Bent Male Organ After Using a Pump: How and Why it Happens

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1 Bent Male Organ After Using a Pump: How and Why it Happens The male organ pump is a device which many men with tumescence issues use to help overcome these issues, and as such can be a valuable male organ health option which can allow some men to more successfully engage in sensual activities. But male organ pumps are also frequently used for nonmedical reasons, by men who use the device for what are essentially recreational reasons, often to temporarily achieve a longer or (more typically) fatter member. There is nothing wrong with using a male organ pump for either purpose. But whatever one s reason for its use, it s important to remember that there can be risks associated with its use (and especially with its misuse) and one such risk is the development of a bent male organ. The male organ pump Also known as a vacuum constriction device, a male organ pump can come in several forms. However, most frequently when discussing a male organ pump, it takes the form of a cylinder (often acrylic, though some other materials may be used), the opening of which is encircled by a ring of plastic. The member is inserted into the cylinder through this ring, which also acts as a kind of male organ ring. After the member is inserted into the cylinder, the air is pumped out of it. Doing this creates a vacuum inside the cylinder (assum8ing it is appropriately sealed so that air is not leaking in or out). When the manhood is in the vacuum, the air pressure is greater, and that acts to help draw blood into the member, enabling it to engorge and become firm. For men who do not use the pump for tumescence issues, this can sometimes cause the member to puff up, increasing in size in a way that can be pleasurable to many men. After the manhood is removed from the cylinder, it remains firm (or puffed up) for a limited amount of time allowing a man with tumescence issues to hopefully achieve penetration or whatever other sensual purpose is intended.

2 As with any sensual device medical or recreational it is important to properly follow instructions for its use. Knowing how to use the male organ pump and how NOT to use it helps to prevent accidents which may cause damage to the member. The bent male organ problem One of the problems that can potentially occur due to improper use of a male organ pump is a bent male organ. For example, many men really enjoy using a male organ pump and may be tempted to use it more often than is appropriate or for longer lengths of time than is recommended. Overcoming this temptation is essential and instructions do clearly advise one not to overdo use. The reason is that sometimes this can result in tears in the delicate male organ tissue. Aside from the soreness this can cause, such tears heal by way of scar tissue. When there is a build-up of scar tissue in one area of the member, it can cause a bent male organ over time. Similarly, sometimes a guy doesn t pay enough attention to removing the pump. He is so excited to see and/or feel the engorged manhood that has been produced that he pulls the pump off incorrectly. (The correct way is to slip the ring on the tube down to the base, then release the vacuum, and then take off the tube.) As with overuse, this can also cause tears in manhood tissue, which over time can result in manhood bending. A bent male organ from male organ pump use requires rest and may require a doctor s attention. A guy should also make use of a superior male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The manhood tissue will heal better if it is moisturized, so a crème with both a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) and an excellent emollient (such as shea butter) is needed. And since scar tissue can diminish sensation in the member, the crème should also include l-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that helps retain male organ sensation.