JOB SHOTS JOB SHOTS CENTENNIAL, COLORADO TELLURIDE, COLORADO. Highlands Reservoir Replacement of Basins 1 and 2. Trout Lake Outlet Modifications

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1 CENTENNIAL, COLORADO Highlands Reservoir Replacement of Basins 1 and 2 (Denver Water) Job 6675 $10.7 million Project Manager: Mike Moore Superintendents: Juan Campbell Carey Woods Project Coordinator: Heidi Haberkorn Top: Post tensioned slab on grade for 7 MG tank. Bottom Left: Shore scaffold for post tensioned deck. Bottom Right: 36 overflow. Submitted by Mike Moore TELLURIDE, COLORADO Trout Lake Outlet Modifications (Xcel Energy) Job 6678 $2.5 million Project Manager: Joel Heimbuck Superintendent: Walt Sinclair Project Engineer: Stephen Hagy Project Coordinator: Janel Tannatt Crew: Ronny Burst, Ilay Alvarez, Louis Lucero, Jeff Sullins Submitted by Stephen Hagy Page 1

2 KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Downtown State Street & South Central Avenue Water & Wastewater, Phase 1 (Knoxville Utilities Board) Job 3206 $4.8 million Sr. Project Manager: Jeff Seal Project Manager: Trent Roszell Superintendents: Matt Burton Chad Englebright Intern: Ben Ramsbottom Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Left: Water installation on narrow streets in downtown Knoxville. Top Right: Waterline crew working next to an electrical duct bank crew. Middle Right: Setting one of three 80,000 lb. precast vaults. Bottom Right: Chain of trench boxes for concrete encased duct bank. Submitted by Trent Roszell MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA Midwest City Compost Facility (City of Midwest City, OK) Job 4421 $7.9 million Project Manager: Steve Hermes Superintendent: Raul Arvizu Field Engineer: Bryan Clark Project Coordinator: Sonya Puskas Crew: Arturo Torres, Alfonso Grifaldo, Juan Carlos Grifaldo, Alfonso Mata, Serafin Villanueva, Carlos Arvizu, Roman Valdez Top Left: Final two wall pours complete! Top Right: Structural steel painting. Bottom: Overview of the compost facility building. Submitted by Steve Hermes Page 2

3 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Rehabilitation of 24 PCCP Cross County Header (Louisville Water Company) Job 3205 $0.4 million Project Manager: Jordan Carrier Superintendent: Steve Dunlap Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Top Left: Crew looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed, from left to right: Jesus Ortiz, Steven Hobock, Trent Hudgens, Gregory Brown, Basil Trouten, Edgar Elias, Steve Dunlap, and Samuel Ortiz. Top Right: The tension wire is removed from a section of the 24 PCCP that was installed in the late 1960s so it can sent to and examined by Hanson s lab. This project includes removing and replacing 300 LF of 24 PCCP. Right: Crew completing hand work around the maze of existing utilities in order to replace a section of existing 24 PCCP. Submitted by Jordan Carrier PAR 1088 Northern Treatment Plant (Metro Wastewater Reclamation District) Job 6655 $99.3 million Project Manager: Matt Wampler Safety Coordinator: Janet Polacek Electrical Guru: Dave McEntee Project Coordinator: Casie Bell Carey Wood s crew installing 24 steel tertiary influent pipe at the new tertiary floc/sed gallery. BRIGHTON, COLORADO Looking south over the NTP site from the tower crane. Superintendents: David Lustig, Jeff Dickhausen, Juan Torres, JB Wright, Wes Conaway, Florentino Alvarez, Lance Bunyan, Carey Woods, Frank Earls, Eric Griffin, Dustin Cronin Eric Griffin s crew backfilling the foul air duct header at the new south odor control facility. Project Engineers: Nick Campbell, Andy Brown, Grant Harlow, Adam Theriault Field Engineers: Chance Galentin, Brett Green, Ty Rotella, Josue Alvarez, Nate Walker, Tommy Barth, Austin Herren Submitted by Adam Theriault Page 3

4 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Jeffersontown Force Main (Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District) Job 3128 $6.0 million Project Manager: Gary Goff Superintendents: Tim Brewster Steve Dunlap Assistant Supt.: Austin Rexroat Project Engineer: Jordan Carrier Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Tim s Crew: Jerry Shearron, Phillip Payne, Michael Brewster, Ron Johnson, Peter Underwood, Teo Binuelo Steve s Crew: Edgar Elias, Basil Trouten, Gregory Brown, Jesus Ortiz, Samuel Ortiz, Steven Hobock, Trent Hudgens Jerry and Teo installing 24 C905 PVC. Garney installing asphalt binder on Galene Drive. Submitted by Jordan Carrier Crew ready to go bright and early. Rock trenching the Kentucky sandstone ahead of the pipe crew. MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE Southwest Regional Pumping Station (City of Murfreesboro, TN) Job 3104 $7.3 million Project Manager: Jordan Brooking Superintendents: Pedro Munoz James Fulk Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Second lift walls; top of wall elevation is 46 higher than first floor finished floor elevation. Crew: Ramon Munoz, John Fenzel, Israel Hernandez, Jose Carrillo, Amadeo Saenz, Jeff Martin, Ascencion Mendoza Jr., Jonathan Evans, Ken Jenkins, Michael Sullivan, Clint Fulk, Daniel Castana, Filiberto Escaramusa, Luis Omar, Alvarado Jordan Submitted by Jordan Brooking 36 DIP discharge header on intermediate floor level. Shoring for top slab. Ramon Munoz (current Foreman and son of Pedro Munoz) at age 8 wearing a Garney hard hat in Crested Butte, Colorado. Father and son consulting on the top slab prior to the next day s pour. Page 4

5 Omohundro & KR Harrington WTP Chemical Feed Upgrades (Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County) Job 3135 $12.7 million Project Managers: John Myhr Patrick Vidonish Superintendent: Nathan Boone Assistant Supt.: Brandon Butler Project Engineers: Theo Castellano Bradford Dove Field Engineer: Bryce Boucher Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Crew: Sebastian Rodriguez, Florindo Lopez, Alejandro Vicente, Geraldo Gonzales, Jose Figueroa, Bobby Adkins, Tony Smith Submitted by Theo Castellano & John Myhr Lifting demolished lime silo. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Installing concrete approach around fluoride / lime containment structure. Installing chemical feed lines. MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE Southwest Force Main (City of Murfreesboro, TN) Job 3117 $8.3 million Project Manager: Jordan Brooking Superintendent: Kevin Griffin Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Crew: Mitch Dotson, Tomas Binuelo, Rudy Rangel, Felix Rivera, Ali Al-Hajery, Sammy Rangel, Scott Russell, Jonathan Evans Clockwise from Top Left: The 36 DIP force main installed through the top of an existing precast storm drain box culvert; Portadam coffer dam installed in two phases to cross the stones river; Portadam coffer dam installation; Three 18 HDPE siphons downstream of the crossing to lower the river elevation; Installing the 18 HDPE siphons. Submitted by Kevin Griffin & Jordan Brooking Page 5

6 VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Withlacoochee Water Pollution Control Plant Pump Stations (City of Valdosta, GA) Job 0460 $12.0 million Project Managers: Luke Cobb Erik Reynolds Superintendents: Mike Smith Lupey Perez Gary Juarez Jorge Perez Project Engineers: Matt Baker Matt McKinnon Co-Op: Sebastian Sanchez Project Coordinator: Gina McKinnon Crew: Wackee Adams, Felix Baptiste, David Batts, Matthew Davis, Moises Diaz, Dairon Diez, Tomas Diez, Ed Moorehead, Brian Mothershed, Larry Roberts, James Smith, Jason Stacks, Fred Starrett, Dave Thomas, Al Washington, Carol Williams, Stetson Wilson Submitted by Matt McKinnon The crew worked late one Thursday night to be ready for a 5 A.M. wall pour the next morning. This extra effort allowed the crew to be ready to strip on Monday. Preparing the Gornto Pump Station site for construction. Placing a 25 wall for the equalization basin drain and jet mix sump. McLean Water System Improvements - Phase III (Fairfax County Water Authority) Job 3201 $3.5 million Project Manager: Sam Flowers Superintendent: Rob Grant Project Engineer: Clay Greene Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Crew: Gary Warnock, Tony Lamb, Chad Chadwick, Jesus Ledesma, Anthony Payton, Yonis Barahona Right: Rob Grant and crew get ahead of the game by pre-building a 24 tee and butterfly valves. Submitted by Clay Greene MCLEAN, VIRGINIA Page 6

7 AURORA, COLORADO Wemlinger Water Purification Facility Improvements (City of Aurora, CO) Job 6208 $20.9 million Project Manager: Joel Heimbuck Superintendents: Doug Langfeldt Trevor Bode Project Engineers: Justin Dreitzler Drew Compton Field Engineers: Dallas Williamson Gerardo Gomez Project Coordinator: Janel Tannatt Left: Splitter box and dirt work for backwash recovery basins. Top Right: Rebar work at the pump station building. Bottom Right: Splitter box walls poured. Submitted by Drew Compton LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY West Hickman Trunk Sewer, Phase A (Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government) Job 3207 $3.8 million Project Manager: Gary Goff Superintendent: Denzil Evans Project Engineer: Zack Bloomfield Project Coordinator: Gina Muratori Crew: James Johnson, Will Evans, Joe Hobbs, Chris West, Jason Layhew, Sam Underwood Submitted by Zack Bloomfield Page 7

8 KING, NORTH CAROLINA King WTP Improvements - Divisions II & III (City of King, NC) Job 0449 $11.5 million Project Managers: Don Trujillo Patrick Vidonish Superintendent: Lee Curtis Project Engineers: Tim Rice Paul Lacey Co-Op: Josh Quach Project Coordinator: Rocio Torres Crew: Joe Bay, Jesus Hernandez, Jose Ramirez, Raymund Lara, John Struthers, Epifino Hernandez, Gustavo Garcia, Travis Lawson, Armundo Castro, Clockwise from Top Left: Erecting diaphragm for 1 MG pre-stressed water storage tank; Formwork for elevated slabs and walkways at the sedimentation basin; Top view of filter pipe gallery; Crew shot. Submitted by Josh Quach BRIGHTON, COLORADO Hammer Reservoir Hydraulic Facilities (City of Thornton, CO) Job 6685 $9.3 million Project Manager: Ruben King Superintendents: Jeff Burst Michael Huff Rich Trimble Project Engineer: Alex Engelbert Project Coordinator: Heidi Haberkorn Crew (left to right): Mario Armendariz, Leopoldo Soto, Jesus Paulo Esparza, Colby Esquibel, Bobby Reilly, Jaun Ayala, Dominic Moncayo, Ramon Mendoza, Matt Gomez, Josh Miller, John Gepkins, Luis Salayandia, Josh Lucero, Mark Romas, Matt Gooden, Samuel Canales, and Edwin Ramirez. Not pictured are Jesus Ayuda and Haden Trimble. Inset: Bird s eye view of the project. The walls are complete and crews are currently working on the wing walls. Submitted by Alex Engelbert Page 8

9 ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI Ammonia Removal Improvements & Biosolids Dryer Facility (City of St. Joseph, MO) Job 4440 $50.1 million Project Manager: Jeff Gorman Safety Manager: Scott Thompson Project Coordinator: Sonya Puskas Superintendents: Tim Diamond, Chad Markley, Richard Gaudin, Matt French, Art Turner, Tim Holliday Project & Field Engineers: Jared Keating, Cody Schmidt, Caleb Martin, Stephen Harris, Tim Hockett, Luke Messer, Scott Setter Crew: Mike Colburn, David Phillips, Walter Lozier, Manny Rodriguez, Raphael Rodriguez, Rudy Puskas, Willy Kersey, Tim Charlton, Daniel Gardner, Jacob Schmidt, Manuel Mota, Alex Duran, AJ Chapman, Mathew Wiles, Justin Shields, Octavio Ramirez, Antonio Ramirez, Frank Lara, Marlon Borrayo, Tomas Garcia, Guillermo Majica, Williams Mojica, James Gerdes, Michael Roberts, Josh Dunn Submitted by Cody Schmidt Excavation of final clarifier No. 1 continues along with steel H-pile installation. Effluent box of the new grit removal facility. GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Improvements (City of Grand Island, NE) Job 4420 $16.9 million Sr. Project Manager: Marcus Grace Project Manager: Mark Miner Superintendent: Brian Schultz Project Engineers: Colby Diamond Darous Allton Project Coordinator: Laurie Grace Crew: Matt McCann, Sean Bryson, Alan Bolich, Ruben Munoz, Luis Collazo, Luis Arvizu, Robert Hernandez, Casey Sikes, Sidney Schultz, Braden Sikes, David Ibanez, Sergio Dominguez, Francisco Hurtado, Francisco Melendez, Gerber Perez, Randy Svitak, William Taylor Submitted by Mark Miner Wall placement at the flow distribution structure. View of the project site looking toward the grit facility, taken from atop the raw wastewater pump station. Installation of the 30 raw wastewater force main. Installing a new line under an existing RCP line. Page 9

10 JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS South Source Water Transmission Mains & Meter Station (City of Jacksonville, AR) Job 4426 $5.7 million Project Manager: Chad Sharbono Superintendent: Butch Crawford Project Engineer: Bryan Muench Project Coordinator: Kelly Coffelt Crew: Chester Rigsby, Bobby Ledbetter, Nick Kephart, Gary Crum, Alex Baker Right: Installing 24 DIP through a park. Below: Pulling 24 ball and socket pipe across a creek crossing. Submitted by Bryan Muench OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA WC-0507 & WC-0766: 48 Transmission Water Line (City of Oklahoma City, OK) Jobs 4439 & 8201 $8.7 million Project Manager: Chad Sharbono Superintendent: Mike Swift Project Engineer: Kahle Loveless Project Coordinator: Kelly Coffelt Crew: Jay Robertson, Dwayne Harper, Fletter Stoudemire, Charles Griffin, Alfonza Stoudemire, Jeff Vander Wolde, Dennis Lewallen, Robert Gallino Clockwise from Top Left: Chad, Dwayne & Alfonza discuss the next pipe setting; Charles Griffin guides Jay Robertson around utilities; Guiding a joint of pipe in the ditch to weld up before pushing through the I-40 bore; Tie-in between Airport Road and an open cut creek crossing; Jeff, Mike and Charles lower a special into the ditch at I-40. Submitted by Kahle Loveless Page 10

11 LA WARD, TEXAS Mary Rhodes Pipeline Ph. II (City of Corpus Christi, TX) Job 4436 $84.1 million Project Manager: Rob Fults Superintendents: Chris Roberts Andrew Kremer Project Engineers: Taylor Osgood Zach Steinbach Project Coordinator: Heather Manning Crew: Adrian Mejia, Hernan Mejia, Elwin Claros, Tony Christensen, Joseph Yohon, Bryan Roberts, Terry West, Antonio Rico, Jose Villagran, Billy Grant, Derrick Chumchal, Chris Latapie, Vasel Abazajian, Jeff Jones Top Left: View of the 44 (0.75 wall) steel horizontal directional drill (HDD). Top Right: Five cranes, one JD 470 Excavator, and one side boom dozer guide the 44 HDD pipe into place. Bottom: Another view of the HDD pull. Submitted by Taylor Osgood KERMIT, TEXAS ClearWater Ranch Development & Delivery Plant Sub-Bid (Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1) Job 4431 $11.3 million Sr. Project Manager: Marcus Grace Superintendents: Joe Ross Pete Godin Project Coordinator: Cathy Schmitz Crew: Danny Servan, Louis Juliano, Terry Dix, Johnny Bunch Top Left: Exterior of the pump station. Top Right: New 1 MG ground storage tank. Bottom: Vertical turbine pumps for the new pump station. Submitted by Marcus Grace Page 11

12 MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA Pollution Control Facility Improvements (City of Midwest City, OK) Job 4382 $47.5 million Project Manager: Bart Slaymaker Superintendents: Wade Pierpoint Art Turner Sergio Mata Project Engineer: Bryan Clark Michael Dykstra Project Coordinator: Sonya Puskas Clockwise from Top Left: Polymer feed and containment area that feeds polymer to the newly installed sludge thickening equipment or sludge press equipment. Setting two secondary digesters using a 225-ton truck crane to set up and install both domes on the same day; Completed headworks structure; Two completed MBBR reactor trains. Submitted by Bart Slaymaker PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT TRAINING IN ORLANDO Page 12

13 DEAR ESOP MAN This column acts as a forum for employee-owners to get their questions answered by ESOP Man. Think of it as Garney s version of Dear Abby. Oftentimes, employee-owners have the same burning questions; this column gives you an opportunity to submit questions anonymously, directly to ESOP Man. If you have questions you d like to submit for future issues, please DEAR ESOP MAN: Is it possible for me to retire at 45? What would be the drawbacks of taking money out that early? -- Ready to Retire DEAR READY: The ESOP does not provide an option to retire at age 45. The Plan s retirement age is 62, with at least 5 years of service, to receive 100% of your account balance. After meeting those requirements, you will receive your total ESOP account balance the summer following your retirement. The only options to access your ESOP prior to retirement are the diversification options. If you have been in the ESOP for 10 years, there are partial account diversification options available at age 55, and again six years later, that allow you to access up to a total of 50% of the Garney stock balance in your account, less what you have previously diversified. If you decide to leave the company at 45, the Plan requires that your total vested ESOP account will be segregated and transferred into the Garney 401(k). Once the funds have been transferred, you will be able to self-direct how you want the money invested in any of the Vanguard funds that are currently available in our 401(k). After you have been gone from your Garney employment for five years, you will be able take a distribution of your Vanguard account in the sixth year after you left. Please be aware that if you do not roll this money over into an IRA, a Roth IRA, or another employers 401(k), you will be subject to both ordinary income taxes as well as a 10% penalty. ESOP Man cautions you that the decision to leave Garney as such a young age is not one to be taken lightly. If you are to consider leaving, it would be wise to consult with outside experts to ensure you are making a wise financial decision. DEAR ESOP MAN: One of our philosophies is Win/Win. I ve had trouble defining what this means. Can you let us know what this means to you? -- Looking for a Win DEAR LOOKING: Win/Win has been one of our Philosophies for many years. Charles Garney instilled this in me when I was just a young ESOP Man back in the 80s. Win/Win is a mindset. Put simply, it means you want to develop solutions that are a win for you and a win for the person you are working with. This is the best long-term solution. You want both parties to leave any situation feeling like they were treated fairly and honestly. It is the approach we want all employee-owners to take in any situation. RECENT PROJECT AWARDS The St. Joseph Disinfection Facilities & Effluent Pump Station project won ENR Midwest s 2014 Regional Best Projects Award of Merit for the Water/Environment Category. The Central Sumter Utility WWTP project won the DBIA Florida Merit Award in the Water/Wastewater Category. Page 13

14 QUERIDO HOMBRE ESOP Esta columna actúa como un foro para que los empleados-propietarios manden preguntas para que sean contestadas por hombre ESOP. Es como la versión de Garney de Querida Abby. A menudo los empleados-propietarios tienen las mismas preguntas candentes; esta columna les da la oportunidad de enviar sus preguntas de forma anónima, directamente al hombre ESOP. Si tiene alguna pregunta que le gustaría presentar para futuras ediciones, por favor mande un correo electronico a: QUERIDO HOMBRE ESOP: Es posible que me retire a los 45? Cuáles serían las desventajas de tomar mi dinero antes de tiempo? - Listo para jubilarme QUERIDO AMIGO LISTO: El ESOP no proporciona una opción para "retirarse" a los 45 años. La edad de jubilación de El Plan es de 62 años, con por lo menos 5 años de servicio, para recibir el 100% del saldo de su cuenta. Después de cumplir esos requisitos, usted recibirá el saldo total de su cuenta ESOP el verano siguiente después de su jubilación. Las únicas opciones para acceder a su plan ESOP antes de la jubilación son las opciones de diversificación. Si usted ha estado en el ESOP por 10 años, hay opciones de abrir cuentas parciales de diversificación, disponibles cuando cumple 55 años, y nuevamente, despues de seis añosle permiten acceder hasta un total del 50% del valor de las acciones de Garney que tenga en su cuenta, restando lo que se ha diversificado con anterioridad. Si decide abandonar la empresa a los 45, las reglas de El Plan indican que el total de su cuenta ESOP será "segregado" y transferido a la cuenta 401 (k) de Garney. Una vez que los fondos hayan sido transferidos, usted podrá decidir cómo desea que el dinero sea invertido en cualquiera de los fondos de Vanguard que están disponibles actualmente en nuestro plan 401 (k). Después de haber estado fuera del empleo con Garney por cinco años, usted podrá tomar control de su cuenta de Vanguard en el sexto año después de que se fue. Tenga en cuenta que si usted no reinvierte ese dinero en otra cuenta IRA, o en una IRA Roth, u otro 401 (k) en su proximo empleo, usted estará sujeto a los impuestos de ingresos ordinaries y una multa del 10%. El hombre ESOP le que advierte que la decisión de dejar Garney a una edad tan temprana, no es algo para tomar a la ligera. Si usted va a considerar irse, sería sabio consultar con expertos financieros externos para asegurarse de que está haciendo una sabia decisión financiera. QUERIDA HOMBRE ESOP: Una de nuestras filosofías es "ganar / ganar." He tenido problemas para definir lo que esto significa. Puedes explicarnos que significa esto para usted? - Buscando ganar ESTIMADO BUSCANDO: Ganar/Ganar ha sido una de nuestras filosofías durante muchos años. Charles Garney inculcó esto en mí cuando yo era un joven ESOP allá en los años 80. Ganar /Ganar es un modo de pensar. En pocas palabras, esto significa que usted debe desarrollar soluciones que sean una "victoria" para usted y una "victoria" para la persona para la que está trabajando. Esta es la mejor solución a largo plazo. Usted quiere que ambas partes salgan de cualquier situación sintiendo que fueron tratados de manera justa y honesta. Es el enfoque que queremos que todos los empleados-propietarios tomen en cualquier situación. Page 14

15 REGIONAL PICNICS IN DENVER & KANSAS CITY Garney held their Annual West and Midwest Area family picnics on Sept. 13 and 20, respectively. The picnics included fun family games, face painting, a dunk tank and great food. UMR was present at both picnics to discuss Garney s benefits program and gave away raffle prizes to those who participated in the discussions. Looks like everyone had a great time! Page 15

16 2ND ANNUAL ADVANCING WATER GOLF INVITATIONAL $10,000 putting contest at the golf outing in Atlanta. Irasema s first swing of the club! Thursday evening cookout. Margarita machine was a hit! PIPE & PLANT UNIVERSITY Jobsite tour of the Integrated Pipeline Project in Fort Worth, Texas. Steve McCandless speaks to the group at the Brighton Armory on October 9. Sam Flowers presents Nash Williams with a gift for training on pipe welding. John Sedbrook & Heather Manning the tall and short of it Scott Wilson presents on pipeline materials at Pipe U. Randy Parks presents on steel pipe design at Plant U. Jobsite tour of Northern Treatment Plant in Brighton, Colorado. Page 16

17 We are proud of the fact that Garney is 100% owned by our employees. Employees become owners through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP is one of Garney s two retirement tools. The ESOP holds stock in Garney Holding Company and other cash investments. Garney s other retirement option, the 401(k), is invested in the funds that you select. The 401(k) portion of the Garney retirement plan is a vehicle by which you can save your own income prior to the normal income taxes being held. In addition to your contributions, Garney will make matching stock contributions to your account. WHAT IS A 401(k)? A 401(k) is a qualified plan established by employers (Garney) to which eligible employee-owners can make salary deferral contributions on a pre-tax basis. WHY SHOULD I CONTRIBUTE? Putting away money for retirement is a wise decision. With a 401(k), you can save for future financial needs through convenient payroll deductions. In addition, your contributions will be matched by company stock. HOW DOES THE COMPANY MATCH MY CONTRIBUTIONS? To encourage you to contribute your own personal money to a 401(k) for retirement, Garney will match your contributions with company stock. The company will match the first 1% and then 0.5% (one-half percent) on the next 5% of your payroll deferral made to the 401(k) plan. To get the maximum company match, you must put in 6% (see table at right). IS THERE A VESTING SCHEDULE FOR THE 401(k) LIKE THE ESOP? The vesting schedule for the employee matching stock is different than that for the ESOP. You are 100% vested in your matching stock shares after two years of service. You are always 100% vested in any contributions that you make to the plan. WHEN AM I ELIGIBLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO A 401(k)? You are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan after six months of service. At this time, you will receive an enrollment packet to fill out. You will have the option to select the funds you would like to invest in and the amount of your income you would like to invest. Garney offers investment options through Vanguard. If you do not make a selection at this time, or opt out, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan at 3% of your income. You will be invested in the Target Date Retirement Funds that best match your age and normal retirement. If you do nothing, your contribution will automatically be increased by 1% each year until you reach 6%, at which point it will cap. ESOP COMMITTEE UPDATE Estamos orgullosos del hecho de que Garney es 100% propiedad de los empleados. Los empleados se convierten en propietarios a través de nuestro Plan de Adquisición de Acciones para empleados (ESOP). El ESOP es una de las dos herramientas de jubilación de Garney. El ESOP tiene acciones en Garney Holding Company y otras inversiones en efectivo. Otra opción de retiro de Garney,es el 401(k), se invierte en los fondos que usted seleccione. El 401(k) como parte del plan de jubilación Garney es un vehículo mediante el cual usted puede guardar sus propios ingresos antes que los impuestos sean aplicados a las ganancias normales. Además de sus contribuciones, Garney hará contribuciones equivalents en acciones a su cuenta. QUÉ ES UN 401(k)? Un "401(k)" es un plan calificado establecido por los empleadores (Garney) en donde los empleados-propietarios son elegibles para hacer contribuciones de salario diferido sobre una base antes de impuestos. POR QUÉ DEBERÍA CONTRIBUIR? Ahorrar dinero para su jubilación es una decisión sabia. Con un plan 401(k), usted puede ahorrar para las necesidades financieras futuras a través de convenientes deducciones de su salario. Además, sus contribuciones serán igualadas por la compañía. CÓMO LA EMPRESA IGUALA MIS CONTRIBUCIONES? Para animaros a contribuir con su propio dinero a un plan 401(k) para la jubilación, Garney hará depositos equivalents a sus aportes con acciones de la compañía. La empresa va a depositar el primer 1% y luego el 0,5% (medio por ciento) en los próximos 5% de los depositos de descuento directo del salario que usted haga a su plan 401(k). Para sacar el máximo partido de la compañía, usted debe poner en el 6% (ver tabla a la derecha). HAY UN CALENDARIO PARA LA ADQUISICIÓN DE DERECHOS TOTALES PARA EL 401(K), COMO HAY PARA EL ESOP? El calendario para la adquisición de derechos totales es diferente a el del ESOP. Usted tendrá el 100% de derechos sobre sus acciones de valores equivalents después de dos años de servicio. Usted es siempre 100% propietario de todas las contribuciones que usted realice en el plan. CUÁNDO SOY ELEGIBLE PARA CONTRIBUIR A UN PLAN 401(K)? Usted es elegible para participar en un plan 401(k) después de seis meses de servicio. En ese momento, usted recibirá un paquete de inscripción a llenar si esta interesado. Usted tendrá la opción de seleccionar los fondos en los que le gustaría invertir y la cantidad de sus ingresos que le gustaría invertir. Garney ofrece opciones de inversión a través de Vanguard. ACTUALIZACION DEL COMITE DE ESOP Si usted no hace una selección en este momento, o se excluye, se le inscribirá automáticamente en un plan donde el 3% de sus ingresos ira a su jubilacion. Usted será invertido en Fondos Para Retiro con Fecha Determinada, la inversión que mejor responda a su edad y la jubilación normal. Si no hace nada, su contribución de forma automática se incrementará en un 1% cada año hasta llegar a un 6%, solamente. Page 17

18 NUCA COLORADO CLAY SHOOT IN MEMORY Fred Champan, father of Merv Chapman and former Garney employee-owner. February 21, August 13, 2014 Fred was an integral part of Garney s tunneling business in the late 80s and 90s. Fred was a real outside-the-box creative thinker with a solution for every field problem, and a kind word and smile for everyone he dealt with. -- Steve McCandless On September 25, 2014, NUCA Colorado Chapter held a Clay Shoot Tournament in which several Garney employee-owners participated. The team consisting of Andy Brown, Rich Trimble, Grant Harlow, and Bob Hoss took overall best score, while Brock Southwick won the overall competition as an individual. Garney participants in the photo above, left to right: Chance Galentin, Andy Brown, Brock Southwick, Bridger Southwick (Brock s 3-year-old son), Rich Trimble, Grant Harlow, David Lustig, Ty Rotella, and Nick Campbell. WORDS OF PRAISE Tim Behler, If you are like me, I don t often get word of employees doing well. I only get complaints! The purpose of this is to let you know how much we appreciate Tim, Lee and Don. Not just for helping us out when we have problems, but for the overall project. As you know, we know Tim and Lee very well and we are getting to know Don also. These guys are very knowledgeable and perform their duties at the highest level. They are very competent and responsible employees and I would consider them an asset to the profession. What I appreciate the most is their ability to understand everything that is going on with the project and the City functions. I would recommend Garney to anyone. T. Scott Barrow, PE, PLS City Engineer City of King, NC RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Les Cushman on this recent retirement! Les was an employee-owner from 1978 to 2014 and was a Superintendent out of the Littleton, Colorado, office working for Wayne O Brien s profit center. Les has the rare qualities of calm patience and confident humility. Merriam-Webster s definition of understated is Expressed or done in a quiet or simple way. This quality is special and refreshing in today s world of look at me! Les knows his stuff, there s no doubt about it. He s confident and he knows that the best way to conduct himself (and mentor others at the same time) is to simply lead by example. In the end, Les knows that the finished product will speak for itself. -- Kevin Rupp I just have to thank Les for everything I have because he took a chance on me 28 years ago. We became the best of friends. I owe everything I have to him because of his great friendship and leadership. -- JB Wright Page 18