera pos ee ant ecedentes de excelenc ia en cuanto a su trabaj o con estudiantes, padre s y compageros de labores. Ms. Bodden estara reemplazan do a Ms. Veronica Ma tthewson, ante rior vicedirectora, qui en recibi6 una prom ocion a un puesto en las oficinas centrales de MCPS. EI cam bio de Ms. Bodden a un puesto administrativo ha ocasionado cam bios tam bien en el departamento de los consejeros escolares. incluyendo ajustes a las asignaciones por orden alfabetico y el numero de casos. Por favor tome nota de los siguientes cambios en ei equipo administrativo y en ei equipo de consejeros escolares: Equipo Administrativo Scott Murphy, Director Cary Dimmick, Vicedirector Charles Feamster, Vicedirector Kiera Bodden, Asistente de Administracio n Escolar Anne Alban, Adm inistradora de Negocios (Grado 10 y II A-L) (Grado 12 y I I M- Z) (Grado 9)

7 Consejeros Escolares Ms. Sabrina Murray A detenninarse Ms. Maritza Vakas Mr. Adam Saltzman (Co nsejero de Recursos Espec iales) Ms. Christine Pickeral Mr. Kevi n Horkan Ms. Tammy Wojtyna Estudiantes con Apellido: A.B. & N C-F G-K L-Ma Mb-M G-Sh Si-Z Por favor. refieranse a la informacion adjunta para una lista de otros cambios en ei personal que han ocurrido durante ei verano. Rutas de Autobuses y Transporte Division of Transportation ha planeado el horacio de las rutas de autobuses para aquellos estudiantes que son e1egibles para viajar en autobus escolar. Los horacios de los autobuses se adjuntan a este paquete de infonnaci6n. Si usted tiene preguntas con respecto at horacio de autobuses, por favor llame a Div ision of Transportation, telefonc Si usted trae a su estudiante a la escuela en autom ovil y usa ei area de descenso para los estudiantes, por favor doble a la derecha en la primera calle, Apple Ridge Road. para entrar at estacionamiento de estudiantes, siga derecho y pase la canc ha de futbol americano y por ultimo doble a la izquierda. Esto Ie llevara al area designada para dejar y recoger a los estudiantes. Recue rde obedecer las velocidades indicadas y no deje a los estudiantes en Apple Ridge Road. Agradecemos su cooperacion, en consideracion a nuestros vecinos y por la seguridad de todos. Lectura de Verano y Matematicas Estud iantes : por fav or asegurensc de completar su lectura de ve rano y sus tareas de matematicas y de lb. que deben entregarse en la primera semana de c1ases. Pueden encontrar una lista completa de las tareas ingresando a la pagina inicial de nuestro sitio de Internet. y tambien aqui : nsrniii hsjdepartrnents/s ummer20 1I.aspx iimportante! Por favor revise la info rmacion incluida que detalla puntos importantes sobrc las operac iones, nonnas y proccdimien tos de la escuela, ademas de informacion de la asoci acion de padres y maestros (Parent-Teacher Associatin-PTSA ) y cl Club "Boos ter". Si usted no consigue acceso al fonnato en linea. por favor comuniquese con la oficina principal de la escuela, Ilamando al para cualquier Informacion adicional que pued a nece sitar. Una vez que ei ciclo escolar haya comenzado, nosotros confiaremos en Edline para las calificaciones en linea y las comunicaciones entre la escuela y ei hogar; informacion adicional sobre Edline sera provista durante la primera semana de c1ases y en la Noche de Regreso aclases. Es importantisimo que todos los estudiantes y sus padres tengan activadas sus cuentas de Edline, ya que las herramientas que Edline provee sirven como importantes vias de comunicacion para mantener a los padres infonnados. Los avisos e informacion importante siempre se anuncian en nuestra pagina principal. incluyend o mi boletin mensual de noticias, News From The Mill. jahora tambien puede seguimos por Twitter! (Consulte nuestra pagina de Internet para mas informacion.)

8 Una vez mas les reitero que el personal y yo anticipamos con agrado trabajar estrechamente con ustedes para asegurar el exito de cada estudiante y una cxperiencia gratificante en la escuela sccundaria. Estamo s comprometidos a ayudarles de cualquier forma necesaria en el proceso educativo. Les aconsejo a todos que se mantengan involucradcs, supervisando ei progreso de sus hijcs, comunicandose con los maestros y asociendose a las organizac iones de padres y maestros. como ser PTSA y el Club "Booster". Por favor. no duden en com unicarse por telefono 0 por correo e1ectr6 nico si tienen alguna pregunta 0 preocupacion. Espero verlos en las proximas scmanas y les deseo que disfrut en del resto del verano. Atentamente...;v{~ SWMlam Anexos Hoj a de Informacion Horario de los Timbres Para (Hora de la Villa y Hora Regular) Calendar io de MCPS Informacion Sobre Almuerzcs Grati sla Precio Reducido SNAP Informacion de Control de Plagas y Formulario Informacion Para Pruebas de Deportes 2011 en el Orono Informacion de PTSA Informacio n de "Booster" Informaci on de Transpo rtc y Horarios de Autobuses de Educacicn Regular Informacion Sobre la Escuela de los Sabados Seiialador de Pagina/Volante de ta Feria de Regreso a Clases de MCPS

9 WATKINS MILL HIGH SCHOOL BACK-TO-SCHOOL INFORMATION School begins on Monday. Aug ust 29, 20 11: Students report to their homeroom to rece ive their schedule of classes and other important informat ion. Schedules: All students registered for classes in January-March of Students will receive their final class schedules with teachers and room numbers on the first day of school in homeroom. Upon arrival to school, students will be guided to homerooms; homeroom lists will be posted in the hallways. During the first week, students are to follow their printed sc hedules. Changes to student schedules becau se of a preference of teacher or an alternate e lective cannot be made during the first week of school. Priority will be give n to those students with missing or incorrect schedules. Please consult the co unselo r for appropriate class placement or missing classes on a sc hedule. Please note: Students are strongly encouraged to take the most cha llenging courses possible. O fferings in Honors, the International Bacca laureate (18), Advanced-Placement (AP), and Pre-18 remain availab le for enrollment this fall. Students and parents can simply contact their co unselor to make any scheduling adjustments for more advanced co ursework for the upcoming year. New Student O rientation: Students ente ring ninth grade and students new to Watkins Mill will have an opportunity to visit the schoo l and meet their teachers during our orientation program from 7:20 to I I:10 a.m. on T hursday, August 25. Buses will make their nonn al run on this half day schedule and a bus schedule has been enclose d for your reference. Students will gather in the auditorium to meet the administrat ion and to receive directions to visit their classes. Th is orientation is for students only! New Parent Orientation : A New Parent Orientation will be held on Thursday, August 25 at 7:00 p.m. There will be a presentation by Mr. Murphy, Principal, and a variety of breakout sess ions including to pics on (I ) Supports for Student Success, (2) Extrac urricular Activ ities and Parent Involvement; (3) Co unseling Serv ices, (4) Adm inistrative Services, Attendance and High Schoo l Plus. Please plan on attending if you are new to Watkins Mill High School. Handouts will be provided with respect to athlet ics, the IB program, and academ ics. Student Pho tos: All students should be prepared to take student photos on September I and 2. These photos will be used for purposes of portra it packages, yearbook and photo 10, whic h is required. School Hours: The student day begins at 7:25 a.m. with a dism issal time of 2:] 0 p.m. daily. Business ho urs are fro m 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The bell schedule has been altered slightly, and is included in this packet, as well as posted on the WMHS home page. The Village Time schedule is implemented each Tuesday and Thursday. Emergency Infor mation: On the first day of school, Student Information Sheets will be distributed to students. Parents are asked to ver ify contact information, including work and ce ll phone numbers, emai l addresses, and alternate emergency contacts. These forms must be returned in order for students to be assigned a hall locker. Calendar: A comprehensive calendar of all maj or school events can be found 0 11 the front page of our schoo l website. Staff Contacts: A comprehensive listing of phones numbers and addresses for all staff can be found on the front page of our school website. -1-

10 High School P lus: High Schoo l Plus, an extended day program to earn lost credits, will be offered at Watkins Mill lligh School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 until 4: 10 beginning in September 01' and ending January 2012 (semester 1). There is no cost for students to enroll in these classes. Course offerings are dependent on student enrollment. This program gives students the opportunity to meet their graduation requirements and also eliminates incurring summer school tuition fees. If you have any questions, please call and ask for Kiera Bodden, High Schoo l Plus Coordinator. Activity bus transportation will be provided at 4:lO on all High School Plus days. Communication: Important school information is published bi-weekly the principal's newsletter, News From the Mill. News From the Mill is posted to our school website. Bdline, and ed to all active Edline accounts. Hard copies of News from the Mill are also available for pick-up in the Main Office. The school will also use periodic automatic Connect-Ed phone ca lls to update parents/students on important school events or emergency communications. You can also now follow-us on Twitter! Click on the link on our website for more inform ation! All parents and students must have active Edline accounts (more informatio n below). Please be sure that your contact informatio n is up-to-date by returning the yellow Student Information Sheet distributed on the first day of school. In the event of emergency or chan ge in school operations, these online tools are the primary means of communication between home and school. Edline Accounts & G rading: All parents and students must have an active Edline account. Edline is a webbased application that allows parents to monitor student performance. check grades online, and co mmunicate with teachers. Information about how to activate the accounts will be sent home with students during the first two weeks of school and will be ava ilable at Back-to-School Night, September 22, 20 II. Parents and students with active accounts returning to Watkins Mill will maintain their login and password. Edline is the primary means by wh ich school information is sent. Thus, it is imperative that all students and parents have active Edline acco unts. Questions or need assis tance? Co ntact Mitchell Con nected ConnectEd is used by the school to contact specific groups ofstudents and parents. It is also used to make daily attendance calls to let yo u know that your student missed one or more classes during the day. This is a very important method of communication for the school, and we encou rage you to be awa re of and listen for these announcements. Should you choose parents can opt out of Connect Ed by calling Ms. Feldcamp in our attendance office: Visiti ng the School an d C lassrooms: Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time without advanced notice. If you are visiting a specific classroom, however, please provide a 24 hour advance notice to minimize any disruption when visiting teachers, as a courte sy to their classes and instructional planning. St udent Planner and I nfor mation Notebook: This book is used as a strategy to continue to develop students' organizationa l skills and personal accountability. In addition. the planner describes all policies, procedures, and calendar items for the school year. The first copy of the planner is provided to the student free of charge, and replacements are provided at a cost of $5.00. Contacting Teachers and C oun selors: The best way to communicate with teachers is by or phone. Parents should feel free to a brief inquiry to your child's teacher and expect a response within two business days. All staff addresses are posted on the schoo l website. If the inquiry is about Edline, please note that grades are a " work in progress" and parents should encourage students to first talk to the teacher before parents get involved. Parents may also leave a phone message for a teacher and expect a response within two business days. With other questions/concerns. please use the organizational structure shown below as a guide when trying to researc h the appropriate staff member: -2-

11 Question/Concern About Your Student? (All phone numbers and addresses posted on school website) j Classroom Teacher [Ema il/voice Mail] j Department (Curriculum/Grading) Counselor (Student Concern) English/ Reading - Ms. Wendy Farmer A-B and N Ms. Murray Math - Mr. Greg Bames C-F TBD (New Counselor) Social Studies - Mr. Adam SChwartz G-K Ms. Vakas Science Ms. Ann Redman l -Ma Mr. Saltzman (Resource Counselor) PE/Health/ Arts/Music - Ms. Paula Morris Mb-M Ms. Pickeral Special Education - Ms. Rebecca Crocket O-Sh Mr. Horkan ESOl - Ms. Jenny Pryphun Si-Z Ms. w ojtvna Foreign Language - Ms. Susan Ahalt ESOl Ms. Garcia IB - Ms. Usa I ngram j Counselor j Grade Level Administrator Mr. Cary D immick: Grade 10 and II (A-L) M r. Charles Feamster, Grade II (M-Z) & 12 M s. K iera Bodden, Grade 9 Scott Murphy, Principal Other Important Contacts: Athletics - Mr. Reginald Spears College & Career Info: Ms. Deb Prochnow Cl ubs & Activities: Mr. Reginald Spears Library Media: Ms. Sarah Bourgeois Staff Development: Dr. Beth Aitken Financial: Ms. Anne Alban cafeteria: Ms. Lina Chan Student Service Learning: Mr. Reginald Spears Webmaster: Ms. Cynthia Hunter Edline: Mr. Mitch Joy and Mr, Joseph Bellino SAT/ACT Testing: Ms. Deborah Prochnow Building Services: Mr. Robert Thompson Academics Concerns: Assigned Counselor Registrar: Ms. Claudia Jacobson Attendance: Ms, Audrey Feldcamp Security: Mr. Peter Hardesty Health Room: Ms. Melissa Cherry Parent Confere nces: Somet imes a face-to-face conference with teachers, counselors. andlor adm in istration is necessary. However, please note that staff members are typ ically unable to accommodate unannounced drop-in parent meet ings. Instead, parents should contact the teacher or counselor to arrange a conference at a mutually convenient t ime. Parents who arrive to school expecting to see a staff member without an appoin tment w ill often be asked to reschedule. A ppointments and phone calls with the pri nci pal are made through the princi pal's assistant, Mrs. A nn M old enhauer. -3-

12 Loc kers/sec uri ty: Security is a primary concern for all of us at school. Students should not bring personal electro nic devices or other valuables to school. Students arc sole ly responsible for securing their belongings in a safe place. Each student will receive a locker number during homeroom on the first day of school. Anything found in the locker belongs to the student to whom the locker was assigned. We encourage students not to share lockers with anyone else. The locker is the property of Watkins Mill High School and thus can be searched at any time. The school will not be responsible nor investigate lost or stolen items which are not secured in lockers. School Fees - Course related fees are not charged for textbooks, supplementary readers, most instructional materia ls, audiovisual aids, stationery items not commonly found in the home and required for the student to demonstrate mastery of course objec tives, or building or office materials needed to operate schools. The approved course-related fees primarily fit into three categories: ( I) Items consumed by the student as part of the course (i.e., recipe ingredients); (2) Component parts of a product that will become student property (i.e., scu lpting clay); and (3) Materials of instruction or items of personal use that bccome thc property of the student (i.e., career prep uniforms, cos metology kit, etc). Watkins Mill HS may charge fees for Technology Education, Art and Music classes. ECA Fees - Extracurricular Activity (ECA) fee remitta nce forms, were mailed directly to all students in July, The ECA fee is a one-time fee of $30 for the school year. A reduced fee of $15 is available for students whose family incomes are less than $35,000. Parents can pay the ECA fee by check or online using a credit card. Credit card payments are accepted at this secured Montgomery County Public Schools website: gldepartments/fmslpayeca.shtm. Staff Inform ation: Our WMHS homepage is up-to-date and gives specific information regarding school activities and other important contact information. Your students teachers and counselors can be contacted through a link provided on our home page: We are delighted to welcome the following new staff to Watkins Mill: Subiect/Deoartrnent Name Position Admi nis tration Ms. Kiera Bodden Assista nt Sc hool Administrator Teclmology Education Mr. G lenn Brooks Resource Teacher Mr. Andre Braxton Engineering M s. Florence Chukuwu rah Eng ineering Art Mr. Sean Clay Art Science Mr. N athan Hilburger Sc ience Mathematics Ms. Cynthia Reese Mathematics Mr. Theo Jo sephs Mathematics Vacancy Mathemat ics For eign Language Ms. Rosa Fakh ra i French English Ms. Ki shanna Harley English Ms. Sara Goodman English, Journalism Mr. Maurice Johnson Drama -4-

13 SubjectlDepartment Name Position Main Office Ms. Jennifer McCarron Pupil Personnel Worker Counseling Mr. Adam Saltzman Resource Counselor Ms. Sabrina Murray School Cou nselor TBD Schoo l Counselor Special Education Ms. Francine Koch School Secretary II Ms. Lois Parris Special Education Para. Ms. Kasey Blumer Special Education Para. TBD Special Edu cation Para. Media Center Ms. Sarah Bourgeois Medi a Specialist Staffing Considerations: As these tight budget time s continue, we apprecia te the fund ing and support the Montgomery Co unty Public Schools (MCPS) has received from the County Council. We recognize that it is imperative to use our resources in the most efficie nt and effective manner. MCPS staffing allocations are based on proj ected enrollment. In some cases, it may become necessary for staffing changes to occur in schools if enrollment comes in below projection and doesn't j ustify the staffing that was allocated. If there is a need to make an adjustment in staffing based on actual enro llment, we will do our best to minimize the impact ofthese necessary adjustments. We will keep you inform ed and alert you of any changes that may occur at our school... Parking Permit Applications: Parking permits will be ava ilable the first week of school. Any student who is eligible and does not have a financial obligation may pick up a parking ap plication at the Financial Office. Complete d app lications must be signed by a parent and acco mpanied with cash or a check for $37.50 and returned to the Financial Office. Please make chec ks payable to Watkins Mill H.S. Vehicles without current parking permits can expect to be ticketed after September lo, Cars that are ticketed (warned) more than three times may be towed at the owner's expense. Edison Centerl Off-Site Programs re Transportation: All students who attend programs outside of Watkins Mill High School should expect to attend those classes on the second day of school (August 30). Our schedule is adjusted for homeroom to complete start of school activities; the buses are not transporting students to external academic programs for the first day of school. Studen t Sen-ice Learning (SSLl Hours: Information and regarding the "Steps for Earning SSL" and required forms can be located at Direct questions regarding SSL hours to Mr. Reginald Spears, Athletic Director. Questions? Please feel free to call: Main Office : Counseling : Athletics:

14 IMPORTANT SCHOOL POLICIES AND INFORMATION 1. Dress Code Require ments: The WMHS Dress Code is published in the student planner and available online at the WMHS home page. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the academic environment. 2. Student Expectations and Discipline: During the first two weeks of schoo l, administrators will meet with all students to review the disc ipline policy, discuss appropriate behaviors and schoo l policies, and discuss how 10 confront bullying. The complete discip line policy and continuum of consequences for infract ions will be found in the student planner and online via the schoo l webs ite. 3. Electronic Devices and Pe rsona l Musical Equ ipme nt : Electronic devices of all types are not authorized for use during the instructional time. If students bring them to school, they must be turned off and out of sight duri ng instructional times. Students may not wear or listen to musica l devices during instructional time. IPODs and other devices are allowed before/after school and during lunch. The school will not investiga te or be held responsible for lost or missing electronic items. 4. Cellular Teleph ones and Page rs: Students may use cell phones only before school, after dismissal at 2: I0 p.m, and during STEP (lunchtime). These communication dev ices must be turned oft and out of site during instructiona l time. Communication devices found to be in use (including texting a nd cell phones ringing) during instructional time, will be confiscated. In order to retrieve confiscated items, an appointment must be made with the grade leve l administrator. The school will not investigate or be held responsi ble for lost or missing cell phones. 5. Prescribed Medication: The Department of Health and Human Services staffs our health room with a nurse and two health technicians. This partnership provides services to assure the health and safety of students enro lled at Watkins Mill High School. The School Health Services team assesses the health needs of students, provides sick care, emergency care, mon itors to assure immunization co mpliance, administers medications and treatments for students who have physician's orders and maintains student health records. If your stude nt requires medica tion to be administered during school hours, please provide the health room with a completed and author ized MCPS fonn "A uthorization to Administer Prescribed Medication. Th is form can be found online at w.montgomeiyschoolsmd.org!departments/forms/pdf/ pdf 6. Free and Reduced Meals: Students may qualify for free or reduced price meals based on family size and gross income. Students qualifying for free or reduced price meals must complete an Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals. Even if students do not plan on eating school lunch, completing this application may open up access to scholarships and other financial supports. Forms will be sent home on the first day of school. or an online application can be found at merysc hoolsmd.orgldepart ments/fonns/pdf/ pdf -6-

15 1 2 a -cs-eoe, 7:2:; : , 3: , ":H ' H B S6 z t,j"~ 2~, 3,5;;' , ",,16!t az ' : " a ~: O ' 9 SO, 9,H l!:lc, S"J-!C'lC a ~:SC I0 20, 10:25-11'08, lcl:h ll:o. H:n 1t:03 '''' 11:0 S-11:40,-, J.1 :W~llA ~ '" n.oe-n.e s s 11:51 12:30:, 1\;St H:34 s 11:5 1 12:l-t 6 11::19 ]:11 12:39 ):21 12 : ~J : 2 ;, t :2' 2 10, 1:21-2 It', 1: ,,,, ':25-8:0; 1 ;'25-8 OS 1 1:25-8:08 2 ~ ; H SS6 z J:1l &S 6, ':H -g.56 a 9: : " t:s f>. 901 za, 3: ",,:5&-902.;01 950, 9: 5 5- J(, :. ~, :5.5-1(:." ~ :SS-1 6 :'S, 10:1<>-11:06.S~ 1»,)3 tlh ~TP 1l:0&-1l:46, H :St l2:' - ': s IH)4 12:1~ rc.ss- n.u '", 1l:2Hl:l)4, ll:21 ll;o1. e 1l:?9 J:21 12:!9-1,12, 12, 1! :OO 12:51 : ~2 1, 2 :;, 1: , 1; , 1: Village T ime Schedule 2. '" J nl'lo'~ t,~:s { 61 S1P:STEP 118') >r ~vr l ~ j! <! 1'Im ( JJ' T u ewd'($/ l h u ' ~ d Jn, 7:15-8:08 ll;1j. 8:$6 " 8:56-';')1, 9;01,:;( '" 10:30&.11:1 6 5 I U:11 ll;(j.l 6 111:09-U:S':; 1 1l;S ;4c.l:10 P\>ri% I Pt'l' ioc 1 Periori '3 pe lod 4 worn _ 5 P\>riQ(J 6 Pe'1OO 7 Frs: 30211: 1:211.' :15 to 8:16 to 9: :(0(1 to IO:SoI (I 11: : :2'1 10 IlEllS(HEDULES l jj SChool Hours Lrl &of: zm rim. 8:11 9:11(Hltllin.lor311tl0lJfl(emei11S; 10:0] 10:54 1l:J1 12:18 1;19 2:10 Two HlXlr DeI<ly _4 Pt'l'lOO 1 9:15 to 9:'i'J Period2 10:00 to 100l'J (5 I11in. fordmloolw: eml'ut..; Period 3 10:40 (0 11:10 11:15 to 1!~5 LUtiOi 11:45 to 12:15 Periorl 5 12: :00 ~ i oc 6 1:05 to ms l'trio(,7 1:40 to 2:10 H.Ul Dilr vrue ee TI1'1e Calenda r Dates VT 1 VTl VT' VT' VT'5 vrs VT7 "'/08/11 09/13/11 09/ 15/ 11 09/20/ 11 09/22/ 11 09/2 7/11 10/04/11 10/ 06/11 10/n/11 10;13/11 10/18/11 10/20/11 10/25/11 10/27/11 11/01/11 11/ 03/11 W08/11 11/1 0/11 11/15/11 1I)1 7/11 l1/n/11 U /29/11 12/ 0I)11 12i06/11 12/08/11 12/B/11 12/1 5/11 12/20/11 02/02/11-02/ 07/ 12 02i09/ 11 02/14/11 02/16/ 12 02/21/12 02/23/ U 02{28/11-03/0 1/11 03i06/ 12 03/08/12 Ol/B / /15/12 03/2 0j U 04/12/ 12 04/17/12 O4i 19/ 12 04/ / 26/ /0 1/12 OS/03/ U 05/08/1 2 0;/10{12 O;jl;/ 12 05{17/11 OS/ 21./12 0;129{12 05/31/ 11 perlod 1 Period 2 Pel'oo 3 Pt'fiOO 4 Pft'iod5 P\1'iod6 ""iod 7 LUtiOl 1:l5 10 7: : :06 to 9: : :39 to 11:10 to 7:52 :19(5 min. lor anuouucements) 9:()1 9:l2 llt:03 lrt:m 1!:()5 11:40 July 2 1, 2011 csf

16 Montgomery Co unty Pu blic Schoo ls: School Yea r Ca lendar Men, July 04 Me n, Augu st 22 FTi, AU l!:us126 Mon, Augu st 29 Mo n, September 05 Wed, September 28 Thll September 29 Fri, October 2 1 Fri, October 28 Firsl day of school for students Holiday. Lebor Day Ear ly release day K- 12. PJanninl!/2rudcs. Rosh Hashanah MSTA Convention 1st marking period ends Offices & schools closed. Stude nts dismissed after lunch. No school for students and teachers. (N ote; Yom Kippur is Sal., October 8 No school for students and teachers. Fri. January 20 Mon. January 23 Wed. February 01 Mon. February 20 Fri. March 02 r xo, March 29 2nd marking period ends Professional day for teachers Report cards distributed Holid ay Presidents' Day Early release day K-12. Plarmina/arades. 3rd marking period ends No school for students. Some 10 month emnlovees work. Offices & schools d osed. Studen ts dismissed after lunch. Mon, October 31 Thu, November 10 Fri, November I J Wed, November 23 Thu, November 24. Fri, November 25 Mon, December 26 Tuc, December 27 Fri, December 30 Pro fe ssional Jay for teachers Early release day K S. Parent conferences. Report cards distnbuted. Early release day K 8. Parent conferences. Early release day prior 10 Then ksgivtng. K 12 Holidays - Thanksgiving Holidav - Christmas Winter break. No school for students. Some 10 mon th emp loyees wo rk. Students dismissed after lunch. Students dismissed after lunch. Students dismissed after lunch. Otflces & schools closed. Offices & schools closed. No school for students and teachers. Fri, March 30 Mon, April 02 Thu. April 05 Tue, April 3 Fti, April 6 & Mon, ADril 9 Thu, April 12 Mon, Mav 28 Tue, June 12 Wed. June 13 Thu, June 21 Professional day for teachers Spring break. Iioliday Primary Election Holid ays c Easter Report cards dis tributed Hclidav - Memorial Dav Last day of school for students Professional day for teachers Report cards mailed No school for students. No school for students and teachers. (Note: Passover begins April 6) Offices & schools ctosed. Offices & schools dosed. Offices & schools closed. Students dismissed after lunch. If the school year should be disrunted b If schools arc closed... S days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days ernereencics and schools are closed. the school year will he extended. The school year will be extended by.. one day to June two days to June 13 and three days 10 June 13, 14, and 15, four days to June 13, 14, 15, and 18,2012 five days 10 June , IS, 18. and 19, Updated May

17 MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Cafeteria News and Secondary School Meals Information Food and Nutrition Services serves more than 14 mill ion mea ls annually. We support health y meal options for stu dents and continually explore new w ays to enhance th e nutrit ional contribution and stude nt accepta bility of meals. For more information, visit us on the Web at The cafeteri a conti nues to offe r the convenience and flexibility of SNAP, a computerized cash registe r system. Depositi ng funds into a cafete ria account eliminates the need for a child to carry money every day. Stu dents enter t heir Personalized Identi ficat ion Number (PIN) to access their account. The PIN for students returning to the same school remains t he same. New students receive t heir PIN on the first day of school. Any money left on a student's account last year is available for spending th is year. Prepayments to a student's account may be made prior to the start of school. To make a prepayment : Use MylunchMon ey.com, an online service to make a prepayment using a credit card. Parents also can check meal account balances, sign up for recurring payments, and much more. Go to MylunchMoney.com to register. Complete the form below and include a check payable to the cafeter ia. Please put t he child's first name, last name and PIN number on the front of the check. Check Acceptance Policy Checks used to pay for school meals must contain an address, phone number and student PIN number. Returned checks are subject to recovery for the face value and Maryla nd state allowed fee of $35 through an electroni c debit or paper draft to the same account. Your payment by check constitu tes your acceptance of these term s. If you have any questions concerning our check acceptance policy, please call CHECKredl at SECONDARY SCHOOL M EAL PRICES Lunch M eal $2.75 Redu ced-price lunch M eal $0.40 Breakfast Meal $1.30 Redu ced-price Breakfa st Meal $0.00 Milk $0.60 Free and Reduced-price Meal Applications Families who meet cert ain federal income standards are eligible for free or reduced-price meal benefits. All children use a PIN number so confidentiality is maintained and no child is overtly identified as receiving free or reduced-price meals. Applications for meal benefits are sent home with the youngest in family in the information packet given out at the start of each school year. Only one application is needed for all students in a household. A new application must be completed for any family requesting assistance t his school year. ( PREPAYMENTFORM Please make the check payable to t he cafete ria and include the name of yo ur school. Checks used to pay fo r school meals must contain an address and phone number. Please put you r chi ld's first name,last name and PIN number on the fr ont of the check. This check is for cafete ria purchases ONLY. Please list each st udent separately and bring paymen t to t he cafeteria manager. Thank Youl Student Name PIN Amount $ _ Student Name PIN Amount $ _ Student Name PIN Amount $ _ Parent's/Guardian's Name _

18 MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Notidas de la cafeteria Para el Cida Escola r e Informacion Sabre las Comidas en las Escuelas Secundarias Food and Nutrition Services strve mas de 14 millones de comi das anuarmente. Nosotros apoyamos opciones de alimentos saludables para los estudiantes y est amos continuamente explorando nuevas opciones para mejorar el conten ido nutritivo y la ecectacton de los estudiantes de las comidas que se srrven. Para mas intormacicn, vtsrtenos en nuestra paglna de Internet ingresando a La cafeteria continua ofreciendo 13 ccovemencta V flex.ibilidad de SNAP, un sistema computarlzado de ceje reglstr adora. Depositar fondos en una coenta de la cafeteria elimina Ia necestoao de que et estudlante t enga que traer dinero a 1.1 escuela tooos los eras. los estudia ntes ingresan su eumerc de c6digo de identificaci6n personal (Personal Identification Number-PIN) para seceder a su cuerua. EI nemero de c6digo personal para estu dlantes que regresan a Ia mn me escuela desde er ai'lo pasado seguira siendo el mumo. l os nuevcs estudiantes reciben su numero de c6digo personal et primer dia de ctases. Cualquier balance que haya quedado en Ia eoeota del estud iant e desde.11cicio escotar anterior queda acreditado para su usc durante este.1 1'10. se pueden hacer pagos por adelantado a 1.1 ccenta del estud iante antes del comienzo del cec escclar, Para pager por adetamado : Use MyLunchMoney.com, un servcio en linea para hacer pages por adelant ado usando una tarjeta de creotto. los padres pueden revlaar los balances de 1.1 coenta de comi da, jnscnbir se para hacer pagos peri6dicos y mucho mob. Ingresea M ylunchmoney.com para registrarse. Complete el formula ria que aparece.11 pie e induya un cheque a nombre de Ia cafeteria. Por favor induya en el cheque et nombre completo del estudiante y su numero de c6digo personal. Politica de Aceptad6n de Cheques los ctecces girados para pagar por comidas escotares deben incluir ta direcci6n, numero de teteto nc y numerc de c6digo personal del estudiant e. l os cheques que sean oewencs seri!in recuperados cor el valor que indican, mitis 1.1 tanta de $35 permitida cor et estado de Maryland para set retirada de 1.1 misma cuenta mediante un debito electr6nico 0 un giro bancario. AI efectuar su pago por cheque, usted confi rma su acept aci6n de estos terminos. 5i usted tiene cualquier pregunt a con respeeto a nuestra poutica de aceptaci6n de cheques, por favor name a CHECKredi, te lefono L1STA DE PRECIOS DE LAS COMIDAS EN LAS ESCUELAS SECUNDARIAS Almuerzo $2.75 Almuerzo, Precic Reducido $0.40 Desayuno $1.30 Desayuno, Precio Reducido so.oo l eche $0.60 SOLIOTUDES PARAALMUERZOS GRATIS 0 A PRECIO REDUCIDO Aquellas familias que reunen certos estandares federales de ingresos son elegjble s para recibir benettcics de comidas gratis 0 a predo reducido. Todos los esw oeotes utlftzen un c6digo de identificaci6n persona, 0 "P I N~, para mantener su privacidad y para que ningun estudiante sea abiertamente idenrlfk ado como estudent e que recibe comidas grat is 0 a preco reducido. Las solicit udes para eeoenccs de comid a se envian a los bogares con er estud iante de rnencr edad en Ia' familia, y incluido en e! cecuete de informa ci6n que se entrega al comienzo de cede cicio escotae. Sotament e se necesita present ar una solicit ud por todos los estudiantes que v'ven en et mismo dormoho, se debe complet er una nueva souotuc para cualquier familia que scncne asistencla para este cere escctar. \" cj FORMULAR IO DE PAGO POR ADELANTADO Par favor gire su cheque a nombre de la cafeteria e induya el nombre de su escuela. los cheques girados para pagar por comid as escolares deben incluir 1.1 direccion. numero de teletono y numero de codigo personal del estudiante. Par favor incluya el nombre completo de su hijo y su numero de codigo personal en el cheque. Est e cheque es UNlCAMENTE para compras en 1.1 cafeteria. Por favor enumere a cada estudiante separadamente y ent regue su pago a 1.1 persona encargada de 1.1 cafet eria. IGraclas! Nombre del Estudiante' PIN Valor $ _ Nombre del Estudiante' PIN Valor $ _ Nombre de Padre/Madre/Guardian _

19 MO NTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEM ENT NOTICE FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: Mary land Law req uires that schoo l sta ttand parents/guardians of all students be notified prior to planned pesticide applications in the school or on school grounds. or within 24 hours o f an eme rgenc y application. Without exception, notices will be sent to all parents/guardians and circulated among school staff members. FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLS, HIGH SCHOOLS, AND ADMINISTRAT IVE CENT ERS: Maryland Law requires that school-based staff and parents/guardians of middle or high school students and staff at administrative centers who wish to be notified prior to pesticid e applications in the building or on the grounds must request that they be placed on the school's pesticide notification list. To do so, please fill out the enrollment Conn attached to this notice and return it to your school or administrative center. FOR ALL: The Integrated Pest Management (lpm) program employed by Montgome ry County Public Schools is a proactive approach to insect and rodent control in school facilities and on school grounds. The IPM program includes frequent inspections of all school facilities to look for pests and co nditions that favor pest invasio ns. As a first step in pest co ntrol. the IPM approach employs a number of preven tive strategies and alternatives to pesticide application such as: employee education, source reduction. ident ification of potential probl em areas, and improved sanitation. Each approach is monitored and eval uated, and modification s are made if necessary. Pesticides will be used only as a last resort or in an emergency situation. The following is a list of pesticides and bait stations. by product name and common name. which may be used in buildings or on grounds during the schoo l year: Product Na me 4-the-birds II Arilon Avert cockroach bait station Avert cockroach crack and crevice bait 3 10 Avert dry flowable roach bait Avitrol Catalyst emulsified Cynoff insecticide Deltadust Drione insectic ide Dylox 6.2 grams Firstline termite bait stations Gentrol IGR co ncentrate Gentrol point source roach cont rol Golden malrin fly bait Common Name Polybutene lndoxacarb Abamec tin Abam ectin Abamectin Aminopyridi ne Propetam phos Cypcnnethrin Deltamethrin Pyrethrins Trichlo rfon Sulfluram id Hydroprene Hydropene Methom yl thioacetimidate

20 Product Name Liqua-tox II Maxforce FC ant bait stations Maxforce granular ant bait Maxforce roach bait stations Maxforce roach killer bait gel Niban granular bait Premise 75 Premise foam insectic ide PT 240 Penna Dust PT 515 wasp freeze PT565 plus XLO Ratsorb Round up Pro Max Rozol tracking powder Shatter termite bait cartridge SuspendSC TalonG Talstar Professional multi-insecticide Termidor SC tenniticide Term PCO ant bait Timbor Uncle Albert's ant bait Weatherblok bait ZP tracking powder Common Name Sodium diphacinone Fipronil Hydramethylon Hydramethylnon Hydramethylnon Orthoboric acid Imidaclop rid Imidacloprid Methyl Chloroform D-trans allethrin Pyrethrins Camphoraceous Glyphosate Chlorophacinone Hexaflumuron Deltamethrin Brodifacoum Bifenthrin Fipronil Sodium borate Disodium octaborate tetra hydrate Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate Brodifacoum Zinc phosphide Mrs. Teresa M. Baumanis, environmental design assistant, Enviro nmental Servicesll ndoor Air Quality, maintains copies of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSD S) and product labels for all pesticides and bait stations used in buildings or on grounds. If you wish to review this information, please contact Mrs. Baumanis at or via . Public comments regarding the Integrated Pest Management program may be addressed at scheduled Board ofeducation meetings.

Ossining Union Free School District

Ossining Union Free School District Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2012-2013 Ossining Union Free School District All Children Can Learn Diversity is one of the Ossining Union Free School District s greatest strengths as well

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Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015. www.ossiningufsd.org

Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015. www.ossiningufsd.org Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015 www.ossiningufsd.org Ossining Union Free School District All Children Can Learn Diversity is one of the Ossining Union Free School District s greatest

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I am looking forward to another year as a Waldo Mustang! Please call or email me with any questions or concerns you might have.

I am looking forward to another year as a Waldo Mustang! Please call or email me with any questions or concerns you might have. Dear Waldo Families, Welcome to a new school year, in a new school, with new adventures waiting. We are so excited to have you as part of the Waldo Mustang community! The enclosed packet of information

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The Official Newsletter of Buchanan Middle School - October 1, 2014

The Official Newsletter of Buchanan Middle School - October 1, 2014 Principal: Scott Hilgenberg From The Desk Of The Principal The students have just completed their sixth week of school and should have given you their Interim Reports to sign and return. After talking

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Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School

Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School A Letter from the Principal Dear Parents and Guardians: July 10, 2012 Welcome to the 2012-13 school year! On behalf of the faculty and staff

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Steven Musto, Principal March/April 2014 Dayna Lai, 8th Gr. Counselor

Steven Musto, Principal March/April 2014 Dayna Lai, 8th Gr. Counselor HORNER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL A California Distinguished School 41365 Chapel Way Fremont, CA 94538 510-656-4000 Fax: 510-656-2793 WEB SITE - www.fmtusd.org/horner Steven Musto, Principal March/April 2014 Dayna

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Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook

Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook Student/Parent Handbook 2014 2015 Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook Table of Contents Belief and Mission Statement Vision School Day 1-2 After School Programs 1 Visitors/Volunteers 1 Emergency

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Nina A. Wehmeyer, Principal Norma Evans-O Connor, Assistant Principal 2599 W. Vine Street I Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-348-4466 I 407-348-4069

Nina A. Wehmeyer, Principal Norma Evans-O Connor, Assistant Principal 2599 W. Vine Street I Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-348-4466 I 407-348-4069 Nina A. Wehmeyer, Principal Norma Evans-O Connor, Assistant Principal 2599 W. Vine Street I Kissimmee, FL 34741 407-348-4466 I 407-348-4069 www.nb.osceola.k12.fl.us The 4A s... 1 3 Attendance... 1 Excused

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Guide to Services Guía De Servicios

Guide to Services Guía De Servicios Guide to Services Guía De Servicios 2014 2015 Table of Contents Versión en español empieza en la página 18. Academic Services 3 5 Academic Support Center (The Learning Center) Tutoring Peer Based Support

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community with an easy to use reference guide to school schedules, policies and procedures. For

community with an easy to use reference guide to school schedules, policies and procedures. For PAPSHandbook_10_11_FINAL:Layout 1 1/20/2011 1:19 PM Page 1 W elcome to the Perth Amboy Public Schools District Handbook. The District Handbook is designed to provide students, parents and other members

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COUGAR PRINTS. Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166

COUGAR PRINTS. Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166 COUGAR PRINTS Volume 26, Issue 1 www.srms.srcs.k12.ca.us August / September 2013 Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166

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Gateway High School Student and Parent Handbook 2015-2016

Gateway High School Student and Parent Handbook 2015-2016 Gateway High School Student and Parent Handbook 2015-2016 1300 S. Sable Blvd. Aurora, CO 80012 303.755.7160 Dr. Dackri Davis, Principal http://gateway.aurorak12.org/ On behalf of the faculty and staff,

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Brentwood CALENDAR&GUIDE UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Brentwood UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT 2015 2016 CALENDAR&GUIDE Private /Parochial School BUS TRANSPORTATION REQUEST DEADLINE A written request MUST be submitted to the Transportation Office of the Brentwood

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Alief ISD ready to kickoff the new school year!

Alief ISD ready to kickoff the new school year! August 03 independent School District Alief ISD ready to kickoff the new school year! in This issue registration Times and Dates Page minimum Vaccination requirements Page 3 registration for After School

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Asistente de la directora. Dear Scott Parents and Students:

Asistente de la directora. Dear Scott Parents and Students: Dear Scott Parents and Students: Scott Dual Language Magnet School Scott, Escuela en dos idiomas 401 SE Market Street Topeka, Kansas 66607 (785) 235-7480 English/ inglés (785) 235-7486 Spanish/ español

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Mountain View Elementary

Mountain View Elementary Mountain View Elementary Parent Handbook 2014-2015 School Year Lynn Saltzgaver, Principal Mountain View Elementary 12401 N. Perry Broomfield, CO 80020 720-972-5520 Check out our website! www.mountain.adams12.org

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Van Buren School District

Van Buren School District Van Buren School District 2014-2015 Beginning of School Electronic Forms This packet is an alternative collection of forms and documents to help replace the original forms sent home with your child on

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Dear Quatama Families,

Dear Quatama Families, Dear Quatama Families, Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer full of family and friends. My first year at Quatama flew by! Thank you for inviting me into your community and

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McFADDEN INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 2701 S. Raitt Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 435-3700

McFADDEN INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 2701 S. Raitt Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 435-3700 McFADDEN INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 2701 S. Raitt Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 435-3700 2011-2012 STUDENT AGENDA This agenda belongs to: Name Grade ID # Address City State Zip STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO USE

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WOODGLEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WOODGLEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Student & Parent Handbook 2014 2015 Woodglen Elementary School 11717 Madison Street Thornton, CO 80233-1543 Office 720-972-5700 (7:15 a.m. 3:45 p.m.) Attendance Line 720-972-5718

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C omitted to Excellence for all Students

C omitted to Excellence for all Students Clinton Elementary School STUDENT HANDBOOK 2013 2014 C omitted to Excellence for all Students This agenda belongs to: Name Address City / Town Zip Code Phone The Clinton Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative

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2014-2015 Student - Teacher - Parent Handbook

2014-2015 Student - Teacher - Parent Handbook Union Public Schools 2014-2015 Student - Teacher - Parent Handbook MISSION STATEMENT Our mission statement is to graduate 100% of our students, college and career ready. DISTRICT GOALS Union Public Schools

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Los Angeles Southwest College 1600 W. Imperial Hwy. Los Angeles, CA. 90047 (323) 241-5225 www.lasc.edu

Los Angeles Southwest College 1600 W. Imperial Hwy. Los Angeles, CA. 90047 (323) 241-5225 www.lasc.edu Los Angeles Southwest College 1600 W. Imperial Hwy. Los Angeles, CA. 90047 (323) 241-5225 www.lasc.edu 12/25/2014 LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES Scott J. Svonkin, President Steve

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September 4, 2012. Dear Families,

September 4, 2012. Dear Families, September 4, 2012 Dear Families, Welcome to the fifth year at Bronx Community! We are always excited about the beginning of the year. We re looking forward to a year filled with new discoveries, newly-developed

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A note from the principal s desk...

A note from the principal s desk... November 2013 Daniel Morgan Middle School Daniel Morgan Middle School 48 S Purcell Avenue Winchester, VA 22601 Phone, 540-667-7171 Fax, 540-723-8897 Inside this issue: Calendar 2 A note from the principal

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DELL H. ROBISON MIDDLE SCHOOL DELL H. ROBISON MIDDLE SCHOOL HOME OF THE ANGELS Focus on Learning Student Handbook 2013 2014 Elena G. Baker, Principal 825 Marion Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89110 (702) 799 7300 (702) 799 7302 Fax 8/16/13

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Aurora Public Schools APS Online High School Student Handbook 2014-2015. Website: www.online.aurorak12.org. Phone: (303) 326-1100. Fax: (303) 326-1101

Aurora Public Schools APS Online High School Student Handbook 2014-2015. Website: www.online.aurorak12.org. Phone: (303) 326-1100. Fax: (303) 326-1101 Aurora Public Schools APS Online High School Student Handbook 2014-2015 Website: www.online.aurorak12.org Phone: (303) 326-1100 Fax: (303) 326-1101 Attendance Line: (303) 326 1671 This document is dynamic

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cia guide to financial planning planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus

cia guide to financial planning planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus cia guide to financial planning GuíA Del CIA para La planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus 2 1-800-CULINARY A TASTE OF OUR CURRICULUM an investment in your future A Message from Kathy

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2013 2014 First Day of School Packet. Letters/Notices/Forms

2013 2014 First Day of School Packet. Letters/Notices/Forms 2013 2014 First Day of School Packet Letters/Notices/Forms Gary Mooring, Superintendent August 6, 2013 903.262.1000 Dear Tyler ISD Parents and Guardians, Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! It seems

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Westmont High School A/B Calendar 2014-2015

Westmont High School A/B Calendar 2014-2015 Westmont High School A/B Calendar 2014-2015 AUGUST 2014 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 18 A 19 B 20 A 21 B 22 A 25 B 26 A 27 B 28 A 29 B SEPTEMBER 2014 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY

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