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1 DEPARTAMENTO DE ADMINISTRACIÓN Fecha actualización: 06 de junio de PUBLICACIONES ISI 2003 ~ AÑO TÍTULO AUTORES PUBLICADO EN Divulgación de Prácticas de Responsabilidad Social, Reputación Corporativa y Desempeño Financiero Insurance demand and first order risk increases under preferences Corresponding Do people have accurate beliefs about the behavioral Herding Behavior and Default in Funded Pension Schemes: The Chilean Case Business group characteristics and firm operating performance: Evidence from Chile It s all about time : time as contested terrain in the management and experience of domiciliary care work in England Determinants of bank performance: evidence for Latin America La Satisfacción como determinante de la Familiaridad del Destino Turístico. Rol de la percepción de beneficios Annuity Choices in Chile: A Dynamic Approach The Castaways of Life : A Study of Organizational Remembering within the Context of a Chilean Geriatric Hospital Firm size as determinant of the nonlinear relationship between bank debt and growth opportunities: The case of Chilean public firms The role of weekly high-activated positive mood, context and personality in innovative work behavior: A multilevel and interactional model Salesperson CLV orientation s effect on performance Micro-multinational or not? International entrepreneurship, networking and learning effects Innovation and business research in Latin America: An overview L. Valenzuela M. Jara F. Villegas. J. L. Ruiz C. Bonilla Edgar Terry Connolly RAE-revista de Administración de Empresas. Journal of Finance Research Letters Journal of Economic Psychology. DOI J. L. Ruiz Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administracion Rubery, J., Human Resource Management Grimshaw, D., Ugarte. S., Hebson, G. M. Jara J. Arias A. Rodríguez E. Marinao C. Chasco Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas J. L. Ruiz Emerging Markets Finance and Trade M. Sanfuentes E. Acuña M. Jara P. Saona H. Madrid M. Patterson K. Birdi P. Leiva L. Valenzuela P. Dimitratos J.E. Amorós M.S. Etchebarme C. Felzensztein M. Villena Journal Culture and Organization Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Journal of Organizational Behavior. Volume 35, Issue 2, pages , February Journal Business Research. Volume 67, Issue 4, April, Pages Journal of Business Research.. Issue 5, May, Pages Journal of Business Research, Volume 67, Issue 4, April, Pages

2 2013 CEOs who are servant leaders: The path to better firm performance? 2013 Acculturation and Individualism as Predictors of Work-Family Conflict in a Diverse workforce S. Culbertson K. Olson A. Huffman P. Leiva S. Culbertson 2013 Regret salience and the decoy effect T. Connolly J. Reb 2013 Adjusted betas under reference day risk 2013 Store Price Promotion Strategies: An Empirical Study from Chile 2013 The effect of mandatory IFRS adoption on accounting conservatism of reported earnings Evidence from Chilean firms 2013 Explaining Emotional Labor s Relationships with Emotional Exhaustion and Life Satisfaction: Moderating Role of Perceived Autonomy 2013 Dimensiones de la personalidad de la marca en México 2013 Exemplars Impacts in Marketing Communication Campaigns M. Gonzalez A. Rodriguez R. Stein M. Jara J. Arias N. Gopalan S. Culbertson P. Leiva N. Goñi S. Aguilera Academy of Management Perspectives. 2013, Vol. 27, No. 1 Online only Human Resource Management, Volume 52, Issue 5, pages , September/October 2013 Journal Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 8, No. 2, March 2013, pp Journal The Engineering Economist, January 14, pers.cfm?abstract_id= Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de Administración Volumen 26, número 3, P.p Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de administración, Vol. 26 No. 1, Pp Journal: Universitas Psyhologica. Volúmen y número: 12 (2) pp Revista de Ciencias Sociales (RCS) Vol. XIX, No. 2, Abril - Junio 2013, pp FACES - LUZ ISSN Journal Business Research, 66 (2013). Pag Capital Structures in Developing Countries: The Latin American Case 2012 Trust in Tourist Destinations: The role their local inhabitants and institutions 2012 Development and proposal of a scale for measuring the image of tourist destinations (Imatur) 2012 Determinants of in-store price knowledge for packaged products: An empirical study in a Chilean hypermarket 2012 Orientación emprendedora y orientación de pequeña empresa en Chile y su impacto en el rendimiento de las Pymes chilenas 2012 Non-Linear Relationship between growth opportunieties and bank debt: a panel data analysis of Chilean firms 2012 Putting Organizational Culture at the Heart of Industrial- Organizational Psychology's Research Agenda on Sustainability: Insights from Iberoamerica. M. Gonzalez C. Espinosa C. Maquieira J. Vietto E. Marinao C. Chasco E. Marinao C. Chasco I.Oliva C. Herrera S. Chaparro M. Jara M. Moreno P. Saona J. M. Alcaraz E. C. Colón M. Escotto I. Gutiérrez D. Morales Investigación Económica Número 282, octubrediciembre Pag 35 a 54 Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de administración, 51, 2012, Revista Brasileira de Gestión de Negocios, Vol. 14 (45), Pp Journal of Business Research, 65(12), pp Revista de Ciencias Sociales (RCS) Vol. XVIII, N. 3, Julio Septiembre 2012, pp , FACES LUZ-ISSN Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de administración, 50, 2012, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Volume 5, Issue 4, pages , December 2012

3 2012 Expectativas de Roles Futuros de Estudiantes Universitarios en Chile 2012 Más alla de las cinco grandes: Disposiciones y personalidad en la predicción de decisiones organizacionales deshonestas Are groups more rational than individuals? A review or interactive decision making in groups Grupos estratégicos de universidades y su relación con el desempeño: el caso de Chile 2012 Sample size in content analysis of advertising:the case of Chilean consumer magazine 2012 Comparative advertising effectiveness in Latin America: Evidence from Chile 2011 Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds: Emerging Practices and Challenges 2011 Looking for the audiences the effect of using partial counterprogramming and a friendlier style of news presentation 2011 Chile: Pensión anticipada, impaciencia y aversión al riesgo 2011 El rol de la usabilidad percibida en la confianza hacia los sitios de subastas por internet 2011 Analysis of Stock Market Manipulations Using Knowledge Discovery Techniques Applied to Intraday Trade Prices 2011 Una análisis de la relación entre familiaridad, seguridad percibida y confianza hacia la banca en Internet 2011 Enhancing entrepreneurship. The role of goal orientation and self-efficacy Role of tourist s trust on destination loyalty 2011 The effects of managerial regulatory fit priming on reactions to explanations 2011 Narrow personality traits and organizational attraction: Evidence for the complementary hypothesis 2011 Store brand and national brand promotion attitudes antecedents. A. Prado E. Suárez L. Susaeta F. Vicencio N. Abaraca N. Gormaz P. Leiva P. Leiva M. Sanfuentes E. Barros T. Kugler M.G. Korcher L. Araya C. Thierne E.Manzur R.Uribe P.Hidalgo S.Olavarrieta P.Farias JL. Ruiz C. Buzeta D. Hurtado J. Ruz-Tagle P. Tapia C. Barra D. Diaz B. Theodoulidis, P. Sampaio L. Valenzuela P. Leiva S. Culbertson M. Smith C. Barra A. Li J. Evans M. S. Christina S. W Gilliland J. H. Stein J. Slaughter Revista Universitas Psychologica, V11 N 2, 2012, pp Innovar - Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales. Vol. 22, Num 44, Abril- Junio 2012, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Cognitive Science. Vol 3, Issue 2, July/August 2012) DOI: /wcs.1184 Revista INNOVAR, Vol 22, N 43, enero-marzo 2012, pp International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 31, No. 4, 2012, pp International Marketing Review, Vol. 29 Iss: 3 pp Greg Brunner, Richard Hinz, and Roberto Rocha, eds. The World Bank, 2008, ISBN: , 215 pages. Revista Innovar de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales. Vol 21, N 42, octubre - diciembre, 2011, pp Revista CEPAL N 105, correspondiente a diciembre de 2011 RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas, Vol. 51 (5), Pp Expert Systems with Application Journal (38:10) 2011, pp Revista de Ciencias Sociales. Vol. XVII (1), Pp Journal of Career Assessment may 2011, vol 19, no2 pp Revista Brasileira de Gestao de Negocios. Vol. 13, N 39, pp Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes,115, pp , año doi: /j.obhdp Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol 114(1), Jan 2011, doi: /j.obhdp Journal of Business Research, Vol 64, marzo 2011, pp

4 2010 Impact of customer Orientation Inducements and Ethics on Loyalty to the Firm: customers' Perpective Construcción de una escala para 2010 medir la calidad del servicio de las universidades: Una aplicación al Contexto Chileno Transacciones no observadas en los fondos mutuos: el caso de Chile 2010 Antecedents of Donor trust in an Emerging Charity Sector: The Role of Reputation, Familiarity, Opportunism and Communication 2010 Landscape Components, Land Use, and Neighborhood Satisfaction Escala propuesta para medir la calidad del servicio de los cines 2010 The Decoy Effect as a Covert Influence Tactic 2010 Gender, age and brand in children s Christmas request: A content analysis of Chilean children s letters to Santa 2009 Análisis de la relación confianzacompromiso en la banca en internet 2009 Desempeño operacional posterior a la IPO de las empresas chilenas 2009 Factors Determining Confidence Being Placed in intermediaries in the commercial barter industry 2009 Foreign Branding: Examining the Relationship between language and International Brand Evaluations 2009 Derived versus full name brand extensions 2009 Minority Stockholder Protection in a New Corporate Control Lae Market Implications in a Emerging Economy L. Valenzuela J. Mulki J. Jaramillo E.Torres L. Araya P. Ahumada P. Aguila V. Sciaraffia A. Vasquez- Parraga C. Barra B. Suk Kweon C. Ellis P. Leiva G. Rogers Journal of Business Ethics Revista de Ciencias Sociales, Vol. 16, Nª1, enero marzo 2010, pág Academia Revista Lationamericana, 44, 2010, Review of Administrative Science Vol. 29(E). pp Environment & Planning B: Planning and Design, 37(3) INNOVAR Journal of Administrative and Social Sciences. Vol 20(36), pp J. Slaughter M. Quiñones C. Martinez C. Barra M. Gonzalez L. Valenzuela C. Barra R. Friedmann A. Vasquez-Parraga C. Barra I. Mathur L. Nail Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, enero 2010, 24: n/a. doi: /bdm.687 INNOVAR Journal of Administrative and Social Sciences. Vol. 19, No. 35, año Revista Venezolana de Gerencia, Vol. 14 (47), p ISSN Trimestre Economico, Vol. LXXVI (3), Nº 303 Julio - Septiembre de 2009, pp Innovar Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales, Vol. 19 (34) (Pag ) May-Aug 2009 INNOVAR, Journal of Administrative Sciences. Vol.19, Nº35, 2009 Journal of Business Research, Vol. 62, (9) septiembre 2009, pp Emerging Markets Finance and trade, Vol. 45 (6) (Pag. 4-19) 2009 The Effect of Consequential Thinking on Trust Game Behavior 2008 Determinación y categorización de los factores de satisfacción e insatisfacción en la Banca en Internet 2008 ADR IPO Latinoamericanos registrados en la Bolsa de Comercio de Nueva York T. Kugler T. Connolly C. Barra C. Maquieira Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 22(2), doi: /bdm.614. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración (ACADEMIA),Issue 41 (Pag ) Sep-Dic 2008 Trimestre Económico Vol. 75 (298), México, abril junio de 2008

5 2008 Customer Retention and Price Matching: Analysis of the Chilean Pension System using CLV 2008 Customer satisfaction and loyalty: start with the product, culminate with the brand 2008 Desafíos de la investigación en mercadeo en Latinoamérica 2008 Estereotipos de Género en la Publicidad: Un Análisis de Contenido de las Revistas Chilenas 2008 Market Orientation, Knowledge- Related Resources and Firm Performance 2008 Un análisis de los atributos relevantes de los mercados de las pulgas: Evidencia desde América Latina 2008 Nonlinear Behavior of Emerging Market Bonds Spreads the latin American Case 2007 Publicidad exterior: Estudio exploratorio de recordación de marca y motivación de compra 2007 Are 'sensational' news stories more likely to trigger viewers' emotions than non-sensational news stories? A content analysis of British TV news 2007 Determinants of Financing Structure: Empirical Evidence in Chile using Structural Equations Modeling 2007 Determinantes de la Compra de Marcas Privadas 2007 GARCH inadequacy for modeling exchange rates: empirical evidence from Latin America 2007 Nonlinear event detection in the Chilean stock market A. Vasquez-Parraga J. Zamora Journal of Business Research, 61(6), Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 25 (Summer/Fall). Pp Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, 41, segundo semestre, 11-18, R. Fernandez R. Friedmann C. Maquieira C. Bonilla R. Romero J.P. Muñoz B. Gunter C. Maquieira P. Zutta R. Romero-Meza C. Bonilla M. Hinich R. Romero- Mez C. Bonilla M. Hinich Academia, Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, 41, 2008, Copyright 2008 de Cladea, Journal of Business Research Vol 61 (6) Pag Junio 2008 Revista de Ciencias Sociales, Facultad de Cs. Económicas y Sociales, Universidad de Zulia, Vol. XIV Nº3, Pág Applied Economics, Vol 40, Issue 20. Revista Venezolana de Gerencia, Vol. 11, Nº 36, octubre 2006, p ISSN European Journal of Communication, Vol. 22 (2), Trimestre Económico, Vol. LXXIV (1), N 293, Enero-Marzo 2007, Revista de Ciencias Sociales, 13(2) Pag May-Agos 2007 Applied Economics, Vol 39, Issue 19 Applied Economics Letters, Vol 14, Issue Pruebas de Comportamiento caótico en índices bursátiles Americanos 2006 Episodic Nonlinearity in Latin American Stock Market Indices 2006 Factores macroeconómicos en retornos accionarios chilenos 2006 Modelos predictivos de lógica y lógica borrosa en índices bursátiles de América del Norte C. Espinosa R. Romero-Meza C. Bonilla M. Hinich J. Gregoire R. Fuentes S. Zurita Trimestre Económico. Vol. 74 (296) Oct-Dic 2007 Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 13, Trimestre Económico, Vol. 73, N 289, Trimestre Económico, Vol. 73 (2), N 290,

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7 2013 Food marketing, children and obesity in Chile. Evidence and challenges for regulation A. Fuentes-García Communication Research Trends 2012 "Un momento y ya volvemos": un análisis de contenido de la publicidad infantil en la televisión chilena 2012 International Entrepreneurship in Latin America: Development Challenges / Emprendimiento Internacional en Latinoamérca: Desafíos para el Desarrollo 2012 Management Flexible y Toxicidad Organizacional: Socio-análisis de una novela chilena 2012 AFP Innova: competing in a tender for new affiliates Comunicación y sociedad. no.18 Guadalajara jul./dic J.E. Amorós M.S. Etchebarne C. Felzenszteinc. Esic Market Economic and Business, Vol. 43, N 3, septiembre diciembre 2012, /editorial_revista_esic_conten idos.php?id=351 E. Acuña PRAXIS. Revista de Psicología Año 14, Nº 21 (11-33), I Sem Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 2(7), Emprendimiento Internacional en Latinoamérica: Desafíos para el desarrollo. Amorós, J. E., Etchebarne, M.S. Felzensztein, C. Esic Market Economics and Business Journal, vol 43 (3), Responsabilidad Social Empresarial a mediados del Siglo XX en Chile The risks of collective memory in a case of organizational perversion in Chile' 2011 El Gobierno de la Empresa en un Contexto Internacional: Una Revisión Geldres, V., Rusque, Ana M., Pinto, J. y Etchebarne, M. S.. Escritos Contables y de Administración, 2011, 2(1), pp ISSN (SCIELO) v2n1a03.pdf E. Acuña Revista alemana Friei Association M. Jara Anales de Estudios Económicos y Empresariales, vol XXI, 2011, pp The Utilization of Data Mining Appoch for the Analysis of Stock- Touting Spam s 2011 An Empirical Test of an Innovation Implementation Model D. Diaz M. Zaki B. Theodoulidis P. Leiva S. Culbertson R. Prichard Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, special issue on Intelligent Management Systems and Operation Journal Vol. 22, No. 6, pp The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 14: , Flexible Management and Organizational Toxicity E. Aacuña Journal Freie Assoziation de Alemani, 15(2) Análisis exploratorio de la efectividad de coberturas de instrumentos derivados bajo las IFRS 2011 Narzissmus oder Sozial-ismus? Eine psychoanalutische Exploration der dynamiken des Heroismus in Einrichtungen des F. Bravo Revista Contabilidad y Negocios Vol 6, n 6, núm.11, 2011, pp Departamento Académico de Ciencias Administrativas M. Sanfuentes Freie Assoziation, 14(2), Pp

8 2010 Assessing the Technology Acceptance of Cross Border E- learning Instructional System Used for Coordinating International Virtual Teams 2010 How to measure service quality in Internet banking R. Rivas P. Sauer E. Spencer A. Vasquez-Parraga C. Barra The BRC Academy Journal of Education, Vol 1, Nº1, , Internacional Journal Services and Standards. - Vol. 6, Nº 3/4, pp Moderating Effects of Technology Experience and Cultural Distance on Global Virtual Team Coordination 2010 Reporte Listening Post: Chile and World at the Dawn of Factores en la subvaloración de ofertas públicas iniciales de acciones (IPO), Chile R. Rivas P. Sauter E. Spencer The BRC Academy Journal of Business, Vol. 1 (1) , 2010 E. Acuña Organizational and Social Dynamics, june, 2010, V10 N 1, Pp J. Gregoire R. Castillo Multidisciplinary Business Review (MBR), Vol. 2, Nª1, 36-46, dic The neurotic employee: Theoretical analysis of the influence of narrow facets of neuroticism on cognitive, social, and behavioral processes relevant to job performance 2009 Imagen Global de un Destino Turístico. Propuesta de un Modelo 2009 Analysing Fraudulent Stock Market Manipulations. A Data Mining Case Study 2009 Agricola Ebro s Tender Offer for Campos Chilenos to control Iansa J. Slaughter E. Marinao C. Chasco D. Díaz B. Theodoulidis P. Sampaio L. Nail V. Sciara Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 28, Revista Investigación y Marketing Vol. 105(diciembre) pp Proceedings, IV European Conference on Intelligent Management Systems in Operation, Operational Research Society, Salford, UK pp , ISBN o x. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society 9, Determinants of Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions in Chile and Comparison Against Global Evidence 2009 Listening Post en Chile OPUS 2009 F. Alarcón P. Furche I. Graf ESIC MARKETING, (Europan- Spanich), Marketing Jounal, Enero-Abril, 132, E. Aacuña Organizational and Social Dynamics, June The path of patient Loyalty and the role of doctor reputation 2008 Crisis predicted ability in stock index, credit spread and ADR S IN Latin America 2008 Probabilidad de insolvencia en Microempresas Chilenas 2008 Gestión empresarial orientada al valor del cliente como fuente de ventaja competitiva Propuesta de un modelo explicativo 2008 Proposed scale for measuring service quality of Secondary Attention Health Centers A. Vasquez-Parraga C. Barra R. Friedmann F. Bravo C. Pinto L. Valenzuela J. Lastra Health Marketing Quarterly Vol. 26 (3) International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 15, Revista Contaduria Universidad de Antioquia, Nº 53 (2008) Estudios Gerenciales Vol. 24 No. 109, Octubre/Diciembre 2008 Revista de Administração Publica (RAP), 42 (Julio- Agosto). Pp Torres, E. y Lastra, J. (2008)

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