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1 #WEmatter WOMEN S EQUALITY DAY Social Media TOOLS & RESOURCES Demand has been growing from activists, organizations, a number of lawmakers and others nationwide for the economic security of women and families to be a top priority for elected officials at all levels. Because, put simply, #WEmatter. Groups and individuals across the country are already telling stories that make clear why k women and families matter. But we re all telling different pieces of the overall story. It s time we made that powerful story undeniable. That s why a diverse and growing number of organizations are engaging in an unprecedented effort to incorporate #WEmatter into their social media messages starting Tuesday, August 26, 2014: Women s Equality Day. The goal is to unite a spectrum of issues, activities and diverse perspectives around our shared and common commitment to promoting the economic security of women and families. Participation is easy. Groups will be using #WEmatter throughout the day on August 26. But to concentrate our efforts and demonstrate the power of our collective voices, there will be two tweet storms at 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. EDT. Please add your organization to the growing list of groups committed to the tweet storms by contacting Christine Sloane and Ruth Martin They can also answer any questions and make additions to this collaborative guide. In this guide, you ll find many great examples of how you can integrate and adapt #WEmatter. I. Sample language to describe#wematter a. General description b. For organizational outreach II. Sample social media posts (English and Spanish) [By issue area] III. Customizable and generic (non-branded) graphics

2 SAMPLE LANGUAGE TO DESCRIBE #WEmatter General description: #WEmatter represents a diverse and growing number of individuals, organizations and coalitions nationwide that are coming together to build support for the issues and policies that are of critical importance to the economic stability and success of women, families and the nation. #WEmatter supporters are united around a common message: We are women and families, and the issues we care about matter. We matter. Launched for Women s Equality Day on August 26, the unified call for action and accountability is aimed at linking activity happening across the country and raising awareness of urgently needed policy and cultural changes. For organization to organization outreach to help you recruit your partners: [Organization] is proud to be joining a diverse and growing number of individuals, organizations and coalitions nationwide to generate even greater attention to -- and progress on -- the issues and policies that are of critical importance to the economic stability and success of women, families and the nation. We are coming together to remind lawmakers and people across the country that we are women and families, and the issues we care about matter. We matter. #WEmatter allows all of us who care about these issues to link our efforts, raise awareness, and come together in a new and powerful way to call for action and accountability. SAMPLE TWEETS Feel free to customize and use any of these sample tweets, organized by issue area, all day on August 26 and during the tweet storms at 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. EDT. Directly below each sample, you ll also see the same tweet translated into Spanish! These templates were submitted by a diverse set of organizations and represent a wide range of topics important to the economic security of women and families, but they are not meant to represent all of the issues or policies that fit under the #WEmatter umbrella.

3 A number of sample tweets below have space for links to action pages/petitions etc. Those with spaces saved are highlighted in yellow and say: [INSERT LINK]. If you're using one of those tweets, be sure to put in an action link and/or delete the placeholder language. These templates can also be easily adapted for use on Facebook, accompanying any of the non-branded graphics below or your organization s own shareable images. General On the anniversary of women's suffrage, women's economic security matters. #WEmatter. Our votes matter. En el aniversario del derecho al voto para la mujer, la seguridad económica para la mujer es importante. #WEmatter. Nuestros Votos Importan. Paid Leave/FAMILY Act After 21 years, the #FMLA needs an update! The workforce, economy & caregiving responsibilities have changed since its passage. #WEmatter Después de 21 años, #FMLA necesita ser actualizada! Trabajadores, economía y responsabilidades de cuidado infantil han cambiado. #WEmatter DID YOU KNOW?: Access to #paidleave helps close the gender #wagegap! #WEmatter #EqualPay Sabía que el acceso a la ausencia pagada ayuda a cerrar la brecha salarial entre mujeres y hombres? #WEmatter #EqualPay When having a baby is a leading cause of poverty spells in the U.S., it's obvious we need #PaidFamilyLeave. #WEmatter Cuando el tener un bebé es una de las causas de pobreza en los EEUU, es obvio que se necesita #PaidFamilyLeave. #WEmatter Selena delivered her son 6 weeks early on Thurs,was released from hospital on Fri, &back at her desk on Mon. #WEmatter & we need #PaidLeave! Selena dio luz a un hijo 6 semanas prematuro un jueves, salió del hospital el viernes y regresó a su trabajo el lunes. #WEmatter #PaidLeave

4 The wage penalty for motherhood has not improved in 30 years. #PaidLeave could help close the #wagegap. #WEmatter La penalidad salarial de las madres no ha cambiado en 30 años. La ausencia pagada podría cerrar la brecha salarial por género. #WEmatter Workers shouldn't have to choose between caring for their families & keeping their jobs. We need the #FAMILYAct! #WorkingFamilies #WEMatter Los trabajadores no deberían decidir entre cuidar a sus familias y cuidar sus trabajos. Necesitamos #FAMILYAct! #WorkingFamilies #WEmatter Is #paidleave important to you, your friends & your family? Take action to support the #FAMILYAct today: [Action Alert Link] #WEmatter Si la ausencia pagada es importante para ti, tus amigos y tu familia, toma acción para apoyarla: [Action Alert Link] #WEMatter #FAMILYAct Our families and communities are stronger when workers have access to #paidleave. It's time for the #FAMILYAct! #WEmatter Las familias y comunidades se fortalecen cuando los trabajadores tienen acceso a ausencia pagada. Es hora de aprobar #FAMILYAct! #WEmatter #FMLA has protected workers jobs for 21 years, but we need more. We deserve time to care for health & family. #WEmatter #FMLA ha protegido a los trabajadores por 21 años, pero necesitamos más. Nos merecemos tiempo para cuidar nuestra salud y familia. #WEmatter What would #paidleave for your health or your family mean in your life? Tell us using the #WEmatter hashtag! Support the #FAMILYAct. Que significaría en su vida la ausencia pagada para su salud y familia? Díganos usando el hashtag #WEmatter! Apoye el #FAMILYAct.

5 Do your U.S. Senators and Rep support the #FAMILYAct? Find out here, and let them know YOU do! [Insert link] #WEmatter Apoyan su senador y congresista el #FAMILYAct? Entérese aquí y dígales que USTED lo apoya! [Insert link] #WEmatter #WEmatter. Our stories matter. Share your experience of needing #paidleave for yourself or your #family: [Insert story sharing link] #WEmatter. Nuestras historias importan. Comparta su experiencia de necesitar ausencia pagada para usted o familia: [Insert story sharing link] PAID LEAVE/BUSINESS ORIENTED #PaidLeave is good for workers and for businesses. That s why we support #FAMILYAct! #WEmatter With #paidleave, workers are loyal & productive. We need the #FAMILYAct! #WEmatter [INSERT LINK/BIZ TWITTER HANDLE/ETC HERE] #PaidLeave is good for workers, families, and the bottom line. It s time for the #FAMILYAct! #WEMatter The #FAMILYAct would help businesses provide employees with #paidleave. It s the right thing to do. #WEmatter [INSERT LINK/BIZ TWITTER HANDLE/ETC HERE] Policies that work for women & families are pro-business policies. #WEmatter Research shows that #paidleave is good for workers, businesses & the economy. We need the #FAMILYAct. #WEmatter [INSERT LINK/BIZ TWITTER HANDLE/ETC HERE] Paid Sick Days More than 4 in 10 private-sector workers and more than 81% of low-wage workers do not have access to #paidsickdays. #WEmatter

6 Más de 4 en 10 trabajadores en sector privado y más de 81% de trabajadores de bajos recursos no tienen días de enfermedad pagados. #WEmatter No mother should have to choose between her job and taking care of a sick child. #WEmatter and all deserve #PaidSickDays! Ninguna madre debe de escoger entre su trabajo y cuidar a un hijo enfermo. #WEmatter. Todos merecemos #PaidSickDays! #PaidSickDays are good for public health, family economic security, businesses, AND the national economy. A quadruple win! #WEmatter #PaidSickDays son buenos para salud pública, seguridad económica familiar, negocios y economía nacional. Una victoria cuádruple! #WEmatter #PaidSickDays & safe days would protect the paychecks and jobs of victims of #DomesticViolence. #WEmatter #PaidSickDays y días de seguridad protegerían los salarios y trabajos de las víctimas de #ViolenciaDomestica. #WEmatter 66 million American adults are unpaid caregivers for family members or friends. #PaidSickDays help them manage this role. #WEmatter 66 millones de adultos en los EEUU cuidan a niños de familiares y amigos. #PaidSickDays ayudan a manejar esta situación. #WEmatter #LGBT couples of color more likely than white couples to struggle financially, but 2X as likely to be raising kids. #PaidSickDays #WEmatter Las parejas homosexuales que son minorías suelen tener más problemas financieros y ser 2 veces más propensos a criar hijos. #WEmatter 54% of working mothers do not have a single #PaidSickDay to care for themselves or sick children. #WEmatter

7 El 54% de las madres que trabajan no tienen días de enfermedad pagados para cuidarse a sí mismas o a sus hijos. #WEmatter: 81% of low-wage workers, the majority of whom are women, who don't have access to #PaidSickDays El 81% de trabajadores de bajos ingresos, la mayoría mujeres, no tienen acceso a días de enfermedad pagados. #PaidSickDays #WEmatter The #HealthyFamiliesAct would set a national standard & guarantee 30 million more workers access to #PaidSickDays. #WEmatter El #HealthyFamiliesAct crearía un estándar nacional y le daría a 30 millones de trabajadores acceso a días de enfermedad pagados. #WEmatter #PaidSickDays matter to my children's health. #WEmatter. Our votes matter. Los #PaidSickDays son importantes para la salud de mis hijos. #WEmatter. Nuestros votos importan. Would you like a sneeze with those fries? American consumers agree - it's time for #paidsickdays for restaurant staff! #WEmatter Le gustaría un estornudo en su comida? Consumidores dicen: Es hora para días de enfermedad pagados en restaurantes! #paidsickdays #WEmatter Fair Pay/Equal Pay All hardworking women and moms deserve to be paid equally & recognized for their contribution to the national economy. #WEmatter #EqualPay Todas las mujeres y madres merecen igualdad de salario y ser reconocidas por sus contribuciones a la economía nacional. #WEmatter #EqualPay American women are paid just 77 cents for every $1 paid to male counterparts. For women of color, the #wagegap is much larger. #WEmatter

8 Las mujeres en EEUU son pagadas 77 centavos por cada $1 que se les paga a los hombres. Para Latinas la brecha salarial es mayor. #WEmatter Latinas have to work through 2013 and until November 2014 to earn what white men earned in 2013 alone. Outrageous! #WEmatter #EqualPay Las latinas trabajan del 2013 hasta nov. del 2014 para ganar lo mismo q un hombre anglosajón ganó en 2013 Inaceptable! #WEmatter The #PaycheckFairnessAct would help close the #wagegap by giving workers stronger tools to combat wage discrimination. #WEmatter #PaycheckFairnessAct ayuda cerrar la brecha salarial al proveer vías a trabajadores para combatir discriminación salarial #WEmatter #wagegap FACT: The #wagegap between mothers and non-mothers is greater than between women and men and it s actually getting bigger. #WEmatter #EqualPay HECHO: La brecha salarial entre madres y las que no son madres es mayor que aquella entre mujeres y hombres - y esta creciendo. #WEmatter In 2012 alone, the #wagegap resulted in a $18,650 loss for African American women and $24,111 for Latina women. #WEmatter En 2012, la brecha salarial resultó en la pérdida de $18,650 para mujeres afroamericanas y $24,111 para las Latinas. #WEmatter #wagegap RT if you agree: it s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a #MadMen episode! #NoMadMenPay RT si está de acuerdo: ya es hora de cambiar las políticas del trabajo que pertenecen al show #MadMen! #NoMadMenPay Supporting your family shouldn t contribute to the gender #WageGap. Stand up for #EqualPay. #WEmatter [Insert link]

9 Apoyar a su familia no debería de contribuir a la brecha salarial basada por género. #EqualPay #WEmatter [Insert link] The majority of ppl getting paid a subminimum wage and #livingofftips are WOMEN. It's time for #1FairWage! [Insert link] #WEmatter La mayoría de la gente qué ganan un salario subminimum y #VivenDeDropinas son MUJERES [Insert link]! #1FairWage #WEmatter Too often, women #livingofftips are told that sexual harassment is just 'part of the job.' We're uniting for #1FairWage because #WEmatter! "There is a direct link between sexual harassment & #livingofftips." [EXAMPLE: Insert link to a personal story- Aisha, ROC member tells her story. Insert link] #WEmatter Muchas veces las mujeres q #ViveDePropinas se les dice q el acoso sexual es parte del trabajo. Nos unimos para #1JustoSueldo pq #WEmatter! Every time tipped workers get left out of min wage increases, we have to remind our policymakers that #WEmatter! It's time for #1FairWage! Hay una relación directa entre el acoso sexual y #ViviendoDePropinas. -Aisha, miembro de ROC [Insert link] #WEmatter #livingofftips Minimum Wage A woman working full time at #minimumwage will earn $14,500 annually-$4,000 below poverty line for mom w/ 2 kids. #WEmatter #RaisetheWage Una mujer trabajando tiempo completo con salario mínimo gana $14,500 anual, $4mil menos q límite d pobreza para madre con 2 niños #WEmatter 56% of #minimumwage workers work full-time. 56% are women. It s time to #RaisetheWage! #WEmatter 56% de trabajadores ganando salario mínimo trabajan a tiempo completo. 56% son mujeres. Es hora de subir el salario mínimo! #WEmatter

10 1 in 7 tipped wage workers relies on food stamps. It s time to #RaisetheWage. #WEmatter #SNAP 1 de cada 7 trabajadores que ganan propina dependen de las estampillas de alimentos. Es hora de subir el salario mínimo! #WEmatter #SNAP Last time a waitress saw a had a top 10 hit. Don t you think it s time to #RaisetheWage? #WEmatter La última vez q una mesera vio un aumento tenía un disco entre los 10 más sonados. Es hora d subir el salario #WEmatter Nearly 4 in 10 female #minimumwage workers are women of color. #RaisetheWage #WEmatter Casi 4 en 10 mujeres con salario mínimo son minorías. #minimumwage #RaisetheWage #WEmatter A $10.10 increase in the #minimumwage would either directly or indirectly raise the wages of 3.3 mil Latina workers. #RaisetheWage #WEmatter Un aumento a $10.10 en el salario mínimo haría q directa o indirectamente suba el salario a 3.3millones de Latinas. #RaisetheWage #WEmatter Tipped workers live in #poverty at 3X the rate of the US workforce. #Congress needs to #RaisetheWage. #WEmatter Trabajadores q ganan propina son 3 veces más propensos a vivir en la pobreza q el resto d trabajadores. Hay q subir salario mínimo #WEmatter #Onefairwage and #paidsickdays matter for my family's survival. #WEmatter. Our votes matter. Un salario justo y días de enfermedad pagados son importantes para la supervivencia de mi familia. #WEmatter. Nuestros votos importan. "Hardworking men and women who are busting their tails in full-time jobs shouldn't be left in poverty." #WEmatter

11 "Los trabajadores que hacen su labor arduamente en trabajos a tiempo completo no deberían de vivir en la pobreza." #WEmatter A job should be a way out of poverty for women, not just a continuation of it. Time to #RaisetheWage! #WEmatter Un trabajo debía ser la manera d salir d la pobreza para mujeres, no una continuación d ella. Es hora d subir el salario mínimo. #WEmatter Tipped workers are 2X as likely to live in poverty as other workers. 3/4 tipped workers are women. #RaisetheWage #WEmatter Los trabajadores q ganan propina son 2 veces más propensos a vivir en pobreza q los demás. 3/4 de ellos son mujeres. #RaisetheWage #WEmatter Could you live off of $7.25 an hour? Most consumers agree - it's time to #RaisetheWage to a #livingwage. #WEmatter Podría usted vivir ganando $7.25 por hora? La mayoría d consumidores dicen: es hora de subir el salario mínimo. #RaiseTheWage #WEmatter Tell your legislator: 73% of Americans want to #RaiseTheWage to $10 an hour with 67% of small business owners agreeing. #WEmatter El 73% de estadounidenses quieren subir el salario mínimo a $10 por hora con el 67% de dueños de negocios pequeños en apoyo. #WEmatter Child Care/Early Education Moms can't work if #childcare doesn't work for them. Time to #investinkids! #WEmatter Las madres no pueden trabajar si el cuidado infantil no funciona para ellas. Es hora de invertir en los niños! #childcare #WEmatter We need Congress to act & update the Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit to help families afford #childcare. #WEmatter

12 Congreso: Por favor actualice el Crédito de Impuestos para Niños y Dependientes para ayudar a familias a pagar cuidado infantil. #WEmatter When college is more expensive than #childcare, we have a problem. #WEmatter Tenemos un problema cuando la universidad es más cara que el cuidado infantil. #childcare #WEmatter 85% of voters place #earlylearning as a top national priority - a numer Congress can no longer ignore. #WEmatter El 85% de votantes ponen el aprendizaje infantil como prioridad nacional, algo que el Congreso no debe ignorar más. #earlylearning #WEmatter 91% of American voters say #earlyed & #childcare need to be more affordable. 100% of the women & families who need that care say #WEmatter. El 91% de votantes en EEUU dicen que la educación temprana y cuidado infantil necesitan ser más económicos. #WEmatter Nearly one in five working moms of very young children work low-wage jobs. Affordable #childcare is crucial for these families. #WEmatter Casi 1 d cada 5 trabajadoras q son mamás d niños pequeños tienen trabajos d bajos ingresos. El cuidado infantil económico es vital #WEmatter There's no doubting that #WEmatter to our children, so there should be no doubt that women & families deserve quality, affordable #childcare No hay duda que somos valiosas para nuestros hijos. No debería haber duda q mujeres y familias merecen cuidado infantil economico. #WEmatter It's time to #InvestInKids and their families! Child care & early learning make a huge difference in showing children that they & #WEmatter.

13 Es hora de invertir en niños y familias! Cuidado infantil y educación temprana hacen una gran diferencia en la vida d los niños. #WEmatter Pregnancy Discrimination When employers deny pregnant workers reasonable accommodations, women's health & the health of their babies is put at risk. #WEmatter #PWFA Cuando empleadores niegan condiciones razonables para trabajar a trabajadoras embarazadas, la salud d mamá y bebe está en riesgo. #WEmatter When employers refuse to make accommodations for #pregnant workers, women of color & immigrant women are most impacted. #WEmatter #PWFA Cuando empleadores rehúsan a acomodar trabajadoras embarazadas, latinas, afroamericanas e inmigrantes son las más impactadas #WEmatter #PWFA Workplace accommodations 4 pregnant workers allows them to continue supporting their families & contributing to our economy. #WEmatter #PWFA El acomodar a las trabajadoras embarazadas permite que continúen aportando a sus familias y a la economía. #WEmatter #PWFA 30+ years after passage of Pregnancy Discrimination Act, pregnant women still face challenges on the job. It's time for #PWFA! #WEmatter Más de 30 años después de aprobar Ley Contra la Discriminación por Embarazo, ellas aún enfrentan retos en el trabajo. #PWFA #WEmatter No one should have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and a paycheck. Say it with us, pregnant workers: #WEmatter! Nadie debe de escoger entre un embarazo saludable y un sueldo. Díganlo con nosotras, trabajadoras embarazadas: #WEmatter! Some pregnant workers need accommodations on the job. It shouldn't be controversial that #WEmatter enough to receive those accommodations.

14 Algunas trabajadoras embarazadas necesitan acomodos especiales el trabajo. No debería ser controversial recibir esos acomodos. #WEmatter Over 90% of voters support workplace protections for pregnant women. Isn't that proof enough that #WEmatter enough to get accommodations? Mas del 90% de votantes apoyan las protecciones de trabajo para mujeres embarazadas. #WEmatter Workers fired for being pregnant? Not on our watch. We're working to help pregnant workers raise their voices and say #WEmatter! Trabajadoras despedidas por estar embarazadas? No lo permitiremos! Trabajamos para ayudar a trabajadoras a pelear x sus derechos #WEmatter Bathroom breaks or sitting down are hardly acceptable reasons to fire a pregnant worker. #PWFA would protect workers because #WEmatter. Permiso para ir al baño o sentarse son razones escasamente aceptables para despedir a trabajadoras embarazadas. La #PWFA ayudaría. #WEmatter Flexible and Fair Scheduling Federal-level scheduling standards would provide workers w/ the financial stability they need. People need #SchedulesThatWork! #WEmatter Estándares federales d horarios proveerían la estabilidad financiera q los trabajadores necesitan. Necesitamos horarios efectivos! #WEmatter Unfair & unpredictable scheduling causes millions of workers to struggle to meet their responsibilities at home & on the job. #WEmatter Horarios injustos e impredecibles causan que millones de trabajadores no puedan cumplir sus responsabilidades de hogar y trabajo. #WEmatter Workers in low-wage industries are particularly vulnerable to unfair scheduling practices. America needs #SchedulesThatWork! #WEmatter

15 Trabajadores en industrias de bajos ingresos son vulnerables a prácticas injustas de horario laboral. #SchedulesThatWork #WEmatter One quarter of women in low-wage jobs work part-time involuntarily. Hardworking women deserve enough hours to make ends meet. #WEmatter. Un cuarto de mujeres de bajos ingresos trabajan involuntariamente a tiempo parcial. Merecen trabajar lo necesario para sobrevivir. #WEmatter Women hold nearly two-thirds of low-wage jobs, where abusive scheduling practices are especially common. #WEmatter. Casi dos tercios de los trabajos de bajos ingresos con prácticas abusivas de horario los hacen las mujeres. #WEmatter. Last-minute notice of your schedule makes it nearly impossible to find child care. #WEmatter, and our kids matter too. Cambios a última hora de horario laboral hacen casi imposible encontrar cuidado infantil. Nuestros niños son importantes. #WEmatter. #SchedulesThatWork for women and their families are just one way to make sure our laws and regulations reflect the fact that #WEmatter. Los horarios efectivos para mujeres y familias son una manera d hacer q las leyes y regulaciones reflejen el hecho d q importamos. #WEmatter Across the income spectrum, workers say they need a voice in when they work to meet their responsibilities on and off the job. #WEmatter Trabajadores dicen q necesitan una voz con respecto a cuando trabajan para poder cumplir sus deberes dentro y fuera del trabajo. #WEmatter Reproductive Health 99% of sexually active women will use #birthcontrol in their lifetimes. That's a lot of women driving home the fact that #WEmatter!

16 99% d mujeres sexualmente activas usan métodos anticonceptivos en sus vidas. Eso es un montón d mujeres diciendo somos valiosas #WEmatter! #BirthControl is basic health care for millions of women. It's clear and simple: #WEmatter no matter our health decisions. Los anticonceptivos son cuidado de salud básico para millones de mujeres. Es claro y simple: Somos importantes. #WEmatter A majority of Americans agree that health plans should fully cover #reprohealth because they believe #WEmatter La mayoría de estadounidenses opinan q los planes d salud médicos deben cubrir salud reproductiva pq piensan q somos importantes! #WEmatter Your zip code shouldn't limit your access to #reprohealth care. No matter where we live, #WEmatter. Su código postal no debería limitar su acceso a cuidado de salud reproductivo. Sin importar donde vivimos, nosotras importamos. #WEmatter Women's right to safe, legal abortion mattered when Roe v. Wade was decided 41 years ago, and #WEmatter just as much today. Los derechos de la mujer al aborto seguro y legal importan tanto hoy como hace 41 años cuando se decidió Roe v. Wade. #WEmatter Our birth control is not our bosses business. Tell Congress to #FixHobbyLobby because #WEmatter. Nuestros anticonceptivos no son asunto de nuestros jefes. Dile al Congreso: #FixHobbyLobby porque nosotras importamos. #WEmatter Econ 101: birth control helps women pursue an education, advance at work, and plan our families. #WEmatter Economía 101: Los anticonceptivos ayudan a las mujeres a continuar sus estudios, avanzar en el trabajo, y planear sus familias. #WEmatter

17 No woman should be denied abortion care because of her income. It s time to end coverage bans. #WEmatter A ninguna mujer le deben negar el acceso al aborto debido a sus ingresos. Es hora de terminar las barreras a la cobertura. #WEmatter Bad laws are closing good clinics. Want a real way to advance women s health? Protect access to abortion. #WEmatter Leyes malas estan cerrando clínicas buenas Quiere una buena manera de avanzar la salud de la mujer? Proteja el acceso al aborto. #WEmatter Women s Health Thanks to the health care law, being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. #ACAworks and #WEmatter! Gracias a la Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio, ser mujer ya no es una condición preexistente. #ACAworks y #WEmatter! The #ACA thinks #WEmatter women no longer pay more than men for the same health coverage, simply because they are women. Las mujeres ya no pagan más que los hombres por la misma cobertura médica gracias a la #ACA. #WEmatter #WEmatter that s why we re fighting to expand Medicaid for hardworking women and their families. Somos importantes. Y es por eso que luchamos para expandir Medicaid para mujeres trabajadoras y sus familias. #WEmatter Well-women visits, mammograms, & BC is critical for women. RT if you believe #WEmatter enough to get preventive services w/o co-pays. Visitas de bienestar, mamografías y anticonceptivos son cruciales. RT si opinas: Debemos obtener servicios preventivos sin copago. #WEmatter

18 #WEmatter GRAPHICS Save-the-date for the tweet storms: You can use this non-branded graphic to tell your partners about 8/26!

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22 Paid Sick Days