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1 November Chronicles 2014 La Crónica de noviembre 2014

2 November 2014 Dear Parents and Guardians, We are sending you best wishes for a holiday season full of great times with friends and family members. Hopefully you will find some time to relax and reflect upon the beauty of our Pioneer Valley and the many blessings that we share each day. We thank you for your communications and your gifts of support. As we look towards to 2015, we anticipate celebrating discoveries and accomplishments with your child(ren) each day. We draw your attention to the following happenings around Crocker Farm: Kindergarten students have practiced being scientists outdoors and will now use their outdoor discoveries to inform their writing workshop 1 st graders have been thinking about the weather and the tools that scientists use to measure temperature and wind. They continue to enjoy reading and writing about their Superkids friends (reading program just for K-2). 2 nd graders want to learn how to Flamenco dance! They are planning a community service project to help throughout the building more news to come on that front! 3 rd graders have been studying Massachusetts. We are learning about its geography and history. Have been learning about how historians examine stories of the past and try to decide what has happened. We will be working on recreating what life was like in this area four hundred years ago. We are studying how people lived including eating, dressing, chores/tasks and jobs, houses and entertainment. 4 th graders just finished their realistic fiction project. Please ask them about The Big Dinner project that included ratios pertaining to their delicious feast. 5 th grade classes completed their study of ancient Native American civilizations by designing posters highlighting the Incas and their many innovations. In 6th grade students have been wrapping up a close study of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by analyzing the Hero's Journey archetype in different stories, and writing their own Hero's Journey! Best wishes to all, Derek Shea, Principal Sharri Conklin, Assistant Principal

3 Noviembre 2014 Queridos Padres y Guardianes/Familiares de los alumnos de Crocker Farm, Les mandamos saludos y mejores deseos para las fiestas de día de acción de Gracia. Que pasen tiempos lindos con amigos y familiares en estos días. Tal vez puedan relajarse por unos momentos y reflejar sobre la hermosura de nuestro valle en que vivimos juntos y las bendiciones de cada día. Les agradecemos sus comunicaciones y su apoyo. Miramos hacia el futuro y el año que viene (2015), anticipamos celebrar momentos de descubrimiento y los logros de cada día con su hijo. Les subrayamos los siguientes eventos de nuestra escuela: Jardín de infantes (Kindergarten) los alumnos han practicado la disciplina de cómo ser científicos afuera en el campo. Ahora utilizan sus descubrimientos científicos para informar su escritura. Primer grado los alumnos han estudiado el tiempo y las distintas formas que los científicos pueden usar para medir la temperatura y el viento. Los alumnos continúan sus estudios de la lectura y están escribiendo sobre los personajes de SuperKids. Segundo grado los alumnos desean aprender como bailar el flamenco. Los alumnos planifican un proyecto de servicio para la comunidad de Crocker Farm para después de día de acción de gracia. Tercer grado los alumnos han estudiado la historia de nuestro estado de Massachusetts. Han aprendido su geografía y la historia de su formación. Los alumnos se enfocaron en la forma que Historiadores examinan los cuentos del pasado y deciden lo que verdaderamente ocurrió. Cada clase tratara de recrear el medioambiente en que la gente se movió hace cuatrocientos años. Vamos a estudiar cómo se vistieron, lo que comieron, los trabajos que hicieron, sus alojamientos y como se divirtieron. Cuarto grado Los alumnos recién terminaron de escribir sus obras de ficción realística. Pregúntenles sobre La Gran Cena su proyecto que incluye matemáticas, arte y una fiesta con comida. Quinto grado Los alumnos terminaron sus estudios de los indígenas de las Américas e hicieron posters para demonstrar los que aprendieron y tomamos de la civilización de los Incas. Sexto grado los alumnos se enfocaron en leer y destacar Percy Jackson y el ladrón de los rayos. Hicieron una examinación compleja de los personajes de héroes en cada cuento y escribieron su propia obra de giro de héroes.

4 Saludos para todos en su casa, Derek Shea, Director y Sharri Conklin Asistente al Director ABSENCE LINE / LINEA DE AUSENCIA: SCHOOL CLOSING: (413) If school is canceled or delayed, a message will be displayed on the front page of the district web site. If no message appears, then school is open at the regular time. Information about school closing can also be obtained through the following sources: ARPS School Cancellations or Delays Information Line (413) Radio Stations: FM AM 1400 Television stations WWLP Channel 22 WGGB Channel 40 TV Station Websites: One Hour Delay Buses pick children up 1 hour after regularly scheduled time school begins one hour later than usual. Students are dismissed at the regular time. Two Hour Delay Children are picked up 2 hours after regularly scheduled time - school begins 2 hours later than usual. Students are dismissed at the regular time.

5 Upcoming events at Crocker Farm Elementary December 1- NO SCHOOL All teachers curriculum day 2 First day back to school from Thanksgiving vacation 9-4 th and 5 th grade chorus concert at 2:00pm in cafeteria 10 4 th and 5 th grade chorus presentation at 6:30pm in cafeteria December (continued) 10 1:20pm early release day 11 Family Literacy intervention night CF 16-6 th grade chorus 9:30am and 6:30pm 23 Last day of school for January 5 Holiday vacation January First day of school in :20pm early dismissal day 19 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL 30 NO SCHOOL elementary teachers workday February :20pm early dismissal day Winter Recess Crocker Farm Absentee phone number: Crocker Farm:

6 + + Save the date for ! Valley Gives Day! You care about excellence in education. So does Amherst Education Foundation (AEF)! Join us on December 10th, a day of online giving throughout the community, to show how much you care about our students and teachers in Amherst, Pelham, Leverett, and Shutesbury Schools. Help make our classrooms exciting places to learn every day by supporting AEF on Valley Gives Day! Here s what you can do today to get ready for Valley Gives: Put Valley Gives Day on your calendar for ! Like AEF on Facebook & follow us on Twitter to learn more. Bookmark our giving website: There are many Amherst nonprofit organizations participating in Valley Gives, including many of the school PGOs. You can find them all listed at Big or small, every donation matters. THANK YOU! AEF grants are at work in your school! Here s an example: A recent AEF grant funded Lego Mindstorms Robotics kits and curriculum for all 6 elementary schools. The success that they feel when the robot does what they want it to is magic!! ~ Joan Gallinaro, Instructional Technology Teacher NOT A SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENT

7 CROCKER FARM PGO & CROCKER JAVA FROM DEAN S BEANS Dean s Beans make great holiday gifts! When you buy Dean s Beans fresh, locally roasted, fair-trade, organic coffee, not only are you supporting sustainable coffee growers and a great local business, you are also helping to fund programs for Crocker Farm students through the PGO. Plus, you save money too; the PGO s Dean s Beans prices are less than you d pay retail. Dean s Beans Coffee (regular and decaf), hot chocolate, and chocolate java drops are available at Crocker Farm. They are sold in the front office. You can also place an order to be delivered to your child s backpack. An order form is available on the back of this flyer. Additional order forms are available in the office and on the PGO blog. ( Using the order form is the best way to ensure availability, as our supplies in the office dwindle from time to time. Orders for delivery before the holiday recess are due no later than Friday, December 5th, and will be delivered the week of December 15th. Winter Holiday Special: Order any 5 items and save $3 on your total order.

8 Winter Holiday Order Form Orders are due by Friday, December 5th, and will be delivered the week of December 15th. Winter Special: For each 5 items ordered, save $3 on your total order Name: Best Telephone Number (evenings): Student s Name: Teacher: Your order will be sent home with your student, unless you check here indicating you prefer to pick up your order at school. PRODUCT PRICE/order x # of orders = $ TOTAL COFFEE: Crocker Java Blend $10.00 per lb Whole Bean Crocker Java Blend $10.00 per lb Ground Crocker Java Decaf $11.00 per lb Whole Bean Crocker Java Decaf $11.00 per lb Ground OTHER PRODUCTS: Dark Chocolate Java Drops $10.50 per lb Hot Cocoa $7.50 per 3/4 lb GRAND TOTAL ENCLOSED (include discount for bulk orders) Important things to remember: Please make checks payable to Crocker Farm PGO and send it with your order form to school with your child. Order forms can be downloaded at and extras are always available in the Main Office. Stop in or ask the PGO to send one home. Thank you for supporting our school!

9 Sponsored Programs Juntos We Play Steps to Success Family University Before & Afterschool Programs Intergenerational Equity Cohort ARPS Family Center Newsletter Steps to Success Steps for Success (STS) continues to build relationships with families and students. STS advisors are adept at maintaining a October 2014 Dr. Marta Guevara, Director S close Family working relationship with Center families, Newsletter teachers, counselors, principals, and other professionals who help support the academic success of students. Recently, elementary school teachers who work with STS students received a letter containing STS students contact information as well as information about our work with families. We are looking forward to facilitating and promoting attendance at parent-teacher conferences. Cooperation from all parties is organized through the Student Academic Success Plan (SASP) contract, an agreement that STS advisors have introduced this year. The contract requires signatures and support of students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators. This agreement ensures the necessary communication and support all students need to succeed. Student Achievement & Accountability This year, Latino Heritage Month was celebrated in a very festive way at Crocker Farm, Fort River, Pelham and Wildwood Elementary Schools! Grupo Tradiciones, an Amherst-based, Latin American folk dance group, performed at school-wide assemblies that included dances from five different countries. In addition to learning about the different musical genres and dances, students and staff learned about the different countries and cultures represented in the assemblies. Audiences clapped, cheered, sang and moved to the different rhythms. Our thanks to the dancers in the group who are also ARPS staff members, Marta Guevara (Central Office), Alicia Lopez (Middle School), Blanca Osorio- Castillo (Fort River), Martha Toro-Rodriguez (South East Street), Mari Vicente (High School) and Blanca Walker (mother of HS student). Warm Winter Clothing Share Amherst Schools Parent/Guardian Organizations Sue Tippet & Emma Schmelzer, getting into the spirit of things. Advisors began meeting with students individually during lunch time. Two new UMASS interns, Maclane Walsh and Julia Mawdsley, joined the conversations, presented the SASP contract, and discussed any concerns. At ARMS, the VELA 21st Century Program began! Most STS students were encouraged to register and attend. This program will allow them to access academic support and the fun enrichment activities. This information can be found at Warm Winter Clothing Share. For a Spanish Version click on here

10 Page 2 of 2 ARPS Family Center 170 Chestnut Street Amherst, MA Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm Friday 8:00am 3:00pm Phone: (413) Fax: (413) The ARPS Family Center, along with strong and valued community partners, is invested in the success of our students and families. The Smiles Program The Smiles Program this fall was a huge success. Over one hundred students received restorative procedures, teeth cleanings, and instructions on how to properly brush areas to avoid cavities. The Smiles Program will return in late March and provide continued dental care for students. Family University Free Workshops The ARPS Family Center LETURES series offered four events for families of our district. Doug Slaughter, ARPS Information Technology data analyst, gave a great presentation on PowerSchool, a web- based tool which allows parents to check academic performance and contact teachers directly with any questions. The second workshop by Denise Green, ARMS psychologist, focused on homework strategies. Denise provided advice to help parents find common ground with students completing homework assignments effectively. Deborah King, retired Pelham counselor, presented on elementary bullying. Finally, Wildwood Elementary School Nurse James Robinson spoke about asthma and its effect on youth. Intergenerational Equity Cohort October was a busy time for the IEC as Calvin Terrell visited ARPS and held assemblies with the 7 th, 8 th and 9 th grades. Several members from the IEC assisted in the assemblies. These students performed skits on stage and role-played various situations that routinely occur in the school community. Calvin facilitated a weekend training at Amherst College with the IEC. During the training, students identified various projects that they would individually and collectively work on. These projects include working on Parent/ Student Engagement Night, ARMS 21 st Century VELA program and the Amherst Together project. Before and After School Programs The Afterschool Programs at all elementary schools are in full swing. Programs at each school are as such: Capacidad at Fort River, Prime Time at Crocker Farm and Wildwood, and Marks Meadow at Wildwood. All programs have slots available and families can enroll directly at each school. Our after school Elementary Title I Math and ELA support programs began at each school in early November. Eligible students in grades 3, 4, and 5 participate in the ELA program, and eligible 6th graders participate in a math skills building program. The program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Students have the option of parent pick-up at 4:30pm or participating in the after school program and taking the bus home at 5:15pm. The VELA 21 st Century after school program began in October at ARMS. The program is grant-funded and provided in partnership with the Collaborative for Educational Services. The VELA 21 st Century program offers a broad array of academic support and innovative and inventive enrichment activities for middle school students. The program is free of charge and runs Monday through Thursday from 2:30pm - 5:00pm. Before School Care The Before School program started and slots are available at each elementary school. The BOKS Kids exercise and nutrition education program, which was a great success last year, will happen again at Fort River. Invitations and enrollment forms are being sent home this week. We also hope to bring the program to Crocker Farm and Wildwood in the near future. As in the past, fee subsidies are available to income-eligible families for both the Before School Care Program and the Afterschool Programs. For information on fee subsidies or for any general questions about the Before School Care Program or the Afterschool Programs, please contact Jim Regan at or Please see brochure click for detailed information on this great opportunity.

11 REGISTRATION FORM Student Name: Age: Grade Parent/Guardian Name: Address: Phone: Transportation Consent We appreciate every effort parents/guardians can make to transport their youth home from the program, but understand that transportation can often be a stumbling block for participation. Please let us know your transportation needs. Advance notice is mandatory for any change in transportation. My youth will need bus transportation. I will pick up my youth from the program site. I give permission for my youth to walk from ARHS. Please read before registering: Only register for an activity if you can attend each week and remain in the program until 5:00p.m. Amherst College Volunteers Students will be enrolled into classes where space is available. If there is no second choice indicated, and your first choice is full, you will not be enrolled. Snack is provided for all enrolled students. VELA 21st Century will be cancelled if there is an early dismissal or school cancellation. We encourage your feedback about the VELA 21st Century After School program. Please contact Lisa with your comments: VELA A 21ST CENTURY PROGRAM Session 1: Oct. 14 Dec. 22 Name Relationship Phone Signature Questions or concerns? Please contact: Lisa Candito VELA Site Coordinator The VELA After-School Program at ARMS focuses on academics and enrichment activities serving the students of Amherst Regional Middle School throughout the school year and summer.

12 M *Makerspace Mondays *Ultimate Fun & Fitness Group (T.U.F.F.) *Youth Leadership - Grade 7 Girls T *Intro to Dance *Never Doubt *Youth Leadership - Grade 7 Boys The Ultimate Fun & Fitness Group (T.U.F.F.) Fitness Group or T.U.F.F. offers a healthy environment for students of all fitness levels. T.U.F.F. members will build teamwork skills as well as learn about nutrition and wellness. T.U.F.F. will help students become successful and healthy members of society. Most importantly the Ultimate Fun & Fitness group is a Judgment Free Zone. Food, Farms & Fun If you enjoy being outdoors, teamwork, and eating great food, then Food, Farms & Fun could be for you! This program includes field trips to Brookfield Farm in Amherst, where you will work with friendly farmers to harvest crops, and learn about preparing gardens and farms for winter and spring. During the winter months activities will include preparing and enjoying recipes from local food sources. Using all you have learned about food, farming, nutrition, and food justice (the right to good food for all), the group will design and carry out a service project to help transform hunger to health in our community. W *Farm, Food & Fun *The Relaxation Station *Youth Leadership Grade 8 Boys SCHEDULE: 2:30 3:30 Academic Support/Snacks 3:30 5:00 Enrichment Activities TH *A Novel Bunch *Ultimate Fun & Fitness Group (T.U.F.F.) *Youth Leadership Grade 8 Girls Never Doubt Never Doubt is a student led, service-learning club that will dedicate time to make an impact within the local community. This group will plan and implement community based projects that will have a clear benefits to families and friends that share this community. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it s the only thing that ever has. Margret Mead A Novel Bunch Come enjoy a good book among friends! Dive into the world of many characters, like Katniss Everdeen, Stanley Yelnats, or Jonas, through a mix of solitary reading and reading together. We will create a book reading list that meets the needs of all the participants as well as visit the Jones Library and other local reading spots to discuss our books. REGISTRATION Step 1: Review all of the workshop offerings. Step 2: Fill out this registration form and return it to the ARMS Main Office or the Family Center by October 8th. Registration is on a first-come, firstserved basis and priority is given to students who want to attend two or more days. You will receive a letter confirming your enrichment classes Step 3: Return Parent/Permission Forms to the ARMS Main Office or Family. You cannot start the program without completed paperwork. Choose Your Workshop(s) You will receive one of your first choices if you sign up for 3 or more days a week. Monday 1st Choice 2nd Choice Tuesday 1st Choice 2nd Choice Wednesday 1st Choice 2nd Choice Introduction to Dance This enrichment class takes participants through 4 week units studying a variety of dance styles including hip-hop, Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Cape Verdean dance, Irish Step, and more. Sessions will be taught by ARHS dancers as well as Tracy Vernon, Director of ARHS Dance. All levels of experience are welcome. Makerspace Mondays A makerspace is a place where a community comes together to get creative. During Makerspace Mondays at Amherst Media we will get creative with technology, design, and media. Using new technologies like the Arduino and Lilypad, participants will learn how to design and build electronic devices and get the chance to make their own wearable technology or digital art. We will then learn how to make media to share these creations with the world. Transportation is NOT provided home from Amherst Media. Parents/guardians must arrange youth pick up from Amherst Media at 5:00pm. The Relaxation Station Participants will learn stress reduction techniques that help create a sense of calm focus on a daily basis. Participants will have a chance to practice yoga (no experience necessary), create their own ZEN gardens, stress balls and much more to decrease stress as it occurs in daily life. Youth Leadership and Development This program will supply opportunities for participants to obtain study skills, work with High School and College mentors, engage in dialogue around student generated social issues and will also include fun games and activities. During weekly sessions participants will build their communication and leadership skills in a friendly group environment. Thursday 1st Choice 2nd Choice Academic Support VELA staff are dedicated to supporting students with their schoolwork and homework during our program. We do this by providing a space, necessary materials, adult support, encouragement and a learning community where schoolwork is valued. We want all students to experience academic success.

13 Hoja de Inscripción Nombre del/a Estudiante: Edad: Grado: Nombre de Padre/Madre o Encargado(a): Correo electrónico: Dirección: Estudiantes voluntaries de Amherst College. Por favor lea la información antes de inscribirse: VELA UN PROGRAMA DEL SIGLO 21 Sesión 1: Oct. 14 Dic. 22 Teléfono: Consentimiento de Transportación Cualquier esfuerzo para conseguirle a los(as) estudiantes transportación a su hogar luego del programa será apreciado por nosotros. Sin embargo estamos conscientes que este factor puede impedir la participación del/a estudiante. Por lo mismo, agradecemos que nos deje saber si tiene alguna necesidad de transporte, de ser así, es necesario adquirir su aviso con anticipación para ajustar los servicios de transportación para el/la menor. El/la menor necesitará los servicios del autobús. Yo podré recoger a el/la menor en las facilidades del programa. Yo autorizo a que el/la menor camine desde ARHS. Solo se debe inscribir en una actividad si usted puede asistir a la misma y quedarse hasta las 5:00p.m. Los(as) estudiantes podrán ser matriculados(as) en las clases de haber cupo en las mismas. Si usted no identifica una segunda alternativa y no hay cupo en su primera opción, no será posible matricularlo (a). Se le proveerá meriendas a los(as) estudiantes matriculado(as). Los servicios del programa VELA serán cancelados en días escolares con horario corto y/o cuando el día de clases sea cancelado. Apreciamos cualquier recomendación acerca del programa extracurricular VELA. Por favor comuníquese con Lisa con su comentario: Nombre Relación Teléfono Firma Preguntas o comentarios? Por favor contactar a: El programa extracurricular VELA se especializa en proveer servicios académicos y actividades recreativas para los(as) estudiantes de la Escuela Intermedia de la Región de Amherst (ARMS por sus siglas en Inglés) durante el año académico y la época de verano. Lisa Candito Coordinadora del Programa VELA

14 Lun *Lunes de Espacio Creativo *Condición Física y Máxima Diversión(T.U.F.F.) *Youth Leadership - Condición Mar *Introducción a la Danza *Nunca Dudes *Desarollo y Liderato - Niños de 7mo grado Física y Máxima Diversión (T.U.F.F., por sus siglas en Inglés) El grupo de Condición Física y Máxima Diversión, fomentará un ambiente ameno y libre de prejuicios. En este grupo estudiantes con cualquier nivel de condición física participarán de un ambiente saludable. Los miembros de T.U.F.F. aprenderán sobre nutrición y desarrollarán herramientas para trabajar en grupo y mantenerse sanos. Como misión, el programa T.U.F.F. ayudará a los(as) estudiantes a convertirse en miembros exitosos y saludables en nuestra sociedad. Comida, Cultivo y Diversión Si usted disfruta de actividades al aire libre, el trabajo en equipo y de comida deliciosa, el grupo de Comida, Granja y Diversión podría ser el programa indicado para usted. Los(as) participantes aprenderán sobre la preparación de cosechas y jardines mientras ayudan en la granja Brookfield en Amherst. Las actividades durante el invierno consistirán en la preparación y disfrute de recetas con ingredientes locales. A través de este programa, diseñarás y facilitarás servicios que ayudarán a la salud de la comunidad con el conocimiento que recibirás sobre cultivo, comida y nutrición, y el derecho a proveer a todos una buena alimentación. Introducción a la Danza A través de las actividades recreativas de esta clase, los(as) estudiantes aprenderán una unidad de baile en 4 semanas. Algunos de los estilos de bailes por enseñar son hip-hop, Salsa, Samba Brazilera, danza de Cabo Verde, entre otros. Las clases serán dirigidas por estudiantes de ARHS y Tracy Vernon, Directora del Grupo de Danza ARHS. Estudiantes con cualquier nivel de experiencia son bienvenidos(as). Lunes de Espacio Creativo En el Espacio Creativo los(as) participantes tendrán la oportunidad de trabajar creativamente en unión. El grupo tendrá la oportunidad de demostrar su creatividad diseñando y usando la tecnología para los medios de comunicación en las facilidades de Amherst Media. Los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de diseñar artes gráficas y construir dispositivos electrónicos utilizando programas como Arduino y Lilypad. Los(as) estudiantes Miér *Comida, Cultivo y Diversión *Estación de Relajación *Desarrollo y Liderato Niños de 8vo grado Horario: 2:30 3:30 Apoyo Académico/Meriendas 3:30 5:00 Actividades Recreativas Juev *Grupo de Lectura *Condición Física y Máxima Diversión *Desarrollo y Liderato Niñas de 8vo grado aprenderán a crear y compartir sus creaciones con el mundo utilizando los medios de comunicación. El programa NO proveerá transportación desde Amherst Media al hogar. Padres y encargado(as) serán responsables de recoger a el/la menor en Amherst Media a las 5:00pm. Nunca Dudes El programa Nunca Dudes es un servicio de aprendizaje dirigido por estudiantes que dedicarán su tiempo a hacer una diferencia en nuestra comunidad local. Los(as) participantes ayudarán en la planificación e implementación de iniciativas comunitarias que ayudarán a nuestros vecinos y familias en el área. Nunca dudes que un pequeño grupo de ciudadanos considerados pueda cambiar el mundo. Verdaderamente, eso es lo único que lo ha logrado. - Margret Mead Grupo de Lectura Ven y disfruta de un libro bueno entre amistades! Sumérgete en un mundo de personajes como Katniss Everdeen, Stanley Yelnats, o Jonas, a través de una combinación de lectura en grupo y a solas. En este grupo crearemos una lista de libros que atiende las necesidades de todos los(as) participantes. También visitaremos la librería Jones y otos lugrares locales para leer y discutir nuestros libros. La Estación de Relajación En este grupo los(as) estudiantes aprenderán técnicas para reducir estrés y desarrollar un sentido de calma a diario. Los(as) participantes también tendrán la oportunidad de practicar Yoga (no se requiere experiencia previa), crear sus propios jardines ZEN, bolas de estrés y muchas otras tácticas para reducir su nivel de estrés a diario. Desarrollo y Liderato de la Juventud Este programa proveerá a los participante múltiples oportunidades para desarrollar técnicas de estudio, trabajar con mentores a nivel de escuela superior o a nivel universitario, entablar en diálogos sobre asuntos sociales que afectan a los(as) estudiantes, y participar en actividades recreativas y juegos muy divertidos. Los(as) estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de desarrollar sus habilidades de comunicación y liderazgo durante estas reuniones semanales que fomentan un ambiente ameno. Inscripción: Paso 1: Revise todas las ofertas de los talleres. Paso 2: Complete la hoja de inscripción y entregue el documento en la oficina principal de ARMS o en el Centro para la Familia en o antes del 8 de octubre. La ratificación de su inscripción se basará por orden de entrega de los documentos. También se le dará prioridad a estudiantes que deseen participar dos o más días de la semana. Finalmente, se le enviará una carta confirmando la participación del/a estudiante en las clases recreativas. Paso 3: Entregue el consentimiento para padres, madres o encargados(as) en la oficina principal de ARMS o en el Centro para la Familia. El/la estudiante no podrá empezar el programa hasta que todos los documentos se completen apropiadamente. Escoja su(s) taller(es): Si usted se inscribe a participar durante 3 o más días a la semana, recibirá una de sus primeras opciones. Lunes 1ra Opción 2da Opción Martes 1ra Opción 2da Opción Miércoles 1ra Opción 2da Opción Jueves 1ra Opción 2da Opción Apoyo Académico Durante el horario del programa Vela, nuestro personal de apoyo está comprometido con apoyar al estudiantado y su cumplimiento de proyectos escolares. Nuestro recursos incluyen el espacio, los materiales necesario y el respaldo de un adulto para fomentar una comunidad que apoye el aprendizaje de toda la comunidad escolar.


16 MAKE ME LAUGH! Acting Improvisation and Theater Games Kids 8 to 11 Years Old (3-5 Grade) Love to laugh? Then you ve come to the right place! Taught by former professional actress and experienced drama teacher, Becca Greene-Van Horn, participants will have a blast learning improvisation, drama games and practicing comedy scenes! Participants will increase their listening and collaborative skills, as well as verbal and physical confidence on stage. An informal demo will be presented at the end. There is a $5 materials fee due to the instructor at first class. Wednesday 5:00-6:30 PM Dates: Jan. 28-March 25 (No class Feb. 18) Price: $139 Bangs Community Center New fee reductions may be available. Register online: or Phone Not a school sponsored event

17 ACTSMART IMPROV COMPANY Grades 9 12 Come be part of the 2015 ACTSMART IMPROV COMPANY! Actors will be trained in Improv, Playback Theater and other ensemble acting techniques. The company will perform in schools, community settings and organizations, addressing the relevant issues that youth face: peer pressure, bullying, conflict management and more. Two public performances will be scheduled as part of the class, a school, or after school program, and one for the general public. ACTSMART is looking for a diverse and multicultural group of young people. We are looking for actors interested in being part of a company that uses drama/theater to make a difference in the schools and larger community. Auditions will be held at the first class meeting, January 28, 3-5 PM at the Bangs Center. Please call , or to sign up, or if you are interested, but can t make it to the audition. Director, Becca Greene-Van Horn is a drama therapist, experienced teacher and former professional actor. For information or call LSSE at Not a school sponsored event. Wednesdays Jan.28-March 25 $65/Non-residents $75 3:00 to 5:00 PM Fee reduction, partial and full No class Feb. 18 scholarships available!

18 Youth Improvisation Ages (6-8 Grade) A take-off on the popular Whose Line Is It Anyway? show, this class will give participants an opportunity to hone their improvisational skills in a humorous, playful, nonjudgmental, and supportive setting. The acting exercises, drama games and scene work are designed to encourage young actors to take creative risks, while increasing their improvisational comfort level and self-confidence. Participants will increase their listening and collaborative skills, as well as verbal and physical confidence on stage. Participants will visit Hampshire College for a fun evening of Improv with Hampshire students and perform for a young audience. Informal demo at last class. $10 Lab fee due at first class. Becca Greene-Van Horn, MA, RDT/BCT, LCAT, worked as a professional actress, has taught drama to children for over 25 years, is Adjunct Professor at Lesley University, Professional Coach and Licensed Drama Therapist (NY). Tuesdays 4:00 PM 5:30 PM January 27 -March 24 No class Feb. 17 Bangs Community Center $124 To register, call LSSE at or visit Not a school sponsored event

19 Clay Animals, Creatures, and Things Ages 5-7 ($99) We will develop basic hand-building techniques as we create animals and creatures from the unknown. Mon., Jan. 26-Mar. 23 4:00-5:00pm Fantastic Fairylands Ages 5-7 ($99) We will sculpt from clay and other natural materials to make tiny fairies, deluxe imaginative fairy houses, and fairy furniture! Wed., Jan. 28-Mar. 25 4:00-5:00 pm For more information call Amherst Leisure Services (413) or go to *not a school-sponsored event* Watercolor and Drawing Ages 7-10 ($131) The perfect class for the budding artist! Explore and enjoy all that drawing and painting have to offer. Tues., Jan. 27-Mar. 24 4:00-5:30pm All classes take place at the Bangs Center

20 The final selection of the recipient of the award will be made by the RaDAR Committee. The award will be presented at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast in January About RaDAR The RaDAR (Race and Discipline, Action, Rights) Committee grew out of the ARHS Parents Center s Study Circle Project on Race and Class in the Amherst Schools. In Spring, 2005, RaDAR was formed to address concerns raised by ALANA (African, African-American, Latino, Asian, Native American) parents regarding issues of discipline, social justice and equity at ARHS. RaDAR believes through the collaborative effort of students, teachers, parents, staff, and administrators, students in Amherst can achieve the highest education attainment when there is no systematic privilege based on race. We believe a school free of racism, prejudice and discrimination promotes safety, personal growth and academic achievement. We envision learning communities that promote the ideals of a just and respectful community built on compassionate relationships. For more information about RaDAR, contact Jackie Wolf ( ). Dr. Norma Jean Anderson Civil Rights and Academic Award Call for Nominations

Ossining Union Free School District

Ossining Union Free School District Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2012-2013 Ossining Union Free School District All Children Can Learn Diversity is one of the Ossining Union Free School District s greatest strengths as well

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Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015.

Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015. Ossining Union Free School District Calendar 2014-2015 Ossining Union Free School District All Children Can Learn Diversity is one of the Ossining Union Free School District s greatest

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Springfield Parent Academy

Springfield Parent Academy Springfield Parent Academy Educate, Motivate, And Engage For Success! 2013-2014 Course Catalogue Cursos disponibles en Español Find Us on Facebook & YouTube Table of contents

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YOU MIGHT JUST START A CHAIN REACTION! Volume 2 Issue 6 February 2015 Special points of interest: Dates to Remember Parent Engagement TIPS Principals Matter! Construction Updates February s School Menus! Inside this issue: Rachel s Challenge

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Connections. The new year brings budget challenges. Meet the newest member: Howard Greaney

Connections. The new year brings budget challenges. Meet the newest member: Howard Greaney Holyoke Public Schools A Community Working Together Our Web site: Holyoke Public Schools Volume 6, Issue 2 Winter 2008 The new year brings budget challenges By Eduardo B. Carballo

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Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook

Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook Student/Parent Handbook 2014 2015 Grady A. Brown Elementary Student/Parent Handbook Table of Contents Belief and Mission Statement Vision School Day 1-2 After School Programs 1 Visitors/Volunteers 1 Emergency

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COUGAR PRINTS. Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166

COUGAR PRINTS. Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166 COUGAR PRINTS Volume 26, Issue 1 August / September 2013 Attendance: 528-5304 Main Office: 528-5281 Health: 528-5309 Counseling: 528-5397 Homework Hotline: 528-5404 Library: 528-5166

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Pendergast Elementary School District Newsletter Fall 2014

Pendergast Elementary School District Newsletter Fall 2014 Pendergast Elementary School District Newsletter Fall 2014 Superintendent s Message It is my honor and privilege to serve as your new Superintendent. We are all Bee -lievers in Pendergast! Dear Pendergast

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Guide to Services Guía De Servicios

Guide to Services Guía De Servicios Guide to Services Guía De Servicios 2014 2015 Table of Contents Versión en español empieza en la página 18. Academic Services 3 5 Academic Support Center (The Learning Center) Tutoring Peer Based Support

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Superintendent s Message

Superintendent s Message Spring 2005 500 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07207 Superintendent s Message As we open the doors to spring, I welcome you to our annual Special Edition FOCUS. Spring brings many delights to us all,

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The Presidents Letter

The Presidents Letter January 2007 White Plains High School PTA Issue 26, Number 2 The Presidents Letter Happy New Year! We wish you all a very healthy and happy 2007. Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, January 25

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Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success

Communicator. Imperial Valley Workshop a Huge Success S D Issue Date: 7/24/15 Frequency: 3x/Year Issue #: 2-Summer Communicator R C San Diego Regional Center A Service of San Diego-Imperial Counties Developmental Services Inc, 4355 Ruffin Road,

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VIKING VOICE. Message from our Incoming Principal Dr. Hugo A. Pedroza THE SAMOHI PTSA. October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2

VIKING VOICE. Message from our Incoming Principal Dr. Hugo A. Pedroza THE SAMOHI PTSA. October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2 THE SAMOHI PTSA October 2006 VOLUME 06-07 Issue 2 SANTA MONICA HIGH SCHOOL (310) 395-3204 El Boletin en espa ol ol o ien a comienza o ien a en la pa in pagin pa in 6 VIKING VOICE

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P D. Connection. rofessional evelopment. Today Paula, a typical parent, is looking for child

P D. Connection. rofessional evelopment. Today Paula, a typical parent, is looking for child P D Education opportunities and resources for early care and education professionals rofessional evelopment Connection July/August 2013 Why Quality Rating & Improvement Systems Are Good For All Family

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Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School

Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School Lion Country! 2012-2013 Student Handbook Alhambra High School A Letter from the Principal Dear Parents and Guardians: July 10, 2012 Welcome to the 2012-13 school year! On behalf of the faculty and staff

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September 4, 2012. Dear Families,

September 4, 2012. Dear Families, September 4, 2012 Dear Families, Welcome to the fifth year at Bronx Community! We are always excited about the beginning of the year. We re looking forward to a year filled with new discoveries, newly-developed

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Asistente de la directora. Dear Scott Parents and Students:

Asistente de la directora. Dear Scott Parents and Students: Dear Scott Parents and Students: Scott Dual Language Magnet School Scott, Escuela en dos idiomas 401 SE Market Street Topeka, Kansas 66607 (785) 235-7480 English/ inglés (785) 235-7486 Spanish/ español

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community with an easy to use reference guide to school schedules, policies and procedures. For

community with an easy to use reference guide to school schedules, policies and procedures. For PAPSHandbook_10_11_FINAL:Layout 1 1/20/2011 1:19 PM Page 1 W elcome to the Perth Amboy Public Schools District Handbook. The District Handbook is designed to provide students, parents and other members

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C omitted to Excellence for all Students

C omitted to Excellence for all Students Clinton Elementary School STUDENT HANDBOOK 2013 2014 C omitted to Excellence for all Students This agenda belongs to: Name Address City / Town Zip Code Phone The Clinton Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative

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Monroe Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School Monroe Elementary School Mrs. Betty Tamara-Rios, Principal June 2015 Newsletter 417 E. Central Ave. Santa Ana, CA. 92707 Phone: (714)569-9700 Fax: (714) 569-9799 Dear Parents, Thursday,

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Mount Pleasant High School

Mount Pleasant High School Mount Pleasant High School The Kiltie Times November, 2014 I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : Student Life 2 News & Editorials 5 Sports 6 By Mr. Neil Johnson Volume 1, Issue 1 MPHS is

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Between Friends. Entre Amigos. Dina Gonzalez

Between Friends. Entre Amigos. Dina Gonzalez Between Friends Entre Amigos A Family Magazine Serving the Communities of Merced County Volume 11 Issue 2 Merced County March/April 2014 Dina Gonzalez Leading the Way in Child Care in Merced County Liderando

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Testing Season is Here!

Testing Season is Here! March 2015 Woodside High School Newsletter March/April Events For a full listing of Woodside High events, visit the website at Sunday, March 1 FAFSA/Cal

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COMMUNIQUE. East High PTSA East High PTSA COMMUNIQUE East High School s Communiqué is a cooperative publication of the PTSA and the Administration May-June2015 FIND THE COMMUNIQUE AT: HTTP://EAST.SLCSCHOOLS.ORG/ NO MORE LATE START

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City Of Salinas Library & Community Services Department. We create community through people, parks & programs

City Of Salinas Library & Community Services Department. We create community through people, parks & programs 2015 City Of Salinas Library & Community Services Department We create community through people, parks & programs Community Resources Abandoned Vehicles...758-7316 Animal Control...758-7285 Garbage...758-3840

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Dear Quatama Families,

Dear Quatama Families, Dear Quatama Families, Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer full of family and friends. My first year at Quatama flew by! Thank you for inviting me into your community and

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I am looking forward to another year as a Waldo Mustang! Please call or email me with any questions or concerns you might have.

I am looking forward to another year as a Waldo Mustang! Please call or email me with any questions or concerns you might have. Dear Waldo Families, Welcome to a new school year, in a new school, with new adventures waiting. We are so excited to have you as part of the Waldo Mustang community! The enclosed packet of information

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Brentwood CALENDAR&GUIDE UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Brentwood UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT 2015 2016 CALENDAR&GUIDE Private /Parochial School BUS TRANSPORTATION REQUEST DEADLINE A written request MUST be submitted to the Transportation Office of the Brentwood

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winter/invierno 2014 child care resource & referral women s economic advancement January, February, March enero, febrero, marzo

winter/invierno 2014 child care resource & referral women s economic advancement January, February, March enero, febrero, marzo YWCA Lake County wants your clothing, shoes, linens and small household items and our route truck will come to YOU. YWCA Lake County is now able to pick up your unwanted clothes and household goods at

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Mission. Table of Contents. Our Biggest and Most Ambitious Goal (MEGA) 2012-2016. Meta Grande y Ambiciosa (MEGA) 2012 2016.

Mission. Table of Contents. Our Biggest and Most Ambitious Goal (MEGA) 2012-2016. Meta Grande y Ambiciosa (MEGA) 2012 2016. Table of Contents Annual Report 201 / 2014 Mission History Staff Qualifications Informe del Presidente de la Junta From the Head of School 4 6 7 8 Mission Our COJOWA mission is to develop integral, bilingual

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