In Christ, we are pilgrims on a journey to PERFECTION.

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1 May 20, 2012 FEAST OF THE ASCENSION SAINT MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE We are Catholic Christians striving to love beyond all boundaries and to continue the mission of Christ. In Christ, we are pilgrims on a journey to PERFECTION. PASTOR: Rev. Msgr. Marc V. Trudeau ASSOCIATE PASTORS: Rev. Juan Silva, Rev. Bao Nguyen PRIEST IN RESIDENCE: Rev. Rowland Nwokocha DEACONS: Craig Siegman, Rick Soria, Dan Wallace MASS AND PRAYER SERVICES SCHEDULE Saturday 5 PM, Sunday 6:45, 8, 9:30, 11 AM, 5 PM, Español 12:30, 7 PM Monday Friday 6:30, 8:15 AM, Saturday 8:15 AM only First Friday 630, 8:15 AM, 7 PM (bilingual) Followed by all night adoration to the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel Rosary (in Chapel) Monday Friday 7 and 8:45 AM; Wednesday 6:30 PM Perpetual Help Novena Wednesday 7:30 PM Confessions Friday 5-5:30 PM; Saturday 3:30-4:30 PM and 7:30-8:30 PM

2 2 A MESSAGE FROM MSGR. MARC I f the Gospel story was a work of fiction, the writer would have told the story in the following order: God saw that his children needed redemption so he sent his son to them. His son taught them, healed them and worked miracles but they did not understand so they arrested him, tortured and killed him. But God used that seeming disaster as part of his own plan and resurrected his son. And they all lived happily ever after. The story would end with the Resurrection. Jesus would stay with his disciples and pick up where he had left off. But that is not how it happened. Jesus did not stay with his disciples and they did not live happily ever after. Jesus ascended to heaven as a sign to his disciples, both then and now, that we are called and sent as pilgrims on our journey to perfection. This is not just a philosophical struggle to attain enlightenment. It is a journey of faith which entails extricating ourselves from our zones of comfort to physically and spiritually, through prayer, study and work become more and more like the person God created us to be. It requires us to sacrifice, to be servants, to put the needs of others before our own, to become more like Jesus in his example of selfless love. It is a journey of a life-time and only finds its completion when we, too, are united with our Creator in the Kingdom. The Apostles took their faith on the road, spreading the Gospel to the corners of the world. They spent their lives in service of Jesus final command, finding that their road to perfection led through their martyrdoms. As we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension, we remember that our roads run before us. The challenge is to take the first step. Monday, May 21 Reading 1: Acts 19:1-8 Gospel: John 16:29-33 Tuesday, May 22 Reading 1: Acts 20:17-27 Gospel: John 17:1-11a Wednesday, May 23 Reading 1: Acts 20:28-38 Gospel: John 17:11b-19 Thursday, May 24 Reading 1: Acts 22:30; 23:6-11 Gospel: John 17:20-26 Friday, May 25 Reading 1: Acts 25:13b-21 Gospel: John 21:15-19 Saturday, May 26 Saint Philip Neri Reading 1: Acts 28:16-20, Gospel: John 21:20-25 Pentecost Sunday May 27 Reading 1: Acts 2:1-11 Reading 2: 1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, or Galatians 5:16-25 Gospel: John 20:19-23 or 15:26-27; 16:12-15

3 MESAGE DEL MSGR. MARC 3 Si la historia del evangelio fue un trabajo de ficción, el escritor pudo haber dicho la historia en el orden siguiente: Dios vio que sus hijos necesitaban redención por lo que les envió su hijo. Su hijo les enseñaba, sanaba y hacia milagros pero ellos no entendieron y lo arrestaron, torturaron y mataron. Pero Dios uso ese aparente desastre como parte de su plan y resurrección de su hijo. Y todos vivieron felices para siempre. La historia podría terminar con la resurrección. Jesús se quedaría con sus discípulos y continuaría donde se había quedado. P ero eso no es lo que sucedió, Jesús no se quedó con sus discípulos y ellos no vivieron felices para siempre. Jesús ascendió al cielo como un signo a sus discípulos, tanto entonces como ahora, estamos llamados y enviados como peregrinos en nuestro camino a la perfección. Esto no es solo una lucha filosófica para alcanzar la iluminación. Es un viaje de fe que implica sacarnos de nuestras zonas de comodidad física y espiritualmente, a través de la oración, estudio y trabajo se vuelven más y más como la persona que Dios nos creo para ser. Se nos exige sacrificio, a ser sirvientes, a poner las necesidades de los demás antes que las nuestras, a ser más como Jesús en su ejemplo de entrega total. Se trata de un viaje de toda una vida y se completa cuando nosotros, también, estamos unidos con nuestro Creador en el Reino. Los apóstoles tomaron su fe en el camino, extendiendo el evangelio a las esquinas del mundo. Ellos pasaron sus vidas al servicio del mandato final de Jesús, encontrando que su camino a la perfección los condujo a su martirio. Al celebrar la fiesta de la Ascensión, tenemos en cuenta que nuestros caminos corren delante de nosotros. El desafío es dar el primer paso Lunes 21 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 19:1-8 Evangelio: Juan 16:29-33 Martes 22 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 20:17-27 Evangelio: Juan 17:1-11 Miercoles 23 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 20:28-38 Evangeliol: Juan 17:11-19 Jueves 24 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 22:30 Evangelio: Juan 17:20-26 Viernes 25 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 25:13-21 Evangelio Juan 21:15-19 Sabado 26 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 28:16-20, Evangelio: Juan 21:20-25 Domingo de Petencostes 27 de Mayo 1a. Lectura: Hechos 2:1-11 1a Lectura: 1 Corintios 12:3-7, Evangelio: Juan 20:19-23

4 4 O U R F A I T H I N A C T I O N Faith Sharing and Fellowship You have a lot to offer! Each of us is special to the Lord and each of us has a lifetime of experiences both joyous and disappointing that can provide meaningful advice and instruction to others. Please come share your knowledge, experience and faith at the next Small Christian Communities Faith Sharing meeting which will take place from 7 to 9pm on Thursday, 31 May, at the Saint Margaret Mary Parish Center. Our readings will be those for The Most Holy Trinity (Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40, Romans 8:14-17, Matthew 28:16-20). Please join us! To confirm your attendance and for the meeting location, call or Roy and Carole Hardinge at or Share your faith with others Mark your calendars and RSVP today! THIS WEEK IN SMM HISTORY May 24, 1997 The SMM Children s Choir was selected from 5900 applicants to perform at Disneyland. May 29, 2000 Msgr. Thompson marked his 40 th anniversary as a priest with a parish celebration. May Procession All are invited to join in a May Procession in the Church including the Rosary and crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary TODAY, MAY 20 2:00 PM Fr. Bao, Presider IS THIS THE YEAR FOR YOU? Thinking about completing your sacraments, or have you been mulling over the idea of being baptized a Catholic? The RCIA is an ongoing process, in which adults learn about the Catholic faith and are baptized, confirmed and receive Eucharist (First Communion). The process can be joined at any time. All are welcome. Our next meeting is June 10 at 10:30 AM in the Parish Center. Call the church office or Sue Ballotti for more information: WOMEN S SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS DUE TODAY! Applications are being accepted from ANY 8th grade parishioner planning to attend a Catholic High School in the fall Applications available in the parish office. Questions: Call Linda Cline

5 O U R F A I T H I N A C T I O N 5 Let the children come to me. Tis the season for sacraments! This Easter season I embarked on a dizzying round of church celebrations - from Easter vigil RCIA adults, RCIA children and even a friend s baby daughter at the cathedral. Each one was perfect. Babies cry, things get misplaced or lost, people show up late and still - it seems to be a perfect moment. May at St Margaret Mary parish means First Communions of all sorts and varieties. We all ooh and ah as the young ones show up in their finery, white dresses and fine ties and suits. They look so surprised when we notice them and congratulate them. This year our whole family gathers to bring our granddaughters to the altar for First Communion. Are they really that old? people ask in amazement. We remember the struggle to give them life, the dedication of their parents to do whatever it took, the steadfast faith of parishioners who prayed and promised us that God would take care of them. When we were panicked and exhausted, this community stepped in and encouraged us, prayed with us and even brought us meals. And now we gather on this perfect day. Perfect because God is here, in the bread, in the faces of those we love and in the community of faith. Jesus invites all children to know him, spend time with him and be nourished by him. Come to the altar, take the bread and wine and join this community of believers. He gathers all our First Communicants and whispers, Taste and See, I will be with you always. Isn t this perfect? Blessings of great perfection to all who share in sacramental celebrations this Easter season. For your Journal-keeping Can I think of something imperfect that on greater reflection turned out to be better than expected? Do I remember my first communion? Are there photos? Do I know someone celebrating a Baptism, Confirmation or Communion? CELEBRATING 75 YEARS A Volunteer Appreciation Invitation To honor all of you who are serving or have ever served our community in any way as ministers, individually or members of parish groups once, weekly, daily, annually... the parish would like to invite you TO JOIN US AT ONE OF THE MORNING MASSES SUNDAY, MAY 27 You will then be invited to a lovely gourmet continental breakfast in Hegarty Hall following each of those morning masses. VOLUNTEERS PLEASE PLAN TO JOIN US SO WE CAN SAY THANK YOU This event hosted by The Knights of Columbus

6 6 ASCENSION Por Humberto Beltrán Hoy celebramos la Ascensión del Señor a los cielos. Cristo ha cumplido con su misión y vuelve al Padre para algún día volver a juzgar al mundo con gran poder y majestad. Pero cómo ha sido esta misión de Cristo aquí en la tierra? Fue un lecho de flores en donde llevando una vida cómoda llegó a alcanzar el primer puesto? Por supuesto que no. Acabamos de celebrar la Pascua. Primero tuvo que encarnarse y ya esto representa una humillación., vivir una vida mucho peor que cualquiera de las nuestras. Recibir el rechazo de los suyos, la traición de los amigos; tuvo que beber el cáliz del dolor, de la cruz, de la muerte antes de llegar a la resurrección y a la ascensión. Cuál es nuestro testimonio de vida? Cristo cumplió con su misión de obediencia a la voluntad del Padre en cada momento y por eso estamos celebrando esta festividad. En la vida cristiana es posible llegar a la resurrección y a la ascensión sin haber pasado por la pasión? La respuesta ya la saben ustedes: primero tenemos que dar nuestro testimonio de vida. Primero tenemos que ir con el papelito de entrada en el Reino del Padre y según nuestro esfuerzo y nuestra docilidad a la gracia así será el buen puesto que alcancemos. Sin embargo, tenemos que tener en cuenta que los criterios no son los criterios del mundo. El Señor nos dice que para producir fruto el grano de trigo tiene que morir, la espiga nace de un grano que se muere en el suelo. El que quiera ser discípulo de Cristo tiene que aprender a negarse a si mismo, matar el egoísmo, tomar la cruz de cada día, nuestra vocación, nuestro deber de estado y seguirle. Qué nos dice nuestra voz interior: somos honestos? Cómo podernos ser testigos de Cristo y así seguir su mandato antes de la ascensión? Diríamos que hay una palabra que casi todo el mundo entiende lo que quiere decir, y esta palabra es ser honesto en nuestras vidas, tratar de hacer aquello bueno que la voz interior de la conciencia nos dicta a cada momento. Debemos buscar siempre la justi- E S P I R I T U A L cia en este mundo para hacerlo más cristiano, más habitable por la humanidad; debemos desempeñar nuestra labor de profeta denunciando y concientizando sobre males que aquejan a nuestro hermano; debemos ser predicadores del mensaje cristiano; debemos ser obreros del Reino, ya comenzado con la venida de Cristo pero que necesita ser completado con nuestro trabajo. Somos testigos del Señor en este mundo? Para realizar esta labor de testigos del Señor en nuestro mundo no estamos solos. El Señor nos envió el Espíritu Santo y nos dio la iglesia, que, como buena madre nos va guiando por caminos seguros, no libres de sacrificio y de negaciones, pero nos lleva al Padre. El mismo Señor nos dijo: Yo estaré con ustedes hasta la consumación de los siglos Por eso nos sentimos confiados, alegres y animosos, porque si el Señor esta con nosotros, quién podrá estar contra nosotros? Los apóstoles del Señor se quedaron mirando hacia el cielo llenos de admiración. Se les presentaron dos hombres vestidos de blanco, que les dijeron: Galileos, qué hacen ahí plantados mirando el cielo? No escapemos de nuestras realidades, mirando pasar los acontecimientos sin nuestra intervención. Reflexión Nosotros estamos hoy celebrando para poder algún día subir también al cielo en la presencia de Dios nuestro Padre en unión de nuestros hermanos, sobre todo aquellos a quienes hemos ayudado o ellos nos han ayudado a alcanzar la vida eterna y verdadera.

7 O U R F A I T H I N A C T I O N 7 Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women The Southwest District of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women will hold a District Meeting on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at St. Anthony of Padua Parish, 1050 West 163rd St. Gardena. The day begins at 9:30A.M. with registration and refreshments with meeting starting at 10:00A.M. The Guest speaker is Father Paul Conlan speaking on "My Five Years with St. St. Josemaria Escriva, Founder of Opus Dei". Mass will follow and lunch will be served at 12:15. Charge for the day is $10.00 PREPAID. Make checks payable to Gen Gorciak Taylor Court, Torrance, CA For more information call Gen at TH ANNIVERSARY COOKBOOK NEWS PURCHASE AN AD! Increase your business visibility. Create a personal tribute. Help defray the cost of printing our 75th Anniversary Cookbook. $25 for a business card-sized $35 for a quarter-page, $50 for a half-page, and $100 for a full-page. If you or someone you know would like to place an ad or if you just want more information, call Sydne Newberry ( ), Elaine Holcomb ( ) or Evelyn Hensley ( ). DEADLINE TO SUBMIT RECIPES AND ADS FOR THE COOKBOOK IS JUNE 10TH! The next Beginning Experience weekend will be from Friday, June 8 through Sunday June 10 Holy Spirit Retreat Center Encino, CA $250 per person ($225 prepaid) For more information or to register, contact Ms. Maria Rojas at or at: Beginning Experience, which is recognized by the Office of Family Life in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is a grief recovery weekend for separated, divorced, and widowed people who want to heal and grow beyond their grief. ORGAN MUSIC IN THE CHURCH FRIDAYS AT 1:00 pm Come to hear music celebrating the Resurrection Our Sick VIRGIE MARTINEZ VIVIAN OROBEAN Our Deceased ESTER POVEDA JOHN WITTMAN

8 8 Dejen que los niños vengan a mi Es la temporada sacramental! En esta temporada de Pascua me embarque en una ronda vertiginosa de las celebraciones de la iglesia a partir de la Vigilia Pascual, los niños adultos de RICA, e incluso una hija de un amigo en la catedral. Cada uno fue perfecto. Bebés llorando, cosas fuera de lugar o perdidas, personas que llegan tarde y todavía- parece ser un momento perfecto. Que en la parroquia de Sta. Margarita María las Primeras Comuniones significa de todas clases y variedades. Todos decimos oh! y ah! cuando los jóvenes aparecen con sus mejores galas, vestidos blancos y finas corbatas y trajes. Se ven tan sorprendidos cuando los notamos y felicitamos. Este año nuestra familia entera se reúne para llevar a nuestras nietas al altar para la Primera Comunión. Realmente tienen esa edad? las personas se preguntan con asombro. Recordamos la lucha para darles vida, la dedicación de sus padres hacer lo que sea necesario, la fe inquebrantable de los feligreses de los que oraron y nos prometieron que Dios iba a cuidar de ellos. Cuando estábamos en pánico o exhaustos, está comunidad entró en escena y nos animó, oraron con nosotros e incluso nos trajeron comida. Y ahora nos reunimos en este día perfecto. Perfecto porque Dios está aquí, en el pan, en las caras de esos que amamos y en la comunidad de fe. Jesús invita a todos los niños a conocerlo, a pasar un tiempo con él y ser alimentado por él. Ven al altar, toma el pan y el vino y únete a está comunidad de creyentes. El reúne todas nuestras primeras comunicaciones y susurros, Prueba y ve, yo estaré contigo siempre. No es esto perfecto? Bendiciones de una gran perfección que todos compartimos en celebraciones sacramentales en esta temporada de Pascua. Para su Diario Puedo pensar en algo imperfecto que en la más grande reflexión resulto ser mejor de lo que podría haber imaginado? Me acuerdo de mi Primera Comunión? Hay fotos? Conozco a alguien celebrando un Bautismo, una Confirmación, o una Comunión? Cual es mi esperanza y oración para esa persona? CELEBRANDO 75 AÑOS Una Invitacion para Apreciar los Voluntarios Para honrar a todos los que están sirviendo o han servido a nuestra comunidad en modo alguno como voluntarios, la parroquia le gustaría invitarlos A UNIRSE EN UNA DE LAS MISAS de la mañana del domingo 27 de mayo. A continuación, se invitará a un desayuno continental en el Salón Hegarty después de cada una de esas misas de la mañana. Hemos sido bendecidos por el compromiso de tantas personas a lo largo de nuestros 75 años como parroquia y saber que el Espíritu Santo siga llenando nuestros feligreses con el fervor de compartir su fe en Jesús a través del servicio a la parroquia y a nuestros hermanos y hermanas que más nos necesitan.

9 E N R I Q U E C I E N D O N U E S T R A F E Procesión de Mayo Están todos invitados a venir a La Procesión de Mayo En la Iglesia Incluyendo el Rosario Y coronación De la Santa Virgen María HOY, MAYO 20 A las 2:00 de la tarde Con el Padre Bao Música de organo en la iglesia LOS VIERNES A LA 1:00 DE LA TARDE Venga y escuche la música para celebrar la resurrección. GRUPO DE ORACION Hoy Jesús Cristo nos llama para darle un sentido nuevo a nuestras vidas a través de su palabra. Esta oportunidad no la dejes pasar. Vengan y únanse a nuestro Grupo de Oración encontremos a Jesús. Nos reunimos todos los Lunes a las 7:00 PM en el Salón San José. PROTEGIENDO NUESTROS NIÑOS Hostigamiento Es Una Forma De Abuso Sabia usted que el hostigamiento (bullying) es una forma de abuso, y por lo tanto esta prohibido en las escuelas católicas? El hostigamiento suele consistir en bromas pesadas, burlas, amenazas, golpes, empujones, y el robo. Pero también pude ser indirecta, como la difusión de rumores que causan a las victimas a ser socialmente aislados a través de ser excluidas socialmente. El acoso cibernético, que implica el uso de la Internet o los teléfonos celulares para enviar mensajes o imágenes inapropiadas de personas o a personas, también es un comportamiento que no se tolera en nuestras escuelas Católicas. Si usted sospecha que algún estudiante es victima de hostigamiento, inmediatamente comunique sus preocupaciones al director de la escuela. Para obtener ayuda, llame a la Oficina del Ministerio de Asistencia al (213) ORIENTACION Y CONSEJERIA EN ESPAÑOL Recuerden que tenemos este servicio aquí, en nuestra parroquia los días lunes, martes, jueves y sábado con cita previamente acordada. Para solicitar este servicio, pueden pasar por la oficina de la parroquia para dejar el nombre y número de teléfono o dejar un mensaje en ele teléfono: (310) xt 40 CLASES DE BIBLIA Venga a vivir la experiencia de un Estudio Bíblico Sistemático y profundo: Los Días Martes Para mas información favor de llamar a: Minerva Sanchez (310) Teresa Carbajal (310) Ext. 16 5

10 10 O U R P A R I S H I N A C T I O N Monday, May 21 8:15 AM Mass is being offered is being offered for the following deceased HNS men: TONY GRASSO, LLOYD LEGETT & BOB CLUNDT Monday, May 21: All Men are invited to the Holy Name Meeting: 7 PM Rosary, 7:30 PM Meeting REMINDER: The meeting has been moved up a week due to Memorial Day. SAVE THE DATE: HNS INSTALLATION BBQ JULY 21 Council 7864 Sunday, May 20 Together in Worship at 11:00 Mass Family Night Dinner dedicated to Vocation Month. Invitation to families of 7th & 8th graders. Wednesday, May 30 2nd Degree Exemplification St. Maria Goetti Hall 3954 Palo Verde Ave., Long Beach Contact Manny Vieyra at For Insurance update Ernie Literte (310) CANONIZATION OF BLESSED PEDRO CALUNGSOD All SMM Parishioners are invited to join the Pilgrimage to Italy for the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod October 19-29, 2012 In addition to Rome, the tour will include Rome, San Giovanni, Rotondo, Assisi, Siena, Florence, Padua, Loreto and Venice. Blessed Pedro is a great, great, great grand relative of our parishioner, Sonia Colungsod Lewis. For more information please contact Linda Williams or Sonia Lewis or Please book ASAP as space is limited.

11 O U R P A R I S H I N A C T I O N 11 D IRECTORY SAINT MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE CATHOLIC CHURCH Eshelman Ave. Lomita, CA Website: Telephones: (310) (310) (fax) PARISH OFFICE HOURS Mon-Fri, 8 AM 8 PM Saturday, 8 AM 5PM (Monday Saturday closed Noon to 1 PM) Sunday, 9 AM 1 PM STAFF Parish Administrator Deacon Dan Wallace, ext 42 Religious Education Joe Voigt, ext 17 Teresa Carbajal, ext 16 Youth Ministry Michael Warden, ext 13 Christian Service Laura Nieto, ext 35 Religious Vocations Tom Reis (310) Contact Parish Office for: All Sacraments, Quiceañeras, Anointing of the Sick, Funeral Arrangements, Registrations, Volunteer Opportunities and all other questions. PARISH SCHOOL Douglas Erhard, Principal (310) , ext 21 BULLETIN Deadline: Friday Noon 9 days before your article will appear. Read your Bulletin Fridays online on our website St. Joseph High School 5825 Woodruff Avenue Lakewood, CA High School Summer School June 22 - July 20 Middle School Summer Academy June 25 - July 20 Summer Day Camp June 18 - July 20 YOUTH FOOTBALL CAMP For 4th-8th graders Mary Star High School campus field & weightroom Friday, June :15 PM & Saturday, June 16 9-noon $40 fee Call for info or by June 12 Did you Know? PROTECT OUR CHILDREN What s Your Plan in the Event of an Emergency? Rejoice in the Lord Always Young Adults Annual Weekend Retreat June 8-10th, 2012 Come and experience the grace of the 27th World Youth Day. This year s theme is Rejoice in the Lord always. It is the Church s vocation to bring joy to the world. Join us to understand how true joy can transform your heart. Inviting all Young Adults - 22 through 35 years The retreat begins on Friday at 7pm and concludes Sunday at noon. Cost: $125 per person. $50 deposit confirms reservation. Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center 700 North Sunnyside Avenue Sierra Madre, Ca To register call or Did you know that every Catholic school in the Los Angeles Archdiocese is required to have a written plan for emergency procedures? The plan must include provisions for fire, earthquake, disaster and evacuation drills and lockdown procedures that conform to local, state and county requirements. Each school s plan must be updated annually, and made available to parents. Does your own family have a similar plan for what to do and where to gather in the event of an emergency? City and County disaster preparedness agencies are a good resource to use for making your own emergency plan. For particular help, call Assistance Ministry (213) A program of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, ACCW Assistance Ministry.

12 S/M/M.S SABADO, 16 DE JUNIO 2012 SERIAS TU LA PROXIMA DE LA FERIA DE LOMITA Eres una mujer joven de 15 años o mayor? Tienes mucho entusiasmo? Quieres tener un papel importante en la Feria de Lomita del 2012? ENTONCES LA FERIA DE LOMITA TE QUIERE COMO REINA!! Favor de llamar a Diane (310) O Las aplicaciones estan disponibles en la Oficina Parroquial FELICIDADES A TODOS LOS GRADUADOS DEL COLEGIO O DE LA UNIVERCIDAD Nosotros hemos sido afortunados de tener En nuestra oportunidad a una joven Que a sido voluntaria en nuestro Programa de Educación Religiosa JULIANA HUERTA Tu eres orgullo de nuestra comunidad Graduada en Bachelors of Science (Child and Adolescent Studies) Dean s List Award Community Engagement Medal De la Universidad California State University, Fullerton

13 13 SACRED HEART SERVICE HOURS HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF 75,000 HOURS BY OCTOBER! PLEASE REPORT YOUR SACRED HEART SERVICE HOURS Enter number of hours and date of activity COMPLETE ONE FORM FOR EACH ACTIVITY. More forms available in Parish office. NAME PHONE/ Address, communicate or inform Assist Elderly Care for God s creatures/animals Care for Environment/Earth Chaperone/Youth Ministry Feed, care for or clothe homeless/need Fundraising for church or community Help at Little Sisters or similar Help with or plan Mass/Liturgy Meeting/Planning Check which group you represent: 75 th Anniversary Committee Boy Scouts Christian Service Community Volunteer (not SMM)_ Environmental committee Finance Council Girl Scouts Hispanic Community Homeless Ministry Holy Name Individual Knights of Columbus Liturgy Committee Ministry to sick or shut-in Preparation or organizing Produce Weekly Bulletin Provide clerical assistance Provide Counseling Provide hospitality/refreshments Tutor, aide or teach Weekly grocery distribution Work on website Other Lomita Fair Maintenance/Enhancement Public School Religious Education SMM Parish/Staff, volunteer SMM School/Staff, volunteer Women s Society Youth Ministry HEY! Look what is turning 30 this year? Yes, the 30TH LOMITA FAIR is on the way! September 7, 8 & People, get read, the time is near Start working out! - Get in shape to play the fair games. Do you want to be Queen? - See information below. Are you the entertaining type - Contact Glenn & Molly Want to display your wares? - Contact Marty & Tanya to reserve your favorite spot. For more information: check out our website and facebook. Or contact us via at

14 SMMC Fundraising Event This month we are reading THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THROUGH THE AGES by JOHN VIDMAR, OP Thursday, May 31, 7 PM Questions? Call Flo (310) Would you be interested in a morning session of Book Club if it was available? Call or Flo to let us know. Upcoming Titles: Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton SATURDAY, JULY 7 HEGARTY HALL 6 PM 12 MIDNIGHT Donation: $25 pre sale $30 at the door Tickets Available Now! On Sale in the Patio on Sunday, May 27th & June 10th Contact: Barbara DeBoer (310) Brian Mieliwocki (310) Linda Williams (310) Organized by the Filipino Community WILL YOU BE THE NEXT S/M/M.S Are you a young lady 15 or older? Do you have lots of enthusiasm and drive? Do you want to play an important role in the 2012 Lomita fair? THEN THE LOMITA FAIR QUEEN CONTEST COMMITTEE WANTS YOU! Contact Diane (310) or Applications are available SATURDAY, JUNE 16, AM-3 PM Coffee and Donuts After all morning masses. Hosted by Holy Name Society

Masses. Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Mass every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., preceded by 6 p.m. Rosary and Novena

Masses. Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Mass every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., preceded by 6 p.m. Rosary and Novena St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church May 18, 2014 Fifth Sunday of Easter Parroquia de San Justino Mártir y Misión del Sagrado Corazón Clergy/Clero Rev. Joseph Robillard, Pastor/Párroco Rev. Bill Cao, Parochial

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St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Joseph Catholic Church 717 N. Bradford Avenue, Placentia, CA 92870 (714)528-1487 Fax (714)579-3791 WWW.STJOSEPHPLACENTIA.ORG Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church - Placentia, Ca Third Sunday of Easter

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CHURCH OF SAINT MARK CHURCH OF SAINT MARK Reverend Paul Spellman, Pastor Deacon Joseph Girard 2nd Sunday of Easter April 12, 2015 940 Coeur d Alene Ave., Venice, CA 90291 Phone: (310) 821-5058

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June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity

June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity Congratulations to the 30 adults who were confirmed by our pastor, Fr. Pat Rudolph, last Saturday evening, the Vigil of Pentecost. 300 East Taft Avenue Orange, CA 92865

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From the Pastor s Desk

From the Pastor s Desk Almighty ever-living God, whose will is to restore all things in your beloved Son, the King of the universe, grant, we pray, that the whole creation, set free from slavery, may render your majesty service

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Announcements. A Letter from the Pastor. Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015

Announcements. A Letter from the Pastor. Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015 @IHMatl Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015 A Letter from the Pastor Dear friends in the Risen Lord, Because it is the very heart of Christian faith, Easter is celebrated for

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Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian

Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian Rev. Kevin P. Abels, Pastor PAROCHIAL VICARS Rev. Carlos C. Velásquez Rev. Rodnev Lapommeray Rev. Thaddeus J. Abraham, SIOL DEACONS Deacon Stephen T. Damato Deacon

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PASTOR'S NOTES. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

PASTOR'S NOTES. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time PASTOR'S NOTES Stay to the basics On my time off, I needed to rent a car. I did this on-line via one of the travel sites to get a good price. As I always do, I booked an economy class car (the very cheapest).

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The hand of. the Lord. feeds us; he answers. all our needs. Psalm 145. The Ascension of the Lord. 14 June 2015 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The hand of. the Lord. feeds us; he answers. all our needs. Psalm 145. The Ascension of the Lord. 14 June 2015 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 17 26 May July 2015 The Ascension of the Lord 14 June 2015 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs. Psalm 145 Sunday Mass Saturday

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Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana

Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana Parish Center / Centro Parroquial 11901 Acacia Avenue Hawthorne CA 90250 Tel: (310) 679-1139 Mon-Fri / Lun-Vier: 9am - 7:30PM Sat/Sáb: 9am - 2:45PM Sun/Dom:

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MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia

MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia July 6, 2014 Worship Schedule Horario de Misas: Saturday Vigil Masses 4:15 pm (Vietnamese) 6 pm (English)

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This week at Holy Rosary... Sunday, January 12 - Saturday, January 18, 2014 Tear out this calendar & keep in a handy place.

This week at Holy Rosary... Sunday, January 12 - Saturday, January 18, 2014 Tear out this calendar & keep in a handy place. We celebrated last month the amazing gift God has given us in the Incarnation. There is no greater gift than the gift one s self. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (John 3:16).

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ST. LINUS CATHOLIC CHURCH EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME August 3, 2014 ST. LINUS CATHOLIC CHURCH St. Linus Catholic Church 13915 Shoemaker Ave. Norwalk, CA 90650 Phone Fax (562) 921-5150 Office Hours

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WELCOME! BIENVENIDOS Holy Cross Catholic Church 37 73 Cha mbl ee Tu cker R oad At lanta, Georg ia 30341 Mail ing Addr es s : 3175 Ha thaway Ct At lanta, GA 3034 1 Ph one : 77 0-939- 3501 Fa x: 770-723-7 013 www.h olycro s

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Cover Sheet Special instruction:

Cover Sheet Special instruction: Cover Sheet Church Name: Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians Bulletin #: 511117.1019 Number of pages transmitted: PAGES 6 Bulletin for the week of: October 19, 2014 Special instruction: Contact the

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21682 lake forest drive, lake forest, california, 92630

21682 lake forest drive, lake forest, california, 92630 the baptism of the lord january 11, 2015 Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval pastoral administrator Fr. Greg Márquez parochial vicar MASS SCHEDULE: Saturday Vigil Sunday Daily (Mon Sat) National Holidays RECONCILIATION:

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g{tç~ çéâ yéü áxüä Çz ÉâÜ ctü á{4 Prayer Requests STEWARDSHIP Parish Ministry Schedules

g{tç~ çéâ yéü áxüä Çz ÉâÜ ctü á{4 Prayer Requests STEWARDSHIP Parish Ministry Schedules From the Desk of Fr. Bloom Last week I asked you to join me in praying for an end to domestic violence. Specifically I invited you to make the third Tuesday of each month a day of prayer and fasting for

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July 13, 2014 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 13, 2014 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Office: 773.486.4300 Parish Fax: 773.252.5346 School Office: 773.486.1334 School Fax: 773.486.1782 2517 Logan Boulevard Chicago, IL 60647 Masses: Monday-Thursday: 7:00 a.m.

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5TH SUNDAY OF EASTER MAY 18TH, 2014 5º DOMINGO DE PASCUA 18 DE MAYO, 2014 5TH SUNDAY OF EASTER MAY 18TH, 2014 5º DOMINGO DE PASCUA 18 DE MAYO, 2014 The mission of Saint Lucy Parish is to lead people to a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

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You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved, and respected at St. Colette Catholic Church! We are so happy to have you here!

You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved, and respected at St. Colette Catholic Church! We are so happy to have you here! No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church, No matter what your current family or marital situation, No matter what your past or present situation, No matter what your personal history,

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NINETEENTH SUNDAY - AUGUST 9, 2015 - DECIMONOVENO DOMINGO THE R.C. CHURCH OF ST. LEO Serving Our Community With Faith and Love Since 1903 104-05 Forty Ninth Avenue, Corona, New York 11368 e-mail - Website: NINETEENTH

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Remember To Link Your V.I.P. Card By September 1st!

Remember To Link Your V.I.P. Card By September 1st! From The Pastor Every day I think about how difficult it is getting to practice our Catholic Faith in this Land of the free and home of the brave. Laws and court decisions and attitudes seem to be more

Más detalles Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Pictured Left: Jamin and Nicki Herold and family. Story continued Page 4 Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Pictured Left: Jamin and Nicki Herold and family. Story continued Page 4 The Official Publication for the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo Easter Edition APRIL 2015 The Volume 18 Issue 3 Good News Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, After 40 days of silence, we

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St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community

St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites) 235 South Pine Drive, Fullerton, CA 92833-3294 Phone: (714) 871-3610 FAX (714) 871-5827 E-Mail: Website:

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MISSION BASILICA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO A National Shrine = MISSION BASILICA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO A National Shrine = 31520 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 949.234.1360 949.248.2008 fax PARISH INFORMATION PARISH OFFICE HOURS:

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OFFICE HOURS Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm (closed for lunch 12-1) SATURDAY VIGIL 4:30pm (English) 6:30 pm (Español) (English)

OFFICE HOURS Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm (closed for lunch 12-1) SATURDAY VIGIL 4:30pm (English) 6:30 pm (Español) (English) Mass Schedule Horario de Misas Giờ Lễ WEEKDAYS Monday: 8 am, 7pm Tuesday: 7am, 8am Wednesday: 7am, 8am Thursday: 8am Friday: 7am,8am Saturday: 8am SATURDAY VIGIL 4:30pm (English) 6:30 pm (Español) SUNDAYS

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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Community

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Community Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Community Tujunga Canyon Boulevard and Apperson Street Tujunga, California Parish Office 7344 Apperson Street, Tujunga, CA 91042 818-352-3218 Open M-F: 8:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.

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St. Patrick s Parish. Iglesia del San Patricio Comunicador

St. Patrick s Parish. Iglesia del San Patricio Comunicador St. Patrick s Parish Communicator Iglesia del San Patricio Comunicador Pastor: Father David Polich Church Office: 515-465-4387 E-mail: Weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday: 4:30

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Faith, Love, Community, Service

Faith, Love, Community, Service ST. MATTHEW CATHOLIC CHURCH Faith, Love, Community, Service The Epiphany of the Lord January 4, 2015 Monsignor John Talesfore, Pastor One Notre Dame Avenue San Mateo, CA 94402 (650) 344-7622 Phone (650)

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XIV DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua. Today we celebrate the: Bienvenidos a San Antonio de Padua. Hoy celebramos el: 14TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME XIV DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO PAGE 2 JULY 6, 2014-14TH SUNDAY

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