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1 The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska February 26, 2010 Volume 4 Issue 6 Rolling Labs Rescue Technology Jasmine Foster Design/Layout Editor With new technology come new responsibilities, not just for teachers, but for students as well. Rolling lab carts are being brought into the Science and English departments, along with other new technology. The laptops the school will be receiving are PCs. Laptops at a school help build students education and teach lessons online, or with special programs. The Science, English, and Math departments are being granted rolling lab carts with thirty laptops in each cart. The Special Education teachers also received four laptops for their classrooms. The laptops we re receiving came for Trust Grants applied for by teachers. They will cost anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000. The cost of laptops depends on brand and what vendor you re purchasing them from. You can t get this many laptops with MAC. They cost twice as much as PCs, Principal Tim Conway We can do virtual dissections that require special programs and technology that we do not have. Having internet access in my classroom would help me out significantly. We will have the tools we need right at our fingertips, Biology Teacher Darren Schmidt According to World Studies Teacher Mary Conway, having a rolling lab cart is a huge responsibility. Management of the rolling lab carts are a pain in the butt, Conway Supply and demand has become a large factor in the decision between every student receiving their own laptop, or purchasing the rolling lab carts. The technology team at Crete High School has discussed this issue many times. They came to the conclusion that the rolling lab carts are financially practical. With these new laptops, teachers would need to take classes to educate themselves on how to run the machines. More technology also brings in the factor of needing more technology assistants, Para Professional Becky Nitzel Laptops are a great resource for teachers and students. On the other hand, they come with many complications. The Journalism classroom has been granted four brand new laptops over the last year. Viruses can crash a computer in a flash. One virus-filled flash drive will send the technology assistants over the edge and the laptop into the fix it pile. Getting a virus on your USB is like getting an STD. You always need to scan your flash drives or it can lead to serious problems with the computers, Journalism Teacher Katie Wright Laptops would help me out a ton. Some students would just use and abuse them. Technology continues to be a topic of discussion among students. The Social Studies Department received laptops for a portable rolling lab earlier in the year. Recently, the Math Department obtained a rolling lab, in addition to the Social Studies Depatment s lab. Having a laptop to use in my classes would get rid of all the floating papers and keep students organized, Freshman Lexi Bruha According to Senior Grace Perdue, The laptops coming into the school would have been nice to have the last three years I ve been here. I realize they are expensive and somethings needed to be planned for and budgeted. Student Influx Stems from Farm Misconception Will Veguilla /Columnist National Scholastic Journalism Week February 22-26, 2010 The purpose of this week is to increase awareness of the benefits of scholastic journalism. There is a large connection between journalism students and high academic achievements: Students taking journalism courses tend to score higher on the SAT and ACT Generally, journalism students do better in all aspects of college. College admission board members ae more willing to accept journalism students as it shows a direct relationship with decent writing skills. Students in journalism classes show enhanced knowledge in critical thinking and writing Source: Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Foundation 2008 Writing Sparks Debate in LB898 Dulce Castañeda Freedom isn t always free. Throughout history, the United States has worked to solve reoccurring problems on controversial subjects. From court cases originating in Tinker v. Des Moines School District to Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, student rights are a much debated predicament. Many agree that the rights of students are violated daily and, in response, lawmakers are in search of a reform. The Student Expression Act, legislative bill 898, was introduced to the Nebraska legislature Education Committee on January 26. LB898 would reinforce student freedom of speech. It would immediately restrict school administrators from censoring their students writing unless it violated parts of the first amendment including defamatory or obscene language. Senator Ken Haar was the sponsor of this bill. In his opening remarks, Haar referred to a 2002 survey where 49 percent of 1,000 high school students believed that censorship was appropriate. He discussed that schools were teaching these Why should students have to wait until after high school to practice these skills, free thinking, and being informed and active community members? -Linda Beckstead values to students and were incorrect in doing so. Instead, he claimed, schools should be teaching freedom of expression as opposed to censorship. Haar faced difficult opposition as his challengers resisted his bill. One of the opponents was Brian Halstead, Nebraska Department of Education member. Just because we have the First Amendment right doesn t mean we have to use it, Halstead Larry Rameeker, Superintendent of Aurora ;continued on Page 2 Farmland s John Morrell plant in Sioux City is scheduled to buy the farm in the very certain and somewhat inescapable future. Unfortunately, when it came to matters of efficiency, this seasoned facility appeared to be comparatively hog-tied. Despite all the misinformed rumors, Crete s Farmland plant does not expect a flood of Sioux City workers or any excessive change in production. A significant increase in this town s population won t likely occur, and students shouldn t anticipate any surge of fresh meat. Regardless of all these clever puns, these cheerless events don t mean anything to the general public of Crete. The administration is quite relieved about it. So don t have a cow, student body. Nothing actually happened. Yes, you may now carry on with your boar-ing lives. Nebraska Journalism Education Association Winter Contest Will Veguilla Superior Column Writing Jessica Thatcher Honorable Mention News Writing Jessalyn Holdcraft Superior Sports Feature Writing Excellent Headline Writing/Design Honorable Mention Yearbook Sports Feature Writing In-Depth Newspaper Coverage Amanda Reetz Honorable Mention Sports Action Photography In-Depth Newspaper Coverage Jasmine Foster Honorable Mention In-Depth Newspaper Coverage In This Issue... Page 2: Texting Lingo has Writing at OMG Page 5: Hispanic Leaders Search Out Equality Page 8: Grapplers Grip Qwest at State Page 10: Midnight Medicine Mellows Most

2 Page 2 February 26, 2010 News Texting Affecting Writing Skills Because of students texting and social networking, writing skills are becoming poorer and poorer. Thirty percent of students who are admitted into a college are not able to pass a minimum level English class. Cheyenne Persing Features Editor Texting has become a favorite past time for some teenagers, however texting is hurting more than just cell phone bills; it s also hurting students writing. Social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, along with texting are all being blamed for an increasingly unacceptable number of students who can t write properly. I see texting lingo in my writing. I always abbreviate because and long words like that, Senior Becky Bomberger said, It doesn t really affect my grades on my paper because I m already a bad writer in general. Not only is a texting hurting high school student but also college students as well. Thirty percent of students who are admitted into a college are not able to pass a minimum level English class. The failure rate has jumped five percentage points in the past few years, up to 30 percent from 25 percent according to The Canadian Press. Although I can t say for certain that students writing has declined as a result of social networking and texting, it stands for reason that it would. Although most teachers and professors cite poor grammar as the most pronounced problem of recent years, I believe that the ability to make an extended, reasoned argument is in a greater decline, Doane College English Professor Brad Johnson However, there has been a problem for years not only with texting but television as well. This problem, however, is not a new one. Television has changed our attention span as much as Twitter. We re being trained to comprehend and express in bits, Johnson said, that s a useful ability in a world that encourages us to multi-task, but it will continue to erode our capacity for depth. There is no simple Texting is a poor excuse for poor writing... I don t think it s due to texting; it s because of poor writing skills. -Language Arts Teacher Mary Georgi- solution to stop this problem. Students aren t going to give up their t e x t i n g. However, they can try to keep their texting lingo out of their scholarly writing. T e x - ting is a poor excuse for poor writing. I see a capital U and a lower case i but I don t think it s due to texting it s because poor writing skills, Language Arts Teacher Mary Georgi Many teachers beg students to focus on keeping texting out of their writing. Johnson explains that there is no simple solution, though teachers can emphasize that we all employ different forms and voices when writing. The formal essay needs to be practiced and considered as much as the most common forms of students writing like texting and . Schumacher Attends Italy Conference Jake White Florence.Italy? This was the reaction when Foreign Language Club Sponsor Julie Schumacher received some good news from a representative of the National Educational Travel Council, or NETC, a tour company for student and adult travel. Thursday, February 11, Schumacher left the Lincoln airport on a flight to Italy. I flew from Lincoln to Chicago, from Chicago to Munich, and from Munich to Florence. The weather wasn t the best, so four of the planes had to be de-iced. That was an interesting experience, Schumacher Schumacher returned home Monday, February 15. A quick trip, she noted, compared to her past international travels. Schumacher has been to Europe eight times. Three of those times have been school trips with the fourth planned for the summer of However, there was a big difference between those trips and this one. This trip was free of charge for her. It was paid for by the NETC. During some past trips, Schumacher had some difficulties with planning provided by a different tour company, Untied and Lufthansa, which led NETC to invite her to speak about her past experiences. I think part of it is advertising their company, Schumacher said, I was telling the man on the phone how we were in an airport or on an airplane for 29 hours. He jumped on the opportunity to tell me about the company. On a past trip Schumacher and a group of students and adults were on a trip that went from Omaha to Denver, from Denver to San Fransisco, from San Fransisco to Frankfurt, and from Frankfurt to Barcelona, which is where the tour started. The trip took 29 hours. Although it was long, the people were wonderful. They were very easy to work with and very cooperative. I don t think there were any complaints from the staff about the students, Schumacher said regarding the trip. On her most recent trip, Schumacher and 24 other teachers from across the U.S were invited to Florence, Italy. Schumacher presented a paper over some of the journals explaining some of the experiences of past trips to Europe. Another experience she has was Lampredotto, a specialty found only in Florence. Lampredotto is the fourth stomach of a cow served with herbs on a hard roll or bun. It may also be served with Chile Sauce to add spice. Foreign Language Club Sponsor Julie Schumacher helps cook an Italian dish. Schumacher was invited to Florence, Italy for a conference to present a paper regarding journals from past Europe trips. Schumacher was one of the few brave people on the trip who tried it. It was actually pretty good, Schumacher said, I can now officially say that I have done something that not a lot of others have--in the U.S, at least. Although the weather wasn t always the best in Florence, I still had a lot of fun. Legislative Bill Proposes Greater Student Rights 4 continued from Page 1. Public Schools and Nebraska Council for School Administrators member, disagreed with this bill because of his uncertainty as to who would define obscene language. He believed that school districts, not the state, should regulate their students writing. In addition to reinforcing freedom of speech, this bill would protect teachers and not hold them accountable for their students publications. Proponents say that this bill is vital to the protection of administrators and advisers. These are often people who are doing the best job, John Bender, executive director of Nebraska High School Press Association They re trying to teach students to do good, solid, responsible journalism. The intent of this bill would solely be to clarify that student freedom of expression is not limited or prohibited. Each school would be required to have a written form of what is acceptable and what is not. Our bill would require each school district to have a written policy that explicitly says what they can [do] and will not be allowed to do, Haar Since 1998, 25 incidents of suppressing student freedom of speech in Nebraska have been reported, according to the Student Press Law Center. Currently, eight states have implemented Freedom of Expression Acts and two others have state regulations. It has been proven that journalism students are high scholastic achievers. Proponents of this bill say that this bill would encourage students to participate actively in civics and democracy. They agree that it would teach responsible journalism and show administrator trust. Those on the other end of the pendulum argue that student journalists should be censored because if the bill were to pass, some schools would shut down their student publications, as many school advisors currently censor student writing. Limitations would then be imposed on journalism opportunities. We don t want a reduction in the opportunities available to journalism students because ultimately [the publication] is the district s own ink and paper, Brian Dale, Nebraska Department of Education member Many volunteers went in to testify on the bill s behalf. The Education Committee actually had to turn several testifiers away as time was at the essence. Former Bellevue West High School adviser, Linda Beckstead, was among the testifiers that were able to present an argument to the committee. Her stance on the bill was completely in support of it. The rationale behind her position relied on students being able to practice their rights. It s my opinion that controlling student voices and only allowing them to publish positive, promotional stories about their schools is a bad marketing campaign, Beckstead Why should students have to wait until after high school to practice these skills, free thinking, and being informed and active community members? Debate on student freedom of expression continues across the country. With bills like this, student rights are likely to become a topic of discussion in many state legislatures.

3 Opinion Cheyenne s Birthday Page 3 I mean, chiefly, it d be a lot harder to ma- Editorial Policy: The Words of a Feather staff gladly accepts letters to the editor and news releases from students, faculty, administration, community residents and the general public. We ask these submissions be of 300 words or less and contain the author s name, address, phone number and signature. All submissions will be verified in person and in writing. Our editorial staff withholds the right to refuse any letter, and/or parts of any letter and may return a letter for revision if it contains unprotected speech or errors that could hamper its meaning. Please submit letters to Mrs. Wright in room 412. Veguilla Ponders the Necessity of Stupidity nipulate my minions if they all had a strong movie with irrelevant dialogue and the unjustifiable destruction of sexy cars, but then I re- Will, With a Hint of Lemon foundation of deliberation. Who d fight my battles or intimidate my rivals? member that every film in history is said to be Will Veguilla Moreover, Monaco might begin to question a thought-provoking psychological spectacle /Columnist why it pays a monthly tribute to my puppet regime and launch a revolt. Wisdom is rebellion, critics. containing reasonable amounts of gore by all and I don t control enough ventriloquists to To stay ahead of my brilliant and up-todate deal with any of it. Not yet, anyway. friends, I may even resort to watching the Minion-less, without a familiar baggie of news (and I don t just mean The Colbert Report) sacrificed lambs, and because my various cooks rather than sleeping. d e e m e d T h e r e As concerns rise over the creeping disintegration of American brain cells at the hands of rap music, video games, and Fox News, we mustn t let ourselves d i s r e g a r d the value of ignorance in society. Let s face it: we thrive on illogicality and an intellectual laziness of sorts. Just imagine how awful this world might be if everyone reached the zenith of mental potential. Let s face it: we thrive on illogicality and an intellectual laziness of sorts. themselves hazardous and sold their still-living bodies to scientific experimentation, I d have to go to the local Burger King for my pesky food needs. I can picture the manager of the place, a genetically enhanced nine-year-old who is only working to pay off her student loans, calculating the intake of fat particles with each bite of my burger and then cheerfully, if a little mechanically, reciting the information to me. Thanks, cyborg lady, but I m quite capable of depressing my own dang self into exercising. I might try to unwind after such a health-related crisis by watching an inelegantly plotted s i m p l y wouldn t be any c o m f o r t or amusement for my mind in a universe where everyone is as smart as me. That s why ubiquitous ignorance is crucial to my life. I need people in my life who don t know the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise, or who lack the sagacity to understand how illegal it is to drive on sidewalks. I need individuals who quarrel over idiotic issues with equally ridiculous points. I even need politicians. Yes, all of them. Some believe the debatable increase of stu- pidity in America is a matter of national security; it s an issue to be solved, a crisis to be averted. However, I believe the real problem is a failure to appreciate the necessity of stupidity. To all who are defined as dumb or witless by us snobby intellectuals, I thank you. Not only do you entertain me, but you also give me hope. While I observe your pointless lives, I notice a certain degree of joy that I can t really comprehend. I document the moments of delight when an uncreative television show comes on, and I methodically study your raging indifference toward the mechanics of language in your texting. I curiously note when you, in all your narcissistic glory, assume that the general public cares about your distressed Facebook statuses. I record the events in which you seek to solve every dilemma you face by senselessly putting either some missiles or a bit of duct tape on it. Yet despite all your idiocy, you persist to exist rather happily. I just don t get it. Is there more to life than the pursuit of reason? Am I simply too rational to break the barriers of sensibility? Am I too smart to reach my own paradise? I don t know, but you happy morons give me hope. A hope in something...better. Crete High School Journalism c/o Crete High School 1500 E. 15th Street Crete, NE Phone: (402) Editorial Staff: Layout/Design Editor: Jasmine Foster Copy Editor & Staff Coordinator: Jessalyn Holdcraft Sports/Photography Editor: Amanda Reetz Features Editor: Cheyenne Persing Business Manager: Nicole Reetz Circulation Manager: Christina Jackson s: He Said/She Said: Valentine s Day He Said by Jake White /Columnist Valentine s Day has been pushed over the limit. What happened to a simple rose? It seems as if we have forgotten the meaning of Valentine s Day. What happened to the time when V-day was all about spending time with your current special someone? Valentine s Day has turned into people searching online for flowers the day of Valentine s Day. Or those huge forty dollar teddy bears. Where is the love in that? Don t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with buying gifts. But let s face it, we are greedy. We want material items. Spending time together is never enough anymore. A girl feeling appreciated is not an excuse for a guy being forced to buy stupid, expensive gifts that have absolutely no meaning other than keeping his bed partner. It is true that the guys should take their Valentines out on a date. However, date does not mean an empty wallet. Also, the ever-popular Twilight series. How are guys supposed to live up to girls new, ridiculous standards? Sorry girls, but vampires do not exist, so get the thought of Edward coming taking you away with his super speed out of your heads. It s not going to happen. Another point to consider is the fact that we have people who are single. Has anybody ever thought about how they feel? Of course not. Why would you when you are so worried about getting the perfect million-dollar gift at the last minute. It s those who do not have a Valentine who can really appreciate it. Valentine s Day is not about buying expensive gifts because we can do that any day. The point of Valentine s Day is to show love through romantic (not sexual) ways. It is pathetic to see how far many have gone in the name of Valentine s Day. People are relying on this holiday for their happiness. It is safe to say that Valentine s Day has lost its meaning. by Christina Jackson /Columnist She Said What is Valentine s Day? It s not just about having a significant other to share the day with. You could celebrate this day with friends or family just by showing them that you care about them. Yes, I agree that people could and should celebrate their love for one another any other day than just Valentine s Day. However, being that Valentine s Day is a day designated just for that purpose, to celebrate love; this makes it easier on a guy or girl to get an appropriate gift for the occasion. Speaking from experience, I think that the guy, if you re in a relationship, should cater to you and show how much he appreciates you. Guys should buy girls the most expensive gift at the Hallmark store (which, after some research, would be a $100 white bear). Valentine s Day is the biggest day for Hallmark stores considering that that s when they gross the most money. Guys wouldn t spend as much money on our birthday or Christmas to get us something because Valentine s Day has more meaning to it than any other holiday. For instance, my Valentine is always so busy that he decided to make Valentine s Day special by taking work off and clearing his schedule for us to do something together. But it s the gift that he gets me that shows how much he cares. If he got me a crappy gift like shampoo then obviously he doesn t care that much but if he got me a gift that took him time to choose and he put a lot of thought into such as a double heart necklace bought at Kay Jewelers. People should go out for Valentine s because it s a day when girls could feel more loved by their boyfriends and feel as if they are really appreciated. Who wouldn t want a guy to be waiting on you hand and foot for at least one day out of the year? Any other day it s the women who are doing things for guys. When does it ever come around that girls get spoiled for a day? It may suck if you don t have that special guy or girl to share this day with but hey there s also this thing called friends and family. Dulce Castañeda Rachel Hoesche Amber Kress Renzo Martel Tanna Nitzel Taylor Reetz Haley Sowders Jessica Thatcher Will Veguilla Jake White Adviser: Mrs. Katie Wright Words of a Feather is the official monthly, student-produced publication by and for students in the journalism program at Crete High School in Crete, Nebraska. This paper has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to inform and educate, and to act as a catalyst for thought and discussion. Content in Words of a Feather is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials, faculty or staff. The intent of this publication is to act as an agent to facilitate the learning of the principles of journalism, including writing, photography, design and editing.

4 Página 4 Words of a Feather 26 de febrero del 2010 La Voz Hispana Seniors se convierten en heroes con PALS Gerardo Saldaña Reportero El programa PALS (Positive Attitude and Leadership by Students) junta estudiantes de cuarto o quinto grado con un senior de la preparatoria de Crete para reuniones una vez por semana. Los seniors le ayudan a los niños a hacer tareas, hacer proyectos o simplemente jugar un juego. PALS se inició en Crete hace cinco años y este año participan trientiseis estudiantes de la preparatoria, nueve de ellos hispanos, ocho mujeres y un hombre. Señora Kotas, quien supervisa a los estudiantes seniors, dice que este año es el primer año que hispanos han participado en el programa. Estoy entusiasmada por la cantidad de hispanos que tuvimos este año, dijo Kotas. Es una buena experiencia. Le gustaría el próximo año que más hispanos estuvieran involucrados, especialmente hombres porque hay sólo uno este año. En cambio, en la escuela primaria, de los treintiseis niños involucrados, catorce son hispanos. Señora Picard está encargada de los niños de la escuela primaria, y dijo que hay niños quienes no saben inglés y es importante tener seniors hispanos para que les ayuden. Se escogen los estudiantes en PALS por recomendación de los padres, maestros o el personal de la escuela. Los estudiantes del grado cuatro o cinco deben ser estudiantes quienes quieren prosperar en el futuro, entonces PALS les da un mentor para que les ayude. Si un estudiante se porta mal o tiene dificultades en la escuela, no califica para estar en el programa PALS, porque la idea de PALS es que les ayuden a los niños a mejorar en la escuela. Hay varias actividades divertidas que hacen juntos en PALS, como jugar fútbol, juegos de mesa, o jugar con plastilina, entre otras diversiones. A mí me gusta PALS porque es algo diferente, dijo Jessica Razo, una senior en la preparatoria de Crete. También ayudas a los niños y les das consejos. Les va a gustar estar en PALS, les aseguro, senior Sonia Orozco dijo. Orozco dice que más hispanos deberían de involucarse. Los seniors pueden influir a estos niños en una manera muy grande, según Picard. Los niños caminan más alto cuando están con sus PALS porque se sienten orgullosos. Razo, Orozco y Picard dicen que PALS es una grande experiencia porque los seniors también obtienen mucho, especialmente cuando les ayudan a los niños. Los seniors son sus héroes, Picard dijo, No sabes cuanto impacto les hacen. Seniors Lizeth García y Jessica Wollam hacen un rompecabezas con sus compañeros de la primaría en el programa PALS. Me gusta ver su sonrisa cuando llego a su clase, Garcia dice de su compañera de la primaria. Padres jóvenes: impacto en la vida social En la segunda parte de esta serie, las madres adolescentes comentan cómo hacen para salir con amigos y quiénes les ayudan a tener un poco de tiempo para ser adolecentes. Jonathan López Luz Ávalos Reporteros Todos los estudiantes en la escuela secundaria de Crete conocen al menos una madre adolescente o a un padre joven. El embarazo de adolescentes es un tema importante por todo el país y que no se ausenta en Crete. La Voz Hispana presenta el segundo artículo de la serie de tres partes sobre padres adolescentes. El primer artículo trató de las madres y sus horarios en la escuela después de tener a sus hijos. En éste se reporta el impacto en sus vidas sociales. Aunque tienen la obligación de ser padres, también deben de ser jóvenes. Pero como se vio, ellas necesitan el apoyo de familia y amigos para seguir haciendo lo que les gusta. La vida social de las madres cambia mucho después de tener a sus hijos. Ya no tienen la libertad que tenían antes de que se embarazaran. Para que puedan salir, necesitan buscar a alguien que les cuide el niño. Mis padres, mis hermanos y el papá de mi hijo me cuidan al niño cuando quiero salir con mi amigas, dijo Erika Umana. Umana, una junior en la preparatoria, dijo que es importante tener el apoyo del padre del niño para tener una vida social. Cuando quiero salir mi suegra es la que me cuida a mi niño, dijo Sonia Orozco, una senior en la preparatoria de Crete. Pero también hay unos que no ayudan a sus hijos. Mis papás no me cuidan a mi hijo para que yo pueda salir. Me dicen que no es la responsabilidad de ellos cuidar a mi hijo, dijo Marjoree Foster, junior. Con la responsabilidad extra después de tener a sus hijos, sólo pueden salir a veces, como los fines de semana, según Orozco y Umana. Blue Valley Community Action ayuda a los padres adolescentes. Blue Valley Community Action Inc. es una corporación privada sin fines de lucro que ayuda a todo tipo de personas, incluyendo los padres jóvenes. Fue fundada en 1966 por familias de Nebraska y Kansas y tiene más de agencias que son reconocidas en los Estados Unidos. Tratan de asegurarse que familias no vivan en pobreza y que tengan los recursos necesarios para vivir. Ayudan a las personas que no tienen suficiente dinero para comida. También tienen programas de Head Start o jardín de niños. En Blue Valley hay un programa que ayuda a las madres que son menores de edad. Proveen cuidado de infantes a menos costo que otro lugares y a veces, gratis. Una representante de Blue Valley dijo que el programa es excelente y que debe estar en más escuelas. Ella dijo que es bueno para los padres porque saben que sus hijos están en un lugar seguro. Casi todas las madres jóvenes de la preparatoria de Crete llevan a sus hijos a Blue Valley mientras que van a clases. Pero tienen que buscar a alguien más que cuiden a sus hijos para ir de salidas. Es importante que las madres adolescentes tengan estos recursos y el apoyo de su familia y amigos. Sin apoyo de familia es difícil tener hijos, dijo Umana. Junior Erika Umana y su hijo Iván. Con el apoyo de su familia y las personas que la rodean Umana puede llevar una vida no tan dificil. Padres Adolecentes Ayuda en Nebraska para las madres adolescentes Blue Valley Community Action Partnership - Crete: -www.bvca.net Northeast Family Center -Lincoln: -www.nfclincoln.org Consejos - Young Mommies -www.youngmommies.com Una oportunidad para compartir la vida en Nebraska CHS será usada como un modo educativo para estudiantes de UNIVA, Universidad de Guadalajara Melisa Franco Reportera La preparatoria de Crete recibirá una visita de estudiantes de la Universidad Del Valle De Atemajac (UNIVA) en la tercera semana de abril. La visita consitirá de siete a doce estudiantes hispanos de origin mexicano que visitarán la preparatoria esa semana. La razón de la visita es que hay un programa de intercambio de la facultad de psicología donde estudiantes de la Universidad de Nebraska-Lincoln realizan un viaje a la UNIVA en Guadalajara, y estudiantes de UNIVA vienen a la Universidad de Lincoln. Este programa es dirigido en los Estados Unidos por Dr. Beth Doll, profesora y directora de del facultad de psicología en la Universidad de Nebraska-Lincoln, y en México por Sr. Raimundo Calderón, jefe de la facultad de psicología de UNIVA. Dr. Doll empezó este progama en junio del 2003 para mejor entender familias en Nebraska y México. El propósito del convenio de UNIVA y UNL es fortalecer nuestro entendimiento entre familias y estudiantes que van y vienen de Nebraska a México, dijo Dr. Doll. E n particular quiero a s e g u - r a r m e El propósito del convenio de UNIVA y UNL es fortalecer nuestro entendimiento de familias y estudiantes que van y vienen entre Nebraska y México. -Dr. Beth Doll que los b a c h i l - leres de programas de UNL ent i e n d a n c o m o las familias deciden mudarse, como su inmigración afecta a niños y adolescentes y también lo que los educadores y profesionales de Nebraska pueden hacer para ayudar a las familias y estudiantes. En 2003, cuando el programa comenzó, Dr. Doll llamó a Karen Buchfinck, consejera en la preparatoria de Crete, y le comentó de los estudiantes que viajaron de UNIVA y le preguntó si pudieran venir a la preparatoria para conversar con los estudiantes de Crete. Buchfinck aceptó. Los estudiantes de UNIVA se reunieron con otros hispanos de la preparatoria y conversaron por un buen rato y también h i c i e r o n algunas actividades divertidas. Aunque no fue tan organizado, nos divertimos mucho, Buchfinck dijo. Ella llevó a los estudiantes de UNIVA a tener una visita guiada en Crete y a comer al restaurante Cristina s. Este año todo está mucho más organizado para el viaje de los estudiantes de UNIVA y de UNL. El viaje de los estudiantes de UNL será realizado del 12 al 27 de junio. Ellos llegarán a UNIVA y tendrán la oportunidad de observar comunidades y escuelas a las cuales familias asisten antes de moverse a Nebraska. También tendrán la oportunidad de descubrir los mejores atributos y bellezas de la cultura mexicana y por ultimo, hablar con especialistas mexicanos sobre inmigración, educación y cultura. Los estudiantes también tendrán un fin de semana divertido en un hotel turístico de servicio completo en Manzanillo. En general, el viaje lo realiza cualquier estudiante que tenga fondos para pagar los costos. Cuando el viaje de UNIVA se realiza en la tercera semana de abril, estudiantes de la preparatoria de Crete tendrán oportunidad de conocer los estudiantes y compartir un momento conversando y haciendo actividades. Los organizadores esperan que todo salga muy bien para las dos universidades y que los viajes sean muy educativos.

5 La Voz Hispana 26 de febrero del 2010 Página 5 Words of a Feather Haciendo la diferencia de diferentes maneras Hay muchas personas que trabajan para el bien de la communidad hispana en Nebraksa. De diversos modos, hay hispanos que están abriendo el camino para que otros tengan oportunidades y peleando por leyes que dan derechos a nuestra raza. Entérate cómo estos dos líderes hispanos ayudan y inspiran a los hispanos por todo el estado de Nebraska. Luz Ávalos Reportera José Soto es un señor reconocido en muchas Señor José Santos es uno de los hispanos partes del estado de Nebraska por su ayuda trabjando para la comunidad, como parte de a los estudiantes hispanos, para que puedan la Comisión Mexicana-Americana. Nació asistir a la universidad. Él es Vicepresidente en la isla de Puerto Rico en el barrio de Las para Acción Afirmativa, Igualdad, y Diversidad Palmas y luego su familia inmigró a la ciudad en Southeast Community College en Lincoln, de Nueva York en busca de mejores oportunidades educativas y económicas. La mayor Nebraska, donde él tiene la responsabilidad de asegurar que los estudiantes y empleados de parte de su juventud vivió en la ciudad de SCC cooperen con la política pública que prohíbe la discriminación. Santos sirvió en la fuerza aérea de los Esta- Nueva York. Él ha ganado premios por su gran trabajo dos Unidos por 25 años. Durante esos años, como Vicepresidente y también por su dotes de Santos vivió en Hawaii, las Filipinas, Japón, mando. Corea y al fin de su servicio estaba en Omaha, Por su parte, él se siente orgulloso de representar a SCC y la comunidad latina de Ne- representante del gobernador Dave Heineman Nebraska. Ahora, vive en Omaha y es un braska en forma positiva. Con estos premios en la Comisión Mexicana-Americana, siendo y su trabajo en el estado de Nebraska, Soto es el coordinador del programa de los derechos reconocido a niveles locales, estatales, y hasta de los obreros en la industria empacadora de nacionales. carne en Nebraska. La Voz Hispana: Cómo es trabajar para La Voz Hispana: Como se involucró usted SCC? en la política? Soto: SCC es una institución muy agradable Santos: En junio del año 2000, el goberna- Ganadores de Premio lo nuestro Raquel Pineda Reportera Todos los hispanos a quienes les gusta la música, estaban listos para ver el evento Premio lo nuestro en Univisión el 18 de febrero del Premio lo nuestro se ha visto en la televisión por 21 años. Este año los presentadores para el Premio lo nuestro fueron Ana Bárbara, una artista que recibió un premio de los Latin Grammys y Víctor Manuelle, un cantante de salsa. El evento es comparado con los VMAs (Video Musica Awards) o a los Grammys, Grupo Aventura con premios ganados en el programa Premio Lo Nuestro pero es dirigido más a los hispanos. Premio AP FOTO Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press lo nuestro es el más largo y más popular programa de premios de música en Univisión. tido con colores extravagantes. bano. El año pasado Premio lo nuestro recibió Al comenzar el espectáculo, artistas como Crei que Wilsin y Yandel con Me Estás 12.7 millón vistas. Entre las personas famosas Luís Fonsi, Thalía y la Banda el Recodo ensayaron. Tentando iba a ganar la canción del año que llegaron al show de premios fueron Paulina porque me gusta el ritmo, dijo Jesenia Castel- Rubio, Wilsin y Yandel, Aventura, La Arrolladora Antes del programa, los estudiantes de lanos, senior. Banda el Limón, y muchos más. Crete favorecían dos candidatos ser premia- Pero ganó Tito El Bambino con su can- Artistas vistos en la alfombra roja es otra dos: la Banda el Recodo con Te Presumo o cion El Amor. cosa que se espera de este evento. Había varios Espinoza Paz con Lo Intentamos. Al final se anunció el artista Premio lo artistas reconocidos por su vestuario, entre ellos, Los estudiantes fueron correctos: Te Pre- nuestro del año. Como el año pasado el grupo Chayanne recibió un premio de excelencia sumo ganó álbum del año y Lo Intentamos Aventura ganó el premio para el grupo del año y fue nombrado el hombre del año en la alfombra ganó la canción del año. en la categoría Tropical, igual manera fueron roja. Notables entre las mujeres fueron Otras predicciones fueron hechas por estu- el ganador para el artista del año. Ellos ter- Karla Martínez, Ana Isabelle, y Natalia Jiménez, diantes de Crete con respeto a otras categorias minaron Premio lo nuestro con el mayor quien era la más bella, por se largo ves- como la cancion del año para la categoria Ur- éxito. Trabajar: es ventaja o desventaja? Comentario Carlos Escobar Reportero En la escuela preparatoria de Crete los estudiantes ya tienen un trabajo de medio tiempo con todas las tareas que reciben. Pero muchos estudiantes trabajan también en otros locales después de la escuela y a veces eso les quita el tiempo para hacer sus tareas. Esta situación ocasiona que muchos estudiantes tengan calificaciones bajas en sus clases. Muchos estudiantes trabajan porque así pueden tener dinero, los hace responsables, y hasta puedan ser tratados como adultos. Opino que los estudiantes que trabajan deberían de trabajar no más de veinte horas a la semana. Así tendrían más tiempo para hacer sus tareas en vez de estar reprobando las clases. Otra cosa es que muchos estudiantes no terminan la escuela debido a que les gusta mejor trabajar y tener dinero para para trabajar. Me gusta mucho trabajar con mis compañeros de trabajo y los estudiantes. Todos los días es una especie de aventura nunca sé lo que se va a presentar. Este trabajo me brinda la oportunidad para asegurar que todos los que trabajen y estudien en SCC sean tratados con dignidad y respeto. La Voz Hispana: Cuál es su opinión sobre la diversidad en las universidades de Nebraska? Soto: La diversidad racial/étnica/cultural a través del estado de Nebraska es mínima, así que nuestras instituciones también carecen de una representación y participación diversa. Eso dicho, encuentro que la situación ha mejorado desde que empecé en mi puesto en La Voz Hispana: Qué piensa usted que debe ser lo más importante para estudiantes hispanos que quieran ir a la universidad? Soto: Creo que es esencial dominar el idioma inglés. Uno tiene que hablar, leer, y escribir inglés a un nivel alto de fluidez y conociemiento. La Voz Hispana: Cuál es su opinión sobre Acción Afirmativa? Soto: Opino que Acción Afirmativa todavía se necesita como un mecanismo administrativo, con fin de asegurar igualdad de oportunidad para personas que pertenecen a grupos minoritarios. La Voz Hispana: Cuál es su opinión sobre ayudar a personas de raíces diferentes? Soto: Como individuos, y como comunidad, tenemos que apoyar y ayudar a aquellos que se encuentran viviendo marginalizados o excluídos. Creo que es nuestro deber moral asegurar que todos gocen de los mismos beneficios, privilegios y oportunidades. La Voz Hispana: Qué es lo más importante para usted en una comunidad? Soto: Justicia, igualdad de oportunidad, y trato respetuoso. gastar. Y también, para muchos estudiantes al trabajar demasiado hace que tengan una actitud negativa en sus formas de interactuar con otras personas, ya que no les gusta que los padres les digan lo que tienen que hacer. Es mejor que los estudiantes se concentren en sus materias, para que no tengan ningún problema en sus clases. Por su parte, la escuela tiene actividades para los estudiantes en que se puedan involucrar durante el año escolar. Por ejemplo, la escuela tiene deportes como fútbol, basketball, football y los clubes como Prizm club, Robotics, FBLA, y otros más. Debería de ser: la escuela primero y luego viene lo del trabajo porque así van a tener la educación que necesitan. Patricia Tanner-Nelson de la Universidad de Delaware-Newark y Stephen F. Hamilton de la Universidad de Cornell-Ithaca realizaron un estudio sobre estudiantes que trabajan y concluyeron Jonathan López Reportero que los padres deberían de animar a sus hijos a que trabajen no más de horas a la semana, y que esto les diera una lección importante sobre la gestión del tiempo para el futuro. Pero lo que yo he visto, puedo decir que estudiantes trabajando puede ser un problema. Por ejemplo, tengo una amiga que trabajaba todos los días y por lo tanto no hacia su tarea. Solamente venía dos a tres días a la semana a la escuela y estaba reprobando la mayoría de sus clases. Después de un mes le dije que no podía seguir en esa manera, y que debería dejar el trabajo, ya que le faltaba poco para graduarse. Dos semanas después de que le diera ese consejo, ella dejó el trabajo y ahora está haciendo bien en sus clases. Lo que se deben de meter en la mente es que después de que se gradúen de la escuela, todo va a cambiar y van a tener todo el tiempo que quieran para que puedan trabajar el resto de sus vidas. Por eso, digo que los estudiantes se interesen más en la escuela que en los trabajos. Póliza de cartas al editor La Voz Hispana acepta gustosamente cartas al editor y noticias actuales de estudiantes, docentes, administración, residentes de la comunidad y público en general. Pedimos que estas cartas no consistan de más de 300 palabras y que incluyan el nombre del autor, dirección, número telefónico y firma original. Todo material entregado será verificado en persona o por escrito. Nuestro equipo editorial tiene el derecho de rechazar cualquier carta y/o partes de cualquier carta y podrá devolverla para revisión si contiene lenguaje inapropiado o errores que cambien el significado. Favor de enviar sus cartas a Sra. Eckerson en el salón 703 o mándelas via correo electrónico a dor Mike Johanns, declaró en efecto la Carta de Derechos de Obreros en la Industria Empacadora de Carne en Nebraska donde se dio más derechos a los obreros. Con este Carta de Derechos, Santos empezó a trabajar para los obreros, para que sus derechos fueran respetados. La Voz Hispana: Cual es su trabajo siendo el coordinador de los derechos de los empacadores de carne? Sr. Santos: Mi trabajo como coordinador es que examino y repaso prácticas y procedimientos de las operaciones de la industria empacadora en el estado de Nebraska en relación con las provisiones de la Declaración de Derechos de los trabajadores en empacadoras. La Voz Hispana: Cuál es su responsabilidad siendo parte de la Comisión Mexicana- Americana? Sr. Santos: Como representativo de la Comisión Mexicana-Americana sirvo como voz en el gobierno Estatal de Nebraska para Mexicanos-Americanos y latinos en Nebraska. La Voz Hispana: Tiene algún consejo para los estudiantes latinos en Nebraska? Sr. Santos: Mi consejo para los estudiantes latinos en Nebraska es que hagan que la escuela sea una prioridad y persiguan una educación más alta. Aprenda sus fuerzas y aplíquelas. Aprenda sus debilidades y supérelas. Una educación ofrece un rato único en su vida en que usted puede centrarse exclusivamente en adelantarse y desarrollarse personalmente. Si quieres leer más visitanos en la pagina red La Voz Hispana Personal de La Voz Hispana c/o Escuela Secundaria de Crete 1500 E. 15th Street Crete, NE Teléfono: (402) Correo electrónico: Personal Editorial: Diseño, Redacción y Coordinación: Marilyn Bolaños Dulce Castañeda Reporteros: Luz Ávalos Melisa Franco Carlos Escobar Raquel Pineda Gerardo Saldaña Janneth López Jonathan López Consejeros: Señora Eckerson Señor Mason-D Croz La Voz Hispana dentro de Words of a Feather es producida por la clase de español para hispanohablantes nivel III/IV de la secundaria de Crete. Esta sección de del periódico se ha diseñado como foro público para que estudiantes periodistas informen y eduquen, específicamente en español y procuren reflección y discusión en la comunidad. El contenido de La Voz Hispana se determina por la clase de hispanohablantes nivel III/IV, con el apoyo del personal de periodismo escolar, y el contenido no refleja la opinión del personal de la secundaria, únicamente de los estudiantes quienes lo crearon. El propósito de esta sección es publicar la escritura de estudiantes hispanos en una vía pública para facilitar el aprendizaje de los fundamentos de escritura y fotografía periodística. El diseño de esta sección se realizó por miembros del personal periodístico escolar en conjunto con la clase de español para hispanohablantes nivel III/IV.

6 Page 6 February 26, 2010 Activities Cheerleading Mania in the Month of February From the Mini Camp to State, the Cheerleaders Have a Busy Month Haley Sowders Are they ready to walk on sunshine? Well the elementary girls were ready to at the walking on sunshine mini cheer camp on January 16, 2010 at the elementary school. All the cheerleaders ran a mini cheer camp to help the Freshmen Brooke and Bailey Sorenson stretch before particpating in State cheeleading. girls learn some moves. Did the cheerleaders have fun? Kendra and I ran the mini cheer camp, and it went smoothly. I think they had a lot of fun, Senior Jessica Wollom While at the mini camp, the cheerleaders had the girls doing a bunch of fun activities at several stations. The cheerleaders set up five different stations. There was a dance station, a jump station, a cheer station, a t-shit station, and a snack station where the girls played games like little sally walker. Wollom The mini cheerleaders got to learn new cheers kind of like at tryouts. Tryouts to be on the squad next year are in March 25, The girls new to the squad this year still have to tryout to determine if they will make it on the squad for next year. It takes a lot to prepare for cheerleading tryouts, especially for the captains of the squad. Kendra and I have to learn a new dance, and three new cheers to teach to the girls at tryouts. Wollom Imagine being nervous for tryouts, well try cheering in a competition against a bunch of other cheer squads, and a crowd of people. On February 20, the girls were getting ready for competition. In order for the girls to compete in the Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Championship, they had to do the dance once before they competed, to make sure they didn t have any illegal moves in their dance. Also they were allowed their own room to practice one more time before competition. Then after they got done with their dance they got to sit and watch the other squads. Did having a lot of practice help the cheerleaders at the Championship? As much as we complained about having morning practices, it helped us in the long run to get ready for the Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Championship. Senior Kendra McElravy The girls did exceptionally well at the Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Championship, getting honorable mention for their dance, but still not knowing how they did on their cheer. I think our squad did really well, and tried their hardest this year. McElravy Junior Christina Jackson and cheerleading coach Sarah Schaam get ready to hand out Valentine s day carnations. The cheerleaders made $300 this year selling carnations. Count Down is on Until Suessical The Musical From the Cat in the Hat to Horton Hears a Who the Musical has it all Tanna Nitzel performed by Emily Manning, the Mr. and Mrs. Mayor of Whoville performed by Connor Smith and Rachael Ronk, other characters involve the Grinch, the whos, and many more. The life as the mayor of Whoville is very difficult often time the whos become very rowdy and the music the only way to quell their rowdyness, Senior Connor Smith The show will be performed March with shows Friday and Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday matinee at 2 pm. The Suesscial it is. Under the supervision of Musical Director Mike Morris, the cast of thirty five members are working to prepare for their show. I was looking for something a little different from than what has been done before, I chose something that was a little fun and not a traditional musical you usually see, Morris This show doesn t just include one particular story from Dr. Suess; it will combine over fifteen stories through out the whole musical. Morris describes this story as a life of its own. It combines music that is very modern and shows many different musical styles. From rock n roll, Latin, swing, jazz, it has it all. Even throughout the various styles of music, it also has various characters from Dr.Suess work. Some of the characters that might be familiar in the musical will include Horton the Elephant played by Senior Dale Potter, Cat in the Hat performed by Grace Prude, Jojo performed by Ali Schuerman, Gertrude McFuzz Senior Ashley Stelhik rehearses her lines for Seniors Dale Potter and Grace Perdue practice a sene for the spring musical. The musical participants practice everyday after school. This years play is Suessical The Musical. performed by Megan O Brien, Sour Kangaroo the up and coming musical. AP Bio Reschedules Trip to Omaha After three postponements Field Trip is a goahead for March 11 Amber Kress AP Biology Teacher Mike Coe decided to take his students on a field to Omaha s Henry Doorly Zoo in January. However, that trip was posted and posted over and over again. Now the trip is set for March 11. Coe was so determined to get his students to the zoo, because it shows all of my students very good careers in science. But his students will not only be visiting just the zoo, they will also be shown to the medical center where they will get to see how the doctors take patients and do surgery in the zoo. They will also get to see dead humans called cadavers, used for. Two seniors that will attend the field trip are Seniors Justin Henning and Meredith Wahl. Henning and Wahl are both looking forward to the field trip and what they are looking forward to seeing on the trip. Lions, tigers, bears cadavers, said Wahl. Tigers cadavers, said Henning. When the AP Biology students go they will get to be two stories below where the tigers are so they can see how the zoo works with and on the animals without getting killed. Students will also get to go to the roof of the aquarium and look down to see how fish biologist take care of them. I expect the students awareness of zoo jobs and health care jobs to be at a new level, Coe Wahl and Henning both said they could see themselves doing a career in science or medical field. I m going onto a career with animals, Henning I m already thinking about going into the medical field to help make my decision, Wahl Coe wants his students to be aware of the zoo jobs available, such as taking care of plants and animals. He also wants them to be aware of the jobs at the medical center such as a nurse or x-ray technician Science Teacher Mike Coe lectures during his Bio Science Class. Coe has been taking his Ap Bio kids to Omaha to the Zoo and Medical Center. However there have been several changes this year than previous years. and how people are saved.

words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska

words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska Volume 4 Issue 3 Teens Passing Prescriptions as Much as Pot Jessialyn Holdcraft Copy Editor/Staff Coordinator Teens today

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words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals 1500 E. 15th St.

words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals 1500 E. 15th St. The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals 1500 E. 15th St. September 28, 2011 Crete, Neb. 68333 Volume 6 Issue 1 In This Issue... News Fashionable feathers grow on hair; trends

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Migrant Students Look to the Stars

Migrant Students Look to the Stars ADVOCATES QUICKLY SEEN AS NEEDED TOOL ABOGADOS RÁPIDAMENTE VISTOS COMO HERRAMIENTA NECESARIA Migrant Students Heroes in Overcoming Obstacles Migrant students face obstacles that most of their classmates

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NC Crossroads KEEPING THE OLD, LEARNING THE NEW NC Crossroads A Publication of the North Carolina Humanities Council Weaving Cultures and Communities Una publicación del Consejo de Humanidades de Carolina del Norte Entretejemos las culturas con las

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Emilio da inicio a la Fiesta Cinco de Mayo de GCI Emilio kicks off GCI s Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Emilio da inicio a la Fiesta Cinco de Mayo de GCI Emilio kicks off GCI s Cinco de Mayo fiesta VOL 18 No. 33 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 Life of Freedom versus Life in prison... See page 6 for complete story. La vida en libertad versus la vida en La Pinta... Vea la historia completa

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A Love of Soccer But Nowhere to Play

A Love of Soccer But Nowhere to Play Bilingual Edition ISSUE #6 August 2012 WWW.RICHMONDPULSE.ORG A Love of Soccer But Nowhere to Play Un Amor al Fútbol Pero No Hay Donde Jugar News Report + Photos: Monica Quesada Angel Leon has learned how

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Tomasito s Mother Comes to School

Tomasito s Mother Comes to School Tomasito s Mother Comes to School La mamá de Tomasito visita la escuela A Storybook for Children and Families about Family Involvement at School Un cuento para niños y familias acerca de la participación

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INÚTIL! USELESS! ESTAFA DE IDENTIFICACIONES Y LICENCIAS: I.D. AND LICENSE SCAM: Su comunidad lo necesita! Your community needs YOU! Voto 2008 Pg. 4 Campaña de Ausentismo por Enfermedad Remunerado Paid Sick Days Campaign Pg. 10 julio 2008 / July 2008 Bilingual Free / Gratis INÚTIL!

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Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas

Por Dan Tomsky Instituto Global de Estrategias Públicas C I T Y l HEIGHTS AZALEA PARK FAIRMOUNT VILLAGE HOLLYWOOD PARK SWAN CANYON CHEROKEE POINT RIDGEVIEW CHOLLAS CREEK EDUCATION Local parents take charge in forming group to solve problems from academics to

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San Antonio gets Intervention from A&E

San Antonio gets Intervention from A&E WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXI NÚMERO 47 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM Mayo 23 DE 2010 San Antonio gets Intervention from A&E By Cristina Blackwell cblackwell@laprensasa.com Arts and Entertainment Network (A&E) and Time

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Union launches campaign against Schlitterbahn

Union launches campaign against Schlitterbahn PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 www.kchispanicnews.com 27 DE AGOSTO DEL 2009 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 YOUR LATINO CONNECTION SINCE 1996 One-on-One with Mayor Funkhouser Kansas City,

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La Voz Latina Central

La Voz Latina Central Latin Link Presents La Voz Latina Central Welcome Summer At the Center of Your Community / Al Centro de Su Comunidad JUNE 2013 What s Inside: Los Extranjeros Indocumentados Tienen Derechos Bajo La Ley

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Denver Zoo. Water World. Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Zoo. Water World. Denver Botanic Gardens COLORADO S #1 HISPANIC-OWNED BILINGUAL PUBLICATION VOL. XL NO. 22 National Association of Hispanic Publications May 28, 2014 La Vida Latina High school reunions are still popular. Will you attend yours?

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Arizona 50% IN ENGLISH! 50% EN ESPAÑOL! BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER BILINGUAL WWW.LAVOZ.US.COM PO BOX 3688, SANTA ROSA, CA 95402 50% INGLÉS 50% ESPAÑOL, un periódico comunitario producido y operado en la región. Nueva galería de fotos de La Voz! Aparece ahí? New La Voz photo gallery!

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Bear Tracks. Brewster School District April 2014. The Brewster School District would like to thank the Community of Brewster for their support.

Bear Tracks. Brewster School District April 2014. The Brewster School District would like to thank the Community of Brewster for their support. Bear Tracks Brewster School District April 2014 1 The Brewster School District would like to thank the Community of Brewster for their support. Passing a four year Education and Maintenance Levy replaces

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20th Anniversary 1987-2007 VOL. 20 NO. 36 HISPANIANEWS.COM 13 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007-20 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007

20th Anniversary 1987-2007 VOL. 20 NO. 36 HISPANIANEWS.COM 13 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007-20 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007 20th Anniversary 1987-2007 Automundo Pages 12-13 Salud Page 15 VOL. 20 NO. 36 HISPANIANEWS.COM 13 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007-20 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2007 El Orgullo De Ser Hispano Por Maria Teresa Bonilla La palabra

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The kiosk-like system can be accessed by going to www. cityheightslinks.org. El sistema tipo caseta informativa está

The kiosk-like system can be accessed by going to www. cityheightslinks.org. El sistema tipo caseta informativa está CITY l i HEIGHTS AZALEA PARK FAIRMOUNT VILLAGE HOLLYWOOD PARK SWAN CANYON CHEROKEE POINT RIDGEVIEW CHOLLAS CREEK f ela VIDA Volume 4 Issue 1 CORRIDOR FAIRMOUNT PARK COLINA PARK CASTLE FOX CANYON ISLENAIR

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La Promesa en el Derecho The Promise in the Law

La Promesa en el Derecho The Promise in the Law La Promesa en el Derecho The Promise in the Law La Promesa en el Derecho The Promise in the Law Qué tienen en común George Washington, Benito Juárez y Simón Bolívar? Los tres encabezaron revoluciones contra

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Reynaldo Rodriguez. Reynaldo Rodríguez entiende. United Healthcare is. United Healthcare está

Reynaldo Rodriguez. Reynaldo Rodríguez entiende. United Healthcare is. United Healthcare está Inside Pages Paginas Internas Artist Wayne Hilton exhibited a few pieces of his collection of his "Hermosos Huesos" in Topeka, Kansas. See page 7. El Artista Wayne Hilton exhibe algunas piezas de su colección

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South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime

South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime EL 1976 ~ 32 Years of Service ~ 2008 INDEPENDIENTE Free/gratis South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper September 26 / 26 de septiembre 2008 South Tucson Looks to Ordinances to Help Clean Up Area Street Crime

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Conozca qué becas están disponibles para pagar sus estudios. Más latinos están graduándose de las universidades 14. BilinGÜe BilinGUal

Conozca qué becas están disponibles para pagar sus estudios. Más latinos están graduándose de las universidades 14. BilinGÜe BilinGUal BilinGÜe BilinGUal DOMINGO, 25 DE MarzO DE 2012 VOL. 23, No. 13 UNa PUBLICaCION DEL 06 special edition edición especial choosing Más latinos están graduándose de las universidades 14 planning Siete pasos

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KING-CHÁVEZ. Neighborhood of Schools. High Schoolers Go To Italy

KING-CHÁVEZ. Neighborhood of Schools. High Schoolers Go To Italy ISSUE 5 SPRING 2014 Benvenuti In Italia By Shelby Frederickson What could be more exciting than a trip to Italy? On October 10th, 13 students from King-Chavez Community High School s Italian classes headed

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Sociedad. 2012 annual report

Sociedad. 2012 annual report Sociedad 2012 annual report As someone who has watched Daniel grow over the past six years, it is amazing to witness his remarkable progress over time. His development as a young person and a leader are

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you that everyone in Connecticut would develop skin cancer sometime in the next twelve months?

you that everyone in Connecticut would develop skin cancer sometime in the next twelve months? COLORADO S #1 HISPANIC-OWNED BILINGUAL PUBLICATION VOL. XLI NO. 12 National Association of Hispanic Publications March 25, 2015 La Vida Latina Pet cancer is increasing and CSU-Fort Collins is reasearching

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South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. Celebrating César Chávez

South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper. Celebrating César Chávez EL 1976 ~ 32 Years of Service ~ 2008 INDEPENDIENTE Free/gratis INSIDE Youth Rugby Messy sport, messy fun. Another football makes its mark in Tucson....see page 4 Festival de Mariachi Estudiantes aprecian

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Hispanics Driving Success ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE. Achieving Excellence: Exitos Hispanos LOGRANDO EXCELENCIA

Hispanics Driving Success ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE. Achieving Excellence: Exitos Hispanos LOGRANDO EXCELENCIA ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE Hispanics Driving Success Achieving Excellence: Exitos Hispanos Hispanics LOGRANDO Driving Success EXCELENCIA Introduction By Gloria Rodriguez I had a dear friend who passed away last

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www.kchispanicnews.com Your latino connection since 1996 Tú conexión latina desde 1996

www.kchispanicnews.com Your latino connection since 1996 Tú conexión latina desde 1996 VOL 18 No. 44 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 16 de julio, 2015 * Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City El Chapo breaks out of prison. See page7. Joan Sebastian remembered. See page 8. Homeboy

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RECUERDE ATRASAR SU RELOJ ESTE SÁBADO RECUERDE ATRASAR SU RELOJ ESTE SÁBADO WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXIII NÚMERO 17 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 6 de noviembre de 2011 La Prensa Foundation reconoció a destacados líderes de San Antonio Por Ana Cristina González

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By Kristian Jaime kristian@laprensasa.com. Kawhi Leonard estará representando a los Spurs en el mini-campo del USA National Team.

By Kristian Jaime kristian@laprensasa.com. Kawhi Leonard estará representando a los Spurs en el mini-campo del USA National Team. WEEKEND EDITION AÑO XXVII NÚMERO 6 WWW.LAPRENSASA.COM 9 de agosto de 2015 Leonard y Aldridge convocados al mini-campo de selección nacional Por José I. Franco franco@laprensasa.com Los aleros Kawhi Leonard,

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