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1 Connecting You to Opportunities

2 The PathStone Annual Report is a periodical published once a year by PathStone Corporation, 400 East Ave., Rochester, N.Y ISSUE NO: 1 ISSUE DATE: December 2013 PUBLISHER: PathStone Corporation EDITOR: Megan Johncox DESIGNER: MillRace Design Associates HELP US GO GREEN! To receive future PathStone publications electronically, please send an with your preferred address to Thank you for your patience with us as we grow greener! Find us on Facebook

3 ,473 Participants served, benefiting 82,893 family members C H A R A C T E R i S T i C S O F PA RT i C i PA N T S S E Rv E d * G E N d E R 62 % Female 38 % Male A G E 5% 15 and younger 9% % % % 55 and older E T H N i C i T Y 1% Asian E d U C AT i O N 5% Never Attended 15% Dropped Out, Pre-High School 17% Dropped Out, During High School 62% High School Graduate/GED/Additional Education 1% In School * Does not include Housing Rehabilitation numbers 25% Black 30% Hispanic 1% Native American 43% White A N N U A L R E P O RT

4 PathStone is a visionary, diverse organization empowering individuals, families and communities to attain economic and social resources for building better lives. OU R M i S S i O N: PathStone builds family and individual self-sufficiency by strengthening farmworker, rural and urban communities. PathStone promotes social justice through programs and advocacy. S E Rv i C E A R E A Puerto Rico Vermont Nueva York Pennsylvania Indiana Ohio Nueva Jersey Virginia 2 A N N U A L R E P O RT

5 F RO M T H E B O A R d C H A i R A N d P R E S i d E N T & C E O O F PAT H S T O N E S T U A RT J. M i T C H E L L President & CEO Those of us working in the community development and human service arena are now connected virtually with partners and participants in ways we could not imagine just a few years ago. We are grateful to be able to have instantaneous communications with friends near or far, and to be able to tell our story through Facebook (/pathstonecorp), Twitter and of course, our website ( One of the major barriers for many of the participants we serve is that they are not always technologically connected. We are creating ways in which we can bridge the digital-divide in order to connect our participants to opportunities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. As illustrated in this report, PathStone connected with thousands of individuals and families in FY Our participants have experienced exciting, challenging and life-changing opportunities to: build new personal and community assets, decide where and how they want to live, and receive educational resources and vocational skills to sustain them throughout their lives. We invite you to join us as we seek to connect with our community partners to advocate for those who have been left behind. Thank you for your support of our mission and work. We are deeply honored and grateful to be in partnership with you. We invite you to join us as we continue to serve and advocate for those who have been left behind, and as we seek to connect with more participants and community partners. Stuart J. Mitchell, President & CEO William Kilgore, Chair, Board of Directors W i L L i A M K i L G O R E Chair, Board of Directors A N N U A L R E P O RT

6 P RO M i S E # 1 : B U i L d i N G A S S E T S Time and time again, we see families struggling to improve economic opportunity both through earnings, as well as the development of assets. Asset building and planning for the future is crucial for individuals and families looking to lead meaningful and productive lives. PathStone proudly works in urban and rural communities to develop both tangible and intangible assets savings accounts, home equity, improved education and meaningful employment opportunities. At PathStone, one of the most significant and tangible ways of building assets is quite literally, through the development of affordable housing for low-income individuals of all ages and abilities. PathStone s Real Estate Development staff works with community partners, non-profits, private developers and government officials to design and build housing that is affordable, accessible and seamlessly integrated into the community in which it is built. Affordable units developed/rehabilitated: 246 Rental units repaired: 3,159 Breckenridge Place Ithaca, NY Constructed in the heart of downtown Ithaca, Breckenridge Place provides 50 units of accessible and affordable housing to individuals and families. A mix of one and two bedroom apartments located on one of Ithaca s most bustling corners, the building beautifully blends traditional and modern design elements. Once the site of the Women s Community Building, it is the first major affordable housing project in Ithaca s downtown in over 40 years. PathStone partnered with Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services on the project to bring the LEED-certified, environmentally sustainable project to life. 4 T H E PAT H S T O N E P RO M i S E

7 Additionally, PathStone manages nearly 3,000 units of affordable housing in over 70 different locations, more than one-third of which are designated for the elderly or individuals that need additional support. Many times, tenants living in PathStone properties seek to improve their personal assets by building home equity and enrolling in PathStone s Homeownership Programs. Homeownership education graduates: 789 First-time homebuyers: 191 Homeowners also come to PathStone looking for ways to improve the physical condition and increase the value of their homes. In FY 2012, participants received free energy audits of their homes, helping to keep their homes affordable by reducing energy consumption and lowering monthly utility bills. Homes receiving weatherization and energy improvements: 216 Investment in windows, doors, insulation, caulking, roofing, etc.: $611,850 Homes rehabilitated: 45 for a total investment of $759,494 Homes repaired: 325 Beyond building home equity, PathStone participants took steps towards self-sufficiency and financial stability through assistance programs and matched savings accounts. In Pennsylvania, participants in the Work Ready and EARN (Employment Advancement Retention Network) received financial literacy training and skills to improve creditworthiness, and in Indiana, families opened Individual Development Accounts that were matched 3:1. EARN participants receiving financial literacy training: 200 Indiana families enrolled in IDA accounts: 31 Total IDA savings: $14,100; Matching and incentive funds: $44,024 In Puerto Rico, the PathStone Community Development Corporation of Puerto Rico s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic helped participants manage their assets, recover funds, and create payment-plans when necessary. Tax liabilities released: $86,000 Tax refunds submitted: $20,511 Rose Family Homeownership The Rose family dreamed of owning their own home for years, but worried that their limited income would not cover all of the expenses. They learned about PathStone s homeownership services while participating in a Section 8 rental assistance program, and quickly enrolled in a homeownership course and counseling. With PathStone s help, the couple improved their credit, saved for down payment and closing costs, and secured a direct USDA loan. The happy homeowners then successfully applied for a Yates County HOME grant to help cover the costs of required rehabilitation to their new home. Phyllis King Handyman Program When retired homeowner Phyllis King found that her front porch was falling apart and becoming very unsafe to walk on, she called PathStone s Handyman Program looking for assistance. She used the program in the past for small repairs and was very grateful for the quick assistance. Working with the Genesee County Office for the Aging, the program was able to completely replace the deteriorating steps. A N N U A L R E P O RT

8 P RO M i S E # 2 : C R E AT i N G N E i G H B O R H O O d S O F C H O i C E The health and strength of a neighborhood is measured by the commitment and participation of its residents, business owners, and community partners. PathStone believes that vibrant neighborhoods are neighborhoods where residents: have access to safe, affordable housing, are able to realize their full economic and personal potential, and are provided quality goods and services. Neighborhoods of choice are places where individuals and families want to lay a foundation, make connections and give back. One of the most obvious ways in which PathStone creates communities in which residents want to stay is through providing services to residents living in some of its properties. Resident services include providing advocacy, translation/interpretation, benefits resources and navigation, finding appropriate case management, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, home management, meals and transportation. Additionally, residents volunteer their time to plan special events and participate on resident councils to ensure the health and stability of their fellow residents. Beyond services provided to residents living in its properties, PathStone works with communities to engage residents in activities and provide them with a framework to improve the quality of live in these places. In two cities in New York Newburgh and Rochester community organizing efforts are underway that focus on community revitalization through Community Revitalization & Resident Services in Action: Above: Garden Workshop, Newburgh, NY. Left: Jane Allred, Andrews Terrace resident Opposite, clockwise from upper left: Field to Table Summer Program participants, Rochester, NY.; Marketview Heights Collective Action Project; Ground breaking ceremony for the Candy Apple Children s Center expansion project, Newark, NY; Spring Neighborhood Cleanup participants and flyer, Newburgh, NY. 6 T H E PAT H S T O N E P RO M i S E

9 resident-driven beautification, safety, housing and youth initiatives. In these neighborhoods, residents engage not only with each other, but with local officials and community partners to put their dreams for healthier, more livable neighborhoods into action. Residents engaged in community revitalization: 150 Residents and stakeholders actively involved in community gardening, civic engagement beautification, etc: 255 Resident-sustained community gardens in Marketview Heights: 6 Through its Manufactured Housing Cooperative Project, PathStone works with residents to collectively buy their communities and establish a non-profit board structure that allows for long-term security for homeowners, adequate reserves for capital improvements, and perhaps most importantly, pride in ownership. Income above projected budget for Meadow Valley Park, Inc.: 23%, allowing for purchase of a community center and necessary infrastructure improvements Total expended for repairs and upgrades to the sewer system at Marilla Country Village, Inc.: $56,000 Essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods are the small businesses and entrepreneurs that choose to invest in these neighborhoods by offering quality goods and services, and creating opportunities for meaningful employment. Through the PathStone Enterprise Center, Inc., PathStone provides training, technical assistance and access to financing for entrepreneurs looking to start a business, or small businesses hoping to expand or improve their business. Microenterprise Assistance Program and other business solutions training graduates: 221 Commercial loans closed: 6, totaling $378,600 Jobs impacted: 17 Carleen Uimonen Candy Apple Pre-School Center, Inc. Carleen Uimonen, director of Candy Apple Pre-School Center, Inc., came to the PathStone Enterprise Center desperate to fill a financing gap in the construction of a new facility. The pre-school had far outgrown its original space, and had a waiting list of well over 50 children. PathStone was able to finance $250K for Candy Apple, allowing them to access necessary grant funds for expansion. In the new facility, Candy Apple can serve 30% more children, 65% of whom are from low income families. Excitingly, Candy Apple will hire ten new staff members to meet the demands of the growing school. A N N U A L R E P O RT

10 P RO M i S E # 3 : P RO v i d i N G E d U C AT i O N, T R A i N i N G A N d L i F E L O N G L E A R N i N G O P P O RT U N i T i E S A good education is the foundation upon which stability and selfsufficiency is built. it is the key to unlocking critical resources and finding meaningful opportunities. PathStone believes that no one is too young or too old to learn and gain new skills. Children who participate in formalized early childhood education programs are better prepared for success as they enter grade school. This is especially true when considering the fact that many children find stability and structure in the classroom when they otherwise might not find it at home. PathStone operates regional Head Start and Early Head Start programs for families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Here, many of the children enrolled in the program are the children of migrant or seasonal farmworkers that travel with their parents to find agricultural work. For these children and their families, PathStone provides continuity in their educational preparation, so that they are on target to meet the goals for children their age. Children enrolled in Early and Regional Head Start Programs: 267 Children enrolled in Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Programs: 443 Children enrolled in Pre-K Counts programs in Pennsylvania: 47 Above: Preschool and Pre-K Students participating in a class activity Left: Early Head Start program participant Opposite Page: Head Start Program staff and participants, Coaldale, PA 8 T H E PAT H S T O N E P RO M i S E

11 As children grow into young adults, they face an entirely new set of demands and challenges that may be different than those faced by their parents. PathStone knows that youth engaged in programming throughout adolescence are far more likely to enroll in programs of higher education and make sound decisions. Through various youth education and training programs, PathStone staff work with participants to improve their literacy and math scores, obtain their GED, and gain important workforce development skills. Youth that earned their GED through the House of Original Dreams (HOOD) program in Pennsylvania: 100 Professional certifications in customer service and digital literacy earned: 54 Total number of youth enrolled in programs: 154 Workforce development is critical at any age. Many adults and even seniors find themselves at a crossroads at points in their life when their skills or abilities do not match with the demands of the labor market. For some, they have only worked in one industry and do not have transferable skills. For others, there are barriers to finding meaningful employment- a past criminal record or history of substance abuse. PathStone operates Adult Training and Employment Programs including the National Farmworker Jobs Program, as well as Senior Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP) for individuals looking to improve their marketable skills, explore new fields, and find meaningful employment. Participants receiving skills assessment, career exploration, job training and/or job placement services: 3,904 Hours of community service completed by SCSEP participants in Pennsylvania: 173,225 PathStone also provides important health and safety training to individuals already in the workforce, and extends the training into resources to create stronger, healthier communities. Farmworkers receive occupational health and safety training to ensure that they are maintaining appropriate standards for workplace safety, and their families participate in maternal and child health education programs. PathStone also provides diabetes and breast cancer education, mammogram services, HIV counseling, as well as alcohol, tobacco and drug education and prevention programs. Individuals served through Health and Safety programs: 11,161 Individuals receiving training, resources or case-management through PathStone Emergency and Supportive Services: 9,108 Individuals participating in Family Self- Sufficiency training, or housing assistance programs: 4,975 Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. provides shelter, structure, and numerous training opportunities to individuals and families in need, so they are prepared to lead responsible and meaningful lives. Women and children served in Transitional and Supportive Housing and other programming: 521 Ysmael Contreras Training and Employment Working as a farmworker his entire life, Ysmael Contreras came to PathStone hoping to find more stable employement, and allow him to explore beyond his home of Adams County, PA. Ysmael expressed interest in earning his Commercial Driver s Liscense and PathStone helped him enroll in a CDL Training Program. Ysmael completed the program at the top of his class and was commended for his strong work ethic and drive to succeed in the classroom. He is employed fulltime with S&H Express and happily travelling the country with his newly developed skill. Nakiesha Osbourne Literacy4Jersey, Job Search and Placement Assistance When Nakiesha Osbourne came to PathStone s Job Search and Placement Assistance program in Vineland, NJ, she found her greatest barrier to finding stable employment was that she never received a high school diploma. She quickly enrolled in Literacy4Jersey, and completed over 62 hours of training before sitting for her GED test. Throughout the program, Nakiesha faced several significant challenges and situations of instability, but one thing remained constant: she wanted to be a good role model for her children. Nakiesha sat with her children every night to complete homework assignments, and even celebrated her graduation on her daughter s 13th birthday. A N N U A L R E P O RT

12 F i S C A L Y E A R : O C T. 1, S E P T. 3 0, P U B L i C F U N d i N G F i N A N C i A C i ó N P ú B L i C A Federal United States Department of Agriculture United States Department of Education United States Department of Health and Human Services United States Department of Homeland Security United States Department of Housing and Urban Development United States Department of Labor United States Department of the Treasury, Capital Magnet Fund United States Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service State New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal New York State Department of State New York State Energy Research and Development Authority New York State Occupational Safety and Health Hazard Abatement Board New York State Office of Children and Family Services New York State Office of Mental Health New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Pennsylvania Department of Education County Orleans County, NY Carbon County, PA Chester County, PA Cumberland County, PA Poconos County, PA Local Muncie, IN Poughkeepsie, NY York, PA P R i vat E F U N d i N G F i N A N C i A C i ó N P R i va da Corporations, Non-Profits, Religious Groups A.R. Pierrepont Company, Inc. AAUW Adams Bell Adams, P.C. AIDS Care Aids Community Health Center Al Sigl Center* Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc American Plumbing, Inc. AP Professionals of Rochester, LLC Archonette Club of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Archwood, Inc. Asbury First United Methodist Church Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs Atlantic/Cape May NJ Workforce Investment Board B & L Wholesale Supply, Inc. Bank of America Beaver Boys Construction Bernunzio Vintage Instruments Bob Johnson Chevrolet Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio Brueggers Bagels Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Carbion Lehigh PA Intermediate Unit CCN International Inc. Center for Health & Behavioral Training Chances & Changes, Inc.* Chatham Housing and Development Corp. Chesapeake Community Advisors, Inc. Christa Construction, LLC* Church of the Resurrection Citizens Bank Citizens for Joseph Robach Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Commercial Driver Training, Inc. Community Storage I, LLC Concord Electric Corporation Conifer, LLC Country Neighbors Quilt Guild Cumberland Nurseries, L.L.C. D.C. Roll-Off Davidson, Fink, LLP* Davie Kaplan, CPA, P.C. Dirt Worx Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Dyna-Mole of Rochester, LLC East Central Indiana Builder's Association, Inc. Eleventh Hour Gifts Empire Justice Center Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. Eureka Lodge No. 36 EWGA Rochester Region Federal Home Loan Bank First Baptist Church of Medina, NY First Congregational United Church of Christ First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford Flour City Bagels, LLC Flower City Decorative Artists Flower City Glass Flower City Monitors Foodlink* Fox Run Vineyards Fresh Look Renovations Gaines Carlton Community Church General Code, LLC Goshen College Grantmakers Forum of New York Greater Rochester Housing Partnership Gustavo Mason Construction, Inc. Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP* HCR Home Care Heininger, Inc. Henrietta Building Supplies, Inc. Names in italic reflect individuals and organizations that provided funding or donated to Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. * Asterisk denotes funders and/or donors to both PathStone Corporation and Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. 10 C O N T R i B U T i O N S, i N v E S T M E N T S A N d d O N AT i O N S

13 Henry Isaacs Home Remodeling Heveron and Heveron, CPA's Holmes Contract Painting Hope United Methodist Church Hunt Country Vineyards J & R Specialties, Inc. J & T Securities, Inc. Jachles Imperial, LTD. Jar Woodworking JP Morgan Chase KA&S Construction, LLC KB Graphics, Inc. Kris Oaks Construction, Inc. Labella Associates, P.C. Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church and Society Landmark Group of Brighton, Inc. Legal Aid Society of Rochester Lexington Realty Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) Marathon Development Group, LTD. Marker Electrical Contracting, Inc. Martino Flynn LLC MAS Translation And Interpreter Matthews and Fields Lumber Company of Henrietta, Inc. MCC Association McClain Associates, Inc. Michael E. Wagner Enterprises, Inc. Michael R. Boccacino, Inc. Millrace Design Associates, LLC* Muncie IN Neighborhood Impact Program N. H. Architecture P.C.* Nathaniel Development Corp.* National Council of Jewish Women National Council On Aging National Equity Fund, Inc. National Property Inspections NeighborWorks America New York State Fence, Inc. New York State Police Nixon Peabody, LLC Northwestern Ohio community Action Commission Oddfellows Diamondnique House of Ruth 699 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Overhead Door Co. of Jamestown Owens Community College Panther Valley Women's Club Paris Kirwan Associates, Inc. Passero Associates, LLC Patricia D. Walsh Charitable Checking Paul H. Bush Associates, Inc. Paychex, Inc. Penfield Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Penguin Life Safety Corp. Perinton Quilt Guild Pierrepont Visual Graphics, Inc. Pittsford Girl Scouts Pittsford Tree & Landscape, Inc Plymouth Spiritualist Church Pooler Enterprises, Inc. Presbyterian Women's Association Presbytery of Genesee Valley Profeta, Inc. RBC Wealth Management RCIPA Rimkus, Marciano & Associates, Inc. Robert A Rapoza Associates Robert G. Relph Agency, Inc. Roc City Roller Derby Rochester Colonial Manufacturing Rochester Gas & Electric Rochester Prep Middle School Rochester Rehabilitation Center Rochester Second Ward Rochester's Cornerstone Group, LTD Rotary Club of Rochester Latino Rural LISC Saint Cecilia Ladies Guild Saints and Sinners, Inc. SDC Construction Sears Sheldrake Point Vineyard St. John Fisher College St. John Fisher Community Service St. John the Evangelist Church of Greece St. Joseph's Church St. Paul's Episcopal Church SWBR Architects, P.C. Taylor, The Builders* Teen Empowerment Temple B`rith Kodesh Ten Ugly Men, Inc. The Bank of Castile The Bon Ton Stores, Inc. The Canal Country Quilters The First Evangelical Lutheran Church The Henry County Bank The Market Access Co. The Reinvestment Fund PA The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Thelma's TJ Maxx - Webster #1009 Tracey Door Company, Inc. Trident Precision Manufacturing Trinity Service Guild True Insights Consulting Turnbull Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Union UCC Church of Churchville United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta United Church of Pittsford United Way of Carbon County, PA United Way of Delaware County, IN United Way of Greater Rochester United Way of Henry County, OH United Way of Madison County, IN United Way of Orleans County, NY University of Rochester River Campus Libraries Uno Restaurants, LLC US Ceiling Corp. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wesley United Methodist Church WestNY Building Products Company Weswood Specialties, Inc. Wilson Brothers Winn Residential Youst Painting Services, Inc. Foundations & Trusts Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust Brighter Days Foundation Chatham Financial Charitable Gift Fund Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Fayga & Elliott Press Advised Fund First Niagara Bank Foundation Greater Rochester Women's Fund Hayssen Family Foundation Jacqueline and Richard Archer Advised Fund Joan and Harold Feinbloom Supporting Foundation Joseph & Irene Skalny Charitable Trust JP Morgan Chase Foundation Keybank Foundation Lang Thomas Charitable Gift Fund Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation Mary S. Mulligan Charitable Trust Massie Family Fund Old National Bank Foundation Robert C. and Mary K. Horton Fund Suzanne H. Lee Charitable Trust The Community Foundation The M&T Charitable Foundation The TJX Foundation Individuals Heather Abbott Peter Abdella Paul Adams Mr. and Mrs. David Adasiak Andrea Allen Anne Allen Names in italic reflect individuals and organizations that provided funding or donated to Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. * Asterisk denotes funders and/or donors to both PathStone Corporation and Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O RT

14 Velma Anderson Lynnmarie Argentina Mary Assi Sheila Banks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baran, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Baron Katie Bates Patricia Baubie Lee Beaulac and Margaret Hinto J. Charmaine Bennett* Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berke John Biles and Susan Herzberg William and Eleanor Bluhm Angela Bonazinga and Catherine Lewi Sue Boss Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bowman Trish Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boy Paul Bradley Carol Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Briggs William Britton Larry Broser and Cathy Harris June Brush Roberto Burgos Deishima Byrum Dr. and Mrs. Eric Caine Robert Cannon Courtney Cardot Harold and Elise Carter Mr. and Mrs. John Carver Amelia Casciani Patricia Case Pamela Cerone Walter Chaffee Derek Chapman Edline Chun Mary Lu Clark Ellen Clifford Sarah Collins Cass Comerford Dennis Conheady Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Coriale Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Costello Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. William Dadey Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Daniele Michael Daniels Pat Daniels Linda Davey Diana DeBruycker Anna Delaney Mary Delaney Hale Marion DeLeo Kathryn DeMarco Don DeVitto Chris DiGiovanni Rose Dilaura Lynn Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donovan Deborah Dooley Richard Doolittle Mary Kay Doyle Nancy Dubner Janet Duff Paul Dwyer Mae Edmundson Margaret Epner Paul and Rose Ericson Maria Ernest Hilda Escher Margaret Evans Julie Everitt Molly Fant Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Feasey Mary Fenton Paul Ferber Michael and Mary Ann Finigan Thomas Fink Michael Fiorella Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fishman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fitzpatrick Donna Flad Joyce Flesch Gail Flugel Ervin Fox Bernetta Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fusco Mary Gabler Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gaess Sue Gaffney Sarah Gardener Gwen Gerenski Karyn Giese Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilman Anne Giuliano Coral Glassman Michael Gleason Mr. and Mrs. David Gloss Constance Glover James and Julie Gocker Melody Goldberg Mark Goldhaber Richard Goldstein and Lynda Garner Steven and Susan Gordon Marion Gorman Suzanne Gouvernet Bethany Graham Cynthia Graham Barbara Granite Ursula Granite Deborah Grasberger Martha Grasberger Kathleen Greeley* Newton and Sarah Green Kathryn Gringer Terry Haggett Shaun Hakiel William Hale Mr. and Mrs. James Hallahan Dr. Helen Haller Herbert and Monika Hallman Emily Hamilton Thomas Hampson and Zena Collier Alan Hanford James Hardy and Mary Kneip- Hard Rev. Lawrence Hargrave Tavia Harpending Mr. and Mrs. Dean Harper Charles Harris Patricia Hart and Mike Newcomb* John Hastings Daniel Heimowitz Mr. and Mrs. William Helferich, III Charles Helms Wendy Hembrock Barbara Hendry Diana Hernandez James Hernon Hildegard Herz Bryan and Susan Hetherington Chris Hoeh Ernest Hogan Margaret Holyst Kevin Homan Patti Horton Thomas Horton Lindsay Infantino Lois Inman James Jackson and Nina Ford- Jackson Marc Johnson Anne Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnston Stephen Karnath Anna Kearney Sharon Kehoe Mary Keller James Kelly Johanna Kelly Helen Kennedy Martin Kennedy Susan Kennedy Charles and Carol Kernehan Ellen Kinnen Priscilla Kirtland Susan Kittle Cheryl Kleiman Frederick and Rose Marie Klipstein Dr. and Mrs. James Koller Thomas Kostizak Jean Kranz Mr. and Mrs. William La Forte Salvatore LaBella Mr. and Mrs. David Langdon Jennifer Lawler Annie Marie LeBarbour Ernest Lerardi Ronald Little James Littwitz Christine Lloyd Mary Lou Lockemeyer Peter Lovenheim Carol Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Lutz Robert Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mabb Donald MacDonald Denise Mack George Maderer Peter Makarewicz Mary Maley Mr. and Mrs. James Maley, Jr. Martin Maltz Dr. Mary Parke Manning Mr. and Mrs. James Manuele Karen Maras Lisa Marcello Nancy Marchese Hope Marinetti Ann Marshall Barbara Martin Names in italic reflect individuals and organizations that provided funding or donated to Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. * Asterisk denotes funders and/or donors to both PathStone Corporation and Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. 12 C O N T R i B U T i O N S, i N v E S T M E N T S A N d d O N AT i O N S

15 Margaret Martin Evan Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marx Kathleen Mason Gail Mazur Thomas Mazur Kathleen McCarney Lori McClain Katherine McCurdy Dennis McDermott Francis McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McLear Star McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McMurray John McNulty Grace Mead Cathy Medina Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merkl Alida Merrill Ralph Michael Margaret Miller Stuart Mitchell and Martha Neubert* Patricia Mogan Mr. and Mrs. Martin Montreuil Christoph Moore James Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dave Morgan Ruth Morton Lorene Mulhern Laura Mullin Deborah Muratore Joyce Murphy William Murtha Philip Neivert David Nelson Raymond Newell Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Newman Daniel Nichols Cathy Niederberger Joanne Nigro Linda Noeth Blain Nonnengard Joseph O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. David O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. John Odenbach, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oi Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oliver Clayton Osborne Scott Osterman Susan Ottenweller* Joy Pacheco Carla Palumbo Mark Pandolf Angie Pappano Nancy Parisio George Parker Sally Parker Donald Parry Nadine Parsons Anthony Pecora Gilbert Perez Alise Phillips Annette Phillips Deanna Phillips Donna Phillips Hon. Elizabeth Pine Paula Pingel Patricia Pizzicato Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Polito Annie Poole Mr. and Mrs. John Powarzynski Susan Prevost Anita Principi Curt Provenzo Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Przybylowicz Mr. and Mrs. William Pulsifer Allison Pulvino Mr. and Mrs. Loren Ranaletta Theodora Rand Rashmi Rangan Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Rapowitz Edward Raskin Linda Rathbun Gary Reagan Joseph Reiners Howard Relin Angela Reyes Linda Reynolds Amy Riposo Dorothy Roach Hon. Joseph Robach Karen Robbins James Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Craig Robinson Alberta Roesser John and Kristina Rogers June Rogoff Maralee Rohan Collette Rohrbacher Mr. and Mrs. Ned Roman Margery Rosen Geoffrey and Janet Rosenberger Irving Rosenstein Jay Ross Scott Roth Lorraine Roth-Moyo Monica Rudd Susan Rupp Judy Russell Patricia Russo Ajay Sadarangani Debra Salmon Donna Salmon Mr. and Mrs. James Sands Jennifer Sanfilippo Alba Santos Richard Satran Annette Schaff Alan and Patrice Scheg Elizabeth Schiano Scott Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schuster, Jr. Georgia Schutt Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sciolino Carol Seelman William and Janet Selke* Fred and Josaphine Shank Scott Shaw Kevin Shehee Eric Shoen Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shulman Michele Shultz Teresa Sipone Mark Siwiec and Duffy Palmer Patricia Sladden William Sly, Jr. Alicia Smith Annette Smith Fran Spadafora-Manzella Donald Spany Lenore Spindelman Mark St. John Frederick Stahl Mary Staropoli and Doug Ackley* Michael Stenehjem Linda Stephens Dorshell Stewart June Stornelli Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stowell Marion Strand Betty Strasenburgh Anthony Suchman Gregory Swanson Susan Thomas Yvonne Thompson Michelle Tinch Latoya Tisdale Preston Tollett Eileen Torres Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Townson Jane Tuttle Elizabeth Tyson Jacqueline Tyson Linda Uebelacker Ruth Unzicker Gay Usher Karen Valentine Hubert Van Tol Rev. John Walker Linda Wallen Frederick and Marlene Walvoord Sally Ward Lovely Warren Thomas and Vera Wasnock Leah Watson Marlene Watson Thomas Weckesser Sally and Jamie Whitbeck Jean Whitney Helen Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Brent Williams Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Williams Mr. and Mrs. Louis Willsea John Wiltse Lee Wiltse Matt Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wojciechowski Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wolsky Philip and Cheryl Yawman Mr. and Mrs. Julian Yudelson Caroline Zane Mohammad Zargar Lisa Zhu Names in italic reflect individuals and organizations that provided funding or donated to Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. * Asterisk denotes funders and/or donors to both PathStone Corporation and Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. A N N U A L R E P O RT

16 F i S C A L Y E A R : O C T. 1, S E P T. 3 0, Adult Training Housing Services Child Development 37.35% 15.93% 15.25% R E v E N U E S : Program Related 46,793,599 Other 4,074,069 Total Revenues 50,867,668 Other Affiliates Housing Development PathStone Dev and Affiliates Health & Safety PHAC Youth & Adult Education Management & General Economic Development Emergency Services Fundraising & Advocacy 9.76% 4.77% 4.64% 3.24% 2.58% 2.44% 1.57% 1.10% 1.03% 0.35% E x P E N d i T U R E S : Adult Training 18,357,714 Housing Services 7,828,958 Child Development 7,493,759 Other Affiliates 4,794,710 Housing Development 2,342,095 PathStone Dev and Affiliates 2,279,305 Health & Safety 1,594,698 PHAC 1,267,927 Youth & Adult Education 1,199,726 Management & General 770,073 Economic Development 543,050 Emergency Services 508,136 Fundraising & Advoc. 170,059 Total Expenditures 49,150,210 Excess Revenue over Expenses 1,717, F i N A N C i A L O v E Rv i E W

17 PathStone PROGRAM AREA AdviSORY COMMiTTEES New York Henry Byrd Nicole Terry* New Jersey Hugo Rivera Ohio Sarah Bonilla Allen Joshua Pennsylvania Miriam Diaz Wilguere Juste Puerto Rico Miguel Sanchez Aponte Marilyn Negron Vermont Clifford Patterson CHiLd ANd FAMiLY devel- OPMENT PROGRAM AdviSORY COUNCiLS New Jersey/Pennsylvania Migrant Head Start Sergio Ceballos Tayler Gottschall RESidENT AviSORY COUNCiL New York Heather Abbott April Colson AFFiLiATE & SUBSidiARY CORPORATiON REPRESENTATivES PathStone Development Corporation Arleen A. Wilson* PathStone Development Corporation of Indiana Mark St. John* PathStone Development Corporation of Ohio Bill Kilgore* PathStone Development Corporation of Pennsylvania George Master PathStone Development Corporation of Puerto Rico Andres Ramos* PathStone Enterprise Center, Inc. Joy Pacheco* PathStone Housing Action Corp. Abraham Hernandez Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. Lisa Marcello COLLABORATivE ORGANi- ZATiON REPRESENTATivES Early Childhood Quality Council Ida Perez* New York Apple Association Paul Baker Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profits Patricia Mogan Lifespan B.K. Gaur individual/at- LARGE REPRESENTATivES Fernando Santiago, Attorney Eric Shoen, Fundraising * Names with asterisks denote Executive Committee members. i N M E M O R i A M : With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to long-time PathStone Board Member, Sheila Banks, on Thursday, December 25, Sheila served on the Board for many years, and served as the chairperson. She was a powerful advocate for social justice and a tremendous asset to PathStone and its Board of Directors. B O A R d O F d i R E C T O R S CENTRAL AdMiNiSTRATivE OFFiCES 400 East Avenue Rochester, NY PRESidENT & CEO Stuart J. Mitchell (585) FiNANCE Kevin Ryck CFO (585) PLANNiNG & RESEARCH Jeffrey Lewis Sr. Vice President (585) HUMAN RESOURCES Anne R. Babcock-Stiner, Esq. General Counsel & Sr. Vice President of Human Resources (585) HOUSiNG SERviCES Monica C. McCullough, Esq. Sr. Vice President (585) PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Kathryn Bryan Sr. Vice President (585) x304 SOJOURNER HOUSE AT PATHSTONE, inc. 30 Millbank Street Rochester, NY (585) x102 THE HOUSiNG COUNCiL AT PATHSTONE, inc. Susan Boss Executive Director 75 College Avenue Rochester, NY (585) x3022 PENNSYLvANiA & NEW JERSEY B. Kay Washington Sr. Executive Director 1625 North Front St. Harrisburg, PA (717) indiana Annette Phillips Community Development Director 1917 W. Royale Dr. Muncie, IN (765) virginia Elizabeth Robertson Deputy, Senior Training & Employment 120 West Danville St. South Hill, VA (434) PUERTO RiCO Luayda Ortiz Director, Training & Employment Michelle Plaza, Suite Calle Acacia Ponce, PR (787) María G. Rodríguez-Collazo Director of Housing Programs 1235 Paseo Las Monjitas Urb Las Monjitas Ponce, PR (787) A d M i N i S T R AT i v E O F F i C E S Beth MacAller Executive Director A N N U A L R E P O RT

18 rmación des para r toda PROMESA N º 3: PROPORCiONANdO EdUCACióN, FORMACióN Y OPORTUNidAdES PARA APRENdiZAJE POR TOdA LA vida Una buena educación es la base sobre la cual se construyen la estabilidad y autosuficiencia. Es la llave para abrir los recursos esenciales y encontrar oportunidades significativas. PathStone cree que nadie es muy joven o muy viejo para aprender y obtener nuevas destrezas. Los niños que participan en programas de educación formalizados para la niñez temprana están mejor preparados para lograr éxito al ingresas a la escuela primaria. Esto es especialmente cierto cuando se considera el hecho de que muchos niños encuentran estabilidad y estructura en el salón de clases cuando de otra manera no podrían encontrarlo en su hogar. PathStone opera programas de Head Start y Early Head Start para familias en Nueva Jersey y Pennsylvania. Aquí, muchos de los niños matriculados en el programa son niños de trabajadores agrícolas migrantes o temporeros que viajan con sus padres para encontrar trabajo agrícola. PathStone provee para estos niños y sus familias continuidad en su preparación educativa de modo que puedan estar encaminados para lograr los objetivos para niños de su edad. Niños matriculados en los programas Head Start Temprano y Regional: 267 Niños matriculados en los programas Head Start para Migrantes y Temporeros: 443 Niños matriculados en los programas Pre-K Cuenta en Pennsylvania: 47 Arriba: Preescolar y Pre-K Los estudiantes participando en una actividad de clase Izquierda: Participante en el programa de Early Head Start Frente Página: El personal del programa de Head Start y los participantes, Coaldale, PA 16 L A P RO M E S A d E PAT H S T O N E

19 A medida que los niños crecen para convertirse en adultos jóvenes, ellos se enfrentan con un conjunto nuevo de demandas y retos que pueden ser diferentes de los enfrentados por sus padres. PathStone sabe que los jóvenes que participan en programas durante su adolescencia tienen una mayor probabilidad de matricularse en programas de educación superior y tomar decisiones acertadas. PathStone trabaja con los participantes a través de varios programas de educación y capacitación para jóvenes para mejorar sus puntajes en alfabetización y matemáticas, obtener su GED y ganar las destrezas laborales importantes. Jóvenes que obtuvieron su GED a través del programa House of Original Dreams (HOOD, siglas en inglés para Casa de Sueños Originales) en Pennsylvania: 100 Certificaciones profesionales de servicio al consumidor y alfabetización obtenidas: 54 Número total de jóvenes matriculados en programas: 154 El desarrollo de la fuerza laboral es esencial a cualquier edad. Muchos adultos y hasta personas mayores se encuentran en una encrucijada en ciertos momentos en sus vidas cuando sus destrezas o capacidades no coinciden con las demandas del mercado de trabajo. Algunas personas solamente han trabajado en una industria y no tienen destrezas que puedan ser transferidas. Otras se enfrentan a barreras para encontrar trabajos significativos un récord criminal en el pasado o un historial de abuso de substancias. PathStone opera programas de capacitación y empleo incluyendo el National Farmworker Jobs Program, así como el Senior Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP, siglas en inglés para Programas de Empleo en Servicios a la Comunidad para Personas Mayores) para individuos que buscan mejorar sus destrezas comerciales, explorar nuevos campos y encontrar empleo significativo. Participantes que recibieron evaluaciones de sus destrezas, exploración de carrera y servicios de adiestramiento para el empleo y/o colocación en empleos: 3,904 Horas de servicios a la comunidad completadas por los participantes de SCSEP en Pennsylvania: 173,225 PathStone provee también información importante sobre la formación en salud y seguridad a individuos que están en la fuerza laboral, y extiende la formación e recursos para crear comunidades más fuertes y sanas. Los trabajadores agrícolas reciben formación en salud y seguridad ocupacional para asegurar que ellos mantienen los estándares apropiados de seguridad en el lugar de trabajo, y sus familias participan en programas de educación sobre la salud de la madre y el niño. PathStone también provee educación sobre diabetes y cáncer de la mama, servicios de mamografía, asesoramiento sobre el VIH, así como programas de educación y prevención de alcohol, tabaco y drogas. Individuos servidos a través de los programas de salud y seguridad: 11,161 Individuos que recibieron formación, recursos y gestión de casos a través de los servicios de emergencia y apoyo de PathStone: 9,108 Individuos que participaron en formación de autosuficiencia familiar o en los programas de asistencia para vivienda: 4,975 Sojourner House at PathStone, Inc. proporciona refugio, estructura y oportunidades de capacitación a las personas y familias necesitadas, por lo que están dispuestos a llevar una vida responsable y con sentido. Número de mujeres y niños que han recibido apoyo y servicios de Vivienda de Transición y de apoyo y otros programas: 521 Ysmael Contreras Adiestramiento y Empleo Habiendo trabajado toda su vida como trabajador agrícola, Ysmael Contreras vino a PathStone esperando encontrar un empleo más estable y que le permitiera explorar más allá de su hogar en el condado de Adams, PA. Ysmael expresó interés en obtener su licencia como conductor comercial y PathStone le ayudó a matricularse en el CDL Training Program. Ysmael completó el programa en lo más alto de su clase y fue elogiado por su ética de trabajo y su impulso para tener éxito en el salón de clases. Él está empleado a jornada completa en S&H Express y muy felizmente viaja por el país con su recién desarrollada destreza. Nakiesha Osbourne Literacy4Jersey, Asistencia para Búsqueda y Colocación en Empleo Cuando Nakiesha Osbourne vino al programa de Asistencia para Búsqueda y Colocación en Empleo de PathStone en Vineland, NJ, ella encontró que su mayor barrera para encontrar un empleo estable era que nunca recibió un diploma de escuela secundaria. Ella se matriculó rápidamente en Literacy4Jersey, y completó más de 62 horas de educación antes de tomar su examen para el GED. Ella se enfrentó a situaciones de inestabilidad significativas durante el programa, pero algo que permaneció constante fue su deseo de ser una buena modelo a seguir para sus niños. Nakiesha se sentaba todas las noches con sus niños para hacer sus asignaciones y llegó a celebrar su graduación cuando su hija cumplió 13 años. i N F O R M E A N N U A L

20 P RO M E S A N º 2: CREAC i ó N d E v E C i N da R i O S d E E L E C C i ó N La salud y la fuerza de un vecindario se miden por el compromiso y la participación de sus residentes, propietarios de negocios y los socios de la comunidad. PathStone cree que los vecindarios vibrantes son aquellos donde los residentes: tienen acceso a vivienda segura y costeable, pueden ser capaces de realizar todo su potencial económico y personal y reciben bienes y servicios de calidad. Los vecindarios de elección son lugares donde los individuos y familias desean sentar una base, hacer conexiones y dar de sí. Una de las maneras más obvias como PathStone crea comunidades donde los residentes desean permanecer es a través de los servicios proporcionados a los residentes que viven en algunas de las propiedades. Los servicios a los residentes incluyen intercesión, traducción/interpretación, navegación de recursos y beneficios, búsqueda de gestión de casos apropiados, resolución de conflicto, intervención en crisis, administración del hogar, comidas y transportación. Además, los residentes ofrecen su tiempo voluntariamente para planear eventos especiales y participar en concejos de residentes para asegurar la salud y estabilidad de sus compañeros residentes. Además de los servicios proporcionados a los residentes que viven en sus propiedades, PathStone trabaja con las comunidades para involucrar a los residentes en las actividades y dotarles de un marco para mejorar la calidad de vida en estos lugares. En dos ciudades de Nueva York- Newburgh y Rochester- esfuerzos de organización de la Revitalización de la Comunidad y Servicios a los Residentes: Arriba: Taller en el jardin de la comunidad, Newburgh, NY Izquierda: Jane Allred, residente de Andrews Terrace, Rochester, NY Frente Página, hacia la derecha desde la parte superior: Field to Table programa del verano, Rochester, NY Miembros del Proyecto de Acción de Marketview Heights, Rochester, NY Cartel de feria de empleo para los jóvenes interesados en las carreras de la ley; Participantes en la limpieza del barrio, Newburgh, NY. 18 L A P RO M E S A d E PAT H S T O N E

Puente Annual Report Informe Anual 2012. 15 th Anniversary 15 o Aniversario

Puente Annual Report Informe Anual 2012. 15 th Anniversary 15 o Aniversario Puente Annual Report Informe Anual 2012 15 th Anniversary 15 o Aniversario GROWING UP GABY Gabriela Flores story is our story, too Gabriela Flores was 15 when she got a job at Puente. She was sitting outside

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Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success

Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success S D Issue Date: 7/24/15 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 2-Summer Communicator R C San Diego Regional Center A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road,

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Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas

Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas C I T Y l HEIGHTS AZALEA PARK FAIRMOUNT VILLAGE HOLLYWOOD PARK SWAN CANYON CHEROKEE POINT RIDGEVIEW CHOLLAS CREEK EDUCATION Local parents take charge in forming group to solve problems from academics to

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138th Edition Spring 2014 Grant$ Available for Small Facade Improvements in Southwest Detroit

138th Edition Spring 2014 Grant$ Available for Small Facade Improvements in Southwest Detroit Communitynews SOUTHWEST DETROIT BUSINESS ASSOCIATION A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION FOR AND ABOUT SOUTHWEST DETROIT 138th Edition Spring 2014 Grant Available for Small Facade Improvements in Southwest Detroit

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Welcome to San Jacinto College

Welcome to San Jacinto College San Jacinto College Welcome to San Jacinto College Financial Aid 101 See Page 1 Making the play for a college degree See Page 2 Trading an office for a classroom See Page 3 San Jacinto College 4624 Fairmont

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AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can

AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVI NÚMERO 41 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 12 de abril de 2015 Apoye a niños con discapacidades de una manera divertida en la Fiesta de Any Baby Can Por Natalie Bobadilla

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Winter, Southern California Style

Winter, Southern California Style HemophiliAction A publication of the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California Volume 6 Issue 7 Winter 2011 Winter, Southern California Style In Tennis Love is Nothing, In Life Love is Everything Hemophilia

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News. From the Director of Schools. Community Day Schools Welcome 2013-14 Teaching Fellows. September

News. From the Director of Schools. Community Day Schools Welcome 2013-14 Teaching Fellows. September News FALL 2013 Community Strings had another great summer session! September 2 Labor Day (school closed) 5 Lower-Upper School Back to School Night 5:00-7:00 p.m. 9 School Picnic Rolling Ridge

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2 Otis McAllister, Inc.

2 Otis McAllister, Inc. Summer 2014 In the digital age, it is very easy to conduct business using only our computers and our phones. We find each other by searching databases, we contact each other via email, and we hold video

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VIDA NEWSPAPER 03-07-13. By Ross R. Olney


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Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking

Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking What your church can do about... Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America Human Trafficking Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock In November of 1999, two teenage student journalists from

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People in the News. Rick Noriega Heading for the Dem. Nomination

People in the News. Rick Noriega Heading for the Dem. Nomination Page # 2 La Voz de Brazoria County - November, 2007 Nataly Peña Working to Build Career in Film Nataly Pena is a college student. She has been acting since age 7 and has appeared in numerous print ads

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Published by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Published by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Published by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union DISPATCHER Vol 72, NO 7 July/august 2014 THE INSIDE NEWS LETTERS TO DISPATCHER 2 Pensioners convention notice 2 Tentative Agreement

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The Fourth Edition - Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit

The Fourth Edition - Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit The Fourth Edition - Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit November 13-14, 2014 The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana - Dominican Republic WELCOME Parris E. Jordan Managing Director

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Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12

Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12 Off the Shelf Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12 The newsletter of the Montrose Regional Library District Summer 2012 by Janet Oslund All children from birth through 5th grade are invited to participate

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Informe Social Social Report

Informe Social Social Report Informe Social Social Report ÍNDICE Index 1. Mensaje del Presidente Message from the Chairman 2. Perfil de Banco General, S. A. Overview - Banco General, S.A. 3. Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en

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Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads

Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads CONNECTICUT BIRTH TO THREE SYSTEM PRESCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION Working together for children with disabilities Facing Disability Together: Families are more than Moms and Dads By Vivian J. Carlson, Ph.D.,

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Taller de planificación para el éxito. Guía del maestro

Taller de planificación para el éxito. Guía del maestro Taller de planificación para el éxito Guía del maestro Taller de planificación para el éxito Guía del maestro Publicado por La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días Salt Lake City, Utah,

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cia guide to financial planning planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus

cia guide to financial planning planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus cia guide to financial planning GuíA Del CIA para La planificación Financiera 2013 2014 San Antonio, TX Campus 2 1-800-CULINARY A TASTE OF OUR CURRICULUM an investment in your future A Message from Kathy

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MAIN CAMPUS/CAMPUS PRINCIPAL St. Augustine College A pioneer in the use of bilingual methodology in higher education Un pionero en el uso de la metodología bilingüe en la educación superior Catalog 2013-2014 MAIN CAMPUS/CAMPUS PRINCIPAL

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Índice de Condiciones Sistémicas para el Emprendimiento Dinámico

Índice de Condiciones Sistémicas para el Emprendimiento Dinámico Apoyado y Patrocinado por Índice de Condiciones Sistémicas para el Emprendimiento Dinámico Una herramienta para la acción en América Latina Index of Systemic Conditions for Dynamic Entrepreneurship A tool

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Youth Volunteer Service in Latin America and the Caribbean

Youth Volunteer Service in Latin America and the Caribbean C E N T E R F O R S O C I A L D E V E L O P M E N T Youth Volunteer Service in Latin America and the Caribbean A Regional Assessment March 2008 Center for Social Development George Warren Brown School

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TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY By Elizabeth Barrera, BASW FALL 2002 A Quarterly Bilingual Newsletter Chicago Southeast Diabetes Community Action Coalition Coalition Members Midwest Latino Health Research, Training & Policy Center Jackson Park Hospital South Shore

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Memoria Anual / Annual Report. Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso S.A.

Memoria Anual / Annual Report. Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso S.A. Memoria Anual / Annual Report 2012 02 Indice / Contents Financial Statements 03 Our People Terminal Projects Letter from the Chairman of the Board TPS and the community General Information 04 Carta del

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MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia

MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia July 6, 2014 Worship Schedule Horario de Misas: Saturday Vigil Masses 4:15 pm (Vietnamese) 6 pm (English)

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LA GUIA. Hispana. de Jacksonville Jacksonville Hispanic GUIDE

LA GUIA. Hispana. de Jacksonville Jacksonville Hispanic GUIDE LA GUIA Hispana de Jacksonville Jacksonville Hispanic GUIDE Presentado por el /Brought to you by the Mayor's Hispanic AmericanAdvisory Board Duval County Health Department's Hispanic Advisory Council IFC

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June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity

June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity Congratulations to the 30 adults who were confirmed by our pastor, Fr. Pat Rudolph, last Saturday evening, the Vigil of Pentecost. 300 East Taft Avenue Orange, CA 92865

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Mr. Frank Chapman. Chief Executive, In his holiday home at La Zagaleta

Mr. Frank Chapman. Chief Executive, In his holiday home at La Zagaleta Mr. Frank Chapman Chief Executive, BG Group, plc In his holiday home at La Zagaleta after having finished his dream home in only six months, ceo of bg group, plc, mr. frank chapman opens the doors to his

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Chicago: Choices and Changes

Chicago: Choices and Changes BOLD PLANS. BIG DREAMS. Chicago: Choices and Changes A UNIT FOR THIRD GRADE Presenting Sponsor for Education BOLD PLANS. BIG DREAMS. Chicago: Choices and Changes A UNIT FOR THIRD

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