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1 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 19, 2015 ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL CHURCH Silver Spring, Maryland Fax MISSION: Guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Michael the Archangel Church brings the parish and the community closer to the Lord through worship, love, and stewardship, so that all may be one in Christ. VISION: To be a living vibrant parish that welcomes and nurtures all members of the community. Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Eddie Tolentino Parochial Vicar: Rev. Saulo Vicente Pastoral Care Director & Administrator: Deacon Ronald R. Ealey Permanent Deacons: Deacon Carlos Hernandez Director of Religious Education (English): Mrs. Catherine Ealey Coordinator of Religious Education (Spanish): José Benjamin Rivera Coordinator of Music Ministry: Kenneth Louis Associate Music Minister: Dr. Scot Hawkins Administrative Manager: Joanie Heavey Administrative Assistant: Edwin Méndez Rectory Office Hours: Weekdays: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Rectory Address: 824 Pershing Drive Silver Spring, MD Church Address: 805 Wayne Avenue Silver Spring, MD Mass Schedule / Horario de Misas Saturday 7:45 am, 4:00 pm Misa en Español el sábado 6:00 pm Sunday 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am & 7:00 pm Misa en Español el domingo 1:00 pm Filipino Mass (Third Sunday) 5:00 pm Weekdays 7:45 am, 12:05 pm Holydays 7:45 am, 12:05 pm 7:00 pm (English) and 8:30 pm (Spanish) Sacrament of Reconciliation / Confesiones Saturdays / Sábados 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Celebration of the Seven Sacraments Jesus Christ instituted seven signs that give grace to all who receive them. They are offered for the seven moments in life when He knew we would need the help of special grace. In Baptism, we are cleansed of original sin, become members of the Body of Christ the Church & heirs to the promises of God. In Confirmation, we are confirmed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit first given in Baptism. In the Eucharist, we receive the Body of Christ, the food we need for our journey through life to the Father. In Reconciliation, we are forgiven our trespasses against God in all the ways we fail to love. In the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, we receive the grace of healing, forgiveness and strength at a time when our own resources often fail. In Matrimony, God seals the love of a man and a woman with a grace so that their marriage can mirror the relationship between Christ and his Church; a relationship that is faithful, fruitful and permanent. In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the grace is given for men to become another Christ offering himself and others as a sacrifice to the Father. Preparation is offered for the celebration of all these essential encounters with God. Please call the Rectory for further information so that your celebration of the sacraments can more fully bear witness to a living, explicit and fruitful faith. Pastoral Care of the Sick Please call the Rectory Office to arrange for a visit and communion. Religious Education Religious education is offered for children attending Public Schools, Sundays, 8:00-9:15 am, English, and Sundays, 11:30 am - 12:45 pm, Spanish. Bulletin Deadline All items for the bulletin must be received at the Rectory Office no later than noon Friday for publication in the weekly bulletin. GIVE TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE TO YOUR PARISH.

2 SUNDAY, JULY 19 8:00 am S.I. Arturo and Chona Gonzalez 9:30 am + Maria Bayotlang-Loga 11:00 am Pro Populo 7:00pm World Peace MONDAY, JULY 20 12:05pm S.I. Ben and Thelma Go TUESDAY, JULY 21 7:45am Vocations WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 12:05pm World Peace THURSDAY, JULY 23 7:45am + Helen Gross FRIDAY, JULY 24 12:05am All Souls SATURDAY, JULY 25 7:45am Vocations 4:00pm World Peace 6:00pm S.I. Hispanic Community Readings for the Week of July 19, 2015 Sunday: Jer 23:1-6/Eph 2:13-18/Mk 6:30-34 Monday: Ex 14:5-18/Mt 12:38-42 Tuesday: Ex 14:21--15:1/Mt 12:46-50 Wednesday: Ex 16:1-5, 9-15/Jn 20:1-2, Thursday: Ex 19:1-2, 9-11, 16-20b/Mt 13:10-17 Friday: Ex 20:1-17/Mt 13:18-23 Saturday: 2 Cor 4:7-15/Mt 20:20-28 Next Sunday: 2 Kgs 4:42-44/Eph 4:1-6/Jn 6:1-15 Please pray for all the sick in our community that they return to the comfort of good health: Please include our sick in your prayers that they may experience healing and comfort: Norma Melendez, friend of Jannete Honsa. Irineo and Emiliana Mina, sister and brother in law of Dorie Badua. Jean Bradford. Alberto Santiago, Jr., Ate Salve Stuart, Mary Lou Carta, Catherine Hernandez, Melchora Icaca, Susan Lorica, Maria Haythorn, Ramon Sarmiento, Anabelle Mariano, Darwin Dollano, Michael Reinhardt Eppler, Janet Nathan, Restituto Tanchoco, Bernardino Agustin, Ana Marta Mayorga, and Roselle Fuertes, Gilbert Morales, all friends and family of Patsy Santiago. Ignacio Menibog, Fr. Fidel de Ramos, Susan Lorica, Adelaida Velasquez, Miko Manzano, Sylvia Nera, and Celestina Bustamente, all friends and family of Tony Calaro. Louise & Kenneth Randolph. Trudy Fisher, sister in law of Carol Fisher. Tom Kenny, friend of Milagros Gandarias. Please contact the rectory office at and ask for Edwin if you would like for us to add a name for prayer. Names of those parishioners in need of prayer will be published in the church bulletin for a month. If there is need for continuing prayer, their name will be kept on the church bulletin prayer list. Please let Edwin know when their names can be removed by calling Anointing of the Sick Anointing of the Sick - Please call the rectory office during business hours as soon as possible. Please do not wait until your loved one is in critical condition. There can be unavoidable delays in a priest getting to the hospital immediately. Also if you plan on entering the hospital for a particular procedure, you may receive the Sacrament of the Anointing, prior to admission, by calling the parish office. Mass intentions are a wonderful way to remember a love one, living or deceased or to honor a special occasion. To schedule a Mass, please call and ask for Edwin Méndez. SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME As an agricultural society, the people of Israel would have been very familiar with the image of the shepherd and his sheep. The shepherd protects and provides security, but he is also tender and loving. He knows each of his sheep their personalities and quirks, and he lays down his life for his sheep. So, we can take great comfort in the revelation to Jeremiah that it is the Lord himself who will shepherd his people. God gathers us up as his flock through his son Jesus Christ who is the righteous shoot to David who shall reign and govern wisely. It is Christ who leads us to verdant pastures, that place of rest where even in the harsh deserts of Israel (or the deserts in our lives), we still have everything we need because we have the Lord. So, where do we find rest in the Lord in church, at mass, in prayer, in quiet meditation, in nature? In our very busy lives, we must find these places of rest in the Lord because he personally invites us there. The world cannot provide the peace that our hearts truly desire, and as long as we seek pleasure and enjoyment in material and worldly things, we will always come away unsatisfied. That deep longing in our heart can only be satisfied by the one who created us in his own image the one who truly knows us and gives us true peace. The crowd in the Gospel realized this as well, which is precisely why, upon realizing where Jesus and his disciples were going, they hastened there on foot from all the towns. They wanted to be with him. It is only in Jesus Christ, who is our peace, where we find the rest that only God can provide. This is the place where God wants to meet us, to encounter us, to remove the heavy burdens of life that weigh us down. These readings also give us an opportunity to reflect on the shepherds among us and the importance of praying for those who lead and guide us along in our faith journeys. We should pray often for Pope Francis, as the shepherd of the universal church; for Cardinal Wuerl, as the shepherd of our local diocese; and the shepherds here at St. Michael s, our pastor Msgr. Tolentino and associate Fr. Saulo. We pray that they all may be shepherds after the heart of Christ. Finally, we must pray for seminarians and vocations to the priesthood and for men and women to respond to God s call by asking the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. Seminarian Robert Boxie WEEKLY VERSE When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. - Mk 6:34 Page 1

3 STEWARDSHIP God s Portion Stewardship of Treasure Report For everything is from you and we only give you what we have received from you 1 Chronicles 29:14-16 Offertory Totals 1903 Parish Households Weekly Collection: July 5, 2015 Offertory: $10, Peter s Pence: $1, HELP: $ This does not include Faith Direct Thank you for your gifts and continued support to the parish. Parish Number 214 What Shall I Render? Faith Direct / MD623 Join TODAY While you are on vacation this summer.please remember that your parish expenses continue and that we need your offerings in order to meet these expenses. If you miss any envelopes this summer, please bring your contribution up to date. An easy way to support our parish offertory and the maintenance collection (HELP) is to enroll in Faith Direct. You can enroll online at Code: MD623 Or download the mobile app The App is Back for Faith Direct - egiving Anytime, Anywhere! Faith Direct continues its leading role as the preferred egiving provider for Catholic parishes with an updated App for ios and Android mobile phones and devices. Meeting the demand of parishioners in 75 Dioceses, in 2012Faith Direct was the first egiving provider to offer an App in the Catholic Church giving space. Our new App gives parishioners access to every account management feature of the Faith Direct online experience, including: managing recurring gifts, making a one-time donation, and editing their payment information or profile. itunes Store: ?ls=1&mt=8. Google Play: id=com.app_faithdirect.layout Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time In today s Gospel, Jesus had planned to slip away from the crowds for a few moments of peace and a little rest. When He saw the people gathered, however, He put His needs aside to meet the needs of others. Sometimes, as good stewards, we are called to do the same. Christian Stewardship and the Need for Recreation Is there such a thing as a stewardship of recreation? Some people might dismiss the thought. But they d be wrong. In his book, The Gift of the Jews, author Thomas Cahill observes that, in re-ceiving the Ten Commandments, the ancient Hebrews did something no other ancient society had ever done: they established a day of rest. The God who made the universe and rested bids us to do the same, calling us to a weekly restoration of prayer, study, and recreation (or recreation). For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere at least, probably no other month bids us to relax as the month of July does. Backyard barbecues, days at the pool or the beach, a recreational outing or simply the lazy idleness of a mid-year Sunday afternoon invite us to slow down. And this invitation should be heeded. Sometimes, our society induces in us a sense of guilt if we re not doing. But turning off the computer and the phone and spending quality time with those around us, or finding time for our own interior lives, is stewardship of our time which leads to the place where God dwells. It s a good example for our kids as well: July presents a wonderful time to rest from all the electronic screens and busyness that dominate their young lives. July is also the month when U.S. citizens celebrate the proclamation of their freedom. When the Hebrew people first received the Ten Commandments, they too had just received their freedom from the Egyptians after a sojourn in the wil-derness. Cahill thinks it s no coincidence that a people recently liberated were in need of a directive to rest and reflect. Leisure, he writes, is the necessary ground of creativity, and a free people are free to imitate the creativity of God. So, the next time you feel guilty about a quiet, reflective time of doing nothing remember that recreation also means re-creation and that to be a truly creative person, a steward of our interior resources, we must honor our need to rest, relax, be with others, read and play. Stewardship Saint for July - Saint Martha Just before Jesus final entry into Jerusalem, his close friends, Martha, her sister, Mary, and brother, Lazarus, entertained Jesus at their home in Bethany (John 12:1-8). Martha served, while Mary anointed his feet. It is in the simple statement, Martha served, that we recognize Martha for her witness to stewardship. She isn t a prolific evangelist, she doesn t work miracles. She simply serves Jesus. Jesus may have been a frequent visitor to Martha s home and perhaps this is one of the reasons the Gospel of John reveals to us that Jesus loved Martha, and her sister Mary, and Lazarus (11:5). This unique statement in the Gospel informs us of the special relationship Jesus had with Martha and her siblings. And, as another one of Jesus visits to Martha s home affirms, Martha continues to be concerned that Jesus be served. Like any good steward, hospitality was very important to Martha (Luke 10:38-42). What is most revealing about Martha is on the occasion of the death of Lazarus (John 11:1-44). Martha takes an active role, going out to meet Jesus to let him know what happened to her brother while Mary stays at home. Jesus as-sures her that Lazarus will be raised from the dead. With courage and conviction, Martha confesses her deep faith in Jesus Christ: I know he will rise, in the resurrection on the last day. Then Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. When he asked Martha if she believed this, she replied: Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one who is coming into the world. (John 11:24-27). The feast of Saint Martha, a witness to service who confessed her faith in Jesus, is July 29. She is the patron saint of homemakers, cooks, domestic workers, waiters and waitresses, and hotel employees. Catholic International Stewardship Council IN OUR PARISH ROBERT BOXIE, OUR SEMINARIAN FOR THE SUMMER Robert Boxie, III, a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Washington, is currently in his 4 th year of Theology at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Robert moved to the Washington area for a federal clerkship after completing his law degree. Later, while working at a law firm in Washington, Robert realized that God was calling him to the priesthood, and he put aside his law career to enter the seminary. SUMMER DAILY MASS SCHEDULE The Daily Mass Summer Schedule began on Monday, July 6 and it will go through Monday, September 7, Mass schedule will be as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:05pm only. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:45am only. THE JOHN S. MULHOLLAND FOOD COLLECTION The John S. Mulholland Family Foundation, Inc, is a non profit Charity organization founded to aid in feeding the hungry poor of Washington, DC. Supporting the existing work of food pantries at Assumption, St. Thomas Moore and Holy Name Catholic Churches, JSM collects canned and packaged foods for their distribution. They are in great need of non-perishable foods: cereals, canned food - fruits and vegetables, beans, pasta. Checks made to the John Mulholland Family Foundation will also be accepted. Bring your donation to church the weekend of August 15 and 16 and place in marked boxes, checks to go on collection baskets. Thank you. NEW PARISHIONERS St. Michael the Archangel welcomes those who have recently registered in our parish: If you attend Mass at St. Michael the Archangel regularly, we encourage you to register as a member. You can also complete a form online by visiting our website at Page 2

4 REGISTRATION FOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious Education registration begins Sunday, August 9, 16, 23, 30 and September 6, 2015 after the 9:30 a.m. and 11:00am Mass for the English Program and after the 1:00 p.m. Mass for the Spanish Program. Classes will begin on Sunday, September 13, FROM THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SAVE THE DATE: Knights of Columbus will hold their annual CRAB FEAST on Friday August 21st from 4-8 P.M. in the Williamsburg Room. Call Charles Hayes for ticket information at SAVE THE DATE: Knights of Columbus will host a lecture on PROJECT GABRIEL Monday July 27th in the Williamsburg Room at 7:00 P.M. Project Gabriel promotes prayer and other assistance to expectant Mothers in need. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (BAZAAR AND MICHAELMAS) Our next bazaar meeting will be held on Thursday, August 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rectory Library. Contact June Dublin for information: Be a part of planning St. Michael's annual Feast Day celebration "Michaelmas." If you would like to help, contact the Rectory Office, Next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 21 at 6:30pm. Planning meetings have been taking place. We need everyone to be involved in the anniversary celebration. Please us if you would like to help in the planning of Michaelmas/85 th Anniversary Celebration. YOUTH MINISTRY 1 st Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm, Volunteer at Shepherd s Table. 3 rd Sunday, after 11:00 am Mass, Meeting & Group Activities. Cub Scouts: Troop #23 meets on first & third Friday of the month at 7:00 pm, in the parish center. Youth Choir Rehearsal: Saturdays at 1:30pm. Dance Ministry: Practices on Saturday at 12:00 noon. Contact is Carmella Smith. YOUNG ADULTS If you're between the ages of and are looking for a community of your peers, come join the Young Adult Ministry. We have weekly "Fellowship and Scripture" after the 11:00 a.m. mass and do many events during the month. If you're interested in joining or would like to know more, contact Nicole Calaro at We would be blessed to have you! The Week Ahead in Our Parish Monday, July 20 7:00pm - African Choir, Parish Center Tuesday, July 21 7:00pm - Bible Study, Rectory Library 7:00pm - Service Committee Meeting, Conference Room 7:00pm - Hispanic Charismatic Group Leaders, PC 7:00pm - Prayer and Life Workshop, Parish Center Wednesday, July 22 7:00pm - RCIA, Rectory Library 7:00pm - English Program, Parish Center Thursday, July 23 7:00pm Hispanic Charismatic Music Rehearsal, PC 7:00pm - Liturgical Music Rehearsal, Conference Room 8:00pm - French Charismatic Group, PC Library Friday, July 24 7:30pm - Hispanic Charismatic Prayer Group, WR Room 7:00pm - Legion of Mary, Rectory Library 7:00pm - Filipino Choir Rehearsal, Conference Room Saturday, July 25 10:00am - Dance Rehearsal, Church 1:30pm - Youth Music Rehearsal, Conference Room 7:30pm - Hispanic Young Adults, Parish Center Basement ST. MARIA S MEALS - BREAKFAST DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM Every Friday morning, volunteers serve a hot breakfast in the parking lot at the corner of University Boulevard and Piney Branch Road. Volunteers set up the tables and tents, serve breakfast and help clean up. Catholic Charities is seeking committed groups of 5 to volunteer at different times throughout the year. St. Michael s volunteers will participate as part of Michaelmas Feast Day Celebration on Friday October 2. Contact catholic charities to volunteer visit: volunteerst-marias-meals. IN OUR FAITH FORMATION PROGRAM NEW RCIA CLASS BEGINNING NOW The RCIA program is for persons wanting to become Catholics or for Catholics who have not completed all of their sacraments of initiation, particularly Confirmation and Eucharist. Classes are held on Wednesday evening in the rectory library at 7:00 pm, and on Sundays at 11:00 am in Spanish at rectory conference room. For information, contact Deacon Ron and Kitty. FAITH FOUNDATIONS: SACRED SCRIPTURE The Study of the sacred Scriptures must be a door opened to every believer. It is essential that the revealed word radically enrich our catechesis and all our efforts to pass on the faith. Pope Francis. Please join us on Saturdays, July 11, 18, 25 & August 1 from 8:30am-12:30pm at the Parish Center Library for the Faith Foundations: Sacred Scripture course. The Instruction will be Deacon Ealey. To register, please contact Kitty Ealey at or Cost is $29.00 / For catechists: $ NEW BIBLE STUDY WITH DEACON EALEY Come and explore the significant role and responsibility of St. Paul in the formation and foundation of the first century Church through his many letters in the New Testament. The series takes place on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the rectory library, and will end in two weeks. For more information, contact Deacon Ronald Ealey. A SAFE HARBOR FOR RETURNING CATHOLICS Discover how the Spirit is leading you to evangelize pray that God s Holy Spirit will give Catholics in this nation the kind of faith needed to begin evangelizing seriously. (USCCB: Go and Make Disciples). In order to grow in this vision, our parish is presenting Living Catholic: Foundations for Evangelism. This is a six-week learning experience for Catholic leaders, staff and volunteers that draw participants closer to Jesus Christ, teaches the basic truths of the faith in order To bring about such an enthusiasm for their faith that, in living their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others (USCCB, Go and Make Disciples). Contact Deacon Ronald Ealey at Go to, click on the Living Catholic icon to take this first step in becoming a life-long student of faith. IN OUR ARCHDIOCESE St. John the Evangelist Church in Silver Spring, MD is currently looking to hire a Full Time Administrative Assistant and part time facilities technician. Submit resume to To see job description visit and go to jobs. Quo Vadis Camp for High School Men - The 7th Annual Quo Vadis Camp for high school-aged men will be held at Mount St. Mary s Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD from July The four -day camp includes prayer, talks, sports, and much more. Registration is now open at For more information visit or Page 3

5 DECIMO SEXTO DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO Como una sociedad agrícola, el pueblo de Israel habría estado muy familiarizado con la imagen del pastor y sus ovejas. El pastor protege y proporciona seguridad, pero también es tierno y amoroso. Él conoce cada una de sus ovejas y sus personalidades y peculiaridades, y él da su vida por sus ovejas. Así, podemos tomar una gran comodidad en la revelación a Jeremías que es el Señor mismo quien apacentará a su pueblo. Dios nos reúne como su rebaño por medio de su hijo Jesucristo, que es el "vástago legítimo de David... que reinará y gobernará sabiamente." Cristo es el que nos lleva a "verdes praderas", ese lugar de descanso donde incluso en los duros desiertos de Israel (o los desiertos en nuestras vidas), todavía tenemos todo lo que necesitamos porque tenemos el Señor. Así que, dónde encontramos descanso en el Señor? En la iglesia, en la misa, en la oración, en la meditación tranquila, en la naturaleza. En nuestras vidas muy ocupadas, tenemos que encontrar estos lugares de descanso en el Señor porque él personalmente nos invita allí. El mundo no puede dar la paz que nuestros corazones verdaderamente desean, y siempre y cuando buscamos el placer y el disfrute de las cosas materiales y "mundanas", siempre nos encontraremos insatisfechos. Ese profundo anhelo en nuestro corazón sólo puede ser satisfecho por el que nos creó a su imagen, el que realmente nos conoce y nos da la verdadera paz. La multitud en el Evangelio se dio cuenta de esto también, que es precisamente por qué, al darse cuenta de dónde iban Jesús y sus discípulos, "se apresuraron a pie desde todos los pueblos." Ellos querían estar con él. Es sólo en Jesucristo, que "es nuestra paz", donde nos encontramos con el resto que sólo Dios puede dar. Este es el lugar donde Dios quiere reunirse con nosotros, para encontrarnos, para eliminarnos las pesadas cargas de la vida que nos agobian. Estas lecturas también nos dan la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre los "pastores" entre nosotros y la importancia de orar por aquellos que nos guían a lo largo de nuestros caminos de fe. Debemos orar a menudo para el Papa Francisco, como el pastor de la Iglesia universal; por el cardenal Wuerl, como el pastor de nuestra diócesis local; y los pastores aquí en San Miguel, nuestro párroco Mons. Tolentino y su asociado, Padre Saulo. Oramos para que todos sean pastores según el corazón de Cristo. Por último, debemos orar por los seminaristas y las vocaciones al sacerdocio y para los hombres y mujeres para responder al llamado de Dios por "pedir al dueño de la mies que envíe obreros a su mies." VERSO BIBLICO Cuando Jesús desembarcó, vio una numerosa multitud que lo estaba esperando y se compadeció de ellos, porque andaban como ovejas sin pastor, y se puso a enseñarles muchas cosas. - Mc 6, 34 Lecturas para la semana del 19 de julio de 2015 Domingo: Jr 23, 1-6/Ef 2, 13-18/Mc 6, Lunes: Ex 14, 5-18/Mt 12, Martes: Ex 14, , 1/Mt 12, Miércoles: Ex 16, /Jn 20, Jueves: Ex 19, /Mt 13, Viernes: Ex 20, 1-17/Mt 13, Sábado: 2 Cor 4, 7-15/Mt 20, Domingo siguiente: 2 Re 4, 42-44/Ef 4, 1-6/Jn 6, 1-15 Ofrenda Semanal: Para ver los detalles de la ofrenda, Por favor vaya a la página dos del boletín. ACTIVIDADES JUVENILES Seminarista Robert Boxie Le invitamos a todos los jóvenes a Cub Scouts: Tropa # 23 que se reúne en el primer y tercer viernes de cada mes a las 7:00 pm en Inglés, en el Centro Parroquial. También, el Grupo Juvenil en español (edades años) se reúne todos los viernes a las 7:30pm en el Centro Parroquial. Todos los jóvenes adultos (19-33 años) se reúnen el sábado a las 7:30pm en el Centro Parroquial. La Corresponsabilidad Cristiana y la necesidad para la Recreación Existe tal cosa como una corresponsabilidad de recreación? Algunas personas podrían descartar el pensamiento. Pero harían mal. En su libro, El don de los Judios, autor Thomas Cahill observa que, en la recepción de los Diez Mandamientos, los antiguos hebreos hicieron algo que ninguna otra sociedad antigua había hecho nunca: se estableció un día de descanso. "El Dios que hizo el universo nos invita a nosotros para hacer lo mismo, que nos llama a una restauración semanal de oración, estudio y recreación (o re-creación)." Para aquellos de nosotros en el hemisferio norte, al menos, probablemente ningún otro mes nos invita a relajarnos más que el mes de julio. Barbacoas, día en la piscina o en la playa, una excursión de recreo o simplemente la recreación de un domingo de descanso en la tarde del domingo a mediados de año que nos invita a reducir la velocidad. Y esta invitación debe ser escuchada. A veces, nuestra sociedad induce en nosotros un sentimiento de culpa si no estamos "haciendo algo". Pero apagar el ordenador y el teléfono y pasar tiempo de calidad con los que nos rodean, o encontrar tiempo para nuestra propia vida interior, es la administración de nuestra vida, el tiempo que lleva al lugar donde Dios habita. Es un buen ejemplo para nuestros niños, así que: julio presenta un momento maravilloso para "descansar" de todas las pantallas electrónicas y ajetreos que dominan sus jóvenes vidas. Julio es también el mes en EE.UU. que ciudadanos celebran la proclamación de su libertad. Cuando el pueblo hebreo primero recibió los Diez Mandamientos, también habían acabado de recibir su libertad de los egipcios después de una estancia en el desierto. Cahill cree que no es coincidencia que un pueblo recientemente liberado estaban en necesidad de una directiva para descansar y reflexionar. "El descanso", escribe, "es la base necesaria de la creatividad, y un pueblo libre es libre de imitar la creatividad de Dios." Así que, la próxima vez que se siente culpable por un momento tranquilo, reflexivo de hacer "nada" recuerde que recreación también significa "re-creación" y que sea una persona verdaderamente creativa, un corresponsable de nuestra recursos interiores, debemos honrar a nuestra necesidad de descansar, relajarnos, estar con los demás, leer y jugar. International Stewardship Council EN NUESTRA PARROQUIA ROBERT BOXIE, NUESTRO SEMINARISTA DURANTE EL VERANO Robert Boxie, III, un seminarista de la Arquidiócesis de Washington, actualmente se encuentra en su cuarto año de Teología en la Pontificia Universidad Norteamericana en Roma. Originario de Lake Charles, Louisiana, Robert se trasladó a la zona de Washington para una pasantía federal después de completar su grado en leyes. Más tarde, mientras trabajaba en un bufete de abogados en Washington, Robert se dio cuenta de que Dios lo estaba llamando al sacerdocio, y puso a un lado su carrera de derecho para entrar en el seminario. HORARIO DE VERANO DE MISAS DIARIAS El horario de Misa Diaria de verano comienza el lunes 6 de julio hasta el lunes, 7 de septiembre de El horario de misas será el siguiente: Lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 12:05 p.m. solamente. Martes, jueves y sábados a las 7:45 am solamente. LA CAMPAÑA DE COMIDA JOHN S. MULHOLLAND La Fundación Familia John S. Mulholland, Inc, es una organización sin fines de lucro. Esta organización de caridad fue fundada para ayudar a alimentar a los pobres hambrientos de Washington, DC. El apoyo a la labor es realizada por las despensas de alimentos de las parroquias Asunción, Santo Tomás Moore y la Iglesia de El Santo Nombre. Esta organización recoge alimentos enlatados y empaquetados para su distribución. Ellos tienen una gran necesidad de alimentos no perecederos: cereales, comida enlatada - frutas y verduras, frijoles, pasta. También se aceptará donaciones en cheques a nombre de Family Foundation Mulholland. Traiga su donación a la iglesia el fin de semana del 15 y 16 de agosto y colóquelo en las cajas marcadas y los cheques en las canastas de la colecta. Gracias por su generosidad. NUEVOS FELIGRESES San Miguel Arcángel da la bienvenida a los que recientemente se han inscrito en nuestra parroquia. Si usted asiste a Misa con regularidad a San Miguel Arcángel, le animamos a inscribirse como miembro. 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6 GRUPO DE ORACIÓN SAN MIGUEL ARCÁNGEL El Grupo de Oración San Miguel Arcángel les invita a las asambleas de oración, predicación, y alabanza todos los viernes a las 7:00 p.m. en el Salón Williamsburg. Durante la asamblea rezamos el Santo Rosario por nuestras necesidades y las del mundo, alabamos a Dios con cantos y oraciones espontaneas, escuchamos la Palabra de Dios y compartimos en fraternidad. Información: Todos son bienvenidos. El Retiro Anual de Iniciación se llevará a cabo el viernes 21, sábado 22 y domingo 23 de agosto. Si desea tener un encuentro personal con Jesús, o si desea crecer en la fe, este retiro es para usted. Le animamos a aprovechar esta oportunidad. Para información: DE PARTE DE LOS CABALLEROS DEL COLÓN APARTE LA FECHA: Los Caballeros de Colón celebrará su fiesta de cangrejo anual el viernes 21 de agosto de 4-8 PM en el Salón Williamsburg. Llame a Charles Hayes para obtener información y boletos al APARTE LA FECHA: Los Caballeros de Colón auspiciarán una conferencia en Inglés sobre el Proyecto Gabriel, el lunes 27 de julio en el Salón Williamsburg a las 7:00 PM. El Proyecto Gabriel promueve la oración y otro tipo de asistencia a las mujeres embarazadas que lo necesitan. INSCRIPCIONES PARA CATECISMO Las inscripciones para el programa de Educación Religiosa comienzan el domingo, 9, 16, 23 y 30 de agosto, y 6 de septiembre, 2015 después de la Misa de la 1:00 p.m. para el programa de español y después de las Misas de las 9:30 a.m. y 11:00 a.m. en Inglés. Las clases darán inicio el domingo 13 de septiembre, SE NECESITAN VOLUNTARIOS Nuestra próxima reunión del bazar se llevará a cabo el jueves 20 de agosto a las 7:00pm en la Biblioteca de la Rectoría. Póngase en contacto con June Dublín para obtener información: Sea parte de la planificación anual de celebración del Día de Fiesta de San Miguel. La próxima reunión será el martes 21 de julio a las 6:30pm. Ya sea que usted haya trabajado en el comité de San Miguel antes o sea nuevo en la parroquia, queremos saber de usted. Si desea ayudar, póngase en contacto con el presidente Pat Garcia: CLASES DE CATECISMO PARA ADULTOS (RICA) Está interesado en hacerse católico? Es usted mayor de 18 años y necesita el sacramento del bautismo, primera comunión o confirmación? Si es así, está invitado a unirse, prepararse y aprender más sobre su fe a través de las clases del RICA. Las clases serán los domingos a las 11:00 a.m. Un nuevo año de clases estará comenzando muy pronto. Llame a Ligia para información: o llame a la oficina parroquial y pregunte por Edwin, FIESTA DEL DIVINO SALVADOR DEL MUNDO La Fiesta Anual del Divino Salvador del Mundo se llevará a cabo el domingo 9 de agosto, 2015 a la 1pm. El Obispo Mario Dorsonville, Obispo auxiliar de nuestra arquidiocesis será el principal celebrante y homilista. La celebración comenzará con una procesión a la 1 de la tarde, y continuará con la celebración de la Santa Misa a la 1:15pm, seguida de una celebración cultural en el Salón Williamsburg. Durante el mes de Julio estaremos pasando una segunda colecta despues de todas las Misas en español para recaudar fondos para la fiesta. Esperamos su colaboración. PROGRAMA DE COMIDA - SANTA MARIA (DESAYUNOS CALIENTES) Cada viernes por la mañana, los voluntarios sirven un desayuno caliente en el estacionamiento en la esquina de University Boulevard y Piney Branch Road. Los voluntarios establecen mesas y carpas, sirven el desayuno y ayudan a limpiar. Caridades Católicas está buscando grupos comprometidos de 5 voluntarios en diferentes momentos a lo largo del año. Voluntarios de San Miguel estarán participando como parte de la celebración de la Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel el viernes, 2 de octubre. Para el contacto de Caridades Católicas y voluntarear, visite: INFORMACIÓN GENERAL A los nuevos feligreses BIENVENIDOS a la parroquia San Miguel Arcángel. Les pedimos, se inscriban con nosotros, llenando el formulario que se encuentra en nuestra oficina o en el vestíbulo de la Iglesia. Bautismos Próximas charlas de preparación serán el jueves 10 y jueves 17 de septiembre y el bautismo será el domingo, 20 de septiembre, Para información y para inscribirse, por favor llamar a la oficina parroquial. Cuidado Pastoral para los Enfermos - Le recordamos que si conoce de algún familiar, un amigo, o un conocido que está enfermo, nos llame a la parroquia para notificarnos y así incluirlos en nuestra lista de oración, visitarlo y si es necesario llevarle la Sagrada Comunión. Bodas Los feligreses inscritos en la parroquia deben contactar al párroco o vicario parroquial antes de elegir la fecha de la boda por lo menos con seis meses de anticipación para tomar EN NUESTRA ARQUIDIOCESIS La Iglesia San Juan el Evangelista en Silver Spring, MD está buscando contratar a un Asistente Administrativo a tiempo completo y un Técnico de Instalaciones a medio tiempo. Presentar currículum a Para ver la descripción del trabajo visita y vaya a jobs trabajos. Quo Vadis Campamento de hombres de Secundaria - El séptimo Campamento Anual Quo Vadis para los hombres de secundaria se llevará a cabo en el Seminario Mount St. Mary en Emmitsburg, MD de 19 a 22 julio. El campamento de cuatro días incluye oración, charlas, deportes y mucho más. Las inscripciones ya están abiertas en para más ACTIVIDADES SEMANALES EN LA COMUNIDAD: LAS ACTIVIDADES DE LOS DÍAS DE SEMANA LOS ENCONTRARÁ EN LA PÁGINA TRES DEL BOLETÍN. VIERNES Grupo de Oración 6:45PM en el salón Williamsburg. Información: SÁBADO Confesiones 2:45PM-3:45PM en la Iglesia o llamando a la oficina Coronilla de la Divina Misericordia 3:00pm en el salón de reconciliación a lado del altar. Legión de María 4:00PM-5:30PM en la Biblioteca te la rectoría. Información Grupo de Oración para jóvenes 7:15PM-9:15PM en el sótano de la escuela. Información DOMINGO Clases de Catecismo para niños 11:30AM en la Escuela Parroquial durante el año escolar. Clases de Catecismo para adultos 11:00AM en el Salón de Conferencias Durante el año escolar. Clases de Inglés 11:00AM en el sótano de la escuela parroquial. Asamblea Carismática Dominical 6:45PM-9:00PM en el sótano de la escuela. Información Page 5

7 Outdoor Patio Dining Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring Rockville Pike, Rockville A Germantown Rd. Germantown Julio C. Hernandez, Esq. Abogado McGuire FUNERAL SERVICE, INCORPORATED 7400 GEORGIA AVENUE, N.W., WASHINGTON, DC (202) Se Habla Espanol Established in 1912 Personal Care Services When a little help is all you need. Springvale Terrace can provide Personal Care, including medication administration, in your affordable, residential apartment Residential apartment options are currently available, with additional care services on-site as you need it. Call today! (TRS711) Springvale Road Silver Spring, MD ROBERT J. JOHNSON CABINET MAKERS, INC. ANTIQUE RESTORATION FURNITURE REPAIR & REFINISHING CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE New Hampshire Ave (in back) Silver Spring, MD Tel: Fax: University Blvd. E Suite 300 Hyattsville, MD Accounting for business and nonprofit organizations. Personal & Business tax preparation Payroll & bookkeeping services New business start-ups Business Consultant Notary public. Se habla Español. Manejar sin licencia o suspendido Accidente de Trabajo Accidentes de Auto / DUI Now Hampshire Ave, Suite 425 Licensed & Insured Certified Arborist $1.25 Delivery Charge 2201 Colston Drive Silver Spring, MD (301) Weddings Anniversaries 1st Communion Baptism Family Owned and Operated White Oak - (301) Hyattsville - (301) Contact Michael McAleer today! Evers & Co. Real Estate, Inc. CATHY BERRY, PARISHIONER, REALTOR MARYBETH DENSFORD, REALTOR KATIE AMOS, REALTOR (301) Affordable Housing with a Heart Keyport Leisure Bay Apart ments 50 Beers Street Keyport, NJ Keyport Legion Apts., Inc. DBA FOR AD INFO CALL LITURGICAL PUBLICATIONS INC. ST. MICHAEL, SILVER SPRING MD

8 Serving Silver Springs Since Time Began!! Well, since 1990, but that s a long time! Dine In, Delivery, Carry out, you name it. We re here for you with Daily Specials, Movie Nights, Catering, and Party & Group accomodations. Call us at Seminary Rd. Just inside the Beltway at Georgia Ave. CATHOLIC STANDARD ADVERTISE WITH US Cover all 139 Parishes with one advertisement Call Irieska THIS SPACE IS A & H TRUCK & AUTO REPAIR AUTO LIGHT TRUCKS DIESEL TRUCKS SUV s HYBRID AND TRAILER Engine Diagnostics Auto & Commercial Automatic & Diesel Transmission Repair Wheel Alignment Balance and Rotation Lube Services Auto & Truck Tires Sales & Service Scheduled PM Services Auto, Truck, Hybrid 4600 INGRAHAM ST., HYATTSVILLE, MD OFC Cell ROOFING & GUTTERS REPAIR-REPLACE-CLEAN Serving the Community Since (Cell) Victor Copp MHIC #16110 For Advertising Information, call MIKE MCALEER at LPi today! ext Affordable Funeral & Cremation Packages Pre-payment Funeral Plans with Easy Terms Nationwide & International Shipping Area s ONLY Funeral Home Owned and Operated by the Rinaldi Family A Trust Name Since 1953 Se habla español 9241 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring Block West of Georgia Ave. off Seminary Rd Member of Knights of Columbus FOR AD INFO CALL LITURGICAL PUBLICATIONS INC. JUNE 2, :14 PM ST. MICHAEL, SILVER SPRING MD

Masses. Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Mass every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., preceded by 6 p.m. Rosary and Novena

Masses. Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Mass every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., preceded by 6 p.m. Rosary and Novena St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church May 18, 2014 Fifth Sunday of Easter Parroquia de San Justino Mártir y Misión del Sagrado Corazón Clergy/Clero Rev. Joseph Robillard, Pastor/Párroco Rev. Bill Cao, Parochial

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June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity

June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity June 15, 2014 The Most Holy Trinity Congratulations to the 30 adults who were confirmed by our pastor, Fr. Pat Rudolph, last Saturday evening, the Vigil of Pentecost. 300 East Taft Avenue Orange, CA 92865

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July 13, 2014 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 13, 2014 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Office: 773.486.4300 Parish Fax: 773.252.5346 School Office: 773.486.1334 School Fax: 773.486.1782 2517 Logan Boulevard Chicago, IL 60647 Masses: Monday-Thursday: 7:00 a.m.

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Blessed Carlos Manuel Hispanic American Center

Blessed Carlos Manuel Hispanic American Center Blessed Carlos Manuel Hispanic American Center Masses / Misas Weekdays: Mon - Fri 7:30 AM Wed 7:00 PM (Spanish) Saturdays: 7:30 AM, 4:00 PM (Vigil) (Eng.) 7:00 PM (Spanish) Sundays: 7:30 AM, 10:30 AM &

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MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia

MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Iglesia la Santisima Trinidad Simbahan ng Santisima Trinidad Tasi Tolu Pa ia July 6, 2014 Worship Schedule Horario de Misas: Saturday Vigil Masses 4:15 pm (Vietnamese) 6 pm (English)

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St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church 11801 Claridge Road, Wheaton, Maryland 20902 301-946-3636 - FAX 301-946-5064 Website:, E-mail: Archdiocese of Washington

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Catholic Church of St. James

Catholic Church of St. James Catholic Church of St. James 1071 Academy Drive Conway, SC 29526 Website: August 9, 2015 Phone: (843) 347-5168 Fax: (843) 347-1212 Liturgies Daily Liturgies

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St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Joseph Catholic Church 717 N. Bradford Avenue, Placentia, CA 92870 (714)528-1487 Fax (714)579-3791 WWW.STJOSEPHPLACENTIA.ORG Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church - Placentia, Ca Third Sunday of Easter

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St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community

St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community St. Philip Benizi Catholic Community 235 South Pine Drive, Fullerton, CA 92833-3294 Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites) Week of April 26, 2015 Fourth Sunday of Easter World Day of Prayer for Vocations

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NINETEENTH SUNDAY - AUGUST 9, 2015 - DECIMONOVENO DOMINGO THE R.C. CHURCH OF ST. LEO Serving Our Community With Faith and Love Since 1903 104-05 Forty Ninth Avenue, Corona, New York 11368 e-mail - Website: NINETEENTH

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1327 N. Miranda Las Cruces, NM 88005

1327 N. Miranda Las Cruces, NM 88005 1327 N. Miranda Las Cruces, NM 88005 Parish Office (575) 523-0167 Fax (575) 523-8023 Email Web Page REVISED 08/23/2013 Saturday: Sunday: Weekdays: Wednesdays:

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PASTOR'S NOTES. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

PASTOR'S NOTES. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time PASTOR'S NOTES Stay to the basics On my time off, I needed to rent a car. I did this on-line via one of the travel sites to get a good price. As I always do, I booked an economy class car (the very cheapest).

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Announcements. A Letter from the Pastor. Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015

Announcements. A Letter from the Pastor. Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015 @IHMatl Fourth Sunday of Easter April 26, 2015 A Letter from the Pastor Dear friends in the Risen Lord, Because it is the very heart of Christian faith, Easter is celebrated for

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7 1 1 7 1 4 t h A v e K e n o s h a, W I 5 3 1 4 3 2 6 2-6 5 6-7 3 7 3 w w w. s t m a r k - k e n o s h a. o r g

7 1 1 7 1 4 t h A v e K e n o s h a, W I 5 3 1 4 3 2 6 2-6 5 6-7 3 7 3 w w w. s t m a r k - k e n o s h a. o r g St.Mark October 11, 2009 11 de octubre de 2009 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time XXVIII Domingo Ordinario the Evangelist 7 1 1 7 1 4 t h A v e K e n o s h a, W I 5 3 1 4 3 2 6 2-6 5 6-7 3 7 3 w w w. s t m a

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In Christ, we are pilgrims on a journey to PERFECTION.

In Christ, we are pilgrims on a journey to PERFECTION. May 20, 2012 FEAST OF THE ASCENSION SAINT MARGARET MARY ALACOQUE We are Catholic Christians striving to love beyond all boundaries and to continue the mission of Christ. In Christ, we are pilgrims on a

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Lenten Bible Study. Year of Faith. From the Pastor s Laptop. February 10, 2013 Fi h Sunday in Ordinary Time. A Stewardship Parish

Lenten Bible Study. Year of Faith. From the Pastor s Laptop. February 10, 2013 Fi h Sunday in Ordinary Time. A Stewardship Parish Our Mission: To Evangelize God's People, beginning with the Gift of the Holy Eucharist A Stewardship Parish St. Joseph s Catholic Church 1813 Oakdale Road Modesto, CA 95355 February 10, 2013 Fi h Sunday

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Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana

Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana Roman Catholic Church ~ Iglesia Católica Romana Parish Center / Centro Parroquial 11901 Acacia Avenue Hawthorne CA 90250 Tel: (310) 679-1139 Mon-Fri / Lun-Vier: 9am - 7:30PM Sat/Sáb: 9am - 2:45PM Sun/Dom:

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Catholic Church Sunday August 2, 2015

Catholic Church Sunday August 2, 2015 Catholic Church Sunday August 2, 2015 WELCOME! Thank you for joining us today! BIENVENIDOS! Gracias por acompañarnos! Mass Times: Sunday 8:00 a.m.; 9:30 a.m.; 11:00 a.m.; 12:30 p.m. (español) Monday-Friday

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Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian

Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian Roman Catholic Church of Saint Sebastian Rev. Kevin P. Abels, Pastor PAROCHIAL VICARS Rev. Carlos C. Velásquez Rev. Rodnev Lapommeray Rev. Thaddeus J. Abraham, SIOL DEACONS Deacon Stephen T. Damato Deacon

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T he Off icial Publication for the Catholic Dioc ese of K a l a ma z oo. more Promises of major significance;

T he Off icial Publication for the Catholic Dioc ese of K a l a ma z oo. more Promises of major significance; T he Off icial Publication for the Catholic Dioc ese of K a l a ma z oo JUNE 2015 Volume 18 Issue 5 The Good News Four seminarians ordained to Order of Deacon People filled St. Augustine

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St. Bartholomew Church

St. Bartholomew Church St. Bartholomew Church 4949 W. Patterson Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60641 773-286-7871 ST. BART S PARISH MISSION STATEMENT St. Bartholomew Parish is a faith-filled people, guided by the

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Remember To Link Your V.I.P. Card By September 1st!

Remember To Link Your V.I.P. Card By September 1st! From The Pastor Every day I think about how difficult it is getting to practice our Catholic Faith in this Land of the free and home of the brave. Laws and court decisions and attitudes seem to be more

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You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved, and respected at St. Colette Catholic Church! We are so happy to have you here!

You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved, and respected at St. Colette Catholic Church! We are so happy to have you here! No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church, No matter what your current family or marital situation, No matter what your past or present situation, No matter what your personal history,

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XIV DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua. Today we celebrate the: Bienvenidos a San Antonio de Padua. Hoy celebramos el: 14TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME XIV DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO PAGE 2 JULY 6, 2014-14TH SUNDAY

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MASS AND CONFESSION SCHEDULE Horario de la Santa Misa y de Confesión

MASS AND CONFESSION SCHEDULE Horario de la Santa Misa y de Confesión SACRED HEART OF JESUS CATHOLIC CHURCH Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston 6502 County Road 48 Manvel, Texas 77578 Office Hours / Horario de Oficina: Monday-Friday / lunes-viernes 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Parish

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MISSION BASILICA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO A National Shrine = MISSION BASILICA SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO A National Shrine = 31520 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano CA 92675 949.234.1360 949.248.2008 fax PARISH INFORMATION PARISH OFFICE HOURS:

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g{tç~ çéâ yéü áxüä Çz ÉâÜ ctü á{4 Prayer Requests STEWARDSHIP Parish Ministry Schedules

g{tç~ çéâ yéü áxüä Çz ÉâÜ ctü á{4 Prayer Requests STEWARDSHIP Parish Ministry Schedules From the Desk of Fr. Bloom Last week I asked you to join me in praying for an end to domestic violence. Specifically I invited you to make the third Tuesday of each month a day of prayer and fasting for

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St Jude Catholic Church

St Jude Catholic Church St Jude Catholic Church Blessed Carlos Manuel Hispanic - American Center 3930-17th Street, Sarasota, Fl 34235 941-955-3934 Masses / Misas Weekdays: Mon - Fri 7:30 AM, 8:30 AM Wed 7:00 PM (Spanish) Saturdays/Sábados:

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St. Patrick Catholic Community

St. Patrick Catholic Community Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time February 16, 2014 St. Patrick Catholic Community 3821 Adams St Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 729-2866 Fax: (760) 434-3325 Parish Website: School Website:

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