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1 SOUTHWEST COLLECTION Texs t univf3 UütertlittyffeignsJun Migu Gonzlez 'strip US f Wshgn, - As irony would hve it, Ell's fr Jun Migu Gonzlez now hs n Americn vis, pdg trip, perhps himsf, United Sttes nd n Americn lwyer Hvn seekg flize his son's reptrition Mwhile, Cubn Americn protesrs contue monstrte outsi El's Mimi home, vowg prevt 6-yer-old El from levg Atrney Gregory Crig left for Hvn Tuesdy night work out Gonzlez's issues concerng trip United Sttes In press rese red on Cubn tevision, Gonzlez sid tht he would trv United Sttes t ny time complety lone nd nywhere country, but only if it is pick up his son nd return "immedity Cub" If he is required sty t lest two months" Wshgn comply with legl requiremts, n he sys tht it is "dispsble" for him El Edir Ws 2 Ntionl Awrds or Exclce m Journlism trv with gtion of 27 people, for whom viss hve lso be rested Twty-one of pplictions re beg "studied" US governmt El's fr "lso sists tht viss be issued for those people," rese sid The US Interests Section Hvn hs lredy divered viss for Gonzlez Qutn, his wife, ir six-month-old son, one of El's couss, his techer nd peditric However, "(El's) 12 clssmtes, two psychologists, two psychitrists, his first-gr Citg hrd work nd diction tll, El Edir Publisher Bidl Aguero ccepted two ntionl wrds for exclce journlism wrd this pst weekd Ntionl Assocition of Hispnic Publictions The Ntionl conferce hd Ls Vegs hosted over 100 publishers nd mny more journlist, dvertisers nd corportions durg 4 dy confb which wrd newsppers wrds writg, dvertisg nd circultion The sry submitted nd writt Aguero gve hisry of cebrtions commemortg Lubbock's Fiests d 6 nd ld ir hisry dtg bct mid 1960's The prize ws wrd for beg best sry submitted ctegory of culturl sries newsppers unr 50,000 A second ntionl prize ws wrd El Edir nd Texs Tech stunt Chris Futes for h s comic strip "Ste" which rn El Edir for 3 months A reception prest wrds Lubbock is plnned for ner future techer, two medicl specilists nd n dviser re beg tlly exclud," press rese Ntionl quoted Cubn Assembly Prest Ricrdo Alrcon s syg boy's fr consirs se people "dispsble provi immedite support for recovery nd hth of his son" Similrly, he sisted on beg counsed " trustworthy, expericed person, s he hs never trved this country nd knows little bout ntion" r News Bri efs' Hispnic Stunt Enrollmt Increses Cliforni Universities "E! Respe! Derec ho Ajo es L Pz," "Respect for Rights of Ors Is Pece" Lit Bi Ju rez Vol TUÜII No 28 wwwv ss t Vt Week of April 6, 2000 thru April 12, 2000 Lubbock, Tx Pp El Lleg Los EEUU ndido eso er un nuev "justici A su regreso un visit " AP Jun Migu Gonzlez nee Wshgn, DC, Estdos Unidos, est mnn pn pedir l cusdi su hijo seis hos, Elf Gonzlez Mus spues su Ilegd t eropuer, Gonzlez dijo "I-I e llegdo Wshgn don espero por primer vez cutro meses brzr mi hijo" Explic6 seb "reclmo medi" d no "Se me h dicho tgo esperr dos meses ntes regresr con Eli n," dijo, rmpgo Cub, Gregory Crig, bogdo Jun Migu Gonzlez, record6 un rued prs ls urids migrris nortemericns reconocieron siempre l ptri potestd Jun Migu Gonzlez sobre El, por lo cul tf tdido cundo llegr pdre, " proceso trnsferirle l cusdi su hijo comzrf medi" "Este dispues drse qul hste lo gr r objetivo busc, le vuvn su hijo", reclc6 Es un grn trgedi cundo un no pier uno sus pdres, como cso Ell durnte su vije Estdos Unidos Jun Migu perdi6 l compnf su rido hijo durnte cutro lrgos meses", prosiguiö Crig "L primer trgedi no pue ser borrd L segund pue y be reprrse", stci6 El bogdo, un migo cercno d preste nortemericno Bill Cln ( qui sesor6 cso Lewsky) lible vijdo L Hbn l mdrugd d miercoles Cstro confirm6 l prtid "Yo por lo mos lo voy spedir", dijo mndtrio Andiö pdre El vijri con su fmili pre Mimi no dijern "hn ddo rehes Cub" "Voy ver clumnis vn levntr hor", dijo Cstro Crig vijö Cub compndo por l ex secretri gerl d Consejo Iglesis, Jon Cmpbl, y Thom White Wolf Fssett, un oficil l iglesi medist Fssett dijo Jun Migu Gonzlez no hbf vijdo este pls nteriormte por cref oficiles estdounses le volver su hijo Recstg Me I tg Pot By Rober Suro Becomg n Americn used be simple, or t lest tht's wy we conjure up old Ellis Islnd dys of immigrtion Foreigners hppily left old country behd nd stedily ssumed new tity Peddler, Plumber, Professionl Little Itly, Brooklyn, Long Islnd The predictble trnsition ws complete time newcomers' grndchildr grew up spekg just few words mor ngue nd prcticg n ethnic tity ttched holidys rr thn everydy life It didn't hpp exctly tht wy for lot of fmilies durg first hlf of 20th ctury, but noness myth of mtg pot forms our expecttions for first hlf of next ctury, wh nor gret wve of immigrnts will be fdg its plce here Nerly hlf of ll immigrnts dy legl nd illegl come from Spnish-spekg countries Bsed on ir high birth rtes US Csus Bureu predicts tht ntive nd foreign-born Ltos will ccount for more thn 40 perct of US popultion growth next c, compred less thn 26 perct for non-hispnic whites Unfortunty, mtg pot metphor does not hp much unrstndg where this mogrphic chnge is tkg ntion Ined, spite ctrlity of this myth Americn consciousness, it my crete flse or dngerously misledg expecttions s fr s Ltos re concerned, especilly second gertion childr of immigrnts who unrgo most profound chnge Fortunty, ev though we re still t front d of ssimiltion process, some mjor signposts re vilble Look t occuptions nd eduction, list music, evesdrop t dner tble converstions, nd you do not see sgulr, stright-le progression wrd some Americn norm Second-gertion Ltos re ed doptg new tities, but y set off lot of differt directions nd, mny cses, results differ from ler progression tht mstrem Americ expects bsed on its idized memory of pst Consir bnd music, n novtive mix of rock, sls, country-western, nd norteflo trditionl folk music of norrn Mexico Bnd origted with groups tht regulrly ured U S nd Mexico, pickg up bits of music both countries Precisy becuse it is so eclectic, bnd becme huge fd Sourn Cliforni 1990s Allbnd rdio sttions rocketed huge udice rtgs ttrctg Ltos of ll sorts, cludg both newly rrived immigrnts nd those whose ncestry Los Anges dtes bck severl gereply hip-hop turned were tions Kids who ir bsketbll shoes nd bsebll cps for boots nd cowboy hts, n hed for night clubs, where (Donovn Reese/Tony Sne Imges) y spun round borty choreogrphed steps The music, dress, nd dncg re neir Mexicn nor Americn, but rr constntly evolvg mixture of two Bnd is nm of trnsntionl spce tht is not only home newcomers nd ntive born, but lso serves s wy-sttion for Ltos who esily trv betwe neighborg ntions Of course strong homnd fluce hs be typicl of mny immigrnt communities throughout hisry But Lto immigrtion is uni Americn experice becuse it comes from countries so ner Mny Domicn trepreurs run bogs (neighborhood grocery sres) both New York City nd Sn Domgo, shippg merchndise nd cpitl bck nd forth nd workg both plces s it suits m Frm hnds from ctrl Mexico redily come north for summer homeconstruction seson United Sttes nd still (Contued Pge 2) "H tido mes fe los Estdos Unidos este cso muchos nosotros," dijo Fssett El Gonzlez fue resctdo 25 noviembre psdo frte ls costs l Florid ferrdo l cmr un neumtico luego d nufrgio un embrcci6n l vijbn 14 cubnos documtdos Su mdre muriö jun con otrs 10 persons Des nces, h vivido cse su tfo buo Mimi, reclm, con poyo d exilio nticstrist, l permnci d peflo Estdos Unidos, legndo l voluntd su mdre difunt Este mnn, El' jugb jrdfn l cse su tfo 80 buo, mitrs unos se reunieron mnifestntes dnte l cse Gutierrez dijo l fmili formri El l Ilegd su pdre l presci un psic6logo Gutierrez reiterö Ilmmis nteriores l disput por l cusdi se resuv fmili "No necesitmos ter l tervci6n dos gobiernos, ctres bogdos y miles periodists Deberi ser un sun fmili", clre Pero un bogdo In fmili d no Mimi, Spcer Eig, tice; l posible treg Eliän su pdre "Me prece gobierno cubno busc Hevr Eliän (l se ) l Ofic Intereses Cub s don los pu icir su persecuciön s mismo suo estdounse", dijo Eig L Cs Blnc, por su ldo, dic6 " vije d pdre ( Ell) Estdos Unidos pue un soluciön contribuir exis este sun" Jun Migu Gonzlez cidiö vir compndo solmte su espos y su hijo seis meses, un Estdos Unidos hbi concedido viss tmbi pr t primo El, su mestr y un peditr ls Cstro se refe objeciones ntepuests por ls urids nortemericns 22 ls 27 persons d grupo bf compnr l pdre y su fmili pr grntizr l redptciön d niflo, tre doce figurbn quies compfieros ul El y prlm d Preste cubno, Ricrdo Alrcon, tn sesor legl Es un "ctitud mezqu", dijo Cstro, qui segur6 los "12 niflos ester' liss pr vijr Estdos Unidos con poyo y orgullo sus pdres" En Mimi, ls conversciones tre los bogdos d tfo y los funcionrios d INS -plzds hst jueves trs cutro jornds lbores- tem pdite es l treg Ell, y si l fmili d tie buo lo hce un form voluntri y pcific De ser si, INS sl6 quiere pdre Elf se Estdos Unidos con Elieu hst se gote recurso pci6n con l cul tfo buo busc obter un udici l niflo seis fios pued pedir silo politico Estdos Unidos Berkey, Cliforni, - The number of Hispnic stunts rolled Cliforni's public universities for next semester hs reched levs similr tho e before suspsion of ffirmtive ction In tl, 5,753 stunts hve rolled for upcomg fll semester, sid spokeswomn Terry Lightfoot She dd tht Hispnic rollmt for currt sprg semester rose 5 perct, ccordg records of University of Cliforni, locted eight cities throughout stte Hispnics currtly compose 14 perct of tl stunt body Cliforni's public universities This tl is close mount rolled Cliforni's public university 1997, wh stte cut ffirmtive ction progrms Affirmtive ction ws stituted lte 1970s nd gurnteed mority groups nd wom ccess stte's universities Accordg Lightfoot, number of Hispnics rolled Cliforni's public universities hs cresed, nd Africn-Americn rollmt hs remed constnt, sce ffirmtive ction progrms were imted She dd, however, tht number of non-hispnic white stunts rolled for fll semester fl 7 perct It is uncler wher new figures reflect n crese stte's Hispnic popultion Accordg University of Cliforni Bord of Regts, Cliforni governmt scholrship progrm my ccount for crese Hispnic rollmt Schools such s University of Cliforni-Sn Diego nnounced y will expnd opportunities for rollmt for mority stunts without revertg ffirmtive ction 1 Affirmtive ction progrms were imted with pssg of Cliforni's Proposition 209, which ws pproved more thn 60 perct of voters 1996 nd bcked former Cliforni Gov Pete Wilson, who lso bcked controversil Proposition 187, which cut illegl immigrnts' rights eduction nd hth cre Energy Secretry Richrdson Hppy with OPEC Decision Wshgn, - US Energy Secretry Bill Richrdson expressed stisfction Wednesdy with Orgniztion of Petroleum Exportg Countries (OPEC) cision crese supply of oil for world mrkets After limitg oil production for yer jck up prices, OPEC will rise output 7 perct on April 1 Durg yer, oil prices rose n verge of 10 dollrs per brr pek of 3413 dollrs per brr on Mrch 7 "The OPEC countries hve greed crese output nd tht is terest of exporters s wl s consumers," Richrdson sid "Price stbility befits everyone" Richrdson visited some of Gulf countries mid-mrch nd hd tlks with Vezu nd Mexico n effort hlt spirlg fu prices tht threted United Sttes' extd strek of economic expnsion, now its 108th month Shortly refter, OPEC members Sudi Arbi nd Vezu nd non-member Mexico nnounced y would crese ir petroleum output once Mrch 1999 OPEC greemt expires Richrdson wrned US consumers tht it would tke t lest four weeks for cresed oil supply result reduced gsole prices t pump Animted Film Portryl of Spnish Const Angers Ntive Americn Groups By Rocio Ayuso Los Anges, - The nimted childr's film "The Rod El Dordo," n dvture sry tht seeks troduce both childr nd dults rich legcy of ntive North nd Ctrl Americn cultures, hs ngered scdnts of se digous tribes with its portryl of Spnish const Protesters will stge monstrtions durg film's US premiere Fridy, rgug tht film is "rcist" nd "misledg bout Spnish const of Inds" The film is "rcist propgnd form of crons" tht portry Inds s prostitutes nd cowrds, givg udices skewed vision of buses nd violtions tht ok plce durg const, sid Ol Dezctlipoc of Movimi Mexic Movimi Mexic, formed scdnts of Mexicn nd Ctrl Americn Inds, is ledg protests spite DremWorks' efforts rech out Hispnic community "It is not hisricl film, lthough it is spired evts, rt, culture nd sounds from this community," Jeffrey Ktzberg, hed of DremWorks' nimtion division, sid In his opion, "The Rod El Dordo" is bout fridship betwe two people somewhere Lt Americ 16th ctury The sry begs Sp with expedition of Hn Cozies New World The movie's heroes, Tulio nd Migu (whose bckground, Ktzberg sys, is ttionlly left mbiguous), fd goln city, or El Dordo" There y fll love with ssul Ch nd her people, nd go on protect m from conquistdors with whom y crossed Atlntic Although film is scribed its producer Bonne Rdford s n dvture-comedy remisct of M Gibson-Dnny Glover pirgs "Lethl Wepon" series it is mny wys tied Hispnic culture The film fetures voices of Rosie Perez Puer Ricn from Bronx, nd Edwrd Jmes Olmos role of Ind tribl chief, s wl s music of Brzil guitrrist Heir Pereir, who dds Hispnic hrmony sry "I like fct tht movie nd those who hve m it possible come from such culturlly diverse bckgrounds Its gret mixture, from Hispnics Europs," Olmos sid There re lso Hispnic roots mong those tht m film, like Spnish cronists Mnolo Alm nd Crlos Grng "Crlos' work ws n spirtion He ev gve us nme of horse, Altivo, sted of Lucero, which is wht we were plnng cll him," Rdford sid There were lso severl trips Mexico lern of its legds nd cusms, s wl s visits rus of Tulum, Chiche-Itz nd Uxml, mong ors "Without beg hisricl ccount, we hve wnted give ough clues this culture rouse udices' curiosity bout this resource tht is yet be exploited, t lest rm of nimted films," Ktzberg sid

2 El Edir, Lubbock, Tx, April 6, 2000 NCLR Appluds Herg on Rcil Profilg, Clls For Enctmt of "Trffic Sps Sttistics Study Act" [Wshgn, DC - The followg sttemt ws resed dy Rul Yzguirre, Prest of Ntionl Council of L Rze (NCLR), ntion's lrgest Hispnic civil rights orgniztion) I thnk Chirmn Ashcroft (Ft-MO), Sr Fegold (DNJ), nd rest of Judiciry Subcommittee on Constitution for holdg this very importnt herg dy NCLR strongly supports Sr Lutberg's (D-NJ) legisltion, co-sponsored Sr Fegold, estblish progrms for collectg dt on trffic sps terme who is beg spped nd why This legisltion would shed much need light on n issue tht is of gret terest Ltos nd or morities United Sttes Experice hs shown tht wh n dividul's ethnicity is used estblish cuse for suspicion tht crime is beg committed, n tht dividul loses trust tegrity of lw forcemt The use of such tctics not only violtes civil rights, but lso unrmes bility of lw forcemt effectivy force lw Wh lrge segmt of popultion sps cllg police for fer of hrssmt nd buse, n public fety i plced gret jeoprdy At NCLR we hve be concerned cresg number of reports nd lwsuits Ltos who hve be victimized police nd ferl gts oversteppg bounds of Constitution nme of drug nd immigrtion forcemt For stnce, Curtis V Rodriguez, testifyg before Subcommittee dy, is Sn Jose lwyer whose civil rights were violted wh Cliforni Highwy Ptrol (CLIP) officers spped him nd or Hispnics llegedly becuse of ir rce Accordg his lwsuit, CHP pulled over Rodriguez nd t lest five or Hispnic drivers on Pcheco Pss portion of Highwy 162 while crryg out its ferlly fund drug-terdiction-trg progrm, "Opertion Pipe" Accordg CHP Sergt, CHP cne units "kissed nerly 34,000 frogs" 1997 Only 2% of m were crryg drugs In or sttes, op,tr 95% of ll Pipe serches hve be found be dry holes After INS' Borr Ptrol ws orred sp mkg discrimry trffic sps ferl judge Ohio (Rmirez v Webb, lter ffirmed 6th Circuit Court of Apps), y hd ir collegues Ohio Highwy Ptrol do it for m Constly, ferl court orred Highwy Ptrol sp illeglly confisctg gre crds iron, legl migrnt workers durg profile-bsed trffic sps (Frm Lbor Orgnizg Committee vs Ohio Stte Highwy Ptrol) In Chndler, Arizon 1997, locl police collborted with Borr Ptrol gts illegl trffic sps fd undocumted immigrnts Wht y found ws multimillion dollr lwsuit on behlf of US citizs nd permnt rests who were repetedly hrssed nd ted locl police officers - without probble cuse ir own dmission becuse y looked Mexicn Arizon Atrney Gerl Grnt Woods conclud "without doubt tht rests of Chndler, Arizon were spped, ted, nd terrogted officerspury becuse of color of ir sk" In 1992, n Orlndo St vestigtion sps on n terstte highwy, found tht 5% of drivers on tht highwy were drkskned, yet nerly 70% of those spped were Blck or Hispnic The sps of Blck nd Hispnic drivers lso lsted on verged twice s long s sps of White drivers Only ne out of 1,000 sps resulted trffic ticket Louis Stte Police Deprtmt's trg film explicitly exhorts officers use trffic sps conduct nrcotics serches of "mles of foreign ntionlities, mly Cubns, Colombs, Puer Ricns, or or swrthy outlnrs" [United Sttes v Thoms, 787 F Supp 663, 676 (ED Tex 1992)] In Colordo's Egle County Sheriffs Deprtmt, rce, ethnicity, nd out-of-stte pltes were common drug-courier profile fcrs criml vestigtions After fdg out unconstitutionlity of such profile, y hve switched usg trffic forcemt sps s ms ctchg drug trffickers, but hve not chnged ir rcil profiles Giv se nd mny or cts reported NCLR we pplud this legisltion nd this herg s n itil nd esstil step wrd uncoverg discrimry policg tctics, which ultimty unrme very gol of lw forcemt cusg tire communities lose confce police We cll on Congress ct this legisltion quickly orr beg solve this ntionl crisis Mestros Inmigrntes Aumtn Y Ampl L Cultur En El Aul Por Jose Alfredo Flores Aun nümero migrntes se un l fu l sefz l ncion se h duplicdo con exceso cio recite, dvi se dn cors l necesidd mestros con ls hbilids idiomätics y conocimi culturl ks pu sumistrr, dic los nlizdores l educci6n Existe un escsez ncionl tre 100,000 y 200,000 mestros cpcitdos l sefz bilge solmte, Recstg Mtg Pot From Pge 1 rem fully productive prticipnts work of fmily rncho And now, with d of civil strife ir homnds, longterm rests from Ctrl Americ cn cut emotionl costs of migrtion visitg ir fmilies for Christms holidys, ttd weddg, or sit out spl of unemploymt here Bnd music is just one exmple of how this stedy, oft circulr humn flow constntly refreshes sounds of Spnish Lto communities nd ev rewks ethnic tity mong Englishspekg Ltos At very lest, this esy ccess homnd llows mny Ltos prolong sojourner mtlity nd put off comg terms with Americn rities Mny Ltos come United Sttes expectg sty just long ough ern little pile of money, but d up mkg life of it once y hve childr here Proximity lso ms tht ssimiltion is not contuous or direct but rr rhythmic, periodic process which immigrnts ret spects of ir foreign tity ev s y lern English nd orwise dopt Americn wys Accordg mtg pot myth, Americniztion nd economic progress go hnd--hnd As n dividul or fmily rises wrd middle clss, ethnic tifiction is supposed dimish mwhile, foreign trits rem most pronounced mong poor The most economiclly successful Lto immigrnts, however Cubns South Florid hve resoluty reted Lto tity nd Spnish s fvored lnguge Grnted, Cubns re n exceptionl cse, but re re ough exceptions mong Lto immigrnts disprove rule Mority group politics nd civil rights policies, for exmple, produce greter sse of ethnic tifiction mong Ltos who re tkg first steps wrd economic dvncemt thn mong those who re left behd It is young people gog college or grdute school or pplyg for white-collr jobs who re most wre of ffirmtive ction nd refore hve most g formlly tifyg msves s member of mority group Europ immigrnts unrsod exclusion terms of ir "orness" ir ccts, rigions, nd surnmes y brought with m For Ltos, n unrstndg of mority group sttus comes only fter ough ssimiltion perceive hisricl grievnces gst white mjority nd cquire hyphtion tht is move from beg Mexicn becomg Mexicn-Americn Assessg ssimiltion mong Lto immigrnts nd ir offsprg who rem poor is most urgt nd difficult tsk of ll Should young, second-gertion Ltos be consired successfully ssimilted wh y form street gngs, mrk terriries with spry-pted tgs, d crck-coce, gge cr-jckgs, nd punish ir emies with drive- shootgs? Those re, fter ll, Americn-m behviors lerned here, nd y mrk form of dpttion Americn rities Rectly, morbid vrition on trnsntionlism, severl US street gngs hve estblished brnches El Slvdor through missionry work of youths ported fter committg violt crimes here More worrisome re risg rtes of high-school dropouts nd te pregnncies mong Ltos, especilly foreign-born youths, ev s sme rtes cle for whites nd blcks One big problem is number of immigrnt youths who go stright work nd never roll school here But uthorittive studies lso dicte tht mong those who do ter US schools, chievemt levs td cle fter few yers nd homework effort drops s immigrnt youth beg spd sme mount of time front of tevision set s ir ntive-born counterprts By contrst, ssimiltion mt cmic dvncemt for childr of Europ immigrnts Lookg bck t how secondnd third-gertion Europs becme Americns, it's esy forget tht series of extrordry evts forged new nd powerful ntionl tity durg middle cs of this ctury: shred dversity of Gret Depression, World Wr II, nd Cold Wr; risg ti of dustril economy; nd mssive public-secr vestmts upwrd mobility wy of GI Bill nd expnsion of stte university systems All of tht produced het tht hped mt ethnics somewht homogeous middle clss Abst such fcrs now, offsprg of dy's immigrnts re liky follow more vried nd complex pths Mny Ltos undoubtedly will pursue nd chieve protypicl Americn Drem suburbs Yet ev s y conform some wys, or spects of ir tity musicl tstes or busess rrngemts, perhps will rem lked homnd rities Ors my mod msves fter ntive-born Ltos whose tity rives from mority-group experice A lrge number will bsorb distct culture of Americn urbn poverty Giv multiple outcomes lredy evce, it is importnt not bse expecttions on n idized pst, but sted unrstnd tht durg time of immigrtion, chnge comes both newcomers nd hosts segün dice l Ofic Ncionl Distribucion Informci6n sobre l Educcion Bilge Ls cifrs d Cso muestrn 1990 mos d 2 por ci los mestros estdunses -- cerc 60, ern ncidos extrnjero Hci 1997 porctje um t 47 por ci , l fuerz sefz l nciön, formd por 34 millones Los educdores mcionn muchos beficios los llevn ls uls clses l ncion Encbezndo l list, dice Alici Sos direcr membresl l Asociciön Ncionl pre l Educcion Bilge, estä conduc los ofrec los estudtes no ti hbilidd gles y pu ser slumbrdos nuestrs costumbres Ellos no solo yudn los estudtes superr los obstäculos idiomäticos y sociles, dice l, so proporcionn un perspective globl dispsble sus colegs l sefz Silvi Ltimer, oriund l Ciudd Mexico pero trbj ls escus püblics Dver, ilustr pun "Nuestrs escus estgn llegndo ser cd vez mäs multiculturles Los mestros ncidos extrnjero este convlidn Nosotros multiculturlismo proporcionmos un comprsi6n profund l culture y los ntectes dists lugres" L formcion d Cso muestr 14% los 43 millones estudtes ls o bi escus püblics, migrron los mismos o bi res un hogr don predom im idiom no es gles L escsez mestros bilges vie tsificdose con l ol jubilciones mestros gresron l profesiön durnte los fios l explosion mogrific tre 1946 y 1964, jun con ls tss evds ncimis tre ls mujeres hispns e migrntes Pero hy lterntives En Aust, Texs, 50 migrntes ltomericnos con diploms sefz sus psses orig est mndo prte im progrm becs uspicido por l Fundtion Klogg, cul les permitirä llegr ester creditdos como mestros bilges ese estdo En diciembre 1999, sistem escus püblics Chicgo empezö reclutr mestros lugree como Austrli, Inglterr Puer Rico, Espfi y vries nciones l Americ Lt, cluydo Mexico Est t por mejorr l sefz ls mtemätics, cicis e idioms extrnjeros podri ser imitd por otros sistems escus püblics, dic los dmistrdores d progrm El Proyec Alz Cliforni, lnzdo bril ultimo l Universidd Estte] Cliforni Long Bech, yudrs 200 strucres ncidos extrnjero durnte los cco fios proximos pre puedn cumplir los requisites liccitur El Consejo Instruction Püblic Nuev York rovö hte poco un experim puso prueb l c 1960, importndo mestros Espfi pre sefir espfiol Oscr's Morl View Unrneth Ts, Hollywood Reflects Drker Picture of Americ ^ By Joe Loy, Pcific News Servece Hoory for Hollywood? The Beet Picture t 72nd Acmy Awrds wt film bout sex, drugs, dultery, homophobi nd murr Young Oscr, who mostly noticed superficil, is flly termed see beuty profne Never before hve we se so mny crs nomted for plyg morlly mbiguous heroes: Tom Cruise ws clssic misogynist "Mgnoli," Ang Jobe won for plyg cru schizophric "Girl, Interrupted," Dse' Wshgn plyed mn convicted of murr "Hurricne" Kev Spcey won Best Acr honors for portryg mn who chses n unrge girl "Americn Beuty," Best Picture wner Annette Bg, who plyed his wife, ws hyperneurotic soccer Morn nd dulteress, sort of ntihepburn heroe who does not go lightly her fll And drive home pot bout complicted heroes, Hilry Swnk won s Best Actress Oscr for her role s girl livg s boy Nebrsk "Boys Don t Cry" Hollywood morlity tles used be esy script: Good guys wore white hts Bd guys wore blck hts And beuty ws so wl fed tht Oscr night ws lmost beuty pgt (Tht prt of it still occurs on red crpet durg preshow) But se re morlly mbiguous times Prest Cln ws impeched for chsg n lmost unrge tern The Pope rectly pologized for morl lpses of Holy Church Ev blood drkg rock group KISS -- known some s Knights In Stn Service -- m wholesome Pepsi commercil for Acmy Awrds The bd is sometimes good nd ugly Europs hve lwys criticized Americns' nivete They sy our response sexul scndl is silly, nil of postmorn predicmt But rectly our films hve portryed worst qulities of dysfunctionl fmilies wy tht suggests Americns do recognize trgic beuty humn condition Four of five Best Picture nomees were morlity tles through nd through While Americns clerly don't wnt House Republicns shovg rules for personl behvior down ir throts, y pprecite muddier morlity tle, subversive films unsettlg down bet wy "Americn Beuty" wgged Lester nd his wife front of us, beutifully flwed people who violte commndmts nd re esstilly punished one of God's soldiers "The Cir House Rules" gve us young noct hero who, like St Peter, hd betry frid nd compromise one of his fundmtl prciples before he could become compssionte ler "The Insir" nd "The Gre Mile" re not simply sries of good versus evil, but complicted explortions of sometime collbortion betwe good nd evil Fe-good tles don't work on us nymore We wnt our expecttions upd s y re r life We don't wnt chrcters with certty of Chrl Hesn's Moses We wnt wrm herted hero docr "The Cir House Rules" who is lso n er ddict, sometimes high bck room Pollsters sy Americns wnt unticity ir heroes Billy Crystl, host of Oscrs, m joke comprg Spcey's obsession with young girl "Americn Beuty" prest's behvior And tht my be true luster of "Americn Beuty" We Americn knew we wer't sdg Mr Smith Wshgn wh we ected Prest Cln twice We seemed hope for good, but llow room for n occsionl romntic disppotmt Like our ections, our best cem hs come resemble our complicted Americn herts The r beuty of Americn Acmy Awrds this yer ws tht Kev Spcey won n Oscr for portryg Lester, hero who ws trity of good, bd nd ugly -- nd we rly rly liked ht e Bronx Hy progrms semejntes funcionn Chicgo, Mimi y Los Anges L Escu Superior Inter Americn, h estdo biert vrios fios Sn Diego, es un ls pocs escus tree mestros no estsn completmte certificdos sus psses orig y les proporcion trbjo curso y ls hbilids necesris pr obter sus crciles All!, Reymundo Mr, co funddor y preste, estä preprndo psntes, estudtes comzron progrms liccitur sus plses ntles y estbn uno o dos fios gnr sus titulos i tmbi lumnos Sus cluy bogdos, medicos y citificos trbjn empleos sudos bjos y no requier hbilids "Yo estb cnsedo ver profesionles compettes, cpcitdos e tigtes trbjbn empleos significntes poco sudo, solo por sus tftulos procedln WI pls extrnjero Un vez vi un bogdo trbjndo um McDonld's Eso ciertmte no estr; bi," dice (Jose Alfredo Flores e estudte i pe ri odismo l Universidd Missouri, Columbi L myor prte l vestigci6n pn este rticulo l llev6 cbo mitr sempefib un bec l Asocici6n Ncionl l Educribn Wshgn DC) Inmigrnt Techers Increse, Expnd Culture In Clssroom By Jose Alfredo Flores While number of immigrnts jog ntion's techg force hs more thn doubled with pst c, it still flls fr short of meetg need for techers with vried lguistic skills nd culturl knowledge, eduction nlysts sy A ntionl shortge of betwe 100,000 nd 200,000 qulified techers exists bilgul eduction lone, ccordg Ntionl Clerghouse for Bilgul Eduction Csus figures show tht 1990 fewer thn 2 perct of US techers -- bout 60,000 -were foreign-born By 1997, perct grew 47 perct -160, of ntion's techg cdre of 34 million Educrs cite mny befits tht immigrnt techers brg ntion's clssrooms Toppg list, sys Alici Sos, membership direcr of Assocition Ntionl for Bilgul Eduction, is conduit y offer stunts who re not proficit English nd who my be bffled our socil mores Not only do y hp stunts overcom e lnguge nd socil brriers, she sys, but y lso provi n esstil globl perspective ir techg collegues "Our schools re becomg cresgly multiculturl Foreign-born techers vlidte this multiculturlism," sys Silvi Ltimer, Mexico City ntive who teches Dver public schools We provi ep unrstndg of culture nd bckground of differt plces" Csus dt show tht bout 14 perct of 43 million US public-school stunts eir immigrted msves or resi home where lnguge or thn English predomtes The shortge of bilgul techers is tsifyg with retiremt surge of techers who tered profession durg b-boom yers of , long with high birth rtes mong Hispnics nd immigrnts But re re lterntives In Aust, Texs, 50 Lt immigrnts with Americn techg diploms from ir homnds re tkg prt Klogg Foundtion-sponsored scholrship progrm tht will m become ble ccredited bilgul techers tht stte In December 1999, Chicgo public-school system techers recruitg begn brod nd brought m city unr specil viss The techers come from plces like Puer Englnd, Austrli, Rico, Sp nd severl Lt Americn countries, cludg Mexico improve effort This techg mth, scice nd preprg (ITAL)psntes(END foreign lnguges could be ITAL), stunts who strted copied or public school bchor progrms ir strrs ntive countries nd were Alz project The with one or two yers of Cliforni, lunched lst April erng ir grees t Cl Stte-Long Bech, will His stunts lso clu 200 foreign-tred hp lwyers, docrs nd scitists strucrs meet stte licsg workg t low-wge, unskilled requiremts over next five jobs "I ws tired of seeg ble, yers qulified nd tligt The Bord of Eduction professionls workg t poornew York rectly rewed n pyg mil jobs just becuse experimt it tried 1980s, ir gree cme from foreign brgg techers from Sp country I once sw lwyer tech Spnish Bronx workg t McDonld's Tht's Similr progrms re plce just not right," he sys Chicgo, Mimi nd Los "I love wht I do," sys Anges Mer "Immigrnt techers The 2-yer-old Interbrg culture Americn College Ntionl clssroom" City, workg-clss suburb of (Jose Alfredo Flores is journlism stunt t University Sn Diego, is one of few schools tht brg techers of Missouri Columbi, Mo He reserched much of this rticle while who re not fully certified servg flowship with Ntionl ir ntive lnds nd provis Eduction Assocition Wshgn m with course work nd skills need ern ir DC (c) 2000, Hispnic Lk News crtils Service Distributed Los Anges There, Reymundo Mer, co- Times Syndicte prest, is founr nd ) El Edir Newsppers is weekly bilgul published every Thursdy Amigo Publictions Lubbock, Texs, 1502 Ave M, T Subscribg $40 per yer pyble dvnce Opions nd commtries expressed guest columnists do not necessrily reflect opion of publisher or of dvertisers Edir/Publisher- Bldl Aguero Mnger Olg Riojs Aguero Sub cription: Bob Crig, Distribution: Joe Sh

3 El Edir, Lubbock, Tx, April 6, 2000 Pge 3 Alertn Sobre Bj Prticipcion Hispn En El Cso Por Ruth E Hernnz Btrn Nuev York, - EI Fondo Puerrriflo pn l Defse legl y Eductive y otros orgnizciones hisps nunciron jueves, Nuev York un mpli cmpfl prs logrr EEUU y Puer Rico uns myor prticiption los hispnos cso A peser l Ofic d Cso h vertido 165 millones d6lres un cmpfi formtive sobre l importnci ser contdo, dt no h llegdo e ls comunids kitties y si lo muestrn ls propis estdistics En l ciudd Nuev York solo 44 por ci l poblci h vu formulrio, cundo pre este fech Cso ti previs l respuest d 67 por ci l poblci6n En ls res don res los hispnos Nuev York, los nümeros son ün mss lrmntes, cocidieron sefllr Fondo Puerrriflo, le Ferci6n Hispn l Alz Domicns y otrs tids ltes En conddo El Bronx, don l myorl le poblci6n es hispe, solo 37 por ci h contestedo formulricy Ques 35 por ci; Brooklyn 33 por ci y Bufflo 38 por ci Un situcion similr se repite otroe estdos con mimero l hispnos como Nuev Jersey, don Newrk porctje Liege l 27 por ci y New Brunswick, don res domicnps y mexicnos, es d 30 por ci En un confercie prs, ls orgnizciones hisps culpron hoy e l Ofice d Cso est sitution y legron est gd virti6 millones d6lres cmpfl rciones ptiblics lugr signr fondos ls tids comunitris Afrrmron ls orgnizciones ofrec servicios direcs sus comunids son los mss eficces pr Ilever msje por ti l confrnz l gie Agregron hy un nrimero Brn poblci6n documt tie miedo e ser portd si v sus formulrio d cso "No h hbido recursos nuestrs comunids y ems, no dilte confz gobierno y mbs coss et rcionds", dijo Luci Gömez, d proyec Ltos y Cso 2000 credo por Fondo Legl Puerrriflo Gomez seo ls gds publicitris crgds Is cmpfl utilizron solo ls Brns cns tevisivs BOB "Los nuncios importntes, pero msje es mss efectivo si provie un migo, veco o un fmilir", dijo Figuero, direcr Jun ejecutivo d Fondo Legl Puerrriflo, nunci6 un tse cmpfl forls comunids mtiv lts d noreste EEUU y Puer Rico Cis lires comunitrios distribuir formcon sobre cso d 1 l 8 bril Nuev York, Nuev Jersey, Dwre, Connecticut, Psilvni, Rho Islnd, Msschusetts y Puer Rico En l isle cribefl l sitution es nuts rmnte y solo un 26 por nte Is vu poblci6n h formulrio A est fech, Cso esperb un 70 por ci l poblcion hubiese respondido docum Lorre Cones, prests l Ferci6n Hispn, 40 grup uns By Ruth E Hernnz Btrn New York, - Thursdy, si orgmzciones, record6 Puer Ricn Fund for Legl no se cut l poblci6n Defse nd Eduction nd hispn se perr fondos or Hispnic orgniztions ferles y por cds person nnounced n extsive no conteste l comunidd cmpign for US nd pier unos 3400 d6lres Puer Rico imed t obtg Moises Perez, l Alz greter Hispnic prticiption los csus Domicn, dijo nümeros propio Cso d Despite fct tht muestrn lo ye ls Csus Bureu hs vested 166 orgnizciones hbln dvertido million dollrs on n formtion ocurriri si no hbi un cmpign bout importnce efectiv cmpfl formtive of beg counted, it hs not yet Los ctivists nunciron reched Lt communities, mes muchos Ltos nd sttistics rev this pidieron formulrio In New York City, so fr only espnol r no lo hn recibido 44 perct of popultion hs Sefllron ems returned Csus stionnire, muchos hispnos viv wheres s6tnos y otros espcios Csus Bureu hd nticipted leglmte no estan reconocidos 67 perct response this como vivids don no h dte ilegdo formulrio d Cso In Hispnic res of New Perez dijo no tie dus York, numbers re ev este es un t d more lrmg ccordg Gobierno por jr fuer los Puer Fund, Ricn hispnos pr no reconocer su Hispnic Fertion, crecimi EEUU Domicn Allce nd or "Hy un impc direc, Hispnic groups politico y creo hy tci6n In Bronx, where ter ese impc mjority of popultion is Nuev York Por eso creo no Hispnic, only 37 perct hve hubo voluntd este estdo y nswered stionnire, l ciudd disponer Ques 35 perct, Brooklyn recursos pr se hg un 33 perct nd Bufflo 38 conteo jus Se tie miedo l perct crecimi l comunidd is sitution A similr lt y su por politico ", repeted or sttes with rgumt6 lrge numbers of Hispnics For exmple, New Jersey, only 27 perct of Hispnics Newrk hve returned ir stionnires nd New Brunswick, where lrge numbers of Domicns nd Mexicns live, perctge hs only reched 30 At press conferce, Hispnic orgniztions blmed Csus Bureu for ir childr re especilly sitution, llegg tht it hd vulnerble this type of vested millions of dollrs hrssmt cmpigns rtions public It is estimted tht nerly sted of lloctg funds 800,000 migrnt childr re dividul communities igible prticipte tht They stted Migrnt ferlly fund orgniztions offerg direct Eduction Progrm However, services communities re mny stunts re not receivg most efficit ms diver ny eduction services becuse messge, becuse people ir prts re frid go trust m through n rollmt process There re lrge numbers of tht is beg crried out illegl immigrnts who fer thretg mnner Mny beg ported if y sd migrnt eduction progrms will stionnire beg clsses soon Plese spred hve be no "There word school personn resources our communities nd Lto prts tht ll of nd, moreover, re is cert regrdless stunts, distrust of governmt, nd immigrtion sttus, re titled both of se fcrs re public eduction Hp Ensure Tht Migrnt Stunts Hve Access Eductionl Opportunities At begng of ech school yer, millions of Lto look forwrd stunts embrkg on wht y hope will be chllgg nd terestg eductionl expe rice Unfortunty, re re still some school systems tht choose plce unnecessry brriers ir wy For exmple, we hve rectly lerned tht school districts Pnsylvni nd Hwii hve be skg Lto prts show proof of US rescy before y could roll ir childr public schools These ctions my be illegl if y hve effect of discourgg prts from rollg ir childr Migrnt workers nd Alert Over Low Hispnic Prticiption In Csus rted," sid Luci Gomez, of Ltos nd Csus 2000 project, which ws creted Puer Ricn Legl Fund Gomez stted tht public rtions gcies chrge of cmpign only used lrge tevision networks dissemte ir messge "The ds re importnt, but messge is more effective if it comes from frid, neighbor or rtive," sid Jun executive Figuero, direcr of Puer Ricn Legl Fund, who nnounced n tse formtive cmpign Lt communities of norstern United Sttes nd Puer Rico Hundreds of community l distribute will formtion bout Csus from April 1-8 New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Dwre, Pnsylvni, Rho Islnd, Msschusetts nd Puer Rico On Cribb islnd, sitution is ev more lrmg where only 25 perct of popultion hs returned stionnire On this dte, Csus Bureu expected tht 70 perct of popultion would hve respond Lorre Cortes, prest of Hispnic Fertion tht clus some 40 orgniztions, sid tht if Hispnic popultion is not correctly counted, it will lose ferl fds For ech person who is not counted community loses some 3,400 dollrs The ctivists stted tht mny Ltos who rested stionnire Spnish still hve not received it Furrmore, ctivists poted out tht mny Hispnics live bsemts nd or plces tht re not leglly recognized s homes, nd refore y hve not yet received Csus stionnire Ctholic Priests Urge Hispnics Tke Prt Csus El Pso, Texs, - Ctholic priests Texs joed forces with US Csus Bureu over weekd nd urged Hispnic community tke prt 2000 csus In rigious services offered both English nd Spnish, priests sked rests cities such s El Pso nd Sn Annio confi csus nd provi correct formtion, wher on csus stionnires or terviewers A correct count of Hispnics will hp Hispnic communities obt ferl funds improve nd services cre hth eduction those communities, sid Fr Dvid Grci, with Sn Fernndo Cdrl Sn Annio Accordg Grci, one of resons behd low lev US prticiption of Hispnics is tht community's fer tht Csus Bureu will shre formtion it grs with or ferl such s gcies Immigrtion nd Nturliztion Service or IRS Over weekd, Prest Bill Cln urged Americn citizs fill out ir csus forms nd ignore commts of Republicn represttives who hve ld people not nswer those stions which y fe my v ir privcy no re is Although dle for turng csus forms, Csus Bureu hopes receive m d of sdg April before terviewers those homes which did not return forms To dte, officils with Csus Bureu estimte tht one hlf of ll US citizs hve returned ir forms nd y hope hit ir gol of 61 perct mid-april Hispnic Severl orgniztions, such s Legl Mexicn-Americn Defse nd Eduction Fund (MALDEF), hve lso stepped up ctivities imed t cresg Hispnic prticiption csus "We should literlly tke csus streets," sid MALDEF's csus direcr To ttrct tttion ir cuse, groups contue emphsize tht csus results both terme will represttion mority groups receive Congress, Four million people United Sttes were not counted 1990 csus, lrge number of m poor nd from mority groups, cludg n estimted one million Hispnics Result los pps Pbli se les olvidö IIr formulrio d Cso si mäs Y signific Pbli tmpoco cut Lo jron contr y no se comunids ls probble es mäs Cso, lo lln no los como pdres don viv no recibirn los progrms y servicios mäs necesitn Y ndie quiere eso, 6verdd? El Cso 2000 es scillo y confcil Y es pr dos, vio y formulrio, llo Asi cundo recib o no y s ciuddnos Hy drle un voz Pbli y d l comunidd ES NUESTRO FUTURO RA6ASE CONTAR

4 El Edir, Lubbock, Tx, April 6, 2000 Crbj 1 Film - Boxg Briefly *Unr ttck Arum is bout testify ferl tril of IBF nd Bob Lee, orgniztion's prest Both Cliforni nd Nevd boxg commissions re skg stions Arum sid he m two $50,000 pymts IBF for snctiong of George Foremn's hevyweight vicry over Ax Schulz If pymts re consired be bribe, Arum's licse might be jeoprdy "I rest, ctegoriclly, sution tht I committed crime," he sid "I cn't sy more now betryg without governmt's tril You're seeg smll piece of big picture It will ll become cler wh I testify" Its not bieved Arum's testimony will ffect his promotion of muchnticipted De L Hoy-Shne Mosley bout on June 17 t Stples Cter Los Anges *Tx cp: Arum is tryg get Cliforni put $50,000 limit on txes for De L HoyeMosley With slout, tx bill would be $400,000 A slout looks liky There were sles of $16 million durg first hour tickets were vilble About 5,500 sets upper ck were sold Bck gym Evnr Holyfid hs strted trg Housn for his comebck bout on June 10 gst John Ruiz He's eger for shot t nor hevyweight title If I w fourth one I'll retire," he sid while t fundriser Phoix for reserch Prkson's Holyfid ppered t blcktie evt with Muhmmd Ali All while, Mike Tyson ws trg t ner Phoix gym "I'd fight Tyson g, sure," Holyfid sid "But it's somethg public would hve ci The public would hve mnd it" * Still fightg: Ali, who lso suffers from Prkson's hd be sdg cb fre ptits just mke sure y m it nd from Phoix cter tht bers his nme Flly, ough ws rised t nnul fundrisers purchse fully equipped vn tht is covered with both young nd old fces of former hevyweight chmp *A prediction: IBF junior chmpion middleweight Fernndo Vrgs sys he will knock out Ike Qurtey fifth round of ir Ls Vegs bout on April 15 And one concerned dd: Foremn's dughter, Freed, mkes her but Sturdy night Ls Vegs Yes, she sys, her fr is opposed her pursuit of boxg, but not becuse of gr She sys Foremn ctully likes some of wom boxers "But he didn't wnt ny of his kids fight, cludg my brors," she sid The film is nmed Price Of Glory It's poignnt sry bout Mexicn-Americn experice boxg Its bout rtionships And bout fmily Frs, sons nd brors Its lso eerie its timg, settg nd contt It ops Fridy, with sme week tht Mich Crbjl's youngest bror, Ang, ws shot nd killed outsi of Phoix br In film, youngest bror lso is shot nd killed The film's sry moves betwe Est Los Anges nd Phoix, home for Crbjl fmily s wl s rich trdition of Mexicn-Americn fighters The sry -- writt former New York Times boxg writer Phil Berger -- is bout fr plyed Jimmy Smits The driv dd scrifices himsf nd his son for bid t fme with ropes In so mny wys, it mors Crbjl sry The 108-pound fighter lerned box his bckyrd t behest of his fr, Mnu Ocho, former fighter who only wnted tech his son how fd himsf on surroundg m streets Crbjl trved fr with those lessons He won silver medl t 1988 Olympics Seoul He won Interntionl Boxg Fertion nd World Boxg Council titles He ws lightest boxer hisry fight for $1 million purses He erned betwe $7 million nd De L Hoy To Defd WBC Chmpionship Agst Mosley LOS ANGELES -- Oscr De L Hoy ws prested WBC wterweight chmpionship bt he lost Fix wsn't but he Tridd, complety redy tke it bck "On June 17, this bt goes long with title," De L Hoy sid Mondy t news conferce "The best mn will w it" De L Hoy will fd WBC title gst unbet Shne Mosley t Stples Cter on June 17 Tridd won cision over De L Hoy for WBC wterweight title lst Sept 18, but Tridd moved up super wterweight nd WBC stripped him of title nd gve it De L Hoy fter he "I'm redy go on nd tke WBC bt wy from Oscr," sid Mosley, 34-0, with 32 knockouts "Tht bt right re is me" The two ntives of Los Anges re hve fought before, meetg junior Goln Gloves severl times wh y were round 10 or 11 yers old No one seems know how mny times y were mtched s youths, lthough one longtime boxg observer sid Mosley bet De L Hoy ech time De L Hoy sid he hd no recollection of bouts Mosley, whose $45 million plus perctge of py-perview will be his lrgest pycheck, thnked De L Hoye bet Derrl Coley lst month Muricio Sulimn, son of WBC prest Jose Suleimn, lot of people sid he wouldn't fight me, tht he would move up or somethg," prested bt De L Hoy t Stples Cter news conferce Smilg, De L Hoye nd Mosley stged plyful tug-ofwr over bt Mosley sid "But he proved he wnted tke this fight, nd I thnk him for tht" De L Hoy, 32-1 with 26 knockouts, will get $8 million plus perctge from TV "A Oscr De L Hoy (left) nd Shne Mosley hve fought before Los Anges -- s childr junior Goln Gloves bouts He sid he's not sme fighter who lost Tridd De L Hoy built led, but dnced nd didn't throw ough punches lter rounds, with Tridd gettg cision "At 1201 of new ctury, I thought, 'Hey, wht were you Ofert Y Demnd, Un I Que Funcion L Loteri Texs solicit vdores prefertemte negocios moritrios (Hisriclly Unrutilized Busesses - HUBs) certificdos Estdo Texs y con experici ls siguites res: ACABADO EN ACRILICO (ACRYLIC FINISHING) Compni impresors con cpcidd hcer suje (die-cut) y imprimir sobre crilico Fvor vir un hisril tlldo su compni y un list scriptiv su equipo Precios berän ser competitivos IMPRESION ELECTROESTATICA (STATIC CLING PRINTING) Compnis impresors con cpcidd imprimir sobre mteril ectroestätico con proceso cutro colores o color direc Fvor vir ejemplos su trbjo, un hisril tlldo su compni y un list scriptiv su equipo Precios berän ser competitivos IMPRESION EN VINILO BLANCO (WHITE VINYL PRINTING) Compnis impresors con cpcidd imprimir sobre vilo blnco 010 con proceso cutro colores o color direc Tmbi se requiere cpcidd pr hcer suje (die-cut) Fvor vir ejemplos su trbjo, un hisril tlldo su compni y un list scriptiv su equipo Precios berän ser competitivos IMPRESION DE LETREROS METALICOS (METAL SIGN PRINTING) Compnis impresors con cpcidd tbricr soportes metl (metl brckets) y imprimir letreros metl (wll signs nd curb signs) Fvor vir ejemplos su trbjo, un hisril tlldo su coritpñi y un list scriptiv su equipo $8 million But he never left those m streets, his streets They hve proved be both his gretest strgth nd gretest wekness As ugh s y m him, y lso m him vulnerble His success rg hs lwys be hunted trgedy nd controversy outsi of it His gretest vicry -- drmtic knockout 1993 of Mexicn rivl Humber Gonzlez ws soon followed th of his dd nd boved mr Erly 1994, he ws pplud s one of world's gretest fighters, regrdless of weight But 1994 lso begn with murr his front yrd The killg hpped with first hour of New Yer Nth Street Gng llegtions soon followed Crbjl fought m nd nybody willg step rg with him As movie, Crbjl fought with fmily lwys t his si Dnny Crbjl, his olst bror, tred nd mnged Ang, him constnt compnion, hped work his corner The film's strikg prlls dog? Wke up nd sml coffee nd fight wy you used fight,' " De L Hoy sid "I'm gog stick my gme pln (gst Mosley), just keep gog stright hed" De L Hoy knocked out Coley sev rounds his only fight sce gog gst Tridd Cliforni's 5 perct tx on boxg nd wrestlg shows would m bill of $400,000 for slout crowd of 20,000 t r, ddition $240,000 for city tx Stples officils re seekg stte tx cp of $50,000 on fight, such s cp plce New York "Nothg hs hpped on tht yet, but we re workg with (stte Assembly Speker) Annio Villrigos," Stples Cter prest Tim Leiweke sid The r hs gurnteed promoter Bob Arum n estimted $5 million for fight Leiweke sid r lso will hp provi extr tx money if stte doesn't gree cp Report: Tyson Set For August Bout Hski Mich Crbjl hs nied tht his younger bror hd ny gng volvemt LOTTERY Plese respond writg lo: Mority Devopmt Coordr Texs Lottery - FK PO &u Aust TX contued on pge 5 April SotiD Silooloul rm rieii's Clsses D/E No Home Runs Tems must prest Snction Crd or letter prove tem cl Dusty Dimonds Softbll Prk Sln, Texs USA Prizes Inclu: Blck Mgic Bt for MVP ($129 vlue) St Jcket for Goln Glove 2nd-Butn Shirts 3-4 T-Shirts 1st-Bt Bgs 1st nd 2nd Tem Elimted Ply for T-Shirts (Fri e Reed on 20 Tems) Ded Le Py 4-11 nd Choose Your Time For Informtion Cll j BUDWEISER CINCO DE MAYO TOURNEY MAY 6TH & 7TH, 2000 BERL HUFFMAN COMPLEX CLASS D/E TEAMS NO HOMERUNS USSSA RULES ENTRY FEE $14000 DOLLARS PRIZES HELSINKI, Flnd -- Mike Tyson's world ur could clu sp Flnd A Fnish newspper sys Tyson will fight Hski August gst n untified oppont The pper, IltSnomt, sid Tyson's mnger, Shly Fk, confirmed fight would be Aug 19 Fk ws trvg Wednesdy but sid through his secretry tht reports on Fnish fight were "premture" Tyson fought Julius Frncis on Jn 29 Englnd, nd is fight My 20 Miln, Itly, gst Lou Svrese Tyson's promoters hve never previously nnounced fights until fter Tyson's currt fight And promoters vrious cities hve climed sign fights for former hevyweight chmpion, only hve m not come off 1ST THRU 4TH TEAM TROPHIES 1ST PL--15 BAT BAGS (NICE, NICE, NICE) 2ND PL-15 COLEMAN CHAIRS (NICE, NICE) 3RD PL-15 T-SHIRTS W/TEAM LOGO & #'S MVP & GOLDEN GLOVE AWARDS RASED ON 25 TEAMS IN TOIJRNEY FIRST PLACE TEAM WILL GET FREE ENTRY FEE TO THE BUDWEISER MEMORIAL DAY TOURNEY IN AMARILLO, TEXAS MAKE IT A FAMILY OUTING FAMILY CAN GO TO MAGIC 93 AND SEE THE CUMBIA KINGS, SHELLY LAKES, ELIDA Y AVANTE AND OTHER GROUPS AND LOTS OF ENTERTAINMENT WHILE YOU PLAY BALL FOR MORE INFO, CALL; ROBERT LUCIO OR IW READY TO PLAY EARLY* Brg In Your W-2 Form To Use It As Your Down Pymt! Ango Crrillo 4611 Ave Q ffl1i i CHR1'S1 FR Plym uffi r AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION of bus 2000 Golf Privilege Club TEXAS DISCOUNT PASS Perfect for Holidy Gift Givg, nd only LUNG USA wwwtexslungorg i Affordble Funerl OssIE CURRY FUNERAL HOME 1805 MLK Blvd - Lubbock, Tx : Complete Funerl Servict, $2,99500 "t need only" TEXflS Pge 4 probbly r't more thn cocce It could hve be bout Dnny Romero nd his dd, who trs him Albur It could hve be bout Oscr De Le Hoy, who ws pushed fight gme, lso his dd In Mexicn-Americn communities, boxg is bout L Fmili nd mc hismo just 108 pounds, Mich At Crbjl ws lightest fighter hisry fight for $1 Processionl Service Pick up & emblm Use of Chp or Church of your choice Herse Csket progrms Register Book 2 Piece Concrete Box " Beutic or Brber Csket - 20 guge metl (silver, blue, pk) Oversize cskets (slightly higher) Pre-Needs Insurnce - Monumts Avilble TAMOLINO NO T4570 Se hoc lxtet 700 doesem t ttee 1 1/1 Ine cn tbt TAHOLM Fe elfcni, mi 11X14 " Eekl y 36" t pe 4d Libe peqtfb trob, pogtt dt et KIM Pid eu lj 6stn ci6n, (gutie) A Fwnh Gv P0 &,x 207 Lubbock, Tun Ure t (806) AteutedtlnvAom -

5 Pge 5 El Edir, Lubbock, Tx, April 6, 2000 PENSAMIENTOS DEL PREDICADOR Por Psr: Frnk Grci POBox 207 Lubbock, Ts ^ LAS SIETE PALABRAS TERCERA PALABRA "Mujer, he hf tu hfjo, He h f tu mdre" Jun 19:26,27 (fi7 Y hemos hbldo ls primers dos plbrs Cris pron uncio l Cruz d Clvrio Quuero plbrs mor y merced, y l primer plbr fue dirigid los verdugos le mrterizbn, y l segund plbr t ldron fue rreptido A f no se sesperr trnce momt l muerte Y hor db su corzön un msje pr l os constitufn circulo timo su id pr con su mdre Y tmbi tf uns plbrs pr con su discipulo mdo, Jun Por es, psmos es csi seguro Jose esposo Mri y hbi muer Y los bijos Mri hermnos Jest's,(Mt13:55 Jcobo, 1ose, Simon Juds No estbn prestes por no hb creido Jest's segün nos dice Jo7:5 Pero los contrmos spues su resurrecciön pos l Y Mri un mujer nc, no mos 59 tls, quo nos bsmos pr ck es: es l mism Bibli En l Bibli temos ds ls person mbn prte, y fuese tbernäculo o l sociedd berfn ter mäs 20 nos, segün Num4:3, Niim8:24, 1Cro23:3, 1Cr623:27 Mismo Cris comzb ser 30, nos cundo fue butizdo segün Luc 3:23 Y no es creerse, Mri tl mos 25 nos cundo Gbri, vi dnte Dios, visi Mri l Ciudd Nzret, pr cirle l ncer( n uestro Slvdor No creo Dios escojier un jov 14, o 15 lis como es costubre boy di Me disps, pero no creo si Pero si creo Mrf tf m's 20 ris pr l fech Cris nciö Si Mri ti 25 nos pr cundocrls ncfö Cris viv)o 33 fros y medio Ahor mire usted 25 nos hubier tido Mri pr cundo Cris oclö, y 33 y medios lis Cris viviö pr cundo Cris fue crlclficdo Mri er un mujer no mos 59 tls Y un mujer necesitd necesitb cuiddo lgui vier por e Mor, l mdre Jest's, culquiere hy sido sus i- 1 s respec l misiön Cris su hijo, se reuni qulos moms postreros l vid su hijo pr mlrrlo, y mostrrle los fecs do cso necesitb Y muy prciplmte l hor l muerte Nd mäs tierno y conmovedor cudro un mdre hor spi su hijo este mundo Cootemplemos un vez mäs cudro l cruz Estbn l pie l crux, Mri l mdre Jest's Mrl Mgdl Mri l mujer Creofs v discipulo mdo Jun Armtdos por dolor los embrgb iun solo hombre tre quls mujeres! LQue h socedido con res los discfpulos tn hb nddo su ldo? Pedro, l noche nterior hbi dicho: Aun dos te jr, yo unc! Toms tn cerc estuvo l mte Cris por sus duds, LAdon se hb ido? y res los discipulos le hbi jurdo mor y ldd un l hor e l muerte Solo Jun estb preste l pie l cruz (Mteo su evngic) registr lgun s plbrs Cris pronuncio l cruz) Pero Mteo no estb preste Ennces, creerse se ls plticron los estbn preseotes Asi como suce con lgunos cristos no sb ester l iglesi, y se piern hermoss bdiciones cundo Dios se mnifiest, ess hy plticärss por l bdicion se l Ilevros los prestes: y los se tdrän conformr con l plätic icuiddo! Pero Jun no hbi dicho Cris un dos te jr, yo nunc te jre Y ni e r uno los siempre hblbo primero Er reservdo, fi y prejo con su mestro, no le gustb cirle mb, so se lo mostrb gurdändose cerc Cris Se dice Jun se recostb so d Mestro, y tmbi dice l Bibli "l discipulo mb Jest's" No er Cris mr m's Jun los otros discipulos, sioo Jun mb m's Cris y se lo mostrb gurdändose serc su Mestro Y muy cuerdo dä l ctitud Jun coo l Escritur, dice " sf tmbi l fe s obrs es muert si mism, por lguno dirä tit ties fe, y yo tgo obrs: muestrme tu fe s tus obrs y yo te mostrre mi fe por mis obrs" St2:17,18 Y como dice rern: El cir y hcer no tie preser Pues mejor mestro no es mejor hbldor, mejor mestro es e l mejor ejemplo Este es ntro ei lguje espiritul Por hy gte cundo mäs los necesit Cris, su rigion los bndn Pero no si los estän fcdos sobre l Roc y sirv Cris cuerdo ls Escriturs Pero Jun oyö ds ls plbrs Cris hblo, y tmbi ls mujeres estbn cerc l cruz Pero hy gte no oye l voz Cris por ndn imuy lejos l cruz! Mt16:24 Luc14:27 Pr los ndn lejos l cruz, l plbr l cruz es locur 1Co 1:18 y Fil3:18 Pblo nos dice Ilorndo, "por mucbos ndn l o s cules os dije muchs veces, y un bor lo digo llorndo, son emigos l cruz Cris" Pero no si Jun por momeo Cris necesitb Jun, Jun estb l pie l cruz Y Cris ese mem tn tso dolor, hizo un ldo dolor pr cumplir coo un ber como hijoy pr hor crgr su mdre nc l cuiddo J un, no Jun l cuiddo Mri, so Mri l cuiddo Jun Y un vez mäs diremos muy cuerdo estuvieron ls plbrs Cris bblö l cruz con su conduct y se'nnz durnte su mioisterio Como bbi dicho por repetids veces, "bonr tu pdre y tu mdre" Mt15:4 y dijo Dios lo hbi mnddo Ex20:12 Y dijo Moises lo hbi seödo, Mr7:10 y se be obecer Y Jesus s bu ejemplo, no solmte su vid, so hor l hor l muerte Cris tdieodo l espd nco Simeon hbi predicho templo, como nos dice Luc 2;35 "un espd trspsrä tu lm ti mism pr scn mnifiess l os psmis muchos corzones" (Fue mitrs ti Sime6n l no Jest's sus brzos cundo lo prestron e n templo) Lo dicb pron mdre e hijo tdr ser seprdos, pero un es sucedi, nuestro Slvdor no j su mdre smprd so le dice su mdre, "mujer he hi tu hijo" luego dice Jun "He bi tu mdre" Jn19: 26,27 Se l j Jun pr l cuidr, no pr l dorr " Y s qul hor discipulo l recibio consigo" Y quls plbrs dicbn protund ternur pr su mdre, y no le dice mdre, le llm mujer, como le llmö ls bos Cnn, "mujer" No es se vergoozr llmrle mdre so hci pr evitr terrible dolor l hbri stido l oir los puros lbios su hijo l mäs dulce plbr sle los lbios humnos imdre! Hubier sido posisemo l crucificciön hberle dicho mdre mi hor h Ilegdo Y Jun discipulo mdo se hbi recostdo su pecho l noche nterior l hor l c, y le hbi mostrdo su mor l compnrlo bst l bore l muerte su goni l cruz d Clvrio, hor recibi qu crgo bu go y s luego ceptö qu crgo l cul le llm su Mestro no solmte Jun h ceptdo ei crgo su Mestro le h llmdo, so muchos discipulos d Sor hoy di, como tmbi l iglesi vive cuerdo ls Escriturs prtäodose cd di d mundo pr gurdrse cerc l cruz Ilevndo l cruz Cris y gurdändose cerc su Mestro, tn cerc su Mestro siempre pue oir su voz Pero no se registr l Bibli Cris le hy jdo trbjo, crgo, u oficio Mri l iglesi Y ls plbrs Cris dds Jun, cyeron los oidos Mri como un eficäz consolcioo Y l Escritur dice: "Y s qul hor discipulo l recibiö consigo" Luc19:27 No pomos psr por l e l becho muy norio revn muy vivmte, es verdro hombre e hjo Dios ^ Cooturemos l siguite semn l curt plbr[ El Edir Newsppers t AMERICAN T LUNG T,oN A d texs ee Up with Golf Privilege Club TEXAS DISCOUNT PASS Ply free nd discounted rounds of golf t mor rl n 175 of hottest courses nd prctice fcilities Texs Or s must be plced on or before Oct 28 receive specil rte Psses will he shipped Oct 15 or with 48 hours of cll Pss vlid Nov 1999 through Nov 2000 Reserve yours dy nj you will he tered drwg for "g o lf getwy" t Tn nglcwoij Re«irr wwwtexslungorg LUNG-USA Scores Qulity, not Quntity, Will Mke Jones This Drft's Top Bck By L Psqurli Rtg runng bcks Seted plush sof tht seemed vop his wlno fed physi s opposition tckler ever could durg 1999 ACC seson, tw dimond studs his er lobes like congruous becons for plyer who hs bout lwys be more substnce thn style, Virgi runng bck Thoms Jones pused consir prdox reporter lid out terrogtg him t NFL s predrft combe workouts two months go The conssus p tilbck prospect this yer's drft, Jones smiled brodly wh it ws noted tht runng bck is position where rookies pernilly hve best n opportunity mke immedite impct legue And he scowled wh sme writer suggested it is position tht hs produced more thn its shre of first-round flops over pst two cs "No wy," sid Jones, his drk eyes flrg, "will I be bust (I've) worked wy o hrd rech this pot nd I'm not gog fil now Tht's not ev possibility I won't llow it hpp" The scouts nd gerl surveyed mngers SportsLecom for this drft preview series gree Jones, who rushed for 3,101 yrds nd 29 uchdowns his fl two sesons t Virgi, is o nd, lmost s tlted significnt, o diligt d up on scrp hep with or runng bcks of pst tht filed live up ir firstround sttus Most oft compred Dlls Cowboys str nd future Hll of Fme honoree Emmitt Smith terms of his runng style, Jones scores s high on tngibles s he does on-fid performnce It is lunch piltype work ethic which he hs come honestly nd proudly To ev be mtioned sme breth s plyer like Emmitt Smith, it wes me," Jones cknowledged "I'd like thk I run like him fish off every crry nd get every ch tht you cn But, mn, I'm gog hve work 24 hours dy be Emmitt Smith's clss" Tht is mdset tht hs trnsformed Jones, mn with common surnme but uncommon bility, from blue collr blue chip "The best ttribute with Thoms Jones is tht he never tkes his physicl gifts for grnted," sid New York Gts tilbck Tiki Brber, mn who preced Jones s Cvliers' strter "I never sw guy cost wh I ws re Tht's wht will mke him gret NFL plyer Not only will he be better thn most bcks, but he'll work hrr thn most of m o" Ev nme of clones homewn -- Big Sne Gp, V conjures up imges of ugh bck who erly on lerned divds tht could be gled from diction A smll wn southwestern prt of stte, Big Sne Gp is city tht tkes pri merits of gettg little down nd dirty, of hrd-erned money for n honest dy's work Jones' fr, Thoms Sr, ws n dmissions counsor t University of Tnessee before he settled Big Sne Gp nd found job t ner stte prison And Betty Jones, his mor, lbored 17 yers locl col mes, ridg evr ep erth every morng t 8 o'clock, n emergg grimy nd gritty t 4 pm, redy go td her sev childr Sid Jones, who lmost certly will be p 10 pick on April 15: "You wtch your mor go off every morng, knowg tht she's swetg some hole ground for you nd for your (siblgs), yeh, it's gog hve n effect on you The first thg you thk is tht you wished she didn't hve do tht The second is, 'I never wnt hve do tht mysf' It puts kd of fer you" The soft-spok but forceful Jones ws frighted ough mke sure he lid groundwork for success footbll, nd wy from it s wl Followg 1997 sophomore seson which he rushed for 692 yrds, but found tht fourth-best effort ACC still disppotg coches nd fns, Jones redoubled his efforts Jones hit weight room nd hit books The results of first, squrish body tht clus thick neck nd mety forerms nd legs nd exus explosivess, re obvious The fruits of second, gree sociology erned only three yers nd leg up lredy on mster's gree eduction, re pic he joys discussg Despite his conttion he will not disppot tem tht sects him on April 15 nd n rewrds him with signg bonus betwe $8 million-$10 Thoms Jones isn't flshy runng bck, but he could mke NFL fses py with his punishg style Whtever post-thletics creer he hs plnned -- nd he hs consired lterntives s diverse s techg nd politics - -likeywhvbpun hold for 10 sesons Jones could be chos s erly s fourth overll pick, if Ccnti Bgls ci tr cumbt runng bck Corey Dillon "He's built like 225-pound guy nd runs big," sid Bgls coch Bruce Coslet "You've got be impressed with guy" He lmost certly will fll no furr thn sevth overll, Arizon pick, sce Crdls publicly covet him His sev runs of 40-plus yrds lst seson si, Jones is not flshy bck Tht's wht mkes dimond-stud errgs, grdution gift from his girlfrid, so out of plce He scribes his style s "5 or 6 yrds, tke wht I cn get, mybe punish fse little, nd occsionlly brek long run One Bltimore officil, explg why Rvs re one of few tems not sold on Jones, clled him " hit-nd-miss runner who doesn't brek mny tckles nd isn't guy who rly moves pile" But most scouts fe Jones will hve long creer nd tht he possesses stcts, ughness nd quickness ( consistt high-44s low-45s time 40) be strter s rookie "He hs tht stctive run svvy," Arizon ntionl scout Jerry Hrdwy sid "He ctches bll out of bckfid nd cn run fter ctch Some people wish he were little tller, but his height doesn't bor me He's compct 216 stture (5-feet-10, pounds), built for longevity t million, Jones is prepred for life's work outsi of footbll position We fe he's 'cn't miss guy The Virgi str is liky be joed first round three or tilbck prospects: Shun Alexnr (Albm), Jml Lewis (Tnessee) nd Ron Dyne (Wiscons) The runng bck crop drops off drmticlly fter tht, but re still figure be number of tilbcks sected second round Some scouts hve predicted tht not sgle fullbck will be drfted While m mkg clls drft wr rooms round legue re ll cogniznt of kd of impct tht rookie tilbck Edgemn Jmes hd for Indpolis Colts 1999, y're lso wre position is frught with peril nd uncertty Gog '99 seson, remember, premier bcks legue were Dver's Terrl Dvis nd Jml Anrson of Atlnt, plyers who were chos sixth nd sevth rounds Beyond Jmes, only or rookie rush for 1,000 yrds 1999 ws Olndis Gry of Dver, nd he ws fourthround choice Such is dilemm scouts fce every sprg evlutg runng bcks for drft: It's lwys possible, y know, tify solid bck who cn be chos middle rounds But p bcks, ones who merit first-round consirtion, re sometimes o temptg pss Still, consir this prtil list of first-round runng bcks from '90s who filed live up expecttions: Blir Thoms (NY Jets, 1990), Steve Broussrd (Atlnt, '90), Drrl Thompson (Gre By, '90), Hrvey Willims (Knss City, '91), Tony Smith (Atlnt, '92), Vughn Dunbr (New Orls, '92), Greg Hill (Knss City, '94), KiJn Crter (Ccnti, '96), Rshn Slm (Chicgo, '96), Lwrce Phillips (St Louis '96) nd John Avery (Mimi, '98) Tht litny fr outnumbers Pro Bowl bcks chos first round durg '90s "There fity hve be lot of misses on runng bcks," sid Bltimore scoutg direcr Phil Svge You would thk it would be one of esiest positions scout, but trck certly record orwise" dictes El Edir Subscribe Tody! EL CAMBIO From Pge 4 million(allsport) Noness, prlls with Crbjl sry lso re huntg Above ll, Crbjl is significnt, becuse he ws first Mexicn-Americn be promoted mjor wy Bob Arum signed him 1988, spite misgivgs Before Crbjl, Arum hd bnked on hevyweights nd occsionl Sugr Ry Leonrd nd Mrv Hgler Th Crbjl rrived hp wk Arum rich trdition nd n ev richer mrket The De L Hoy phomon would hve hpped nywy But Crbjl experice prepred Arum who used lessons cpitlize fully on ll pottil wth represted De L Hoye Through it ll, Crbjl joyed unprected riches himsf But re lso ws n unexpected cebrity for 108pound fighter He ws never prepred for tht With ech success, re were more stions bout why he styed loyl his neighborhood He lives with his wife nd five kids on sme street corner nd sme house tht hs lwys be his home Blood hs be spilled front yrd Bullets hve be fired through front wdows But Crbjl stys He won't leve ny more thn he would ever quit rg He bieves ddress is source of his glory Mybe he's right But erly Sundy, price got lot steeper wh his bror ws shot smch nd n hed suspect who police sy is documted gng member from ner neighborhood If not for Mich Crbjl, shootg would hve gone unnoticed But his fme nd noriety hve m price of his glory very public nd pful It mkes for good movie In r life, its lousy TABACO EL A fes 1998, Philip Morris USA y otrs prciples compnis tbco Ilegron un cuerdo cmbiö, mner fundmtl, l yt, promocion y publicidd l os producs tbco l os Estdos Unidos Este cuerdo, tre otros tems, impone numeross restricciones hn sido tificds por profesionles slud public como medids pr reducir uso producs tbco por l os mores edd Los cmbios producidos por este cuerdo concuerdn con nuestr met vr nuestros producs un form responsble qulos duls ig fumr Quizä hy notdo lgunos l os cmbios mäs visibles Por ejemplo, hecho y retirmos d nuestr publicidd tbco ls crters Amäs, hn ocurrido otros cmbios importnci Por eso nos dirigimos usted qui, este espcio, est publicciön: pr formrle durnte los pröximos meses l os cmbios hn ocurrido y ls medids l compni Philip Morris USA estä mndo pr crr tems rciondos l tbco EL TABACO HOY EN DIA Nuestro propösi es crer un dilogo, no un bte Por ejemplo, remos yudr confrontr problem d uso cigrrillos por mores Sd, si como tmbi l cuestidn d humo cigrrillos sitios püblicos Opmos, medid l sociedd se frt tems rciondos con tbco, nosotros bemos mr prte, y remos formr l publico lo nuestr comipnf estä hcido l respec dichos tems Un cos estä clr: l os cmbios producidos por cuerdo tre ls compnis tbco y l os estdos, si como tmbi otros psos estmos mndo mäs llä d cuerdo, nos dn l oportunidd vnzr pr resolver suns rciondos con tbco Creemos este dilogo nos yudrä conducirnos cuerdo con lo se esper un compni responsble un mundo plo cmbio Pr mäs formci6n, visite nuestro sitio Internet wwwphilipmorrisuscom Si no tie cceso l Internet, por fvor lme por tefono l PMUSAWEB primers un serie msjes Philip Morris USA wwwphillpm rrisuigpm Philip Morris Inc

6 Pge 6 El Edir Lubbock, Tx, April 6, 2000 Noticis Breves Los Nes Americnos Apgn l Te y Se Engnchn l Internet Sn Frncisco (EEUU), - Dos tercios los escolres nortemericnos tre los 9 y los 17 llos prefier nvegr por ternet ntes ver l tevision Son lgunos los ds se hn ddo conocer con motivo l primers semn los niflos ternet, lnzd por congreso Cliforni, uno los estdos con myor conctrcion orndores per person d mun Internet estä cmbdo ls costumbres los escolres y h cogido mchos sus pdres sprevidos Des Is polici ferl (FBI) hste sociciones fnnlires estn ttndo hcer Ilegr ls fmes un sefll lert pre evitr los mss peflos cign trmps, se ici l pornogrefi o ls drogs o s cptdos por grupos dcutes o por persts Moe l muted los hogres nortemericnos con niflos ti stldo l cse l mos un orndor personl Se clcul pr do 2002 hbre 45 millones niflos l red En cuests recites se h preguntdo los escolres se Ilever si fuern bndondos un Isl siert y doe tercios dijeron un orndor con conexibn Internet, con is tevision y tefono muy por tres su orn prefercis Mis d 75 por ci dijo prefier psr horn dnte d orndor mirndo l tevision y nis d 50 por ci los escolres tre 9 y 17 llos segurron prefier recumr ls chrls l red y correo ectronico, ntes pie (lmer sus migos por tefono L medi hors p Internet los escolres l semn es 10,5 hors Los nillos t re 9 y 11 llos se conectn con Internet un medi 3 dies por semn, mitrs los dolesctes tre 15 y 17 lo hc cco dice Is semn Se sbe 89 por ci los sitios Internet recolectn formcion personl sobre los mores le visitn, como nombre y l direccion correo ectronico Slo 23 por ci los sitios Internet p los mores consult sus pdres ntes 1ecibtt esos ds En cun los pdres, le estdistices dicn solo 41 por ci preprn orndor fmilir pr filtrr l formtion l pu ccer los mores El FBI y ls socicionee fmilires hn consejdo los pdres b explicr sus hijos ls regls oro "no hbles con l *16 Mejor En Comid ex i cn -/ MONTELONGbS RESTAURANT extrdos" y No le brs l puert un sconocido", tmbi vles pre los contcs se e stblec trves d orndor Eso se trduce un erie condiciones use l red, tre ls b ester norms como no brir msjee sconocidos, no pulsr lces vi por correo ectrönico no solicitdo y rt 8e sbe don Bevn limiter tiempo los niflos pu psr conectdos l red y hblr con frecuci con ll os sobre lo hc cundo vijn por Internet Pero l dvertci me seri es l no dr dtes personles ni l direction sconocidos y no cudir jms un cit cr cr con lgui con qui se h conectdo trves un sle converstion o correo ectronirn, pues ess hn sido los medios mg utilizdos por persts pre cptr mores A los pdres hoy y no les bst con ester pdites conocer los migos crne y hueso sus hijos Ahor ti tmbi terrse quies son esos migos virtules trn y sl sus vids trves d orndores Muchos pdres probib sus hijos prticipr sles converscion o hcerlo cundo et solos, pert ess cowunicciones directs orndor orndor son msido populres t re los mores corm pr imrls un plumzo Orgnizciones como "Childrsternetcom " reconndn los pdres supervisr los Milos cundo prticipn ess chrls y estr l tn d no se produc pre por consejr mejor sus hijos El FBI h consejdo los pdres no ntl orndor l hbitcion los nillos, lo lo mntgn un hbittion comün l cs o \m lugr pso, don los mores no puedn "eeconr" lo estn hcido Tmbi dvierte los pdres si notn los Milos procurn cerrrse con orndor o se sobresltn y cmb ptll cundo otr person tre, e ejor ttr verigur con qui hbln cundo estn Internet El Cum Mexicno Rce Sus Cizs, Segur Crlos Boldo Chicgo (EEUU), - El direcr mexicno Crlos Boldo, prest su picul "Bjo C ifornr" l XVI edici6n d Festivl Ce Lto Chicgo, compr6 l eitucion d septimo rte su pls con e Ave Fix, rce sus cizs "Yo soy pesimist por nturlez, pero reconozco ce mexicno h psdo un situciön drmitic hte unos ims un bu momt Ahor te mod y much gte lo v ver", clre rzdor EFE Community Investmt Associte Conduct reserch, gr formtion nd mt dtbse rted key hth nd humn service dicrs Must hve good communiction, orgniztion nd humn rtions skills, be til-orited nd proficit computerized dtbse mngemt (Microsoft Exc/Access) Bckground socil services preferred Sd resume : United Wy of Lubbock, th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401, Equl Opport7unity Employer Sles Mnger Lubbock Convtion & Visirs Bureu Lubbock,Texs Qulifictions: Hot sles or trv dustry experice preferred Must be ble trv nd hve experice public spekg, sles clls nd temrketg bid presttion experice preferred Computer experice Microsoft Office (Word, Exc nd PowerPot) Slry: Inclu slry requirems Mil Resume : Debbie Iserl, Executive Assistnt Mrket Lubbock, Inc 1301 Brodwy, Suite 200 Lubbock, Texs Equl Opportunity Employer ^-^ TEXAS RTECH US I V k S 1 T \ I I I I+ I I I \I N4 Opertions Coordr Lubbock Sports Authority Lubbock, Texs HUB ACTIVITIES MANAGER Seekg dividul implemt nd coordte Hisriclly Unrutilized Busess (HUB) progrm Will be responsible for improvg number of bids received from HUB vdors nd number of contrcts wrd HUB vdors Experice with MS Word, Exc nd Access is preferred Occsionl trv is required Requires bchor's gree Busess Admistrtion or rted re with three yers of progressivy responsible experice vopmt nd implemttion of complce nd oversight progrms Twve yers of rted experice my be substituted for required eduction nd experice Apply t TPUHSC Office of Humn Resources, th Street, Room 1B110, Lubbock, Texs or cll (806) for ppliction 3021 Cbvis Rd "Sexo, pudor y lägrims", Annio Serrno, obtuvo un grn exi priblico y, con cco millones espectdores, superb "Ague pr chocolte", otro grn triunfo d ce ncionl Otros filmes recites, como "L ley Heros", Luis Estrd, y "Todd por", Fernndo Sridn, bn cosechdo exis tquill 'Recitemte -explic6- se h estblecido mi pls un empres ncionl se llm 'Cem Mexico', con modo distribuye cts Y exhibe ls firms estdounses, produce, locles" Este empres es l responsble tres cts: "Todo por", "Amores perros", Alejndro Gonzlez, y "Como pez gu", Jun Crlos Dlc TTUHSC IS AN EEO EMPLOYER www ttnhr do Responsibilities: Mt high qulity of service nd support currtly provid evts nd crese number nd scope of evts tht Lubbock Sports Authority tercts with nd services Assess equipmt nd supply needs, process nd respond rests from sports coordr nd volunteers Recruit nd direct evt volunteers Assist vopg mster plns nd progrm schedule for noncompetitive hours nd ctivities Qulifictions:Knowledge strtegic plnng nd implemttion of evt mster plns Computer experice Microsoft Office (Word, Exc nd PowerPot) Must hve vlid driver's licse Slry: Negotible, plus befits Mil Resume : Debbie Iserl, Executive Assistnt Mrket Lubbock, Inc 1301 Brodwy, Suite 200 Lubbock, Tern Equl Opportunity Employer Job Le (806) Si un le por rrib pudo hcer es un pr tl)ers, imgese lo le hiso l person ls ti sus mnos tiprky dice: "Por fvor tg cuiddo con eetricidd" tijers podr, tuberi y otros objes mäs dc 10 pies Ro un simple trbjo como podr un ärbol pue distnci les por rrib Recuer es l Icy vohrrse extremmte pigroso cundo les Ectrics Quese lejos Quese vivo Pn mäs consejos dc podcr estn prestes hlntg ds esclers, seguridd, Ilmos l I SOUrHWESrERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers.

La Voz. Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? Free Gratis. The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 & 9. www.lavoznewspapers. La Voz Free Gratis Volume 9 Number 1 A Bi-cultural Publication January 2014 www.lavoznewspapers.com (512) 944-4123 Where is the money? Dónde está el dinero? The Halloween Floods of 2013. See Pages 8 &

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WE ARE LIVING TONY S LEGACY, SAID HERN A NDE Z vol. 13 no. 18 KANSAS CITY PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 www.kchispanicnews.com 7 DE ENERO DEL 2010 2009 Was a Mixed Ride in KCK Debra DeCoster Joe Reardon was re-elected to his second term in office.

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La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. www.lavoznewspapers.com (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors

La V. Free Gratis. See Page 10 and 11. Inside this Issue. www.lavoznewspapers.com (512) 944-4123. NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors La V Voz Volume 24 Number 8 A Bi-cultural Publication August, 2013 Free Gratis www.lavoznewspapers.com (512) 944-4123 Inside this Issue An Interview with Dolores Treviño NCLR Gets Two Texas Directors Delia

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The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj.

The Latino Reporter GET HYPHY. Inside: Bay Area youth culture finds own hip-hop style PAGE 6 Video report: Ghost-riding the whip www.nahj. www.latinoreporterdigital.org THE OFFICIAL CONVENTION NEWSPAPER OF NAHJ THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2007 2007 Convention San Jose Inside Today HOME RUN CHASE Reaction is mixed about Bonds drive PAGES 7-9 GET HYPHY

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la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14

la seguridad alimentaria y la sostenibilidad de los cafes de especialidad 09 diaro de viaje: la recolección de datos 14 Letter from the executive director 03 The FOOD SECURITY issue 04 a letter from the development director 05 Food security and the sustainability of specialty coffee 06 Travel log: Data collection 12 AUGE

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ABSTRACT RESUMEN. Palabras claves: arcillas gasíferas, cokrigeado colocalizado, recuperación final por pozo, simulación estocástica secuencial

ABSTRACT RESUMEN. Palabras claves: arcillas gasíferas, cokrigeado colocalizado, recuperación final por pozo, simulación estocástica secuencial Ole, R.A., Houseknecht, D.W., Grrity, C.P. nd Cook, T.A., 2011. Formultion of correlted vriles methodology for ssessment of continuous gs resources with n ppliction to the Woodford ply, Arkom Bsin, estern

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happy chap... car seat

happy chap... car seat bright, burly bodygurd hppy chp... HOOTLE cr set...www.costto.com Costto Ltd, Bentinck Mill, Bentinck Street, Frnworth, Bolton, BL4 7EP, Englnd UK Freephone: +44 0800 014 9252* Interntionl Tel: +44 120

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As Christmas approaches,

As Christmas approaches, 13 no. 16 KANSAS CITY WISHES YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! les desea Feliz Navidad! PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 PERIÓDICO BILINGÜE SEMANAL 25 www.kchispanicnews.com 24 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2009

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Life in the "Promised Land": African-American Migrants in Northern Cities, 1916-1940

Life in the Promised Land: African-American Migrants in Northern Cities, 1916-1940 News for Schools from the Smithsonian Institution, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Washington, D.C. 20560 December 1990 Life in the "Promised Land": African-American Migrants in Northern

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19-Year-Old Finds Focus in Art

19-Year-Old Finds Focus in Art INDEPENDIENTE EL Free/gratis 1976~31 Years of Service~2007 South Tucson s Bilingual Newspaper INSIDE Free Tax Help By Ernesto Romero Citizens whose income is up to 250 percent above the poverty line can

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News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th

News. Hispania SUPER BOWL 2005. -vs- Sunday, Feb. 6th Hispania News SOUTHERN COLORADO'S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER SINCE 1987 Dora the Explorer competition winners page 10 VOL. 18. NO. 5 www.hispanianews.com 3 de febrero - 10 de febrero 2005 El consulado móvil,

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Una multitud estimada entre

Una multitud estimada entre PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 VOL 16 No. 19 Concerned Student asked El Pachuco, how does one go about stopping shooting near high schools. See page 6. Estudiante preocupado preguntó a

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Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN

Explosionp3. Explosiónp3. Ariel p4. Hacks p17. Dream p7. march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE MANHATTAN march 19 - march 25, 2014 Vol. 15 No. 12 NORTHERN MANHATTAN S BILINGUAL NEWSPAPER NOW EVERY WEDNESDAY TODOS LOS MIERCOLES washington Heights Inwood HARLEM EAST HARLEM EL PERIODICO BILINGUE DEL NORTE DE

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People in the News. Rick Noriega Heading for the Dem. Nomination

People in the News. Rick Noriega Heading for the Dem. Nomination Page # 2 La Voz de Brazoria County - November, 2007 Nataly Peña Working to Build Career in Film Nataly Pena is a college student. She has been acting since age 7 and has appeared in numerous print ads

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words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska

words of a feather The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska The Official Student Newspaper of the Crete High School Cardinals Crete, Nebraska Volume 4 Issue 3 Teens Passing Prescriptions as Much as Pot Jessialyn Holdcraft Copy Editor/Staff Coordinator Teens today

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FIGHT BACK! SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care INSIDE: News and Views from the People s Struggle. The Rosemary Williams Struggle

FIGHT BACK! SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care INSIDE: News and Views from the People s Struggle. The Rosemary Williams Struggle FIGHT BACK! News and Views from the People s Struggle www.fightbacknews.org October/November 2009 Vol. 12 No. 3 SK Hand Tools Teamsters: On Strike for Health Care 50 cents Chicago, IL - When the owner

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Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10

Strength ALL IN. Building FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH. CON TODO por la fuerza de trabajadores. Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Building Strength 32BJ SEIU Summer/Verano 2012 En español: página 16 ALL IN FOR WORKERS' STRENGTH Special section on the economy & political action, page 10 Sección especial sobre la economía y acción

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El edificio de 126 años,

El edificio de 126 años, PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 GM Fairfax Sweeten $600 Million Investment Atractiva Inversión de $600 Millones de Fairfax GM General Motors CEO Dan Akerson announced the company s plans

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Friday, September 21,2012. The Daily News Clippings

Friday, September 21,2012. The Daily News Clippings Miami Dade College Friday, September 21,2012 The Daily News Clippings Miami Dade College Office of Media Relations 300 N.E. Second Ave., Suite 1350 Miami,Fl. 33132 Tel. 305-237-3366 - Fax. 305-237-3228

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Familia, amigos y otras fuentes de información asociadas al inicio de las relaciones sexuales en adolescentes de El Salvador

Familia, amigos y otras fuentes de información asociadas al inicio de las relaciones sexuales en adolescentes de El Salvador Investigción originl / Originl reserch Fmili, migos y otrs fuentes de informción socids l inicio de ls relciones sexules en dolescentes de El Slvdor Miguel Ruiz-Cnel, 1 Cristin López-del Burgo, 1 Silvi

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Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking

Human Trafficking. What your church can do about... Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock. The Church and Trafficking What your church can do about... Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America Human Trafficking Human Trafficking in America Rev. Lindsay C. Comstock In November of 1999, two teenage student journalists from

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Media Totals Dashboard

Media Totals Dashboard Media Totals Dashboard April 14 May 18, 2015 MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: U-T San Diego: Law Clears Way for Join U.S.-Mexico Inspections (Apr. 24 by Sandra Dibble) This is a historic moment we just witnessed, said

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Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip

Neighborhood opponents of a proposed QuikTrip Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 Your Latino Connection Since 1996 Tú Conexión Latina Desde 1996 VOL. 17 No. 43 3 de Julio, 2014 KCTV5 Reporter Sandra Olivas

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se abre para inscripciones

se abre para inscripciones VOL 18 No. 11 PRSRT STD U.S POSTAGE PAID KCMO PERMIT NO. 990 20 de Noviembre, 2014 * Periódico Bilingüe Kansas City www.kchispanicnews.com Your latino connection since 1996 Tú conexión latina desde 1996

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Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO

Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10. Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO OFERTAS Y CUPONES DE DESCUENTO ADENTRO VOLUME 35 ISSUE 6 WWW.EL-OBSERVADOR.COM FEBRUARY 7-13, 2014 Campaigning for a living wage Pg. 10 Horo scopo Chino 2014 Pg. 19 PHOTO COURTESY: THE PEOPLES COOK 2 CALENDAR

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news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3

news noticias COMMUNITY COMUNITARIAS PLUS: Summer/Verano 2009 Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 The quarterly magazine of the North Carolina Justice Center COMMUNITY noticias COMUNITARIAS news Summer/Verano 2009 PLUS: Society & Immigration page 20 2009 Defenders of Justice Awards page 3 Community

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CanadianLatino. n e w s p a p e r. Calgary, AB Año 8 JULY 2012. Tras seis meses de

CanadianLatino. n e w s p a p e r. Calgary, AB Año 8 JULY 2012. Tras seis meses de Corte anula Election in Kuwait ENGLISH ESPAñOL Calgary stampede Free breakfast FREE Page 10 Ley de seguro hipotecario Página 3 Celebración Indígena Página 4 Queen meets IRA commander Page 7 New Canadian

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Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12

Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12 Off the Shelf Sección en Español en las paginas 10-12 The newsletter of the Montrose Regional Library District Summer 2012 by Janet Oslund All children from birth through 5th grade are invited to participate

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